Principles for Christian Leaders



Let God’s servants have so great a respect for the sacred work which they are handling that they will not bring into it one vestige of selfishness [or] of sharp dealing. Use not God’s sacred things to barter away truth and righteousness and justice and love. Let not men turn their brethren from their rights. Let them not think that God looks with favor on sharp, unholy dealing, even though it is done to build up the work. God hates all wrongdoing. . . . PCL 83.2

When men are sanctified by the Holy Spirit, they will see the fallacy of educating in the art of selfishness. They will see that it is unjustifiable to seek to do good by robbing one who is filled with an unselfish interest to obtain means for the advancement of the work of God.—Letter 61, 1901 (June 28) PCL 83.3

Of all people in the world, reformers should be the most unselfish, the most kind, the most courteous. In their lives should be seen the true goodness of unselfish deeds. The worker who manifests a lack of courtesy, who shows impatience at the ignorance or waywardness of others, who speaks hastily or acts thoughtlessly, may close the door to hearts so that he can never reach them.—MH 157 (1905) PCL 83.4

I am instructed to bear a message to all who are in positions of holy trust. The Lord would have them do honor to Him by cherishing tenderness, by showing confidence in their brethren. One man is not to seek to grasp all for himself, withholding from those who are doing missionary work in hard fields their just and righteous dues. Men’s hearts become like flint when they take means from the treasury for themselves, refusing to relieve the necessities of those whose are doing a severe and trying work. —MS 108, 1899 (August 2) PCL 84.1

The habit of concentrating the thought upon one’s self must be overcome. The great power of Satan is daily exerted in order to keep those who labor in the work on as low a level as possible. But the Lord is laboring to bring them to a higher level of consecration. He requires that the souls whom He is purifying unto Himself should never cease to grow intellectually or spiritually through their entire life. But the minds who are constantly occupied with themselves do not leave God any chance to labor for them and to give them high and noble aims.—MS 24, 1887 (February 14) PCL 84.2