Patriarchs and Prophets -- Study Guide


Chapter 21: Joseph and His Brothers

1. Why did Joseph feel that it was important to test his brothers before he revealed his identity to them? PP-SG 23.1

2. What about Joseph’s brothers’ behavior convinced him that they had changed for the better? PP-SG 23.2

3. How does being forgiven affect the way that you relate to the one who forgave you? (Look at the relationship of Joseph and his brothers as they were forgiven and began to trust one another again.) PP-SG 23.3

4. How is the way that Joseph dealt with his brothers similar to the way that God deals with us? Consider the gifts that Joseph offered to his brothers: forgiveness (Genesis 45:3-5), comfort (Genesis 50:19-21), and an invitation to live with him so he could provide for all his family’s needs (Genesis 45:9-11). Compare these gifts with what Jesus offers us (Matthew 18:21-22; Romans 8:28; John 14:1-3). PP-SG 23.4