Patriarchs and Prophets -- Study Guide


Chapter 20: Joseph in Egypt

1. Joseph’s journey to Egypt was particularly painful and bitter for him. Then, even after working faithfully, he was put in jail for a crime he did not commit. How did the trials of being sold into slavery, being separated from his father, and being wrongly imprisoned affect Joseph? What lessons did he learn from these experiences? PP-SG 22.1

2. Joseph, surrounded by a culture that did not worship his God, was faced with temptations to stray from the moral code of his childhood. How did Joseph respond to the culture around him when it contradicted with what he believed about God and His expectations? PP-SG 22.2

3. Read Genesis 50:20 and Romans 8:28. God worked out the circumstances in Joseph’s life for the good not only of Joseph but also for his family and the nations surrounding Egypt. Do you have faith in the ability of Jesus to work this way in your life? PP-SG 22.3