Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 2 (1869 - 1875)


Lt 5a, 1875

White, W. C.

On cars, en route to Oakland, California

January 31, 1875

Portions of this letter are published in 11MR 131-132.

Dear Willie:

We are in good spirits and all are well. Weather is pleasant but cold. We are free from dust and cinders also, for we have to keep the windows closed. We are anxious to hear from you all and hope to have a letter from you soon after reaching Oakland. 2LtMs, Lt 5a, 1875, par. 1

Our walnuts are just splendid. Willie, put in the box those you do not use. You must prepare some for yourself on the way. I want Lucinda to be sure and make every preparation to come to California. 2LtMs, Lt 5a, 1875, par. 2

At two o’clock we are at Pulpit Rock. There is a wildcat and a small mountain lion. 2LtMs, Lt 5a, 1875, par. 3

We are delayed. It is now half past two. The passengers got no breakfast before two o’clock. They were an uneasy, hungry set. We have enough to eat and are cheerful and feeling tolerably well. 2LtMs, Lt 5a, 1875, par. 4

I do not think it best to let Stephen’s family have many things until we know whether they intend keeping house. I want a good selection of the best books packed. Get all [the] quilts that are dirty washed. Do not bring dirty clothes. If you cannot get water any other way, get snow. It is the best. Sister Byington had a good machine for washing quilts or comfortables. Have the clothing all clean. 2LtMs, Lt 5a, 1875, par. 5

Mary says tell Annie to rip up her hat and bring the ribbon. Bring my straw hats, all my nice selection of pieces, and all my papers. Make a careful selection and bring what you deem best; take good care of the rest. 2LtMs, Lt 5a, 1875, par. 6

Lucinda, will you get Frank Belden a pair of good, plain, dark-colored pants? Get the cloth and charge to my account. Sister Williams will make them. Hand Sister Williams five dollars on my account towards her wages, but tell her not to mention the matter to Stephen. I pity Stephen from my heart. Poor man, he needs sympathy if ever a man did. 2LtMs, Lt 5a, 1875, par. 7

Oakland, California

February 10, 1875

Dear Willie:

We arrived here all safe last evening at seven o’clock. We have nothing specially new to write. We were heartily greeted by friends, and we were glad that our journey had ended. Today I am very weary because of my illness on the cars. But I hope soon to recover from this. 2LtMs, Lt 5a, 1875, par. 8

We find Edson much better than we expected. He is having an experience such as he never had before. 2LtMs, Lt 5a, 1875, par. 9

We have not yet decided just what to write you to bring, but we will decide by the next mail. I do not think our bedding better be brought, except a few blankets. Put Emma’s card basket in your trunks. I meant to have done this. 2LtMs, Lt 5a, 1875, par. 10