Temperance -- Study Guide


Temperance -- Study Guide

“Our work for the tempted and fallen will achieve real success only as the grace of Christ reshapes the character and the man is brought into living connection with the infinite God. This is the purpose of all true temperance effort.” Temperance, page 102.
A church study program voted by Annual Council of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists as a feature of Temperance for Better Living Year 1979--the 100th anniversary year of the establishment of the first Seventh-day Adventist temperance organization.
Te-SG 3.1

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The principles and practice of temperance were strong and influential in the development and advance of the Advent Message. Teaching of the temperance message to the public was one of the major experiences of Ellen G. White, presenting one of her favorite subjects, and attracting large audiences. The inspired counsel sets forth temperance from a Bible standpoint, showing it as the fruit of the Holy Spirit to restore self-control through Jesus Christ as the answer to intemperance. Te-SG 4.1

The Law of Temperance

“The law of temperance must control the life of every Christian. God is to be in all our thoughts; His glory is ever to be kept in view. We must break away from every influence that would captivate our thoughts and lead us from God. We are under sacred obligations to God so to govern our bodies and rule our appetites and passions that they will not lead us away from purity and holiness, or take our minds from the work God requires us to do.” CH, p. 42. Te-SG 5.1