Temperance -- Study Guide



These outline studies cover the book Temperance, which is a compilation of statements on temperance and intemperance, principles and programs for the church, the church’s responsibility on these issues, along with counsel setting forth the significance of temperance to personal victory through Jesus Christ. Te-SG 6.1

We suggest that, instead of the usual reading of the book from front to back, in following these outline studies the participant move from subject to subject, ultimately covering the book. At the heading of each outline study, please check the pages to read to cover the sections of the book being considered. There are regular prose questions, fill-in questions, and “yes” and “no” questions. Provide the answers as required. Te-SG 6.2

The importance of this method, we trust, will be discovered as the studies proceed. Our goal is: (1) to focus on the difference between temperance and intemperance; (2) to recognize temperance as God’s answer to the problems of intemperance; (3) to understand the principle of temperance and the need of a program to implement the principle; (4) to recognize the necessity of an adequate warning against intemperance; and (5) to substitute “something better”--the doctrine of temperance. Te-SG 6.3

It is important that this book, Temperance, by E. G. White, be seen as a magnification of the Bible principle of temperance presented under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Christ is to be held forth as the Model Temperance Man who provides the power for us to reflect His character. Te-SG 6.4

Listen magazine, The Winner magazine, and Vibrant Life magazine should be available each month to each participant by securing their subscriptions prior to commencing the study. You will want to call attention to specific temperance programs and materials. These are outlined in the temperance catalogue available from the temperance director of the conference or the General Conference Temperance Department. (Starting in the year 2000, this office is now called the General Conference Health Ministries Department, located at 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600 USA.) Te-SG 6.5

We appreciate the cooperation of the church pastors and church temperance leaders, the departments of health, communication, youth, and lay activities in joining with the temperance department on this study program. Te-SG 6.6