The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“A Bold Venture in Faith” (380-389)

1. At the 1909 General Conference it was requested that the college in Loma Linda be recognized as “an __________________ for the __________________ and __________________ of both __________________ and __________________,” and that the General Conference “assist the __________________ in arranging the __________________ and planning for the future __________________ of the school.” (380) SHM-SG 42.2

2. At this time Loma Linda offered only a partial medical training, with plans for students to complete their education in other medical colleges. Elder __________________ laid the matter before Ellen White in writing. She responded in an interview: “There are some who may not be able to see that here is a ________________ as to whether we shall put our __________________ on __________________ or depend upon __________________. Shall we, by our __________________, seem to __________________ that there is a stronger __________________ with the ___________________ than there is with God’s own people?. . . We need not __________________ to men in order to secure __________________.” (381, 382) SHM-SG 42.3

3. Mrs. White also recommended securing a __________________. She said, “If you can gain __________________ and __________________, that will make your work more __________________ without tying yourselves to __________________, that would be right.” (383) SHM-SG 42.4

4. On December 9, a charter, secured under the laws of the State of California, authorized the College of Medical Evangelists to grant degrees in the __________________ and __________________, __________________ and __________________. (383) SHM-SG 42.5

5. When asked regarding her use of the term “a medical school,” Ellen White replied in writing: “We must provide that which is __________________ to qualify our youth who desire to be __________________, so that they may __________________ fit themselves to be able to stand the __________________ required to prove their __________________ as physicians. . . . For the special __________________ of those of our youth who have clear __________________ of their duty to obtain a __________________ education that will enable them to __________________ the examinations required by __________________ of all those who practice as regularly qualified __________________, we are to supply __________________, so that these youth need not be compelled to go to __________________ conducted by men not of our __________________.” (386) SHM-SG 42.6

6. What three major sources were recommended for financial support of the newly formed medical school? (387)

SHM-SG 42.7