The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“The Ministry as Teachers of Health” (156-171)

1. List the step-by-step advances that were made by the Adventist Church in doctrine and practice prior to health reform. (156)

SHM-SG 19.1

2. What was the testimony of several ministers who accepted health reform? (156-158)

SHM-SG 19.2

3. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg summarized the effects of health reform:
“In every __________________ of __________________ were to be found those who freely acknowledged that they owed their __________________ to the light which they had received upon this __________________.” (159)
SHM-SG 19.3

4. Ellen White wrote, “Well regulated __________________ gives the __________________ the idea that he is not totally __________________ in the world that he is, at least, of some __________________. This will afford him __________________, give him __________________ and impart to him __________________.” (160) SHM-SG 19.4

How did she follow this counsel for her own husband? (160-162)

SHM-SG 19.5

5. Ellen White suggests why the reform dress had been laid aside in 1881: “To those who put it on __________________, from a sense of __________________, it becomes a grievous __________________. Still others, who are apparently the most zealous __________________, manifested a sad lack of ___________________________________ and in their dress.” (168) SHM-SG 19.6

6. She said further: “No one precise __________________ has been given me as the exact rule to guide all in their __________________. . . . Let our sisters dress __________________ as many do, having the dress of _________________ __________________, durable, modest, appropriate for this __________________, and let not the dress __________________ fill the mind.” (169) SHM-SG 19.7