Counsels On Diet and Foods -- Study Guide


Lesson 8—Healthful Cookery, Health Foods and Hygienic Restaurants, Sanitarium Dietary

A. Reading and Study Assignment: Counsels on Diet and Foods, pp. 251-298 CD-SG 22.1

B. Study Questions CD-SG 22.2

(Complete the quotations by filling in the missing word or words. Answer the questions by writing your answers in the appropriate blanks. The numbers in parentheses at the end of each question indicate the pages where the answers are found in the text.) CD-SG 22.3

1. “It is a _____________ to place poorly prepared food on the table, because the matter of _____________ concerns the __________ of the entire system.” (P.251) CD-SG 22.4

2. How does cooking as a science compare with other sciences? _____________________________________ (P.251) CD-SG 22.5

3. “It is your duty to know how to ___________, and it is your duty to teach your _____________ to _______________.” (P.253) CD-SG 22.6

4. “Something must be prepared to take the place of meat, and these _________________ for meat must be ______________ _____________, so that meat will not be ________________.” (P.256) CD-SG 22.7

5. What does poor cooking produce?
a. ________________________________________________
b. ________________________________________________
c. _______________________________________________
d. ______________________________________________________________ _____ (P.256)
CD-SG 22.8

6. “It may be fashionable to have half a _________________ ____________ at a meal, but the custom is ______________ ____________ to health.” (P.258) CD-SG 22.9

7. “It is a ____________________________ for those who cook to learn how to prepare healthful food in different ways, so that it may be eaten with _________________________________.” (P.260) CD-SG 22.10

8. Instruction of a daughter in the mysteries of cooking should be given by the mother, and in what spirit?
a. _______________________________________________
b. _______________________________________________
c. _______________________________________________
d. _________________________________________ (P.262)
CD-SG 22.11

9. “The heavenly Provider of all ______________ will not leave His _______________ in ignorance in regard to the ________ ___________ of the ______________ for all ____________ and occasions.” (P.267) CD-SG 22.12

10. Who will teach those in all parts of the world to combine fruits, grains, and vegetables into foods that will sustain life and not bring disease? _______________________________ (P.267) CD-SG 22.13

11. “It is His design that the ________________ of each country shall be so prepared that they can be used in the countries for which they are suited.” (P.267, P.268) CD-SG 22.14

12. As overpopulation, crop failures, and famine result in want and distress, there will be an increasing need to know how to
a. _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________
b. _______________________________________________ ________________________________________ (P.271)
CD-SG 23.1

13. “If we would work for the restoration of health, it is necessary to _____________________________________, to __________ __________________, and only a limited ____________ at one time.” (P.275, P.276) CD-SG 23.2

14. With what should every patient in our sanitariums be provided? __________________________________________________ ________________ (P.287) CD-SG 23.3

15. “I have been plainly instructed by the Lord that __________ __________ should not be placed before the patients in our sanitarium dining rooms. Light was given me that the patients could have ____________________, if, after hearing the parlor lectures, they still urged us to give it to them; but that, in such cases, it must be eaten in ___________________________ ____________.” (P.290) CD-SG 23.4

16. What should be placed on the table in abundance? ___________ ________________ (P.296) CD-SG 23.5

17. “The cook in a sanitarium should be a _________________ _______________________________.” (P.297) CD-SG 23.6

18. What foods should be served the helpers in our sanitariums? __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ (P.297) CD-SG 23.7

C. Thought and Discussion Questions CD-SG 23.8

1. What position of importance is held by the cook?

CD-SG 23.9

2. Why are so many mothers weary and overburdened?

CD-SG 23.10

3. Will general knowledge substitute for the knowledge of cooking?

CD-SG 23.11

4. How best can we get our health message before the world?

CD-SG 23.12