Acts of the Apostles -- Study Guide


Lesson 8

Reading: The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 131-65; Acts 9:32-13:3

1. Give a short biographical sketch of Cornelius (132:3-133:1).

AA-SG 16.1

2. What is God’s plan for those who receive the light of truth (134:1-3)?
AA-SG 16.2

3. Describe Peter’s attitude toward Gentiles (135:3-136:3).
AA-SG 16.3

4. Why did Peter take six fellow Jews with him to Cornelius’ house (137:2)?
AA-SG 16.4

5. How does the Bible make clear that Peter’s vision of the sheet was not permission from God to eat unclean animals (138:2-4; Acts 10:28)?
AA-SG 16.5

6. How do we know that the gift of the Holy Spirit and tongues given to Cornelius and his household was identical to what was given on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 10:44-47; 11:15-17)?
AA-SG 16.6

7. What was accomplished by Cornelius’ conversion (142:2)?
AA-SG 16.7

8. What had Herod failed to do in the execution of James that he now planned to do with Peter (144:3)?
AA-SG 16.8

9. Why did the religious leaders not want Peter’s execution during the Passover (144:3-145:0)?
AA-SG 16.9

10. At what point had the presence of God been withdrawn from the temple in Jerusalem (145:2)?
AA-SG 16.10

11. What precautions did Herod take to keep Peter in prison (145:4-146:0)?
AA-SG 17.1

12. How did Herod relate to Peter’s release (149:3)?
AA-SG 17.2

13. What brought about Herod’s downfall (149:4-151:1)?
AA-SG 17.3

14. What benefit to the gospel resulted from the death of Herod (152:2)?
AA-SG 17.4

15. What responsibilities has God assigned to angels (152:4- 154:2)?
AA-SG 17.5

16. Who opened up the gospel work in Antioch of Syria (156:1)?
AA-SG 17.6

17. What name was attached to the followers of Jesus at Antioch? Who gave them this name? What kind of name is it (157:1, 2)?
AA-SG 17.7

18. What conviction was brought home to Paul’s mind as he worked together with Barnabas (159:1)?
AA-SG 17.8

19. What does the work and success of Paul and Barnabas in Antioch suggest to you, seeing they had not yet been ordained to the gospel ministry (160:1)?
AA-SG 17.9

20. Although these men were not ordained at first, what office did they hold (Acts 13:1)?
AA-SG 17.10

21. From what event did Paul date the beginning of his apostleship (164:2-165:0)?
AA-SG 17.11

Thought Question: Based on 163:1-164:1, what philosophy would you develop for independent ministries?
AA-SG 17.12