Acts of the Apostles -- Study Guide


Lesson 7

Reading: The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 112-130; Acts 9:1-30

1. What effect did Stephen’s death have on Saul (112:1-113:0)?
AA-SG 14.1

2. What did Saul do to resolve the internal conflict he experienced (113:0, 1)?
AA-SG 14.2

3. Of what three things was Saul convinced when he saw the risen Lord (115:2)?
AA-SG 14.3

4. At the time of the heavenly illumination, what did the Holy Spirit bring to Saul’s mind (115:3-116:0)?
AA-SG 14.4

5. Before seeing the glorified Lord, what had brought Saul to an almost overwhelming conviction that Jesus was the Messiah (116:2-117:0)?
AA-SG 14.5

6. How did Saul regard his blindness (117:3)?
AA-SG 14.6

7. With whom did Saul stay while in Damascus (118:1-119:0)?
AA-SG 14.7

8. During the days of blindness, for what did Saul long, and what was his intense desire (119:2)?
AA-SG 15.1

9. What does Saul’s experience within Judaism teach us about people who oppose truth today (120:2)?
AA-SG 15.2

10. Once Saul had humbled himself before God in repentance, to whom did God direct him (120:3-122:4)?
AA-SG 15.3

11. Trace the steps Saul followed while alone in the desert which resulted in his establishment in the Christian faith (125:3-126:0). AA-SG 15.4

12. Who was Saul’s personal Teacher (126:0)?
AA-SG 15.5

13. Complete the following sentence: “When the ___________________ of man is brought into communion with the ___________________ of ___________________, the finite with the ___________________ , the effect on ___________________ and ___________________ and ___________________ is beyond estimate. In such ___________________ is found the highest ___________________” (126:1). AA-SG 15.6

14. What was Saul’s main purpose for going to Jerusalem after his conversion (128:3)?
AA-SG 15.7

15. What was Saul’s mistaken opinion of his former teachers (129:1)?
AA-SG 15.8

Thought Question: Compare your conversion to that of Saul. What are the similarities or differences? Is one type of conversion more genuine than another?

AA-SG 15.9