The Adventist Home -- Study Guide


Section XII- -Standards of family living

Date____________ AH-SG 36.1

A. Read pages 305-364. AH-SG 36.2

B. Check your knowledge: AH-SG 36.3

1. What should parents make their life study? (305:2.)

AH-SG 36.4

2. What should every Christian home have? (305:3.)

AH-SG 36.5

3. By what should manifestations of affection be backed up? (307:2.)

AH-SG 36.6

4. What influences should be combined in the holding of the reins of family government? (308:1.)

AH-SG 36.7

5. Match these sentence halves:
a. “A fitful government . . . is
(1) no government at all.” (310:2.)
b. “The Lord designs that the families on earth
(2) ruination to a child.” (310:3.)
c. “Unsteadiness in family government is productive of great harm, in fact is nearly as bad as
(3) shall be symbols of the family in heaven.” (306:1.)
AH-SG 36.8

6. What results are seen from harsh tones in the parents” speaking and severe rebukes? (308:2.)

AH-SG 36.9

7. What results are seen from gentle discipline in loving words and acts? (309:1.)

AH-SG 36.10

8. What results are seen from parents not being united in their government of the children? (310:2.)

AH-SG 36.11

9. Complete: “Parents are to ____________________________ as a unit.” (312:2.) AH-SG 36.12

10. Where should church duties begin? (318:5.)

AH-SG 36.13

11. Complete: “He who would become a saint in heaven must first become _____________________ in his own family.” (317:3.) AH-SG 36.14

12. What impresses the child’s mind besides instruction in religion? (322:2.)

AH-SG 36.15

13. What is the ‘special sin of this age”? (328:1.)

AH-SG 36.16

14. Complete: “The strongest temptation is _________________ for sin.” (331:1.) AH-SG 36.17

15. Complete: “Women are too often __________.” (333:1.) AH-SG 37.1

16. What is the only Biblical ground for divorce? (340:3.)

AH-SG 37.2

17. What are the “twin institutions” that originated in Eden for the blessing of man? (341:0.)

AH-SG 37.3

18. To whom is the minister’s first duty? (353:2.)

AH-SG 37.4

19. Who are in the best position to judge of the minister’s piety? (354:3.)

AH-SG 37.5

20. How is Satan working effectually to lead ministers astray? (355:3.)

AH-SG 37.6

21. True or false: Ministers” children are in some cases the most neglected in the world. (354:1.)

AH-SG 37.7

22. True or false: The work of bringing up their children in the fear of God helps the parents to be better fitted for labor in the church. (359:2.) AH-SG 37.8

23. Complete: “Children should be _____________________ to love and care tenderly for father and mother.” (360:2.) AH-SG 37.9

24. Complete: “Our obligation to our parents never __________.” (360:3.) AH-SG 37.10

25. Complete: “There is no time when children should withhold ______________ and ______________ from their father and mother.” (361:0.) AH-SG 37.11

C. Rate your standards: High_____ Reasonable_______ Careless ______ Low_________ AH-SG 37.12

1. What standard gives your home the most stability?

AH-SG 37.13

2. What standard gives you the greatest concern?

AH-SG 37.14

D. Discuss with others: AH-SG 37.15

1. What are the “rights” of children? (306:4, 5.)

AH-SG 37.16

2. Briefly outline the laws that should govern the home.

AH-SG 37.17

3. In what ways can the mother undermine the father’s influence with his children? (312, 313.)

AH-SG 37.18

4. In what ways can the father undermine the mother’s influence? (315:1.)

AH-SG 37.19

5. Define “home religion.” Outline plans by which religion can become a vital and real thing in the home.

AH-SG 37.20

6. Review the moral dangers of our age and suggest ways in which both men and women should be on their guard against them and help others. Discuss the real course of moral corruption. (333:1-5.)

AH-SG 38.1

7. What advice in specific cases does the Spirit of Prophecy give to—
a. A separated couple? (342, 343.)
b. A mistreated wife? (343, 344.)
c. A deserted husband? (344:1.)
d. The husband of an unbelieving and opposing wife? (344, 345.)
AH-SG 38.2

8. What course should be followed when a home is threatened or broken up by”
a. Adultery?
b. Opposition to the truth?
c. Quarrelling and bickering?
d. Mistreatment?
e. Interference by relatives?
AH-SG 38.3

9. What should be the aims of the marriage partner of an unbeliever?

AH-SG 38.4

10. What is God’s plan for the care of the aged? (363:2.)

AH-SG 38.5

E. Think on these things: AH-SG 38.6

1. “If parents are united in this work of discipline, the child will understand what is required of him.” (315:1.) AH-SG 38.7

2. Which of these resolutions should parents make?
a. To work together as a unit. (312:2.)
b. To unite in disciplining their children. (313:1.)
c. Never to criticize each other’s plans and judgment in the presence of the children. (314:2.)
d. To absent themselves from the presence of the children if necessary so that they can come to an understanding. (314:4.)
AH-SG 38.8

3. How can I make the Christian life attractive? (323:2.)

AH-SG 38.9

4. What special instruction was Sister White given for married men? (337:1, 2.)

AH-SG 38.10

5. What should a church brother do when a woman goes to him with a tale of her woes, disappointments, and trials? (338:1.)

AH-SG 38.11

6. “My sisters, never pet and flatter poor, fallible, erring men, either young or old, married or unmarried.” (335:1.)

AH-SG 38.12

7. Is the “innocent” party innocent who refuses sexual relations until the weak companion yields to temptation and commits adultery?

AH-SG 38.13

8. Which of these is given as counsel to the wife of an unbeliever?
a. To leave him and the children.
b. To be an example of patience and self-control.
c. To please her husband in every way possible consistent with her conscience.
d. Never to let a word of reproach or fault finding fall on his ears.
e. To be cheerful and happy.
f. To bring all the sunshine possible into the home and shut out the shadows.
g. To be a consistently faithful Christian.
h. Not to attend church meetings if it displeases her husband.
AH-SG 39.1

9. What special efforts should the wife of an unbeliever make to keep her children in the Christian pathway? (348, 349.)

AH-SG 39.2

10. Am I earnest, firm, and decided in my duty to my family? Do I go forward even if I have to do so alone? Do I try to get my family to accompany me on the heavenward journey? Do I attend all the meetings possible to gain spiritual strength? (352.)

AH-SG 39.3

11. Should the minister’s small children be dragged to every service the father attends?

AH-SG 39.4

12. Whose responsibility is it to care for the elderly? (360:1-4.)

AH-SG 39.5

13. In what ways are parents sometimes responsible for disrespect shown them by their children? (361:2.)

AH-SG 39.6

14. How should an aged parent be treated who has become feeble and has the infirmities of second childhood? (362:3.)

AH-SG 39.7

F. Name one standard needed to strengthen your home.

AH-SG 39.8