The Adventist Home -- Study Guide


Section II — A light in the community

Date __________ AH-SG 8.1

A. Read pages 31-39. AH-SG 8.2

B. Check your knowledge: AH-SG 8.3

1. Who are to help the fathers and mothers in witnessing in the neighbourhood? (32:1.)

AH-SG 8.4

2. What is the home to be? (31:1.)

AH-SG 8.5

3. Complete: “The home in which the members are _____________, ____________ Christians exerts a far- reaching influence for good.” (31:2.) AH-SG 8.6

4. What figure of speech is used to show the influence of God-fearing parents emanating from their households? (33:1.)

AH-SG 8.7

5. Complete: “One well-ordered, well-disciplined family tells more in behalf of Christianity than all the ____________________ that can be preached.” (32:1.) AH-SG 8.8

6. This chapter tells us, “This will recommend the truth as nothing else can, for it is a living witness of its practical power upon the heart.” To what does this refer? (32:2.)

AH-SG 8.9

7. Where are missionaries for the Master best prepared? (35:1.)

AH-SG 8.10

8. What are we told about the influence of sisters on their brothers? (35:5.)

AH-SG 8.11

9. Complete: “The highest duty that devolves upon youth is in their own __________________, blessing father and mother, brothers and sisters, by ______________ and true _____________.” (35:5.) AH-SG 8.12

10. Complete: “In the home those who have received Christ are to show what __________ has done for them.” (36:1.) AH-SG 8.13

11. Complete: “We need more __________ parents.” (37:1.) AH-SG 8.14

12. What are too often withheld from children? (37:1.)

AH-SG 8.15

13. Name three things that can mar the reputation of the Christian home. (38:2.) AH-SG 8.16

C. Rate your home influence: AH-SG 8.17

Strong _____ Average_____ Weak _____ Negative _______ AH-SG 8.18

1. What do you consider its strongest point? _________________________________________________________________ AH-SG 8.19

2. What do you consider its weakest point? _________________________________________________________________ AH-SG 8.20

D. Discuss with others: AH-SG 9.1

1. What is the meaning of this expression: “The Christian home is an object lesson”?

AH-SG 9.2

2. “The influence of an ill-regulated family is widespread, and disastrous to all society. It accumulates in a tide of evil that affects families, communities, and governments.” (33:3.) AH-SG 9.3

3. Which is the most important missionary field? (35:3.)

AH-SG 9.4

4. “The highest duty that devolves upon youth is in their own homes, blessing father and mother, brothers and sisters, by affection and true interest.” (35:5.) AH-SG 9.5

5. Whom can children influence? (36:3.)

AH-SG 9.6

6. “A well-ordered Christian household is a powerful argument in favor of the reality of the Christian religion—an argument that the infidel cannot gainsay.” (36:2.) AH-SG 9.7

7. To whom should one go with a home problem? (38:1.)

AH-SG 9.8

E. Think on these things: AH-SG 9.9

1. What can our family do to make sure that our influence counts for God in our community and in the world?

AH-SG 9.10

2. What do our children see and hear at home that would make them want a home in heaven?

AH-SG 9.11

3. What do the neighbors know about our home that would create a desire to have a Christian home also?

AH-SG 9.12

F. Name one way you (as the husband, wife, son, daughter) can make your home a stronger influence for good. AH-SG 9.13