The Adventist Home -- Study Guide


Section I — The home beautiful

Date __________ AH-SG 5.1

A. Read pages 15-28. AH-SG 5.2

B. Check your knowledge: AH-SG 5.3

1. What is the heart of the community, the church, and the nation? (15:1.) *

AH-SG 5.4

2. What two things should be constantly practiced in the home? (16:3.)

AH-SG 5.5

3. Complete: AH-SG 5.6

a. “Home should be made all that the word implies. It should be a little ___________________________ upon earth.” (15:3.)
b. “Teach the children and youth to respect ___________ — ____________.” (16:3.)
c. “The __________________ tie is the closest, the most tender and sacred, of any on earth.” (18:5.)
d. “The influence of a carefully guarded Christian home in the years of childhood and youth is the surest safeguard against the ________ of the world.” (19:2.)
e. “The home should be to the children the most _____________ place in the world, and the _______________ presence should be its greatest attraction.” (21:2.)
f. “Angels of God conversed _______________ and lovingly with the holy pair.” (26:3.)
g. “God is a lover of the ________________________.” (27:1.)
h. “The beauty of the garden delighted him, but this was not enough. He must have _________________ to call into exercise the wonderful _________________ of the body.” (27: 2.)
AH-SG 5.7

4. What should we remember about the nature of children? (21:2.)

AH-SG 5.8

5. Why is cleanliness in the home important? (22:2.)

AH-SG 5.9

6. What conditions in a home are displeasing to God? (22, 23.)

AH-SG 5.10

7. Who planned earth’s first home? (25:1.)

AH-SG 5.11

8. What was Adam’s first work? (27:2.)

AH-SG 5.12

C. Rate your home:
Beautiful ____ Attractive _____ Uninviting ___ Ugly _____
AH-SG 6.1

1. What do you consider its greatest attraction?

AH-SG 6.2

2. What do you consider its most unattractive point?

AH-SG 6.3

D. Discuss with others: * AH-SG 6.4

1. In what ways do the well-being of society, the success of the church, and the prosperity of the nation depend upon the home? (15:1.)

AH-SG 6.5

2. What have the manners and the morals of the youth to do with the future of society? (15:2.)

AH-SG 6.6

3. How can the home be made attractive? (21-24.)

AH-SG 6.7

4. What is the easiest way to keep the home orderly and clean? (21-24.)

AH-SG 6.8

5. Is it possible to have so orderly a house that no one feels at home there?

AH-SG 6.9

6. Are labor-saving facilities to be regarded as unnecessary in the home? (23, 24.)

AH-SG 6.10

7. In what circumstances only can marriage be a blessing? (26:0.)

AH-SG 6.11

8. Define the term “help meet.” (25:3.)

AH-SG 6.12

9. Why did God choose a rib from which to form the body of Eve? (25:3.)

AH-SG 6.13

10. What alone can make men and women happy? (28:1.)

AH-SG 6.14

E. Think on these things: AH-SG 6.15

1. What attracts the angels to the home? (17-19.)

AH-SG 6.16

2. Who create the atmosphere of the home? (16:1, 2.)

AH-SG 6.17

3. How are the father and mother to be in their discipline? (17:3.)

AH-SG 6.18

4. Do I help to make my home—
“a place where the affections are cultivated”?
“bright and happy”?
“a place where cheerful words are spoken”?
“a place where . . . kindly deeds are done”?
“a place of love”?
“a Bethel”?
“a place”
“beautified by love, sympathy, and tenderness”? (15-19.)

AH-SG 7.1

5. Is God pleased to live in my home if the house is untidy, our clothes are ragged, and our bodies dirty? (22.)

AH-SG 7.2

6. What is one way I can help prevent disease? (22:2.)

AH-SG 7.3

7. In the light of the last paragraph on page 24, am I placing the right estimate on the work I do for my home?

AH-SG 7.4

8. Am I using the description of the home in Eden as a pattern for my own home? (25-28.)

AH-SG 7.5

F. Name one thing you (as the husband, wife, son, daughter) can do today to make your home more beautiful.

AH-SG 7.6