The Adventist Home -- Study Guide


Section VII — Heritage of the lord

Date ___________ AH-SG 22.1

A. Read pages 159-174. AH-SG 22.2

B. Check your knowledge: AH-SG 22.3

1. Should we have children? (159:1.)

AH-SG 22.4

2. To what danger are childless couples particularly exposed? (159:3.)

AH-SG 22.5

3. Complete: “Children are the heritage of the Lord, and we are answerable to Him for our _________________________ of His property.” (159:2.) AH-SG 22.6

4. What delightful traits of character are brought out in those who have the care of children? (160:3, 4.)

AH-SG 22.7

5. Complete: “We should give to their training more __________, more ___________, and more __________.” (161:1.) AH-SG 22.8

6. Before adding to the family, what questions should be considered by the mother? (162:4.)

AH-SG 22.9

7. Before adding to the family, what questions should be considered by the father? (162:4.)

AH-SG 22.10

8. Complete: “Parents should not increase their families any _______________ than they know that their children can be well cared for and _______________________.” (163:3.) AH-SG 22.11

9. What trait often stands in the way of those who could do a good missionary work by caring for orphaned children? (167:4.)

AH-SG 22.12

10. Who in particular are encouraged to care for orphaned children? (168:1.)

AH-SG 22.13

11. Complete: “Take these [orphaned] children and present them to God as a __________________________________.” (170:2.) AH-SG 22.14

12. Complete: “It lies with them [parents] whether they shall bring into the world children who will prove a ____________________ or a __________________.” (172:2.) AH-SG 22.15

13. To what cause can crime frequently be traced? (172:4.)

AH-SG 22.16

14. To what can the legacy of disease and enfeebled intellect and polluted morals often be attributed? (173:2.)

AH-SG 22.17

15. Complete: “Let parents keep a careful watch over themselves, guarding against all ________________________ and ____________________, lest these defects be seen once more in their children.” (174:1.) AH-SG 22.18

C. Rate your children: AH-SG 23.1

An honor ________ A comfort ________ A problem__________ A disgrace__________ AH-SG 23.2

1. What is their greatest contribution to the home? ______________________________________________________________ AH-SG 23.3

2. What is their greatest problem? ____________________________________________________________________________ AH-SG 23.4

D. Discuss with others: AH-SG 23.5

1. What lesson did Enoch learn after the birth of a son? (160:5.)

AH-SG 23.6

2. What blessings do we as parents receive by our care of our children? (160:3, 4.)

AH-SG 23.7

3. What factors should govern the size of the family? (164:1, 2.)

AH-SG 23.8

4. Should poor families who continue to have children be supported by the church? (164, 165.)

AH-SG 23.9

5. Should the Seventh-day Adventists have an adoption agency?

AH-SG 23.10

6. How are God’s people being tested today upon the point of making homes for the homeless?

AH-SG 23.11

7. What should be taken into consideration before deciding to adopt orphans? (169.)

AH-SG 23.12

8. What is the responsibility of the church toward orphan children?

AH-SG 23.13

9. What habits in the parents must be watched to ensure a good legacy for the children?

AH-SG 23.14

E. Think on these things: AH-SG 23.15

1. “If you do not govern your children and mold their characters to meet the requirements of God, then the fewer children there are to suffer from your defective training the better it will be for you, their parents, and the better it will be for society.” (164:1.) AH-SG 23.16

2. What special counsel is given to foreign missionary families with regard to family planning? (165, 166.)

AH-SG 23.17

3. When children are brought into the world when the parents are unable to train and care for them, what do these children do? (164:2.)

AH-SG 23.18

4. Everything God does is planned. If a couple is Godlike, will they not also plan the number of children they will have?

AH-SG 23.19

5. What counsel is given to ministers’ wives concerning adopting orphans? (169:2.)

AH-SG 23.20

6. Those who are not qualified to take care of themselves should not have children. Does this apply to students? to the unemployed? to me?

AH-SG 23.21