The Adventist Home -- Study Guide


Section VI — The new home

Date__________ AH-SG 19.1

A. Read pages 131-156. AH-SG 19.2

B. Check your knowledge: AH-SG 19.3

1. What is the first consideration in choosing a home? (131:1.)

AH-SG 19.4

2. What should you be able to see from your home? (132:0.)

AH-SG 19.5

3. What pattern for a home has been given us in the Scriptures? (132:1.)

AH-SG 19.6

4. What pleasure is in the reach of all? (132:1.)

AH-SG 19.7

5. What kind of home did each family have in the Promised Land? (133:1.)

AH-SG 19.8

6. Name some of the conditions in the earthly home of the child Jesus. (133:0.)

AH-SG 19.9

7. Name some men who filled positions of trust and responsibility in the Bible story who were brought up in peaceful, natural surroundings. (133, 134.)

AH-SG 19.10

8. Complete: “Life in the cities is ______________ and __________________.” (135:1.) AH-SG 19.11

9. Complete: “The time is near when _____________________ will be swept away.” (136:5.) AH-SG 19.12

10. Complete: “Better sacrifice any and every worldly consideration than to _____________________ the precious souls com-mitted to your care.” (138:2.) AH-SG 19.13

11. Complete: “To parents He sends the warning cry: Gather your children into your own houses; gather them away from those who are disregarding the commandments of God, who are teaching and practicing evil. Get out of the ____________________________ as fast as possible.” (139:5.) AH-SG 19.14

12. How can parents “close the door against a flood of temptations” that threaten their children? (141:5.)

AH-SG 19.15

13. Why do many farmers fail? (142:2.)

AH-SG 19.16

14. In building a home and planning the rooms, what should be provided for? (148:1.)

AH-SG 19.17

15. What should the country dweller endeavor to place around his house? (150:1.)

AH-SG 19.18

16. What rules should govern the furnishing of the home?(150:3, 4.)

AH-SG 19.19

17. What mistake should be avoided in furnishing the home? (151:1, 2.)

AH-SG 20.1

C. Rate the location of your home. AH-SG 20.2

Ideal_________ Convenient_______ Poor__________ “Sodom” __________ AH-SG 20.3

1. What is ideal about your location? ________________________________________________________________________ AH-SG 20.4

2. What is the worst thing about it? __________________________________________________________________________ AH-SG 20.5

D. Discuss with others: AH-SG 20.6

1. What principle should guide in selecting the location for a home? (131:4.)

AH-SG 20.7

2. Which is more important, the welfare of the child or the convenience of the parents?

AH-SG 20.8

3. How can we best copy the pattern given us at creation of the ideal home? (132:1.)

AH-SG 20.9

4. Should all Seventh-day Adventists leave the large cities?

AH-SG 20.10

5. Who especially are affected by the evils of city life? (136:2, 3.)

AH-SG 20.11

6. Why are parents called kings and queens? (141:2.)

AH-SG 20.12

7. What employment can we give our young people who must live in the cities? Should the church sponsor this? AH-SG 20.13

8. Which is more productive of spiritual growth, a week of prayer or a work program? AH-SG 20.14

9. What is the relationship between agriculture and character? (142, 143.)

AH-SG 20.15

10. Contrast the two homes that Sister White describes. AH-SG 20.16

E. Think on these things: AH-SG 20.17

1. Is my home in the best location for my child?

AH-SG 20.18

2. Why am I living where I am?

AH-SG 20.19

3. How are some parents offering their children to Moloch today? (137:1.)

AH-SG 20.20

4. When we move our children into places of temptation, will the Lord work a miracle to save them? (137:1.)

AH-SG 20.21

5. What “will ever be the fruit of idleness”? (138:1.)

AH-SG 20.22

6. What will God help His people to find? (140:0.)

AH-SG 21.1

7. Is my home attractive?

AH-SG 21.2

F. Name one thing you can do to improve your home environment. AH-SG 21.3