The Faith I Live By


Praying for a Larger Experience, March 30

The Character of God Revealed

I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart. Psalm 119:32. FLB 95.1

The ten holy precepts spoken by Christ upon Sinai's mount ... made known to the world the fact that He had jurisdiction over the whole human heritage. That law of ten precepts of the greatest love that can be presented to man is the voice of God from heaven speaking to the soul in promise, “This do, and you will not come under the dominion and control of Satan.” There is not a negative in that law, although it may appear thus. It is DO, and Live.129SDA Bible Commentary 1:1105. FLB 95.2

The God of heaven has placed a benediction upon them that keep the commandments of God. Shall we stand as a peculiar people of God, or shall we trample upon the law of God and say it is not binding? God might just as well have abolished Himself.130SDA Bible Commentary 1:1104. FLB 95.3

His law is the echo of His own voice, giving to all the invitation, “Come up higher. Be holy, holier still.” Every day we may advance in perfection of Christian character.131The Ministry of Healing, 503. FLB 95.4

As the stars tell us that there is a great light in heaven with whose glory they are made bright, so Christians are to make it manifest that there is a God on the throne of the universe whose character is worthy of praise and imitation.132The Great Controversy, 476. FLB 95.5

The bright beams of heaven's light are shining upon your pathway, dear youth, and I pray that you may make the most of your opportunities. Receive and cherish every heaven-sent ray, and your path will grow brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.133Messages to Young People, 32. FLB 95.6

We gain ... strength by walking in the light, that we may have energy to run in the way of God's commandments. We may gain an increase of strength at every step we advance heavenward.134Testimonies for the Church 3:436. FLB 95.7

We need constantly a fresh revelation of Christ, a daily experience that harmonizes with His teachings. High and holy attainments are within our reach. Continual progress in knowledge and virtue is God's purpose for us.135The Ministry of Healing, 503. FLB 95.8