The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


PECKHAM, Job B. (1823-1859) and Sophronia (1825-1887)

In 1850 Ellen White saw in vision that Sophronia Peckham, from Volney, New York, must “break loose” from the secular influence of her husband, Job B. Peckham, which had “dragged her down.” When Job Peckham died at age 35, Ellen White noted that according to Sophronia, her husband had “embraced the Sabbath before his sickness” and that “she has hopes in his death.” Some years after Job's death, Sophronia married widower Samuel W. Rhodes, a well-known minister during the 1850s. 1EGWLM 876.7

See: Ellen G. White, Ms 7a, 1850 (Aug. 24); Ms 6, 1859 (May 18 entry); “Job B. Peckham,” RootsWeb (Mount Pleasant Western Cemetery, Volney, Osweo Co., N.Y., 2000), (Oct. 20, 2011); obituary: “Sophronia L. Rhodes,” Review, Jan. 17, 1888, p. 46. 1EGWLM 877.1