The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


PEARSALL, Alfred B. (1823-1895) and Adaline (1823-1906)

The Pearsalls were church members from Michigan who emerged from the Millerite movement to become Sabbathkeepers about 1852. Until about 1858 the Pearsalls lived in Grand Rapids but then settled in Battle Creek for most of their remaining working lives. A. B. Pearsall owned a house-painting and sign-painting business and was active in the 1850s as a local church agent for the Review. Two letters from Ellen White to the Pearsalls are known, one in response to their queries regarding parenting and one in which Alfred was admonished for being “too familiar with the sisters,” thus bringing “a reproach upon the cause.” 1EGWLM 876.5

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