That I May Know Him


Sharing Heaven's Treasures, February 12

Freely ye have received, freely give. Matthew 10:8. TMK 49.1

The blessed Redeemer has set us an example in living out the precepts of the law. He says to His followers, “Freely ye have received, freely give.” We are to have an open heart to receive the rich treasures of heaven, and our hearts are to be opened to let those rich treasures out to others. Oh, we need to abide in Christ, then we will be a constant channel through which God will communicate to our brethren and to the world His own gracious Spirit.... TMK 49.2

When we have an assurance which is bright and clear of our own salvation, we shall exhibit cheerfulness and joyfulness, which becomes every follower of Jesus Christ. The softening, subduing influence of the love of God, brought into practical life, will make impressions upon minds that will be a savor of life unto life. But a harsh, denunciatory spirit, if manifested, will turn many souls away from the truth into the ranks of the enemy. Solemn thought! To deal patiently with the tempted requires us to battle with self. But God has given Jesus to us, and believing on Him as our personal Saviour, all heaven is at our command. The purchased possession of Christ is around us on every hand. There is want, there is wretchedness and sin on every side. “Freely ye have received, freely give.” TMK 49.3

“Oh, hearts are bruised, dead,
And homes are bare and cold,
And lambs for whom the Shepherd bled,
Are straying from the fold.
TMK 49.4

* * * * *

“The captives to release,
To God the lost to bring,
To teach the way of life and peace,
It is a Christlike thing.” 16Letter 1a, 1894.
TMK 49.5