That I May Know Him


Rich Depths of Knowledge, July 18

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. John 7:17. TMK 205.1

The more earnestly we apply our minds to the investigation of truth, the clearer will the evidences of truth appear, and the more closely we relate ourselves to the God of all wisdom, coming into communion with Him who has created all things, the richer will be our knowledge, the more fully shall we comprehend divine truth. God has graciously endowed men with intellectual powers, and these powers are to be wisely improved, that men may have ability to search into and understand rich depths of knowledge in the character, Word, and works of God. God will open the treasures of His love to the willing and obedient; he that willeth to do the will of God shall know of the doctrine. TMK 205.2

By communion with God we become refined, broadened, and elevated. To him who desires the knowledge of divine things, God will open hidden wonders that are beyond the comprehension of those who are unenlightened by the Spirit of God.... TMK 205.3

The great gift of salvation has been placed within our reach at an infinite cost to the Father and the Son. To neglect salvation is to neglect the knowledge of the Father and of the Son whom God hath sent.... TMK 205.4

The greatness, the breadth, of the plan of salvation invests it with incomparable grandeur, but it can only be spiritually discerned, and it increases in greatness as we contemplate it. Looking to Jesus dying upon the cross, and knowing that it was our sin that placed the innocent Sufferer there, we are bowed down before Him in wonder and love.27The Review and Herald, March 10, 1891. TMK 205.5

All who come to Christ for a clearer knowledge of the truth will receive it. He will unfold to them the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, and these mysteries will be understood by the heart that longs to know the truth. A heavenly light will shine into the soul temple and will be revealed to others as the bright shining of a lamp on a dark path.28Christ's Object Lessons, 36. TMK 205.6