The Great Hope (Adapted)


The Great Hope (Adapted)

A Note For You...

What does it take to live with hope amid epic-sized natural disasters, wars, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, political revolutions, constant awareness of global pain, and dizzying information overload? GrH_a iii.1

While facing a future with so many unknowns, we need reminding of the old maxim “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But what will help us remember the past? Some wisdom from Albert Einstein comes to our aid: our great need for “holy curiosity.” Such a curiosity will drive us to understand our present and future in the light of our past. GrH_a iii.2

The book you have is a sampling condensed and adapted from The Great Controversy, a time-tested classic of both history and prophecy—exploring what God will do in the future in light of His past interaction with humanity. Although written more than a century ago, the insights found in The Great Hope offer cutting-edge direction for the twenty-first century. Its author, Ellen G. White, is considered the most widely translated American author, with one of her many books having been translated into more than 160 languages. GrH_a iii.3

Generous donors made it possible for you to have a personal copy of The Great Hope. GrH_a iii.4

Why? GrH_a iii.5

Because it changed their lives for the better, and they believe it could change your life, too. GrH_a iii.6

Why? GrH_a iii.7

Because in these chapters you will travel in time through human history, from humanity's beginning until Jesus Christ's promised return. On this adventure you will: GrH_a iii.8

  • find out what Christ offered to save us
  • discover truths that will protect you from Satan's lies
  • come to understand life-changing spiritual realities
  • sense God's interplay in the cosmic history and where you fit in
  • catch a glimpse of the most glorious picture ever portrayed to the human mind—the end of the human experience as we know it and the beginning of...

Well, we shouldn't tell you how the book ends, because with “holy curiosity” you can discover it for yourself! GrH_a iv.1