Love Under Fire


Bible Study Everywhere

At night the teachers of the village schools read aloud to little groups gathered by the fireside. Each time, some hearts would be convicted of the truth. “The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple” (Psalm 119:130). LF 83.7

The pope's followers who had left the study of the Scriptures to the priests and monks now called for them to disprove the new teachings. But, ignorant of the Scriptures, the priests and friars were totally defeated. “Unfortunately,” said a Catholic writer, “Luther had persuaded his followers to put no faith in any other guide than the Holy Scriptures.”11 Crowds would gather to hear men with little education preach the truth. The shameful ignorance of great men became obvious as the simple teachings of God's Word refuted their arguments. Laborers, soldiers, women, and even children were better acquainted with the Bible than priests and educated scholars were. LF 83.8

Noble-minded youths devoted themselves to study, investigating Scripture and becoming familiar with the masterpieces of antiquity. Possessing active minds and brave hearts, these young men soon acquired knowledge so great that for a long time no one could compete with them. In the new teachings, the people had found what satisfied the desires of their hearts, and they turned away from those who had fed them for so long with the worthless husks of superstitious rites and human traditions. LF 84.1

When persecution broke out against the teachers of the truth, they followed the words of Christ: “When they persecute you in this city, flee to another” (Matthew 10:23). Somewhere the fugitives would find a hospitable door opened to them, and they would preach Christ, sometimes in the church or in private houses or in the open air. The truth spread with irresistible power. LF 84.2

Church and civil authorities resorted to imprisonment, torture, fire, and sword, but without success. Thousands of believers sealed their faith with their blood, and yet persecution served only to extend the truth. The fanaticism that Satan tried to unite with it resulted in making more clear the contrast between the work of Satan and the work of God. LF 84.3