Love Under Fire


Setting Aside the Law of God

Those who teach the people to treat the commandments of God carelessly are sowing disobedience to reap disobedience. When people completely throw aside the restraints of God's law, they will soon disregard human laws. The results of banishing God's commandments would be like nothing they anticipate. Property would no longer be safe. People would take their neighbors’ possessions by force, and the strongest would become the richest. Life itself would not be respected. The marriage vow would no longer stand as a defensive wall to protect the family. Whoever had the power would take his neighbor's wife by violence. The fifth commandment would be ignored with the fourth. Children would not hesitate to take the life of their parents if doing so would get them what their corrupt hearts want. The civilized world would become a mob of robbers and assassins, and peace and happiness would be banished from the earth. LF 237.6

Already this doctrine has opened the floodgates of evil on the world. Lawlessness and corruption sweep in like an overwhelming tide. Even in households that claim to be Christian there is hypocrisy, damaged relationships, betrayal of sacred trusts, indulgence of lust. Religious principle, which should be the foundation of social life, seems to be swaying and ready to fall. Depraved criminals often receive attention as if they had done some great thing. Their crimes get wide publicity. The press publishes revolting details of evil, instructing others in fraud, robbery, and murder. The fascination with evil, the terrible intemperance and iniquity of every kind, should awaken everyone. What can be done to stop the tide of evil? LF 238.1