Love Under Fire


Interest and Unbelief

Interest continued to increase. From dozens and hundreds, congregations had grown to many thousands. But after a time, opposition arose against these converts, and the churches started to discipline those who had accepted Miller's views. This led him to respond: “If we are wrong, please show us where we are wrong. Show us from the word of God that we are in error. We have had enough ridicule—that can never convince us that we are in the wrong. The word of God alone can change our views. We have formed our conclusions carefully and prayerfully, as we have seen the evidence in the Scriptures.”10 LF 142.3

When the evils of the people moved God to bring a flood on the earth, He first let them know His intentions. For 120 years they heard the warning to repent, but they did not believe it. They made fun of the messenger of God. If Noah's message were true, why did not all the world see and believe it? One man's claims against the wisdom of thousands! They would not believe the warning nor take shelter in the ark. LF 142.4

Scoffers pointed to the unchanging sequence of the seasons, the blue skies that had never poured out rain. In contempt they declared that Noah was a wild fanatic. They went on, more set in their evil ways than before. But at the appointed time God's judgments came down on those who rejected His mercy. LF 142.5