EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Dagon - Daniel, book of


Dagon, contest between Jehovah and 2BC 1007-8

feast in honor of PP 566-7

fish-god, “protector of the sea” PP 567

god most popular among Philistines 4aSG 107

image of, described PP 586

mutilation of PP 586

angels caused 4aSG 107; SR 188

Samson regarded as trophy of PP 567

temple of, ark of covenant placed in PP 586; 4aSG 107; SR 188

King Saul’s head fastened in PP 682

Samson destroyed PP 567

Daguerrean saloon, Daguerrean saloons

Daguerrean saloon, Daguerrean saloons, disgusting pictures found in 2T 410

Daguerreotype, Daguerreotypes

Daguerreotype, Daguerreotypes, faces reproduced by 1T 500

of God’s mind 3T 538


Daguerreotyping, of your words and actions, in books of heaven 7BC 972


“Daily,” in Daniel’s prophecies EW 74-5; 1SM 164-5, 167-8

Daily sacrifice

Daily sacrifice See Sacrifice


Dainty, lives of many believers are too 8T 52

Dainty work

Dainty work, women whose fingers are busy making WM 155

Dakota Territory

Dakota Territory LS 238; 1T 104; 4T 302

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas LS 240


Dallying, on Satan’s ground, deadly peril of TM 453

over less important matters, gospel workers cautioned against Ev 649

See also Parley


Dalmatia, Titus sent to AA 490


Damascus, Christians in, many AA 113

church of, newly organized AA 163; 3T 429-30

Paul brought into touch with AA 120-2, 163; SR 272-3; 3T 430-3

description and location of AA 114; PK 71, 249; SR 269

Eliezer’s journey beyond PP 172

Elisha at PK 255

idol worship in region of PK 249; 2T 310

Paul’s conversion near AA 112-22, 228; 6BC 1084; Ed 65; EW 200-2; GW 58; PK 314; SR 268-71; 3T 429-30

Paul’s departure from, to Arabia AA 125-8; SR 274-5

Paul’s escape from, in basket AA 128; 6BC 1058; EW 202; SR 276

Paul’s first evangelistic labors in AA 123; 6BC 1058; SR 274

Paul’s journey from Jerusalem to AA 112-7; 6BC 1057; SR 268-9

Paul’s return from Arabia to AA 128; SR 276

Paul’s second evangelistic effort in AA 128; SR 276

Paul’s stay at house of Judas in AA 118; SR 271-2; 3T 431

persecuted Christians of Jerusalem went to AA 113

river of, Ananias baptized Paul in AA 122-3; 6BC 1058; SR 273

rivers of, described PK 249; 2T 310

route from Jerusalem to, described AA 114

Damman, Israel

Damman, Israel 2SG 40-2


Dampness, bedroom, dangerous CH 57-8; 4aSG 142-4

death-producing germs abound in MH 276

deaths caused by MH 274

disease caused by MH 274

feet should be protected against CG 425

guest room should be dry and free from MH 275

house, conducive to rheumatism 1SM 104

room not in constant use accumulates MH 275


Dan, city of, location of PK 100, 114; PP 135

worship of golden calf in PK 100, 114


Dan, Jacob’s son, descendants of PK 62-3; PP 235, 560

See also Aholiab; Samson


Dan, tribe of PP 235, 560

Dance, Dances

Dance, Dances, children should not be educated to attend CG 181

Christian would not wish to be at, when Christ comes AH 516; MYP 398

when death comes AH 516; MYP 398

church, gluttony and dissipation encouraged by WM 289

do not give yourself up to 2BC 1039

fashionable modern, argument pleasure-lovers use to justify PP 707

festive, at temple during Feast of Tabernacles DA 463

God’s blessing would not be invoked on hour spent at AH 516

Israel’s, at Red Sea PP 288-9, 382, 410

raising money for church treasury by, condemned CS 201-3

Satan uses, to lead men into sin PP 460

senses beclouded by Te 50

why true Christian would not attend MYP 398


excitement of TMK 248:2

people who, (waltzers) Christian will not unite with TMK 311:2

shouting, drums, music and, before close of probation Mar 234:2

Dance hall / Ballroom

attraction of, lost considering Christ’s sacrifice TMK 311:3

Christ did not visit OHC 59:2

excitement of, pleasure lover seeks TMK 318:2

song fit for 1T 506

time devoted to, is lost RC 247:4

Dance house

Dance house, low, contrast between better class of select parties and AH 516-7

promiscuous and degraded assemblies of MYP 399

See also Ballroom

Dance song

Dance song, heard from abyss below, in dream LS 191; 2T 595


Dancing MYP 399-400

as conducted today, school of depravity MYP 399

as parlor pastime at home, unsafe AH 516-7; MYP 399

benefits no one FE 75

by fanatics 2SM 36, 42

Christians participating in, Finney (Chas. G.) quoted re GC 377

contrary to Christ’s teachings 1T 490, 554

David’s: when removing ark of covenant to Jerusalem PP 707

tended to remembrance of God PP 707

unlike modern dancing PP 707

encouragement of, at health institutions is wrong 1T 490; 3T 172

exercise more valuable than, for young woman FE 74-5

God condemns 1T 514

Israel beguiled by, into idolatrous practices PP 454

Israelite, while worshiping golden calf TM 102

men go on, as ox to slaughter Ev 26

modern, dissipation of PP 707

causes men to forget God PP 707

fearful curse to society MYP 399

folly and midnight reveling associated with PP 707

Moses did not use, to raise funds for building sanctuary CS 203; PP 529

not recommended for the sick 1T 554

Salome’s, at Herod Antipas’s birthday feast CT 340; DA 221; Te 50; TM 84-5

tends to evil 1T 490

See also Dance

Dancing party, Dancing parties

Dancing party, Dancing parties, by wayward children, parents warned re CG 278

Dandelion leaves

Dandelion leaves, as greens, recommended CD 324

Dane, Danes

Dane, Danes, SDA work among Ev 420; FE 212; 9T 187

See also Denmark

Danger, Dangers

Danger, Dangers, always surrounding God’s people 4T 598

angels at our right hand in time of COL 341

angels daily preserve us from many SD 116

angels protected David in midst of PP 657

appalling, Christians in Nero’s household faced 5T 182

approach of, flee to God at SD 19

believers careless and indifferent re, will be overcome by Satan 3T 572

beset every path MH 509; 4T 538

children should be trained to expect and meet Te 185

Christ did not rush into DA 451

Christ knows all our 7BC 931

Christian life is often beset with GW 262

coming upon God’s people are continually increasing 1SM 195

countless, God shielded Israel from PP 429

courage and self-control needed in time of PP 549

Daniel and companions always turned to God in time of PK 493

do not willfully rush into AH 471; Te 185

earnest prayer in time of, importance of MYP 53

exist on right hand and on the left MM 95

faith in God’s care is needed in time of DA 336

fear in time of, that revealed unbelief DA 336

fear of, blessings lost because of 3T 342

first approach to, avoid MM 143

from overwork GW 243-6

God is our refuge in time of SD 19

God’s people will soon be hedged with, on right hand and on left 6T 22

great, of making flesh our arm TM 106

greatest: cherishing sin in heart is 8T 242

God requires truthfulness even in time of PP 656

of SDA is in accumulation of property 1T 492

opposition of world is not our 8T 242

will come from men who disregard warning and reproof sent by God MM 95

greatest promptness is positively necessary in time of 3T 498

how to relate yourself to SC 122

if you feel your, you will feel need of prayer 3T 572

in speculative knowledge MH 427-38; 8T 290-304

in success CH 367-8

innumerable, by heeding God’s word we escape ML 180

lurks in midst of prosperity PK 59; PP 716

men unwilling to face, cause weakness in God’s work PP 548

neglect of duty to escape, persons guilty of 2T 630

not now discerned, will soon break upon us 1SM 200

of falling from pathway will increase 2T 595

of rejecting light GW 297-304

of running too fast in devising plans and methods TM 314

of self-confidence 1T 621-8

of trying to exercise controlling power on others 6T 397

of young people 1T 390-405

opportunities given to confess our faith when facing 1SM 118

passage from place to place to spread truth will soon be hedged with 6T 22

path beset with, God’s people travel PK 570

path of, only safe course is not venture into 3T 488

persons nowhere to be found in time of, God has no use for 3T 327

persons who apprehend no, none are in so great danger as 5T 546

persons who can be relied on in times of, God calls for 4T 75

physical, angels ready to guard us from 1SM 96

physicians in, of losing spirituality CH 361-8

rushing needlessly into, God’s promises do not justify 3T 482

meditation and prayer would keep us from DA 126

safe and sure rule to follow amid all PK 83

scenes of, do not needlessly place yourself in 3T 482

seen and unseen, angels protect the faithful from DA 240

tell a brother of his, with your heart full of pity MB 128

there are no, which God’s people may not escape MH 249

threatened, hope of saving souls kept apostles laboring in time of AA 332

threatening, should lead parents to seek help from God CG 64

threatening church, Paul’s messages speak of AA 470

unseen: beset our path 5T 141

surround God’s people MM 280

thousand, God preserves His children from SD 16; 3T 373

what to do when facing 4T 25

whatever the, Christians must avow their principles DA 355

youth’s greatest, lack of self-control is CD 243

See also Peril


absence of pure religion is, of the last days TSB 81:3

accept, in Christian ministration HP 277:2

avoid exposure to, while canvassing PM 291:4

calamities permitted to save from greater UL 65:2

choosing own will causes greatest UL 323:5

Christ sees, and warns us TDG 74:5

Ellen White shown scenes of one in 3SM 42:7

exposure to, necessary in service for heavenly King RY 74:4

go elsewhere when in, for Christ 3SM 420:1


acknowledges, but points us to refuge TMK 225:2

sees, and provides help HP 262:3

sees, that we cannot HP 265:3

God’s protection from, we do not realize FW 69:2

led onto enchanted ground is UL 279:4

moral, increasing, HP 196:2, 199:2; 1MCP 228:1

obedience to God only justification for going into UL 48:4

promises not for reliance when needlessly rushing into OHC 95:3


from, by hiding in God HP 348:4

from unknown HP 101:4

publishing work location involves; presentation to Ellen White PM 179

reckless exposure to, is presumption OHC 95:2

safety in, if you keep the way of the Lord TDG 199:3

security here is our greatest UL 208:4

seeing, clearly causes gratitude for deliverance FW 96:1

sense of, leads soul to call on God TMK 240:4

types/sources of,

absence of pure religion in last days TDG 146:3

falling into sin TDG 148:4

ignoring need to conform character UL 27:3

neglecting conformity to God’s Word OHC 206:2

overlooking little things HP 66:5

rejecting light; conscience abused 1MCP 320:2

resisting God’s leading TMK 243:3

Satan’s untiring efforts cause TMK 267:3

spiritual; corruption of minister TSB 114:3

worldly customs followed in spite of light TDG 199:6

unseen by those blinded by Satan UL 18:4

See also Accidents; Harm; Peril; Protection; Warnings

Danger signal, Danger signals

Danger signal, Danger signals, be careful not to neglect, given in God’s word 5T 537

plainer the, greater the condemnation of persons disregarding it CS 137


Daniel Ed 54-7; FE 77-81; MYP 147-50; PK 479-548; SL 18-52

1. Biography

2. Miscellaneous


1. Biography

born of royal line Ed 54; PK 480-1

child of princely birth FE 77; SL 18

prince of Judah MH 148

reared in simplicity of Judean home Ed 54; PK 480

home training received by CD 29-32; CG 166-7; Ed 55; FE 96; MYP 243; PK 428; PP 592; Te 156

to habits of strict temperance CD 154; CG 166; PK 482; Te 190

taken into captivity to Babylon Ed 51; FE 77; SL 18; 2T 139

at beginning of 70 years of Babylonian captivity PK 479

by God’s providence 6T 219; 8T 153

early in reign of Jehoiakim PK 428

not long before fourth year of Jehoiakim’s reign 4BC 1158

shortly before Jeremiah foretold 70 years of Babylonian captivity 4BC 1158

when he was 18 years old 4T 570

when Nebuchadnezzar first besieged Jerusalem PK 428

little dreamed of his destiny when taken from his childhood home Ed 57; PK 490

given new name representing Chaldean deity PK 480-1

educated three years at Babylon 4BC 1167; CG 166-7; Ed 54-5; FE 77, 80, 351, 377; ML 147; MYP 241; PK 480, 484-5; SL 18-9; Te 271

for life at royal court according to Oriental custom SL 18

tested re food and drink 4BC 1166-7; CD 30, 154-5; CH 50, 64-6; Ed 54-5; FE 77-80, 86; MM 276; PK 481-5; SL 18-24; 4T 570; 5T 448; Te 271; TM 263

examined by Nebuchadnezzar CH 65; Ed 55; FE 80, 373-4; PK 485; SL 22-3; 6T 220

doomed to death by Nebuchadnezzar FE 374; PK 492-3; SD 216; SL 34-5

prayer of, for light re Nebuchadnezzar’s dream FE 374; PK 493-4; SD 216; SL 35

interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream re prophetic image FE 374, 410-3; PK 491-9; SL 34-6; 7T 151

in same year that he entered service of king SL 34

more than half a century before fall of Babylon PK 527

soon after he had entered service of king PK 491

wise men of Babylon saved from death through AA 13; PK 499; 6T 227

honor and dignity bestowed on, by Nebuchadnezzar FE 412

sat in gate of king, where judgment was dispensed FE 412

interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream re great tree PK 515-9

urged proud Nebuchadnezzar to repent and turn to God PK 518

series of visions given to, shortly before fall of Babylon PK 553-4

vision of Daniel 7 given to, shortly before fall of Babylon PK 553

vision of Daniel 8 given to PK 553-4

500 years before Christ’s birth DA 98, 233-4; GC 324-9; PK 698-9

near close of 70 years of Babylonian captivity SL 46

prior to fall of Babylon and death of Belshazzar PK 556

shortly before fall of Babylon PK 553-4

Gabriel partially interpreted vision of Daniel 8 for PK 554

fainted and became sick as result of vision of Daniel 8 GC 325; PK 554

toward close of life of, great changes took place in Babylon PK 522

interpreted handwriting on wall for Belshazzar PK 522-31; 5T 244

more than half a century after interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s dream re prophetic image PK 527

toward close of his life PK 522

when he was aged prophet PK 530

made third ruler of Babylon PK 530

placed at head of reorganized government by Darius the Mede 4BC 1171; PK 539; SL 42

cast into lions’ den AA 575; Ed 254; GC 512, 626; MH 90; PK 540-5; SL 42-5; 1T 295-6; 4T 525, 569; 5T 453, 527

perplexity of, re 70 years of Babylonian captivity PK 554; SL 46

more than sixty years after Jeremiah foretold it 4BC 1158

prayer of: for light re close of 70 years of Babylonian captivity PK 554; SL 46

for light re prophecy of Daniel 8 PK 554-6

concerning Jerusalem PK 555

for speedy fulfillment of God’s promises PK 554-5

in first year of Darius the Mede 4BC 1158; PK 556

confessed sins of Israel as if his own GC 470-1; PK 555; SL 47-8; 5T 636

Gabriel explained to, rest of vision of Daniel 8 DA 98, 233-4; GC 324-9; SL 48-9; PK 556, 698-9

message of Daniel 10 given to SL 50-2

few years after he received instruction in Daniel 9 SL 49

to show what would take place in latter days SL 50

when he was aged man SL 50

Christ appeared to 4BC 1173; GC 470; SL 49-52; MB 15

three weeks of fasting and praying by PK 571-2; SL 51

Gabriel’s third appearance to DA 99, 246; PK 571-2; SC 29; SL 51

angel veiled his brightness before SL 52

spent more than threescore years in Babylon PK 522

in new earth 1SM 64

2. Miscellaneous

acknowledged God before kings and statesmen 3BC 1136; 4BC 1170

acquainted Nebuchadnezzar with true God PK 447

acquired serene and cheerful state of mind 4BC 1168

admitted to royal palace while a student SL 18

advanced in all branches of learning 8T 323

allowed no earthly power to come between him and God 5T 527

angels protected, in lions’ den GC 512; PK 544; 1T 296; 5T 527

angels showed, things that must shortly come to pass GC 521

anxious to be at peace with all men 4T 570

as example for: children thoroughly instructed and consecrated FE 204-5

college students CT 376; FE 87

every one in school CT 283

every SDA institution 6T 219-20; 7T 163; 8T 153

gospel workers 7T 151

med. students CT 478; 5T 448

students FE 77-81, 192, 248, 305, 379; 8T 323

young physician 5T 447-8

youth today CG 167; FE 192, 245; MYP 149; 4T 570

as example in temperance CD 226; Te 62, 188, 292

as example of: Christian courtesy TM 263

conformity to God’s will MYP 41

correct child training CG 166-7

faithfulness in little things COL 356

godly businessman COL 350-1; PK 546; 7T 248

people who fear God TM 437

results of true plan of living MH 285; 9T 165

temperance and self-denial CH 68; SL 29

triumph of principle over temptation to indulge appetite CH 65-6; FE 80; ML 75

true sanctification GC 470

what God would have youth to be FE 205

young men strong in integrity and wisdom 5T 321-2

as illustration of what constitutes sanctified character CH 66; FE 80

as sermon on health reform 6T 372

as statesman CH 423; Ed 56; FE 205; PK 546; 7T 163

devoted to people’s interests Ed 56

faithfulness of FE 205

far-sighted ability of PK 557

found time for prayer CH 423

in government business SL 42

integrity of 4BC 1171

of Babylon PK 546; 7T 161

of Medo-Persia PK 546

preservation of faith and principles by 7T 163

was faithful representative of God Ed 56-7

whom no temptation could corrupt COL 332

as unbending as lofty cedar wherever principle was involved ML 75; SL 20-1

associated with Cyrus the Persian PK 545, 557

at head of dishonest, prevaricating, godless cabinet 4BC 1171

became efficient in his calling CT 486

blameless conduct of, excited jealousy of his enemies PK 539

blessed assurance given to, before his death PK 547

blessed because he was steadfast in doing right CH 156

brief account of, is given for our encouragement SL 18

bright example of what men may become when united with God FE 77; SL 18; 4T 569

brought his habits, appetites, and passions into conformity to God’s requirements MYP 41

business transactions of, without flaw COL 351; PK 546

carried out his faith and principles against great opposition 5T 527

certificates of good habits of MYP 241; PK 485; Te 271

character of: as example of what God’s grace can make of sinful men SL 21

as model for youth to follow CT 537

as striking example of work of grace CH 64

chief minister of state under Darius the Mede PK 545

choice and exact language used by ML 147; PK 485; Te 271

chose to follow right rather than policy PK 544

Christians who are like 3BC 1151

clearness of mind and firmness of purpose of ML 147

clearness of mind of, due in great degree to his plain diet MYP 242; 4T 515-6

conduct of, impressed Darius the Mede TM 443

confession of sin by 4BC 1172

conscious of his amenability to God CT 283; FE 230

could not be turned aside from his course of integrity MYP 27-8

cultivated every faculty so as to best represent God MYP 34

Cyrus the Great showed marked respect for PK 557

dared not trust his own moral power SL 20

deliverance of, from den of lions created favorable impression on Cyrus PK 557

destruction of, devils planned PK 540

determination of, to honor God MYP 150

devoted servant of Most High SL 52

did not act presumptuously re temperance PK 483

did not claim to be pure and holy GC 470

did not flee from world to avoid its corrupting influence 4T 569

did not hesitate to acknowledge God as source of his wisdom 7T 151

did not walk in sparks of his own kindling FE 194

diet of, was plain, simple, and nutritious FE 227

diligent effort made by, to secure knowledge FE 374

diligent in study 4BC 1167; MYP 147

educated and trained all his powers for God’s service FE 230

enemies of, confessed they could find no fault in him PK 546

destroyed by lions SL 45

entrusted with secrets of kingdoms bearing universal sway PK 547

erect of form ML 147; Te 271

esteemed for: his integrity and constancy PK 516

his unrivaled wisdom PK 516

example of: God will honor youth who follows SD 174

should bring strength to the tried and tempted 4T 570

when brought into trial GC 509

experience of, throughout reigns of successive Babylonian monarchs Ed 56

faith and principles of, not perverted by contact with outside parties 7T 163

faith of: founded on sure word of prophecy PK 554

in prophetic word of God PK 553

tried to utmost PK 428

faithful in daily prayer 4T 569

faithful steward of God SD 279

faithful to: every duty to man FE 305; SD 284

God in peril of death SL 44

faithfulness of, in prayer 4BC 1172; 1T 295-6

familiar with prophecies foretelling work of Cyrus PK 557

felt need of refreshing his soul with prayer 4T 569

firm as rock to truth FE 227

firmness of purpose of, due in great degree to plainness of his diet 4T 515-6

full of reverence and zeal for God MYP 33

given opportunity to exalt God before nations PK 428

given special position in world FE 295

given understanding in visions and dreams FE 87

glimpse given through, of mighty struggle between good and evil PK 571

God and His approval were dearer to, than favor of most powerful ruler CH 64; FE 79; PK 483; SL 21

than life itself CH 64; FE 79; PK 483; SL 21

God blessed, because he was steadfast in doing what he knew to be right CH 156

God called, to witness for Him in Babylon COL 356-7

God cared for, against envy and hatred of enemies 2T 139

God co-operated with PK 487

God did not forget, in lions’ den GC 626

God helped CT 486

God made, shrewd manager COL 350

God of, heathen monarchs constrained to acknowledge Ed 56; PK 499, 520-1, 544-5; SL 36

God preserved, in time of temptation and peril FE 205

God taught, to read mysteries of future ages Ed 56; FE 81; PK 485, 547; 4T 570

God used: to bring light of truth to kings and rulers 5T 455

to carry knowledge of Him to heathen nations 8T 153

to carry out His purposes 5T 321

to give light to Babylon 4BC 1169

to reveal light in kingly courts MB 41

God was first with TM 443

God’s ambassador in Babylon Ed 54-7

God’s claims held by, as above requirements of earthly rulers SL 21

God’s name exalted and honored by PK 544

God’s purpose for, in courts of Babylon COL 356; DA 27; PK 487; 7T 161; 8T 153

God’s purposes revealed to PK 464

God’s representative in Babylon FE 411-2; 6T 219

God’s word presents, as faultless character FE 78; 4T 569

godly influence of, devils feared PK 540; 1T 295

greatly beloved of heaven 5T 635

greatly honored by Majesty of heaven SL 51

habits of God’s people should bear comparison with those of AH 302

hearer and doer of God’s word FE 379; MH 466

heathen kings recognized that Spirit was with 1BC 1098; PK 517, 528

heaven was opened before SL 49

high in command in kingdom of Darius the Mede PK 540

high position held by, in courts of Babylon 5T 635-6

history of: given for our admonition FE 374

if all, were written SD 211

illustrates what God can do for youth today Ed 57

is remarkable 5T 527

lesson gospel workers should learn from 5T 549

lesson youth should learn from ML 120; SL 23

lessons from MH 487; MM 200; SL 18; TM 263

recorded for our benefit CH 50; MYP 243

honored God in: prosperity and adversity PK 479; 5T 636

smallest duties PK 487

honored prophet SL 46

while prime minister of Babylon 7T 248

honors conferred by Darius upon, excited jealousy of leading men SL 42

how young men can be strong like 5T 321-2

humbly identified himself with the sinful of Israel SL 46

humility of GC 470-1; PK 494; SL 35-6, 52

illustrious character FE 77; SL 18

improved opportunities to become intelligent in all lines of learning FE 358

in lions’ den was same Daniel who had stood before Darius 4T 448

in world but not of world 4T 569

influence of, acknowledgment of God did not detract from 4BC 1170; 7T 151

insignia of nobility worn by MYP 241-4; PK 485; Te 271

institutional workers like, SDA need CT 283; FE 230

integrity of, kept untarnished CT 478

tested while he was student in Babylon FE 77

intellectual capabilities of, increased in proportion to his spiritual development SD 322

intellectual giant 4T 569

Isaiah’s prophecies studied by PK 552-3

Jeremiah’s prophecies studied by 4BC 1158; PK 553-4; SL 46

threescore years after they were written 4BC 1158

keen of apprehension ML 147

kept God’s glory ever before him FE 192

kept his mind clear and composed Te 35

king of Israel was prisoner of Babylonians in time of Ed 54

kings and decrees could not make, swerve from allegiance to King of kings 4T 570

knelt in prayer GW 178; PK 48

leading men of Medo-Persia became jealous of PK 539

learned from God MYP 190

life experiences of, study Ed 151-2

life of, illustrates true sanctification SL 52

illustrates what constitutes sanctified character SL 23

life of prayer benefited ML 147; Te 156; 4T 515-6

light for God in Babylon MB 41

light given to: especially for the last days 4BC 1166

for Nebuchadnezzar 7T 161

for people living in latter days, as recorded in Daniel 10 SL 50

lions’ den could not keep, from his daily prayers 5T 43

lived: his prayers PK 486

in close connection with Source of all wisdom FE 230

in Babylon more than 60 years before great changes took place PK 522

in time of Jeremiah’s ministry PK 428

life of faithfulness and consecration SL 42

long life filled up with noble deeds of service for God SL 52

pure and holy life TM 443

looked to God for help 6T 154

looked to God for wisdom and counsel FE 194

love and fear of God were before CT 283; FE 230

loyal to God while faithful in Nebuchadnezzar’s court FE 205; 6T 220

made: God his strength SL 20

God’s word his highest instructor FE 358

no claim to sanctification SL 42

made most of his opportunities to obtain education FE 373-4

man of: humble spirit 4T 368

influence FE 120

like passions as ourselves MYP 242; PK 489, 546; 4T 569

noble aspirations and purposes MYP 33

prayer ML 20; 2SM 229; TM 263

pure heart AH 301

purity of character SL 52

strictly temperate habits CH 64; SL 21

unwavering fidelity SL 52

men like, need of AH 301; CT 506; PK 488

men may come forth unsullied and unpolluted as did MM 39

men who will do and dare like, need of AH 301; MYP 243

manifested most perfect courtesy TM 263

many professed Christians regard, as narrow and bigoted CH 69; FE 78

as too particular CH 69; FE 78

med. student has access to God as did CT 486

met: ridicule, envy, and hatred 4BC 1168; SD 211

strong temptation in court of Babylon PK 482

temptations of worldly honor and high station 5T 86

mind of, God strengthened Ev 172

minister of righteousness GW 13

ministers who regard prophecies of, as obscure 3SG 95

model for youth to follow 5T 129

modest and meek in manners 4BC 1167

moral giant in his youth ML 20

most honored and faithful statesman of Darius the Mede PK 542

mysteries of future ages unfolded through SL 48; 6T 220

neither king nor decree could make, swerve from his allegiance to Christ PK 542

never deviated from principle 4T 368

no selfish consideration could induce, to swerve from duty SL 21

no temptation could corrupt FE 248

noble and self-denying life of, is encouragement to us CH 64; FE 79

noble and steadfast servant of God 5T 527

noble dignity and courteous deference of, won favor for him Ed 55-6

noble integrity and firmness of Ed 73

not ashamed to display his true colors MYP 28

not given to love of amusements CT 283-4; FE 230

not narrow and bigoted re diet SL 19

not proud or self-sufficient 4T 569

not tried in same way as others are 4BC 1182

number of angels seen by GC 512

obeyed God’s word resolutely and firmly TM 452

one of: world’s great men 4T 569

world’s greatest statesmen Ed 51

pen of inspiration describes, as without fault PK 546

perfect in tact and courtesy Ed 56; PK 546

performed with calmness his duty as chief of princes PK 541

person whose moral worth is as precious as that of 1BC 1097-8

placed as light beside throne of world’s greatest kingdom 6T 220

placed where temptation was strong FE 86

plainness of diet benefited ML 147

pleadings of, for himself and his people SL 47

plottings of men to destroy, overruled by God for good MH 487

possessed grace of genuine meekness FE 78; SL 20

power of, secret of 7T 151

prayed: at set hours SL 44

for fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel PK 554-5

for grace to resist appetite and passion MM 144

in lions’ den 1T 296

three times a day PK 542; SL 43-4; 2SM 229; 1T 295-6; 4T 373; 5T 453, 527; TM 325

with windows open toward Jerusalem PK 541

without exalting himself or claiming any goodness 4T 534

prayer life of, contributed to his clearness of mind MYP 242; 4T 515-6

lesson from ML 110

prayer of, re Jerusalem PK 555

prayer was necessity to FE 78; ML 75; SL 20

prayers of, study 3BC 1136

praying as did, result of SL 47

preferred above presidents and princes because excellent spirit was in him 1T 295

preserve correct physical habits as did ML 254

preserved his faith and loyalty amid trials and conflict 8T 123

prime minister of: Babylon COL 350; Ed 56; PK 546; 7T 248

greatest of earthly kingdoms PK 546

Medo-Persia 4BC 1171

prophecies of Daniel 7 to 12 not fully understood by PK 547

prophet of God PK 545; 5T 635

while prime minister PK 546

prophetic visions of, foretold period of moral darkness 5T 9

purpose of, to develop and employ every power to glorify God FE 379

purpose to be as true as, to principle LS 329

put to practical use what he learned FE 351

put to stretch every spiritual nerve and muscle MYP 164

queen mother remembered, on night of Belshazzar’s feast PK 527

reaped reward of temperate habits CG 396

refused to: adopt customs of kingly court 5T 448

becloud his mind CD 154

compromise with wise men of Babylon 4BC 1167-8

defile himself with improper food and drink CD 154

eat flesh of swine and other unclean foods CD 30

permit any power to turn him from path of duty 4T 570

remarkable events of prophetic history revealed to FE 411-2

represented: God amid idolaters COL 356

God’s kingdom in wicked world GW 505

respectful and obedient to persons who had authority over him ML 75

when principle not at stake SL 21

rose speedily to position of prime minister of Babylon Ed 56; PK 546

scholar in both secular and religious matters 4BC 1167

science was handmaid of religion to FE 99

searched portion of OT that he had at his command FE 358

serene and cheerful trust in God maintained by 4T 368

served and honored God alike in prosperity and trial 5T 635-6

set his aim high in life MYP 124

SDA youth are to be proved and tested as was CT 368

shining example of Christian youth 1SM 319

showed that no earthly power has right to: come between man and his God SL 44

tell anyone to whom he should or should not pray SL 44

shown terrible persecutions to befall church GC 325

shown wonderful things to come to pass in last days SL 24, 50

skill and understanding of, source of ML 110

sorely tried 3T 541

sought: education in heavenly wisdom FE 376-7

greater knowledge continually 4T 569

higher attainments 4T 569

power that comes from God alone TM 357

to live in peace with all SL 20

Spirit of prophetic power given to Ed 56; PK 485; SL 24; 4T 570

stands in his lot and place 7BC 949; 2SM 109

steadfast to principle during persecution LS 285

stood in his lot to bear testimony sealed until time of the end TM 115

strength and wisdom given to, as result of temperance in diet 9T 157

strength of intellect of, in acquiring knowledge was due largely to plainness of his diet 4T 515-6

strict temperance of, in eating and drinking 4T 570

strict temperance practiced by 4BC 1167

strictly temperate habits maintained by PK 482

striking example of what God’s grace can do for man CD 30; CH 64; FE 79

strove to be kind and helpful 4BC 1167

student of prophecy PK 559

student should resolve to be true to principle like CT 496

students like, every school needs CT 283; FE 230

subjected to severest temptations that can assail youth today FE 78; ML 75; SL 20

success of, did not come by chance PK 486

secret of MYP 150; PK 486

sustaining power of firm religious principle was illustrated by 5T 43

talked with God SL 49

teach children re strict adherence of, to principle CG 43

temperance lesson from Te 101

temperance principles of SL 18-24

temperate man 5T 396

temptation resisted by, amid impure and intemperate associates AH 464

testimony of, sealed till time of end TM 115

time has not come for, to stand in his lot 4BC 1174

trials of, lessons from 8T 123

true, firm, and noble SL 20

true, noble, and generous 4T 570

true to principle amid heathen corruption SD 174

true to religious instruction received in early life ML 75; SL 20

turned every privilege and opportunity to best account MYP 190

unswerving purpose that preserved MH 136

unwavering in allegiance to God Ed 55

unyielding in mastery of self Ed 55; PK 546

valued: God’s favor above favor and praise of princes MYP 27-8

his human capabilities but did not trust in them CD 154

view of great events of future was given to SL 48

visions of: help to understand visions of John EW 231; TM 112-8

study subject of sanctuary in LS 278

that were to be unsealed in latter days PK 547-8

was taught language of Chaldeans SL 18

well balanced under Spirit’s control SD 322

why God honored ML 120

will stand in his lot at end of days GC 488; PK 547

wisdom and knowledge given by God to CS 270; FE 205; MYP 256; 5T 448, 511, 549-53

was wisdom far superior to that of world’s great men SL 46-7

without: peer among chief men of earth Ed 55

peer in court of Babylon PK 485; 6T 220

without rival Te 271

in physical strength and beauty, mental vigor, literary attainments, spiritual power and insight Ed 55; PK 485; 6T 220

witnessed for God in: Babylon AA 13; COL 356-7; Ed 54-7; SL 40; 6T 219-20

captivity 4BC 1169

words of, were respectful and courteous 4BC 1167

worked with willing heart and ready mind CT 284

worthy example of Christian fearlessness and fidelity PK 542

would not turn aside from his course of integrity MYP 27-8

would rather sacrifice life than relinquish prayer 1T 296; 4T 569

would relinquish life itself rather than his hope of help in God PK 541

writings of, Satan would have people believe that they cannot understand PK 547

youth of firm principle 5T 321

youth of today may have spirit possessed by PK 489

youth urged to stand true like MYP 149


act with earnest purpose as did HP 197:6

appetite and habits to be like those of CC 248:6

behavior of, reason God brought him into favor UL 47:2

book of, especially for these last days UL 161:2

business transactions of, faultless, are an example RC 271:5

businessmen like, may have God’s instructions instead of sharp policy RC 271:2

captivity of, when a youth of 15 or 16 UL 83:2

Christians to be like UL 158:5

companions of,

diet problems studied by UL 83:3

Holy Spirit imbued HP 149:4

refused to bow; Christ was with them 3SM 420:2

special work of UL 161:5

tested regarding worshiping the image HP 149:2

depended on infinite strength RC 307:5

diet request of, not made in defiance HP 261:3

difficulties of, God sought in times of PM 112:1

example of,

best next to Christ’s OHC 249:2

companions never led astray by UL 47:2

for youth HP 261:2

in gaining victory over lust of flesh CC 248:2

study 3SM 284:4

faithfulness of, when leaving case with God HP 261:4

fasted and prayed for promise to be fulfilled TMK 271:2


answers those who approach Him as did HP 75:3

glorified through, whom He permitted to be humbled HP 271:4

helped, because he resolved to obey UL 47:3

humility of, when seeing,

the holy messenger TMK 175:3

the Lord’s glory 3SM 355:3

identified himself with the sinful though loved of heaven Mar 235:3

Infinite Wisdom placed, as captive in strange land RC 141:3

knowledge given to, those knowing Christ may receive TMK 126:4

light shown from HP 316:2

loved for his Christlike disposition UL 47:2

loyal amid corruption by dependence on God OHC 278:5

Nebuchadnezzar given truth by, about his last dream CC 253:2

oppression of those who disagree was not the attitude of CC 251:3

prayer of,

aloud OHC 357:3

confession and humility in, without excuses TMK 238:4

for his people CC 256

given for our instruction and encouragement TMK 271:2

three times a day for us as essential as for RC 207:5

unafraid; God closed the lions’ mouths LHU 368:6

pride of holiness not shown by, yet called beloved 3SM 353:3

promise of God not taken by, as release from responsibility TMK 271:2

prophecies of, glory of, available for us 3SM 390:5


and uprightness shown by TMK 247:3

(be determined) as, not to defile soul or body OHC 244:3

in actions of; be steady and persevering 1MCP 105:0

refused the king’s food rather than rationalizing UL 83:3

sanctification shown by Mar 235:3

saved those who later tried to destroy him CC 251:4

stewardship of, reason God regarded him as a man LHU 366:3

students to be like; God gave him wisdom 1MCP 358:3

temperance best illustrated in history of RC 141:2

temperance lessons from experience of RC 142:2

wine avoided by UL 83:2

wisdom given to youth by Christ as to TMK 310:3

youth may receive wisdom as did AG 35:5

Daniel, book of

Daniel, book of Ev 204-5; EW 231; 6T 128; TM 112-8

1. Prophecies of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Prophecies of

carefully study GW 148

Christ preached gospel message based on DA 233

Christ urged on His disciples importance of studying DA 234

complemented by those of Revelation TM 114

declared by ministers to be incomprehensible mysteries GC 341

demand special attention PK 547

diligently study 2SM 102

figures and similitudes used in FE 81

figures and symbols used in PK 485

have proper place in three angels’ messages 7BC 971

help to interpret those of Revelation 7BC 949

Jewish leaders failed to study GC 313

misinterpreted 2SM 111

need to be understood 7BC 949

opposition to investigation of PP 113

pictured Christ’s glorious reign DA 34

print, in small books TM 117; 8T 160

professed ministers say that, are obscure 3SG 95

re Babylon and other kingdoms 7T 161

re Christ 1SM 396

re Christ’s first advent were not rightly interpreted by all PK 700

re events at close of world’s history GC 341

relate to very time in which we live PK 547

should be printed with necessary explanations 8T 160

study, with those of book of Revelation PK 547

study of, special blessings accompany PK 547

study of book of Revelation directs mind to GC 341

successful preaching from Ev 197

time of Christ’s first advent revealed by DA 31

which Christ said should be understood DA 234

2. Miscellaneous

angel gave message in, to Daniel DA 234

better understanding of, need of 2SM 392

would give believers entirely different religious experience TM 114

book of Revelation and: are one 7BC 971

harmony between EW 231

should be bound together and published with necessary explanation TM 117

book of Revelation complements AA 585; TM 114

book of Revelation supplements 2SM 114

carries reader to last scenes of earth’s history TM 115

chapter 8 of, Daniel’s perplexity re prophecy of PK 554

chapter 9 of, rabbis discouraged study of GC 378

time foretold in, rabbis pronounced curse on all who tried to compute GC 378

chapter 10 of, contains light for those living in latter days SL 50

chapter 11 of, nearly fulfilled 9T 14

chapters 7 to 12 of, wonderful prophecies recorded in PK 547

Christ directed His disciples to study DA 234; GC 341

Christ’s statement re GC 341

demands special attention in last days PK 547-8

does not contain incomprehensible mysteries GC 341

erroneous idea that, is sealed to men TM 113

erroneous ideas re PK 547; TM 113

foretold chief events clustering about Christ’s lifework PK 698

foretold time of Christ’s first advent DA 98, 233-4; GC 313; PK 698

Gaussen (L.) studied GC 364-6

gives instruction re events at close of world’s history GC 341

God’s will plainly and strikingly presented in 6T 131

great need to search Ev 363

helps to understand book of Revelation EW 231

history of kingdoms represented in, study TM 112

is prophecy AA 585; 7BC 971

lessons in, that God’s people need to study and heed 6T 128

let, speak 6T 62; TM 118

light in, for last days TM 113

message in, to be understood in time of end DA 234

Miller (Wm.) studied, with intense interest GC 320

more attention than ever should be given to CW 65

much closer study of, is needed TM 112

mysteries in, children’s lips will be opened to proclaim TM 116

opened to: students by Christ 2SM 109

students of prophecy 2SM 109

Paul preached from AA 266

portrayal of rise and fall of nations in, lessons from PK 548

preaching from Ev 197, 204-5, 577

results of TM 116

uplift Christ as center of all hope in TM 118

presents: most important instruction GC 341

succession of events leading down to opening of the judgment GC 356

prophecy contained in, re last days AA 585

prophetic visions of, foretell period of moral darkness and declension 5T 9

prophetic writings of, sealed till time of end PK 547

publication of, with certain explanations TM 117

read book of Revelation in connection with TM 115, 337

rise and fall of nations made plain in PK 548

sanctuary truth brought out in Ev 223; LS 278

sealed portion of, related to last days AA 585; GC 356; 2SM 105

search, diligently Ev 363

short discourses needed on TM 337-8

Spirit will reveal truth from FE 473

students of, who will start into action forces that cannot be repressed TM 116

study 4BC 1166; TM 112

carefully GW 148; TM 114

in connection with book of Revelation Ed 191; PK 547; TM 116

study and use of CW 65; TM 112-8

subjects in, book of Revelation gives fuller light re TM 117

symbols in, use of illustrations depicting Ev 204-5

tells of events to occur in last days GC 341

things contained in, present TM 116

truth inspired by Spirit in, person who will bring forth TM 116

truth presented in, teachers need to prize more 6T 131

truths contained in, present FE 473

unsealed in book of Revelation TM 115

unsealed now 2SM 105

unsealed since 1798 GC 356

unsealing of 2SM 105

vision of chapter 7 of, given to Daniel shortly before fall of Babylon PK 553-4

vision of chapter 8 of: Gabriel gave Daniel partial explanation of PK 554, 698

given to Daniel before fall of Babylon and death of Belshazzar PK 556

threw further light on future events PK 554

visions contained in, that were sealed till latter days PK 547-8

was sealed 7BC 971

written 500 years before Christ’s birth DA 98