EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Taberah - Talebearing


Taberah, Israel at PP 379, 382

signifies “a burning” PP 379


abilities given certain ones for building OHC 43:4

(Battle Creek church), report of Christmas meetings in TDG 368

construction of, could have tempted to break Sabbath UL 124:2

human, God desires to write His law on every part of RC 165:2

instructions for handling, were strict PM 59:2

perfect like heavenly, so must our characters be HP 154:5

perfection taught in instructions for building HP 154:2

portable, recommended for city evangelism Ev 76

temple in heaven a pattern for FLB 194:2

temporary, used in Israel before erection of sanctuary PP 327; 3SG 287

set up by David for ark of covenant PP 708; 4aSG 113; SR 193

true, Christ is minister of TMK 74:3

work assigned to each man in building and moving TMK 323:2

See also Sanctuary; Temple

Tabernacle of God

Tabernacle of God, with men in new earth DA 26; GC 676; SR 431

Tabernacles, Feast of

Tabernacles, Feast of DA 447-54; PP 540-2

all men of Israel required to attend DA 75, 447; Ed 42; PP 311, 537, 540; 3T 395

appointed for social intercourse and worship Ed 41-2

book of the law rehearsed during, every seven years PK 465

called also: feast of harvest PP 541

feast of ingathering PP 540

harvest festival Ed 42

harvest thanksgiving DA 448

celebrated ingathering of fruits of earth PP 541

celebration of: at Shiloh Ed 42; PP 537

fifteen centuries before Christ’s time DA 291

in time of Nehemiah and Ezra PK 665

in Zerubbabel’s time PK 559-60

ceremonies of DA 448-9; PP 412

chants of Levites during DA 463

choir of Levites sang during DA 448; PP 412

Christ questioned by Jewish rulers during DA 455-9

Christ’s attendance at DA 447-75, 485; MH 86-9; PP 412

three years after His ministry began DA 467

Christ’s brothers at DA 451-2

Christ’s discourse on “Light of life” during DA 463-75

Christ’s discourses in temple court during DA 452-3, 463

closing gathering of year DA 447

commemorated: Israel’s pilgrim life in wilderness DA 448; PK 665; PP 540-2

God’s protecting care in wilderness DA 448; PP 541-2

crowning festal gathering of year PP 540

eighth day of, holy convocation on PP 540

festive dances during DA 463

first day of, holy convocation on PP 540

first fruits presented on PP 311, 540

God’s people today would be benefited by PP 540-1

God’s purpose for, most of Jewish leaders lost sight of DA 447

great day of, Christ’s discourse on DA 453-4; PP 412

commemorated water flowing from rock DA 448-9, 454

hospitality shown during COL 220-1; Ed 42-3; MH 281, 353; PP 530, 540

Israelite boys were required to attend, when twelve years old DA 75

Israelites’ homes divinely protected during PP 537

Jerusalem appeared as beautiful forest during DA 448

last day of, Christ’s discourse on DA 459; PP 412

plot to arrest Christ on DA 459-60

services of, of peculiar solemnity TMK 105:2

law re, Christ gave DA 291

lessons from PP 541-2

lighting of lamps at DA 463

Messianic hope illustrated during DA 463

music and song during DA 448-9, 453, 463; PP 412

not celebrated during captivity DA 447

offerings brought to, from orchard and field DA 448; Ed 42; PP 540

one of three annual feasts DA 75; Ed 42; MH 281; PP 537

opportunities for outdoor recreation and social life during Ed 42; MH 281; PP 530, 540-1

people from many lands attended DA 448, 451; PK 37; PP 540

perverted by Jews DA 447

pilgrimage to DA 452; Ed 42; MH 281

pre-eminently occasion of rejoicing PK 37; PP 540

Psalms 106 and 122 chanted or sung during DA 448-9

Roman army under Cestius besieged Jerusalem during GC 31

sacred memorial service held during Ed 42

special service of, commemorating pillar of light DA 463

sunrise at Jerusalem during DA 463-4

temple and court illuminated at night during DA 448, 463-4

thank offerings brought to DA 448; PP 311, 526, 530, 540

thousands of animals slain during DA 589

time of: after harvests were gathered in DA 447; PK 37; PP 540-1

after labors of harvest had ended PK 37; PP 540

eighth day was added to PP 540

from fifteenth to twenty-second day of seventh Jewish month PK 37, 665; PP 540

lasted seven days DA 448; MH 281; PP 412, 540

ripened glory of autumn Ed 42

Solomon’s temple dedicated at PK 37, 45

soon after Day of Atonement DA 448; PP 540, 542

typified final ingathering of fruits of earth PP 541-2

week of encampment in leafy booths during DA 291, 448; Ed 42; MH 281-2; PK 665; PP 540

welcomed with blasts of silver trumpets DA 448-9


Tabitha, name of, called “Dorcas” by interpretation SR 281

See also Dorcas

Table, Tables

Table, Tables, arrangement of, fashion’s baleful influence upon CD 258-9; CG 373

crowded with ornaments and pictures MH 367; 2SM 317-8

in God’s kingdom, person who would criticize 5T 690

in home, suggestions re AH 153

in wilderness, Christ can spread PK 242

God can spread CH 495; 6T 178

intemperance begins at 3T 563

laden with food, words that should be seen traced on MH 206

man who had been serving 4T 356

of shewbread See Shewbread

school, influence of expensive linen and articles for TM 179

set, in order and on time CG 125

setting of, is duty of moral importance 3T 80

should be more simple CD 258-9; CG 373

silver, many miles in length in City of God EW 19; 2SG 55; 1T 69

sit down daily at God’s 4T 560

students’ conduct at 6T 173-4

temperance must begin at 3T 562


order in coming to, especially on Sabbath 3SM 257:4

sitting with Christ at His, after following Him on earth TDG 202:2

Table, Tables

Table, Tables, of stone, law on See Ten Commandments

names of 144,000 engraved in letters of gold on 2SG 55; 1T 69

of testimony See Ten Commandments

Tablet, Tablets

Tablet, Tablets, memorial, Israel was to spread God’s law upon PK 464-5

soul’s, Spirit writes precepts of God’s word on 5T 705

Table talk

Table talk, Christ controlled, at feasts WM 287

Tabor, Mt.

Tabor, Mt., Barak marched his army to 2BC 1002

plain of, Saul in PP 610


Taborites, of Bohemia, Hussites as GC 119

Tabret, Tabrets

Tabret, Tabrets, music of, band of prophets played PP 610


Tacitus, Roman historian, quoted AA 419-20


Tact, born of divine love, Christ used DA 184

Paul used, at Athens Ed 67; SR 312

born of love, needed in church 5T 349

characterizes consecrated Christian life PP 667

Christ carried, into His work DA 73

Christ sought with, to find key to Samaritan woman’s heart DA 184

church members should cultivate, given them by God CD 269; MM 267

colporteur work requires 4T 389, 603

common work calls for FE 316

cultivation of soil requires TM 243

Daniel was perfect in his PK 546

delicate, gospel work for youth requires GW 207

divine, truth should be presented with DA 353; 6T 400

do not cultivate sharper’s, in business transactions 4T 540

does not come from natural man 3BC 1131

evangelism in city requires Ev 71

God calls for far more, in His work FE 306; SD 284

God can give, to His people COL 146

God gives, to His workers AA 275; Ev 686; MM 154

God is giver of 5T 481

gospel worker’s usefulness is increased hundredfold by GW 119

gospel workers must use, in their work 5T 577

gospel workers should learn to labor with FE 108

greatest, Christ exercised DA 353; GW 117; SC 12

illustrating sermon subjects calls for Ev 205

learn to labor with Ev 108

learned in colporteur work, fits men for other fields of usefulness CM 34; 5T 399

lessons in, learned in colporteur work CM 30, 34

men of, business managers should be 7T 247-8

management of SDA institutions calls for MM 164

meeting people where they are requires CD 284; MM 261

ministers must prosecute their work with TM 415

ministers should show, when visiting families Ev 437

ministers should work with TM 415

more, needed in gospel work Ev 126

most delicate, teaching requires Ed 292

mother needs, in child training CG 31

much, preparation of nourishing food calls for MM 270

needed in: dealing with children CSW 81; FE 262

efforts for God PK 65

God’s work 2SM 176; 5T 276

teaching children to economize AH 388

teaching health reform to others 9T 161

working for salvation of souls 4T 69

needed to: acquire means for God’s work CS 41

adapt yourself to opening providences of God 3T 25

develop minds of youth CT 180

hold large congregations 9T 109

interest your hearers Ev 178

often more beneficial than skillful med. treatment given in cold and indifferent way MH 244

Paul used, in letter to Philemon AA 456

in winning Jews to Christ Ev 141

preparing devices for illustrating truth calls for Ev 206

presenting truth to others calls for Ev 69, 228

put earnest and consecrated, into God’s work ChS 230

raising fruits and vegetables requires FE 322

results of failure to use, in colporteur work CM 34; 5T 399

spiritual, weakened by inactivity CS 124

students should learn Ed 222

success in temporal business requires 5T 276

successful minister must have GW 111; 3T 553

successful teacher must have CT 193

teacher must use, in dealing with minds Ed 278

that will not stand test in day of God 4T 540

train youth to do work with CH 315

true med. miss. work requires, in dealing with minds MM 209

use, in gaining something for God’s treasury TM 395

in using God’s money CS 290

worldly, becomes stronger by exercise CS 124

See also Discretion; Diplomacy; Prudence


account to give for, in judgment RC 168:3

cleanness of heart more valuable than Mar 63:6

gift for helping others and honoring Christ TDG 68:4

learned through the religion of Christ OHC 29:3

offer to help refused with, by Ellen White; about publishing books PM 208:3

one may have, in one area but another’s mind is needed 3SM 24:5

preaching in other churches requires PM 306:4


fragments linked by OHC 207:6

presented with, from a softened heart PM 307:1

using, to advance God’s cause Mar 183:5

See also Discernment; Discretion


Tactfulness, essential qualification of ministers GW 117-20

Paul used, in attacking idolatry in Athens AA 241

in presenting gospel to Corinthians AA 272

Tactful work

Tactful work, pastors should do AA 526; GW 185


Tadmor, in wilderness PK 71

Taggart, C. L.

Taggart, C. L. 2SM 202

Takoma Park, Md.

Takoma Park, Md., miss. work needed in and around Ev 397; LS 397

seems to have been specially prepared for SDA LS 397

SDA settling close to institutions in FE 494

See also Washington, D.C.

Tale, Tales

Tale, Tales, exciting, of villainy and murder injure minds of readers 4T 599

that are curse to reader CM 143

fairy See Fairy tale

familiar, warning of Christ’s soon coming is to many people as 5T 9

frivolous and exciting: are curse to readers CT 134; MH 445; MYP 272; 7T 165

destroy desire for useful employment CM 143

destroy desire to search Scriptures CM 143

destroy relish for Bible study 7T 165

lead reader to unreal life CM 143

unfit readers for practical duties CM 143; CT 134; 7T 165

idle: brought in as important truths 1SM 170

lead mind away from God 1T 125

parents would do better to burn 1T 135

Testimonies regarded by some believers as 2T 606

that are not worthy of attention CW 48

love for, destroys spirituality 1T 241

pleasing, do not convict sinners GW 155

reading of, that Satan uses MYP 271

that incite youth to evil MH 444-5

trashy and exciting, children should be taught to reject CT 137

See also Fiction; Novel

Talebearer, Talebearers

Talebearer, Talebearers, direct, to teachings of God’s word 5T 609-10

do devil’s work with surprising fidelity 3BC 1163; TM 505

how miserable is 5T 176

hurt their own religious experience 8T 83

in church, questions that should be asked of 5T 616-7

neglect their God-given work to criticize others 8T 83

sow seeds of discord in church 8T 83

stranger to true happiness 5T 176

See also Gossiper; News carrier


cause neighbors to lose Spirit of God UL 122:2

devil’s work done by; they should examine own hearts TMK 184:4

leave alone the UL 363:6

sin of, many defiled by UL 122:3


Talebearing, among church members, warning against 7T 260; TM 504-5

faith of many people undermined by 4T 195

God’s law forbids PP 309

separates soul from God 2T 185

spirit of, used by Satan to sow discord and strife 4T 195

what Satan knows about 2T 185

See also Evilspeaking; Gossip