EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Sabbath (Part 1 of 2)


Sabbath DA 281-9; Ed 250-2; PK 179-87; TM 131-41

1. Origin of

2. In patriarchal times

3. In Israel (in Egypt)

4. In Israel (during wilderness sojourn)

5. In Israel (miscellaneous)

6. In Israel (during Babylonian captivity)

7. In Israel (following return from Babylonian captivity)

8. In New Testament times

9. After New Testament times

10. In future (before second advent)

11. In world to come

12. Change of

13. Clothing worn on

14. Commandment re

15. Diet on

16. False (spurious)

17. God’s mark

18. God’s memorial

19. God’s sign (token)

20. Law of (or re)

21. Preparation for

22. Use of

23. Miscellaneous


1. Origin of

as old as world itself GC 455; PP 336

Christ instituted (made) DA 281, 288, 472, 630; PK 183

dates from Eden MB 63

essential for man in Paradise PP 48

Father and Son rested on, at creation DA 769

first, of world’s history PP 47-8

God rested on EW 217; PP 47, 111; 4aSG 14; 4T 247

instituted: at creation 7BC 979; CG 533; DA 206, 281, 283, 769; Ed 250; EW 217; FE 375; GC 437-8, 453, 455; LS 96; ML 140; PK 180; PP 47, 111, 307, 336; 3SG 90-1, 295; 4aSG 14; SL 74; 1SM 222; SR 145; 1T 76; 2T 582-3; 4T 247; 7T 105; 8T 197; 9T 94; TM 136

at close of creation week EW 217; PP 111; 9T 94

before man sinned EW 217

in Eden 5BC 1094; 7BC 955; Ed 250; EW 217; FE 287; GC 438; MM 215; PP 48, 80, 336; SR 145; 7T 105; 9T 94, 212

when God made world in six days and rested on seventh 2T 582-3

institution of, God’s joy at 6T 349

heaven and earth filled with rejoicing at DA 769; 6T 349; 7T 105; 8T 197

made after creation of man, to meet his necessities 2T 582

made known to man in Eden DA 283

sanctified (hallowed) at creation DA 281, 283; EW 217; GC 453; 4T 247

as day of rest for man PP 47, 111; SR 330

as God’s day of His rest 7BC 910

sense in which God rested on PP 47

set apart by God as day: for sacred meditation 3SG 254

for worship of God CH 577; CS 66; 3SG 254; 1SM 222

sanctified to Himself 4T 147

to be kept in honor of His name EW 33; LS 101

2. In patriarchal times

Abraham kept GC 453

Adam and Eve kept, after they sinned GC 453; PP 80; 3SG 52

before they sinned EW 217; GC 453; PP 80; 3SG 52

Adam and Eve were given 8T 197

as day of rest DA 281

all of Adam’s children remaining loyal to God honored PP 80-1; 3SG 53

all patriarchs kept GC 453; PP 336

Cain and his descendants: chose their own time for rest instead of observing PP 81; 3SG 53

did not respect PP 81; 3SG 53

committed to Adam as father and representative of mankind PP 48

Jacob kept GC 453

made known to man in Eden DA 283

man needed, in Paradise PP 48; TM 136

Noah kept GC 453

one class of antediluvians revered 3SG 53

patriarchs from Abel to Noah kept GC 453

3. In Israel (in Egypt)

brought prominently before Israel PK 180

Israelites generally disregarded PP 258

Israelites lost knowledge of sacredness of, to great extent PP 336

Israelites observing, persecuted in Egypt PP 258-9

Moses instructed Israelites to keep PK 181; PP 258

taskmasters tried to force Israelites to labor on PK 180-1; PP 336

4. In Israel (during wilderness sojourn)

building sanctuary on, was forbidden 1BC 1108-9; PP 313-4

desecration of, death penalty for PP 408-9

embodied in law given from Mt. Sinai DA 283; PP 307-8

given to Israelites as perpetual covenant 6T 350

Israel kept, before arrival at Mt. Sinai DA 283; PP 295-7

Israelites had knowledge of, before coming to Sinai DA 283

Israelites were brought out of Egypt in order that they might keep 7BC 984; FE 287

Israelites were constantly reminded of obligation to keep PK 181; PP 311

by miracle of manna PK 181; PP 294-7, 409; 3SG 253-5; SR 129-31

kindling of fire on, forbidden PP 409

Moses called up into cloud on Mt. Sinai on PP 313

Moses was shown Christian world trampling, underfoot PP 477

neglect of PP 409-10

not instituted when law was given at Sinai DA 283; PP 296, 307, 336

not introduced as new institution at Sinai PP 307

offerings for, presented at sanctuary PP 352

profanation of, reproved DA 283; PP 296-7

sacredness of, shown and taught in giving of manna PP 296; 3SG 252-5; SR 130-1

shewbread in sanctuary was renewed every PP 348, 354

third time observance of, was enjoined upon Israelites PP 313

violation of, death penalty for PP 409; 1T 533

willful, man stoned to death for PP 408-10

5. In Israel (miscellaneous)

converts from heathenism were to keep PK 372

Israelites distinguished by: as worshipers of God DA 283

from idolaters 6T 349

from surrounding nations DA 283; 8T 198

Judah’s profanation of, before Babylonian captivity PK 182, 411-2

kept ever since Exodus GC 453

no idolatry would have existed in Israel if, had been properly kept PK 182

6. In Israel (during Babylonian captivity)

some faithful Israelites lost their lives because they refused to disregard DA 28

7. In Israel (following return from Babylonian captivity)

buying and selling on, Nehemiah forbade PK 671-3

desecration of: in Nehemiah’s time PK 182-3, 671-3

Nehemiah fearlessly rebuked PK 671

pledge to refrain from PK 667

disregard of, Jews’ intercourse with idolaters resulted in PK 671

Jerusalem’s gates closed during PK 671-2

trading on, Jews bound by covenant not to engage in PK 667

violation of, Nehemiah’s efforts to prevent PK 671-3

8. In New Testament times

beginning of, marked by sounding of trumpets DA 774

binding claims of, Christ emphasized PK 183

blind man healed by Christ on DA 470-5

bodies of Christ and thieves removed from crosses before DA 771

care of animals on, by Jews DA 286

Christ and disciples walked amid nature on Ed 251

Christ appeared on, to John on Patmos AA 581; 7BC 955

Christ attended synagogue on DA 74, 236-40, 253

accompanied by disciples DA 253-6, 284; Ed 251

Christ came to free, from burdensome requirements of Jews DA 206

Christ did not abolish DA 287, 630

Christ honored DA 287

in healing the sick DA 207

Christ kept, according to God’s law DA 284; PK 183

Christ led disciples out by lakeside on CG 534

Christ linked His teaching with COL 26

Christ often called upon to read from prophets on, in His youth DA 74

Christ rested in tomb during 5BC 1113-4; DA 769, 774; GC 346

after accomplishing work of redemption DA 769

Christ spent, at Bethany DA 557

Christ was rejected on, at Nazareth DA 236

Christ’s disciples rested on, while He lay in tomb EW 181

Christ’s miracles on, were for relief of the afflicted DA 538

Christ’s regard for PK 183

Christ’s sermons on, not always preached in buildings CG 534

Christ’s teachings re DA 281-9

Christians were to pray that their flight might not be on DA 630

demoniac healed by Christ on, at synagogue in Capernaum DA 253-6

desecration of: by Jewish nation TM 75

Christ acquitted His disciples of charge of DA 285

Christ refused to plead guilty to charge of DA 211

Christ was accused of DA 284

Christ was arraigned before Sanhedrin on charge of DA 204-13

Christ was not accused of, at His trial before crucifixion DA 705

Christ’s disciples accused of DA 284

Jewish leaders were defeated in charging Christ with DA 395

faithful women watched for passing of, while Christ lay in tomb DA 788

Jew was not allowed to: kindle fire on DA 204

light candle on DA 204

Jews accused: Christ of breaking DA 204-6, 286-7, 471-4

Christ’s disciples of breaking DA 284-7

Jews caused, to be regarded in false light GC 52; PK 183

Jews hedged in, by senseless restrictions DA 204

Jews loaded down, with rigorous exactions GC 52

Jews made observance of, burdensome GC 52; 2SM 319

Jews’ senseless restrictions re, Christ swept away DA 287

Jews’ traditional requirements re, Christ set aside DA 450

Jewish leaders held council on, re Christ’s body DA 777-8

Jewish leaders surrounded, with burdensome requirements DA 284

Jewish perversion of observance of PK 183

Jewish requirements made, curse instead of blessing DA 206

Jewish restrictions re, how Christ opened way to denounce DA 206

John observed, on Patmos AA 581; 7BC 955; SL 74

lame man healed by Christ on, at pool of Bethesda DA 201-13; MH 81-4

man with withered hand healed by Christ on DA 286-8

multitudes went to temple for worship on DA 201

never-to-be-forgotten, when Christ rested in tomb DA 774

Nicodemus had opportunity for reflection on, while Christ lay in tomb DA 775

not delight to Jews DA 204

object of, Jewish leaders had mistaken DA 285

priests’ work in temple was in harmony with DA 285

Paul and companions spent, at Philippi AA 212

Paul preached in synagogue of Antioch in Pisidia on AA 170-3

perversion of observance of, by Jews DA 204, 284; PK 183

Peter’s mother-in-law healed by Christ on DA 259; MH 29

Pharisees accused Christ of breaking 1SM 314

Pharisees reproved healed lame man for carrying bed on DA 203

plucking of grain on, by Christ’s disciples DA 284-6; PP 531

priests could rest little on, while Christ was in tomb DA 777

priests in temple performed greater labor on, than other days DA 285

purpose of, Christ’s purpose in parable teaching was in direct line with COL 25

rabbis forbade healing on DA 259

rabbinical requirements re, Christ did not conform to DA 284; PK 183

reverence for, Christ showed PK 183

rite of circumcision performed on, by Jews DA 456

Satan had worked to pervert, among Jews DA 283

significance of, how Jews had lost DA 283

still sacred when Jerusalem was destroyed DA 630

tells of peace restored through Christ DA 289

temple courts filled with worshipers on, while Christ lay in tomb DA 774

three successive, Paul preached to Thessalonians on AA 229

two successive, Paul’s ministry at Antioch in Pisidia on AA 171-3

wall of tradition and requirements that barricaded, Christ broke down DA 286

9. After New Testament times

all Christians kept, in first centuries GC 52-3; SR 329

Armenians of Asia observed GC 63

church councils pressed, lower and lower GC 53; SR 329-30

churches in central Africa observed GC 63, 577-8

churches of Ethiopia kept GC 577-8

contempt shown for, as Jewish institution GC 52-3

declared accursed SR 330

divine authority of, papal council in sixteenth century publicly confessed GC 577

evangelist on island of Iona observed GC 62

heathen festival exalted in place of GC 52-3

honored by some Protestant Reformers SR 353-4

kept after Constantine issued his Sunday law SR 329

made day of fasting to show hatred of Judaism GC 52-3

man of sin trampled, in dust 2SM 105

underfoot GC 453

object of special attack during Christian dispensation PK 183-4

observance of, declared to be accursed GC 53

observed after Sundaykeeping started GC 52

observer of, denounced in strongest language GC 65

papacy attempted to substitute spurious sabbath in place of ChS 155

papacy exalted Sunday in place of Ev 225; TM 140

papacy forced churches of Africa to set aside GC 578

papacy made, a nonentity Ev 225

profanation of, papal leaders demanded GC 65

prohibited by edict in Ethiopia GC 577-8

pronounced relic of Judaism GC 53; SR 330

Protestants have exalted Sunday above FE 288

re-established in churches of Africa GC 578

religious world has trampled, beneath unholy feet ChS 155

Roman Church observed, before her complete apostasy GC 578

Roman Church’s efforts to exalt Sunday instead of GC 51-3

Roman Church’s enmity toward, and its defenders GC 574, 578

Roman Church’s hatred for GC 65

some Christians observed GC 63; SR 335

in every age EW 216; GC 61

while keeping Sunday GC 52-3, 65, 574; SR 329

some Waldenses kept GC 65, 577

Sunday united with portion of, in England GC 576-7

in Scotland GC 577

truth re, spread from island of Iona GC 62

10. In future (before second advent)

advocates of Bible, oppressive enactments will be resorted to for oppressing 5T 450-1

death decree will require God’s people to give up, or lose their lives EW 282-3; 1T 353-4

desecrators of, effects of seven last plagues upon EW 65-6

God’s people will be honored for keeping, in time of trouble LS 103

great point at issue in final conflict will be 7BC 983

great test of loyalty to God will be GC 605

law against, there will be 7BC 910

man of sin will oppress those who keep TM 118

men in responsible positions will ignore and despise ChS 155

many people will embrace, on hearing third angel’s message 1T 77

observers of: people will be aroused by false charges against GC 590

Sunday party is strengthening itself to oppress 2SM 359

will be accused as troublers of people GC 590

people who hallow, wrath of man will be aroused especially against PK 512

people who honor: will be charged with bringing God’s judgments upon earth GC 592

will be denounced as causing anarchy GC 592

will be denounced as enemies of law and order GC 592

persons trampling on, seven last plagues will fall on EW 65

proclaimed more fully: at commencement of time of trouble EW 33, 85; LS 101

under outpouring of Spirit EW 33, 85

seventh-day, great issue is coming re 4BC 1163

substitution of Sunday in place of, last act in drama will be 7T 141

Sunday law will trample, underfoot 5T 137

wicked men will try to compel God’s people to profane GC 640

11. In world to come

redeemed will assemble in sanctuary from Sabbath to 6T 368

redeemed will observe EW 217; 6T 368

as day of rest and rejoicing DA 769-70

as God’s holy rest day in new earth DA 283

through all eternity EW 217

12. Change of GC 52-4

argument that Christ made GC 447

authority of church fathers claimed for GC 448

authority of tradition claimed for GC 448

basis of, Christ’s resurrection on Sunday falsely set forth as EW 216-7

breach made in God’s law by, repaired in time of the end PK 678

Christ did not make GC 447

devils impersonating the dead will sanction EW 87

doctrine that Christ made, Satan instigated EW 216

efforts made to effect GC 52-4

Eusebius of Caesarea quoted re GC 574

for spurious sabbath 2SM 105

fulfills prophecy GC 446

God has not made EW 33, 255; GC 455; LS 101; PK 184-5

man of sin instigated 4BC 1169; 7BC 910, 979, 984-5; GC 446; LS 96; PK 179-80; 1T 76; 6T 265; TM 140

mark (sign) of Roman Church’s authority is Ev 234-5; GC 448; SR 383

no evidence found in favor of GC 434-5

no Scripture authority for GC 447

not attempted openly at first SR 329

papacy authorized GC 446

papacy made 4BC 1169; GC 446-7

papacy made breach in God’s law by GC 453

papal power made GC 452; TM 140

papal power took seal from God’s law by GC 452

pope exalted himself above God by EW 65; GC 446

pope made, from seventh to first day of week EW 33, 65; GC 446; LS 101

Protestants generally admit Bible gives no authority for GC 447

Roman Catholic Church made TM 140

Roman Catholics acknowledge that papacy made GC 447-8, 577

Satan instigated EW 216; GC 52-3; PK 179-84; PP 336; 1T 342; 7T 105; 9T 229

Satan will appear as false christ claiming to have authorized GC 624

Satan’s objectives in 7BC 975; EW 215-6; GC 53-4; PK 183-4; PP 336; 9T 229

Satan’s plan for making EW 215-7; TM 472-3

Scriptures record no SR 380

seal taken from God’s law by GC 452

unconsecrated church leaders used by Satan to make GC 52-4

13. Clothing worn on MYP 349; 6T 355

at church services 6T 355

be careful re, for worship before God 1T 275

boots and shoes for, should not be blacked and brushed on the day CG 528; 6T 355

farmers’ 2SM 474-5

proper, poor believers should be helped in obtaining 2SM 475

sacred regard for the day should be shown by 2SM 476

should be neat, well-fitting, and comely 2SM 474-5; 6T 355

without adornment 6T 355

should not be: dusty and soiled CG 428

that worn throughout week CG 428; 2SM 474-5; 6T 355

should not conform to worldly fashions 6T 355

should not have gaping rents CG 428

special suit needed for, at church services 6T 355

women’s 2SM 475

See also Clothing

14. Commandment re PP 307-8

all Christians should regard PP 296

as binding as other nine precepts of God’s law FE 287

as firmly established as God’s throne SL 68

Christ gave MM 49

contains God’s seal GC 452; PP 307

declares God to be Creator of heavens and earth GC 452

distinguishes Creator from all false gods GC 53-4

greatest commandment in Decalogue EW 65

halo seen around EW 255; LS 95-6, 101

mass of Christians trample underfoot 1T 342

not changed by God EW 33

not nailed to cross EW 33; LS 101

obedience to, people must plainly hear importance of Ev 232

requires sacrifice GC 454

object of special attack PK 183

only precept of Decalogue that: contains God’s seal GC 452; PP 307; 6T 350

contains Lawgiver’s name and title GC 452; PP 307

points men unmistakably to true and living God GC 53; PP 113

shows authority by which law was given PP 307

tells who God is SD 59

professed Christians who despise TM 266

regard for, worshipers of God especially distinguished by GC 446

reveals Creator of heavens and earth GC 53-4

Satan’s efforts especially directed against GC 54; PP 113

seen with halo around it EW 32-3, 255

shows God’s claim to reverence and worship above all others GC 452

test for this time 7BC 920

third angel’s message calls for presentation of Ev 184

torn down by Satan 1T 342

well-nigh universal disregard of PK 186

why majority refuse to obey GC 454

See also Ten Commandments

15. Diet on CH 577; MH 307-8; 3SG 253-4; 6T 357

cooking should be avoided MH 307; 6T 355

eat less food MH 307; 6T 357

because you are less active then 3SG 254

eating cold food is not necessary MH 307; 6T 357

food prepared on Friday may be heated MH 307; 6T 357

food should be more simple MH 307; 3SG 254; 6T 357

gluttony, warning against 3SG 254

greater variety of food should not be provided MH 307; 6T 357

meals should be simple, palatable, and attractive MH 307; 6T 357

more liberal supply of food should not be provided MH 307; 6T 357

overeating on, causes many to dishonor God 6T 357

harmful effects of CH 577; MH 307; 2T 374, 414

persons sick and suffering need warm food and drinks on 3SG 254

same amount of food should not be eaten as on working day CH 577

san. patients must be fed 7T 122

san. workers must be fed 7T 122

sanitariums should provide meals with as little labor as possible 7T 122

something should be provided as treat 6T 357

16. False (spurious)

America will help to compel men to observe 6T 18

baptized child of papacy TM 140

basis of, Protestants urge Christ’s resurrection on Sunday as GC 54

bears: name of its author 6T 352

no sanctity 6T 18

signature of man of sin 2SM 385

effort to exalt 2SM 385

enemy thought to change times and laws by setting up PK 184

exalted in place of true PP 477; 1SM 222; 2SM 106, 375

first day of week is PK 184

forcing men to accept, results of 8T 94

given to world by Babylon 2SM 118

God’s enemies seek to exalt FE 201

handed down by heathen and papists EW 255-6

idol, make no compromise with keepers of 2SM 385

set up by Protestant world in place of true 2SM 359

ineffaceable mark of Satan’s authority borne by 6T 352

institution of Rome 9T 16

man has no right or power to substitute Sunday as CS 66

man of sin set up 7BC 984-5; PK 179-80

observance of, as avowal of allegiance to power in opposition to God GC 605

will be urged upon God’s people PK 188

observance of Sunday as, origin of GC 54

Protestant churches have accepted 6T 193

Protestants have accepted FE 288

revered all through religious world ChS 155

Roman Catholic Church will compel men to observe 6T 18

Satan instituted 7T 105

seventh-day Sabbath exchanged for 2SM 105

stands in place of God’s memorial before whole world 6T 18

Sunday as, Satan’s plan to transfer sanctity of true Sabbath to PK 184

See also Sunday

17. God’s mark

must not be obliterated 7T 121

of distinction between: God’s people and world 7BC 949; Ev 233

people who serve God and those who do not 7BC 981

the obedient and the disobedient 7BC 970

of His authority 6T 352

of obedience to Him 7BC 981

on His commandment-keeping people MM 121

placed on God’s people 7BC 969, 981

showing who are His subjects 1T 287; 6T 352; 7T 121

18. God’s memorial

exalt WM 32

false and satanic heresies lead men to trample on TM 62

false sabbath exalted in place of 7BC 984-5; 6T 18

God’s people must restore GC 452

importance of GC 437-8

made sacred at creation MM 215

man of sin has removed 7BC 984-5; 6T 265

men have torn down Ev 225; 6T 18

must be kept holy Ev 233; 7T 107

needs to be kept before people Ev 213

of Christ’s creative power COL 25

of creation 1BC 1109; 7BC 976, 979; DA 281, 288; Ev 239; GC 54; PK 678; PP 47-8, 307; 7T 107; 8T 117, 197

importance of GC 437-8

of Creator’s work PP 307

of fact that He is Creator GC 438

of His creative power Ed 251; PK 372; PP 336

of His creative works CG 55; EW 217; GC 437-8, 446, 452; PK 180, 678; PP 47-8, 336; 2SM 384; 6T 266

of His love and power 7T 109

of living God Ev 233; 2SM 106

of work of creation DA 281, 288; GC 54

pointing men to Him as Creator PP 307, 336; TM 137

Satan has aimed to tear down PP 336; 2SM 385

Satan’s efforts to remove 4BC 1172; PK 183; PP 336

set apart by Christ DA 288

seventh day is PK 183; SD 59; 6T 265

spurious sabbath given in place of 2SM 106

torn down 6T 18

trodden down by unholy feet ML 224

wicked men will try to tear down 2SM 55

wicked people distinguished by efforts to tear down 9T 16

will endure through eternal ages 2SM 107

worshipers of beast distinguished by efforts to tear down GC 446

19. God’s sign (token) TM 131-41

all who love God will bear 6T 265

between Him and His people (subjects) 4BC 1168; 7BC 949; DA 283; Ev 235; PK 179, 182, 184; PP 313; 3SG 267; SR 141; 6T 350, 353; 7T 105, 109, 122; 8T 117, 198, 210; 9T 16-8, 94; TM 134

distinguishing: His commandment-keeping people 2SM 160

His loyal subjects from transgressors 6T 350

His people from world 2SM 369; 7T 105

Israel when they left Egypt to go to Canaan 6T 349

Israelites as worshipers of true God PK 671

people coming out of world to enter heavenly rest 6T 349

people who serve God from those who do not 7T 108; 9T 251

the obedient from the disobedient 2SM 385; 7T 105

do not be ashamed to bear 7T 105

importance of GC 438

John regarded, as sign that God was his 7BC 955

John was shown people bearing Ev 233

must be: borne by persons accepting truth 8T 196

kept before world 2SM 384

of Christ’s creative power DA 288-9

of Christ’s power DA 283-4

to make men holy DA 288

of Christ’s redeeming power DA 289

of Christ’s sanctifying power DA 288

of creation GC 438

of Creator’s power DA 283

of fact that He is Creator GC 438

of Him as Creator 6T 350

of Him as Sanctifier 6T 350

of His authority GC 449, 452

of His creating world 6T 265

of His creative power Ed 250; GC 446; 6T 350; 9T 16

of His government MM 123; 6T 350

we must not dishonor MM 123

of His love DA 281

of His power DA 281, 283

as long as heavens and earth endure DA 283

of His redeeming power Ed 250

of His rightful authority over beings He has made SR 383

of His work in creating world 6T 265

of loyalty to God 7BC 981; GC 438; 8T 94; TM 131-41

of man’s allegiance to Him PP 307

of obedience 6BC 1075; 7BC 981; 6T 350; TM 134

of relationship existing between God and His people 6T 349-50; 8T 198

of sanctification CH 223; 6T 350, 353; 7T 107, 144-5

to people who keep it holy 6T 350

of SDA order 7T 104-9

people who bear, are to establish churches as memorials to Him 7T 105

Satan works that, may be lost sight of 7T 105

showing that: He is God of His people PK 182

He recognizes people who keep it as His chosen people 6T 350

He sanctifies His people PK 179, 182; PP 313; 6T 353, 361; 7T 105; 8T 210; 9T 17-8; TM 134-5

its observers are His obedient subjects 8T 198

its observers honor His law 6T 349-50

its observers worship Creator 3SG 267; SR 141

showing who are God’s people 7T 121

20. Law of (or re) CS 66; PP 307-8

Christ arraigned before Sanhedrin on charge of breaking DA 211

Christ’s work of healing was in harmony with DA 456-7

connecting link between God and man SR 141

embodied in law given at Mt. Sinai DA 283; PP 306-8

form of expression employed in PP 525

given to test men’s loyalty 1BC 1106

is of imperishable obligation DA 283

NT does not re-enact CS 66

partial observance of, has worse effect on sinners than no observance 4T 248

not accepted by God 4T 248

preserved by miracle during 40 years of Israel’s wanderings 1BC 1102

referred to in Matt. 5:18 DA 283

secular labor on God’s rest day is forbidden by DA 207

validity of, assumed in NT CS 66

work of relieving the afflicted is in harmony with DA 206

work on Sabbath that is in harmony with DA 285

See also Ten Commandments

21. Preparation for PP 296; 3SG 253-4; 6T 353-6

believers should put away their differences in 6T 356

children should be told how to make 6T 356

children should share in making 6T 356

employees to be given time for 6T 356

Friday as day of CG 528; PP 296; 3SG 253-4; 2T 702-3; 6T 354-5

baths should be taken on CG 528; 6T 355

boots and shoes should be blacked on CG 528; 6T 355

children’s clothing should be readied on CG 528

clothing should be in readiness on CG 528; 6T 355

cooking should be done on 6T 355

employers should let workers off at noon on 6T 356

mending of clothes should be done on CG 528

preparation of food on SR 130; 6T 355

secular work should be laid aside before sunset on 6T 355

Friday’s work should be planned with reference to TM 272

lesson re, from giving of manna 6T 355

must be kept in view all through week CG 527; ML 287; 2T 702; 6T 353-4

physician’s duty re MM 50

reform needed re, in home 6T 356

should be completed on Friday CSW 170; 6T 355

should begin in home 6T 354

22. Use of

acquaint yourself with God on, through His works Ed 251

acts of mercy are: in perfect harmony with intent of DA 207

permitted on PP 307

acts of necessity are permitted on PP 307

acts on, be careful re 2T 702-3

allow no business to encroach upon PP 296

be always ready to: help persons in need on 6T 360

relieve suffering on 6T 360

be careful not to exhaust your energies during week so as to be too weary on 6T 354

better to lose employment than to refuse to keep Ev 243

blessing pronounced upon: persons who faithfully keep EW 34

persons who honor GC 451

building place of worship should not be done on 1BC 1108-9; PP 314

business matters should not be discussed on Ev 245; PP 307; 6T 360

business problems and Ev 242

business should be conducted so that you will not be exhausted on CG 530

business transactions should not divert your mind from 2T 583

can be made delight to children ML 287

care for the sick and suffering on PP 296, 307

center your thoughts on God and heaven during CG 529

children should be: educated to reverence ML 287

provided treat to eat on MH 308

taken for walk in fields and groves on 6T 358

taken for walk out of doors on 2T 584; 6T 358

taken out into nature on 2T 583-4

taught how to keep, by precept and example 6T 359

taught not to break AH 320

children should dress quietly on CG 528

children should not be: allowed to play on CG 533

allowed to roam streets for amusement on 5T 36-7

led to think that they are not to be happy on CG 533-4

left to do as they please on 6T 358

told that it is wrong to walk out of doors on CG 533-4

children should spend some time out of doors on 2T 583

children violate, who play on it CG 533

Christian world tramples, underfoot 1T 223

Christian world trampling underfoot, Moses was shown PP 477

Christianity is not to be paraded merely on 4T 494

circumstances will not justify work on, for worldly profit 4T 251

closing of SDA restaurants on, witness of MM 306

clothes should not be mended on CG 528; 6T 355

comfort the sorrowing on WM 77

comforting the sorrowing on, honors the day ML 231

conversation on, be careful re 2T 702-3

should be restricted to religious themes 2T 704

conversation on common or worldly topics is improper on 2T 703; 6T 360

desecrated by hurrying, jostling, and impatience 6T 357

desecration of: by school studies 4T 114-6

conversation that is 2T 703

declare what God has said re DA 806

let there be no MM 215

love of worldly gain leads to 4T 147

ministers should reprove 2T 704

robs God of His holy time EW 65

devote: to God’s service CG 527-37

to healthful rest DA 207

to holy deeds DA 207

to improvement of your spiritual condition 4T 249

to rest from labor 4T 249

to worship DA 207; 4T 249

devotion to God on, ministers should encourage 2T 704

devotional feelings on, persons who lack 3SG 254

do not crowd into, work that should be done before 3SG 293

do not devote, regularly to writing CH 368; 4T 539

do not disregard, for worldly gain MM 306

to please people MM 306

do not do on, work that can be done on six working days 2T 702-3

do not give, to pleasure seeking 6T 355

to worldly employment 6T 355

do not occasionally use, for secular business 4T 249

do not use, for your own purposes 4T 114

do not work in any manner for livelihood on 2T 702

doing secular business occasionally on, is entire rejection of it 4T 249

duty pertaining to six working days must not be left for 6T 354

edges (borders) of: jealously guard 6T 356

warning against infringement upon 4T 247

warning against working on 1T 150

employ, in contemplation of God’s works TM 137

every, God’s people do not need sermon on Ev 348

every energy of soul should be awake on 6T 362

exalt, to its rightful position as God’s rest day GC 452; 6T 352

excuses given for not keeping, sufficient answer to Ev 240

which Satan suggests Ev 242

failure to practice self-denial on, many believers err by 3SG 254

fanaticism re, warning against 1T 420

fate of persons who once kept, and gave it up EW 37

fate of persons who reject, after receiving full light upon it 1SM 66

few hours on, abiding principle of truth is not merely for 5T 547

God does not wish men to suffer pain on DA 207

God requires men to devote, to Him CSW 170

God’s example in resting on, follow DA 207; PP 47

God’s law violated by trampling on FE 475

God’s people leave their usual employment on DA 207

God’s people were to observe, throughout all generations 7BC 979

great blessings promised to persons who highly esteem 2T 702

hands should rest from worldly employment on CG 527-37; ML 287

hours of, should not be wasted in bed 6T 357

how parents can make, interesting to children 2T 583-5

infringing a little upon, warning against 1T 532

keep: even when way does not appear clear Ev 242-3