EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Sabbath (Part 2 of 2)

free from secular labor TM 136

in commemoration of God’s rest PP 111

in harvesttime 3SG 292-3

inviolate 4T 252

pure and holy MM 215

kindling fire on, severity of climate makes necessary PP 409

labor for profit is not lawful on DA 207

lawful acts performed on, by persons in God’s service DA 285

laying plans on, avoid PP 307

let your works show that you keep, inviolate 4T 252

life’s necessities must be attended to on DA 207

make: delight to children 5T 320

interesting to your family 2T 585

most interesting day of week at home 2T 584

most joyful day of week 6T 359

sweetest and most blessed day of week CG 532; ML 287

man has work to do on DA 207

man is brought into communion with Creator by DA 281

man must be holy in order to keep, holy DA 283

man should worship God on 4T 247

man steals holy time when he works on 4T 249

men do not honor God who regularly devote, to writing or labor 4T 539

men need not enclose themselves within walls on 2T 583

men need not shut themselves away from out-of-doors on 2T 583

men rob God when they unfit themselves for worship on CG 530

men who would violate God’s law by trampling on, do not vote for GW 391-2

many parents do not know: what children are doing on CG 533

where children are on CG 533

med. students should not continue their studies on CT 479; 5T 447-8

mere hearing of sermons on, that does not benefit us MH 514

mind should be disciplined to dwell on sacred themes on 2T 703

mind should not dwell on worldly things on PP 307; 2T 583

mind should not run freely on worldly business on 2T 703

miss. work on, by sanitarium workers WM 339

most favorable day of week for devotional thoughts and feelings 2T 704

nature study for children on ML 140; 6T 358

needs of suffering humanity must never be neglected on 7T 106

no man at liberty to spend, in unprofitable manner 2T 704

not a day for useless idleness 6T 361

not to be: kept merely as legal matter 6T 353

period of useless inactivity DA 207

spent in indolence TM 136-7

nurses should do no unnecessary work on MM 214

occupations of daily life should be left on DA 207

one hour of, be careful not to infringe upon 1T 532

do not rob God of 2T 702

opportunity provided by, for communion with God, nature, and one another Ed 251

opportunities of, invaluable as means of intellectual training Ed 251

ordinary med. treatments should not be given on, when they can be postponed MM 214; 7T 106

parents and children should study nature on CG 533

parents should give attention to children on ML 287

parents should make, blessing to themselves and to children ML 140

parents should read to children most attractive portions of Bible history on ML 287

parents should spend much time with children on 6T 358

parents should take care of children on CG 533

parents who let children violate, are guilty also CG 533

people who love God should make, a delight, holy and honorable 2T 584

people who refuse to keep, will know that death is reward of transgressor 3SG 53

person will not be held guiltless who neglects to relieve the suffering on DA 207

persons obliged to work on, always in peril CH 422

persons who have trodden underfoot, fate of EW 37

persons who refrain from work on, may claim divine comfort and consolation MM 215

persons who sleep much on, God is displeased with 2T 704

physician’s duty to properly prepare for MM 50

physician’s right to relieve suffering on MM 50

physician’s travel on, that is not desecration of the day MM 214-5

physician’s work that is not violation of CH 368

physicians frequently called to minister to the sick on CH 368; 4T 539

physicians have few opportunities for release from care on CT 472

physicians in danger of paying little regard to MM 160

physicians may be obliged to make, day of exhausting labor CH 368; 4T 539

physicians often called on, to minister to the sick MM 214

physicians should defer ordinary cases until after MM 214-5

physicians should do no unnecessary work on MM 214

physicians should not regularly devote, to writing or labor CH 368; 4T 539

physicians should not travel on, except to alleviate real suffering MM 214-5

physicians should plan their work so as to keep MM 214

physicians tempted to do many things improper to do on 7T 106

poor man is not permitted to work on 4T 251-2

portion of, all should have opportunity to be out of doors during 2T 583

should be devoted to appropriate prayer 2T 583

prove loyal to God by honoring, at all times and in all places 6T 360

regard, as day of delight CG 531

relieve the afflicted on WM 77

relieving the afflicted on, honors the day ML 231

relieving the suffering on, is right MM 214; 7T 106

is work of mercy and not violation of it 4T 539

regard for, relationship of dress to MYP 349; 1T 522

respect for, children’s loss of 5T 37

sacredness of, children should be taught 2T 701-2

how san. workers lose sense of CH 422

san. patients must be fed on 7T 122

san. physicians and nurses must be fed on 7T 122

san. workers in danger of showing little regard for MM 160

secular business performed on, would be sinful DA 285

secular employment should be suspended on ML 231; WM 77

secular matters should be laid aside on CG 529

secular papers should be put out of sight during 6T 355

secular pursuits on, engage in no 4T 247

SDA restaurant workers should have, for worship of God 7T 122

SDA restaurants should be closed on MM 306; 7T 121-3; WM 112

should be: as sacredly observed now as in Israel’s time PP 296

day of blessing CG 529

day of joy 6T 349

should not find man exhausted by work of week CG 530

show that SDA are His people by keeping, holy 2SM 160

sick and suffering people should be cared for on DA 207; 3SG 254

sleeping much on, excuses given for 2T 704

soul’s needs should receive special attention on ML 287

spend hours of, to God’s glory CSW 54

spending, enclosed within walls is unnecessary 2T 583

spent in fasting by JW and EGW 1T 593

spent in hotel by JW and EGW 2SG 219

students should not bring secular studies into holy time of 4T 114

study God’s messages in nature on COL 26

surgical operations that can wait should be deferred until after MM 214; 7T 106

things of nature that should be called to children’s attention on 2T 584

things that parents can do for children on CG 532-7

think upon God’s goodness during CS 80

time belonging to, man robs God by stealing little of 1T 532

time for meditation and worship DA 207

time of, children should not devote to play 2T 583

toil that gains livelihood on, must cease DA 207

transgressors of, curse that hangs over CS 51

traveling on MM 50, 214-5; 6T 359-60

unconverted people freely talk of worldly business on 2T 703

unnecessary work should not be done on PP 296, 307; 1T 150; 7T 122

use, in contemplation of God’s works TM 137

vegetarian café closed on WM 112

violation of: be careful to avoid 2T 703

crime in sight of heaven 1T 533

for pecuniary advantages 1T 532

Sabbathkeepers who lose ten or twentyfold more than they gain by 1T 532

willful and deliberate, is presumptuous sin PP 409

violator of, cannot go to heaven 1T 533

wants of the needy must be supplied on DA 207

weekly return of, hail with joy 2T 585

what it means to remember 4T 249

what it takes to step out and observe SD 195

JW’s funeral held on 1T 110

willful observance of Sunday instead of, significance of GC 448-9

work done in God’s service is right on DA 285

work for worldly pleasure is not lawful on DA 207

work is peremptorily forbidden on 4T 147

work is permitted on, to save life of men or animals 1T 532

work must be put aside on 4T 247

work necessary for salvation of man is proper on DA 285

work neglected until commencement of, should remain undone till Sabbath is past PP 296

work on, refrain from PP 111

work to earn means for livelihood on, is forbidden 4T 251-2

works of benevolence are lawful on ML 231; WM 77

works of mercy are lawful on CH 368; ML 231; 1SM 314; WM 77

working on, you deny your faith by 4T 250

warning against 1T 150

wrong use of: proves curse 3SG 293

robs God of holy time 3SG 293

warning against 2T 702

23. Miscellaneous

all heaven keeps, but not in listless and do-nothing way 6T 362

all heaven watches to see how God’s people observe 2T 704

all heavenly host kept, before man sinned EW 217

American Sentinel should not discontinue discussion of CW 96-7

ancient, efforts to set aside GC 52

angels minister to suffering humanity on DA 206

angelic host will observe, to eternity EW 217

arguments given for rejecting GC 454-5

arguments used by some people who claim they cannot keep SL 66

as sacred today as when first hallowed by God CS 66

as witness is constant reminder of God 7T 139

Bates (Joseph) kept, in 1845-46 LS 95; 2SG 82; 1T 76

bears name of its Author 6T 352

beginning (commencement) of: at even 1T 116, 713-4

at sunset DA 769, 771; 6T 355-6

carelessness re, rebuked 1T 150

do not put off till, little things that might be done before PP 296

family worship at 6T 356

mind and body should be withdrawn from worldly business before 6T 356

place guard upon yourself at 2T 702

reckoned as six o’clock in the evening by early Sabbathkeeping Adventists 1T 116

belongs to Christ DA 288

bids men behold God’s glory in His created works COL 25

binding claims of, must be presented to all people LS 209

blessing on, has not been removed GC 435

blessing on seventh day as, never removed SR 380

blessings of, to home Ed 250-1

blind leading the blind re EW 68-9

brooks are not commanded to refrain from watering fields and forests on DA 206-7

calls man’s thoughts to nature DA 281

calls you to reckon with your soul and see how you stand before God 6T 356

charge that only weak-minded people would keep Ev 240

Christian world has trampled, underfoot 7T 105

church buildings should be signs or memorials of 6T 100

claims of, arguments used by worldlings against GC 454-5

not abrogated or lessened 4T 147

close (ending) of: at even 1T 116, 713-4

at sunset DA 259; MH 29; 6T 359

carelessness re, rebuked 1T 150

family worship at 6T 359

closed SDA restaurants call attention to 7T 122-3

commemorates: creation of world PP 48; 3SG 91; SR 382

God’s resting on seventh day PP 111; 4aSG 14

common working day exalted in place of 6T 352

constant witness to God’s existence PP 336

corn does not stop growing on DA 207

day of rest from labor 3SG 254

dedicated to rest and worship ML 231; WM 77

demands upon God are greatest on DA 207

desecrators of, awful threatenings and denunciations against EW 65-6

directs men to true and living God SR 382

do not proclaim at once that seventh day is, when laboring in new fields GW 119-20

doctrine of, do not hide 6T 38

preached most widely in America GC 587

does not rest on human traditions GC 455

down trodden, lift up standard of 6T 352

plead for 1T 76

dress question is not of so vital importance as 1T 522

established for benefit of mankind DA 288; MB 63

every moment of, is holy time 6T 356

exaltation of Sunday in place of, significance of CG 492

false christs’ claim that, is not test question 2SM 76

false testimony given re, by woman in New Hampshire SL 66-7

family and, indissolubly linked together Ed 250

fanatics accepting 2SM 27

fearful issue pending re GC 604

few Adventists were keeping, in 1846-47 EW 85; 1T 77

first angel’s message leads men to keep GC 438

first day of week is not, because of Christ’s resurrection 5BC 1113

flagrant outrage of stealing, for selfish purposes 4T 249

flowers bud and blossom on DA 207

given for: God’s honor 3SG 267; SR 141

man to rest from temporal labors CS 18

given to all: who through Christ become part of Israel of God DA 288

whom Christ makes holy DA 288

given to all mankind PP 48; TM 136

given to men that they may worship God in His own house CS 18

God brings, to His people weekly CS 18

God claims, as His day CSW 170

God considered man’s spiritual and physical health in giving TM 136

God does not wait for, to pass before granting His people’s requests DA 207

God draws very nigh to His people on TM 137

God has blessed GC 52

God has people who do not see and keep EW 33, 85; LS 101

God has placed, in His people’s charge MM 215

God has placed His sanctity upon CW 98

God has reserved, to Himself CG 529

God has sanctified CG 531; GC 52

God is as particular re, now as in ancient times 3SG 293

God is no less particular re, now than in Israel’s time 3SG 253; SR 130

God places His merciful hand over Ed 251

God sanctified, by setting it apart to holy use DA 281

God sustains His created works on DA 206-7

God’s blessing on, Satan can never remove FE 449

God’s command is clear and unquestionable re 4T 147

God’s merciful hand placed over Ed 251

God’s people ask more favors of Him on, than on other days DA 207

God’s pledge that He will fulfill His covenant 6T 350

God’s purpose in giving, to man PP 47

God’s sanctified day EW 65

golden clasp uniting God and His people 6T 351

has lost none of its meaning 9T 18

how Millerite Adventists became interested in GC 434-5; SR 380

idol sabbath has been set up in place of 2SM 359

idolatry cannot exist among people who keep, in proper spirit PK 182

if Christians of past generations had had present light re, they would be accountable for it 2T 693

if you think it takes weak-minded persons to keep, just try it SD 195

importance of, beware of belittling 7T 107

shown in vision LS 95-6

infidel supposition that strikes at 3SG 91-2

is God’s test 9T 234

is great question to: decide destiny of souls TM 472

unite God’s people LS 101

is holy time 3SG 293

reserved as sacred to God 1T 532

is Lord’s day DA 203, 206, 288; GC 447; 6T 128

of Revelation 1:10 AA 581-2; SL 74

is not any day in seven TM 136

is seal of God GC 640 See also Seal

is of imperishable obligation DA 283

kept ever since: creation GC 453

Reformation GC 453

kept in spirit of true obedience, shows all of God’s commandments are to be practiced MM 121

lies at foundation of divine worship GC 437-8

life of Eden can be lived on, more than on any other day Ed 250

light re: people are searching Bible for LS 215

persons who have not received EW 43

Sunday observance is idolatry after coming of FE 287

third angel’s message gives EW 254

linked forever with Christ’s work of redemption DA 769

Lord of, Christ is DA 211, 285, 288

Lord’s day is DA 203, 206, 288; GC 447; 6T 128

made for man DA 207, 288; 4T 247

at creation 3SG 295

made for man’s benefit 3SG 267; SR 141; 1T 533

made originally for man to keep PP 47

made to be: blessing to man 2T 583

blessing to parents and children CG 531

made to call man’s mind from secular labor to contemplation of God’s goodness and glory 2T 583

make plain to children that Sunday is not FE 287

man was not made to fit 2T 582

men must be holy in order to keep, holy DA 283

many good Christians have died who did not keep EW 43

many people seen observing EW 256

marriage and, twin institutions MB 63

means of education Ed 250-2

memorials of: churches and sanitariums should be established as CH 223

pub. houses must be 7T 191

should be raised up throughout world 7T 144-5

memory of, Satan would obliterate PK 184

message written in nature which, is to keep in memory DA 283

messages of God’s promises brought by, to men 6T 351

Millerite Adventists opposed to, lack of unity among EW 68

most positive evidence re, persons who set aside 9T 234

must be observed for perpetual covenant 9T 94

must not be separated from third angel’s message 1T 337

nature must continue her unvarying course on DA 207

neglect of, system of philosophy that would lead to 1SM 204-5

never will be abolished EW 217

New Hampshire woman’s claim to sanctification while refusing to keep SL 66

no atheist, infidel, or idolater if, had been sacredly kept GC 438; LS 96; PP 336; SR 382-3; 1T 76

not abolished EW 255

not exempt from fashion’s domination Ed 247

not given for Israel merely but for world DA 283

not kept by heaven in listless and do-nothing way 6T 362

not of restricted application to any people PP 48; TM 136

not ordained by human authority GC 455

nothing shadowy in PP 48

obligation of, constant testimony has been borne to GC 453

efforts of religious leaders to evade EW 68-9

observance of See Sabbath observance

one of main pillars of SDA faith CW 77

one particular day is TM 136

opponents of: arguments used by EW 68-9; GC 454-5

disunited and strangely divided EW 68-9

wresting of Scriptures by EW 69

opposition to: by first-day Adventists 3T 36

by religious leaders EW 68-9; GC 455

not supported by Scriptures EW 68-9

secret of bitter and determined GC 435

will open way for proclamation of third angel’s message with power 2SM 370

partnership with men who do not respect, do not enter into Ev 245

people who teach truth re, Satan’s plotting against TM 472-5

periodical articles needed to present special points re CW 97-8

persons to whom, will be delight DA 289

persons who break, while claiming to live without sin SL 66

persons who keep, many people see nothing but starvation before Ev 239

physician in danger of showing little regard for MM 160

physician’s fees for services rendered on, use that should be made of MM 216

point men to fact that seventh day is 6T 395

point of truth especially controverted GC 605

points man to Creator PP 48; 7T 139

points to: Christ as Creator and Sanctifier DA 288

evidence of Christ’s mighty power in redemption DA 289

only true God 2SM 107

works of creation DA 289

points to God as: Creator SR 383

Maker of heaven and earth PP 336

Source of life and knowledge Ed 250

portion of man’s time which God claims Ed 250

positions taken against, real honesty not regarded in EW 68

prejudice against, do all possible to remove 9T 238

present, before people by pen and voice Ev 281; 2SM 369

present proofs that God has sanctified seventh day as GW 148

profaners of, try to harmonize disobedience with Scriptures 1SM 213-4

professed believers who should reform themselves or give up 1T 419

professed believers whose influence keeps other people from accepting 1T 419

proposal that The American Sentinel should say nothing re CW 96-7

purpose (object) of GC 54; SR 330

benefit of all mankind was 2T 582

wearisome rites thwart DA 286

persons in past generations who were not guilty of violating 2T 693

recalls man’s primeval glory Ed 250

relationship of, to third angel’s message 1T 337

reminder of: God’s greatness, wisdom, and love PP 336

God’s power PK 678

lost peace of Eden DA 289

man’s accountability to God as Creator and Redeemer PK 182

reserved by God: as period of rest for man 1T 532

for Himself 3T 395

for man’s good 1T 532

restoration of, prophecies foretelling LS 96

results if government would honor 4BC 1168

results of separating, from three angels’ messages 1T 337

ripening cluster does not defer its purple bloom because of DA 207

Sabbathkeepers who make, very objectionable to sensible unbelievers 1T 413

sanctified as rest day for man GC 54

Satan has made breach in God’s law by trampling on Ev 355

Satan has succeeded in putting another day instead of FE 449

Satan plans to make, sign of disloyalty to earthly authorities PK 184

Satan sought to change, to thwart God’s plans 9T 229

Satan’s agents attempt to set aside SR 328-9

Satan’s hatred for, object of PP 336

Satan’s plans to deceive and ensnare all who honor TM 473

Satan’s plans to make, special object of contempt 4BC 1172; PK 184

separating wall between true Israel and unbelievers EW 33, 69, 85; LS 101

set apart to be kept in honor of God’s name EW 33

seven last plagues will fall on persons who continue to break EW 65-6

seventh-day: first angel’s message calls attention to 2SM 105

fourth precept of Decalogue enjoins observance of GC 587

SDA must become definitely distinguished from people who do not keep Ev 233

seventh day is 4BC 1163; CS 66; Ev 233; EW 69; GC 437, 447, 587; GW 119, 148; PK 180; 2SM 105; SR 380; 3T 395; 6T 38, 265; TM 136

seventh day of week is PP 111; 3SG 90-1; TM 135-6

SDA position re, cannot be refuted by the Bible EW 69

SDA pub. houses must bear witness to 7T 139

sharp cross in way of persons who accept truth Ev 248

signpost PK 179-87

special honors placed by God upon 1T 275

special point of controversy throughout Christendom GC 615

specified and definite day is to be kept as 4aSG 14

spiritual import of, NT explains CS 66

standard of His downtrodden, God calls His people to uplift 6T 352

strongest arguments used against 3T 571

subject of, needs to be understood 1T 300

sun is not forbidden to perform its office on DA 206

Sunday exalted above: by spiritual Babylon Ev 365; 2SM 68

by Christian world 9T 235

by statesmen 4BC 1168

Sunday exalted to place of SR 328-9

supplanted by spurious sabbath 4BC 1152

system of worlds does not stand still on DA 206

test for this time Ev 213

test of loyalty to God Ev 235; GC 605

in all ages GW 148

test since 1844 EW 42-3, 254

theory of no, advocated by J. M. Stephenson 2SG 273

taught in 1858 2SG 273, 295

third angel’s message calls attention to EW 255-6; SR 384

time blessed and set apart for special purpose 4T 250

tithe compared to PP 525-6

token of: allegiance to divine authority GC 605

Christ’s love and power DA 281

separation from idolatry DA 283

torn from its place by man of sin 6T 352

trees bud and blossom on DA 207

trodden underfoot in last days, Moses given vision re PP 477

true, hallowed by men in every age SR 335

truth re: churches enraged because they cannot refute EW 33

many people have not had opportunity to hear GC 605

proclaim 9T 233

proclaimed more fully at commencement of time of trouble EW 33, 85

proclamation of third angel’s message calls for presentation of GW 156; 1SM 383

should not be presented first in new fields Ev 226

should not be presented in prayer meeting at Health Institute 3T 167

significance of, Protestant churches’ rejection of GC 448

slander as weapon of enemies of EW 69-70

value of, as means of education Ed 250; CG 535; SD 181

was to be observed for perpetual covenant 9T 94

waves of sea not bidden to cease their ebbing and flowing on DA 206-7

welcome, with quietness of mind 6T 356

wheat does not stop growing on DA 207

when it is not best to say at once that seventh day is GW 119

JW and EGW began to keep, in autumn of 1846 LS 95-6; 2SG 82-3; 1T 75-7

wholly commemorative as institution PP 48

why man needs PP 48

why many believers are drowsy or stupid on 3SG 254

why minds of many believers are beclouded re 3SG 254

will be great test of loyalty GC 605

willful breaking of, expresses contempt for God’s authority PP 409

witness that One omnipotent and infinite in goodness and mercy created all things 6T 349

witnesses to: God’s claim on man’s reverence and homage GC 446; 9T 16

God’s purpose to recreate man in His own image Ed 250

world would have SDA keep, out of SDA papers CW 94-5

world would have SDA not give prominence to CW 94-5

See also Lord’s day; Sabbath truth


acceptance of,

brings difficulties Mar 177:6

brings opposition; move to another city SW 70:2

chosen though unpopular Mar 170:5

activity on, transporting people to meetings 3SM 258:5

American Sentinel to advocate PM 224:2

assemble on, believing that Christ blesses FLB 35:6

assertions about, false LDE 124:2

authorities make keeping, difficult HP 151:4

beginning of, clear; badge of God’s people 3SM 318:2

blessing on those who keep HP 151:2

blessing to us and our children HP 152:3

calculating, for a round world 3SM 317:1

carefulness in observance of, in face of pressure HP 151:4

certainty of 3SM 318:3


not to be taught not to be happy on HP 152:4

playing on; thus parents sin 3SM 257:3

choice must be made for true or false 3SM 424:1

Christ often spent, teaching and healing 3SM 259:2

Christian, claiming a common day as, dishonors God Mar 238:7

close of, prayer at 3SM 263:0

commandment about, present, as belonging in God’s law UL 76:4

confidence held to the end characterized by keeping 3SM 318:5

constitution change would bind keepers of 3SM 166:2

controversy over,

in the last conflict Mar 188:3

opens subject to the people 3SM 388:3

convenience not a reason for not keeping HP 152:5

covenant lasting till close of earth’s history LHU 53:2

creation commemorated by,

given to all OHC 343:2

honored 3SM 317:1

perpetual covenant LHU 53:2

crisis over, avoid resolutions that will hide light in 3SM 395:4

criterion of obedience Mar 238:4

danger of doing our own pleasure on TDG 237:6

devote time of, to God’s service HP 152:5

dishes not to be washed on, if avoidable 3SM 258:4

disobedience in face of light on, is selling Lord 3SM 401:4

distinguishes those who serve God from those who do not HP 150:2

doctrine of, to be seen in the daily life HP 309:4

Ellen White,

rode twelve miles to meeting on 3SM 262:3

stayed home to nurse husband on 3SM 262:1

wrote on a, about sufferings of Christ 3SM 264:4

exalt, as a sign UL 101:3


accepted and cradled by Christian world 3SM 406:1

anguish of ones refusing to revere; then peace 3SM 428:2

avoid exalting, but avoid stirring up trouble 3SM 395:1

established; persecutions of past surpassed 3SM 387:1

exalted more in time of false prophets 3SM 406:2

honored by those on Satan’s side UL 262:4

idol UL 262:4

issue of, refines, preparing for latter rain 3SM 385:3

oppression for refusing, from popery and Protestants 3SM 385:2

presented as a test of loyalty Mar 205:4

provocation of those with, to be avoided 3SM 384:2

Satan’s course toward, seen in judgment UL 140:6

self exalted above God by Mar 238:5

supporters of, help evil powers 3SM 423:4

family to be dedicated to God for HP 151:3

final conflict centers on issue of HP 150:2

forbidding worship on; prevented from buying and selling LHU 347:3

foundation of our faith TMK 357:3

freedom from worries on, that mind may meditate on God TMK 147:2

giving relief and comfort in love honors FLB 36:5

glory of, seen more at later rain; then when entering city 3SM 261:0, 388


honored by our keeping HP 129:5

met with group on; glory shed; praise 3SM 260:2

plainly declared the seventh day to be Mar 238:3


power in His Word and works taught through Mar 238:4

time FLB 35:5

honoring, looked upon as disloyalty to God Mar 176:5

importance of,

Ellen White saw that we should know more of Mar 245:3

known better later (1851) 3SM 260:3

See also Sabbath, glory of

influence of headquarters church in honoring 3SM 260:0

Israel called out of Egypt that they might keep Mar 189:3

issue of,

in the final test; line of demarcation 3SM 423:2

in warfare against God’s people 3SM 392:5

not to be raised at first in prejudiced field SW 74:2

not yet come; avoid bringing on crisis (1895) SW 71:1

Jews not the only ones receiving LHU 53:4

keep differently from the way Sunday is observed HP 151:3

keepers of,

blamed for plagues LDE 256:3

character of, studied 3SM 260:1

death decree for LDE 257

faith of, to be lived in orderly behavior OHC 230:2

forbidden to buy or sell HP 344:3; Mar 198:2

new, standing firm under opposition Mar 177:6

persecution will come to; be careful 3SM 395:4


in secular atmosphere 3SM 265

recognizes creation week UL 76:2

knowledge of, before Christ comes Mar 170:5

lament in time of trouble false teachers about Mar 290:5

loyalty proven by, as by the tree of knowledge OHC 343:3

mark placed on God’s people as blood on doorposts HP 150

memorial of creation 3SM 318:3

message of, to be taken by twos UL 91:4

miracle weekly to emphasize LHU 53:3

miracles of Christ showed activity appropriate for 3SM 258:3

nursing sick family on 3SM 259:2

observance of, Sunday rest does not violate SW 75:1

outdoors on HP 152:4

own way held despite God’s request to keep holy TDG 221:2

parents to teach LHU 139:2

persecution not a reason to break UL 40:2

physical inactivity expected on 3SM 259:1

pledge from God showing relationship 3SM 256:1

preach, clearly but deal cautiously with Sunday SW 70:0

preparation for,

of clothing TMK 147:2

on the sixth day HP 151:2

purpose of OHC 343

quiet place sought by Ellen White on, without success 3SM 263:2

quietness in families on 3SM 257:4

remodeling of, not left to priest or ruler Mar 238:3

reserved, sanctified and blessed HP 152:5

rest on, important especially for James White 3SM 280:3

restored soon (memorial of God’s power) LHU 373:7

sacredness of, lost sight of in slavery UL 124:2

Satan will declare change of; test of loyalty to him Mar 205:4

Satan’s work from the beginning was to replace the true 3SM 396:1

SDAs doing own pleasure on 3SM 258:1

seal of God; respect for its claims 3SM 423:2

separates from the world in distinct colors HP 150:2

sick to be cared for on the HP 151:2


between God and His people

now and forever OHC 345:3

(token) OHC 343:4

distinguishing those who serve God OHC 344:4; TDG 196:4

of acceptance in the Beloved OHC 343:5

of God’s creative power; His claims justified TDG 69:4

of power for God’s people in closing scenes TDG 69:3

signature of God as was blood over Hebrew doors TMK 211:3


riding, sleeping, praying, and in meeting 3SM 264:3

walking, discussing, reading and writing 3SM 263:2

stealing time of,

from God HP 152:2

is like stealing a purse HP 152:5

substitution for, God will reveal Himself when, universal Mar 262:5

Sunday (first day) not blessed as 3SM 388:3

teach, decidedly but deal cautiously with Sunday Mar 177:4


coming to whole world on; issues not to divert mind 3SM 254:4

for this time VSS 330

made of; relate properly to it 3SM 396:0

of loyalty as was the tree of knowledge LHU 53:6

to this generation FLB 291:4

third angel’s message shows, as sign of God’s people HP 151:4; 3SM 423:2

thoughts centered on God on HP 152:2

topic of, deferred in series of meetings is wrong VSS 330:2

travel on,

embarking on ship 3SM 265:3

to meeting by sleigh 3SM 261:3

wrong unless unavoidable in God’s work 3SM 265:1

trust to be cherished OHC 343:4

unites God and His people OHC 343:6

universality of, shown by being proclaimed at Sinai LHU 53:4


by children’s disorder in meetings 3SM 257:1

by play, swimming, etc. 3SM 258:3

virtue of, seen in judgment UL 140:6

vision of Jesus received by John on OHC 315:2

visitors on,

believers preferred in White home as 3SM 264:5

entertained by Ellen White 3SM 263:1

visits with prayer on, by Ellen White 3SM 264:2

witness to knowledge of the true God 3SM 256:2

witnessing to all that we love God and keep OHC 345:4

working on,

dishonors God if unnecessary 3SM 258:4

forced in future at threat of life SW 69:2

See also Commandment, fourth