EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Worldliness - Writer, Writers


Worldliness 1T 525; 2T 183-99

atmosphere of, Christian who voluntarily places himself in PP 169

Battle Creek church fast drifting into channel of 4T 513

change from godliness to, imperceptibly made CS 214-5

Christ’s place usurped by, in soul MYP 66

Christianity endangered when mingled with CW 95

clear and steady view of Christ’s cross counteracts 5T 202

current of, press against 5T 340

danger of being ensnared by 9T 254-5

God’s people kept in world so many years by Ev 696; 1SM 69

God’s place usurped by, in Jewish age MB 89

in soul CS 142; MB 89

in Christian church EW 226-7

in popular churches GC 383-90

in 1844 GC 380

in Protestant churches GC 298

in SDA Church 5T 188-91

stumbling block to sinners 5T 352

increasing among God’s people 2T 196

intense, one of Satan’s most successful temptations 1SM 254-5

intoxicates 5T 435

intoxicating cup of 5T 259, 461

is character defect opposed to exercise of Christian graces 5T 283

miasma-laden fogs of, eyes too dim to see through SD 111

must be overcome 5BC 1144

not fruit of Christian tree 5T 113

of heart and life, Satan pleased when Christians yield themselves to 4T 45

of Jews, Paul rebuked AA 247

power to discriminate between truth and error is destroyed by 5T 62

religion’s place in soul is usurped by MB 89

Satan encourages 5T 384

Satan separates believers from Christ by TM 473

show advantage of Christianity over, by your life CT 324; 7T 142

soul temple defiled by 4T 461

spirit of: church deprived of many blessings by 5T 202

gaining ground in Protestant churches GC 389

may contaminate the many and control the few 5T 71

thorns of, life of soul given to nourish COL 52

tide of, modern churches affected by GC 387

true sense of Christian obligation is eclipsed by 4T 494

turbid stream of, effects of drinking long of 5T 435

universal sway almost borne by 4T 647

vitals of God’s people being eaten out by SD 264; 3T 405

warning against 5T 218


advantage over, our lives to show HP 316:4

barriers against, built by obedience HP 160:2

common in this perilous age OHC 354:2

cuts off from God UL 22:5

denial of, needed to inherit eternal life TMK 316:4

desire for, strengthened by resisting conviction CC 35:5

enemy has entangled minds in, regarding salvation FW 19:1

faith and works required to resist TMK 295:3

feature of people in Noah’s day OHC 79:3

lifted up from; put it away; it disgraces church FW 79:1

lives of professed Christians reveal TMK 352:3

loss sustained by, should humble us TMK 365:2

others’, no reason to be swept toward perdition OHC 330:3

powers given to, just once place on Satan’s ground OHC 160:2

prayer not desired and Spirit’s presence lost by OHC 154:4

refined and cleansed from 3SM 355:2

religious experience contaminated with HP 167:4

SDA center with (Battle Creek) 3SM 246:1

shadows from our TMK 273:3

temptation to, conquered by faith and obedience TMK 256:5

unreasonable, considering the gift of Christ TDG 176:5

Worldling, Worldlings

Worldling, Worldlings, association with 3T 39-47; 4T 571; TM 276-7

better off without seeing unfaithful professor of religion 5T 460

Christians and, contrast that should exist between 4T 571

distinction that should exist between 2T 169, 194; 4T 571

consistency is admired by 1T 416

educated, SDA seeking education in world may become FE 535-6

erroneous idea of how Christians can influence PK 570-1

example of, gospel workers are not to follow 6T 249

fears of, believers whose influence quiets 5T 456

friendship with 3T 39-47

hardhearted, Christian’s duty to orphans and widows oppressed by 2T 35

how to convince, that SDA are real Christians 5T 160

influence of, upon Christians PP 607

men seek in vain to make Christian path broad and pleasant for 5T 172

many SDA can scarcely be distinguished from 8T 247

partnership with, God will never enter into 2T 150

positions of trust in SDA institutions should not be occupied by TM 272

pride of dress makes Christian ridiculous in eyes of 4T 641

principle actuating, is to get AA 339; 4T 80; 9T 254

selfish rule of gain is 3T 382

seek exaltation to higher positions 3T 567

standards used by, in judging gospel PP 134

union with: does not refer to marriage alone 5T 13

impossible for God’s children 5T 13

is snare 5T 13

watches to criticize and accuse people who serve God TM 266

See also Unbeliever; World, people of; Wicked

World-loving person

World-loving person 2T 678, 689

World-loving spirit

World-loving spirit, angels grieved by 2T 256

minister’s, tremendous influence of 2T 645-6

people excuse their, when minister manifests it too 2T 645-6

rebuked 5T 340

Worldly acquisitions

Worldly acquisitions, dangers of 4T 82

Worldly associations

Worldly associations See Association

Worldly attachments

Worldly attachments, God’s word emphatically forbids 5T 277

Worldly attractions

Worldly attractions, love for, must be overcome 1SM 400

presented to draw attention from Christ AA 484

Worldly consideration

Worldly consideration, hold church’s interest above every 5T 460

shut out every 2T 495

Worldly conversation

Worldly conversation See Conversation

Worldly customs

Worldly customs, Christians too often conform to PP 559

church’s conformity to, never converts world GC 509

churches in USA steadily conforming to GC 376-9

conformity to, converts church to world GC 509

danger in imitating 4T 306

do not follow MM 219; 5T 542

do not pattern after 4T 402

easy to drift into 6T 150

heaven’s windows closed to God’s people by conformity to 5T 206

natural heart pleads in favor of 4T 638

not criterion for SDA 3T 524

remain separate from CW 101

SDA should not follow, in education FE 311

See also Custom

Worldly demands

Worldly demands, yielding step by step to, results of 5T 81

Worldly distinction

Worldly distinction, repress every desire for FE 349

Worldly employment

Worldly employment See Employment

Worldly enterprise

Worldly enterprise See Enterprise

Worldly gain

Worldly gain See Gain

Worldly idea

Worldly idea See Idea

Worldly influence

Worldly influence See Influence

Worldly interests

Worldly interests, SDA who put their, before duty to God 2T 654

Worldly life

Worldly life, fruit of, misery and death are 4T 80

why professed Christians find, so easy 2T 264


Worldly-mindedness 5T 529-32

is snare 5T 430

of wealthy believers, that God hates 1T 152

spirituality and life of God’s people eaten out by 1T 141

Worldly-minded person

Worldly-minded person, Christianity makes, heavenly-minded SD 12

Worldly person, Worldly persons

Worldly person, Worldly persons, craves something he does not have CS 149

labors for earthly or temporal things CS 158

worldly principles govern 2T 488

Worldly pleasure

Worldly pleasure See Pleasure

Worldly policy

Worldly policy See Policy

Worldly practice, Worldly practices

Worldly practice, Worldly practices, churches in USA steadily conforming to GC 376-90

do not conform to 2T 43

lead people away from 5T 520

path for God’s people is far above CS 155

Worldly principle

Worldly principle See Principle

Worldly rank

Worldly rank, never rely on 7T 100

Worldly recognition

Worldly recognition, gospel workers who seek, mistake of 6T 250

never rely on 7T 100

Worldly schemes

Worldly schemes, path for God’s people is far above CS 155

Worldly society

Worldly society See Society

Worldly things

Worldly things, danger in setting affections on 2T 192-3

World outlook

World outlook, intelligent people alarmed at 6T 417

Worlds (planets)

Worlds (planets), Abraham’s offering of Isaac was lesson to PP 154

Adam and Eve studied, in orderly revolutions Ed 21; PP 51

care that God exercises in making MYP 144

Christ adored by SD 372

Christ came to show God’s justice before 7BC 910

Christ created 3BC 1143-4; 5BC 1130; GC 651

Christ did not go to save 6T 124

Christ hung, in space DA 20

Christ is Creator of DA 88

Christ is loved by 7BC 924

Christ left, when He came to earth AA 472; COL 190; SC 13

Christ lived God’s law before DA 467-8

Christ superintends PP 69

Christ under temptation witnessed by 1SM 255

Christ upholds DA 74; Ed 132; GC 651

Christ visited, before incarnation PP 69

Christ welcomed back to heaven by DA 834

Christ’s agony in Gethsemane witnessed by DA 759

Christ’s birth was great event to ML 300

Christ’s incarnation was mystery to PP 69

Christ’s infinite power sustains 5T 421

Christ’s mediatorial work as related to MYP 254

Christ’s redemptive work as related to, benefits of DA 758; GC 503-4; PP 68-9

Christ’s sufferings and death witnessed by DA 693

Christ’s witness as Son of man before 1SM 309

Christian’s duty to reveal God’s love before FE 370

Christians should work as in full view of 7T 173

controversy between Christ and Satan witnessed by 6BC 1088; DA 759

could testify that God could do no more for man MYP 106

covenant ratified between Father and Son before DA 834

cry of triumph uttered by, when Christ died DA 758; PP 68-9

deceiver’s character unveiled before all DA 490

disloyalty and rebellion have never entered 5BC 1088

earth will be honored above other DA 26

events on earth are watched by PP 78

God can call, into existence Ed 129

God controls SL 75

God created FE 188, 234; MH 405

God demonstrates perfection of His law before GC 498; PP 42

God guides, around sun 1SM 294

in march through heavens CT 185; Ed 99; MB 74-5; PP 115; 1SM 294; 4T 415; 6T 186

God hung, in space Ed 114; PP 574

God upholds MB 74-5; MM 9; SC 86, 100; 4T 415-6, 653

God works for eternal good of GC 671; PP 338-9

God’s creative energy called, into existence Ed 126

God’s government includes GC 497

God’s law maintained and vindicated before 7BC 951; GC 498, 503; PP 42

God’s love for man demonstrated before SD 11

God’s name hallowed by MB 107

God’s plan of dealing with GC 671; PP 49

greatest, declares that God is love GC 678

heard Jewish leaders reject Christ before Pilate 5BC 1149

inhabitants of: angels are more exalted than PP 37

beheld Satan’s apostasy PP 336

Christ’s redemption work confirms loyalty of MYP 253-4

conflict between good and evil is watched by 6BC 1088; DA 759

delivered from Satan’s presence and temptations when millennium commences EW 290; GC 659

Garden of Eden as seen by PP 62

many people have listened to voices of SD 37

judgment will take place in presence of 7BC 953, 986; SD 361; TM 132

justice of God’s government demonstrated before GC 498; PP 42

Israel’s mission before 4BC 1180-1; SD 55

move in orderly revolutions Ed 21; PP 51

mysterious life sustains Ed 99

ninety-nine sheep in parable of lost sheep represent AA 472; COL 190; 6T 124

number of CT 66; Ed 21, 99, 129; GC 651; PP 51; SC 86; SL 75, 77; 4T 653

obey God’s laws CT 66; SL 76

one of, description of EW 39-40

inhabitants of, described EW 40

inhabitants of, have freedom of choice EW 40

tree of knowledge in EW 40

tree of life in EW 40

EGW meets Enoch on EW 40

144,000 will visit EW 40

one soul saved is of more value than 1T 513

our system of, not still on Sabbath DA 206

person who should keep silent before CW 101

plan of salvation benefits 5BC 1132; DA 758; MYP 254; PP 68

praise Christ for plan of man’s redemption MYP 254

praise sung to God and Lamb by MB 104

redeemed will visit 7BC 990; EW 40; GC 677

revolve about God’s throne GC 677

Satan cannot annoy or tempt, during millennium EW 290; GC 659

Satan has sought to annoy and tempt EW 290; GC 659

Satan judged by, as accuser of brethren, liar, and murderer 1SM 348

Satan planned to extend rebellion to DA 37; GC 497; PP 41

Satan uprooted forever from affection of 1SM 348

Satan’s character unmasked before DA 490, 758; 1SM 348; TM 412

Satan’s rebellion a lesson to GC 498-9; PP 42-3

science of redemption studied by Ed 126; ML 360

security of, God’s plan for 5BC 1132; GC 498-9, 503-4; PP 68-9; 1SM 341

significance of Christ’s death to DA 758-9; MB 104; PP 68-70; SD 240, 243; 1SM 255, 348

significance of Christ’s earthly life to 1SM 227

songs of gladness sung by, over ransomed soul GC 677

star seen by Magi was not DA 60

starry, set on high by God MB 96; PP 45

strife for highest place started great controversy in DA 435

subject to God’s government PP 41

subjected to test of obedience PP 332

thousand, sun sheds light to gladden DA 21

thrilled with sorrow at human woe GC 677

two, seen in vision by EGW EW 39-40; LS 97; 2SG 83; 1T 79

under law MB 48

unfallen: God’s law given for development of character by His people before 4BC 1180-1

God’s name hallowed by inhabitants of MB 107

pleasant homes of 5BC 1088

unprepared to comprehend consequences of sin GC 498

unseen, preserved by Christ’s mediatorial work MYP 254

watched to see if God would destroy sinful man DA 37

See also Earth


other/unfallen, OHC 13:4


left, to redeem humanity TMK 84:3

would have been welcome in homes of LHU 208:4

discerned Satan’s character at Christ’s death RC 60:3

God has many, to honor Him TMK 367:5

God’s gift seen by,

as the greatest possible FLB 59:7; TMK 69:4

in showing His glory AG 129:3

government of God vindicated in presence of TDG 296:5

interests of, at stake in Christ’s conflict TDG 14:4

judgment held in presence of HP 359:2

law vindicated before, by atonement at Calvary RC 53:6

present in this world’s judgment Mar 341:2

redeemed visit, and search mysteries of redemption TMK 367:3

security of, through the Sun of Righteousness RC 304:3

See also Universe

World servers

World servers, act from policy instead of principle in religious things GC 460

World to come

World to come, life of the redeemed in AA 590-2, 601-2; AH 546-50; CG 566-9; Ed 301-9; EW 18-20; GC 645-9, 674-8; LS 66-7; 2SG 33-4, 52-6; SR 430-3; 1T 60-1, 67-71; 8T 42; 9T 285-8

See also New earth; New Jerusalem

Worm, Worms

Worm, Worms, Herod Agrippa I died eaten by SR 300

of dust, folly of feeble mortals who are SL 73

of life, in destruction of wicked EW 294

vision of persons to be food for 2SG 208; 1T 131-2

Worms, Diet of

Worms, Diet of, Luther (Martin) before GC 145-70, 180, 197-8, 247; SR 346-9; 1T 373-5

Worms, Germany

Worms, Germany GC 145-70, 180, 197-8, 247; SR 346-9; 1T 373-5


Worried, when, flee to Christ 2T 81

Worry (worriment, worrying)

Worry (worriment, worrying), about future, how to cease your MB 101; SD 193

about self, health ill-affected by 5T 315

blind and cannot discern future DA 330; MH 481; 7T 298

continual: life forces worn out by DA 330; MH 481

plant is not in, about its growth ML 103

yoke of bondage DA 330

do not let, fret your mind and cloud your brow AH 430; ML 195; SC 122

evidence of sickly and enfeebled faith 7T 212

faith that enables people to resist ML 184

gentleness and love should be cherished instead of 3T 80

gospel workers who will not CM 114

grieve not the Spirit by 2SM 253

health ill-affected by 5T 315

in gospel work, no need of ChS 243; CM 114

lay aside your 3T 80

learning how to lessen 7T 69

life of, God not pleased by Ev 81; ML 103; 2SM 242

life stormy with SD 142

man given too much to 2T 97-8

mistakes of unconsecrated gospel workers should not cause 7T 298

of one’s self out of Christ’s arms DA 301; 1T 697; 2T 98, 319

over matters that should be left in God’s hands TM 201

over wrong course of others 7T 298

remedy for MB 101; MH 481

unbelieving, cease your TM 344

warning against 5T 347

See also Anxiety; Care; Perplexity


attitude which should replace OHC 64:3


choose flowers not thorns as Ellen White saw in dream 2MCP 807:3

Holy Spirit not to be grieved TDG 268:2

in the home; good angels shut out by it TDG 111:2

Jesus loves us though we err TDG 63:2

situation giving reason for, in teaching canvassing PM 265:3

to have clean record in heaven TDG 374:5

borrowing, for the future, while need is for today OHC 125:5

bring, to God trusting UL 180:3

caution against 2MCP 470:1

children of God not to show OHC 148:4

Christ never engaged in; He was patient TDG 263:4

Christ’s arms,

abandoned by OHC 120:4; TSB 258:3; UL 212:5

held aged sister who was told not to TDG 313:3


to God RC 183:6; TMK 190:3

to Jesus FLB 248:4

control, as a follower of Christ; mind is on self 1MCP 275:1

defects as the topic of UL 132:3

discontent which ends in, is sinful OHC 242:3

discourtesy resulting from, eliminated by Christ’s peace TDG 140:4

driven away from Christ by HP 55:4

duties done rather than OHC 64:3

educate yourself not to TMK 89:4

efficiency reduced by UL 55:2

Ellen White did not have, although in debt PM 28:3

evil cannot be remedied by 1MCP 63:0

expressing weight of, implies we have no loving Saviour TDG 42:2

food and clothing not to cause, HP 115:4

work in simplicity 3SM 248:4

freedom from, on the Sabbath that mind may think on God TMK 147:2

future need not be looked into with FLB 249:4

gives lie to profession of faith RC 368:3

gone when close to Jesus HP 86:4

grace needed when you experience 2MCP 410:0

guidance of God not accepted by those who cherish HP 113:3

heaven not represented by those cherishing UL 55:5

Holy Spirit grieved by our TDG 42:4; TMK 232:3

kills; work does not 2MCP 466:1

(misapprehension), wrong feelings develop TDG 121:6

mother counseled against; light to shine though poor TSB 42:0

needless, hinders our position before God and is foolish HP 113:4

no time for; souls to be saved VSS 305:4

over what cannot be helped HP 113:3


instead of UL 359

is a relief and comfort to soul in TDG 315:2

religious experience not to be spoiled by HP 113:2

rest in truth instead of UL 164:5

rise above, accepting peace of Christ 1MCP 68:2

sanctification requires trust instead of UL 314:5

seen to be unbelief if past mercies are recounted TDG 58:4

shun needless HP 113

temptation may cause unnecessary TMK 139:3

true Christians avoid OHC 179:4

truth’s beauty to be shown, not spoiled by 2MCP 435:3

trying of faith to bring patience, not TMK 279:2

unbelief shown by UL 312:3


Christ understands and strengthens HP 269:4

cling to Christ 3SM 326:0

wait for the Lord in faith, not in OHC 134:5

working for the Master was, of Ellen White TDG 117:5

wrong when we are brought into trial RC 349:5

yokes manufactured by, HP 120:3

burdens made heavy 2MCP 466:3

See also Brooding; Care; Comfort; Concerns; Fear


Worship, acceptable, meaning of 5T 609

acts of, shed precious fragrance when performed in unpretending manner SL 9

altogether different, Christ’s work was to establish DA 157

become more intelligent in 2T 582

benefits that should be received from SC 103

Christian, Satan works to destroy faith in sacredness of 5T 496

common sense is excellent thing in Ev 505; 4T 71

conduct, with consistency, unity, and sound judgment 5T 270

dedicated place of, should not be used for schoolroom or storeroom 5T 496

do not allow, to degenerate into dry form 5T 609

due to God only Ev 133; SD 56, 58; 3SG 269

because He is Creator GC 437-8

evil of formal, cannot be too strongly depicted 9T 143

false systems of AA 272

God’s claim to, above gods of heathen PP 336

basis of GC 436-8, 452; PP 336

lacking qualities which God regards as essential PK 565

man-and-woman, warning against TM 435

meaning of, Christ came to teach DA 84

music as branch of, SDA do not make most of Ev 505 See also Music

nothing that pertains to, should be made common 5T 498

object of, God alone should be 3SG 269

objects of, beauties of nature should not be 2T 589

of Christ should have nothing in it of caste or country DA 820

of demons seen in vision by John 6T 15

of false gods See Gods

of God See Worship of God

of human beings, protest against CW 173; TM 435

of idols See Idol

of images See Image

of Peter by Cornelius was forbidden by apostle AA 137-8

ostentation of, Pharisees sought distinction by DA 261

persons who assemble for, should put away every evil thing PK 50

private, closet or grove as retired place for 5T 491

should be a pleasure SC 103

spiritual, Christ impressed people with need of SD 266

things that should characterize SC 103

thought-to-be holiest, faithful work is more acceptable to God than most zealous 2T 24

true: defined DA 189; ML 46; PK 50; 9T 156

is fruit of Spirit’s working DA 189; ML 46

working together with Christ is ChS 96; 2T 24

two new centers of, established for Israel by Jeroboam I PK 99-100

See also Self-worship


acceptable and unacceptable UL 73:5

activity in, See also Demonstrations

aim in, to honor God TDG 78:2

assembling with believers in, beneficial TMK 154:5

blessings and joy during TMK 263:3

character of God was to be shown by, in using holy fire Con 80:1

consider, as a pleasure TMK 263:2

day of, chosen by humans for convenience Mar 238:3

defilement in, by use of tobacco and alcohol Con 84

diversion of, to the enemy UL 374:2


and physical exertions in; show a better way SW 33:1

(confusing) not to be in Mar 234:7

exciting demonstrations in, See Fanaticism

family See Family worship

forms of, while devoted to the world is an abomination TMK 222:3

freedom of,

pleading for, reveals claims of God’s law 3SM 415:2

rights to be sought for 3SM 384:1

United States provided for Mar 193:4

God sends light to those who cannot meet with others in TMK 154:3

gratitude in home and heart is true TMK 322:4

house(s) of,

acknowledged by God even though humble HP 288:4

appetite defiles many coming to Con 61:3

attendance at, reaching those not practicing CME 29:1

attitudes to have when entering UL 38:4

behavior in; holy stillness, order, neatness 3SM 257:1

built by early SDAs CET 195:1

children learn to prefer, over amusement place RC 169:2

cities now need, but prepare for trouble (1903) CL 11:1

colored people not to be excluded from SW 15:2

construction of,

Ellen White involved in plans for 3SM 322:3

from those of other faiths RC 241:4

defilement in; influence of tobacco and brandy Con 84:1

Ellen White invested in building, and had to borrow PM 234:4


remembering foolishness OHC 115:3

seek fresh supply of oil before UL 38:4

giving to build RY 98:2

home is to be; spiritual atmosphere 3SM 214:4

joyfulness to be brought into UL 38:4

kneel and consecrate yourself to God in UL 38:2

love cultivated by assembly at HP 288:5

making, place of merchandise TDG 162:4

plans for, Ellen White and others prepared 3SM 322:3

reasons for fellowship in UL 123:6

separate, thought necessary for colored people SW 20:0

SDAs did not have, at first CET 192:2

singing and preaching in, prepare for church above VSS 432:3

thoughts (wicked) in, pray for banishment of UL 38:7

use of, by people of other faiths 3SM 322

importance of, lost when serving world LHU 128:2

indulgence unfits people for CME 46:2

music (noisy) and dancing in, power of, not of God Mar 234:4

nature not to be the object of TDG 241:4

noise and claimed righteousness in, designed by Satan TDG 359:2

obedience is required to make, pleasing to God RC 62:2

order to be in service of, not excitement and confusion Mar 234:7

professing, on an unsanctified day Mar 238:5

reality not form to be in OHC 130:4


pleasant experience to be made of HP 152:3

set apart as a day of FLB 35:5

self made the object of, offends God TDG 40:3

separation in, between whites and colored SW 19:2

singing is part of, but it needs system and order VSS 434:2

spirit of, to be cultivated FLB 35:6

stately form of, light not given to the world by TMK 162:2

thoughts of love to be carried from, for daily life TMK 263:3

true, outlined HP 372:3

See also Church, attendance at; Companies; Devotion; Fellowship; Homage

Worship services

excitement to be avoided in; exalt the Word LDE 93

youth in institutions to attend PM 87:4

Worshiper, Worshipers

Worshiper, Worshipers, ardent and active piety should characterize 5T 492

duty of, when entering place of religious meeting 5T 492

kind of, that God seeks DA 189; ML 19; PK 50

moral taste of in God’s holy sanctuary must be elevated, refined, and sanctified 5T 496

Worship hour

Worship hour, right use of, arouses and strengthens love for Bible study Ed 186

Worship of God

Worship of God, angels are in every assembly for COL 176

basis of God’s claim to our GC 436-8, 452; PP 336

by Adam and Eve, in fields and groves after banishment from Paradise DA 290

carelessness and indifference in, let there be no MYP 266

ceremonial, while real power is wanting 5T 258

clothing worn by worshipers attending 5T 498-500

common sense is excellent thing in 4T 71

correct ideas of, should be impressed upon people 5T 500

dedicated place of, not to be used for storeroom or for transaction of worldly business 5T 496

evil of formal, cannot be too strongly depicted 9T 143

faith in sacredness of, enemy works to destroy 5T 496

family See Family worship

fervent and devoted spirit in. abundant reason for maintaining 5T 496

freedom of See Religious liberty

genuine, words cannot properly set forth deep blessedness of 9T 143

Gideon determined to institute system of, similar to that carried on at sanctuary PP 556

having nothing of caste or country in it, Christ commissioned His disciples to proclaim DA 820

house dedicated to, He meets with His people by Spirit when they assemble at PK 49

houses of See Church building

in form only is not spiritual service 5T 608

individual, closet or grove as most retired place for 5T 491

indulgence of self, pride, fashion, and display are mingled with 4T 517

is due: only to true and living God Ev 133

to God as long as He is our Creator GC 438

Israel’s, often was lacking in qualities which God regards as most essential PK 565

lack of worshipful frame of mind in, often turns God’s face away from worshipers 5T 499

loftier, into which can enter nothing that defiles 5T 491

three agencies to prepare people for 5T 491

make, interesting and attractive 5T 609

manner of, rules needed re 5T 491

most zealous and thought-to-be holiest, faithful work is more acceptable to God than 2T 24

nothing pertaining to, should be treated with carelessness or indifference 5T 491

nothing should be made common that pertains to 5T 498

offered merely for self-glorification, Christ unsparingly rebuked MB 83-4

Pharisees offered MB 83

ostentatious, Christ shunned DA 261

people assembling for, should put away every evil thing PK 50

pioneer SDA assembled for, in private houses, large kitchens, barns, groves, and schoolhouses before they were able to build churches TM 26

place of, miserable and out-of-the-way buildings not desirable as 5T 269

See also Church building; Church service

private, it is our duty to bow on our knees in prayer during 2SM 312

it is our privilege to bow on our knees in prayer during GW 178; PK 48

privilege of sustaining, as expression of loyalty and love to God PP 528

public: behavior of God’s people during 5T 491-500

growing Christian would feel guilty before God if he neglected to attend 5T 425

Israel was to bear witness to existence and sovereignty of living God by maintaining PP 528

it is our duty to bow on our knees in prayer during 2SM 312

it is our privilege to bow on our knees in prayer during GW 178; PK 48

it is serious mistake to neglect MH 511

rules needed re 5T 491

some heads of families are seldom in attendance at 5T 425

religion confined to, on Sabbath emits no rays of light to others 5T 339

requires obedience to His law GC 436

reverence and, are due to God alone SD 58

reverence needed in PK 48-9

room for, should not be used for school during week 5T 496

Sabbath lies at foundation of GC 437-8

service of song made regular part of PP 711

should be pleasure SC 103

should not be considered drudgery CG 531

some people have no true idea of order, neatness, and refined deportment that God requires in 5T 498

souls in every assembly for, longing for peace and rest COL 191

spiritual: Christ impressed people with need of SD 266

sinful indulgence unfits men for CH 22

was fast disappearing in Christ’s time DA 157

splendid adornings of, pride and love of display that demand PK 565

thoughtful and reverential in, we have more reason than Jews did for being 5T 496

time of, rules needed re 5T 491

true: consists in working together with Christ ChS 96

entails willing obedience to all of God’s requirements DA 189; ML 46; 9T 156

is fruit of working of Spirit ML 46

ministers should instruct churches re 5T 500

will become corrupted unless wide-awake men are at post of duty 4T 517

See also Church service; Prayer


Worth, cherish what God esteems of 1T 694

Christian, depends on clean heart Ev 135

not dependent on brilliant talents or lofty birth Ev 135; SD 347

individual’s: determined by condition of his moral affections 2T 305

determined by faithfulness with which you do little things MM 205

man’s, known only by going to Calvary 2T 634-5 See also Soul

people valued for all they are COL 344; MH 477

true, appreciate another’s 3T 185

See Values


See Daniel, companions of


blessings not granted because of our TDG 196:3

lack of, standing before God 3SM 148:2

looking for, in self; trying too hard to believe 3SM 145:1


Worthless, Christ passed no one by as DA 91-2; MH 25; 9T 191

Worthless stones

Worthless stones See Stone

Wound, Wounds

Wound, Wounds, balm provided by God for every 1BC 1102; 2SM 273

how nature heals Ed 113

made by hasty and passionate words, excuse that never heals 4T 348

probing your own, results of 1T 613

soul’s: delicate touch needed in treating DA 440

what secretly and insensibly soothes 2T 327

See Injury

Wounded person

Wounded person, oil and wine used in treating DA 503

Wounded soul

Wounded soul, love to God is shown by mercy to ML 232

only Christ’s love can heal Ed 114


Wrangling, in church, dishonors Christ 9T 145

with one another 1SM 416


1. God’s

2. Miscellaneous

1. God’s

about to fall on transgressors of His law 5T 100

against man’s transgressions, fell on Christ DA 743, 753

all the wicked are to drink of EW 274

bolts of, soon to fall TM 182

Christ bore, for sinful world 5BC 1103

Christ stands between, and guilty man EW 150

cup filled with wine of, Judah’s fate compared to draining of PK 431

cup of: Christ drank DA 642

drained to its dregs by Israel GC 20-1

rebellious Israel filled GC 20-1

unmixed with mercy GC 627

cup of unmingled, will be poured out 1T 363

declared against unrepentant sinners AA 62

do not threaten children with, when they do wrong CG 253; Te 290

falling on the wicked already 5T 212; 9T 160

final outpouring of PP 393; 5T 210-2

after close of probation GC 629

after investigative judgment TM 446

in seven last plagues EW 44, 64, 289-90

when Christ ceases His mediatorial work EW 36; 2SG 276

when Christ ceases intercession in sanctuary EW 36; GC 627

when earth’s inhabitants fill their cup of iniquity 1T 363

when limit of God’s forbearance is reached 5T 524

See also Time of trouble

hangs over all who defy His law SL 76

house built on sand will be swept away by 6T 16

last vial of TM 432

lightning as token of SR 74

ministry of 5T 208

by Nebuchadnezzar upon Judah PK 422

no man can escape, by hiding behind a lie TM 182

not poured out until God’s people have been judged TM 446

outpouring of, will awaken people to their fatal security GC 562, 657; LS 117-8

persons who believe in, but make no effort to escape it 5T 221

persons who will be candidates for 4T 191

storm of, gathering PK 278; TM 182

persons who will stand in PK 278

stroke of, church will be first to feel 5T 211

symbolized by stormy sea AA 572

threatenings of, hang over all who defy His law SL 76

unmixed with mercy EW 119; GC 449, 629; 2SG 276; 1T 287; 5T 524

nation that will drink of GC 627

uttered against persons who persist in disloyalty to Him 5T 634

visible marks of, cities will realize 4T 52

visited on Babylon GC 653

warnings mercifully given to save men from PK 276

when ministry of, begins with nations PK 364

wicked are to drink of EW 274

will fall upon: abusers of His mercies 4T 191

all who persist in disloyalty to Him 5T 634

inhabitants of world 8T 49

men persisting in opposing His law 9T 234-5

persons who have misspent their time 4T 54

persons who have served mammon CS 213; 4T 54

persons who reject truth EW 36

will not fall on soul that seeks refuge in Him TM 157

wine of, nations that drank PK 431

See also Judgment

2. Miscellaneous

exhibition of, nervous system weakened by 3BC 1161; SD 142

heaping up, against day of wrath Ev 27; TM 146

Lamb’s, defined 5BC 1107; DA 825; TM 139

people who will feel TM 132

man’s, does not work God’s righteousness 2T 52

how God overrules PP 653

nursed by people till they are filled with revengeful and hateful feelings SD 142

Satan’s, beat as storm upon Christ DA 759

increases as his time grows short GC 37, 623

some people intoxicated with 3BC 1161; SD 142

suffer wrongfully 100 times rather than give back 2T 427

to come, all who will may flee from GC 37

See Anger; God, wrath of; Grievance; Revenge


Wreath, dazzling white, around Enoch’s head EW 40

Wreck, Wrecks

Wreck, Wrecks, moral, how to help MH 133

of humanity, seen everywhere MYP 447-8; 5T 601

on desert shore, Jews scattered like AA 379; GC 21


Wrestling, few people know what is, with God GC 621

Jacob’s, with God See Jacob

need of, with God in prayer 1T 151

now is time for, with God Ev 383

of God’s people in prayer during time of trouble GC 630, 632


Wretchedness, each person possesses in himself the source of his own 5T 487

human, neglect that greatly contributes to PP 158

inexpressible, Adam’s sin resulted in 4T 251

of children living in city slums MH 189-90

of worshipers of idols PK 185

prevailing, causes of CT 275-6; MH 183-4

resulting from ignorance CD 40; MYP 218

sum of life’s, little things which help compose 2T 133

world’s, appeals constantly to Christian’s compassion CS 161

See also Affliction; Distress; Misery; Misfortune; Pain; Sorrow; Suffering; Trouble


courtesy neglected brings 3SM 240:4

seeing Christ reach depths of, appreciation by TMK 287:3

Wright, Mich.

Wright, Mich. LS 173-4, 188; 2SM 306; 1T 104, 506, 570-2, 574-5, 596, 600, 666; 2T 22

Writer, Writers

1. Seventh-day Adventist

2. Miscellaneous

1. Seventh-day Adventist

book See Book author

careless and heedless, disqualifies himself 9T 241

duty of: in dealing with opponents TM 248

re civil authorities AA 69

re Roman Catholics CW 65

essential delays that may seem tedious to CW 157

every sentence by, should be true and sincere CW 99

should mean something definite CW 99

faultfinding and antagonistic spirit should not be manifest by CW 66

financial rights of, to profits from writings CW 165; 5T 563-6; 7T 176-8; 9T 73

giving too much attention to minute points destroy reader’s interest 3T 35-6

health of 1T 520

how, may hold reader’s interest 3T 35-6

minister who would be 3T 558-9

mistake of. in not taking physical exercise MH 309

most essential points of truth often obscured by, giving attention to every minute point 3T 35-6

must not be tedious in argument 3T 35

must not make points blind that are plain 3T 35

must write for people where they are CW 87

need to: beware lest they be tedious 3T 211

educate themselves to come at once to point of their discourses 3T 211

study brevity to interest reader 2T 671

tell that Christ intercedes for man 6T 123

write guardedly 5T 517; TM 219, 253

pens of, should be under Spirit’s control CW 19

periodical See Periodical writer

persons offended when not recognized as CW 161

positions of believers or unbelievers should not be ridiculed by TM 219

railing should not be used by TM 222

ready, gospel worker may be 9T 144

refrain from writing when only your feelings and mind prompt you 5T 517

Sabbath must be brought before people by Ev 281

should attend fewer committee meetings 7T 247

should be: careful how they use pens TM 219

close students of God’s word 3T 559

should not appear antagonistic to government and law 6T 394

should not dwell too much on the minute 3T 35

should not laud or extol any human being CW 19

spirit of, reader almost unconsciously influenced by 7T 203

spirit of truth and righteousness should control TM 248

thought and careful study should be given by, to what is to be immortalized in print 5T 516

two, who spoke as they were moved by Spirit CW 28

unkind thrusts and allusions should not be made by 9T 240-1

use of E.G. White statements by CW 153

use your pen if Spirit moves you to write 5T 517

who disqualify themselves for God’s work 9T 241

who eat bread from heaven CW 18

who make world of one or two items of theory CW 154

who thought his writing was slighted by publisher 2T 110

who was naturally inclined to shun responsibilities 3T 495

why some, lack force and intensity needed to reach hearts MH 309

words of, need of strictly guarding TM 253

work of; is to preach God’s word CW 21

write when Spirit presses and moves you 5T 517

2. Miscellaneous

confused re meaning of religion, Bible must not be made secondary to FE 404

dissolute, students endangered by studying writings of CT 26

early Christian, quoted on pagan persecution SR 321

fanciful interpretations of Bible subjects by CT 187

greatest, attaching weighty importance to FE 407

having no regard for principles of morality, youth imperiled by study of works of Ed 226-7

heathen See Heathen writer

human, mastery of works of COL 113

ministers should not seek ideas chiefly from GW 251

inferior, schools should not study CT 31

infidel: God as originator of bright gems of thought presented by FE 167

no need to seek knowledge from 8T 311

See also Infidel author

lack of strict temperance imperils MH 211; 6T 256

learned, study of God’s word must not be neglected for study of works of FE 445

many, SDA teachers who require students to study works of 1SM 245

modern, study of Ed 226-7

most celebrated secular, study of writings of MYP 256

mother’s work as compared with that of MH 378

of Bible See Scriptures

pagan, warning against study of works of Ed 226-7; 8T 306 See also Pagan author

popular, do not show students way to eternal life FE 381

reputedly great, teachers are not directed to study 6T 159-60

sensational, youth educated in crime by MH 444-5

separating minds from Source of wisdom, education is not study of FE 388

study of many, learned men enthused with satanic theories by 9T 67-8

mind confused and wearied by FE 446

teaching infidelity: not necessary to study the works of 8T 306

should not be studied in SDA colleges FE 167

turn from FE 172-3

teaching pantheism, do not read writings of Ev 623

ungodly, students influenced by books of CT 368

what study of able, cannot do for ministers 1T 433-4

wicked principles disguised in beautiful language by some Ed 227

world’s great, Christ must not be supplanted in SDA schools by suppositions of 6T 160

worldly, SDA papers should not constantly refer to CW 117

works of, that are studied in SDA schools FE 381-9

writing on health, read the best CH 566; GW 242

See also Author