Selected Messages Book 3


Chapter 42—Renting Our Churches to Other Denominations

One week ago last Sabbath, I filled an appointment to speak in the church in San Francisco. We had an excellent meeting. There seemed to be an earnest desire to hear, and an interest in the words spoken. 3SM 322.1

This is the first time I had spoken in the San Francisco church since long before the earthquake and fire. The building was in a much better condition than I expected to find it. The meeting room is large, and well kept. On the platform, and in front the floor is carpeted with red Brussels. The carpet is well preserved and is kept looking nice. The pulpit is well arranged. 3SM 322.2

Your grandfather and I were the ones who worked up the plans for erecting this building. A few others united with us, and we all worked together as best we could. 3SM 322.3

There are large, stained glass windows, which help to give a good appearance. The baptistry is nicely arranged. Back of the pulpit the wall swings back on hinges and the baptistry is thus brought into full view of the audience. I cannot express my thankfulness that the Lord preserved this large meetinghouse through the earthquake and the fire. We appreciate it now very much. 3SM 322.4

The church is rented to the Presbyterians for services on Sunday. This makes it a little inconvenient for us at times, but as their meetinghouse was destroyed, they feel very grateful for the privilege of using ours. 3SM 322.5

In some of the lower rooms dispensary work is carried on, and there are well-equipped treatment rooms. The work that has been done here has been a blessing to many, especially since the fire.—Letter 18a, 1906. 3SM 323.1