EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Warmth - Water, Waters


Warmth, Christian, manifest WM 39

essential to health MH 275

gather spiritual, from coldness of others SD 201; 5T 136

plants will not live without MH 275


faith gives; its vitality influences PM 303:1

Warning, Warnings

Warning, Warnings, addressed to two brethren 1T 168-70

admonitions and, for church 4T 537-52

against worship of beast and his image, third angel’s message gives GC 445

borne by us to world must prove to them savor of life unto life or of death unto death 5T 157

certainty of God’s messages of, for today PK 442

Christ’s act of cursing barren fig tree stands as, to all churches and Christians DA 584

church’s duty to give, to members who fall into sin DA 805

deceptions await those who reject God’s AA 266

discretion must be used in presenting special message of, for this time 6T 55

earnest and decided messages of, constant need of 5T 254

educational institutions are to co-operate in work of, inhabitants of world re second advent 6T 18

Enoch’s message(s) of: antediluvian world rejected GW 53; PP 86

some antediluvians heeded GW 53; PP 86

faithful, never more needed than now 3T 327; 5T 676

final: given to world EW 277-9; GC 603-12

manner in which, will be given GC 606-7

some leading men will accept GC 611

will arrest attention of leading men with whom God now works GC 611

fire and flood and earthquake as, to inhabitants of earth 9T 97

give, to every soul in danger DA 806

given by Millerite Adventists, popular churches rejected GC 375-90

given from time to time, marked neglect of 8T 89

given in God’s word, be careful not to neglect 5T 537

given in Testimonies: God’s astonishing mercy and care for His people shown by 2T 483; 5T 662

have been forgotten by some believers in a few weeks 2T 606

must be heeded as well as heard 4T 187-8

rejection of 5T 72-3

result of casting aside LS 324-5

since 1845 LS 323

you slight and insult God by fighting against 5T 234-5

given to God’s people in past ages, study 5T 532

given to majority of people today will be in vain PP 102-3

given to Pacific Press re printing of objectionable matter 8T 91

God first sends message of, before punishing transgressors CH 21

God has walled His people in with, by means of Testimonies 2T 606

God sends, before He punishes the disobedient PP 102

God sends to men, so important that they are represented as proclaimed by angels flying in midst of heaven GC 594

God’s, are meant for each of us individually DA 390

cannot be rejected with impunity AA 266; GC 431

guilt of generation of Christ’s time lay in rejection of DA 584-7

health institutions are to co-operate in work of, inhabitants of world re second advent 6T 18

hearing, given in Testimonies is not enough 4T 187-8

heed, of three angels’ messages GC 594

is for us upon whom ends of world are come 6T 410

Jeremiah gave messages of, similar to those of Hosea, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah PK 445

last: now is time to give 6T 16

power attending, will enrage the wicked GC 614-5

we are to give to men God’s 6T 403

last generation will make light of, given by God’s messengers PP 86

let true note of, be sounded CW 23

men who resist God’s, become leaders in evil practices 7T 181

message(s) of: bids God’s people to separate themselves from prevailing iniquity PP 166-7

dictated by Spirit portray present condition of church 5T 101

Enoch bore God’s, to all antediluvians who would hear PP 86

given to world in threefold message of Revelation 14 GC 311-2

Noah’s works testified of his sincerity while he gave to world PP 95

now is time for us to give 8T 37

reaction of antediluvians to Noah’s PP 95

we have no time to lose in giving 6T 61-2

we must quickly give to world Ev 218

would have been heard by world ere this if every soldier of Christ had done his duty 9T 29

message of Amos 4:12 is, to be given to world 2SM 114

to warn us individually 2SM 116

message of Lk 21:34-36 is, to all who claim to be Christians CW 24

most fearful, ever addressed to mortals is contained in third angel’s message GC 449

Noah as preacher of righteousness sounded, to antediluvian world 120 years PP 102

not given to erring SDA because their lives are more blameworthy than those of professed Christians of nominal churches 2T 452; 5T 661

of Rev. 14:6, 7 was given by Millerite Adventists at right time GC 352-3

our work is to give to people re danger they are in 6T 61

people along line will echo, when watchmen give trumpet a certain sound 5T 715

pub. houses are to co-operate in work of, inhabitants of world re second advent 6T 18

re events about to take place 5T 99

reproofs and, for church 2T 93-111; 5T 114-32

self-caring ministers who disregard, given in Testimonies 3T 230

shall we pass by Christ’s, without heeding them? 9T 269

speaking hope, we need to learn of AA 516

special, to be given by us for our generation DA 634

Spirit will be withdrawn from persons who reject God’s AA 266

Testimonies of, have been repeated for God’s people 2T 483; 5T 662

threefold, three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 constitute GC 435

to church 2T 216-25

to watch and pray lest you enter into temptation 5T 146

voice of, heard by Christ’s disciples before destruction of Jerusalem PP 166

we must bring, before professed Christians who transgress God’s law 6T 76-7

we must give, to people standing on brink of ruin 7T 141

withering of barren fig tree is, for all time DA 583-4

words of reproof and, treated as idle tales 8T 68


all, must be given; truth proclaimed in camp meetings TDG 179:4


sent before sanctified messenger giving TDG 282:3

participate in proclaiming TDG 60:2

wait to prepare humans to give last TMK 349:4

ceasing to heed, little by little TMK 212:2

Christ gives, like trump of God, about losing soul OHC 286:3

Christ is interested in us and gives; He sees dangers TDG 74:5

churches need, about work of religious amendment 3SM 386:3

cities and towns to hear TDG 282:2

danger in slighting, to seek pardon TMK 244:3

early experiences of Advent believers published with PM 31:1

ensnared ones refusing to listen to TDG 265:2

evil forces restrained to allow proclamation of HP 351:5


before the flood, met with mocking TDG 235:3

nearness of TDG 56:3

to be given 3SM 419:3

flood, considered superstitious prediction CC 37:2

give, to all; Lord’s anger coming; many will listen 3SM 114:1

given to Israel to be studied; (cautions) HP 215:3

God sends,

although humans despised Him RC 321:2

through inspired voices HP 103:2

Holy Spirit gives SDAs HP 347:3

ignoring, in Bible and testimonies; then falling RY 179:1

impression made by, lessened by resistance TMK 244:2

influence of, soon forgotten by God’s people TDG 50:3

minister to give unpopular VSS 345:3

mocking God’s, result of UL 115:4

need for; Great Controversy prepared 3SM 413:2

object of our efforts is to give, to all PM 47:1

people to hear, before it is too late PM 281:2

punishment for those who disregard TDG 152:2

rejection of,

as idle tales; injustice in publishing house PM 167:5

by Pharaoh CC 89:2

by self-confident one 2MCP 793:2

final opportunity to reform lustful life TSB 177:3

makes guilt abhorrent to God TDG 55:5

resentment for, about weakness TDG 259:3

Satan is trying to destroy TMK 349:3

sent to correct before errors become second nature OHC 160:3

silence wrong when there is need for TDG 21:5

solemn, message to go as; presentation to be clear TDG 282:3

spoken by those with genuine faith TMK 337:4

unrecognized when inspiration of Ellen White rejected 3SM 69:3

workers needed to give, to those who are unready PM 281:3

written, goes where living messenger cannot 3SM 114:2

See also Instruction; Reproof

Warren, May E.

Warren, May E., hymn “Lift Him Up” by, quoted FE 284

Warrior, Warriors

Warrior, Warriors, Christian, must never yield to Satan’s attacks 9T 219-20

dead, devils professing to be 1T 364

Joshua was known chiefly as PP 481

mighty, in resurrection of the wicked EW 293; GC 664

Satan as mightiest of GC 664

wise and successful, David as PP 672 See also Soldier

War song

War song, from abyss below LS 191

heard in impressive dream 2T 595

Wartburg, Germany

Wartburg, Germany GC 168-70, 188, 193

War veteran, War veterans

War veteran, War veterans, nations care for 7T 290-1

Washburn, Gov. C. C.

Washburn, Gov. C. C., of Wisconsin, quoted GC 387

Washer and wringer

Washer and wringer, C. A. White invented 1T 664

Washing, Washings

Washing, Washings, enjoined by ceremonial law, were lessons in parables 4BC 1176

necessary duty of moral importance 3T 80

of clothes, schools should teach CT 310

young women find valuable exercise in, by using old-fashioned rubbing board FE 74-5 See also Washtub

of hands before eating frequent among Jews SD 55

of pots and pans among Jews SD 55

of robes of character in Christ’s blood, SDA need CW 81

Pharisees were diligent in DA 395-6, 603

traditional precepts of ceremonial, among Jews DA 395-6

Washing dishes

Washing dishes See Dishwashing

Washing machine

Washing machine, gift of, EGW pleased with 1T 665

patented 1T 665

Washing time

Washing time, Christian’s, this is 5BC 1131

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., believers in, miss. work should be done by Ev 397

cities near, miss. work needed in Ev 396-7

country for miles around, should be worked LS 397

decided message should be given in Ev 397

earnest efforts needed in God’s work in Ev 396-7

establishment of God’s work in, liberality of God’s people in giving means for LS 398

evangelistic work needed in Ev 395-7

Gen. Conf. session held in, in 1905 LS 405

Gen. Conf. session held in, in 1909 LS 416

gospel work in, should advance in straight lines LS 398

gospel work needed in LS 394

gospel workers needed to labor in Ev 395-7

imprint of, on SDA books and papers LS 394

institutions at, men who should not be connected with FE 493

institutional work in, land purchased for LS 397

memorials for God should be established in LS 393

more decided efforts needed in gospel work in Ev 395

much to be done for God in LS 397

people of, make decided efforts to bring truth before LS 390

places around, miss. effort needed in Ev 396

proclamation of third angel’s message begun in 9T 99

Review and Herald pub. house moved from Battle Creek to, in August of 1903 FE 492; LS 389-97; 2SM 358; 8T 10

sanitarium in, land secured for LS 397

sanitarium needed in CH 448; LS 394

school in, land secured for LS 397

suburbs of, memorials for God should be established in LS 393

teaching and healing should be combined in Ev 397

temperance message re eating, drinking, and dressing should be heard in CH 448

third angel’s message should be proclaimed with power in Ev 394; 9T 99

truth should shine forth from Ev 395

EGW in, on July 24, 1904 1SM 193

on Aug. 7, 1904 1SM 199

Wolff (Joseph) preached in, in summer of 1837 GC 360-1

woman from, who claimed to be wholly sanctified and to have power of healing 2SM 66

See also Takoma Park, Md.


memorials in, as Ellen White was shown PM 181:6

move away from, may be required (1903) PM 182:1

publishing house in, counsel to leaders in PM 71

Satan working in; our work to be there at once PM 181:1

spiritual weakness of workers in PM 63:2

truth needed in fullness by; property found there PM 180

Washington, George

Washington, George 4T 411

Washingtonian Home

Washingtonian Home, for inebriates Te 261

Washington Missionary College

Washington Missionary College See Columbia Union College

Washington, N.H.

Washington, N.H. LS 150, 179-81; 2SG 184; 1T 655-8

Washington Sanitarium and Hospital

Washington Sanitarium and Hospital, land purchased for LS 396-8

location of CH 448; CT 519; 2SM 358

SDA settling close around FE 494

Washington Territory

Washington Territory 5T 272


Washtub, persons who honor religion while working at 4T 590

young women who think it unladylike to stand over 1T 686

Waste, Wastes

Waste, Wastes, Christ taught lesson re, in feeding 5,000 CG 135; DA 368; MH 48; WM 154

failing to save odds and ends results in much MM 176

follows waste everywhere 5T 400

he who has plenty should not WM 154

in families, instruction needed re MM 176

wicked 5T 400

in institution amounts to much in year CH 420

in sanitarium is grave matter MM 176

institutional workers’ duty to avoid CH 420; 4T 572

lack of thoughtful attention at right time causes 4T 451

little, money lost in 7T 207

mistaken idea of, in regard to plan of salvation DA 565-6

of minutes, in talking 7T 206

of time, by ministers in unimportant things TM 194

of time and material, causes of 4T 451

Wasted life

Wasted life, fame and genius and talent cannot restore MH 115


in the work place TMK 93:4

of useful items; little wastes PM 332:0


Wastepaper, can be turned into money 4T 451


Watch, as though this were last day granted you 5T 200

as well as pray 2T 321; MYP 123

for today 3T 333

least unholy prompting of your nature 5T 532

now is time to, unceasingly 2SM 19

person who overcomes must 8T 100

pray and, ministers need to 4T 400

unto prayer continually 5T 148

where we need to SC 72

work and pray and, as though this were last day granted you 5T 200

work of adversaries lest they gain advantage 3T 572

Watch, Watches

Watch, Watches, after watch, in past 2T 193

first, greater need of unceasing watchfulness now than during 2T 193

is past 2T 192

fourth, apostles in storm during DA 381

God’s people not on, against Satan’s devices 1T 304

never let enemy beguile from your 2T 321

second, double watchfulness needed in 2T 193-4

is past 2T 192

third, no excuse for abating watchfulness in 2T 194

SDA are in 2T 192

Watch, (timepiece)

Watch, (timepiece), gold, question to ask when considering matter of purchasing 4T 511

obtained by lottery CS 241

spending money for 4T 511


Watchcare, Christ’s, over His people GC 517; 1SM 79-82

God’s, encircles every individual ML 292; SC 86; 5T 742

extends to every household ML 292; 5T 742

Watch diligently

Watch diligently, lest concealed snare take you unawares 8T 99

Watcher, Watchers

Watcher, Watchers, divine, never lose sense of presence of 6T 56

evil, annoying circumstances created by 6T 134

universal custom of having, attend the sick 2SM 459

unseen, representative of Him whose power Belshazzar challenged PK 522-38

unseen presence of, in school CT 369-70


Watchful, man cannot be happy Christian unless he is 8T 100

when to be doubly MYP 419

Watchful Christian

Watchful Christian, is working Christian AA 261

man cannot be happy Christian unless he is 8T 100

Watchful diligence

Watchful diligence, pastors must exercise, over Lord’s flock AA 526


Watchfulness, apostles’ failure to maintain, in Gethsemane DA 420, 425, 688-9, 713-46

when Christ was transfigured DA 425

arm yourself with GW 264-5

be given to, as never before 3T 476

cessation of, Christians will have no ease for 3T 570

Christ’s example of 2T 664

Christian’s safety calls for 5T 141

constant: Christian attainments reached only through AA 307

importance of SL 95

keep your moral nature braced by CH 411

need of 1SM 353; 3T 326

needed to resist evil ML 315

continual, conquest of self requires MH 487

why, is needed 5T 102

continued, needed to escape Satan’s delusive snares 2T 193

continuous, victory over self cannot be accomplished without 5T 345

cultivate 3T 321

do not relax your, for one moment PK 659; 3T 473, 570

earnest, do not relax 2T 192

essential to accomplish what God would have His people do CH 560

fidelity is retained only by ML 296

gospel workers must arm themselves with AA 230

great, needed in future 2SM 53

greater, exposure to rebuffs and opposition leads to AA 467-8

guard your weakest points by GW 126

heart needs to be strictly sentineled by TM 327

lack of: among God’s people 3T 253

fruit of shunning individual responsibility 1T 99

is confession that Christ is not in you 1T 408

man’s weakest points can be so guarded by, they will become his strongest points 2T 511

mental serenity is retained only by ML 296

need of, against Satan’s first advance step among God’s people ChS 40

needed against Satan’s wiles and subtleties 5T 409

neglect of: blessing lost by DA 83

leads to grievous sin AA 316

leads to sin and crime 2T 479

results of 5T 102

self-confidence leads to 3T 445

neglected 5T 485-6

parents must exercise unceasing, over children CT 119

prayer and: advancement in Christian life calls for 2T 283

be braced by constant 4T 522

Christian attainments are reached only by constant AA 307

Christian’s need of 2T 205

Christian’s only safety is PK 82; 5T 141

important relation between 2T 222

parents need to exercise constant 2T 701

results of failing to maintain 5T 485-6

safeguards of purity are PK 84

some believers backslidden through lack of LS 220

temptation can be overcome by 2T 511

warning against neglect of PP 724

youth’s only safety is in SD 136

Solomon’s failure to maintain, lesson from PK 82

spirit of, cultivate 4T 38-9

students should manifest FE 349

time given to gossiping should be given to 2T 247

time of, why this is 2T 190-6

times ahead require 5BC 1086

unceasing: needed to withstand temptation PP 460, 750-1

parents must maintain CG 113-4

right thinking requires PP 460

youth’s only safety is 3T 374

vigilant, needed to withstand temptation PK 490

when motives for, cease to exist 1SM 314

youth’s only safety is MYP 247

See also Vigilance


as never before TMK 267:3

because Christ comes like a thief UL 365:2

character of work needs; false messages will come 1MCP 41:4

Christian warfare requires HP 260:5

destiny depends on, as in Luke 21:36 RC 367:2

diversion from Mar 108:5


Christ among candlesticks LHU 318:2

is price of eternal life UL 200:5

toil of, not to be grudged TDG 374:2

exhortation to TMK 351

forgetting need for TDG 27:3

go to Christ when tired and depressed TDG 154:4

important in Christian life OHC 132:4

in the future; evil spirits seek control Mar 148:3; TDG 336:2

influence is a reason for RC 367:8

lack of; (spiritual stupidity) Mar 148:3; TDG 336:2

needed in waiting, watching, praying and working RC 271:4

needed to answer Master’s call UL 24:4

prayer, work; these are Christian’s watchwords OHC 302:4

reasons for FLB 224:4; LHU 368:3

spiritual, relaxing, never safe TMK 21:5

union with Christ preserved by constant TMK 361:2

victory requires constant OHC 82:6

work and wait, now is the time for Mar 107:4

See also Seriousness, Sleep

Watchfulness and prayer

accomplishes more than severity in training children RC 185:4

actions to follow TMK 41:3

and hold to promises UL 42:4

and work avoiding selfishness UL 24

barricaded by, in continual conversion OHC 215:2

Christ requested UL 19:5

Christian experience expanded by OHC 216:2

Christ’s words sound through the ages TMK 267:2

constant; sin is always a danger FW 86:0

disciples didn’t understand necessity of HP 97:3

it is court week for us Mar 39:3

knowing Satan’s devices TDG 27:3

life in the Lord requires HP 218:3

meaning of command for LHU 368

now to escape deception 1MCP 42:2

safeguard against deception TMK 301:4

sin through lack of, different from deliberate sin OHC 177:2

Solomon’s life shows importance of RY 178:4

suppressing fashionable errors TDG 20:5

temptation in an environment of evil OHC 132:2

with faith that works by love Mar 54:4

Watchfulness and waiting

found in faithful ones RC 258:3

needed; day of the Lord is coming 3SM 408:2

“Watch, pray, work,”

“Watch, pray, work,” Christian’s watchword is GW 257

true life of faith is 5T 235

Watchful servants

Watchful servants, parable of See Parable

Watch humbly

Watch humbly, is to watch prayerfully 3T 326


Watching, advancement in divine life requires 2T 283

attitude of, sign distinguishing SDA from world 2T 205

be, against temptation 8T 100

Christ’s blessing for persons found 2T 195

for second advent, duty of Christian who is DA 634

God’s people made strong by 2T 195

habitual, Christian’s only safety TM 233

little period of, remains 2T 192

needed lest probation close and find you unready 2T 191

unto prayer, defined OHC 134:3

means living your prayers before God 1SM 116-7

parents need to be diligently 2T 398

waiting and: SDA position is 2SM 97

nearly all have ceased 2T 195

need of combined quiet 2SM 242

Watching attitude

Watching attitude, designates church as God’s people indeed 2T 205

Watching others

Watching others, habit of, difficult to overcome 2T 320

Watching position

Watching position, danger of being allured from 2T 192

Watching, working, and waiting

Watching, working, and waiting, blend AH 23


Watchmaker, backslidden, won to Christ by EGW Ev 449-50

Watchman, Watchmen

Watchman, Watchmen, among God’s people, warning to 5T 716

ancient: duty(s) of AA 360; GW 14; 4T 402

occupied most responsible position 4T 402

placed on walls of Jerusalem 4T 402

represent the ministry 4T 402-3

required to call to one another at stated intervals AA 360

chief, should give heed lest opportunities to see dangers be lost 5T 715

Christians must be, to warn men of peril DA 355

church has been appointed as CT 165

discouragement to, cause of CH 562

every, must be in his place FE 472

faithful: God has had, in every age AA 11

God will not hide truth from 4T 527

men devoid of Spirit cannot be 2SM 57

minister should be 4T 515

must give warning to world MM 160

faithfulness of, our safety depends on GW 14-5

safety of all within city depended upon AA 360

false, will be first to fall GC 656

God arouses His, to give messages of warning, reproof, and instruction 5T 718

kind of, that God calls for 8T 304

loving ease reproved 2T 440

many, are asleep 5T 715; 6T 166

minister’s responsibility as, greater today than in days of prophets 5T 16

ministers’ duties as GW 14-5; 5T 16

ministers’ work likened to that of AA 360; GW 14-5

must not look quietly on while people are being deceived MM 90

on walls of Zion: are answerable to God for souls of people 3T 240-1

do not labor for wages AA 361

ministers’ duties as AA 361; GW 15; 4T 402-3

must be wide-awake 2SM 373

must never relax vigilance AA 361

must never sound one wavering or uncertain note AA 361

must tell people time of night 1T 430

need to awake to God-given responsibilities 8T 304

persons in responsible positions are to stand as 8T 195

privilege of, to live near to God AA 361

vigilance of, must not abate 2T 706

voices of, must be lifted up in trumpet tones AA 361

when, will unitedly sound trumpet in clearer and louder notes LS 327

only safety is to live like 2T 283

ought to: give trumpet certain sound Ev 195; 1SM 126

know time of night 6T 407

lift up voice and give present truth now 5T 716

raise alarm when they see danger 2T 440

sound trumpet unitedly in clearer and louder notes TM 468

over our youth, duty of church as CT 165

prophets as TM 405

responsible for condition of people 5T 235

responsibilities of 4T 402

SDA set in world as 9T 19

should be: ever at post 3T 242

first to give warning to people 2T 708

on guard against wily foe 2T 440

sleepy, warning to 4T 402-3

slumbering, message to Ev 144

solemn responsibility rests on 5T 15-6

some, are unfaithful sentinels 2T 440

specific work of TM 236

Spirit-filled, God calls for 8T 304

spiritual, duties of ministers as AA 360-1

teachers in SDA schools as 6T 166

uncontaminated by applause, God’s work needs 5T 263

unfaithful: description of 2T 440

message to 1T 313

minister who will be accounted as 5T 263

who do not warn people in peril TM 406

who have not sounded warning or known time of night TM 235

who slept at posts 2T 708

wake up MM 304

when trumpet is not given certain sound by, people do not look out for danger 5T 719

work of, is to watch for evil and to give warning against it 1T 314


faithful, proclaiming warning as TMK 343:4

faithful, shuns too much variety in foods at a meal TDG 340:3

time of night to be know by UL 368:4

you are God’s TDG 114:5

Watchman Magazine

Watchman Magazine, appointed work of, in all parts of world CW 136

articles in: deeper spirituality needed in CW 85

long, kill its circulation CW 84-5, 114

short and spiritual, need of CW 84-5

should be deeply spiritual CW 85

be careful not to hinder, in its work CW 136

bears message as verily as does Review and Herald and Signs of the Times CW 136

bright reports of miss. experiences published in, would help CW 114

church members should subscribe to CW 114

circulation of: erroneous ideas re CW 135-6

long articles kill CW 84-5

not to be restricted PM 349

promote CW 114, 135

contains matter needed by people CW 114, 135

contributors to, should do their best CW 114

editors of CW 114

excellent paper CW 114

field of, is wherever subscribers can be found CW 136

has work to do CW 136

should have place in field at large CW 136

Signs of the Times and, rivalry between CW 135-6

subscription list of, should greatly increase CW 135

subscriptions for, get CW 114, 135

temperance number of CH 435-6; Te 250

work of, beware of selfish plans in CW 135-6


Watchtower, be faithful sentinel on your LS 324; 8T 172; TM 465

“Watch, watch, watch”

“Watch, watch, watch” 2T 195

Watchword, Watchwords

Watchword, Watchwords, Christian’s 1T 690-4

Christ expects every man to do his duty 5T 460

Christ’s name as AA 28; DA 826; 8T 15

“Educate, educate, educate” as Te 169

“Go forward” as 4T 28

Isa. 8:20 contains GW 309; 8T 299

Matt. 25:40 contains 6T 303

“Onward, ever onward!” as GW 470; LS 375; 6T 29

“Watch, pray, and work” as GW 257; 2T 222-3, 241, 283, 427

church’s, is ministry MH 148

of education, “Something better” as Ed 296

of married people 2T 477-8

persons whose, is “Gain, gain” 1T 476

three, in Christian life 2T 283

Water, Waters

1. Literal

2. Literal (pure)

3. Literal (soft)

4. Of life

5. Spiritual


1. Literal

angels provided, for Elijah PK 166

application of, in treating the sick 2SM 287-8

application of, pain can be relieved by MH 237

applied carefully and understandingly, feverish state of system can be reduced by 4aSG 133

treatment of disease by 2SM 450

applied correctly, beneficial as healing agency 1T 489

applied externally: beneficial to persons in fevered state CD 419

one of best ways to regulate blood circulation MH 237

as offering to God, David presented PP 737

as symbol of peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues GC 440

best liquid possible for cleansing body’s tissues CD 420-1; ML 139; Te 101

blood and, flowed from Christ’s wounded side DA 772

bodies of, on earth when created PP 45; 3SG 33; SR 20

See also Lake; Ocean; Sea

bread and, promised to God’s people in time of trouble EW 56

breaking forth of, God permits calamities in 2SM 315-6

brought from flinty rock for Israel at Horeb PP 411; 4aSG 17, 122;

can be used in many ways to relieve suffering CD 419; 2SM 297

Christ made pure grape juice out of Te 98

symbolic meaning of DA 148-9

Christ provided, from rock at Horeb PP 298; 3SG 257

clear and hot, taken before eating is beneficial CD 303, 419; 2SM 297

cold, offered to the needy will be recognized in judgment SD 361

stomach injured by CD 420

colder the, greater the injury to stomach CH 119-20

concealed in earth, used to destroy corrupt antediluvians 7BC 946; PP 99; 3SG 87; SR 66-7

consecrated, used in ceremonies of Feast of Tabernacles DA 449

cool and refreshing, Spirit’s influence likened to DA 476

cup of cold MB 23

blessing from giving, to Christ’s followers 5T 229

deep, winning love like AH 432

disease can be checked by applying MH 237

drink, some little time before or after meal CD 420; Te 101

drinking of CD 419-20

sick persons with raging fever benefited by 4aSG 136-7

earth will not be destroyed again by 7BC 946

effects of, upon lime PP 108

every drop of, is gift of redeeming love SD 241

flagon of, used in Feast of Tabernacles DA 449

free use of, persons in fevered state benefited by CD 419

God has used, since Flood to destroy wicked cities 7BC 946; 3SG 82

to punish wicked cities and nations 1SM 269

good, one of God’s means for healing the sick MM 233; 7T 85

hard, making graham gems with CD 320

hot, used with salt in treating eyes 2SM 297

hot and cold, treatment of disease by MM 228

ice, taken with meals retards digestion CD 420; CH 119-20

impure, health in cities is often imperiled by MH 365

in East called “the gift of God” DA 183

in Egyptian cisterns turned into blood PP 265

invalids guard themselves against use of CH 55

Israel’s clamor for, at Rephidim PP 297-8

jets of, burst from earth when Flood came PP 99; SR 66-7

living stream of, ceased for Israel at Kadesh PP 413-4

man’s drinking, Christ’s spilled blood bought DA 660

men are indebted to God for CS 17; SD 17

men learn to swim in 7T 281

and not on land Ed 268

miraculously provided for Israel in wilderness PP 429

of great deep, Christ controls DA 184

of purification, preparation and use of ceremonial 4T 121-3

one of God’s appointed remedies LS 169

one of God’s greatest blessings 4aSG 136

one of heaven’s greatest blessings 2SM 453

persons as weak as 2T 20

persons far from God are as variable and unstable as 2T 127

persons with burning fever should be given 2SM 453

persons with raging fevers benefited by CD 420; 4aSG 136-7

plenty of, needed in treating fever MM 228

preferable to milk in breadmaking MH 301

purest, given to Israel out of flinty rock 4aSG 41

regularly dispersed over earth in beginning 3SG 33; SR 20

sea of, earth cleansed in Noah’s day by COL 179 See also Flood

skillful use of, fever’s devouring flame can be quenched by 5T 195

spring of, miraculously opened for Samson 2BC 1007

stagnant, pure white lily full of fragrance on Te 187

taken with meals, flow of saliva is diminished by CD 420; CH 119-20

treatment of disease by using 4aSG 134-5

beneficial effects of 4aSG 136-7; 2SM 453

treatment of lung fever by using 4aSG 151-3; 2SM 304-6

treatment of severe fever by using 2T 384

treatment of sick people by using 2SM 289, 451; 1T 561

considered by some people as too laborious Te 85

See also Water treatment

unstable as, what it means to be 1BC 1098

used gently on man with terribly broken skull LS 185; 2T 18

used intelligently is beneficial in restoration of health Te 85

used wisely is a most powerful remedy for sickness 7BC 938; 2SM 346

when cup of, and crust of bread are banquet CS 162-3

See also Brook; Flood; Fountain; Ocean; Rain; River; Rivulet; Sea; Spring; Stream; Well

2. Literal (pure)

as remedial agency MH 237; MM 223; 4aSG 133; 2SM 286-7, 291, 446, 450, 456, 458; Te 248

instead of drugs 4aSG 134

one of most effective MM 225

bathing in, as treatment for disease 2SM 446

helps to remove poisons from system CH 62

beneficial to: health CH 61-2

the afflicted ML 139

beverage which God provides to quench thirst MH 237

blood is purified by ML 139

cold, making graham gems with CD 319-20

doctor provided by God MM 230

drink freely of CD 419

helps nature to: keep body well 4aSG 141

overcome system’s bad conditions ML 139

resist disease MH 237

helps to supply system’s necessities MH 237

important in treating invalids CH 55-6; MM 106-7

is all that nature requires to quench thirst CH 120

maintain personal cleanliness by using 2SM 460-1

man needs, to keep well CD 419

one of God’s: healing remedies 5T 443

physicians CH 261; MM 259; 2SM 281, 297

one of heaven’s choicest blessings MH 237

one of nature’s own furnished remedies 2SM 287-8

people cannot keep well who are not careful to get MM 226

quench thirst with CD 420; Te 101

thousands have died for want of CD 419; CH 55; 2SM 456

use of, would prevent much suffering ML 139

use wisely, to prevent disease 1T 491

vital organs are invigorated by ML 139

within reach of all 2SM 287

at little expense 5T 443

young women who think that they are invalids should drink freely of MM 106-7

3. Literal (soft)

afflicted persons benefited by ML 139

as remedy for disease 2SM 456

bathing in, helps remove poisons from system CH 62

treatment for disease by 2SM 446

beneficial to health CH 62

best for: bathing CD 419; CH 56; 2SM 456

drinking CD 419; CH 56; 2SM 456

making rolls CD 108, 320

drink freely of CD 419

helps nature to keep body well 4aSG 141

maintain personal cleanliness by using 2SM 460-1

much suffering could be prevented by using ML 139

one of most effective remedies for disease MM 225

treatment of disease by using 2SM 446

instead of drugs 4aSG 134

young women who think that they are invalids should drink freely of MM 106-7

4. Of life

alone, will satisfy thirsty soul FE 339

Christ as inexhaustible fountain of DA 187

Christians faithfully enduring to end will drink of EW 20-1, 77; LS 72, 91; 2SG 55; 1T 65, 69; 5T 655

common, turned into wine of heaven GW 206

flowing from Christ, men need 4BC 1152

flowing from heart, waters others 5BC 1134

fountain of, opened to all DA 454

pray that God will unseal TM 509

given to men through Christ DA 454

healing, flowed from Christ to men DA 365

if men wither for lack of, it is their fault 9T 179

illustrated SC 77

is only for people who feel need of it GC 540

must be in and flowing out of Christians 3T 381

offered to Samaritan woman is offered to people today DA 194

one draft of, is not enough DA 187

person who drinks of, becomes fountain of life DA 195

persons to whom Christ promises to give ML 91

provided for all who thirst 3T 190

represents Christ’s life TM 226

revelation of Christ’s grace in His word is TM 390

soul is purified, refreshed, and invigorated by DA 187

soul thirsting for, appeals to Christ’s heart MH 25

souls are thirsting for Ev 485

spiritual life which Christ gives to thirsty soul is DA 190

thirsty soul is satisfied by DA 187

See also River

5. Spiritual

Christ is well of, springing up to everlasting life DA 439

dark, persons passing through 2T 97

extremists who would be either in fire or in Ev 611

fountain of living: lead people to CW 102-3

redeemed will be led to 5T 621

within Christ 3T 322

living: Christ as PP 413

Christ offers to sinners DA 187

Christ’s grace is as DA 187

emblem of Christ’s grace PP 412

lessons re PP 412-3

person who drinks of, becomes fountain of life MH 102

symbol of Christ’s life-giving blood PP 411

of everlasting life, Christ offered to Samaritan woman DA 184

of salvation, men must drink of 4T 558

needed for spiritual growth AA 284-5

persons who would be either in fire or in, do not encourage TM 228

sow beside all TM 423-5


boundaries of, overflowed in earth’s final scene Mar 174:6

Christ gives, from the river of God HP 107:5; 2MCP 541:1

Christ walking on, seen when disciples had given up TDG 110:6

Ellen White enjoyed experience on TDG 110:2

fountain of living, converts discover TMK 216:4

green path following stream of, Christ’s deeds traced like HP 225:4

lack of, at Rephidim known to God RC 353:2


available for asking TDG 301:2

Christ will lead redeemed beside HP 285:6

Christians are to guide souls to LHU 276:3

flow from truth in the heart TMK 158:4

forsaken by many UL 103:5

grace of Christ revealed in His Word RC 109:3

help received only by drinking TDG 301:5

inexhaustible supply of, in studying Christ 3SM 187:1

lacking in 1888 meetings; reliance on own judgment 3SM 171:3

offer of, to woman of Samaria is offer to all TMK 337:3

others to be refreshed by those who drink TMK 370:5

refreshed by TMK 241:3

search for, successful as we come to Jesus TDG 301:4

souls dying in desert of sin guided to HP 240:3

spiritual misunderstandings explained beside Mar 317:7

streams of, to widen; people to be called and trained TDG 195:4

unknown to many while they talk religion TDG 301:3

love of being on, counsel to one with TDG 138:5

luxury of pure soft; God’s medicine 3SM 280:2

mountains supply, showing greatness and majesty of God OHC 253

refreshing, Christ presents; sweet words of forgiveness TSB 259:0

verdure marks path of, as kind deeds marked Christ’s path TDG 283:3

weakness as, strength promised to replace HP 309:5

wellspring of, Christ’s heart was TMK 37:2