EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Talented person, Talented persons - Teachableness

Talented person, Talented persons

Talented person, Talented persons, are to: act their part in carrying forward mission interests 5T 563

be brought to cross of Christ WM 117

Christ expects from, corresponding returns CS 152

dangerous age for, this is CH 367; 4T 538

deadly peril of, because of lack of strict temperance in all things 6T 256

by failure to see need of self-control in all things MH 211

endangered by pride and ambition CH 367; 4T 538

God’s work needs Ev 554

gospel workers who are, should be assigned to posts of activity in different localities 8T 135

great and brilliant, why God cannot use many PP 553

in nine cases out of ten become independent and self-sufficient CH 367

need of, to evangelize cities Ev 34

often have proved failures in God’s work FE 193

Satan constantly plies temptations upon CH 367; 4T 538

Satan tries to fill, with pride and ambition CH 367

Satan’s use of GC 509

some, who once rejoiced in truth will oppose it GC 608

the most, are not only persons to be used in gospel work 1SM 128

are not persons whose work produces greatest and most lasting results MH 150

thinking their talent is not appreciated by others TM 169

who have wasted their talent, what God can do with Ed 270

why God sometimes sets aside, for men of inferior talent 4T 541

why it is hard to present truth to 3T 39

Talented worker, Talented workers

Talented worker, Talented workers, argument that, should be paid higher wages CH 299

can do little unless Christ is formed within 7BC 916


Talk, abundant 6T 84

aimless, time frittered away in COL 343

bringing no light, time lost in CD 188; TM 499

cheap: mischief done by MYP 201

spiritual advancement injured by 2T 188

unbecoming to Christian 2T 249

warning against 2T 316

cheap and common, Satan’s merchandise CT 340; TM 84

unbecoming to minister TM 339

cheap and foolish: avoid AH 472

Christian experience should not be composed of FE 458

painful to Christ FE 457

cheap and nonsensical, in pleasure parties CT 344

cheap and worldly, women warned against 5T 131

cheap stuff 2T 233, 685

Christianity is more than 3T 528

do not make others idle by your Ev 654

empty and vain, God dishonored by MYP 367; 1T 499

exaggeration in, evil of 2T 186

foolish: Christ denied by DA 357; 1T 408; 3T 332

Christian recreation is not occasion for 2T 589

home not place for AH 438

put away CT 548; ML 196

what to do in company of persons indulging in COL 337

foolish and common, Christ hears CT 342; TM 88

do not engage in TM 157

foolish and trifling, Spirit driven away by SD 316

frivolous See Frivolous talk

idle: children given to 4T 98

Christ’s presence lost by DA 83

persons who continue their MM 144

young girls warned against CH 294

irrational, intemperate eating and working cause CG 398

loud and angry, home not place for AH 436

low and cheap and common, home no place for AH 438

low and vile, destroys true dignity of manhood 4T 652

ministers should not exhaust strength in 1T 647

parlor See Parlor talk

protracted, extremely wearing 2T 116-8

re doubts See Doubt

reckless, angels ashamed of CH 412

sinful, avoid 2T 185

strength spent in, needed for prayer 2T 435

superficial, passing for moral and religious instruction PP 594

that is cheap fruit ChS 96

time wasted in Ev 653; 2T 255; 7T 206

trifling See Trifling talk

truth not best recommended by 3T 334

unprofitable, time should not be wasted in 5T 162

vain, time should not be spent in 2T 186

warning against CH 412-3

vain and unnecessary, man given to 2T 188

women given to Ev 465; 2T 185

See also Backbiting; Conversation; Criticism; Evilspeaking; Gossip; Speech; Talebearing


about principles of faith; Bible truth UL 371:4


revealed by OHC 292:2

hurt by VSS 154

choice of one with shallow, for marriage LYL 37:1; TSB 23:1


and duties subject of, if you love Him TDG 141:2

and Him crucified to be the theme of RC 284:7

appearing in TMK 287:4

in TMK 274:3; VSS 30:2

Christ-centered, increases awareness of His charms HP 370:4

Christ’s name to be remembered in OHC 55:3

common, temptation overpowers those engaging in HP 199:3

commonness of, by low morals HP 197:2

conversion to the truth shown by HP 67:5

corrupting TSB 247:2

counsel given by God regarding, ignored 3SM 31:3


about, to involve Word of God VSS 32:0

for tone and words in VSS 189:4

excessive, (expatiation) about others UL 298:4

fashion and appearance in, shows selfishness OHC 283:4

foolish/cheap/empty/frivolous/trifling/ vain, VSS 145:3

and nonsense in, in church offices PM 61:1

avoid, but seek wisdom to let light shine TMK 158:4

avoid; study the attributes of Christ TDG 205:6

Christ not revealed in exaggerated statements or 2MCP 577:3

endangers soul purity OHC 292:2

express the love of Jesus instead of indulging in TDG 22:6

faith and power lacking because of VSS 126:2

good seed choked out by OHC 162:5

instead of on Christ HP 218:5

marriage no place for HP 204:2

master of self instead of carried away by LHU 376:2

minds that enjoy, lack the joy of Christ OHC 115:2; TMK 142:3

minds undisciplined bring, or depression 2MCP 408:0

not heard by consecrated one planted by waters VSS 125:2

places us on enemy’s ground OHC 305:4

put away nonsensical, jesting, falsehood, etc. FW 79:1

Satan reaches those indulging in OHC 292:2

shadows from, not from God’s lack of facilities TMK 273:3

sin of OHC 292:4

speaking words of no weight VSS 127:2

unfits for contemplating heavenly things HP 245:3

with unbelievers LYL 26:4

wrong but possible to be sociable TSB 246:3

See also Thoughts, foolish


discussed in, when associating to lead to more truth OHC 301:2

not to be offended by OHC 55:3

godliness dwelling in the heart will pervade HP 315:5

godly / holiness in,

adorn doctrine of Christ our Saviour with TMK 212:3

as testimony to Jesus NL 35:1

drawing nigh to God TDG 22:7

holy in our sphere as God is in His FW 79:2

God’s activities in, instead of self and people LHU 216:5

grace to be in, because Christ is listening TDG 143:5

guarded in; talk of hope in Jesus VSS 153:3

harshness and condemnation bad in; consider children 3SM 229:4

heaven in, HP 95:5, 370:2; OHC 305:3

makes speaking evil lose attraction OHC 181:4

more TMK 119:3

not common and sensual TSB 157:2

shows spirit and character of Christ TDG 157:5

when Holy Spirit gives grace FW 87:3

holy things occupied, of Enoch TMK 320:2

hope, faith and thanksgiving to God are to be topics of TDG 305:6

idle, people with, to leave SDA institutions PM 66:0

impure, leave those with; judge by God’s Word TSB 104


for good or ill AG 65:2

of wise; talker’s thinking is shallow VSS 52:2

less, and more prayer needed in gatherings VSS 53:2

less, pray more and 3SM 336:2

loving to, sin when words do not glorify God 1MCP 125:1

low, young converts not to be workers if they have VSS 47:2

mother to have, seasoned with grace TDG 39:4

pains and ailments not to be the theme of 2MCP 805:3

religion of Christ is more than TDG 182:2

representing Christ in LHU 325:2

requirement of God explicit about OHC 292:3

requiring no repentance OHC 181:3

self in,

rather than riches of Christ TMK 175:2

to be less, and more of Jesus RC 220:6

silence may be better than VSS 31:0

sobriety and common sense to characterize OHC 292:2

strife may be created by VSS 143:3

sunshine of heaven in, reveals Christ’s righteousness RC 185:2

temptation of idle, resisted by continuous praise OHC 10:4

themes of, indicate eternal interests HP 370:5

thinking not substituted for by VSS 52:2

topics for,

Christ and salvation HP 370:4

faith and hope should be TMK 342:2

spiritual, when with unbelievers OHC 305:5

travelers opposite in TMK 303:2

truth in, of those who love it; talk of hope in Jesus TMK 153:5

unimportant topics in VSS 66:1

vain, youth generally characterized by OHC 283:2

when helping heavenward; otherwise silence is golden 2MCP 772:2

See also Controversy; Joking; Speech; Words; Voices

Talk, Talks

Talk, Talks, for children, make up for brevity by frequency in GW 208

should be right to point GW 208

long: avoid 2T 321

children loathe instruction given by 2T 420

erroneous idea re 5T 588-9

young minds loathe GW 209

long and prosy, out of place anywhere 4T 70

long and tedious, avoid 4T 131

kill love for SS CSW 166-7

on health preservation, needed 2SM 281

short, best for children GW 208

short and right to point, needed CT 403

things to be avoided in 2T 670-1

weed from, everything not of highest and best quality CT 403

See also Discourse; Lecture; Sermon; Speech


Talk, do more than, while waiting for second advent TM 187

do not, of your doubts TM 516

of your inefficiency and defeats TM 516

in hopeless and discouraged way, never COL 147

with Christ when alone MH 510-1; 2SM 316

Talkative person, Talkative persons

Talkative person, Talkative persons, God’s work does not need LS 275

times when, has no right to talk Ev 653

Talker, Talkers

Talker, Talkers, flippant, re Bible truth 5T 166

ready, man who was 3T 447

reckless, warning to MM 138

unruly, pernicious influence of 4T 196

See also Public speaker; Speaker


Talkfest, Satan present at 2T 185


Talking, at random, woman given to 2T 186

easier than praying 1T 527

like the world, Christians given to EW 108

out of meeting, rough and careless manner of 1T 413

rapid, sermon’s effect destroyed by Ev 667

that wins souls, acquire habits of Ev 504

Talking thoughtlessly

Talking thoughtlessly, check disposition to 4T 135

Talking too much

Talking too much, about self 2T 670

and unwisely 2T 50

habit of, misstatement a result of 2T 186

nearly all are given to 2T 187

on unimportant things 2T 435

woman given to 2T 186

Talk less

Talk less 5T 571

about yourself 2T 320, 671-2

meditate more and 4T 588

pray more and 3BC 1157; 5T 589; TM 464, 499

Talk out

Talk out, what Spirit works in 1T 154


Tameness, of service of God’s people repels many souls of higher class 6T 417


Tampering, with enemy, no time for 4BC 1152

with evil, results of MH 92-3


Tangent, believers who are always ready to go off on Ev 611; TM 55, 227

wrong, Satan inspires men to go off on TM 59


Tangle, when life may seem a DA 331


Tantalizing, habit of, warning against SD 285

of repentant persons, by unrepentant ones 4BC 1178-9

spirit of, guard against 2T 314

Tantalizing words

Tantalizing words, habit of using, strengthens with indulgence AH 439


temper, devil works through child in 3SM 225:5


Tantrums, children’s CG 92-3, 249, 283


Tape See Measuring tape


Taper, gospel worker must kindle his, from Christ’s life 2SM 155

need of kindling, from divine altar ML 217; 2SM 104

of his life, successful work for Christ requires that a person kindle ML 166

one kindled, can kindle others 9T 171; TM 208

penny, hold up your LS 295

unkindled, apart from Christ men are like MB 40


Taproot, in clinging faith 2SM 166

Tare, Tares

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

among wheat 6T 239

till end of time MH 493

angels given work of separating, from wheat TM 47

bound as fagots for fires of destruction GC 631

classes of people represented by COL 71; 6T 242

efforts to uproot, warning re COL 72, 74

God gives no man office of saying who are 5T 334

independent publishing sows CW 152

persons who can distinguish, from wheat DA 656

professed Christians bound up with 5T 540

Satan is rapidly binding, in bundles 5T 384

Satan uses professed friends of truth to sow 4T 594

sown in Corinthian churches by enemy AA 299

third angel’s message separates the wheat from EW 118

uprooting, that does more harm than good to church TM 46

wheat and, are to grow together until harvest COL 72, 123

parable of See Parable

2. Literal

degeneration has resulted in 6T 186

evil that blights and mars is represented by Ed 101

God never made 6T 186

God never sowed seed that would produce COL 71

law of condemnation may be read in 1BC 1085; 1SM 291; 8T 256-7

left unchecked, spoil wheat by their rank growth CT 189

lesson from CT 189; 8T 326

mature and ripe, wheat not resembled by COL 74

multiply themselves TM 235

never become wheat COL 75

noxious weed closely resembling wheat COL 71, 74

roots of, entwined with those of good grain COL 72

Satan’s ingenious methods of amalgamation produced 1BC 1086; 2SM 288

Satan’s sowing 1BC 1086; COL 71; 6T 186; 8T 326

wheat and, parable of See Parable


binding up with, because neighbors do TMK 116:4

humans cause confusion sowing; rest of nature obeys God LHU 66:4

minds sown with, by studying books by infidels 1MCP 357:4

sowing, others led astray by example of TMK 236:3

sown by discrediting the Testimonies UL 115:6

tolerated as Christ died to let people choose UL 77:6

uprooting, not our job; wisdom from above helps build up 2MCP 636:1

Target, Targets

Target, Targets, Satan’s, men God chooses to do special work are 5T 428

Tarrying time

Tarrying time, almost ended Ev 219

Adventists (Millerite) experienced LS 58; SR 366-8; 1T 53

in 1844 EW 236, 247; GC 392-5, 398-408

prophecy referred to GC 392


Tarshish, silver of, Solomon obtained PK 54; 7T 217


Tarsus, Barnabas went to, to find Paul AA 156

Paul was from PK 314


Tartary, advent doctrine in GC 362

Task, Tasks

Task, Tasks, commonest, that are beautiful to God Ed 114; PK 219

daily, lessons from Ed 102

give yourself a number of minutes in which to do SD 114

greatness of, before SDA will appall them LS 439; 2SM 407-8; 9T 10

more pleasing, persons seeking Ed 267; MYP 96

small, importance of faithfully performing MYP 96; PK 218

person neglecting to perform 4T 186

uncommended and without recognition are lot of most toilers Ed 117

See also Job; Work


completion of, important FLB 316:5

neglect of, at the proper time OHC 224:4

presence of God promised for each assigned TDG 209:2

See also Responsibilities; Work

Taskmaster, Taskmasters

Taskmaster, Taskmasters, Christian service should not be rendered as if to 2T 234

God is not 3T 411

God to be viewed as best friend, not as TMK 263:3

over Israelites in Egypt PP 258, 272; 3SG 198-9


Tasmania, man in, who withheld tithe CS 96-7

Tassel, Tassels

Tassel, Tassels, in earthly sanctuary, made according to pattern shown in mount DA 208

Taste, Tastes

Taste, Tastes, abused, remedy for CH 148

acceptance of truth refines CH 102

bad, in mouth is caused by eating too much FE 425

be controlled by principle and not by 2T 487

be simple in MH 366

butter perverts 2T 486

children’s, care needed in educating MH 384

Christian’s, should not be like that of worldling TM 441

Christianity refines FE 84; ML 262; 8T 63

consulted to injury of stomach, is sin 2SM 440

cooking merely to please, is wrong 1T 681

correct, parents should direct children in forming AH 184

cultivate, in all you do 2T 83

in children CG 110

delicate refinement of, often exists in sensual minds GC 567

do not be guided by, because others are 2T 488

do not consult, without reference to health 2T 69

educate your: after God’s plan CD 36

as Christian reformers CD 381

in harmony with laws of life and health CD 28; Te 148

to eat only what stomach can assimilate MM 225

fate of persons who permit, to govern them 2T 383

fitful, cause of 4T 497

flesh food perverts 2T 486

food that is unhealthful and stimulating perverts CD 239

god of some people is 1T 486

God’s word refines CG 484; 1T 310

good housekeeping requires 2T 297

gratification of: at health’s expense 2SM 411

at stomach’s expense CD 332; 2SM 413-4; 2T 67

blood corrupted and inflamed by 4T 214

brain and nerves harmed by 4T 44

Eve disobeyed God by 2SM 411; Te 15

should not be consulted irrespective of health 2T 352

habits of, should be educated in accord with laws of health CD 408

in dress: is not proof that wearer is proud 2SG 287

correct, is not to be despised or condemned MYP 353

indulged at health’s expense is wicked abuse of senses 3T 486

love to God purifies and ennobles ML 158

manifest, in all things 2T 66

many people consult only, in diet CH 153

instead of reason or laws of health MH 323

many people sacrifice principle to CH 118

must conform to: God’s requirements Te 149

great moral standard of righteousness FE 118

great standard of righteousness CT 505

natural, result of being controlled by AA 299

needs to be subdued by Christ ML 252

new moral, converted soul is given 1SM 336 See also Moral taste

nice, Christian may have very TM 179

object lessons of, homes and surroundings should be MH 196

observe, in erecting church building 2T 257

opium affects 2SM 447-8

perusal of God’s word refines MM 88

perverted: do not serve unhealthful food merely to please CD 232

remedy for 4aSG 131

san. workers should not be controlled by CD 409

wrong to eat merely to gratify CH 118

pleasure of, many people sell their faculties for Te 59

pride and love of world should not be shown by 2T 258

proper dress calls for 2T 297

prudence should be consulted rather than, in spending money 2T 431

pure, children need help to develop CG 407

purity of, show AH 302

refined, choice of simple and appropriate clothing reveals CG 413; MYP 353

Spirit works to elevate man’s 1SM 374

Spirit’s influence makes, pure and holy GW 127

stimulating food vitiates LS 224

temptation to indulge, increase of years does not lessen 3T 564

training plants improves 4T 136

true religion refines CH 629; PP 600; 2T 252

truth is designed to refine 1T 216

truth refines 2SM 30; 1T 415

unnatural, persons accustomed to rich and highly stimulating diet have MH 298

sin and misery brought by indulgence of DA 367

will is not 5T 513; Te 113

world’s moral, testimony to TM 138


eating to please only CC 35:6

following own, disregarding directions of God 3SM 254:5

food chosen for health instead of for OHC 270:4

fruit adapted to please, in Garden of Eden Con 10:3

heaven cannot be entered with old 3SM 191:0

moral, changed in converted people UL 175:2

not to be exactly like another person’s, but Christlike OHC 90:4

refined by,

habitual self-control; and chastened 1MCP 301:1


of Christ HP 141:5

of Christ for angel society TMK 250:6

true RC 161:7

truth HP 180:3; OHC 34:4; RC 305:2

Satan directly opposed to God in HP 163:4

self-gratification corrupts 3SM 289:2

selfish, disqualifies HP 229:3

to be as the mind of Christ AG 66:5

unchristlike, heaven would be no heaven with; transformation TMK 95:2

understanding perverted more by, than anything else TMK 313:3

See also Appetite; Choices


Tasting of God’s word instead of relying on opinions of others 5T 221


Tasty, be 4T 142


Tatting, not proper exercise for invalid women and girls 2T 528-9

young women who work at, and neglect home duties 3T 151

Tattler, Tattlers

Tattler, Tattlers, do not be FE 458


Tattling, displeases Spirit 3T 52

evils of, in church 5T 94

See also Gossip; Students, criticism between

Taunt, Taunts

Taunt, Taunts, allow no, to induce you to violate your conscience FE 93

more cruel than spears and arrows 2T 270

other people’s, how Christ met 7BC 936

Satan’s, endure with fortitude MYP 63

scoffers’, in 1844 SR 372

Tausen, Johann

Tausen, Johann GC 241-2

Tax, Taxes

Tax, Taxes, civil, temple tribute was not DA 432-3

Egypt did not impose, upon Israelites in Joseph’s time SR 104

heavy, borrowing on interest to pay PK 646-8

imposed on Israel by Solomon PK 55-6, 88-9

imposed on Jews by Romans DA 30

imposed by foreign power, continual irritation to Jews DA 272

imposed upon Israel by Menahem PK 287

on sanitarium property, payment of TM 200


Taxation, burden of, laws licensing sale of intoxicating liquors increase GW 386-7

liquor traffic increases Te 205

France’s heavy, under union of church and state GC 280

in Egypt, in Joseph’s time PP 241

of church property, religious liberty and TM 200-3

Taxgatherer, Taxgatherers

Taxgatherer, Taxgatherers, as extortioners, enriched themselves at expense of people DA 272

avaricious, heard John the Baptist 2SM 148

Christ’s counsel to 2SM 150

instruments of Roman oppression DA 272

wily and calculating, in Christ’s time 2SM 152

See also Publican

Taylor, Charles O.

Taylor, Charles O. 2SM 223; 3T 48

Taylor, Daniel T.

Taylor, Daniel T., quoted GC 302-3


1. Ill effects of (general)

2. Ill effects of (mental)

3. Ill effects of (moral and spiritual)

4. Ill effects of (physical)

5. Miscellaneous

6. Special


1. Ill effects of (general) CD 421, 425; CH 87-8; MH 326-7, 335; SL 28; 2T 64-5; 4T 365

as compared with those of coffee CD 426

colporteurs should explain CH 463

first, exhilarating MH 326

greater than suspected CD 422

harm done continually CD 422; CH 442

harmful CD 402, 420-1; CH 111, 463; EW 121-2; 4aSG 36; 4T 365; Te 75

harvest of pain and death CH 575-6

health-destroying CD 431

immediate CG 403; 3T 487

before time for digestion and assimilation MH 326; 2T 65

in social entertainment CD 423; Te 79

intoxicating CD 426; MH 326; SL 32; 2T 64

less harmful than tobacco 4aSG 128

ruinous CD 421

same in character as that of spirituous liquors CD 426; MH 335; SL 32

sanitarium patients should be shown CD 444

similar to those of tobacco MH 335; 4aSG 128

temperance reform advocates should be awake to MH 335

traces of evil always left behind MM 228

2. Ill effects of (mental)

artificial vivacity 2T 64

brain injured CD 402, 430; CH 463; MH 326; MM 274; 2T 65

imagination more vivid CG 403; MH 326

intellect aroused MH 326

intellect seemingly temporarily invigorated CG 403

mental degeneracy CH 49; Te 174

mental development hindered CD 402, 430; MM 274

mental energy impaired 2T 64

mental feebleness CD 422-3

mental powers ruined MM 222

3. Ill effects of (moral and spiritual)

backsliding Te 80

envious feelings expressed CD 423; Te 79

gossip Te 79

lack of interest in worship of God SL 32

moral character perniciously influenced CD 63; SL 28

moral powers ruined MM 222

reports exaggerated CD 423; Te 79

sense of sacred things perverted 4aSG 36-7

soul’s finer sensibilities benumbed 3SG 116

spiritual development hindered CD 402, 430; MM 274

tongues loosened CD 423; Te 79

unkind criticisms CD 423; Te 79

worship of God hindered CD 426

4. Ill effects of (physical)

appetite created for: intoxicating liquor 3T 563

stronger stimulants Ev 265; FE 144; 4aSG 36-7; 3T 488, 569; Te 202, 228-9

tobacco 3T 563

body energy impaired 2T 64

body organs injured CD 402, 430; MM 274

body temple destroyed Te 79

constitution undermined 1T 548-9

destruction of temple of God aided by Te 142

development of physical powers hindered CD 402, 430; MM 274

digestive organs injured CH 463

diseases of every kind CD 421; MM 222

dizziness 4aSG 128

heart action increased MH 326; 2T 65

heart palpitation MH 326; 2T 65

headache CD 422; MH 326; 4aSG 128; 2T 65; Te 118-9

human system: injured CD 425-6; CG 403; 4aSG 128-9; SL 32; 2T 64; Te 82

spurred to unnatural action 2T 64

indigestion Ed 203; MH 326; 2T 65

irritability 4aSG 128

life forces worn away CD 422; MH 326

living machinery forced to unnatural action 2T 64

living machinery stimulated and excited 2T 64

man’s nature stimulated to unwonted and unnatural action 2T 64

man’s spark of vitality extinguished CD 423

morbid action of nervous system CD 425

nature’s fine machinery impaired 1T 548-9

need felt for drugs 2SM 281

nerve(s) irritated CD 421-2; CH 442; MH 326

nerve(s) shattered CD 421-2; CH 442

nerve strength drawn upon 2T 64

nerve(s) trembling CD 422; 2T 65

nerve(s) weakened 2T 64

nervous excitement CG 403; MH 326

nervous system borrowing power from its future resources CG 403

nervous system excited CG 403; 3T 487; 4T 365

nervous system poisoned CG 403

nervousness 4aSG 128

numbness 4aSG 128

physical degeneracy CH 49; Te 174

physical powers ruined MM 222

resistance against disease destroyed 1T 548-9

stomach nerves excited MH 326; 2T 65

stomach ruined CD 411

system prepared for acute diseases 1T 548-9

trembling MH 326

wakefulness MH 326; 2T 65

unnatural appetite 2SM 420

5. Miscellaneous

cereal coffee as substitute for CD 431

children should not drink 3T 488

church members who rebel against giving up 1T 548

colporteur should refuse CD 402; CH 463

craving for, how to overcome MH 335

darling luxury 4T 599

diet can be adequately provided without Ev 534

diet wholesome and nutritious is possible without 9T 112

disgusting habit Te 202

drinker of See Tea drinker

duty to refuse GW 230

energy imparted by, short-lived MH 326

green or black, EGW did not use 2SM 302

herb from China, abstain from CH 441; Te 82

idol 4aSG 36-7, 128; 1T 222

live simply without MM 229; 2SM 291

medicinal use of, for severe vomiting CD 490; 2SM 301-2

ministers should refuse CD 402; 4T 417

money spent for, God’s cause needs EW 121-2

needed to subscribe for Review and Herald 4T 599; CW 132

God’s treasury needs 1T 222

while heart work is neglected 4T 391

worse than wasted CD 402, 422, 430; CH 442; MM 274

narcotic CD 63, 281, 402, 430; MM 274; SL 28; 2SM 283

health-destroying CD 490; 2SM 302

neither wholesome nor necessary Te 78

never take, to quench thirst CH 120

no need to go to China for 2SM 301

no nourishment in CD 425; Ed 204; MH 326; 2T 65

offered to him, Christian’s duty re 4T 417

explain reason for not accepting CD 402; Te 82

only safe course is touch not, taste not, handle not MH 335; 3T 488; Te 94

perverted taste craves CH 449

physicians should not prescribe CD 294

poison in CD 420-1; Te 75

slow 4aSG 36-7, 128

system ill-affected by 2T 64

problem of discarding MH 335; 4aSG 128; 1T 548-9

sanitariums should not serve CD 283, 414; MM 284

except in special cases CD 294

Satan takes men captive by means of Ev 529

serve no CD 431

SDA should refuse Ev 265

sick persons must not be given MM 228

stimulant CD 63, 420-1, 426; CH 463; MH 326, 335; 4aSG 128; 1T 222; 3T 487, 569; Te 72, 74-5, 228-9

artificial Te 72, 228-9

hurtful CH 442; 1T 224, 548-9; 3T 569

unnatural 1T 549

stimulating effects of CD 402, 425; 2T 65; 3T 487

depression follows CH 463; MH 326

substitute for, cereal coffee as CD 431

sudden relief from pain by, explained CG 403

weak, taken by EGW as remedy for sea-sickness 2SM 301

why strength seems to be increased by MH 326

work can be done better without FE 428

See also Tea drinker; Tea drinking

6. Special

beef See Beef tea

catnip herb See Catnip herb

hop See Hop tea

red-clover-top See Clover


coffee, tobacco and alcohol are sinful; diet not the same 3SM 287:2

extinguishing vitality still left in the race RC 142:5

refuse, with simple explanation UL 342:2


Teachable, first lesson is to learn to become 1SM 42

self-confident person who was not 2T 696

Teachable spirit

Teachable spirit, dictatorial person who needed 2T 165

gospel worker must have FE 242

meek person of Matt. 5:5 has 2T 631

person of set will who needed 2T 389

selfish person who did not have 4T 256

youth should cultivate SD 117


grace aids one with 1MCP 301:2

greatness in the kingdom of heaven requires TDG 231:2

meek have, so are fit for kingdom of heaven TSB 51:0