EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Spiritualistic power - State

Spiritualistic power

Spiritualistic power, false teachings spread by, warning against 8T 293

Spiritualistic representation, Spiritualistic representations

Spiritualistic representation, Spiritualistic representations, of members of Godhead Ev 614

Spiritualistic sentiment, Spiritualistic sentiments

Spiritualistic sentiment, Spiritualistic sentiments, never repeat CW 93

not best to dwell on Ev 623

Spiritualistic sophistry, Spiritualistic sophistries

Spiritualistic sophistry, Spiritualistic sophistries, deception by Ev 224-5

Spiritualistic teaching, Spiritualistic teachings

Spiritualistic teaching, Spiritualistic teachings, coming in among SDA 8T 291

coming into educational institutions and churches MH 428

faith in God and in His word undermined by MH 428

quoted GC 554

refusal of, to acknowledge Christ as Son of God PP 686

Spiritualistic theory, Spiritualistic theories

Spiritualistic theory, Spiritualistic theories, danger in studying MH 428-9; 8T 291-2

Day-Star editor ran into EW 77

do not bring, into SDA meetings Ev 624

do not enter into controversy over Ev 624

do not labor to refute Ev 624

ministers and teachers should not study Ev 624

ministers should not preach on CW 93

pantheistic theories are 8T 291-2

re God, make His grace of no effect MH 428

re God’s personality 1SM 203-4

reproof given to persons holding 8T 292

seductive, tend to destroy clear spiritual perception 1SM 170

SDA periodicals should not dwell on CW 93

spoil Christian experience 8T 292

take not a particle of interest in MM 101

that would sweep away whole Christian economy 1SM 203-4

Spiritualistic views

Spiritualistic views, evil effects of teaching EW 77


Spirituality, absence of, effects of 2T 445

character of our, is determined by food given to mind 8T 169

church’s, increasing devotion to money getting deadens CS 20

selfishness that desire for gain begets deadens CS 20

covetousness is highly dangerous to 3T 549

decline in, failure to cherish miss. spirit has resulted in TM 205-6

lack of association with those of like faith causes PP 541

deep, we need MM 152

destitution of, among church members 2T 444

development of animalism lessens CH 576

do not flatter yourself that intemperance does not affect CD 62

dwarfed, is offense to God MYP 42

erroneous impression given by some physicians that, is detrimental to health CH 28; 1T 501, 565

every departure from simplicity and purity of gospel weakens 1T 550

extortion destroys PK 651

extravagance destroys PK 651

fashion destroys 4T 629-48, 647

God’s people are not advancing in, as they near the end 5T 11

God’s people must be led higher and higher to 5T 520

gossip is death to 2T 185

gratification of appetite and lustful passion destroys 2T 93

growth in, we need to learn lessons essential to LS 351

high state of, in Matt. 24:12 Christ speaks of persons who have fallen from 5T 538

intemperance ill affects CD 62; SL 25; Te 18

is: dying 5T 538

rare among God’s people 1T 469

is not: detrimental to health CH 28; 1T 501-2, 565

increased by ignorance 3T 160

it is exceedingly difficult to maintain, in large institutions 7T 102-3

lack of: among God’s people because His claims are not met CS 87

believers who were hindrance by their 2T 395

continual backsliding in health reform results in CH 578

deplorable, among God’s people 5T 727

great, God is dishonored by a CH 578

hinders coming of kingdom of God 6T 438

is fruit of shunning individual responsibility 1T 99

your, may witness against you MYP 202

languishing, remedy for 4T 536

love for, cultivate 2T 315

make it your lifework to seek 2SM 356

mingling with world destroys 1T 274

minister whose preaching lacked 3T 31

ministers and people lack 1T 355

ministers must cultivate, if they expect to succeed in their work 4T 268

more, needed among God’s people 5T 717

neglecting church services results in decline of SC 101-2

no surer way of weakening, than by being envious, suspicious, and full of faultfinding and evil surmising 8T 242

of Christ’s teaching, teachers must appreciate 6T 160

of SDA moving into cities becomes weaker and weaker 8T 82

overreaching destroys PK 651

peril to, riches and honor are attended with PK 59

person who allows another to step between him and his God-given duty will lose his 9T 280

persons most actively engaged in winning souls are best developed in Ev 356

pride and love of world hinder 2T 187

profession of earnest, is false if all passions are not under control 2T 414

reading fiction destroys AH 412; MYP 272

reading that destroys 1T 241

sanitarium physicians should be persons of 3T 178

scale of, refusal to deny appetite causes many believers to be low in 2T 414

selfishness is highly dangerous to 3T 549

selfishness saps, from soul CS 27; WM 18-9

more than anything else Ev 357

some ministers encourage zeal instead of 3T 217

strong and healthy, how to preserve WM 316

surest way to weaken AA 549

unselfish action gives new strength to MYP 97

we must be burden bearers for God in order to grow in GW 200

we must grow in 4T 118

you need ever to cultivate 5T 520

See also Godliness; Piety


appetite indulgence damages 1MCP 297:3

corresponding with benefits and privileges TDG 294:4

deeper, needed in articles in Southern Watchman PM 226:0

destroyed by jesting and joking OHC 292:2

discontent with low level of OHC 182:5

distinguishes child of God from the world RC 124:8

dwarfs in, See Dwarfs, spiritual

entertainment that strengthens 2MCP 668:1

faith and good works needed for strong NL 38:2

familiarity by married man would be death to TSB 162:2

growth in, See also Growth, spiritual

higher standard of; leaders have responsibilities PM 91:3

highest, some reach, through breaking up of order UL 170:3

Holy Spirit working in the mind lifts standard of TDG 311:3

increased through prayer UL 369:2

injured by eating flesh of dead animals 2MCP 407:3

meat eating injures 3SM 290:3

mind dwarfed by pleasure refuses 1MCP 316:2

neglected by those excusing sin TSB 106:1

order seen by some as enemies to CET 201:1

sacrificed by eating meat; bodies are diseased 2MCP 390:1

sapped by worldly maxims and practices FLB 117:4

selfishness from desire for gain deadens RY 95:3

sin weakens; come to Christ in sorrow 3SM 196:3

unselfishness strengthens LHU 299:4

workers for God to reveal RC 219:2

See Experience


Spiritualizing, danger of, our future inheritance AH 541-2; GC 674-5; SR 430

mist and fog of, Sabbathkeepers who held truth fast through LS 115

Spiritual life

Spiritual life See Life

Spiritual living

Spiritual living See Living

Spiritually dead

Spiritually dead, many people who listen to truths of God’s word are, while professing to live 5T 76

Spiritual manifestation, Spiritual manifestations

Spiritual manifestation, Spiritual manifestations, belief in, opens door to doctrines of devils GC 604

opens door to seducing spirits GC 604

held out by Satan as substitute for God’s word GC 557

not all, are due to fraud and sleight of hand GC 553

some, are marked by exhibitions of supernatural power GC 553

are results of trickery GC 553

some Shakers received 2T 272

See also Spiritualism; Spiritualistic manifestation


Spiritual-mindedness, need of cultivating 5T 303

Spiritual things

Spiritual things, are: controlled by certain principles 5T 724

discerned by those who are spiritual 5T 134

not discerned when viewed through world-loving eyes 2T 265

spiritually discerned DA 55; PP 126; 4T 524, 585; 5T 431

it is not natural for man to love 2T 263

love for, can be acquired by exercise of mind 2T 263

must be encouraged 2T 265

mind must be habituated to concentrate on 2T 264

we are not to remain always children in SD 330

we cannot discern, unless we are wide awake CW 114

we need to converse more with one another on SC 102

why many believers are as weak as babes in 2T 264-5

you must either grow in grace or be dwarfed and crippled in 4T 541-2

Spiritual weakness

Spiritual weakness, cause of our, need of seeing 5T 17

Spiritual welfare

Spiritual welfare, neglect to attend camp meeting is detrimental to 4T 115

Spiritual world

Spiritual world, same law obtains in, as in natural world MB 92

Spirituous liquor, Spirituous liquors

Spirituous liquor, Spirituous liquors See Intoxicating drink

Spirit world

Spirit world, devils appear as messengers from GC 552; SR 393

pretended visitants from, sometimes utter cautions and warnings which prove to be correct GC 552; SR 394

teach dangerous errors GC 552; SR 394


pollution from Con 83:2


Splendor, earthly, Christ possessed no 1SM 260

Spokesmen for God

Spokesmen for God, some, deny their faith in daily life 5T 190


Sponge soaked in vinegar was offered to Christ on cross DA 755

Sponge bath

Sponge bath, most persons would be benefited by, on rising in morning 4aSG 143; 2SM 463

removing impurities from skin by 2SM 463

Sponge cake

Sponge cake, eaten by child with chills and fever CD 241 See also Cake

Spooner, Bro.

Spooner, Bro. 2T 13-4, 16

Sport, Sports

Sport, Sports, arranged at great expense for Solomon’s diversion 3BC 1165; ML 167

as usually conducted are not acceptable to Christ ML 205; MYP 391

athletic: influence of, on student’s progress in school and success in afterlife troubles teachers Ed 210

tendency of most, is subject of anxious thought to persons having youths’ well-being at heart Ed 210

See also Athletic games

children’s, parents and teachers should interest themselves in FE 58

does indulgence in horse racing and cricket matches and ball playing as, give men desire to know truth and righteousness? CT 456

exciting, humble believer induced to join in TM 84

stimulate every passion to activity COL 54; 9T 89

frivolous and rude and grotesque, at Australian school CT 348

gatherings for, professed Christians superficial in character and religious experience are always ready for CT 340

have nothing to do with horse racing or similar FE 319

love of, causes much perplexity in our school work CT 312; FE 512

occupy minds of people today 9T 43

outdoor, do not permit children to go into streets after nightfall to engage in FE 63

parents should associate with children in their CT 124; FE 159

parents who allow children to engage in COL 54

rude and unmanly, many schools and colleges disgraced by FE 72

youth finding no legitimate scope for their pent-up energies after school hours are led to engage in FE 72

student who engages in wicked, in disobedience to school rules FE 297

world filled with, is always thirsting for some new interest CT 456; SD 110

youth’s, open door to flood of temptations CT 366; 8T 65

See also Amusement; Game; Recreation


Sporting with persons who do not fear God, warning against 2T 292


Sport, of sinners, warning to persons entertained and amused with 2T 222

young men who become, of fools 5T 397

Spouse, Spouses

arbitrary control over, love lost in TSB 26:4

communicating with, about evil practice may be wrong TSB 128:2

danger of staying with, who was under satanic control TSB 76

decline to level of, who was chosen unwisely TSB 20:3

individuality of, not to be merged in that of the other TSB 26:2

infidelity of, needed to be opened by Ellen White to other spouse TSB 189:2

leaving, to marry someone from earlier relationship TSB 225

life smoothed for, by conforming to God’s Word HP 204:3

love from, not guarded by tenderness TSB 211:2

place of God wanted by TSB 76:2

reconciliation with TSB 162:0

religious privileges not to be sacrificed because of TSB 78:0

sins of, revealed in judgment TSB 90:2

slave to caprices of TSB 77:3

See also Husband; Wife

traveling alone may be temptation for TSB 59:4


divorce not biblical on basis of being TSB 39:1, 158:3

seeks favors against God; exposes to enemy TSB 18:3

unfaithfulness to be expected from, gotten by adultery TSB 132:1

See also Husband; Wife


See Springtime

Spring, Springs

Spring, Springs, of water, cross of Calvary is reflected in every DA 660

earth’s, Christ opened DA 184

God sends, to run among hills Ed 118

gushing, between Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim PP 127-8

higher, drink of 1SM 413

in desert SC 77

Christ’s grace in soul is like DA 195; MH 102-3

heart can well up like 5T 609

welling up, person who is as 5T 731

Jericho’s polluted, Elisha healed PK 229-34

living: bubbling up in desert CT 462

Christ as, from which we may continually draw 7T 276

streams of water bursting from SC 77

truth in heart is like 5T 601

never running dry, Christ dwelling in soul is MB 22

ocean is source of all DA 21

of life: is love to God and man GW 282

sense of sin has poisoned MH 85

surface, babbles for short time and then dries up 1SM 172

symbolic meaning of PK 231-2

takes to give Ed 103

See also Fountain; Well

Springfield, Mass.

Springfield, Mass. LS 150

Springfield, N. H.

Springfield, N. H. 2SG 48


anticipation of, makes winter experiences happier OHC 158:3

Christ fed 5000 in DA 361-2, 364

Christ pointed to budding trees of GC 308-9

held by chilling blast of winter CS 54

in Israel, described DA 76; Ed 160; PP 537-8

Jordan River flooded in PP 483-5

Passover observed in DA 76, 361-2, 364; Ed 42; PP 537-8

vineyards dressed by Israel in PP 531

Sprinkling, Sprinklings

Sprinkling, Sprinklings, connected with sacrifice of red heifer, significance of 4T 122

enjoined in ceremonial law, were lessons in parables 4BC 1176


Spur, joy of seeing sinners saved should be, to Christian’s ambition PK 172; 2T 115

Spurgeon, Charles

Spurgeon, Charles, quoted GC 384


Spurious, clear discernment needed to distinguish the, from the genuine TM 229

do not accept, for the genuine Ev 600; GW 308

Satan constantly presses in the, to lead souls astray 1SM 48

Spurious article

Spurious article, refining process will utterly consume, as dross 2T 514

Spy, Spies

1. Twelve (sent to survey Canaan)

2. Miscellaneous

1. Twelve (sent to survey Canaan) Ed 149; PP 387-94; 4aSG 21-7; SR 158-63; 4T 148-54; 5T 376-9

Caleb as one of Ed 149; PP 388-92, 511-2; 4aSG 21-7; 2SM 369; SR 158-63; 4T 148-56; 5T 376-9

Caleb’s report as, given in clear and ringing voice 4T 149

cluster of grapes brought back by, so large it was carried between two men PP 387; 4aSG 22; SR 158

cowards and rebels among, perished in wilderness Ed 149; 4T 154

each of, was ruler of tribe of Israel PP 387; 4aSG 21; SR 158; 4T 148

entered Canaan at southern border and proceeded to northern extremity PP 387

figs and pomegranates brought back by PP 387; 4aSG 22; SR 158

history of report of, has application for us as a people 4T 154-5

Israel later saw that report of, re Canaan was in many respects correct PP 436

Israel sinned in seeking to slay, who had urged them to obey God PP 391; 4aSG 24; 2SM 369; SR 161; 4T 151-2; 5T 378

Joshua as one of Ed 149; PP 389-92; 4aSG 21-7; SR 158-63; 4T 148-56; 5T 378-9

only two of, advocated the right PP 390; 4T 151

report of, on survey of Canaan PP 387-90; 4aSG 22-3; SR 158-60; 4T 148-50; 5T 376-7

righteous, ate grapes of Eschol PP 513; 4T 154

specimens of fruit brought back by, showed fertility of soil PP 387; 4aSG 21-2; SR 158; 5T 376

surveyed Canaan at time of ripe grapes PP 387

ten of: as traitors PP 390

attitude similar to that of, warning not to stand in 5T 376

Caleb did all in his power to counteract evil influence of PP 388; 5T 376

Caleb’s report interrupted by PP 388-9; 4aSG 22; SR 159; 4T 149; 5T 376-7

denounced Caleb and Joshua 4T 151

destroyed by fire 4aSG 26

distorted truth in order to sustain their baleful influence PP 389; 4T 150

divinely smitten by plague PP 391

false report of, Israel was deluded by PP 390; 5T 378

on side of rebellion PP 390

perished before eyes of all Israel PP 391

rebellion of Israel on hearing report of PP 388-94, 436; 4aSG 22-7; SR 158-63; 4T 148-56; 5T 376-8

report of, was lying and contradictory one 4T 150

report of, was lying one inconsistent with itself PP 389

resolved to discourage all efforts to gain possession of Canaan PP 389

stones in hands of, did not deter Caleb 2SM 369

unfaithful, were loud in denunciation of Caleb and Joshua PP 390

were in open rebellion against their leaders and against God 4T 151

unfaithful, sin of, not to be repeated TDG 13:5

were 40 days in Canaan PP 387, 391; 4aSG 21; SR 158; 4T 148

2. Miscellaneous

accused Christ’s disciples of violating Sabbath DA 284-6

accusers of brethren are as 3BC 1163

Christ was closely watched by, during Sermon on Mount DA 307; MB 47

Christ watched by TDG 143:4

dared not answer Christ in presence of multitude for fear of involving themselves in difficulty DA 286

Joseph’s brothers accused of being PP 225; 3SG 154-6, 158

petty, atmosphere of selfish and narrow criticism causes men to become MB 123

sent by Jewish leaders to: Capernaum to find accusation against Christ DA 267, 395

entrap Christ in His words DA 601

find pretext for putting Christ to death DA 265

watch Christ DA 213

sent by Joshua to: Ai PP 493

Jericho PP 482-3

sent to watch Him, how Christ dealt with COL 22

some gospel workers follow course of unworthy, by bringing discouraging report LS 306

worldly wife or friend is as, in camp 2BC 1006


Square, hollow, persons who war against SDA church by forming TM 22

redeemed drawn up in GC 645-6

perfect, 144,000 standing in EW 16, 288; LS 66; 2SG 34; 1T 61


Stability, abiding in Christ gives SC 71

does not depend on freedom from hardship, poverty, and adversity MYP 80

God calls for persons of 4T 75

lack of, among professed Christians is shame to Christian name 4T 565

men of, pub. houses suffer because of lack of 4T 453

truehearted professor of Christ has 2T 634

why so few men of FE 165

youth’s great lack of 3T 379

See also Commitment; Steadfastness


Stable, Christ was born in 5T 269


Staff, David carried, while shepherd boy PP 644

Jacob leaning upon, when Esau met him PP 198

of faith, Abraham grasped 4T 144

pilgrim, two disciples from Emmaus carried DA 801

Stagnant pool

youth with too many resting places is 1MCP 117:4


Stagnation, children prevent, in families 2T 647

Christians who find no place for ML 103

no, where there is life TM 338

spiritual, terrible prevailing 5T 265


Stain, of sin See Sin


Staircase, Pilate’s See Pilate’s staircase


Stairway, steep, dream of climbing EW 12, 78-81; 2SG 18-20; 1T 28-9

Stake, Stakes

Stake, Stakes, God’s people should plant no, that they are not willing to take up and plant farther on ML 109


Stake, burning of Huss (John) at, in Constance GC 109

not appointed to test God’s people at this time 4T 393

papal leaders used, to control man’s conscience GC 668


Stamina, class who lack, to resist devil 2T 130

men of: needed CM 19

miss. work needs MH 497

resisting Satan’s artifices requires 4T 155

moral, children who will have AH 250

few have 4T 574

important in self-development CH 108

needed to resist inclination CH 118

parents may send children forth with MH 352

train children and youth to have CG 22, 407; GW 388

Zedekiah lacked PK 458

See also Moral stamina

physical, depends on immutable laws MYP 242; PK 489

greater, reward of temperate habits CD 29; CG 396; MYP 242; Te 101, 156

how entire family may be robbed of 2T 524

some people have as little, as hothouse plant 5T 183

See also Backbone


Stammerer, deaf, Christ healed DA 404


Stamp, God’s, is upon His people MYP 69

impressed, when decree goes forth 5T 216

of character See Character; Seal

Stanborough Press Limited

Stanborough Press Limited 2SM 358

Stand, Stands

Stand, Stands, ornaments and pictures on 2SM 317


take a higher, in relating to fellow believers OHC 370:5

take more decided, for truth TDG 196:4

Standard (banner)

Standard (banner), Christ has erected, around which His people must rally 2T 169-70

Christ’s bloodstained, be able to distinguish between Satan’s black banner and 4T 200

Christ’s name has power to lift up, for His people against Satan 4T 357

each tribe of Israel bore, with sign of their father’s house upon it 1T 651

each tribe of Israel carried, in march PP 375; 4aSG 10-1; SR 157

each tribe of Israel encamped beside (under) its respective Ed 38; PP 375; 4T 160

falling from older men, youth must grasp and bear aloft SD 204

idolatrous See Idolatrous standard

of cross, must be carried everywhere 5T 189

of truth: bear aloft 2T 490

do not let, trail in dust 2T 490

is to be planted in many places 1SM 88

is to be planted upon Satan’s fortresses CM 155

ministers must not lower 2SG 300

must be established in all parts of world 6T 100

urge people to come up to 1T 248

of truth and holiness, is trailing in dust 4T 528

on which is inscribed “Commandments of God and faith of Jesus” SD 215

people for whom God lifts up, against enemy PK 571

standard after, left to trail in dust 8T 41

way we now carry, will determine the future 5T 128

See also Banner; Colors; Flag

Standard, Standards or norms

Standard, Standards or norms, Bible: is safest to adhere to Ev 271

many believers will fall short of CW 109

professed Christians living up to, are rare 3T 474

Bible is, of God’s people SD 262

Christ as, by which doctrines are to be tested AA 474

Christ came to reveal only true, for attainment Ed 73-4

Christian, is high and exalted 4T 37

sin of failing to come up to 9T 46

Christian world’s, religious courage and independence are required to rise above 5T 78

Christian’s, personal example of brethren is not 2T 393-4

church’s, God’s word is to be 5T 499

do not lower LS 437

educational See Educational standard

elevate, higher and higher in practical life FE 288; 6T 146

elevated, presented before youth MYP 24

false: character is misshaped by Ev 590

churches that reject God’s law have set up Ev 590

erected under guise of godliness MYP 43

God’s, perfection of character is TM 420

God’s elevated and pure and holy, all may reach TM 121

God’s word is, by which all teaching must be tested GC 7

God’s word is His people’s 5T 133, 506, 528

held up in Beatitudes, everyone can reach 7T 270

high: aim at MYP 370

every gospel worker can reach GW 60

God’s light bearers must ever keep 7T 137

God’s people are to attain 5T 344

gospel sets, before men 5T 88

many people live as if they had no, to reach MH 498

must be lifted up in sanitariums MM 163

of righteousness has been set by God MM 132

privilege of rising to SD 324

world watches SDA because it knows something of their 9T 23

youth should rise to MYP 47-8

higher: call for FE 306

call to TM 142-58

God’s people called to reach AA 309-22

God’s people must reach 5T 628

higher than you yourself set, you will never reach COL 331

highest, keep in view MYP 48

ministers should reach TM 162

highest Christian, youth should purpose to reach MYP 121

highest possible, be persevering and determined to meet CT 505

hold perfect, high above Satan’s false standard 7T 137

how student can reach highest, in every line CT 283-4

human: are like feeble reeds TM 419-20

character is not to be measured by 1SM 315

Christ is not controlled by any COL 397

do not compare your actions and measure your life by 3T 322

God does not estimate according to 6BC 1083

God’s word is not to be judged by 5T 301

in spiritual advancement, God’s people must reach a much higher 8T 70-1

inferior, youth whose minds will not be dwarfed by 3T 367

low: aim for no 5T 129

be not satisfied with reaching MH 498

no excuse for meeting TM 173

students should not rest satisfied in meeting FE 301

when you aim at, you will reach only low standard FE 376

lowest, do not ask for SC 45

do not study how little you may do to reach 7T 209

men set up their own, when they reject God’s law 1SM 311

minister must not set up his own, for the people 3T 460

must be elevated far higher 5T 147

never be afraid of raising, too high ChS 226; Ev 636

never forsake true, though to cling to it makes you a beggar MM 132

no higher, than Christ’s life MM 160

of attainment, present to gospel worker a high GW 60

of character, Bible presents perfect 5T 264

God’s word is GW 250

of Christian excellence, how to reach AA 483

of Christian service, Christ’s example is MH 162

of efficiency and usefulness, consecrated youth who reach high MYP 41, 199

of excellence and perfection, Christ’s life and spirit is the only 1T 408

of His word, departure of God’s people from 3T 528

of holiness same today as in apostolic times 5T 240

of moral and intellectual attainments, what youth must do to reach highest CH 65

of purity, temperance, and holiness must be uplifted CW 176

of religion lowered by worldly conversation 5T 114

of right and wrong: Bible is great CT 422

God’s word presents 3T 194

low, we cannot be excused for a moment in meeting TM 173

man is not to set up his own opinion as CH 70

of righteousness, exalt MM 147 See also Righteousness

of truth must not be lowered to meet people’s condition 1T 248-9

of your obligation to others is found in what you would regard as their obligation to you MB 134

perfect, by precept and example hold up CH 446

perfect and true, Christ is the only 1T 155

pure and elevated, ministers should come up to 2T 710

school, should be of high order FE 285

set before man in God’s word, no excuse for failing to reach 5T 171

set by world, student should climb higher than CT 402

SDA: must be far in advance of that of worldlings 5T 54

when worldling judges, in religion according to his standard in business 4T 311

world’s standard and, make distinction decidedly apparent between 6T 146

SDA are not to lessen distance between them and worldlings by coming to their 4T 571

SDA faith requires God’s people to elevate, and take advance steps 1T 488

student has to attain, including everything good, pure, and noble Ed 18

that God expects youth to attain MYP 41, 199

unconsecrated minister lowers 2T 344

world’s, is not standard of people connected with God’s work 5T 562

world’s false, of judging men’s value MH 197


aim for a high; never work for the adversary TMK 309:4


longing of Ellen White to address youth content with TMK 236:2

youth who are satisfied with OHC 60:5


character/life of, as RC 61:6, 164:3; TMK 298:5

gave, in Matt. 5:48 HP 141:6

presented true TDG 283:2

Christian, requirements of OHC 249:4

conforming to; rules given LYL 25:4

courage to return to RC 248:6

disobedience by low 3SM 260:0


contemplating, lifts you into His presence HP 161:6

Holy Spirit conforms human agent to TMK 162:4

Moses to follow only, as shown Him HP 147:2

not reached; works are deficient OHC 305:2

provision made that we may meet OHC 369:3

strive to reach, is only way of happiness TDG 145:4

study Christ’s life and mission to reach TMK 77:2


death before disobedience TSB 105:3

pure heart in judgment 1MCP 239:1

false, raised by those who are spiritually blind 1MCP 39:0


desires humans to reach RC 165:6

recognizes efforts toward; prayer even if failure LHU 299:5

happiness not penance UL 197:5


attain to HP 186:4

be perfect in your sphere (Ellen White letter) 1MCP 103:4

church members need Mar 110:4

expected by God UL 63:2, 202:8

given UL 172:2

keep in view RC 299:7

resolve to reach 1MCP 104:4

self to be laid on the altar to reach OHC 21:3

temptation to corrupt principles of TDG 322:2

to be reached in improving abilities OHC 290:4

youth realizing need of Christ’s help can reach TMK 236:5

hold, by precept and example above Satan’s false one OHC 267:5

imperfect, law of God not lowered to FW 29:2

law of God is, from which there can be no departure RC 119:5

lax in Battle Creek 3SM 246


of God, strong deceptions detected only by FW 45:1

Satan says that God has thrown away His FW 118:2


happiness not found in following RC 56:4

heaven not gained by RC 55:6

placed before us by God HP 265:5

possible, or Christ would not have required it TMK 130:3


by God’s grace and Spirit TMK 85:2

felt impossible by those with faults OHC 51:4

God’s, helps others for this life and next RC 157:6

high, in praise, not in cheap talk TDG 22:6

in Christ, which God has set before us TMK 336:5

no cheap TMK 341:3

resolve to reach a high and holy HP 197:6

righteousness as, character to be compared with TMK 256:4

search the Word of God to find correct RC 114:4

seeing and aiming for, when students of the Bible TDG 81:6

setting own mind as, for others TDG 297:4

ten commandments are, to be reached TDG 137:4


Christ and He will lift you to a noble OHC 206:4

God to bring you to elevated LYL 27:1

upholding, at headquarters church 3SM 259:5


desire to meet, brings remorse RC 367:5

opposed to truth and righteousness RY 183:1

youth should desire highest TMK 161:2

See also Banner; Barrier; Principles; Restrictions

Standard-bearer, Standard-bearers

Standard-bearer, Standard-bearers, aged: fainting and falling 5T 11

knew what it was to wrestle with God in prayer 1SM 122

should let their true position be known in conflict 3T 272

should not be located in hard places 7T 289

what to do when, faints and falls 2T 490

young men needed to fill vacancies left by death of GW 61-2

young men should link up with GW 103

young workers needed to replace AA 507; CT 536; GW 61-2

young workers should be educated by 5T 585

Christ’s, should never be off duty 5T 14

departure of few more, destroyers may be only waiting for 5T 77

faithful: never flinch from duty or shirk responsibility 4T 478

should bring men up to colors 9T 46

were few during Dark Ages GC 55; SR 332

fallen in death, should speak through reprinting of their writings CW 32; 1SM 161

falling, young men must be prepared to take places of GW 104

light of God’s, must shine more brightly as darkness covers earth 5T 220


Standing, before God, character and life decide your DA 107

depends on use made of light given DA 239

examine our own, as Christians TMK 129:2


Standing, correct posture in, importance of Ed 198

in prayer See Prayer

practice principles of health reform in MM 212

still, child of God is not to be TDG 322:4

See also Posture

“Standing by a Purpose True,”

“Standing by a Purpose True,” poem by P. P. Bliss, quoted 4T 586; Te 189, 265

Stanley, Va.

Stanley, Va. 1SM 145-6

Stanmore, N.S.W.

Stanmore, N.S.W. CD 413; Ev 336

Stanton (A. W.)

Stanton (A. W.), movement of 2SM 96

Star, Stars

1. Of heaven

2. Special


1. Of heaven

action of, law controls ML 39; 9T 258; TM 489

all under law ML 39; 9T 258; TM 489

Baal worshipers sacrificed to PK 115; 3T 263

beaming with fourfold brilliancy during seventh plague GC 638

before His incarnation Christ passed from, to star PP 69

children may learn to see Christ in Ed 120

Christ controls AA 586; 6T 413

Christ filled, with light AA 586; 6T 413

Christ guides DA 789

Christ made 4BC 1145-6; MH 424; 8T 288

circle throne of Deity in appointed order GC 677

counsel and advice uttered by CT 189

Creator’s will obeyed by SC 86

deeper the night, more brilliant the 5T 81

distinctive measure of light given by each 4BC 1153

do not refuse to shine because they are not as brilliant as sun FE 48

Egyptians worshiped 3SG 201; SR 112, 114

firmament spangled with, speaks of God’s love CS 17; SD 17

flowers obey great laws that guide MB 97

fulfilling their mission, Christ as youth beheld 5BC 1117

genuine luster of, seen at night 5T 81

God calls, by name 3BC 1154

God controls AA 586; GW 14

God fills, with light GW 14

God made 4BC 1145; SD 241

God’s gifts CG 54

God’s mandates obeyed by 4BC 1153

God’s name was written on every Ed 21; PP 51

God’s personality not revealed by, as it is in Christ MH 419; 8T 265

God’s wonderful work AA 180

great laws guide Ed 99; MB 97

have their ministry Ed 103

heavens bright with, above Jacob SC 20

in firmament even when eye cannot see them 5T 81

in tempestuous night, only a few people are like 5T 76

in their untroubled course, lesson from Ed 115

in trackless courses, follow appointed path from age to age SC 86

in vast circuit of their appointed path, know no haste or delay DA 32

influence each other to do God’s will ML 39; 9T 258; TM 489

invite attention and meditation 3T 333

Israelites worshiped, in Egypt 3SG 241-2

lessons taught by, men should heed CT 190

light of, Christ is DA 464

marshaled in their order by God 3BC 1154; 5BC 1087; 5T 453

message of cheer given by, for every human being Ed 115

movements of, Christ (God) directs AA 586; GW 14; 6T 413

navigation by, in Paul’s time AA 439

not seen in daytime 5T 81

obey law that controls their action ML 39; 9T 258; TM 489

of solar system, shine by reflected light of sun DA 465; Ed 14; GW 50

priests of Baal offered sacrifices to PK 115; 3T 263

set in order in firmament by God MH 449; 8T 310-1

shaking of, by God’s voice EW 41

speak of God FE 96; GC 476; PP 592

speak of God’s love 3BC 1144; CS 17

splendor of, Christ on earth noted with joy SD 135

Syrian, Joseph in his father’s tent under Ed 52

tell of great light in heaven with whose glory they are made bright GC 476

theme for study 4T 581

useful and glorious in fulfilling their mission LS 87; ML 130

will not pass away EW 41

with brilliancy increased fourfold GC 638

with sun and moon as powers of heaven EW 41

2. Special

bright and morning, Christ is to troubled minds as MM 109

reveal Christ as Ev 65

containing Christ’s new name on foreheads of 144,000 EW 15; 2SG 32-3

fall of, on Nov. 13, 1833, as sign of the times DA 632; GC 333-4, 393

fallen, persons compared to AA 586; GW 14; 6T 413

figures of, on black banner EW 211

God’s faithful people will shine in darkness as PK 188-9

in Christ’s crown, souls saved will shine as ChS 275; GW 467; 6T 30, 296

in crowns of the redeemed, souls saved will be as 6BC 1105; ChS 109; CS 212; EW 16, 54, 61; LS 66; MYP 23; 2SG 34; 1T 61, 198, 512; 3T 95, 199; 4T 52, 358; 6T 451

Magi guided to Bethlehem by 5BC 1077; GC 315; DA 60, 63, 406, 770-1

formed of distant company of shining angels DA 60

not a fixed star nor a planet DA 60

shown to Moses in vision PP 475

many, admired for brilliance will go out in darkness PK 188; 5T 81

morning, will sing for joy over the redeemed MH 506; PK 732

will sing together over new earth 7BC 988; ML 348; 8T 42

of holiness guides pilgrim into City of God 8T 194

of hope, sacrificial offerings illuminated future with SR 50

seven, ministers symbolized by AA 586; GW 13-4; SL 78; 6T 413-4, 418; 8T 23

wandering, ministers who are 1T 414

religious teachers who are 1T 327


beauty of, cannot be fully appreciated FLB 26:4

Christ is the morning, to the heart that recognizes Him TDG 305:5

crown heavy with, gained through strength of Jesus TMK 91:4

darkness covered angelic, near Jerusalem LHU 30:6

light of the angels appeared as, to the wise men Mar 11:5

Master Artist’s penciling seen in OHC 254:3

ministers are guided by Christ as are the LHU 318:3

willingness of, to shine although not a sun TDG 243:4

Starlike light, Starlike lights

Starlike light, Starlike lights, in moral darkness, seen in vision 1SM 76

Starr, G. B.

Starr, G. B. LS 452; Te 262-3; WM 335; LDE 22

Starry heaven, Starry heavens

Starry heaven, Starry heavens, God’s glory seen in DA 59

lessons from SL 73

Magi of East studied DA 59

unspeakably glorious during seventh plague GC 639

witness to Creator 6T 358

wonders of, see God in 4BC 1145

Starry host, Starry hosts

Starry host, Starry hosts, God could marshal, to sing SL 77

Starry system, Starry systems

Starry system, Starry systems, circle throne of Deity in appointed order GC 677

Starry world, Starry worlds

Starry world, Starry worlds, set on high by Him who made wayside blossoms MB 96; PP 45


Startling, people who try to present something SD 266; 1SM 180; 2SM 13


Starvation, cries of humanity suffering from, come up before God 9T 12

death by, many of God’s people will apparently be left to suffer GC 626

Egypt threatened by, in Moses’ time PP 271

God’s people in fear of, during time of trouble GC 634

horrors of, in destruction of Jerusalem COL 269; GC 31-2

in land of plenty 2T 384

many can see nothing but, for Sabbathkeeper Ev 239

spiritual, caused by lack of Bible truth 5T 117

true Sabbath observance will not result in Ev 240

See also Famine; Hunger


living by, does not glorify God OHC 265:4

spiritual, neglect to study the Bible results in OHC 209:6


State, church and See Church and state

churches will influence, to sustain their institutions SR 381-2

to enforce their decrees SR 381-2

Daniel as chief minister of PK 545

duty of, to protect liberty of conscience GC 201

first modern, to recognize right of religious freedom GC 295

God’s word not to be set aside for precept of 6T 402

Roman Catholic oath of loyalty to GC 580

See also Government