EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Sermon building - Seventh-day Adventist, Seventh-day Adventists

Sermon building

Sermon building, principles of 6T 55-8

Sermonizer, Sermonizers

Sermonizer, Sermonizers, eloquent, the ministry does not need CH 558

minister who will never be TM 160

ministry does not need 6T 411


Sermonizing, best help minister can give churches is not 6T 49; 9T 82

best medicine for church is not Ev 356

Christ was not given to, as ministers are today DA 152; Ev 57

Christ’s ministry did not consist merely of Ev 203

cut, in half Ev 430

easier than personal work for souls 5T 255

evangelist’s work does not end with Ev 340

flock suffers when minister’s work is limited to Ev 348

gospel work includes much more than CH 499; WM 57

is not enough in evangelistic work Ev 128

lengthy, nothing is gained by 2T 116-8, 672; TM 256-8

less: more humbling of soul is needed and 5T 104

more personal ministry is needed and MH 143

need of 6T 88

long, better to have much more praying and less TM 345

people are wearied by 2T 117

ministers holding tent meetings err in devoting all their time to GW 76

ministers should do less Ev 178; 6T 88

ministry means more than AA 526; GW 185

more than, needed in new fields GW 191

not necessary in evangelism ChS 181

pastors should do less Ev 348

practical work has far more effect than COL 417

preaching gospel includes more than MM 251-2; WM 32

protracted, is extremely wearing 2T 117

some conf. leaders naturally inclined to, rather than to teach 9T 82

some ministers’ preaching has been merely GW 156

tame and dull, what will stop COL 130; GW 252

too much: God’s people have had 6T 431

many ministers do COL 57; GW 185

scarcely mentioning Christ’s saving power GW 156

too little ministering and 2SM 380

why ministers may enjoy 5T 255

without God does little good 6T 50

young men who confine their work to Ev 348


camp meetings have had too much; too much to retain VSS 209:0

Christ avoided,

assurance given in earnest tones VSS 111

He taught in simplicity VSS 234:0

evidence of rebirth is not TDG 99:4

love needed more than LHU 134:2

Sermon on Mount

Sermon on Mount COL 19; DA 298-314; MB entire; PP 373; 4T 44; 7T 268-70

angels listened to 5T 253

burning truths given in 5T 253

Christ delivered: calmly and with earnestness and power MB 46

during dewy freshness of morning MB 38-9, 95

during His ministry in Galilee MB 2-3

especially to His disciples DA 298

immediately after ordination of apostles DA 298

in early morning DA 298; MB 38-9

in summertime MB 45

on mountainside (hillside) near Sea of Galilee DA 290, 298-9; MB 4

on unnamed mountain beside Lake of Gennesaret MB 1, 38

some months after he left Judea and labored in Galilee MB 2

soon after sunrise MB 38-9

to people sitting on green hillside MB 5

under sheltering trees DA 290

when hillsides and fields were bright with flowers MB 39, 95

while He sat on grass DA 298; MB 4

devils listened to 5T 253

discourse for all ages and all classes of men 7T 270

earnest and prayerful study of, results of 7T 270

every sentence of, is jewel from treasure house of truth MB pref. viii

example of how to teach 7T 269

exemplify lessons given by Christ in 6T 472

fruits of true righteousness are described in MB 77

given to man: as law of duty and light of heaven MB pref. vii

for joy and comfort in all vicissitudes and walks of life MB pref. vii

great principles of God’s law are embodied in MB 148

hearers disappointed by DA 299, 305

Heaven’s benediction to: sinning and sorrowing world MB 1

world MB pref. vii; 7T 268

hopes of people who heard DA 299

how Christ ended MB 147

judicial oath is not condemned by MB 67

lessons from 5BC 1083-7

Lord’s Prayer was first given in MB 102

manner in which Christ gave 5T 253-4

natural setting of giving of DA 298-9; MB 1, 4, 38-9

nature of Ev 171

not given on Mt. Gerizim MB 1

nothing vague in, or hard to understand 7T 269

people from many regions heard DA 298; MB 4

people listening to: were chiefly peasants and fishermen MB 39

were full of worries and perplexities COL 19

were sore with disappointment and sorrow COL 19

precious lessons taught in SC 123

priceless instruction in, for old and young AH 423; ML 200

principles enunciated in, for all ages and all classes of men MB pref. viii

principles of law proclaimed on Mt. Sinai are opened in MB 45

principles of true religion revealed in SD 267

purpose of DA 299

read, often in family circle AH 423; ML 200

so simple a child can study it without misunderstanding CT 439; FE 407

spies watched Christ closely while He gave MB 47

vast throng listened to Ed 79

virtually contradicted doctrines of Pharisees DA 305; FE 309

will retain its power throughout all time MB pref. viii; 7T 270

wonderful production CT 439; FE 407

words spoken through Isaiah are re-echoed in MB 43

See also Beatitudes


canvassers to exemplify, in their life PM 302:2

Christ declared His mission TMK 292:10

law principles presented in 2MCP 658:1

principles of, worked out in business HP 185:3

sanctification defined in 3SM 202:1; UL 284:2

truth in, for every condition of life RC 61:2


Sermons, by Hugh Latimer, quoted GC 248

Serpent, Serpents

1. In Eden

2. Miscellaneous

1. In Eden ate fruit like man 3SG 40; SR 32

color of, brilliant like burnished gold PP 53; 3SG 40; 2SM 37; SR 32

cursed: became most groveling and detested of creatures of field PP 58

degraded beneath all beasts SR 40

detested by man SR 40

feared and hated by man and beast PP 58

described GC 531; PP 53, 58; 3SG 39-40; SR 32

did not originally go upon ground 3SG 40; SR 32

Eve fascinated by 2T 89

exalted above beasts of field SR 40

falsehood uttered by GC 538

fruit of tree of knowledge of good and evil eaten by PP 53-5; SR 32, 34

fruit placed in Eve’s hands by PP 55-6

had no power of speech 3SG 39; SR 33

had wings and could fly PP 53; 3SG 39-40; SR 32

Satan spoke to Eve through, in musical voice PP 54

to conceal his identity from Eve 8T 294

Satan used, as medium 1BC 1082-3; GC 531; PP 53-4, 58; 3SG 39; SL 67; 2SM 37; SR 32-3, 40; 3T 72; 5T 698

sentence pronounced by God upon PP 58; SR 39-40

hope intimated to man in PK 681

significance of DA 115

speaking, Eve lingered wonderingly to hear PP 54

talking, Eve startled by hearing SR 33

Eve’s curiosity to hear 3SG 40

with power of speech, Eve astonished at EW 148

2. Miscellaneous Aaron’s rod became PP 263-4; 3SG 205-6; SR 116; 5T 696-8

brazen: Christ symbolized by DA 174-5, 415, 485; PP 430-2, 475; SD 222; 4T 120

foreshadowed manner of Christ’s death AA 226; 4aSG 42

lessons taught by PP 430-2

lifted up by Moses before Israel 1BC 1116; DA 174-5; PP 430; 4aSG 42; SD 222; 1SM 352; 5T 202; 8T 50; TM 93

no explanation as to how healing could be effected by looking to DA 175

no virtue in, to heal DA 174; PP 430-2; 4aSG 42

thousands today need to learn lesson taught by DA 175

charm of, which stings to spiritual death MM 112

cunning of, false teachers who manifest GC 521

Egyptian magicians made their rods appear like PP 264; 3SG 205-6; 1T 716; 5T 696-7

by Satan’s power PP 264; 3SG 206; 5T 697

fiery: called “fiery” because they were very poisonous PP 429

Israelites bitten by DA 174-5; PP 429, 434; SD 222; 4aSG 40-3; 1SM 352; 8T 50; TM 93

wilderness of Israel’s wanderings was infested with 4aSG 41

Moses’ rod became PP 253; 3SG 192; 5T 697

old, wiles and subtleties of 5T 409

persons who grasp at, which will sting them TM 335

Satan could not produce PP 264; 5T 697

Satan is represented by Te 283

Satan symbolized by PP 431

sting of, ready to be driven into your heart 4T 595

subtlety of, Satan works with 5T 384

trembling bird charmed by CH 459; Ev 607-8; 5T 198

venom of, Roman Church concealed GC 571

venomous, shun flattery as Ev 679-80

with deadly sting 2T 457-8

See also Rattlesnake; Viper



lesson of, for those in sin OHC 20:2

look to, in need not waiting to be perfect 3SM 149:3

refused by many TMK 112:3

lifted up, meaning of, explained to Nicodemus FW 69:1

look away from bite of, to Lamb of God 2MCP 452:2

misery left by slimy trail of, in hardened conscience TDG 33:3

self-righteous ones described as, by John the Baptist TDG 197:4

words that bite like UL 59:2


“Servant,” in Isa. 42:16-21 means anyone God may appoint to do certain work 9T 138

name of, applies to every man MYP 229

conveys idea of hire, work, responsibility GW 74

Servant, Servants

1. Christ’s

2. God’s

3. Miscellaneous


1. Christ’s

are to give special warning now to their generation DA 634

do not forget that Christ teaches through 5T 300

men will do all in their power to make it hard for 4T 234

mission of, is high honor and sacred trust DA 357

solicitude of, as they seek for the lost GW 465

2. God’s 4T 523-37

are merely His stewards 8T 185

death of, should be regarded as loss 4T 481

God calls His people, which implies that they are employed by Him 2T 668

guilty when indifferent to wrongs among His people 5T 676

heathen kindness and protection shown to PK 376-7

lack of self-denial in, displeases Him 1T 370

professed, who have served themselves CS 128

sacrificing, criticized by covetous believers 1T 194-5

slothful, hoarding of God-given means by CS 123

loss of inheritance in kingdom of glory by CS 86

some believers ready to say anything against 4T 238

worn, influence of unconsecrated believers counteracted by 1T 572

3. Miscellaneous

Abraham’s relationship to his PP 142

Bible contains lessons of priceless worth for FE 542

Christ as unwearied, of man’s necessity MH 17

disposition of, to get wages with as little effort as possible MYP 229

doing his best for his master, duty of 4BC 1168

evil: how, is different from scoffer 5T 102

outwardly devoted to God’s service 5T 102

why, smites his fellow servants 5T 102

yielded heart to Satan 5T 102

faithful, appreciation should be shown to Ev 468

work of, as essential as that of Bible worker Ev 468

faithful and unfaithful, parable of See Parable

fugitive, treatment of PP 532

helping in home work, just wage should be paid to Ev 468

often hunger for compassion and sympathy Ev 468

hospitality shown to, during Feast of Tabernacles PP 540

laws relating to PP 310

master and, gospel’s influence on relation between AA 459

relationship between AA 522-3

performance of duties by AA 460

rights of, instructions given to Israel re 1BC 1106-7

servant of, Christ as DA 642-51

treat, with kindness and compassion PP 310

treatment of, regulations given to Israel re PP 310

ungrateful, parable of See Parable

unmerciful, parable of See Parable

unprofitable, parable of See Parable

were not to be held in bondage more than seven years by Israelites 1BC 1106-7

wicked, parable of See Parable

See also Slave


chosen as, to bear care and responsibilities TDG 208:4

Christ was willing LHU 32:5


admitted to closeness with master TMK 296:2

reviled while smooth-speaking minister flattered TDG 55:2

rewarded; avoid second death TDG 218:5

hired, we are God’s; lay plans before Him TMK 155:5


God makes, His representatives TMK 88:4

King of heaven stands ready to acknowledge TDG 304:8

learning to be faithful UL 292:3

self as, seen through the Scriptures TDG 281:2


if qualifications are not consecrated TMK 122:3

we may well say we are UL 120:3

See also Workers

Service, Services

1. Christian

2. For (to) Christ

3. For (to) God

4. Of Christ

5. Of God

6. Miscellaneous

1. Christian MH 497-502

blessings of SC 80

do, with cheerfulness MB 88

do not do, with sadness and gloom MB 88

doors of, open everywhere MH 152

individual, how God evaluates 2T 282

is not drudgery to fully consecrated soul 3T 374

loving and untiring, God’s blessing attends church given to PK 74

make, appear attractive MB 88; SC 116

mistaken ideas re SC 82

personal, is required of all according to their strength and opportunities 6T 275-6

spirit of, that God delights to honor COL 398

true and self-sacrificing worker is willing to spend and be spent in, for sake of others MYP 302

true ideal of, misconception of AH 431

true motive in MB 79-101

youth should organize into bands for Ed 269

2. For (to) Christ SC 77-83

active, hundreds and thousands of idlers might be engaged in some line of AA 110-1

all are called to do COL 326

desire for supremacy mars COL 52

life of, connection with church is one of first steps in Ed 268-9

love is condition of DA 815

most costly, is meager in comparison to God’s gift CS 198

secret desire to exalt self often mars DA 409

shall world’s scorn, pride of reason, or conformity to human customs and traditions keep us from? COL 306

truly converted person longs to do MH 502

3. For (to) God

active, rich and poor are called into 9T 129

the great and the humble are called into 9T 129

Christ’s example of, is for us to follow COL 282

effective, may be rendered by man who is not head or heart of body of Christ 5T 279

given from hope of reward or fear of punishment avails nothing PP 523

greatness of work done in, is not what determines its worth 5T 279

half-and-half, places man on side of enemy MB 94

how we might double our CD 390

includes personal ministry COL 300

love with which we do, determines its value 5T 279

lowly, represented in His word by hand or foot is important 5T 279

many people are not satisfied to render, cheerfully in place He has marked out for them GW 270

motive underlying our actions in, determines its worth 5T 279

perfect, responsibility of keeping ourselves in best of health for 2T 354

rendered in sincerity of heart has great recompense DA 312

stony-ground hearers render, that degenerates into form COL 411

talent and aptitude for work are developed in 9T 129

true, spirit of all COL 403

value of, is measured by spirit in which it is rendered 9T 74

is not measured by length of time spent in labor 9T 74

wholehearted devotion to, is seen by Him COL 404

you cannot render, with divided heart DA 312

4. Of Christ

acceptable, length of time of labor is not what makes COL 402

willingness and fidelity in work is what makes COL 402

all gifts and endowments should be employed in COL 328

as you commit yourself to, He will be at your right hand to help you CT 490

demands prompt obedience ChS 237

faithfulness in, how God evaluates COL 403-4

fullest satisfaction is found in CT 522-3

many Christians see no opportunity of doing large work or making great sacrifices in COL 403

privilege of, result of rejecting Ed 264

Timothy’s work was valuable because he used his God-given abilities in AA 205

training in, gives strength and nobility of character Ed 264

we are called to, as long as life shall last DA 329

5. Of God

acceptable: conscientious performance of daily duties is what makes PK 219

contented spirit with unaffected and sincere interest in welfare of others makes PK 219

essential training for, youth should seek by diligent study and earnest prayer to gain MYP 15

splendid talents are not what enable us to render PK 219

unselfish devotion and spirit of sacrifice are first requisites of PK 65

all who choose, are to rest in His care DA 313

baptism is pledge to live for 9T 133

baptismal pledge to live for, let no one take back his 9T 133

Christ taught that, is first of all DA 285

consecration to, measureless result of MH 160

despondency in, is sinful and unreasonable 8T 38

difficulties must be encountered in Ev 445

do not think you are excluded from, because you make mistakes MYP 226

effectual preparation for MH 58

efficiency in, recounting His goodness and wonderful works in our behalf greatly increases COL 299-300

essentials in GW 140-5

esteem, above ties of kindred and all other earthly associations 4T 524

everything connected with, regard with greatest reverence PP 303

God wants youth to engage in MYP 21

how divine providence directs men into proper lines of MH 473

how many young men will enter, not to be served but to serve? 6T 412

if you give yourself to, He will provide for your needs MB 99

increased ability to devote to, all who put their God-given ability to use will have 5T 393

life of burden bearing in, Moses renounced prospective kingdom for Ed 68

Paul renounced advantages of wealth and honor for Ed 68

love and faithfulness in, are valued more than amount of work done COL 402

love for, grows warmer with experience MYP 198

lowest place in, is too honorable for minister GW 142

man may be in active, while felling trees, clearing ground, or following plow PK 219

men of varied gifts are needed in 4T 608-9

more useful in, neglect no opportunity to become MYP 108

must have first place in our lives PK 221

nature of, made plain to men by Christ DA 24

obstacles must be met in Ev 445

oppression in, there must be no CT 155

promise for persons who make, supreme MH 481

promise for persons who surrender themselves to MH 248

rebellious persons deceived with belief they are in PP 635

reward of 6T 305-12

some men are better adapted to one branch of, than another 4T 608-9

training for, in humble duties of life GW 332-3

transforming power of Christ’s grace molds person who gives himself to 7T 9

we are to give ourselves to PP 352

what one man would fail to do in, another may be strong to accomplish 4T 608

work of many kinds is to be performed in CM 16

worker giving himself unreservedly to, gains experience enabling him to labor more successfully 7T 21

your call to PK 220-1

youth need training essential for MYP 15

6. Miscellaneous

all must account for manner in which they have met Christ’s claim to their COL 326

becomes more Christlike as we work for God 6T 477

believers trained for, should take their places quickly in God’s work CT 540

best, persons who love God with all their hearts desire to give Him their PP 353

cheap and shoddy, Christ accepts no CT 151

children learn to find joy in, for good of others MH 401

Christ called men to, and not to authority DA 550

Christ calls for, of higher order than has been given Him 8T 234

Christ cannot accept, of people who would have both world and Him DA 383

Christ desires, of persons who have dew of youth on them MYP 369

Christ has paid for, of all who take His name 9T 104

Christ has right to your 2T 244

Christ saves men for MH 95-107

Christ’s example is to be standard of, for the tempted and erring MH 162

Christ’s followers have been redeemed for COL 326

Christ’s lessons of, ceremony of feet-washing is to keep us ever mindful of DA 650

Christian delights to consecrate all that he has and is to 7T 10

Christians who wish to reduce their, to minimum of effort and at same time receive highest wages MYP 229

church See Church service

church is organized for Ed 268

continuous round of, Christian life is 9T 220

delight and duty of all, is to lift up Christ before people 9T 147

diligent and honest, God will reward CS 116

divided, Christ does not accept AA 483; GW 113; 4T 214

imitate no one who gives MYP 148

divine, true education is training mind and soul for COL 330

do not urge your, when it is not wanted CSW 70

doors open for, all around us are 9T 171

duties of, God desires that we patiently and wisely take up DA 329

education as a fitting for CT 493-9

essential qualification for, love is DA 815

every possibility for, God measures with exactness COL 363; PK 488

every sanctified heart should be pressed into, as instrument of divine power 9T 47

faithful: frequent repetition of one kind of, is more valuable than doing one great work MYP 369

God has father’s claim on our COL 282

God will honor SD 13

unrecognized by others, reward of Ed 305-6

faithful performance of duties of your present position is preparation for higher, in afterlife PP 622

Father’s life flows out to all and returns in joyous DA 21

fitful, God does not accept WM 38

God is not glorified by 5T 648

fitness for, God can give to youth MYP 226

for others, is sure outgrowth of true conversion SC 78

only distinction in Christ’s kingdom is found in devotion to DA 650

reflex benefits of 2T 534-5

for the tempted and erring, Christ’s example should be standard in MH 162

forced, God wants no 2SM 211

God calls SDA youth to enter our schools and quickly fit themselves for 9T 170

God can give fitness for, to persons not ordained by laying on of hands MYP 226

God has long waited for spirit of, to take possession of whole church AA 111

God will bequeath the most in future life to persons who do most faithful and willing, in present life COL 330

God would do much more for His servants if they would place His, above ties of kindred and all other earthly associations GW 114

God’s claim on your, respond cheerfully to 4T 253

God’s servants are to stand ready for, at moment’s notice GW 195

good, can be done by teaching people how to prepare healthful food MYP 218

gospel worker who loses his life in, for God and fellow men will find it again at second advent MYP 302

grateful, crowns Christ with honor 5T 87

greatest joy is found in Ed 309

half, makes timid and cowardly servant AH 431

half-and-half, in pure religion there is no FE 436

halfhearted, God is not pleased with 3BC 1130

God accepts no CS 217-8

halfhearted and selfish, God is never pleased with 1SM 108

healing and teaching are linked closely together in 9T 171

highest, let every child receive education for Ed 266-7

highest education is found in Ed 309

how God values, in His cause 4T 619

rendered to Him 9T 74

humblest, may be offered to Christ as consecrated gift CS 161

in His providence God places before men, that will be as medicine to their diseased minds GW 270

in little things of everyday experience has power to mold character and direct life into lines of unselfish ministry MH 401

in this world, true education prepares student for joy of Ed 13

inspired by Christ’s love, God calls for 1SM 108

instrument of, yoke is DA 329

intelligent Christ can be best glorified by 3T 160

law of: binds us to God and fellow men COL 326

great law of life is Ed 103

illustrated in nature DA 20-1; Ed 103-4

is given to all Christ’s followers COL 326

is written on all things of nature Ed 103

requires service to God and to fellow men COL 326

law of life for universe is DA 20-1

law of love calls for devotion of body, mind, and soul to, of God and fellow men Ed 16

let unselfishness of your, witness to power of Christ’s grace MH 156

life’s best, give to God PP 352-3

lip, God does not seek CT 35

loving, is that which wins divine approval COL 361

make, of God’s kingdom your highest interest MB 99

man cannot love God and render, to enemy of righteousness MB 94

man cannot render, to two masters DA 312; MB 93-5

man’s best, disposition to obey God accepted as ML 250

many young men rightly educated at home should be trained for 9T 119

measure of capacity or learning is of far less consequence than spirit with which, is given 6T 411

ministry means 4BC 1159

most splendid, are acceptable only when self is laid on altar PK 65

is not accepted by God unless self is laid on altar 7T 248-9

most successful toilers cheerfully render, in little things 6T 115

motives in, must be right 7T 248-9

no act of, however small or simple is ever lost SD 270

no indifference or selfishness should appear in our 7T 222

no taint of self-seeking should mar our 7T 71

of love, God accepts only PP 42

God desires from all His creatures GC 493; PP 34

only Christ’s righteousness can make our, acceptable to God DA 439

opportunity for, to others that should not be allowed to pass unimproved MYP 217

partial, Christ admits no AA 541; DA 487

patient and humble, gospel workers who have not learned lesson of 7T 280

people whose, will be always in demand MH 477

perfect, God requires of us 1T 694

persons engaged in, should bring exactitude, skill, tact, wisdom, and perfection into their work MYP 303

privilege of, everyone accepting Christ as personal Saviour longs for MH 502

privilege of fellowship with Christ in, result of rejecting Ed 264

question God asks in choosing men for His MH 37

reward for, Christ offered apostles no stated sum as MYP 303

reward is not motive that actuates, of soul in which Christ abides COL 398

same kind of, God does not expect from all PK 221

sickly and half-religious, teachers must not taint associates with FE 388

special, persons having eye single to God’s glory desire to fit themselves for CT 495

spirit of, pray for 7T 10

springing from appreciation of His character, God desires PP 34

stinted, Christ gave no MH 500

tangible, praise by COL 300

teaching of, should be kept constantly in view in development of child’s whole being MH 401

throughout his long term of, Paul never faltered in allegiance to Christ GW 58

to God and man brings greatest blessing to ourselves CT 32; Ed 16

trials fit us for PK 175

trifling acts of, many people offer to God 8T 28

true: knowledge of God is foundation of all MH 409

links lowliest servants of God on earth with highest of His servants in courts above MYP 72-3

love and loyalty to Christ are spring of all Ed 268

spirit of all COL 403

true education prepares student for higher joy of wider, in world to come Ed 13

true motive in MB 79-101

true motives of, keep before old and young FE 543

keep before students CT 499

true object of education is to fit people for CT 493

undivided, Christ asks for COL 48-9

unselfish: highest culture of every faculty is received through CT 32; Ed 16

is law of heaven CT 32-8

life’s great lesson of, we should learn Ed 30

many believers from humbler walks of life have followed Christ’s example of AA 105-6

powers of whole being should be engaged in Ev 646

reflex blessings of 2T 534

unselfish and willing, God demands 3T 500

unwilling, God does not accept CS 128-9

voluntary: Christ accepts only AA 541

God desires of us GC 493

Christ desires only DA 487

God grants men freedom of will that they may render to Him PP 34

wholehearted, God accepts MH 150

God wants SS teachers who can give MYP 219

wholehearted and cheerful, God is honored by COL 364

willing, God accepts only 7BC 977

of builders of sanctuary in wilderness PK 65

without heart, God does not accept 2T 169

yoke of, Christ in His humanity bore DA 329

yoke that binds us to, God’s law is DA 329

youth’s, Christ claims MYP 409

See also Ministry; Self-serving


ability for, increased as we trade on entrusted talents TDG 342:7

acceptable only,

in following Christ’s self-denial 2MCP 716:4

through sacrifice of Christ HP 306:3

all would be busy in, if consecrated TDG 326:4

angels perform glorious, in conflicts for us FW 23:1

aspiring for great, when today’s duty not done well TMK 329:4

attitude of drudgery in, brings no peace TMK 120:4

best unselfish, God accepts TDG 71:5

better than faultfinding RC 121:7

blessing for those who consecrate themselves for UL 38:3

body disciplined to give highest, to the Master OHC 265:4

character must be prepared for any line of TDG 186:2

cheerful, HP 226:6

render to God; He is compassionate TMK 224:4


calls for sacrificial HP 33:5

claims our OHC 261:4

has a right to; yield heartily TDG 243:4

has paid wages for, with His own blood TMK 330:3

regards salvation of souls as highest CME 47:3

was most ready to give, although most exalted TDG 192:6

Christian, use short time in UL 151:5

Christ’s yoke binds in happy TMK 121:3

conditions for UL 200:2

consecration for, brings experience enabling success TDG 72:4

devoted, anything short of, for others opposes the work TDG 303:2

diligent, treasuring every penny TDG 229:4

discipline for HP 229

divided, unacceptable to the Redeemer HP 148:3

divine, education is training for 3SM 228:1

efficiency for, now and preparing for life to come TDG 15:2

faithfulness in, UL 297:6

whether in or out of meeting TDG 354:2

fitness for helping others acquired through HP 320:4

forget self in loving HP 230:3

gladness fills, to God because of Christ’s sacrifice TMK 224:5


has a right to our HP 228:5

is our Ruler and has right to our TMK 249:5


of entire human organism TMK 265:2

of heart accepting His free gift HP 318:4

of the entire being RC 165:6

robbed of, by habits that lessen vigor HP 193:2

habits regulated to preserve vigor and give, to Christ RC 144:6

half and half, for God UL 206:2

halfhearted, unacceptable OHC 215:4

haphazard manner in TMK 331:3

happiness found only in a life of HP 229:2

health to be maintained for OHC 267:2

healthful, treat body to give, to God RC 138:6

heart fragrant with God’s love for true UL 129:3

humble, appreciated and evaluated by God TMK 324:5

in heaven learned through service here UL 292:3

inefficient, do-nothing, not accepted by God TDG 68:2

law of love calls for RC 51:3

learned by Elisha UL 331:4


of Christ was example of humble TDG 192:6; TMK 156:2

of continuous HP 201:3

presents many opportunities for HP 225:2

little things not to be overlooked in our TDG 75:4

living sacrifice on altar of TDG 145:6

location for, is just where God puts us TMK 331:2


may bring back those who stray HP 10:5

rather than value of talent, is blessed OHC 289:4

loving ministry of Saviour in, pray daily for HP 226:5

meaning of, little known by some UL 292:3

medicine to diseased minds HP 229:3


of Christ to be brought into TDG 374:5

to which all are called RC 256:2

obedience of those giving the most HP 287:5

opportunities for,

all around us TDG 68:4

neglected to please self OHC 187:4

part in Christ’s, drawing souls to Him RC 152:2

patience in,

brings rest to the soul TDG 32:3

wisdom and TMK 120:4

perfection of,

impossible when body hurt by habits RC 138:5

through training from the Great Teacher HP 320:4

to God HP 201:4

personal, work of, to be done by the church TDG 330:2

placing self in best condition to do God’s HP 60:3

power for,

from communion with God HP 85:3

given those withholding nothing HP 62:5

pray to be used in; sanctification VSS 305:2

preparation for, by cultivating the fruits of the Spirit HP 330:6

privilege of, as a free heaven-born spirit OHC 40:6

religious, formalism in, without Jesus in the heart TMK 193:4


for more than showing love HP 303:4

of every soul TDG 244:2

warming hearts through love to Christ is UL 362:7


for, according to the spirit in which it is done Mar 342:4

for faithful, of Matt. 25:23 begins in this life OHC 289:4

for life of TMK 91:3

for, spirit of Christ in own life RC 102:6

not the motivation of Mar 342:2

self-denial is condition of OHC 270:2

self-forgetful, blessed satisfaction in HP 238:5

set apart for, honoring religious faith TDG 281:3

sincere, acceptable UL 73:5

sinners left unwarned if we withhold TDG 229:5

small, willingness to perform TDG 161:3

study how to give, to God because we are His property TMK 244:5


improved in, to be returned to Christ with usury TDG 168:2

increased by HP 287:2

of money, influence, tact, etc., are for TDG 68:4

trained for; abilities are to be purified from sin TDG 307:2

undivided, and devotion of entire self TDG 303:2

unselfish, UL 200

Christ’s life, an example of HP 43:4

no act of, ever lost HP 232:5

talents increased by OHC 182:2

wholehearted, not permitting Satan to guide imagination OHC 101:4

willing, God desires TMK 113:4

withdrawal from, advised for worn worker RY 76:1

withheld from God, covenant not fulfilled when AG 150:2

Word not relished because it presents disagreeable TMK 118:2

youth who give themselves to God will be prepared for FLB 247:4

See also Work


Servility, woman who considered meekness to be 3T 536


Servitude, poor children sold into, by Israelites PK 648


Seth PP 80-4; 3SG 53-4, 60; SR 57

gospel message preached by 1BC 1088; COL 126; PP 80; 3SG 53-4; SR 57

name of, signifies “appointed” or “compensation” PP 80

revelations of God’s will preserved through PK 682-3


Sethites, Seth’s descendants PP 81-2, 86, 457; 3SG 60; SR 62


final, day of, very near TMK 359:5


Seven, as number, indicates completeness AA 585

significance of, in prophecy of seven churches AA 585

Seven days

Seven days, ascension of the redeemed to heaven will last EW 16; LS 66; 2SG 33 See also Week

Seven last plagues

Seven last plagues See Plagues

Seventh commandment

Seventh commandment See Adultery; Fornication; Ten Commandments

Seventh day

Seventh day of week See Sabbath


sign of loyalty Mar 238:2

Seventh-day Adventist, Seventh-day Adventists

Seventh-day Adventist, Seventh-day Adventists, accused of not believing Bible 9T 240

all, should be workers in God’s vineyard 3T 202

apostasy of many, foretold TM 468

apostate, will cause greatest trials to the true Ev 624

apostates will circulate false reports and insinuations against GC 608

appeal from custom and tradition to plain “Thus saith the Lord” 5T 389

are: asleep Ev 32

God’s commandment-keeping people 1SM 208

God’s representatives on earth 2T 452-3; 7T 138

not to be called Babylon 2SM 63-4, 66-8

not to do same work that George Müller did Ev 547

reformers 6T 180

strictly denominational 7T 109

as Bible Christians, have ever been on gaining ground 2SM 397

banner given to 2SM 384-5; 6T 144; 8T 153-4

being, in name only is not enough 6T 95

believe in restoration of spiritual gifts 1T 421, 457

books of a new order that, should shun 1SM 204

called as God’s peculiar treasure 2SM 397

called to be: separate from world 7T 138

witnesses for God 9T 19-29

cannot be in harmony with persons who teach and follow doctrines and commandments of men 5T 389

characters of, will be attacked 3T 571

Christ was, to all intents and purposes MM 49

class of, to whom Laodicean message applies 2SM 66

colonizing of, in Battle Creek TM 86

warning against ChS 180

colors of, do not haul down 6T 144

considered odd and singular 1T 420, 456

contempt shown by some, for laws of health and life 5T 196-7

conviction that trumpet is given uncertain sound by TM 86

covetousness among, warning re EW 266-9

criterion for, worldlings are not 2T 450

deficient as a people 2T 114

denominational name of See Seventh-day Adventist Church

devotion to God’s work will give signal victory to 3T 404

devotional spirit being lost by 2SM 315

differences between Sundaykeepers and, men will do all possible to lessen 6T 144

distraction and division among, Satan plans to cause TM 475

do not cause unbelievers to regard, as fanatics 2SM 36

do not cause world to think that, are extremists CD 210

do not give impression that, are starving themselves to death CD 289

do not give occasion for people to say that, will do mean actions MM 171

do not take course to lessen or destroy influence of, with world 1T 458

do not think it duty to tell people at once that we are, when laboring in new fields GW 119-20

do nothing to mark, as lawless and disobedient Ev 173

doctrines of, do not hide 6T 144

doctrines of devils will be heeded by many Ev 361, 363

duty of: re political questions See Political question; Politics

re voting See Voting

when God’s law is most derided 7BC 981

duty of one or two, living in one place 2T 633

early: church organization opposed by many TM 26

looked upon as fanatics 3T 326

meeting places of TM 26

method of labor used by Ev 573

often branded as spiritualists 1T 421, 457

Sabbath observance by LS 95-6; 2SG 82; SR 380-1; 1T 75-7

unity in faith and doctrines sought by TM 24-5

work of, not sustained by large gifts or legacies TM 27

eat too much 3T 487

education that should interest all CT 401

employees of, should not work for them on Sabbath Ev 245

enforcement of Sunday laws against, how to meet 9T 232-8 See also Sunday law

enmity against, whole world will be stirred with TM 37

erring, why warnings and reproofs have been given to 2T 452; 5T 661-2

every, should connect with temperance association Te 197-203

every position of truth taken by, greatest minds will scrutinize Ev 69; 5T 546

exalted to heaven like Capernaum 5T 624

failing to live up to their profession, world points with scorn at 9T 23

failure of, to carry third angel’s message to world 8T 118-9

to improve providential opportunities 9T 51

faithful, angels minister to 2T 106

faithfulness as health reformers would make, spectacle to world CH 575

falsely denounced as Babylon 2SM 63-4

families of, should settle in unwarned towns and villages Ev 52

fanatics embarrassed, during Civil War in USA 1T 356-8

fanatics used by Satan to misrepresent 2SM 27

fanatical excitement among, warning against 1SM 179

fanaticism brings stigma to whole body of 2SM 43

far behind other denominations re orphans’ homes 8T 133

fatal delusion that, are too narrow in their ideas 5T 587

few, sympathized with slaveholders 1T 358

few extremists among, bring discredit to them Ev 215

forces of, Satan’s efforts to divide and scatter 2SM 87

former, will be most bitter enemies of true GC 608

front ranks of, men of culture and of intellectual and moral power needed in 4T 549

Gen. Conf. of See General Conference

generous and warm-hearted as a people 5T 386; 6T 85

God does not reprove, because they are more blameworthy than others 2T 452

God requires, to be distinct and peculiar 6T 143

God was still guiding, in 1913 LS 437-8; 2SM 406

God will give favor to, before world until their work is done 6T 21

God’s purpose for 6T 221

God’s remnant people 2SM 385 See also Remnant church

gospel of Christ’s grace must be given to world by TM 92

great deception that possesses many 8T 249-50

great light shines on, re last days 7T 54

greater perfection of character should be shown by 5T 619

greatest danger of, is in their accumulations of property 1T 492, 636

greatest wealth of truth ever entrusted to mortals has been given to 7T 138

have taken their position as God’s special people 5T 661

hearts of, selfishness has large place in 2T 328

history of, interpretation of prophecy in relation to 2SM 102-3

might have been different 1SM 68

honored, misleading theories on sanctuary question will be advocated by Ev 360

will depart from truth to advocate misleading theories Ev 360

hop-raising by 2SM 338

hospitality neglected among 6T 343

how world could be made to tremble by 3T 405

impression given by some, that they are starving themselves to death CD 289

interest and capabilities of too many, commercial enterprises absorb Ev 51

James 4 and 5 should be read by many TM 125-6

keeping together large companies of, is not God’s plan Ev 47

know for yourself why, believe as they do 4T 596

lack of zeal among, to proclaim third angel’s message 8T 119

large number of, should not colonize in one community 2T 633, 636; TM 199; 8T 244

large proportion of, will give heed to seducing spirits Ev 361; 2SM 368

last warning for perishing world has been entrusted to 9T 19

let it be known that, can make no compromise CW 95; Ev 179

let not, serve as decoys to lead brethren into business speculation 1T 305

light of health reform not heeded by some CD 400

living in direct opposition to laws of nature, many FE 150

look for near return of Christ in clouds of heaven CT 321

looked upon as: peculiar 5T 138

poor, weak-minded, low, and degraded 1T 414

made depositaries of God’s law 3T 202; 8T 116

many duties of, differ widely from those of world in general CH 153

Matthew 7 should be read by many TM 125-6

means and power of, warning against centralizing of 8T 138

means among, liberal supply of 1T 494, 638

no lack of CS 85; 1T 492, 636

meddling in politics, reproved TM 332-5 See also Politics

members who caused, to be regarded as fanatics Ev 215

message of, must be as direct as John the Baptist’s was 8T 332

ministers of so-called orthodox churches war against 1SM 69

misconception that many people have re Ev 543

mistake that, should not make in talking about God’s law TM 92

misunderstood by people 6T 31

momentous truths handled by 9T 158

more earnest devotion should be shown by 5T 619

most honorable and noble work in which, can engage MM 163

most solemn and fearful warnings ever sent by God to man have been given to 7T 138

most solemn truths ever entrusted to mortals have been entrusted to CT 321; 9T 19

motives and actions of, will be misjudged 3T 571

move(s) of, that please enemies of truth 2T 632

movements at work to bring, to front Ev 69

movements of, many people are watching 7T 14

must consent to be poor and despised among men 1T 286

must take as well as give Ev 599

need home where their sick can be treated 1T 553

need to: appear as intelligent, thinking people 2SM 24

arise and shine as never before Ev 36

awake to their responsibilities in med. miss. work Ev 518

care for their incapacitated gospel workers 7T 290-1

cultivate love, patience, and true courtesy 7T 127

disperse throughout earth 8T 215

do their best for God 9T 132

enlarge their plans as Providence opens way 4T 401

live out their faith 1T 404

manifest interest in health reform 1T 489

prepare way for second advent 7T 139

recognize and honor God 8T 155

retain peculiar features of their faith 7T 108

reveal God’s character to world 6T 221

show that there is unity and strength in their ranks 9T 133

stand in front ranks of friends of temperance GW 384

strive to reach highest standard of excellence 7T 127

walk before God as Enoch did 7T 155

need to be: consistent in life CH 153-6; WM 128-9

far ahead of all other people in providing literature for the poor 1T 690

far ahead of any other class in clean living 1T 487

firmly rooted in truth of Christ Ev 361-2

foremost in uplifting Christ before world GW 156

God’s distinctive people 2SM 384-6; 2T 452

in advance of all other people in temperance MM 273

missionaries for God 8T 244

more distinct from world 7T 296-7

one with Christ 8T 239-43

patterns of piety CT 321; 2T 451

people distinct from world 2SM 386

recognized by Sabbath observance Ev 233

needy, minister cheerfully and gladly to 6T 85

welfare ministry for 6T 85, 269

neglected cities should be evangelized by 9T 32 See also City

Negro See Negro

never hide fact that we are 5T 501; 6T 81

new organization that, should shun 1SM 204

no compromise should be made by, with Sundaykeepers 2SM 385

no controversy among, over question of leadership 8T 238

no line of truth should be weakened by 6T 17

no people more willing than, to sacrifice means for gospel work 3T 49

not doing twentieth part of what they might do LS 211; 3T 407; 4T 426; 5T 11; TM 195

not one in 20, in 1868, in good standing is faithful 1T 632

not understood as a people 1T 414

number of, would have been larger if they had worked faithfully 9T 25

numbers or wealth of, signal victory is not given by 3T 404

numbered about: 50 in New England in 1846 1T 77

25 in Maine in 1846 1T 77

of means, appeal to 3T 383-4

opinions and wisdom of men must not guide or govern 1T 286

opposition of other Adventists against 3T 572

ought to be far in advance of their present position 5T 743

partnership of, with unbelievers Ev 245

past experience of, has not lost one jot of its force LS 428

people are watching 6T 264

persons among, who cannot be trusted MM 152; WM 231

pillars of faith that have made, undermining of 2SM 103

pioneer: interpretation of prophecy by 2SM 102-3

interpretation of Scriptures by 2SM 102-4

search of, for truth after disappointment of 1844 1SM 206

study of three angels’ messages by 2SM 109-10

platform of, some believers seen examining and criticizing EW 259

some believers seen leaving EW 259

poor See Poor believer

position of: interesting and fearful 1T 286

overwhelming amount of Scriptural testimony sustains 3T 253

re Civil War in USA 1T 355-68

power of, is in self-sacrifice and willing obedience to Christ SD 236

not in talent of means, education, or in popularity SD 236

practices of, should be different from those of world 6T 147

principles of, stand firm in defense 6T 17; 8T 160

principles that have made us, stand firm for 2SM 389-90

profess to look for and love Christ’s appearing 2T 450

professedly are God’s commandment-keeping people 2SM 314

purity that God expects of 2T 451-2

ranks of, both separation and unity will be seen in 6T 400-1

Satan works with all power to bring fanaticism into GW 316

reaching God’s standard will be regarded by worldlings as extremists FE 289

reasons why we are, children should be taught 5T 330

rebaptism of Ev 375

reconversion of Ev 375

reform needed among CH 575-9; 1SM 115

reformation that, should shun 1SM 204

regarded as too insignificant to notice 2SM 386

but change will come 5T 546

religious experience of some, not reliable 2T 553

reproach brought upon, by indiscreet member 1T 359-60

responsibility of, for light and privileges given them 4T 191

Satan’s apparent miracles of healing will test 2SM 53

Satan’s methods practiced by some, who claim to have new truth TM 366

Satan’s purpose to blot, from earth TM 37

Satan’s special plans to ensnare TM 472-5

seeking help from gods of Ekron, many CH 457

self-glorification becoming common among 5T 728

set in world as light bearers and watchmen 9T 19

settled together in large communities, should be scattered all over country 8T 244

should not be narrow in views and limit facilities for doing good 4T 401

shut-door doctrine as taught by 1SM 61-4

sign of 2SM 384-5

simplicity should characterize CW 169

snares laid by Satan for EW 266-9

some: are miserable representatives of truth 2T 109

do not support church wholeheartedly 4T 18

fail to co-operate with God in saving souls CS 85

in danger of being overcome by selfish ambition 8T 138

in danger of closing eyes to truth TM 70

patronize restaurants to indulge appetite without restraint CH 457-8; 5T 197

rob God in tithes and offerings TM 60

will go out and bear ark no longer TM 411

some people think that, are infidels Ev 201; 9T 240

special truths separating, from world should not be made less prominent LS 329

spirit of love among, too little CSW 86

spiritual condition of, in 1846 1T 77

spirituality of some, becomes weaker and weaker 8T 82

strength and power of, consists in being chosen and accepted of God 1T 286

strife among, let there be no shade of FE 480

surplus means in ranks of, great amount of 3T 208

swine-raising by 2SM 338

system of intellectual philosophy that, should shun 1SM 204

take no course that lessens or destroys influence of, with world 1T 422

temperance pledge should be signed by all Te 197-203

tenfold guilt of, who commit fornication or adultery 2T 451

things that would make, appear as fanatics and extremists 2SM 318-9

tobacco-raising by 2SM 338

too many, in Battle Creek in 1895 TM 199

unfaithful, are no excuse for doubt and unbelief 2T 109

unfolding of prophecies in making of 2SM 115

unprecedented opportunities of, to finish God’s work Ev 702-3

views of, are not popular 2T 377

voices from unexpected quarters will urge, to go forward 7T 14

warning neglected by 8T 81-6

weak in faith will be led astray 1SM 42

wealthy, Satan plans to ensnare TM 474

when it is not best for gospel workers to tell people at once that they are GW 119

when worldlings regard, as odd, singular, straight-laced extremists FE 289

who thinks himself a complete whole MM 152; WM 231

why Testimonies of warnings and reproof were given to 5T 661

will be maligned and misrepresented 3T 571

will not always be unnoticed Ev 69; 5T 546

wishing to get rich quick, warning to 1T 551

woman’s work should not be belittled by, in any way GW 453

work of 8T 9-13

aggressive from the first TM 24

began as small rivulet 7T 171

caution re publicity given to plans for Ev 125

early history of, republish CW 145

experiences from beginning of, review CW 145

includes far more than preaching Ev 261

is aggressive CS 188; 5T 380

is reformatory 6T 24, 126

moves far more slowly than God would have it ChS 97

must be done first in their own hearts TM 125

no change should be made in general features of 6T 17

proclamation of three angels’ messages is 9T 19

should be distinct from all other miss. work in world 8T 183-4

similar to that of John the Baptist 8T 332

soon will be closed up 9T 241

started in poverty 3T 256

strong faith and constant vigilance needed in 9T 10

will grow stronger and more efficient 9T 9

work of proclaiming the three angels’ messages has been given to 9T 19

works of, not in accord with their faith 2T 114

works of many, belie their profession 1T 482

world is watching 9T 23

to see if their faith exerts sanctifying influence 8T 242

world should no longer say that, do not teach or believe Christ TM 92

world will hate, for not honoring Sunday TM 37

worthy poor, ways to help 6T 85

wonderful light shines on, from God’s word 9T 19

wrong influence exerted by some 2T 633

your individual responsibility as 4T 16

zeal of, does not compare with character of their work 2T 114

See also Adventist; People of God; Sabbathkeeper


advantages given to, in messages through Spirit of Prophecy HP 347:3

arouse; afflictions now are light LHU 216:2

asleep in sins; conversion needed 3SM 113:5

Battle Creek publishing house not to be only power among PM 153:2

bearings lost slowly by, in conformity to world 2MCP 558:3

beliefs/doctrines of,

challenged by those departing from the faith 3SM 408:3

condensed in Review PM 221

objectionable features of, not to occupy mind 3SM 163:4

See also Faith (religion), SDA; Third angel’s message; Truth, present

centers of,

built up, while the world around is neglected PM 190:3

work done by worldly methods in PM 63:1


as cause of trouble for desecrating Sunday Mar 176:2

with calamities Mar 216:7

choosing Satan will first give up faith in Testimonies 3SM 84:3

church of, See Church, Seventh-day Adventist

colored race to be reached by SW 27:1

concentrations of, in cities is wrong TDG 170:4

considered law breakers in the future UL 101:4

cross of Christ not understood by many RC 287:2

dishonest canvassers trusted because of name of PM 299:2

distinctiveness of,

explained by their history PM 31:1

important so God can be glorified 2MCP 559:2

diverting the attention of, and dividing them 3SM 167:1

early, scattered like sheep CET 192:2

education of children to be handled differently by (1902) 3SM 212:1

Ellen White established in message of 3SM 38:3


of, undimmed for past 50 years (1905) UL 352:4

to be held fast by TMK 352:3

fanatical demonstrations would set a stigma on 3SM 373:2

few at first and mostly poor; views almost unknown CET 192:2

giving glory to God is feature of UL 336:2

godliness stolen from, by love of the world UL 279:4

history of,

best way to review, to be studied PM 30:2

defects of pioneers should not have been made public in 3SM 343


to be published PM 30:1

visions established truth in 3SM 38:2

fanaticism in,

brought truth into disrepute 3SM 372:3

need to be informed about 3SM 373:3

repeated in these last days 3SM 376:4

misrepresented; work to be viewed as a whole 3SM 342:1

instruction for, in books of Ellen White; indifference possible 3SM 358:1

labeled “little men,” but they are handling mighty subjects TDG 217:4

law of God to be upheld before world and 3SM 166:3

lawsuit of, permitted to expose evil of leaders 3SM 303:1

light not walked in by many 3SM 386:2

lives of, would make them lights if conformed to Bible 3SM 260:1

marriages occur among, even in this time of earth’s history 1MCP 219:6

mercy’s last message entrusted to HP 332:2

messages of, See Messages

miracles of apparent healing a test for Mar 148:4

monuments needed by, to remind of God’s actions for us 3SM 320:2

move of, where they can buy a small piece of land CL 10:4

name of,

only evidence of discipleship in many RC 287:2

points out testing truth FLB 304:4

new, preserved from error by the writings of Ellen White TDG 126:2

numbers of increased from the beginning CET 195:1

opposers of faith of, all criticize Ellen White 3SM 350:4

organization introduced 40 years ago (1902 statement) CET 192:1

overeating of 3SM 291:4

people, little, but handling mighty subjects TDG 217:4

pioneers of movement of, Ellen White preserved truth known by TDG 126:2



by actions or statements 3SM 397

from misreading our books to illiterate SW 75:2

See also Prejudice

against doctrines of, looks for racial pretext SW 84:2

preparation needed by,

for heaven UL 319:6

for tests ahead HP 347

principles of, in Rev. 14:12 UL 352:3

prosperity of, as a people requires dependence on God TMK 126:3

reason for being, must be known Mar 217:6; OHC 332:3

sacrifice among, to false gods, before final conflict 3SM 398:1

seal of God and sanctification needed by 3SM 258:1

taking name of, not humiliated by TMK 357:2

Testimonies to be read by 3SM 359:1


confirming understanding of UL 352:3

given to, to be defined clearly RY 124:1

unity of faith and purpose needed among TMK 172:2

views of early, almost unknown by others CET 192:2

watched to see influence of truth 3SM 260:1

watchmen and light bearers in a special sense HP 314:2

witness by, that life is not spoiled by obedience TMK 309:5

wolves among, before final conflict; strange sacrifices 3SM 398:1

work of, aggressive from the first CET 192:2

world saps spirituality of, and hurts influence 3SM 247:4