EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Right and might - Righteousness

Right and might

conflict between UL 240:4

Right and wrong

Bible is the great standard of HP 133:5

blended by Satan to make sin appear good UL 123:2

past sins make distinguishing between, difficult OHC 81:3

Right, Rights

Right, Rights, belonging to every individual CD 56; MM 275; TM 422

children have, which must be respected AH 306

Christ demands acknowledgment of every man’s GW 123; MH 489

Christ did not contend for His DA 89

Christ died to secure, to destroy Satan TM 134

do not stop to vindicate your, at every trifling offense 3BC 1160

depriving others of their God-given, originated in Satan’s mind TM 393

Edom’s, Israel’s duty to respect PP 424

encroachment on other people’s, common in world by practice 5T 558

is offense to God 5T 558

every human being has certain, as God’s heritage TM 281

of which no one should deprive him TM 281

God-given, satanic origin of determination to deprive other people of TM 393

human, false religion teaches its adherents to be careless of DA 287

Israelites were not to feel that they alone had, in earth PP 424

man’s: to control his own mind must be recognized 7T 180

to himself must be recognized 7T 180

to receive and impart fruit of his own labor must be recognized 7T 180

to stewardship of his talents must be recognized 7T 180

men must not be robbed of their TM 360

men’s, often unrecognized in Paul’s time AA 238; Ed 67

members of family should respect one another’s CG 205

most difficult thing for man is giving up what he thinks is his FE 283

of SDA, to worship according to dictates of their own conscience 2SM 334

of the weak and helpless, disregarded today FE 422

other people have, as well as ourselves GW 303

other people’s: do not ignore 7T 209

need of careful recognition of ML 124

sacredly respect AH 427

you cannot be Christian and be forgetful of 3T 539

people’s, Scriptures speak plainly re 1T 421

robbing believers of their, no advantage gained by TM 360

take into consideration men’s, as Christians GW 123; MH 489

social GW 123; MH 489

true religion will not trample on, of least of God’s creatures 3T 528

of members of family 3T 528


all have individual, which none may take away 2MCP 708:4

Christian need not contend for; God will handle 3SM 300:1

church membership guards, by discipline 3SM 16:3

confusion over; colored race has been oppressed SW 61:1

contending for LDE 141:2, 146:1

each has individual RC 138:5

Ellen White told to protect others’, relating to royalties PM 208:0

rebellion did not cause loss of; we never owned rights FW 21:1

robbing people of, not sanctioned by God PM 133:2

securing, for freedom of worship; use available means 3SM 384:1

violation of, for supposed benefit of Review office PM 148:2

work of truth may be hindered by exercising SW 70:3

wounding, smites God’s hand OHC 225:4

yielding, to other workers PM 72:1

Right arm (hand)

Right arm (hand), health reform is as closely connected with third angel’s message as, is with body CH 20-1; 1T 486; 3T 62, 161; 6T 327

med. miss. work is, of gospel 7T 59

to third angel’s message 6T 229, 288

of body of truth should be constantly active and constantly at work 6T 288

principles of health reform are as closely allied with third angel’s message as, to body CH 562

sanitariums are, of gospel CH 212; 9T 167


Rightdoing, brings peace and holy joy ML 163

consciousness of, one of best medicines for the sick MH 257

each departure from, drives man farther from heaven PK 147

is doing right thing at right time 2T 36

pleases God COL 98

practice of, creates disgust for the low, cheap, and disorderly SD 178

creates distaste for the cheap and common CT 222

serenity and happiness found in ML 161

wrongdoing suits carnal heart better than 5T 533

Righteous indignation

Righteous indignation See Indignation

Righteous life

Righteous life, power promised for living 1SM 223


1. Of Christ

2. Miscellaneous


1. Of Christ 1SM 350-4

accept PP 372

accepted in place of man’s failure 1SM 367

added as fragrant incense to our prayers CT 241

administered through better covenant 7BC 932

all who would be children of God must possess DA 540

alone: can avail to save man 6BC 1071; 1SM 331

can give power to stem tide of evil PK 175

can make sinners acceptable to God PP 353

entitles us to covenant blessings 1SM 351

entitles us to one of blessings of covenant of grace PP 431; 1SM 351

fits us for place at marriage feast COL 316-7

makes sinner’s prayer acceptable to God PP 367

anchor of world is 1SM 348

armed with, we must be ML 14

armor of, clothe yourself with ML 311

gospel workers must put on Ev 166

we are to be clad with ML 94

arrayed in, we must be 1SM 56; 2SM 380

as unworn robe to many people DA 280

ascends as fragrant incense before God TM 357

avails for all who will claim His merits 5T 384

by faith GW 161-2

churches dying for lack of teaching on GW 301

doctrine of, importance of TM 468

error that should be avoided in discussing 6BC 1072

explained 1SM 374

ignored by some leading SDA TM 363

in atoning sacrifice of Christ AA 207

Lefevre (Jacques) wrote on, in 1512 GC 212

message of, presents law and gospel as perfect whole TM 94

opposition to light and truth re TM 401

Paul and companions proclaimed doctrine of AA 207

ridiculed and rejected by some SDA TM 468

some leading SDA denounced, as leading to enthusiasm and fanaticism LS 326-7; TM 468

some SDA slighted, ridiculed, and rejected LS 326-7

Tausen (Hans) discovered GC 241

true and false concepts of DA 309-10

world should be given message of 8T 151

See also Faith

carry sweet fragrance of, wherever you go 8T 195

Christ purifies His people by 6BC 1078

Christ puts, on repenting and believing soul COL 311

church depends on SD 77

church is endowed with TM 18

church is to be clad in, for final conflict PK 725

church’s beautiful garments are TM 16

claimed as ours by faith 5T 744

clothed with: how children and youth can be CG 417-8

persons who felt no need of being 2T 553

victor who will have earned right to be CS 44

what it means to be clothed with 4BC 1178; 6BC 1070; ML 311; TM 40

confusion re, in A. T. Jones’s presentation of subject 1SM 377

consists in right actions and good deeds (works) ML 217; 3T 528

controls conduct DA 555-6

correct knowledge of, convicted soul should be given 6T 92

covered with, we are to be 7T 144

deeper hunger for, true minister has GW 17

desire to be clothed with TM 131

disobedient persons have no right to claim 6BC 1072

do not present, as new light 1SM 155, 384

do not rest satisfied till you are clothed with ML 99

effects of message of, on SDA church in 1889 1SM 357

enables man to obey God’s law 1SM 395

enemies of Christ claim to be righteous while they do not have TM 236

engage in nothing that hinders outworking of, in your character and life MB 99

exclusion of, exaltation of human sentiments and imperfect traits of character to TM 289

failure of SDA duly to present, to people Ev 231-2

faith must grasp 1SM 374

fine linen of saints is COL 310

first great object of life is 1T 502

five foolish virgins were devoid of ChS 263

fragrance of: ascends as incense to God 7BC 931

ascends to mercy seat 6BC 1078; 1SM 344

given to souls who believe in Him FE 261-2

offered with prayers of the penitent GC 421

free gift of, preach on 1SM 158

free gifts of, results of failing to present Ev 186

garment woven in heavenly loom SD 315

garments of: God’s people must stand before God clothed in TM 40

only persons clothed in, will be able to endure glory of His coming SD 368

things we must do in order to wear SD 315

we must be covered with 6BC 1115

what it means to be clothed with COL 312

you must be clothed with TM 149

gift of, results of rejecting COL 316-7

given to: men through His death 1SM 341

repentant sinner 1SM 329

glorious day for church if she will put on AA 601

glowing fire of, all we do must be placed on 6BC 1078; 1SM 344

God accepts, in place of man’s failure 6BC 1073; 1SM 367

God cannot accept our own 2T 553

God justifies the penitent through 1SM 389

God’s glory which closes work of third angel is 6T 19

goes before: colporteurs CM 16

consecrated young san. workers 7T 59-60

His people 6T 438

humble gospel workers TM 216

persons working to save higher classes 6T 82

us when we fulfill God’s purpose in restaurant work 7T 120

gospel workers not clothed with, will appear in shame of their own nakedness 5T 81

great men of God have trusted wholly in COL 160

how, becomes our righteousness MYP 107; 1SM 367; 5T 229

hunger and thirst for, we must FE 240

imparted: is priceless gift TM 92

our fitness for heaven is MYP 35

through faith to all who receive Him as personal Saviour COL 310

we are sanctified by MYP 35

white raiment is 4T 88

imparted to: every repentant sinner 6BC 1096; 1SM 241

helpless human agent TM 92

souls who let Him take away their sins 7BC 972

us when we cling to God by faith Ev 596

imputed: comes through justifying faith 1SM 397

compared to change of raiment 5T 469

dream re A. T. Jones’s presentation of subject of 1SM 377

enables man to stand against devil’s wiles SD 346

how penitent receives 3T 371-2

how sinner receives 3T 371-2; 5T 229

illustration of PK 584

is free gift from God GW 161; 1SM 360

is received by faith 7BC 907

makes fragrant our good words and deeds SD 270

makes sinner righteous 1SM 394

our only ground of hope is SC 63

our title to heaven is MYP 35

perfect righteous character through MYP 29

received by us through faith 5T 744

reception of, results of 6BC 1098

san. patients who receive MM 27

sinner is pardoned by SD 240

we are accepted of God through TM 37

we are accounted precious because of DA 667

we are justified by MYP 35

we are to attain perfection of character through 5T 744

when sinner receives FE 135

when to believe that you have 1SM 328

why does not, shine through His professed followers 6T 424

imputed only to the obedient 6BC 1072

imputed to: believer 1SM 392

Israel 5T 469

man as result of His death 1SM 317

penitent sinner 6BC 1070

plan of redemption provides, for sinful man MYP 137

repentant mortals 4BC 1178

repentant sinner 1SM 363

repenting and believing sinner 1SM 215

imputed to sinner FE 429; SD 239

when he accepts Christ by faith 6BC 1071

when he believes in Him FE 429

imputed to us ML 11

by means of His sacrifice on cross 3T 457

when He pardons our sins 7BC 935

in God’s law 1SM 236-41

reflected in Moses’ face 1BC 1109-10; 1SM 237

incense of, is offered with our prayers MYP 96

man’s obedience can be made perfect only by AA 532

is: free gift to sinners 1SM 342

gift of God 1SM 331

pure and unadulterated truth TM 65

is to become our righteousness ML 45

justifying, light of Christ reveals to men their need of DA 308

leaves no room for self-righteousness 7BC 942

let sunshine of, shine into windows of soul WM 79

light re 1SM 356

a time when, was refused 6T 89

likened to pearl pure and white COL 115; 1SM 399

lost sight of for a time 1SM 155, 384

man cannot be clothed with, while practicing known sins 1SM 366

man is free to accept GC 503

man may become perfect through TM 150

men unwilling to exchange their own righteousness for TM 65

manifested in obedience to God’s commandments TM 92

may be ours 1SM 399

meeting demands of God’s law, believing sinners are clothed with SD 240

message of: accepted eagerly after Gen. Conf. session of 1888 1SM 358

brings relief to many souls Ev 192

God commands that, be given to world TM 92

is glory which closes work of third angel 6T 19

is third angel’s message to be proclaimed with loud voice TM 92

sound, from one end of earth to other 6T 19

world should receive TM 256

message of justification through faith invites us to receive TM 92

ministers should hunger for GW 17

ministers should present Ev 185

moral renovation is constantly going on in persons who have TM 160

must be accepted: as our righteousness 1SM 374

by faith 5T 632

in place of garment of self TM 186

must be your righteousness MM 115

no soul will be fitted for heaven without 1SM 395

not a cloak to cover unconfessed and unforsaken sin DA 555-6

not being clothed with, result of PK 188; 5T 81

not for the self-satisfied 1SM 328

not imputed to us because of merit on our part GW 161

not many gospel workers wear Ev 697

not presented to children as it should be 1SM 318

offering of incense signified that only, could make ritual service acceptable to God DA 439

oil as symbol of TM 234

one of sweetest melodies from God through human lips is 6T 426

one purpose of receiving, worldly interests must be made subordinate to COL 223

only efficiency of ministers is 6T 89

only persons who stand test will be found having on 2T 318

our claim to, is without flaw if we meet conditions SD 189

our fitness for heaven is found in DA 300; MYP 35

our only security is 4BC 1166

our title to heaven is 6BC 1072; DA 300; MYP 35

panoply of, protects against shafts of evil CT 52

partaker of, person who thinks he is reasonably good does not seek to be MB 7

penitent soul begins to comprehend something of SC 27

perfect, imputed to His people through faith PP 353

represented by incense PP 353

person clothed with, cannot hold his peace SC 78

may make mistakes MYP 338

person who lays hold on, may become perfect man in Him TM 150

persons clothed with: cannot hold their peace SC 78

have no relish for sin MYP 338; 1SM 360

may make mistakes MYP 338; 1SM 360

persons feeling no need of, sanitariums can make impressions on 6T 226

persons who hunger and thirst after, promise to DA 302

persons who seek, dwell on themes of great salvation TM 87

pervades God’s law CG 69

placed on souls who repent and believe on Him COL 169-70

placed to account of: every believing soul 1SM 394

repentant debtor ML 273

plan whereby men might be justified by 8T 208-9

plant standard of, in church TM 407

plead for, to be imputed to you 5T 219

present, as light lost sight of for a time 1SM 384

presented as sweet incense before God for us COL 156

priceless gift of, imparted to helpless human agent TM 92

principle of life that transforms character is DA 555-6

produces good works from pure and unselfish motives 3T 528

received by all who come to Him in faith 1SM 392

receiving, there are conditions to 1SM 377

relationship of obedience to, in Christian life 1BC 1118

represented to us by God’s messengers COL 317

revelation of, loud cry of third angel already begun in 7BC 984

robe(s) of: all men may obtain 2T 453

all the redeemed will wear MH 506

all who enter City of God will have on SD 66, 370

all who have put on, stand as chosen, faithful, and true 5T 471

all who pass scrutiny of great King will have put on COL 312

alone can make us meet to appear in God’s presence ML 311

alone can protect us from judgments coming on earth CW 24

brought by Christ to put on sinner SD 66

Christ offers, to Laodiceans 7BC 965-6

Christ reveals Himself to souls willing to be clothed with 7T 71

Christianity means to wear TM 131

church must stand unsullied in GW 501

clothe yourself in 5T 511

fate of souls who do not have 1SM 81

filthy garments must be exchanged for 5T 472

God accepts only those persons who have put on COL 312

has in it no thread of human devising COL 311

life inwrought with Christ’s life means that one is wearing TM 131

man without wedding garment on represents believers who have not put on COL 315

not put on after entering New Jerusalem SD 66

perfect obedience to God’s law is COL 312; ML 311

persons fully surrendered are clothed with AA 388

persons who have put on, great King receives only COL 312

persons who have put on, stand as chosen, faithful, and true PK 587

pray for MB 133

priceless, should clothe your soul 5T 165

privilege of souls clothed in COL 315

promise to church arrayed in PK 260

promise to everyone willing to wear 7T 71

put on 5T 510

put on every repenting and believing soul COL 311

redeemed will be clothed in 7BC 988; ML 348

rich man who can never be covered by COL 267

richest gift to mortals is 9T 114

truly righteous person wears, in prosperity and adversity SL 11

we are covered with DA 504

we are to be clothed in MB 9

we are to put on, in this life COL 319

we may ask Christ for MB 133

we must have on 4BC 1166

wedding garment is CS 227; 5T 509; 6T 296-7

wedding garment provided by King is COL 311-2

what it means to be clothed with COL 312

what will happen when church puts on 8T 11

when we should put on 9T 182-3

See also Robe

salt added to sacrifices signified that only, could make ritual service acceptable to God DA 439

savor of salt represents, pervading Christian’s life MB 36

should be our platform Ev 190

some preachers have not received GW 156

soul consecrated to Christ will be clothed with 1SM 400

souls clothed in glorious apparel of, have place at King’s feast COL 315

spiritual kingdom of, Christ opened to men MB 8

spotless, Christ puts on His people 6BC 1078

forgiveness has its foundation in MB 115-6

spotless garments of, sinners can be clothed with GC 415

spotless robe(s) of: offered to Laodiceans 7BC 965-6

placed on God’s tried and faithful children PK 591; SD 369

the redeemed will be clothed in FE 91

youth may be clothed in CT 48

subject of, how to present 1SM 377-9

sunlight of, live in Ev 364

sunshine of: open your heart to receive 6T 202

result of failure to reflect ML 80

should fill chambers of mind DA 651

symbolized by incense GC 421

teacher of truth should point to 5BC 1133

theme needed by perishing world is 7BC 964

theme on which we may dwell with deepest enthusiasm is SD 124

theme to be studied in SS is CSW 12-3

true Christian will be strong in 7BC 907

very life of our faith should be Ev 190

Waggoner (E. J.) and Jones (A. T.) presented message inviting people to receive TM 91-2

we are to appear clothed in, before God 1SM 333

we are to become partakers of, by faith DA 283

we are to stand perfect before God through TM 41

we cannot exalt God’s law unless we take hold of 6BC 1073

we should have, that will be developed and seen 4BC 1151

we stand pardoned through, as though we had never sinned 5BC 1142

wedding garment of, we need to be clothed with 7BC 925, 965; COL 310; SD 98; 1SM 331

when you receive, you stand justified in His presence MM 115

white raiment of, overcomer is to be clothed in SD 369

True Witness offers 1SM 358

white raiment we need to buy is 7BC 964-5

white robe as emblem of GC 665; SR 422

white robe of: Christ waits to put, on sinners SC 53

gives sinner admittance into heaven 7BC 920

is called wedding garment SD 368

we must wear 5BC 1097

white robe of character is CT 341; TM 85

white robe of saints is COL 299

whole virtue of, placed by Christ on side of suppliant 6BC 1078

will not cover one cherished sin COL 316

you can hallow God’s name only through acceptance of MB 107

2. Miscellaneous

Abraham did not boast of his own PP 139

accepted in place of man’s failure 6BC 1073

after Christ’s order, Job had ML 244

all of God’s requirements are 5T 504

apart from Christ we have no 1SM 333

attained only through faith 6BC 1073

cannot be attained by your own efforts to keep God’s law MB 54-5

ceremony cannot take place of 5BC 1086

Christ alone can cover our nakedness with His SD 25

Christ becomes, to repentant sinner 6BC 1073; 1SM 367

Christ becomes our, when we do our best 1SM 368

Christ bore our sins in order that He might impart to us His CM 43-4

Christ covers us with His MH 37

Christ died that He might ascribe His, to repentant sinner 1SM 312

Christ is our 6BC 1073; 1SM 367; 6T 267

Christ must be our 3T 526

Christ our, foundation of Christianity is 5T 725

subject that will swallow up every other is SD 259

Christ places His own, upon repenting and believing ones COL 169-70

Christ taught, that is conformity to God’s revealed will DA 310

Christ will clothe His faithful ones with His GC 484

Christ’s subjects are those persecuted for sake of MB 8

clad in whole armor of, we can meet any influence and keep our purity untarnished 4T 556

defined by standard of God’s law SC 61

different from that of Pharisees, Christians must obtain MB 54-5

divine standard of, God’s law is PK 170

each person must hunger and thirst after, for himself TM 385

each person must work out his own, through Christ’s grace TM 488

earnest longing after, understanding of Bible truth depends on GC 599

encouragement to strive after SC 87-8

essence of all, loyalty to Christ is COL 97-8

every deed of, will be immortalized 2T 683

everyone must deliver his soul by his own 5T 215

faith that was accounted unto Abraham for PP 370

false robe of, persons who lose their SL 11

first deviation from, guard against 6T 265

foundation of God’s throne is CH 458

fruit of, life that reveals MYP 74

fruits of, love of God must pervade soul in order for it to produce 4T 610

truth deeply rooted in heart will bear 3T 59

garments of, we must clothe ourselves in SD 133

given freely to every soul hungering and thirsting for it MB 18

God demands perfect, as our only title to heaven 6BC 1072

God orders every thing in 5T 302

God’s: characterizes all His works and laws 1SM 198

embodied in Christ MB 18

goes before gospel workers fulfilling Isaiah 58 8T 170

great mountain of, quibbler is not awed by DA 468

imputed to men in Christ 1SM 155

is absolute 1SM 198

is presented to men by His law MB 54

living faith in Christ brings actions and emotions into harmony with 4T 527

we receive, by receiving Christ MB 18

will continue as source of blessing MB 50

God’s great, regulate every word and deed by MYP 134

God’s law demands 6BC 1073; DA 762; 1SM 367

great deception that mere assent to truth constitutes DA 309

great men of God do not claim, of their own COL 160

great moral standard of, God’s law is 6BC 1069; 7BC 951

great rule of character is CT 449

great standard of, God’s law is FE 238; 1SM 211; 5T 561; TM 448

presented in OT is not lowered in NT 6BC 1073

see if your life and character are in harmony with God’s 5T 533

greatest deception in Christ’s time was that mere assent to truth constitutes DA 309

habitation of God’s throne is 5T 197

has its roots in godliness MH 136; 7T 194

have we all made Christ our? TM 289

health to body and strength to soul 1T 502

hope of, clinging to Christ is our 1BC 1118

hopelessness in looking to oneself for SD 125

how faith is accounted, to penitent sinner 6BC 1073; 1SM 367

human, is as filthy rags 1SM 310

hunger and thirst after, is evidence that Christ has wrought on heart MB 19; 1SM 332

hunger and thirst for, blessing pronounced on souls who have MB 18-21

ignorance of Christ makes men uplifted in their own COL 159

impartation of, Christ makes it possible for man to keep God’s law by His 6BC 1092

imparted, is our fitness for heaven MYP 35

we are sanctified by MYP 35

imputed: conditions on which sinner may obtain 3T 371

fruit produced by God’s word in heart 3T 65

is our title to heaven MYP 35

should shine through Christ’s followers 6T 424

incentive that should lead men to seek 2T 121-3

is: conformity to God’s law MB 18

holiness MB 18

likeness to God MB 18

love MB 18

obedience to God’s law 6BC 1073; 1SM 367

rightdoing COL 312

is not: cowardice PP 135

destructive to health 1T 502

Israelites of Moses’ time dimly understood what constitutes 1SM 238

Jews built themselves up in self-sufficient formalism by seeking to establish their own PK 708-9

Jews could not attain to, by their own efforts to keep God’s law MB 54

Jewish priests and rulers regarded their own, as sufficient AA 15

justifying, Christ is great depositary of 1SM 398

knowledge that Christ is our, hope should be constantly strengthened by 5T 742

law’s demand for, sinner cannot meet 6BC 1073; 1SM 367

light of, can shine into hearts darkened by sin MH 266

love for: must reign in soul 5T 43

true obedience springs from COL 97

love for Christ makes us disgusted with our own 1SM 328

man’s own: is as filthy rags 2T 553

is not sufficient 5T 510

is unrighteousness 7BC 905; TM 65

no one so sinful that he cannot find, in Christ SC 53

not obtained by: gifts or sacrifice MB 18

painful struggles MB 18

wearisome toil MB 18

obtained only through faith 6BC 1073; 1SM 367

of Christ’s character saves sinner 7BC 935

of God’s law is to be received in Christ 3BC 1153

of Jews, described MB 54

of saints: as spiritual dress CG 417-8

children and youth may innocently seek to obtain CG 417

symbolized by white linen AA 591

two women fanatics in white linen dresses claimed to represent 2SG 131

our, is in Christ PP 431; 1SM 351

our own: we should not seek to establish PP 372

is as filthy rags SC 29

we can never be saved by trusting in 4T 42

we cannot secure pardon of sin by trusting in PP 524

we must renounce 5T 219

outside, is of no avail while inward adorning is wanting 3T 528

past, that will not save man from God’s wrath 4aSG 87

penitent sinner can attain to, only through faith 6BC 1073

perfect, of God’s law is offered to men in Christ MB 55

perfect, perfect obedience to God’s law is SC 62

person who does, is righteous MB 149

persons sensing their deep soul poverty may find, by looking to Christ MB 8

persons who enter heaven will not scale its walls by their own SD 233

Pharisaical: distorting nature of DA 472

external ceremonies and theoretical knowledge of truth constituted DA 309

trusted to good works for salvation 3T 173

Pharisee’s, was his own COL 151

Pharisees’ so-called, could never enter kingdom of heaven DA 309

pretended zeal for, warning against DA 487

principles of: are foundation of God’s government PP 522

Christian is to defend 6T 427

must be enshrined in heart DA 307

revealed by God to shield us from results of transgression DA 308

rewards of persons who put into practice PK 704

received by receiving Christ MB 18

representing Christ’s character, we must have 4BC 1151

representing truth in, result of TM 357

required by God’s law, is free gift obtained through Christ MB 55

rich young ruler had high estimate of his own DA 518

robe of: Christ’s merits clothe us with Ev 186

God will cover you with COL 206

God will not cover evil with His SD 13

he who gains heaven must be clothed with SD 8

prodigal son returning to God is covered with COL 206

used to cover false and dangerous theories Ev 360

white and bright, available to all 2T 453

sacrifice Christ made that He might impart to us His SD 124

Satan leads men to call sin GC 192

Sermon on Mount describes, that all who enter heaven will possess MB 77

sinful man can attain to, only by faith in God and vital connection with Him DA 310

sinful man can find, only in God TM 367, 494

sinner can attain to, only by faith 1SM 367

sinner is incapable of rendering 6BC 1073

sinner owes, to God’s law 6BC 1073

so-called, danger of being clothed with garments of 8T 250

soul’s hunger for, Christ made ample provision to satisfy 2T 266

souls who hunger and thirst for SL 10

source of, God is DA 312

standard of: God’s law is COL 314; CT 62; 1SM 219; SR 334

is laid down in God’s word FE 110

needs to be elevated in SDA schools CT 25

never lower, to accommodate inherited or cultivated tendencies to wrongdoing COL 330

presented in OT is not lower than that in NT 6BC 1073

prohibits every evil thing 7BC 951

Ten Commandments as God’s 1SM 240

sum of, love to God and man is DA 504

their own, Jews cannot enter God’s kingdom by MB 77

people who wrap themselves about with 1SM 320

true, self-righteousness is not COL 279

truth and, meet together in correct presentation of health reform 6T 378-9

sanctioning or carrying out decisions of men who are not in harmony with TM 91

truth that Christ is our, children of disobedience trample on GW 161

unblemished, God expects of us COL 391

we are justified by MYP 35

we have no, of our own SC 62

will prevail over wrong 3BC 1138; 3T 572

within: does not make man hardhearted and unsympathetic MYP 35

is testified to by righteousness without MYP 35

work of, ledger of heaven records faithful student’s CT 98

works of: believers who laud and flatter minister while neglecting 5T 227

Christ working in us does SC 63

faith in Christ is needed to receive power to do DA 608

how God works in us SC 63

rabbis divorced, from religion DA 309

world is opposed to CH 20

worthless, before conversion Paul possessed 7BC 905

Pharisees set great value on MB 53

your, is of no value to God 3T 338

See also Self-righteousness


acceptance of Christ’s, as our own by faith FW 70:2

appearance of; pretense TSB 157:3

available by Christ’s death; view of His work LHU 238:3

awakening of those holding truth in TDG 311:4

beholding God’s, transfigures us TDG 50:2

blinded to meaning of, when without humility TDG 326:2

boasting of,

by spiritually blind 1MCP 39:0

by those with spurious sanctification FW 53:3

body members to become instruments of HP 198:5

by faith, See Faith, righteousness by; Right

call to, unheeded; blessing returns to counselor TDG 105:5


change for, is harder Mar 229:4

like Christ in 3SM 198:4

perfection needed for 2MCP 463:3

transformed in, through sanctification TDG 224:2


and youth taught HP 212:4

are spoiled easier than they are taught 2MCP 599:2

to be taught; heavenly agencies cooperate HP 208:4


as our, new light from law and gospel FW 81:2

bears the sins of seekers of HP 19:6

is learned to be the only hope for FW 25:2

is, of all who believe in Him RC 82:7

is our RC 21:5

is pattern of UL 64:3

must be our TMK 334:3

suffered for right to confer eternal TDG 216:5

waits to impute, to penitent RC 379:5

wears robe of, and gives it to His children TMK 109:2

Christ’s, See Christ, Righteousness of

claim to,

by deceivers at war with God’s law FW 45:0

John the Baptist showed need for more than VSS 359:1

lead to confusing fanaticism TDG 359:2

Daniel and friends on the side of, in time of test HP 261:3

Daniel’s prayer not based on his own TMK 271:3

defined only by the Ten Commandments RC 59:4

denying Christ as, leads to absence of piety FW 15:1

depending on own LHU 237:2

descent from, pleasant for a time TDG 47:3

desire for, received as we work for others TDG 253:4

discipline of thoughts to reach high standard of OHC 112:4

distinguished from wickedness in time of trial TDG 163:2

divine, contemplation of OHC 60:2

doing is required for; (not merely enjoying) HP 130:3

duties resulting from, are we performing? TDG 239:3

effort and responsibility required in struggle for HP 159:4

efforts toward, promises of help for LHU 129:4

exalts; ruin results from its absence FW 89:1

faith in the Word of God brings FLB 21:5

follows surrender to God RC 65:3

fruits of,

Christ desires to develop, in us TMK 277:3

obedience to God’s requirements yields AG 249:4

required according to ability UL 329:2

seen in the life; shown in actions FW 63:1

through Christ TMK 310:4

garments of peace and, not of war TDG 83:5


exalts to, from degradation OHC 17:4

known as One who exercises TMK 126:2

wants to give, to those who believe and accept OHC 38:5

would work for His people if clothed in His UL 173:5

God’s standard of,

hated UL 315:6

rules one who rules his spirit RC 292:4

gospel of, light yet to shine forth from TDG 314:2

grace to stand for TDG 53:5

Holy Spirit needed individually to tell facts of TDG 355:2

hope without purity and, is a delusion TSB 135:1

hopelessness in looking to self for TDG 169:3

humans try to make robe of UL 20:4

imparted, See Sanctification

impulses control some who do not love TMK 118:2


by Christ to transgressor AG 250:2

deeds of love preserved forever through RY 153:1

Ellen White wondered why, not preached in churches FW 18:1

for sinners standing as Joshua before angel TDG 226:3

humanity raised to moral value with God by Con 38:1

law is glorified by LHU 150:5

law kept by Christ’s UL 209:2

means holiness, acceptable repentance TSB 134:1

of Christ, justification only through OHC 52:3

preserves fragrance of deeds through eternity OHC 236:6

to saint who walks as Christ did UL 367:4

we are accounted precious only through OHC 53:3

when Christ became sin for humanity HP 39:3

when efforts to obey are with sincere will 2MCP 787:3

when sinner turns from sin FLB 115:3

See also Justification

in us; virtues; becomes part of our being TSB 134:1

increase needed in, as wickedness increases UL 267:4

instruction in, molds character into divine image TDG 254:5

internal and external, required by God TMK 114:2

justification by, which is imputed; sanctified when imparted FW 5

lack of, without concern, feeling as chosen of God TDG 294:5

law is standard of, OHC 84:3

warning against counterfeit sanctification FW 51:1

leading others by precept and example in HP 233:2

life of, required to inherit eternal life TMK 316:2

longing/hungering for, OHC 213:4; UL 284:6

and thirsting 3SM 203:0

blessed; wrong to hunger for praise TDG 200:2

by trusting the Word and Jesus TDG 89:3

created by looking to Jesus OHC 58:2

felt by Ellen White TDG 57:3

love for,

is the essence and flavor of obedience TMK 118:4

more with persecution than prosperity without TMK 318:3

maintaining connection with God required for PM 128:1

many follow own standard of 1MCP 41:1

meaning of, lost if without principles of Christ TDG 311:2

messengers of, giving last-day witness RC 347:4

ministers of, Satan cannot overcome RC 250:4

more than a few good acts or impulses UL 32:5

nature of, which makes sinners whole, incomprehensible FW 108:3

Noah’s, contrasted with crimes of the world RC 322:4

not one atom of our own UL 127:5

obedience to the Bible assures UL 125:4


cannot be depended on UL 348:3

established by some unable to discern Christ’s FW 92:0

ideas of salvation by, were hard to change 3SM 160:6

impossible to make TDG 63:4; TMK 241:3; TSB 258:5

meetings brought conviction about trusting 3SM 182:3

nothing; lay hold of Christ TDG 338:4

repudiated in seeing Jesus RC 76:5

repudiated seeing Jesus by faith FW 107:4

salvation impossible to work out in FW 71:1

seems less when nearer perfection FW 54:1

weakness if trusting in 3SM 150:2

path of, unwillingness to be directed in TDG 361:5

peace embraced by, in Christ TMK 117:5


Christ offers HP 65:3

required; Jesus did not die to change law FW 89:3

perfect garment of, believers clothed in TMK 109:2

personal knowledge of, needed by canvassers PM 297:4


and glory for, are God’s but we have responsibility FW 27:0

connected with FLB 72:2

presence of God is desired to lead us in TMK 343:2

present, with God’s love; purity will be seen FW 60:1

pride of, not shown by Daniel 3SM 353:3

principles of,

Christ sought to impress RC 61:3

must be implanted in the soul HP 199:6

See also Holiness, principles of

principles of everlasting truth proclaimed in 2MCP 430:1


of, for ones needing to confess sins 3SM 152:4

of God become, through Christ RC 78:5

reached through grace Jesus imparts TMK 156:4

reaping, by cleansing the appetite for folly TMK 281:4

received by faith UL 378:2

relationship with one knowing nothing of LYL 26:2

requires grace and effort OHC 111:4

respect for, most people have little HP 320:2

revealed by those who behold Jesus HP 236:5

reward of turning souls to HP 364:2

robe of,

aged sister told she was wearing TDG 313:5

at infinite cost; wrong to keep own clothes TMK 264:3

Christ has, to place on each believer TDG 63:4

Christ must provide, we cannot OHC 350:4

illustrated by story of the prodigal son UL 20:4

saints given, at end of time 3SM 430:2

sin not hidden by OHC 214:5

we cannot provide, for self TMK 302:4

See also Christ, righteousness of, robe of

salvation presents, to the repentant sinner TMK 124:3

Satan’s aim, to gather numbers to stand against OHC 80:3

Satan’s promises for yielding HP 243:3

seekers for, may rely on sure promises RC 304:2

seeking, OHC 15:4

and standing shielded by Omnipotence TDG 258:5

ask whether we are TDG 48:6

own, before coming to Christ 3SM 149:5

self looked to for, is a mistake; all have sinned FW 108:1

self reduced in learning that works do not earn FW 25:2

selfish, consisting of external forms TMK 114:2

separation from, by little indulgences TDG 27:4

simplicity of, God blesses minister who cherishes TDG 185:3

sin not clothed with, but replaced by it RC 213:3

sin overtaking people who claim UL 356:3

soul hungering for, prayer is the expression of HP 75:5

souls led to, if you are faithful FLB 304:6

standard of,

angels ready to lift, around souls HP 253:6

character conformed to, by Holy Spirit TMK 162:4

disliked by some claiming sanctification FW 121:1; 3SM 203:3

Holy Spirit presents RC 132:6

makes God’s people conspicuous; rule TDG 78:2

man-made, to measure character FW 96:3

not to be lowered FLB 140:5

own standard not to replace TSB 158:2

presented by law in heavenly ark OHC 138:2

revealed by the Holy Spirit 3SM 137:3

weaknesses not to affect TDG 32:2

struggles of one before able to accept news that Jesus was FW 82:0

subordinate to gain, in Judas’ experience 2MCP 598:3

surrender is followed by RC 303:7

throne of God established in AG 129:2

time does not bring RC 65:4

trials develop fruits of TDG 306:4

truth proclaimed in TDG 352:3

way of God is exalted in, and must be kept OHC 333:4

wear robe of, openly RC 108:5

white linen of saints denotes 3SM 424:2

words and works of,

seen when truth is accepted 2MCP 710:3

shine from those close to Christ UL 322:2

work of,

requires implicit faith 3SM 201:2

rest in Christ for those receiving FLB 121:2

workers of, Friend near to help, in perplexity TDG 199:3

works of, recompense influenced by, for self and others 3SM 147:4

world hated Christ since, was revealed in His life 2MCP 528:0

worldly corruption escaped by, that Christ imparts TDG 304:5

youth to long for; worship services important PM 88:0

See also Christ, righteousness of; Godliness; Self-righteousness