EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Preparation day - Priest, Priests

Preparation day

Preparation day See Friday

Preparatory process

Preparatory process, long, goes on in Christian’s heart before he sins openly PP 459

Preparatory work

Preparatory work, in evangelism, not half as valuable as afterwork Ev 432


Prepossessions, people who hear through medium of their own 5T 695

Scripture interpretation influenced by 1SM 20

See also Prejudice

Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church GC 384

Prescott, W. W.

Prescott, W. W. 1SM 150

influence of speaking of VSS 390:1

Prescription, Prescriptions

1. Medical

2. Miscellaneous

1. Medical

for invalids CD 302, 411

for man dying from malnutrition MM 286

for mental ills 9T 124

make, in harmony with health principles CD 294

of flesh foods, warnings re CD 290-1, 294, 411, 414, 448

of intoxicating liquor Te 42

of poisonous drugs, refuse Te 88

unnecessary MH 240

wrong, may cause sacrifice of a life MH 117

See also Remedy

2. Miscellaneous

Christ’s, for obtaining rest CH 370

Isaiah 58 as, for maladies of soul and body MH 256


Presence, Christ’s, at every step Christians may have SL 93

God’s: guaranteed to Christian SD 77

manifested in cloud of glory between cherubim GC 412

place is made sacred by Ed 243

sense of, is shield from temptation Ed 255

sensibly felt in room ML 51

symbol of, with Israel in wilderness wandering DA 23

to sinner as consuming fire DA 764

two symbols of PP 137

See also Shekinah


apostles did not urge, where it was not desired RC 343:4

divine, See God, presence of

sin never to be sanctioned by OHC 258:3


Presents, giving of, to children and friends CS 295-7

small, expression of respect to person superior in rank or office by PP 609

See also Gift

Present (time)

Present (time), is day of trust 4T 618

overwhelming interest of, to all living PK 537

time to prepare for seal of God is 5T 216

See also Time, persent; Today


Presentiment, Balaam’s, that his end was near PP 451

JW’s, re his child sick at home 1T 245

Present truth

Present truth, as golden chain with link joined to link in perfect whole 3T 448

flock needs, now EW 63

how to see, in beautiful harmony 3T 448

important points of, ministers running off from EW 63

obscure or unimportant matters should not be presented as CW 21, 49

press will cause, to shine forth in Europe 8T 38

subjects of, caution re introduction of 2T 78

See also Truth

Present Truth

Present Truth LS 126, 128, 139; 2SG 115-6; 1T 88-9


Preserves, eaten by child with chills and fever CD 241

rich, objections to CD 88, 332; 4aSG 130; 2SM 413

various, indulgence of appetite with 4aSG 130

President, Presidents

President, Presidents, conference See Conference president

General Conference See General Conference president

in God’s work, message to 7BC 969

school See College president; School president; School principal

union conference See Union Conference president

will bow to Satan’s false theories FE 472

wine of wrath of Babylon’s fornication drunk by TM 62

Press, Presses

1. Seventh-day Adventist

2. Worldly

3. Miscellaneous

1. Seventh-day Adventist

advantages of, placed at command of SDA by God LS 217

employ: constantly in publishing light and truth 9T 65

to advertise camp meetings 6T 36

to extend knowledge of truth CH 466; LS 217; 4T 389

to give wings to truth GW 25, 505-6; MYP 34

to reach foreigners Ev 570-1

hand, set up in JW’s house at Rochester, N. Y. in 1852 LS 142; 2SG 160; 8T 237

health reform teachings given by, practice 4T 577

God’s instrumentality for sending truth to every tongue and nation 4T 595

kind of men needed by GW 25, 505-6; MYP 34

knowledge placed within reach of all by 5T 26

let light shine forth everywhere from CM 20

light must be brought before world through 4T 592

literature furnished by, for spreading truth TM 31-2

men like Caleb needed by TM 407

much can be accomplished through LS 205; 3T 204

need of men to use, to best advantage GW 25, 505-6; MYP 34

power, purchased in 1857 2SG 222

power of, lost if products are not circulated 4T 389

powerful instrumentality that God is to use CM 148; LS 217

living preacher should use LS 217

powerful means of moving minds and hearts CH 465-6; CM 148; LS 216

present truth will shine forth from, in Europe 8T 38

public mind can be influenced by, as no other means can CM 148; LS 214

rightly used, truth can be brought to many by LS 214

sanctified, a power in flashing light of truth TM 410

souls reached by, whom ministers cannot reach Ev 434

work of, should be doubled 3T 407

See also Literature; Publicity; Publishing house

2. Worldly

poisonous literature published by CH 465-6; LS 216-7

revolting details of vice and crime published by GC 586

Satan’s most powerful means of corrupting youth CW 134

See also Book; Newspaper; Paper

3. Miscellaneous

a power 4T 389

for good or evil LS 214

Miller’s (Wm.) work opposed by GC 336


light to shine from RC 253:4

literature furnished by, spreading the truth CET 204:0

messages to, accusation of influence on 3SM 63:3

Press, Capt.

Press, Capt., and wife Te 262-3


Pressmen, duty of, to refuse to print matter containing satanic teachings 7T 168

Press together

Press together SD 295; 2SM 374; TM 56

church needs to 2SM 69

even at personal sacrifice 3T 435

gospel workers need to Ev 102; FE 527; 1T 114; 5T 539, 488; TM 471


avoiding differences OHC 178:5

united we stand, divided we fall OHC 370:5


Pressure, God increases, of trial to transform character 4T 86

great, man strong enough to hold firm under ML 277


endure UL 42:4


Presswork, schools should teach 6T 176 See also School industry


fear of losing UL 171:2

Preston, Bro.

Preston, Bro. LS 129; 2SG 124, 126, 133-4, 150


Presumption 3T 482-5

accountability for, and its results 5T 126

Adam and Eve led by, into disobedience DA 126; GW 260

to transgress God’s law DA 126; GW 260

Balaam’s, upon God’s mercy PP 440, 448

belief that does not lead to obedience is MB 146

blasphemous, in idolatrous sacrifice of mass GC 59; SR 334

of papal priests SR 334

blind and blasphemous, of impenitent Jews GC 29

blindest 5T 79

what in reality is PK 178; 5T 79

boldness of, do not approach God with PP 252

Christ’s second temptation was on point of DA 125; 1SM 95, 282-3; 3T 372; 4T 44, 576-7

claim in prayer that is SC 96

claims God’s promises but excuses disobedience DA 126; GW 260

common temptation 4T 44

danger of, in seeking Spirit 2SM 59

Daniel did not act with, in matter of temperance PK 483

education of appetite for, any hurtful thing is Te 61

tobacco or intoxicating liquor is Te 61

evil servant made careless re eternal interests by 5T 102

faith and, contrast between DA 126; GW 260

faith so-called that is CH 381; GC 472; MH 227; SC 61; 1T 357

fanatical, supposed faith that was only 1T 357

fatal, leads men to venture on course of self-pleasing CT 345; TM 103

of King Saul must be attributed to satanic sorcery PP 635

gospel workers’, in self-sacrifice Ev 90

grossest, venturing upon compromise with God 4T 249

guard against everything like MM 37; 4T 544

heedless, person who will not show SD 68

in prayer: for healing CH 381; MH 227; MM 230

warning against 3T 378

what constitutes 1T 231

indolence in use of simple remedies is 2SM 297

Israel arrested in course of, by display of God’s vengeance 3T 355

Israel’s, in attacking Canaanites at Kadesh PP 394

Israelites’, in venturing to open ark of covenant MH 436; PP 589; 8T 283-4

Julius Caesar fell through 4T 348

King Saul’s, in disregarding God’s will PP 629

in offering sacrifices at Gilgal PP 616-26, 633-4; 4aSG 69-70, 72

leads to disobedience DA 126; GW 260

love of display leading to, Christ withstood test on DA 116-7

man’s, in assuming to exercise God’s prerogatives TM 366

man’s only safety is to firmly reject first approach to 3T 483

minister’s, in debating alone with spiritualists 1T 428-9

mistaken for faith 1T 231

most flagrant, leading to violation of laws of nature 4T 45

natural inclination to, prosperity arouses CS 148; PK 60

of indulging in suppositions and theories re that which God has not revealed GW 314; MM 100; 1SM 173

of intruding into most holy place, punished with death 8T 284

of judging or condemning any portion of Scriptures 1SM 42

of Lot’s wife, in looking back to Sodom PP 161-2

of Nadab and Abihu 4aSG 11-2

of seeking to control men’s minds 7T 181

of sitting in judgment on others TM 294

of trying to lift curtain veiling God’s majesty GC 527; MH 438; 8T 285

on God’s forbearance 2SM 372

on God’s mercy, warning against 1SM 283

too much LS 242

on God’s promises, by going unbidden into temptation DA 126

one of three great leading temptations 4T 576

path of, close beside path of faith 2SM 17, 91, 345

prayer that is PP 441; 1T 231

pride of display leads to 3T 372

prosperity elevates men to Ev 561

punishment for, examples of MH 435-6

re answer to prayer 1T 231

re diet, warning against MM 261

re health reform, warning against 9T 164

re work among Negroes, warning against TM 252

renders believer careless of eternal interests 5T 102

san. managers warned against 4T 576-7

Satan tries to lead men to, when he fails to excite distrust DA 126

Satan uses men to lead God’s people to 3T 484-5

Satan’s counterfeit of faith is DA 126; GW 260

sin of: church leader warned against 3BC 1132

how men are led to commit PP 440

lies close beside virtue of faith in God 1SM 282

parents should warn children against Te 61

sinners’, upon God’s mercy 3BC 1166

spiritualism leads men to 3T 484

taking God at His word is not 3BC 1155

temptation to, Satan wins victory nine times out of ten in 4T 44

three great leading allurements to 4T 576

track of, truth lies close to 5BC 1128

true faith is in no sense allied to DA 126; GW 260

true faith is not LS 218

true faith makes man secure against DA 126; GW 260

Uzziah’s, in touching ark of covenant 3BC 1132; MH 436; PP 706; 4aSG 111; SR 192; 8T 284

disastrous result of PK 304-5

warnings against 8T 283-5

willful and deliberate violation of God’s law is PP 409

worst, hardihood which seems to surpass 5T 628


boasting of light while opposing God’s word TMK 206:2

carelessness knowing that Christ intercedes for us FW 107:3

cause imperiled by acts of, in unwise statements 3SM 397:0


met, and overcame temptation of, for us OHC 93:2

tempted with; to leave hands of His Father Con 41:1

dares of, Satan’s agents full of HP 255:3

display leading to, Christ met the temptation of HP 252:3

explained OHC 93:3

faith confused with Con 84:3

faith without works Mar 232:4

liberty to sin is, and forfeits hope of salvation TDG 319:2

Moses’ request to see God’s glory was not HP 241:3; TDG 95:3

Peter’s FLB 138:3


not to strengthen in course of OHC 95:3

of protection are not for Con 85:3

prosperity leads to, unless human is consecrated UL 259:2

rejecting first insinuation to OHC 95:4

sins of, OHC 93:2

without atonement under old covenant TMK 299:4

stay close to God and avoid risk of RC 52:6

steps of, in resisting the Holy Spirit TDG 257:3

trying to find out about God’s majesty is LHU 361:5


Presumptuous, Christ was not DA 451

healed person who is, re diet 9T 164

san. physicians cautioned not to be CH 584-5

Satan’s rebellion was SR 25

warning against becoming DA 635

Presumptuous blasphemy

Presumptuous blasphemy, Satan’s, in tempting Christ 5BC 1119

Presumptuous course

Presumptuous course, God’s promises do not encourage 3T 482

Israel’s, God arrested 3T 357

Presumptuous delay

Presumptuous delay, professed Christians who lead men to DA 635

Presumptuous disregard

Presumptuous disregard, King Saul’s, for God’s will PP 629

Presumptuous exaltation

Presumptuous exaltation, of men, Satan exults in MYP 58

Presumptuous experimenting

Presumptuous experimenting, on God’s providence 1SM 282

Presumptuous folly

Presumptuous folly, Balaam’s 4aSG 45

Presumptuous generation

Presumptuous generation, today’s PP 86

Presumptuous hand

Presumptuous hand, let no, seek to lift veil concealing God’s glory MH 438

Presumptuous ideas

Presumptuous ideas, of holy flesh 2SM 32

Presumptuous jesters

Presumptuous jesters, ingenuity sharpened by ChS 174

Presumptuous labor

Presumptuous labor, persons who destroy themselves by 1T 476


Presumptuously, do not move CD 465

Presumptuous madness

Presumptuous madness, Israel’s, in Isaiah’s time 4BC 1137

Presumptuous people

Presumptuous people, self-destroying, careless and reckless persons are MM 226

Presumptuous person

Presumptuous person, God and church can get along without 5T 126

Presumptuous pretenders

Presumptuous pretenders, in medical lines, wise laws protect men from MM 84

Presumptuous rebellion

Presumptuous rebellion, Israel’s, arrested by divine interference 3T 356

Presumptuous self-confidence

Presumptuous self-confidence, warning against 4BC 1149

Presumptuous sin, Presumptuous sins

Presumptuous sin, Presumptuous sins, committed as result of fanaticism 2SM 26

committed under cloak of sanctification 2SM 26

David prayed to be kept from 3BC 1147

exalted position is no excuse for PK 304

long life of service is no excuse for PK 304

mistakes that become 5T 436

no atonement for, under old covenant 7BC 931

no sin offering for PP 580

one great branch of evil consists of 1SM 280

prevalent in world 1SM 280

spiritualists lead many souls to commit 3T 484-5

unpardonable, of Hophni and Phinehas PP 580

Uzziah committed PK 304

Presumptuous spirit

Presumptuous spirit, Moses prompted by FE 344

Presumptuous spirits

Presumptuous spirits, time set by, for second advent FE 335

Presumptuous venturing

Presumptuous venturing, temptation to, Christ resisted 1SM 95

Presumptuous words

Presumptuous words, sanctified lips never utter AA 561-2

Presumptuous youth

Presumptuous youth, shipwrecked 2BC 1024

Pretender, Pretenders

Pretender, Pretenders, presumptuous, in medical lines MM 84

theories of, not founded in God’s word MM 97; TDG 324:4

whose heart Christ read COL 221


Pretense, avoid all AA 74; DA 300; 4T 522, 615; 5T 50, 235; 9T 23

faith that destroys DA 409

not tolerated in reaping and sowing Ed 108

put away all 4T 522

student should be cautioned against CT 499

unnecessary, in child training CG 478

world’s, shun MM 160

world’s unmeaning and deceitful, base counterfeit that misleads 5T 171

See Hypocrisy


Preternatural, man’s condition through sin has become MH 428; 8T 291


Pretext, specious, church must not waver because of TM 17


Prevarication, child’s course of, results of CG 152, 388; ML 269

Christ may be denied by 3T 332

disposition to, destroys one’s usefulness 4T 438

habits of, how men form 5T 396

how God regards Ev 132; 4T 336

men cannot resort to, and stand guiltless before God CS 255

of Aaron re golden calf PP 320

parents should never resort to CG 151

physician or nurse should never stoop to MH 245

Satan passed from misrepresentation of Christ to GC 496

slight, parents should not allow CG 151

welfare workers who are tempted to think it right to resort to WM 253-4

youth’s course of, results of CG 152, 388; ML 269

See also Falsehood; Lie; Lying


Prevention, distinction between cure and, not made sufficiently important MM 221

ounce of, worth pound of cure 2SM 291

Preventive medicine

Preventive medicine See Medicine


Satan sure of, when hold on God is broken by discouragement HP 256:3

Price, Prices

Price, Prices, difference should be made in, for the afflicted, widows, and worthy poor 2SG 235, 248; 2T 51

fair, acceptance of only HP 243:2; RC 272:6

infinite, paid for you OHC 43:2

See also Cost


1. Ill effects of

2. Kinds of

3. Miscellaneous

1. Ill effects of

angels turned into demons CG 178; SD 115

boasting of one’s excellent qualities 4T 223

Christ grieved DA 649

delight in vanity of one’s own works 4T 223

destroys love for God and corrodes soul 2SM 185

disappointment and discontent PP 612

door closed against light DA 62

envy PP 403; 5T 242

for Israel PP 746-7

God’s presence shut out 4T 610

heart closed against: Christ MB 7; SC 30

God’s blessings PK 60

Spirit’s influence 4T 220

Israel unprepared to enter Canaan PP 464

life marred PK 60

love of supremacy CS 147

man’s usefulness greatly limited 4T 259

many people deprived of God’s blessings 9T 155

mind beclouded 1SM 125

minds of Israel blinded GC 24

outpouring of Spirit hindered 1SM 140-1

people held in slavery to customs fatal to health 4T 552

perceptive powers beclouded by LS 199; 2T 605

Pharisees’ hearts closed against Christ 1SM 70

rebellious angels kept from returning to God PP 41

SS work should not feel CSW 152

Satan kept from returning to God GC 496; PP 39

service to God marred COL 402

simplicity shut out of church 1T 114

soul corroded 2SM 185

soul kept in narrow sphere 4T 259

soul separated from God 1SM 350; 3T 51

Spirit grieved 4T 491; 9T 125

spiritual advancement hindered 2T 493

spirituality and growth in grace hindered 2T 187

strife 5T 242

for supremacy PP 403-4

wall of separation built between different classes of men DA 403

weakness 3T 476-7

2. Kinds of

envy’s, permits no concession 5T 56

human, dangerous guide PP 606

in children, parents should rebuke 1T 135

in youth 2T 173-83

of appearance: among Sabbathkeepers EW 120

how to be delivered from 2SG 262

warning against 4T 576

of dress See Dress

of heart: causes many people to fail 5T 50

continued warfare needed against 5T 18

fearful trait of character 4T 377

lack of Christlike sympathy and love results from 6T 53

much in Christ’s work is averse to 5T 219

must be denounced 2T 491

only God can subdue TM 456

unhappy results from 6T 53

warning against 2T 397

of life, Christ warns against 3T 375

subtle temptation to 7BC 966

of opinion: hard to yield 4T 239

leads men to reject light 1SM 72

leads to independence of judgment 7BC 906

must be put away 1SM 414; 5T 128

warning against 5T 728

of position, deep-seated evil ruining thousands 2SM 184-5

of priests and rabbis, grew into settled hatred for Christ DA 63

of prosperity, in Solomon’s reign PK 51-60

selfish: God may remove His blessings from men of 1SM 87

let not, be lifted up and served as god 4BC 1145; SD 56

let not your soul be separated from God by MYP 73

sensitive, why professed Christians possess COL 99

sinners’, God puts to shame PK 435

spiritual: abundant in church today 5T 534

danger of cherishing DA 360

deception of EW 98

gospel workers endangered by EW 98

Jewish leaders filled with DA 242

put away SD 295

rebuked 1SM 111

vitals eaten out of religion by 3T 211

warning against 3BC 1131; 5T 534

vain, displeases God 2T 258

exhibited in gaudy trappings and needless ornaments 2T 258

world’s: faithful will not imitate 1T 137

God’s treasury robbed by 5T 10

rid yourself of SD 67

3. Miscellaneous 3T 81-4

alarming amount of, among God’s people 4T 403

among God’s people displeases Him 4T 634

apology for extravagance 2T 668

bears almost universal sway 4T 647

blind and senseless SL 73

cannot flourish in heart remembering scenes of Calvary DA 661; 2T 212

characteristic of present generation PK 185

cherished in heart, excludes man from blessedness of heaven 4T 453

cherished in Satan’s heart, banished him from heaven 5T 242

church members cherish 2T 442

church members nearly chilled by 2T 126

class farthest removed from SD 235

class who continually harp on CG 415; 2SM 474

class who regard decency, taste, and order in dress as CG 415; 2SM 474-5

class who talk against, and yet are filthy 2SM 474

class who would go to almost any length in 3T 313; 5T 673

confession of sin should not be hindered by 1SM 327

contemplation that causes, to lose its power SL 91

conversation and deportment reveal 4T 259

conversation should be free from 5T 175

defeated and impatient when unable to explain every portion of Scripture 5T 701

demands of, Christ does not impart power to satisfy DA 407

dies when self is crucified 2T 573

displeasing to Spirit 3T 52

divine love in heart exterminates 5T 168

do not appeal to, in education PP 595

do not encourage, in others 5T 478

excuses and self-justification given for 1T 276

feels no need MB 7; SC 30

fostering of: danger in 1SM 79-80

in gatherings for pleasure PP 460

in Nebuchadnezzar PK 519

in petted girls 2T 460

under guise of religion GC 298; SR 354

warnings against 1T 503

foundation of greatest trials Ev 102

fruit of spirit of devils 2SG 226; 1T 188

God calls upon men to yield 4T 348

God hates 1T 132, 134

God rebukes His people for their 5T 190

God’s love changes, into humility MB 77

God’s word rebukes 2SM 474

goes before destruction in family, church, and nation 4T 377

gospel workers should not possess TM 357

gratification of, do not spend money for TM 179

money misused in 3T 401

great danger in 4T 259

heart filled with, cannot have fellowship with Christ DA 650

conversation that evidences 1T 500

heart harboring, result of TM 441

heart of, no room for Christ in MB 7

Hezekiah’s PK 344-5

how to overcome 4T 259

humility needed in place of 2T 484; 3T 448; 4T 582

ignorance and folly constant companions of 4T 634

in brute force, youth demoralized by Ed 210

increasing among God’s people 1T 136

indulged in house of God CS 160

Jerusalem’s sin 8T 133

John’s heart had no place for SL 78

lay aside your 2T 296

laying aside of, most difficulties could be solved in five minutes by EW 119

leads man to make a god of himself 9T 212

let, die CS 298

lifted up in, results of becoming 8T 127

lifts itself up unto vanity 9T 212

listed under general heading of “ambition” LS 241-2; 4T 385

love for children must not be expressed by indulgence of their 6T 451

love of, discard from heart and life MYP 347

maintained only at terrible consequences to self 5T 509

man dominated by, not generous 4T 259

man is full of 8T 106

man who learns of Christ is emptied of MB 15

men actuated by, think of themselves DA 436

manifest everywhere CG 433

marked characteristic of children today CSW 46

meekness does not satisfy GC 542

minister should be farthest removed from GW 142

mistaken for sensitiveness 2T 573

mistaken idea of what constitutes 2T 258

most hopeless and incurable sin COL 154

mothers set example of, for children 1T 134

must be: cleansed from heart 5T 175

crucified MB 143; 5T 165

forsaken 3T 52

overcome 5BC 1091, 1144; 3T 115; 4T 527-8; 5T 216

put aside TM 215

put away 5T 509

put out of heart MH 206

subdued and sacrificed forever 1T 705

must perish 5T 130

nations of today warned against PK 366

never satisfied PP 50

nothing so dangerous to soul as COL 154

nothing so offensive to God as COL 154

of mingling with unholy society, only the Spirit can kill 1T 134

offspring of: envy is 3BC 1159; PP 651

self-exaltation is 7BC 962

wants which are AH 151

open door that leads to 4T 45

out of place in church CG 543

overshadows one’s good and noble qualities 5T 242

Pharaoh’s heaven-daring, laid in dust PP 280

poisonous weed Ev 342

prayer of heart filled with, God will not hear 2T 176

prevailing in church 1SM 125

professing Christian pledged to discourage MM 127

reproof hurts 3T 314

rooted deeply in man’s fallen nature 5T 242

Sabbathkeepers must die to EW 120

safeguard against CT 315

Satan separates men from Christ by TM 473

Satan’s, in his own glory GC 495

satanic attribute FE 278

seeks to make others seem inferior in order to exalt self 4T 223

shrinks from faith’s presence 5T 48

shun everything that encourages COL 161

sin especially offensive to God SC 30; 5T 337

sin of, must be put away 2SM 379

snare 2T 187

Solomon filled with PK 68

Solomon’s, led to cruelty and exaction Ed 49; PK 55

soul must be cleansed from DA 494

Spirit in soul abases DA 135

spirit of: must be overcome 2T 76; 3T 527

Satan’s rebellion in heaven was result of PP 403

separates men from God 3T 526-7

strip yourself of CS 50

takes place of true piety and humble godliness FE 253

teachers warned against cherishing FE 278

Testimonies reprove 1T 275

thoughts of, weighed in scale by angel 1T 124

trials as remedy for 8T 123-4

victory over, must be obtained EW 71

warning against 2SM 58; 1T 503

wearisome load 4T 241

widespread PP 403

woman who had great amount of 2T 174, 176

works of human, will be laid low PP 124

world is full of 3T 247

wounded, Abner opposed David because of PP 700

why, is seen in church TM 162


abased by graces of the Spirit of God OHC 72:2

Abigail did not show, in family devotion before David RC 332:8

abilities not given for, but for service TMK 176:3

apostasy without putting away 3SM 415:4

avoid, when speaking to one you suppose at fault TDG 105:2

banished by the poor in spirit RC 61:4

(boasting), humiliation not, in Christ’s Spirit RC 63:3

broad way allows TMK 304:2

buried with treasures in the sea at end of time 3SM 418:3

business partnership unwise because of UL 137:3

care for outside appearances is not OHC 230:3

character formation requires overcoming AG 232:4


never had HP 221:6; TDG 132:2

not in the heart with LHU 301:3

tempted on UL 39:3

church weakened by TMK 176:2

circumstances reveal, in unsuspecting people 3SM 176:1

cleansed from, at the beginning of new year OHC 7:3

comes from unrenewed heart OHC 336:4

commitment and putting away, needed UL 50:4

conversion excludes TMK 62:2

crucified and vacuum supplied with Spirit and power of God HP 147:4

Daniel not actuated by ambition or RC 141:4

death of, needed by a woman befriending married man TSB 141:1

destroys godliness like cancer TMK 167:2

dignity of character without OHC 143:4; TMK 140:5

display in dress shows 3SM 244:1

ended in the better country HP 288:3

faith and works required to resist TMK 295:3

fostered by doing as one pleases OHC 318:2

get rid of TMK 300:4

God looks with sorrow upon ones puffed up with 1MCP 39:1

good seed choked out by OHC 162:5

grows spontaneously HP 195:4; Mar 229:4

hearts hidden in Christ do not have TMK 176:4

Holy Spirit changes, into humility OHC 152:5


by Bible truth TMK 199:2

by humility of Christ TMK 339:2

by light from the cross OHC 114:3


by polishing process UL 372:4

when counseled; submission to Christ opposed to it UL 361:2

independence and self-reliance may open temptation to UL 349:4

joy of Christ could cause TDG 261:3

leads to resistance of truth and turning light RC 199:3

life dominated by such things as, is not ruled by Christ TDG 118:3

love of Christ opposed to UL 69:4

meekness instead of, through watchfulness and prayer OHC 132:3

mind possessed by 3SM 164:2

ministers to put away, and seek God; pray for the people 3SM 189:4

musical entertainments/talent may foster display and FLB 242:5; VSS 422:1

of appearance TDG 295:4

offends God TDG 373:2

(ostentation) of one choosing not to know God TDG 40:2

people of God will be sneered at by those yielding to 3SM 398:2

pity and reproach for, from unfallen worlds LHU 54:3

pleasant at first but brings pain and sorrow OHC 25:3

polishing hurts HP 267:4

power of, lost as we contemplate heaven LHU 280:6; 1MCP 68:3

powers devoted even once to, places on Satan’s ground OHC 160:2

professed Christians filled with, while feeling rich TDG 228:3

purified of, by suffering; some learn in gentleness FW 86:3

religion (true) has power to overcome RC 346:4

rubbish that keeps Jesus outside OHC 352:4

salvation hindered by OHC 78:2


seeks to establish, in our hearts HP 348:2

surprised to take ones with, so easily 2MCP 793:1

sorrow not happiness results from following TMK 253:5

sowing to TMK 92:3

speaking with, evil angels led Dr. A in 3SM 43:1

Spirit of God resisted by FLB 137:4


easily woven into devotion to God’s work UL 95:4

separates from Jesus and imperils soul OHC 347:5; TMK 254:5

See also Bigotry

spiritual growth impossible with selfishness and 1MCP 45:2

spiritually open ones do not cherish SW 10:3

study about fallen condition to avoid TMK 204:3

subdued by obedience when it seems hardest RC 108:4

talents are given of God and not cause for RC 251:4

trials protect against UL 211:4

truth to abase, and soften the heart OHC 237:4

watch to avoid FLB 224:4

wisdom and acquisitions tempt to, but God humbles TDG 193:3

Word of God abases LHU 130:7

words of those with, may be better unsaid TDG 70:6

work needed to subdue LHU 233:4

work will be powerless because of LHU 301:2

See also Acclaim; Appearance; Dignity; Display; Exaltation; Fame; First; Homage; Honor; Imagination, proud; Independence; Seclusion; Self, thoughts of; Self-confidence; Selfishness; Superiority

Priest, Priests

1. Aaronic (dress of)

2. Aaronic (in Christ’s time)

3. Aaronic (miscellaneous)

4. Family

5. Human

6. Roman Catholic

7. Miscellaneous


1. Aaronic (dress of) PP 350

badges of, jeweled 4T 161

breastplate of, glittering 4T 161

details of, God specified 6T 96

ephod of plain linen PP 707

girdle of white linen PP 350

instructions given re GW 173; 2T 610

material and style of 2T 610, 613

particular style of, required while performing their office 2T 613

rich and peculiar SR 179; 4T 160

robe of simple white linen AA 33; 1BC 1111; DA 25, 78; Ed 36; PP 350; 4aSG 112; 4T 121

Moses was given pattern for 5BC 1104

typified Christ’s own spotless righteousness 4T 121-2

woven in one piece PP 350

sacred office was denoted by PP 488; SR 179; 4T 160

significant and beautiful DA 756

special dress PP 350

turban or miter of white linen DA 774; PP 350

whole and without blemish DA 709

why God required great care in 2T 612

2. Aaronic (in Christ’s time)

attitude of, at dedication of Christ as first-born DA 52-3, 55

became more and more corrupt DA 30

boasted of their piety DA 157

character of, exposed by Him DA 612

claim of, to be guardians of people DA 157

condemned and repudiated Christ’s teachings GC 595-6

convicted by His teaching, feared excommunication DA 699

could not legally put anyone to death 5BC 1100

crowning act of wickedness of PK 711

determined hatred of, against Christ AA 42, 61, 63; DA 162, 167; EW 165, 169, 183; PP 239; 2T 207-8; 5T 747

dress of, made them unfit to be light of world DA 820

effects of reports of His resurrection on DA 785

evil practices of, exposed by Him DA 540-1

exposure of, by Judas Iscariot EW 171-2; DA 721-2

extravagance and display of, John the Baptist’s dress rebuked DA 218-9; 3T 62

greed and arrogance of, lamented DA 196

Herod the Great suspected, of plotting to overthrow him DA 61

in story of good Samaritan, heard Christ tell it DA 499

professed piety COL 379-80

stickler for letter of Ten Commandments 4T 58

indifference of, to poor and suffering DA 157

influence of, paramount over people DA 164

influenced Jewish nation to reject Christ 5T 747

jeering Christ on cross, will be in resurrection of the wicked GC 667

law expounded in synagogues by DA 29

lying report spread by, re Christ’s resurrection AA 60-1; DA 781-5; EW 183-4

merciless demands made on people by DA 30

mocked dying Saviour DA 746-9; EW 177

money changing a source of revenue to DA 155

most of, from ranks of Sadducees DA 604

multiplied requirements of their own making DA 29

no link bound, to God DA 157

not required to pay temple tribute DA 433-4

officiating in temple when He died on cross DA 756-7

opportunity given to, to know Him DA 264-6

phylacteries worn by 2SM 148

plot of, to kill Him DA 164, 167-8

power of, used for selfish and mercenary ends DA 30

professed to accept John the Baptist’s ministry DA 594

refused to be instructed by men they termed heathen DA 62

rejection of Christ by, beginning of DA 63

religious leaders now repeating mistakes of DA 55-6, 213, 232

reputation for sanctity sought by, by scrupulous attention to ceremonies DA 30

rich robes and costly ornaments worn by DA 219, 610

rigid rules and ceremonies devised by 5T 727

Roman authority restrained 5BC 1100

selfish and ambitious schemes filled 5BC 1101

significance of service performed by, lost sight of DA 36

silenced by Christ DA 593-4

sin of desecrating temple rested in great degree on DA 163-4

some, converted EW 197

speculating, driven from temple court by Him DA 158

spirit of, modern religious leaders manifest GC 596

taught that Israel was to bear rule over whole earth DA 243

took part in arresting Him in Gethsemane DA 696

tyrannical and selfish 5BC 1101

3. Aaronic (miscellaneous)

after offering incense, came forth to bless people DA 99

alone, could look upon or touch ark of covenant PP 705

ark of covenant borne by PP 483-4

blood of sin offering sprinkled by, before veil in sanctuary PP 354

cities appointed as inheritance of PP 511, 515, 609

consecration of PP 359, 374; SR 183

co-operation of, with Hezekiah in restoring temple services PK 331-3

corrupt, Israel charmed by flattering messages of 4T 185

could not be offering for sin 1BC 1111; 1SM 230

daily ministration of DA 97, 756-7; EW 253; GC 418-21; PP 352-6; 4aSG 9; SR 155; Te 43

David divided, into 24 courses 3BC 1128

death penalty for, who entered unclean into sanctuary 2T 614

duty of: to be pure and holy EW 103

to be representatives of God to nation DA 156

to pray for pardon of public and national sins DA 99

to teach precepts of God’s law in public assemblies PK 465

each course of, ministered twice a year 3BC 1128; DA 97

encamped around sanctuary PP 374-5

first fruits devoted to use of AA 337; PP 526

flesh of sin offerings eaten by, in some cases PP 354-5

forbade Peter and John to preach gospel AA 61-7, 77-83

forty, returned with Ezra to Jerusalem PK 611-5

glory of, eclipsed during Babylonian captivity PK 609

God consulted by, in sanctuary PP 374

God’s will not revealed to, in second temple PK 597

hands and feet of, washed before entering sanctuary CH 81-2; GW 173; PP 347-8; 4aSG 127; 2T 611, 614

washed before ministering at altar of burnt offering GW 173; PP 347-8

hated Paul EW 202-3, 206

incense burned by See Incense

Jeremiah denounced by, as worthy of death PK 417-8

Jeremiah’s message to, antagonism aroused by PK 417

Jericho one of cities set apart for DA 552

Korah’s attempt to become See Korah

labor performed by, greatest on Sabbath DA 285

Levites aided, in ministration MH 353; PP 350

magistrates and, census of Israel taken by PP 747

many, became obedient to Christian faith DA 266, 775; EW 197

Nehemiah’s spirit of zeal and earnestness caught by PK 638

no ministry by, at altars while high priest officiated in most holy place MH 437-8; 8T 285

not faithful instructors of people COL 292-3

of various orders, various degrees of responsibility borne by CM 16-7

officiating, means of transferring sin 1BC 1111; GC 418, 420; PP 354, 356; 1SM 230

mediator for people 1BC 1111; GC 418, 420; PP 354, 356; 1SM 230

only ordained, could minister in sanctuary PP 398

order and cleanliness required of 2T 611

Peter and John beaten by order of AA 83; EW 196

plan of support for AA 336-7; PP 525-30 See also Tithe

prayer of, addressed toward mercy seat SR 155

presenting sacrificial offerings, as actors in a play DA 36

reverence for God required of 2T 612

sacrificial animals examined by PP 352

Saul slew all, of Eli’s line 2BC 1020; PP 659

self-examination and sanctification required of 4aSG 12

shoes of, removed before entering sanctuary GW 173; PP 350; 4aSG 62; 4T 159

while ministering at altar of burnt offering PP 350

shewbread removed from sanctuary was eaten by PP 348, 656

silver trumpets borne by, in Israel’s marches PP 376-7

slain at Nob, David’s dissimulation imperiled 2BC 1020; PP 659

solemn ministry performed by DA 78

sons of Eli as See Eli; Hophni and Phinehas

Spirit’s manifestation on Pentecost enraged AA 40-4

stationed around sanctuary PP 374-5

Stephen was hated by AA 98

symbolism of sacrificial offerings explained by 1SM 107

teachers Ed 78

teaching: daily public reading of book of law by PK 337, 392

faithful ministry of PK 191

people of God instructed during Babylonian captivity by PK 613

teaching for hire, during Ahaz’s reign PK 322

tobacco-using, would have shared fate of Nadab and Abihu CH 82; 4aSG 127

typical service rendered by GC 418; PP 352-6; SR 378

unbelieving, Stephen reproved EW 197

wine and strong drink not to be used by FE 428; PP 362; Te 280 See also Abihu; Nadab

worship conducted in synagogues by, during Babylonian captivity PK 613

See also High priest

4. Family

father as, today CG 286, 521, 549; CT 128; Ed 251; MH 392; PP 144; 1T 547; 2T 626, 701; 7T 67 See also Father

in patriarchal times PP 141, 279, 350; SR 50

minister’s duty as 2T 620

mother who should have acted as 2T 281 See also Mother

5. Human

confession of sin to, debasing and degrading 5T 638-9

evil of GC 567-8

David did not confess sin to 5T 639

fables of, not needed to save student from error FE 391

Father cannot be revealed to any man by 7BC 914

interposing between Christ and souls, results of work of 7BC 913

men are not to come to God through 7BC 914

men need not depend on, for salvation 7BC 932

not authorized to come between God and man 9T 234

sin is not to be confessed to 5T 639

utterances of, not needed to save men from error FE 391; 8T 157

6. Roman Catholic

arraigned with the wicked before bar of God GC 668

blasphemous presumption of GC 59; SR 334

in Dark Ages, were pleasure-loving, sensual, and corrupt GC 57

Luther (Martin) met storm of opposition from EW 223-4

people were taught to look to, for pardon of sins EW 213

people who bow to, worship Satan EW 214

persecuted Christ’s followers GC 668; SR 424-5

persecution against God’s people stirred up by EW 221-2

power of, over Roman Catholics is great Ev 574

power of creating God claimed by GC 59; SR 334

presumed to pardon sin EW 213

Satan’s representatives EW 214, 221-2

Scriptures withheld from people by EW 214

senseless mummery of, in idolatrous sacrifice of mass GC 59; SR 334

why men prefer to trust their salvation to GC 175

Wycliffe (John) aided by, in work of reform SR 337

7. Miscellaneous

Egyptian, alarmed at seeing Israelite religion finding favor PP 332

education of heir to throne was committed to PP 332-3

every man as, of his own household in earliest times PP 350

heir apparent to Egyptian throne was initiated in mysteries of national religion by PP 245

hireling, led to worship at feet of saints EW 124

King Saul’s mistake in acting as 2BC 1014-5; PP 617-8, 634

men of divine appointment performed office of, before Flood SR 50

Midianite, Jethro was PP 301; SR 110

our, is Christ GC 74 See also Christ; High priest

Pharaohs of Egypt had to become members of caste of PP 245

plagues will arrest, in their dreadful career EW 124

redeemed will serve God as, during millennium EW 290-1; GC 661


Christ seen as King by, at His coming Mar 282:8

Christ silenced, calmly but they did yield conviction TMK 178:3

convicted and convinced yet rejected Christ UL 304:5

earthly, God the Father is not revealed through TMK 73:5

father as, is accountable for his influence 3SM 209:2

hearts and minds of, closed to all light TDG 149:5

people discouraged by UL 26:6

rulers and, Enoch’s experience needed by TDG 275:4

See also Jewish, leaders