EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Paulson, Dr. David - People

Paulson, Dr. David

Paulson, Dr. David MM 305; 1SM 24-31

Paulus, Sergius

Paulus, Sergius AA 167-8

Pauper, Paupers

Pauper, Paupers, laws that multiply GW 386; MH 343-4; Te 205


Pauperism, in France, at outbreak of French Revolution GC 279

problem of, government leaders unable to solve MH 183; 9T 13


Pavilion, God’s, in time of trouble the righteous will be secure in GC 638, 654

of the Eternal, is home of angels 6T 462

Pea, Peas

Pea, Peas, dried, some persons cannot digest CH 154

grown by EGW CD 324

sent abroad everywhere MH 299

some persons cannot digest, while others find them wholesome MH 320


Peace, abides wherever Spirit reigns DA 153

abiding, one source of MH 247

and good will among men, obedience to God’s law brings PK 192

sung by angels at Christ’s birth DA 48, 803

and safety, reigning among professed SDA 1T 152

religious leaders dreaming of GC 315-6

arising only from rightdoing 1T 504

believer is to accept Christ as his 1SM 395

believing brings 2T 319-20

blessed home of, every step may bring you nearer SC 125

cannot be made by compromise of principle ML 77

cannot dwell in criticizer’s heart Ev 102

Christ does not give, apart from Himself MH 247

Christ has spoken, for every soul DA 336

Christ is only one who can give 5T 649

Christ left His disciples internal rather than external AA 84

Christ never made, by compromise Ev 368

Christ never purchased, by compromise with evil AA 84; DA 356

Christ spoke, from Peter’s fishing boat DA 245

Christ’s: born of truth DA 302-5

cannot be bought with money 4T 559

cannot be commanded by brilliant talents 4T 559

cannot be secured by intellect 4T 559

careworn and sorrowful faces show need of CH 211

does not come through conformity to world AA 84

does not depend on circumstances in life MB 16

effects produced in heart by MH 512

is constant and abiding peace MB 16

is gift of God 4T 559

is life and health MM 53

men must sit under His shadow in order to possess 7T 69-70

Christ’s greeting of, after His resurrection DA 803-4

Christian is kept in, by trusting in Christ DA 336

Christians have, elevating them above all superfluities 3T 241

Christianity spreads GC 47

consecrated Christian life is ever shedding PP 667

death should be met with AA 465

dependence on divine power brings TM 518

do not allow your, to be spoiled by trials that seem unexplainable COL 171

do not purchase, by betrayal of sacred trusts ML 77

doing God’s will brings ML 246

enjoyed only as meekness and love are active 5T 168

erroneous theory of sanctification that cried, when there was none 1T 335

first lesson of, penitence at foot of cross is MYP 115; SL 93

found in Christ, expressed in countenance CG 146

found only by: following Christ’s counsel TM 502

rest in Christ 2SG 84

found only in allegiance to God PK 97

fountain of, Christ as Ev 266

given by Christ to His disciples, pray for ML 77

given to persons who serve God 6T 475-6

God permits conflicts to prepare soul for GC 633

God sends no messages of, to lull the unsanctified into carnal security PK 435

God’s: abides only in soul where love reigns SL 87

heart in which, rules 1T 509

how sinner can find SC 38

if you have never sought, you have never found it 5T 636

let, rule in your heart 9T 136

reflected in faces of persons who talk with Him WM 103

when unbelievers will see by your deportment that you have 4T 616

gospel is message of GC 46-7

healthful and calm, selfishness in heart banishes 2T 139

heaven of, created in soul by daily growth in Christ CH 633

heaven-born, expressed on countenance SR 317

heavenly, only ground of MB 27

person who becomes partaker of MB 27-8

holiness of mind brings 4T 101

hope and, treasures cannot be rich enough to buy 2T 576, 600

how gospel worker can be at, with fellow workers TM 191

how to have, in midst of shadows of death PP 657

which no worldly circumstance can change 5T 487

humility of mind brings 4T 101

in heart, gives persuasive power to voice 6T 47

shines forth in countenance 6T 47

inward, quickens and invigorates intellect 2T 327

is: element of Christian character CG 173

fruit produced by God’s word in heart 3T 65

one fruit of Spirit SD 32; 5T 169

proportionate to faith and trust in Christ 5BC 1122

joy and, do not expect all to be 5T 134

justification by faith brings 6BC 1071; MB 27

legacy of, bequeathed by Christ to disciples AA 84; DA 672

let nothing mar your MM 44

like river, Christ’s religion gives SC 120-1

found by abiding in Christ 3BC 1147-8

little time of, between two scenes of war and bloodshed 1T 268

love of self destroys MB 16

made with Christ by taking hold of His strength TM 191

man at, with God and fellow men cannot be made miserable MB 27-8; 5T 488

man cannot know how much he owes to Christ for GC 36

man cannot manufacture DA 305

man enters region of, when he communes with Christ MH 250

message of, Christ’s followers sent to world with MB 28

mother to whom, comes like sunshine after a rainstorm 7T 48

multitudes seek, in vain PK 185

needed in home AH 18

needs to be cherished among God’s people 6T 398

no: for the wicked 2T 289

in any false path CG 67

in unrighteousness 1SM 235

not found without full surrender to Christ DA 330

nothing that concerns our, is too small for God to notice SC 100

of believing, EGW’s childhood longing for LS 22

of heaven, heart in harmony with God is partaker of MB 28

person who has, in his soul 4T 346

of mind: do not allow affliction to destroy your AA 261

is conducive to health AH 342

pure and holy motives and actions bring 2T 327

of soul: intellect cannot procure SC 49

man can never secure, by his own efforts SC 49

money cannot buy SC 49

offered by God to man as gift SC 49

sinful unbelief mars 4T 213

wisdom cannot attain to SC 49

yours if you will reach out and grasp it SC 49

of the ransomed, not marred by disobedient, unruly, unsubmissive children 1T 498

only persons who turn from transgression to obedience can hope for 2SM 402-3

outward, your path will not always be one of MYP 102

passing all understanding, how to obtain MB 15; 2SG 257-8

path of, path of the upright is 4T 502

people have no, who never get out of range of self SD 88

people of today are dreaming of PP 167

perfect: acceptance of Christ brings glow of COL 420

is attribute which angels possess 2T 327

reigned in Christ’s heart DA 330

perfect harmony and, in heaven 4T 429

planted in heart, casts out evil passions causing strife and dissension DA 305

possessed by person who takes God at His word, words cannot describe MYP 98

prophet of, Elisha as PK 235-43

prosperity and, religious teachers who point forward to long ages of PP 104

what church fails to do in, must be done in crisis 5T 463

purchased too dearly at sacrifice of principle GC 45; SR 324

put away your sins if you would enjoy 5T 169

real, never secured by compromising principles DA 356

religious life is one of Ev 180

rest and: Christ’s grace gives SC 28

come to Christ for 1SM 352

exist where love of Christ reigns Ev 638

joy of holiness gives SC 28

person to whom are promised SD 76

person who will find, in God SD 69

persons having fellowship with Christ have constant 5T 410

show by daily life that you have 6T 47

Spirit pleads with men to seek things that give SC 28

rests upon people who refuse to join in strife of tongues 5T 176

sense of sins forgiven brings MYP 73

sin has destroyed DA 336

sinner’s need of SC 49

spirit of, as evidence of connection with heaven MB 28

rests like dew on weary and troubled hearts MB 28

spoken by Christ to tempest DA 335

subjecting your will to Christ’s will brings MYP 73

surrender to Christ brings DA 331

takes place of strife in converted person DA 173

things that destroy 1T 706

true, Christ’s grace is only power that can create or perpetuate DA 305

universal reign of, will be subsequent to second advent GC 323

unyielding trust and reliance on Christ brings, to soul SL 90

why human plans fail to produce DA 305

with Christ there is 1SM 395

with God: believer cannot make 1SM 395

believer is not called upon to make 1SM 395

death may claim you suddenly without giving you time to make 5T 487

found through blood of atonement GC 470

how sinner can find LS 22-3

Paul’s face told of, before Nero AA 493

when sinner may be sure that he has found GC 463

See also Calm; Rest; Tranquillity


abiding in Christ for LHU 249:2

accept, rising above worries; praise God 1MCP 68:2


of Christ’s word and surrender bring RC 278:5

of completeness in Christ brings RC 76:6

assurance that God’s love is exercised toward us OHC 265:3

assured to those who believe Christ answers their prayer OHC 326:4

attachment of youth counseled robbed mind of 1MCP 302:1

avoiding trials, struggles, and self-denial does not bring OHC 327:2

brings joy in the Holy Spirit by God’s promises OHC 329:4

cherish, daily in the family FLB 279:3


abiding in soul is only ground for HP 249:6

accepted as, with God TMK 109:3

alone can give TDG 140:4, 310:2

came to give OHC 109:3

desires to make, in you; listen with confidence TDG 225:7


as He calmed Galilee HP 35:2

despite world’s threats, decrees or promises OHC 329:5

is, forever FLB 248:5

longed to give UL 26:2

longs to have the young possess TMK 121:4

messenger of, to the afflicted RC 37:4

speaks, to our soul as affections set on things above OHC 63:4

wants us to have; store treasure in heaven LHU 128:4

who spoke, to Galilee, has spoken it to all RC 278:6

Christianity disturbs, of those who refuse Christ’s love OHC 328:4


given to His disciples HP 249:2

invitation to, through conflict and suffering TMK 287:2

may rest in soul AG 251:3

closeness to God brings UL 307:2

comes through truth OHC 329:4

comforting another brings OHC 64:5

coming to God in the name of Christ UL 98:5

commands of God are, in Holy Spirit HP 183:2

compassionate spirit has sweet HP 238:5

condition for receiving, is yoking up with Christ TMK 120:2

conditions for TMK 85:3

connection with Christ for HP 33:3

continuance in faith results in TMK 281:4

control of thoughts and words ensures HP 164:5

cost of, battles with devils and struggles with self TMK 287:2

covenant of,

expresses pardoning mercy AG 138:4

Sabbath seen better at time of 3SM 261:0, 388:2

Sabbath seen in glory at the time of making Mar 245:3

diffused by heart in harmony with God HP 249:6

disruption of, See Disruption

disturber of, we may be called, but so was Christ 3SM 421:1

division cannot quench Christ’s, OHC 328:6

duty and privilege to have OHC 179:5

earth filled with, at creation FLB 37:2

educating the soul for, in conflicts of life OHC 120:4

Ellen White had, although not sleeping well TDG 346:2

Ellen White’s experience of, when room filled with light TDG 17:3

evidence of connection with heaven HP 35:5

example of Jesus must be followed for 1MCP 45:2

face shows, revealing God’s love AG 325:2


and trust determine degree of; works are no help 3SM 199:3

in Jesus brings RC 130:2

false, disturbed to have true peace 3SM 20:1

far away for those making the way of holiness laborious TMK 112:2

feeling of, may not come while praying OHC 326:4

felt when Jesus removes burden of sin OHC 131:5

filled with, while bearing burdens TMK 92:5

found through faith in Christ, not through works OHC 118:4

genuine, received only through truth OHC 329:2

gift willed to disciples before Christ’s death RC 278:2


controls, for the good of His children OHC 318:5

pledges security of, for His people TMK 262:4

God’s love brings FLB 237:7

grasping truth of completeness in Christ brings FW 108:1

greater than we thought LHU 332:2


with God for HP 35:3

with God’s law brings OHC 262:4

with the Word of God when Christ gives FW 88:1

heart in harmony with God has, and diffuses it RC 278:7


in home and church UL 210:7

little known HP 61:3

Heaven’s offers of, to be repeated by God’s messengers TDG 30:4

helpless soul cast on Christ brings UL 359:3

home has no fretfulness where Christ is 1MCP 175:3

hour of prayer brings RC 183:4

human sources do not give UL 312:4

humiliation of soul brings LHU 150:4

in Christ RC 21:5

internal, UL 220:2

for those receiving Christ’s righteousness FLB 121:2

not external, given by Christ OHC 328:2

Jesus has given; Satan cannot harass 2MCP 513:2

laborers with God spread 2MCP 499:1

lack of, because of failure to meet conditions of promise LHU 245:2

learning penitence at the cross RC 295:4

life of, if Christ not made ashamed by word or action TMK 183:5

light of Christ reflected brings, and helps the world TDG 364:3

light of Christ’s, to shine into soul (of depressed one) TDG 305:4

longing for, leads to a desire for light from Christ OHC 146:5

losing, by wasting time on vanity TMK 309:3

love for, truth not to be surrendered because of 1MCP 244:1

love of self destroys HP 249:5


God will bless those who attempt TMK 185:5

with praise instead of accusation TDG 245:4

meekness and humility bring, in God’s service TMK 120:3

money cannot buy TMK 83:2

obedience (willing) brings; (rest of spirit) TMK 120:2

obedient will carry cheerfulness of AG 124:3

praise God for, in the Lord HP 222:3

principle of,

needed controlling character as in Christ 1MCP 176:0

when churches repent and do first works TDG 88:2

promise of,

by Christ RC 278:4

by Christ doesn’t prevent divisions UL 220:2

claimed by Ellen White TDG 156:5

to Ellen White for doing work given UL 279:2


believed in, trusting in Christ to cleanse 3SM 181:3

give, to develop fruits of the Spirit UL 15:5

protection in the way of, to heaven OHC 11:4

provision abundant that we may have HP 140:3

purchase of,

at the neglect of duty UL 220:5

through infinite sacrifice of Christ OHC 329:5


as Holy Spirit illuminates the Word RC 128:2

through Christ TMK 84:4

reconciliation is basis of, TDG 19:5

in spite of gloomy feelings LHU 332:2

rejoice for receiving 1MCP 68:1

relationship of faith to TMK 231:2


Christ offers; stay long enough to yield the will TDG 154:5

God has means to bring, to wounded hearts TDG 183:5


manifested by OHC 279:6

(pure) brings OHC 333:5

(true) entering entire life gives RC 161:7

righteousness embraced by, in Christ TMK 117:5

security in, when true to yourself TDG 334:3

seems far away; way of holiness is made laborious 3SM 151:1

self given to God for management brings LYL 43:3

service for God,

did not bring, to one needing conversion 1MCP 125:1

with whole life means, with every breath HP 66:5

service of drudgery does not bring TMK 120:4


destroys HP 35

exchanged for, at Christ’s invitation 2MCP 451:2

must be removed for OHC 81:5

renounced and heart open to Christ for HP 35:3

sinner finds, beholding the Lamb of God; he is pardoned FW 108:1


filled with, when rebirth takes place at 1MCP 15:0

finds, in obedience TMK 121:5

spirit of, for weary hearts RC 278:7


and self-sacrifice by ones with LHU 245:2

to Christ brings OHC 98:5

suppressing reaction to criticism brings HP 176:2

surrender brings, HP 49:3; TMK 121:5

taking Christ at His word HP 249:4

surrender to Satan gains, at loss of heaven AG 333:3

tested one who has Holy Spirit seen to have OHC 150:5

thoughts centered in Christ necessary for HP 164:3

trials anticipated are not to disturb 3SM 383:3

true to yourself for HP 24:3

truth is the foundation OHC 329:3

value of, seek Christ in view of RC 368:5

wicked are without, but those who love the law possess it TMK 120:5

will conformed to will of God brought HP 235:2

willing obedience brings HP 183:2


may bring HP 175:5

of Christ bring OHC 329:5


for God with garments of, not of war TDG 83:5

of Christ is to bring, to His people OHC 327:4

of, righteousness is; hunger for it 3SM 203:0

world cannot give or take away; UL 355:2

resists division; Christ’s OHC 328:6

through obedience TMK 121:5

See also Calmness; Comfort; Christ, peace of; Contentment; God, peace of; Mind, quiet; Rest; Satisfaction

“Peace and safety,”

“Peace and safety,” class of people who will cry, in time of peril COL 411

men who will cry 5T 211

multitudes cry PP 167

people who are crying 4T 309

second advent will surprise false teachers who say TM 233

Peace and joy


found, looking beneath surface in nature TDG 143:3

had calm inner; His will was His Father’s TDG 263:4

communion with Christ gives TDG 159:5

follow surrender to God RC 65:3

forfeited by neglecting communion RC 207:4

gained only by a living connection with Christ TDG 145:4

heart full of, with tendrils about God RC 305:4

homes need, in place of faultfinding and harshness TMK 149:2

human work to bring OHC 200:2; TMK 222:2

knowledge of God’s smile brings TDG 304:2

life of Christ relived in believer brings, to others TMK 235:5

possessing, through obedience TMK 96:3

promised to overcomers OHC 214:6

springs of, scattered over field of revelation OHC 205:4

surrender is followed by RC 303:7

Peace-and-safety message

Peace-and-safety message, Laodicean message is not 3T 252

lulled to sleep by the cry of TMK 215:2

sentiment of, soothes ones that zeal would stir TMK 215:3

Peace-and-safety theory

Peace-and-safety theory, erroneous theory of sanctification that was 1T 335

“Peace, Be Still!”

“Peace, Be Still!” poem by Miss M. A. Baker, quoted DA 336


Peaceful, God would have all His people be AA 564

Peacemaker, Peacemakers

Peacemaker, Peacemakers, blessing pronounced by Christ upon MB 27-8

is blessing to church 2T 51

Israelite woman who was PP 667

man who was not 2T 389

true, person who is MB 28


Christlikeness alone makes one a OHC 179:6

Christ’s love revealed through the influence of HP 35:4

desire for the Holy Spirit to be what Christ calls OHC 239:4

recognized as, by heavenly intelligences 2MCP 439:3

surrounded by sweet savor of Christ HP 35:5

treasure in family and blessing in church OHC 179:2

Peace offering, Peace offerings

Peace offering, Peace offerings, Abigail presented, to David and his men PP 666

abuses committed by Eli’s sons re PP 576

David’s, consumed by fire from heaven 3BC 1127

fat of, burned on altar PP 576

great number of, presented at annual feast PP 576

greater part of, returned to offerer PP 576

offered at removal of ark of covenant to Jerusalem PP 708

offered in Hezekiah’s time PK 337

offerer’s portion of, eaten by him and friends in sacrificial feast PP 576

pointed to Christ PP 576

presentation of, was symbolic service PP 576

presented to God besides tithes 3T 394

specified portion of, reserved for priests PP 576

thanksgiving to God expressed by PP 576

with restitution of withheld tithe CS 87

Peach, Peaches

Peach, Peaches, dried, recommended as part of diet MH 299

fresh, eat freely of 7T 134

healthful food CD 311, 324, 445

Peach tree, Peach trees

Peach tree, Peach trees TM 242


Peacock, vain 3T 367

Peanut, Peanuts

Peanut, Peanuts, food value of MH 298; 7T 134

Pear, Pears

Pear, Pears CD 324, 492

fresh, eat freely of 7T 134

See also Pear sauce

Pearl, Pearls

Pearl, Pearls, buried in debris of cities, may be found WM 96

costly, seek what God estimates as more valuable than ML 123; 3T 376

God has placed, in ocean CT 54; MH 412; ML 175

goodly, Spirit reveals to man the preciousness of COL 118

help that is worth more than 3BC 1163

hidden, Bible truths as 1SM 20

lost, recovered in closing gospel work Ev 693

meekness is more valuable than SL 16

of great price: cannot be bought with silver or gold COL 117

Christ sees, in lost humanity COL 118

how to convince people that you have found MM 332

how to obtain COL 116-7

not represented as gift COL 116

parable of See Parable

poor people may find 7T 226

through a Peter Christ will present 6BC 1060

of promise, God’s word is a store of ML 160; SD 98

should be stored in heart and mind ML 160

pillars of houses of the redeemed will be adorned with EW 18; 2SG 53; 1T 68

pillars of temple on heavenly Mt. Zion are adorned with EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

precious, blessings of redeeming love compared to COL 115

bought without money and without price COL 116

souls of men as, in Christ’s casket 1SM 266

promises strown like, throughout Bible CSW 18

pure and white, Christ’s righteousness as COL 115; 1SM 399

that can be deposited in bank of heaven for safekeeping 3T 249

wearing of, professed believers who feel no scruples against 4T 645

teaching of apostles re 1T 460


are you seeking? UL 50:2

Christ finds, buried in rubbish; lost humanity TMK 84:4

goodly, seeking, without full surrender HP 49:3

lost humanity is, purchased with riches of the universe OHC 13:3

parable of, HP 49

has double significance TMK 84:3

righteousness of Christ is like FLB 111:5

salvation FLB 111:5

souls who receive Christ are as LHU 232

truth compared with OHC 211:3

Pearly gates

Pearly gates, New Jerusalem has EW 17; LS 67; 2SG 34; 1T 61

Pear sauce

Pear sauce CD 312

Pearson, John

Pearson, John LS 70-1; 1T 64

Peasant, Peasants

Christ lived as UL 67:2

coarse garment of, used as blankets at night DA 299; MB 5

hovel of, entrance of God’s word into WM 169

hut of, lighted up by gospel truth CS 162

lowly dwellings of, only one room in MB 39

single lamp in MB 39

poor: lived in wretched hovels DA 299

Messianic hopes of DA 299; MB 5

shunned by rabbis as unclean MH 34


See People, peculiar; Separate; Strange

Peculiarity, Peculiarities

Peculiarity, Peculiarities, coloring entire life 4T 361

distinguishing God’s people, humility and meekness should be 4T 226

God does not regard, as virtues ChS 226

God’s people should preserve their, in simplicity and holiness 1T 550

God’s people to great extent have lost their 1T 525

God’s providence may place SDA where their, will be tried and revealed 4T 342

how child comes to regard his fault as Ed 291

individual, give false impressions of God’s work Ev 132

little, overcome your 2T 321

of disposition and temperament, some people must be shown their 4T 69

other people’s, cease talking of 2T 185

study Christ and His character instead of your own 9T 187

wrong, overcome and resist OHC 29:2

Pecuniary loss

Pecuniary loss, overruled by God’s providence for good 4T 360

persons afraid to do right and serve Christ lest they suffer 2T 630

Pecuniary obligation, Pecuniary obligations

Pecuniary obligation, Pecuniary obligations, laid upon Christians by Christ 3T 390

Pecuniary want

Pecuniary want, man who suffered imaginary, while surrounded with plenty 2T 238


Peddlers, Waldensian missionaries worked as GC 71


Peddling, ministers should not engage in 1T 470


Peevishness, baby’s, impatient mother or nurse causes CG 32

children’s, too frequent feeding causes CD 229

does not alleviate one’s sufferings 2T 640

in children, parents should not allow CG 98

sour stomach causes CD 112

sugar causes CD 327

See also Fretfulness

Peevish person, Peevish persons

Peevish person, Peevish persons, heart of, Spirit does not abide in CS 115

woman who was naturally a 2T 230

wives who are 2T 464-5

Peevish spirit

Peevish spirit, passionate spirit that becomes 2T 425

Peg, Pegs

Peg, Pegs, no removing of, of old landmarks occurred at Minneapolis, Minn. CW 30

not one, of three angels’ messages is to be removed CW 26

some people seek, on which to hang doubts GC 527; 5T 690


Pekah, king of Israel PK 287


Pekahiah, king of Israel PK 287


Pelethite, David’s bodyguard PP 731


Pella in Perea, Christians fled to GC 31

Pen, Pens

Pen, Pens, consecrated, God calls for CW 19

dipped in fountain of pure truth LS 214

God’s, Bible writers were not 1SM 21

injudicious use of, door closed to souls by CW 66

let your, trace advanced truth TM 248

light reflected in darkness by praise of HP 96:5

make not a scratch of, to become popular CW 99

to vindicate what God condemns CW 99

numberless, have written concerning Christ 6T 59

power for presentation of truth LS 214

present truth by, so that it will carry weight with readers CW 22

sanctified, need of ML 265

sharp words often traced by TM 248

spirit of truth and righteousness should control TM 248

Spirit should control CW 19

use, for sowing gospel seed CW 18

use of CW 100

wily opponents must frequently be met by 2T 650-1

See also Writer

Pen and voice

laboring for God with TDG 221:3

truth, decided testimony of, by TDG 308:6


Penalty, affixed to every transgression 2T 67

of man’s transgression, Christ bore 4BC 1147-8; 1T 482

of man’s transgression of God’s law, Christ was put to death to answer for 4T 253

of sin, Christ was sacrificed to save man from 4T 248

only by Christ’s death could man be freed from GC 540


Christ bore, for human transgression TDG 202:5

Christ suffered full, to become Mediator FW 119:0

See also Fine


Penance, acts of: during Dark Ages GC 55-6

Farel’s (Wm.) convictions re GC 213

supposed to pacify God’s wrath GC 55-6

supposed to secure God’s favor SR 332

doing, is valueless Ev 192; MB 87

entrance to heaven is not gained by 1SM 184

humiliating, by Roman Catholics GC 72

painful, not required by God to commend men’s souls to God AA 552; SC 37; 5T 635

not required by God to expiate men’s transgressions AA 552; SC 37; 5T 635

resorted to in vain GC 220

rites of, sense of want that cannot be satisfied by DA 328

soul cannot be reconciled to God by GC 220

toil and, rabbis hoped to secure God’s grace only by COL 209

works of, entrance to path of faith cannot be gained by GW 160


ideas of meriting salvation by faith or works are like FW 20:0

prayer is not HP 71:2

striving to meet God’s ideal is not, but brings joy TDG 145:4


Peninnah, Elkanah’s second wife 2BC 1008; PP 569-70


Penitence, at foot of cross, is first lesson of peace men have to learn MYP 115; SL 93

Christian love is quick to discern DA 462

lesson of, all must learn 4T 374

people who will humble themselves in, in time of end PK 590

sacrificial offerings were worthless without PP 634

way of, no return to God but by PP 676

See also Repentance


coming nearer the cross of Christ for TMK 287:3

fitting place in, at foot of cross TMK 65:2

God first gives, to those He pardons TMK 109:3

Holy Spirit works, in daily life OHC 330:2

lack of, by pastor in adulterous life TSB 176:4

learning, at the foot of the cross RC 295:4

mingled with praise at Pentecost TMK 344:2

praise offered and, character perfected in TMK 117:5

speak in terms of, rather than of weakness HP 122:3

wisdom of those without, not to be depended on TDG 326:2

See also Humility; Repentance


Penitent, Christ first makes, souls whom He pardons MB 7

God first makes, souls whom He pardons 7BC 974; 2SM 83

Penitent soul, Penitent souls

Penitent soul, Penitent souls, bound to God with links that cannot be broken DA 300

never turned away comfortless by God 4T 14

stricken, God lifts up PK 435

tears of, are only raindrops that precede sunshine of holiness DA 300

truly, brings all his sins before God SC 41; 5T 641

Christ never spurned 4T 294


Penmen, Bible writers were God’s, but not His pen 1SM 21


Penmanship, excellence in, as related to salvation 2T 267

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Wolff (Joseph) lectured in GC 360-1

Penny, Pennies

Penny, Pennies, children give, to advance miss. work TM 217

do not spend one, for wedding ring TM 181

do not waste, by buying unnecessary things AH 383

haggling over, SDA faith is brought into disrepute by 2T 238-9

rivulets of, supplying stream of beneficence CSW 129; TM 217

saving, for God’s treasury CS 298

self-denial box for saving, children need CG 132

take care of, and dollars will take care of themselves CS 257

teach children to save: for God’s work 9T 55

for miss. work 9T 130-1

when possible AH 388

treasure, carefully CS 290

to save dollars 4T 452

use of, what is revealed by our COL 351

worse than wasted when spent for coffee, flesh foods, or tea CD 402, 430; MM 274

Penny dealing

Penny dealing, close, God is blasphemed by people given to 2T 239


Pentateuch, Moses wrote GC 434

preserved on parchments PK 482

Samaritans rejected all Scriptures except DA 193

Pentecost, Feast of

Pentecost, Feast of PP 540

1. After Christ’s ascension

2. Miscellaneous

1. After Christ’s ascension AA 35-46; SR 241-7

apostles no longer ignorant and uncultured after AA 45

apostles put away all differences before DA 827; 8T 15

apostles rejoiced in Comforter’s presence on DA 833; SC 74-5

baptism of Spirit manifest on AA 54; 2SM 57

blessing of, pointed to Christ’s mediatorial work in heavenly sanctuary EW 259-60

Christ foresaw great ingathering of souls on DA 192

Christ was glorified on 7BC 983

Christ willing to do for church now what He did on SR 247

Christ’s inauguration accomplished at AA 39

church’s spiritual condition after 8T 241

class of fearful souls converted on DA 359-60

demonstrations of God’s power on MM 334

effects of, upon early church AA 45-6; SR 246-7

gift of tongues bestowed on apostles during AA 39-40; SR 242-3, 246

God worked through angels on ML 58

great truths unheeded and unseen since, to shine from God’s word FE 473

heavenly illumination brought to disciples by AA 45; SR 242

Jews from almost every nation attended AA 39-40; SR 242-3

Joel’s prophecy partially fulfilled on AA 41; GC 9

lessons from apostolic church’s experience on SR 246-7

many converts on, had witnessed Christ’s death DA 770

many languages represented at AA 39-40; SR 242

outpouring of Spirit on AA 547; 3BC 1152; 6BC 1055; COL 120-1; DA 192, 821, 827; Ed 95; Ev 35, 698; GC 9, 351, 611-2; GW 284; MH 420; MM 201; PP 381; 1SM 113; SR 241-7; 5T 239-40, 252; 7T 31-3; 8T 15, 19-21, 267; TM 66-7, 170, 507; WM 271

Christians not freed from temptation and trial by AA 49

closing work of third angel’s message will be like that of GC 611-2

conversions under DA 359-60; 7T 31; 8T 19-21

early (former) rain was COL 121; GC 611-3; 5T 214; TM 506

experience of, may require several days of earnestly seeking God and putting away sin ML 58

Jewish leaders enraged by AA 40; SR 243

preparation of early church for AA 36-7; MH 508-9; MM 334; 8T 15

proclamation of third angel’s message will close with GC 611-2

promised to church today GC 611-3; 7T 31-3; 8T 19-23; TM 506-12

when God’s people again will experience GC 611-2; ML 58; 4T 303; 8T 246

why many believers could not receive EW 259-60

will be repeated with greater power 6BC 1055

persons who took part in condemning and crucifying Christ were present on AA 42-3

Peter’s preaching on AA 41-4; GC 9; SR 244-6

thousands turned to Christ by DA 770

preparation of disciples for AA 35-7; SR 241-2

proclamation of gospel after 1SM 235

promise gloriously fulfilled on AA 282-3

Spirit did for apostles on, what they could not do for themselves AA 39-40; SR 243

spirit of intercession on 9T 126

Spirit rested upon disciples on 5BC 1141

Spirit’s descent on, sought by disciples 5T 158

success of apostles on TM 207

ten days after Christ’s ascension 6BC 1055; 8T 15

thousands converted on, as result of Christ’s sowing of gospel seed DA 192

unity among believers on 9T 196

waiting to manifest its power 5T 252

wonderful harvest of souls on AA 44-5

See also Holy Spirit; Loud cry

2. Miscellaneous PP 540

all men of Israel required to attend DA 75; Ed 41-2; PP 311, 537, 540; 3T 395

appointed for social intercourse and worship Ed 41-2

called also: Feast of Harvest PP 540

Feast of Weeks PP 540

God’s purpose for, Jews lost sight of DA 447

hospitality shown during COL 220-1; MH 281, 353; PP 530, 540

Israelite boy required to attend, when 12 years old DA 75

Israelites’ homes divinely protected during PP 537

new wine prepared for AA 40

not celebrated during captivity DA 447

occupied but one day PP 540

one of three annual feasts observed by Jews DA 75; Ed 41-2; MH 281; PP 537

opportunities for outdoor recreation and social life during MH 281

Paul’s last visit to Jerusalem at AA 390, 406

Paul’s plan to be at Jerusalem on AA 390

Paul’s plan to leave Ephesus after AA 291

perverted by Jews DA 447

pilgrimage to Ed 42; MH 281

second of three annual festivals of Jews DA 75; PP 537, 540

thank offerings brought to PP 311, 526, 530, 540

time of: fifty days from second day of Feast of Unleavened Bread PP 539-40

richness of midsummer Ed 42

two loaves baked with leaven presented on PP 540


Christ revealed Himself in power on TMK 344:2

disciples’ preparation for HP 333:3

Holy Spirit given in fullness at UL 38:6

outpouring of Spirit on, testimony to grace of Christ RC 304:4

power of, promised those faithfully doing God’s work FLB 332:8

preparation for, similar experience needed TDG 10:3

result of, gospel carried to ends of earth HP 333:4

selfishness expelled from hearts at RC 241:7

Pentecostal energy

Pentecostal energy, needed 8T 297

promise of, how to realize fulfillment of 8T 297-8

promised for church’s need GW 308


See Demonstrations


Penurious, Christians are not to be AH 379

man who was close and 2T 227

selfish and, Satan would have men be EW 268


Penuriousness, begets penuriousness Ev 90

economy must not be stretched to 4T 142-3

influence of, persons who need clearer idea of 2T 238

is abuse of God’s bounties AH 379

is disgusting 2T 240

make earnest efforts to overcome 2T 159

never stamp your life record in heaven with 2T 72

no act connected with God’s cause should savor in smallest degree of 5T 565

See also Niggardliness

Penurious person, Penurious persons

Penurious person, Penurious persons, angels turn from, in shame 2T 239

naturally, begrudges every dollar called for God’s work CS 238

naturally inclined to selfishness and acquisitiveness 1T 529

truth is reproached by 2T 239

woman who was a 2T 56

Penurious spirit

Penurious spirit, close: closes man’s eyes to wants of the distressed and needy 2T 678

God’s people should not have 1T 153

danger in fostering 2T 238

imaginary pecuniary want associated with 2T 238

makes man despised 2T 86

makes man unhappy and displeases God 2T 56

man who possessed 2T 678

warning against 2T 258-9


Penury, there would be no, if men strictly and conscientiously kept God’s law Te 164


People, Christ sought, where they were CH 501

common, used by God in His work Ed 270-1

heard Christ gladly CT 260

constitutions and temperaments of, wide difference in CD 494

demands of system differ greatly in different CD 494

do not drive, but lead them GW 233

God leading out a: and not a few separate individuals here and there 1T 207; TM 488

and preparing them for translation 5T 30

from world 3T 446-7

one-sided, world is full of 3T 153

peculiar, God’s people are indeed a 5T 534

seldom rise higher than their minister 2T 645

who will be: appreciated for all that they are worth COL 344

in demand anywhere and everywhere COL 344

will not be driven 3T 108


access to, closed by appearing to be against government 3SM 396:4

afflicted, See Afflicted

all, to be called to come TDG 327:3

all, to be reached UL 60:4

amiable, seem good, but man looks on the appearance FW 32:1

arouse, to importance of these times UL 254:5

association between imperfect, may harm both UL 59:3

astonished by bold preaching of disciples FW 64:0

attacking, with testimonies 3SM 286:0

busiest, need most to keep God before them TDG 232:3

busy, See Busy

changes in, leaven (divine) provided for 1MCP 67:2

characteristics of two, need not be alike OHC 90:4


Christ will always have LDE 59

God longed to bestow grace on TDG 275:4

Jesus always has a UL 131:3

promise of being, for those who trust OHC 24:2

classes of, See Classes

commandment-keeping, bitterness for, by those boasting holiness FW 43:4


Bible may be understood by SW 46:1

called to carry gospel; difficulties; unbelief TDG 31:5

Christ mingled with, to lift them SW 10:2

inspired because Christ worked in poverty HP 214:2

judgment ability given to; study Scriptures FW 77:2

moved by the Spirit of God to warn others TDG 227:4

with pure hearts enter heaven TMK 123:3

connection with, arranged by God in medical missionary work CME 26:2

contacts with, See Contacts; Associations

controlled by lust and pride HP 309:2

dealing with, See Business, transactions of

decisive question to be brought before all TDG 314:2

differences in,

does not justify separation 2MCP 426:4

from us to be shown grace of brotherhood OHC 237:2

in circumstances, designed to develop character TMK 335:4


ways of, result from unholy heart TDG 32:2

working to help TDG 79

distinct, know reason for coming out as OHC 332:3

division of, into two great classes 3SM 391:7

educated, Christ passed by; they were proud SW 10:2

energetic, influence of, greatly needed RC 163:2

excitable, fanaticism a temptation for 3SM 373:2

from everywhere are stones in God’s temple UL 281:2


has a, whom He is leading UL 300:6

uses humble FLB 138:4

will have, to glorify Him and reprove unrighteousness TMK 183:2

gospel is to be preached to all TDG 221:3

harsh, compared to chestnut burs HP 321:5

important, giving truth to, requires trained mind 1MCP 102:0

impressed for eternity by our lives UL 59:2

indifferent, unexcused by popularity of their actions FW 33:3

invent a way to become acquainted with UL 171:6

Jewish teachers despised, whom God considered precious TMK 114:3

Jewish, See Jewish people

large number of, did not distract Christ TMK 48:2

married, familiarity by 3SM 54:6

meeting, where they are to minister truth TDG 249:5; VSS 312

needed who commune with God and abide in Christ HP 67:2

needing help, acquaintances to be sought with HP 320:3

needs of, See Needs

neglected, surround us HP 100:4

old, See Old age

oppressed, See Oppressed; Outcasts

passed by as unworthy could have been a blessing to us OHC 176:3


because they see God’s goodness HP 368:2

by character TMK 317:2

cleanliness important for 3SM 273:2

importance of being LHU 146:6

maintain allegiance as God’s HP 215:3

patterns of piety and good works FLB 304:2

Sabbath test will make us HP 150:2

through the truth TDG 50:3

precious in God’s sight; (from a letter) TDG 234:4

prepare, to stand HP 167:3

pure and holy, God desires to prepare OHC 265:2

purification of, to stand before God; immorality in marriage TSB 87:2


Jesus working through your efforts for 3SM 150:3

where they are; avoid fanaticism 3SM 372:3

relationship between certain, may be unfavorable UL 48:3

relationships with, See Relationships, interpersonal

remnant, See Remnant; Church, remnant

restoration of, working for, into moral obligation TDG 71:4

rough and unpromising, Christ offered hope to 3SM 238:1

SDAs are now a strong, as trust is in the Lord CET 204:2

simple, receive Word of God rejected by others; colored SW 34:2

suffering, priests discouraged UL 26:6

teach, reverence for God’s service TDG 237:4

temple of God composed of, from all classes TMK 151:5

thinking, events in the world hold the attention of Mar 266:4

trained by molding influence of grace UL 89:4

two classes of, in the world 1MCP 29:2; OHC 15:2

two sides for all,

different atmospheres FW 65:1

in last conflict 3SM 425:5

near end of time 3SM 422:5

uneducated, See Uneducated


God may use apparently; be courteous to all 3SM 240:3

God sees precious metal in 1MCP 198:3

hope for, Christ sought to give HP 181:3

unwarned, sport of evil one UL 60:3

used by God, See Instruments

value of,

false standard in judging SW 10:1

God knows UL 372:7

seen; purchase of Christ’s blood UL 71:6

wicked, See Wicked

wisdom to deal with, from the Spirit of Christ HP 230:2

young, See Youth

See also Humans; Individuals; Multitudes; Others; Souls