EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Muscular exercise - Myth, Myths

Muscular exercise

Muscular exercise, better than movement cure as remedy 3T 78

Muscular exertion

Muscular exertion, in open air, needed daily ML 144

students should devote part of each day to FE 146

Muscular strength (power)

Muscular strength (power), erroneous idea that, depends on flesh food MH 316; MM 277

exercise is essential to FE 280

lack of, youth who do little useful work have 4T 96

Muscular system

Muscular system, whole, inactivity weakens MH 237-8; 2T 529

Muscular weakness

Muscular weakness, lack of exercise increases 2T 529


Mush, diet consisting mostly of, not recommended CH 154

grains for, should be cooked several hours MH 301

milk and large amount of sugar with, is harmful CH 154

soft, not best food CD 108

vegetables properly prepared are better than CD 108, 319, 322

solid foods requiring mastication are better than FE 227

stereotyped breakfast of CD 259

See also Gruel; Porridge


1. Instrumental

2. Miscellaneous


1. Instrumental

by persons not consecrated to God Ev 510

camp meetings need Ev 150; 6T 62

church services accompanied by Ev 511-2

do not oppose use of, in gospel work 9T 144

festive dances to sound of DA 463

from abyss below LS 191; 2T 595-6

gospel workers must depend on God’s power and grace rather than on Ev 512

heard in impressive dream LS 191; 2T 595-6

improper use of, angels made to weep by CT 339; TM 83

in church, that does not call forth songs of angels Ev 511

Levite ministry of 3BC 1128

misuse of, in gospel work Ev 512

music from heart is more pleasing than Ev 506

needed to help in singing 4T 71

oblation of, to Satan CT 367

offensive in God’s sight Ev 510

players of, reproved 1T 676

pleasure parties accompanied by CT 339; TM 83

psalms of David sung with 4aSG 93

singing in Israel accompanied by Ed 39

time wasted in, by youth 2T 144

use, with singing Ev 505

youth’s duty re 1T 506; 2T 144

2. Miscellaneous

abused, leads unconsecrated to pride, vanity, and folly 1T 506

acceptable to God when heart is sanctified and softened by it Ev 512

allowed to take place of devotion and prayer, terrible curse of 1T 506

angelic See Angel

ark of covenant removed to Jerusalem with PP 707; 4aSG 111; SR 192

unlike that of modern dancing PP 707

ark of covenant removed to temple of Solomon with PK 38; SR 193

arranged for Solomon’s diversion 3BC 1165; ML 167

art of, person educated and trained in SD 179

as means of: awakening devotion and gratitude to God PP 594

elevating and ennobling thought PP 594; 2T 322

band of prophets at Gibeah played PP 610

beauty needed in Ev 505; 4T 71

benefits of, history of songs of Bible is full of suggestions re Ed 167

blessing of, when turned to good account 1T 506

branch of worship of God Ev 505; 4T 71

calling mind away from God, warning against 1T 510

camp meetings need Ev 150; 6T 62

can be great power for good Ev 505; 4T 71

choice of, God and SDA faith may be dishonored by 1T 506

conducted properly, would be praise and glory to God 2SM 37

cornerstone of second temple laid with PK 563

David’s, King Saul expressed delight in PP 643

David’s developing genius for PP 746

David’s love for PP 642

deeds of justice and mercy and benevolence make, in heaven ChS 100-1, 268; DA 639

delightful, used by Balak to seduce Israel 4aSG 49

demoralizing halls and gardens fitted up with CH 441; Te 235

to allure youth CH 441; Te 235

elevating mind to God PP 644

enrapturing, in heaven GC 542

evangelistic meetings should not be held merely to charm men’s senses with 9T 142-3

excellence in, as related to man’s salvation 2T 267

exciting, that does not impart strength and courage 1T 497

fanatics used 2SM 36

formal worship accompanied by, that is only form 9T 143

from heart, more pleasing than melody of musical instruments Ev 506

gift of, Miriam richly endowed with PP 382

God is worshiped with, in courts above SC 104

God’s commandments set to, by Israel COL 299; Ev 500; PK 464-5

God’s promises set to, by Israel COL 299

great, in human voice Ev 504

heavenly, heard by EGW in vision LS 172

how, loses proper effect on minds Ev 505; 4T 71

idol worshiped by many SDA 1T 506

in world to come Ed 307; EW 288; PK 730

interest added to religious meetings by Ev 150, 501

Israel beguiled into idolatrous practices with PP 454

Israelite: at Red Sea PP 288-9; 3SG 236-7

during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448-9, 453; PP 412

in wilderness Ev 500

Israelites beguiled journey to Passover with DA 76

it is right for girls to love 2T 538

King Saul’s troubled spirit soothed by PP 643; 4aSG 78-9

knowledge more important for young women than learning FE 74

knowledge of, without knowledge of cookery is not worth much 2T 538

learning art of, not as important as art of good cooking CD 263; MM 270

learning to cook need not exclude CD 263; MM 270

let your, praise God ML 91

love for, leads the unwary to unite with world lovers in pleasure gatherings PP 594

made to serve holy purpose FE 97-8; PP 594

make, in home Ev 500

man to whom, was snare 2T 297, 301

melodious strains of, rising in heaven in honor of God 2T 266

minds diverted from truth by improper, in home 1T 497

Miriam with her, enlisted in God’s service COL 301

misuse of: for exaltation of self PP 594

in evangelistic meetings Ev 148; 9T 142-3

in religious meetings Ev 512; 2SM 36

like serpent’s poisonous sting 2SM 37

most heavenly, persons who would bring discord into 5T 488

must not be made first in schools FE 484

nervous child should not learn, till physically well developed CT 145; FE 416

noise is not Ev 510

not abused, is great blessing 1T 497

of birds See Bird

of heart, Spirit awakens 1SM 344

of heaven, described GC 542; 1T 146

of nature’s voices, when no note of wailing or sorrow will be in Ed 303

of priests, during Feast of Tabernacles PP 412

of sea, children may learn to hear Christ’s voice in Ed 120

voice of Him who talked with Adam may be heard in DA 281-2

one of most alluring agencies of temptation Ed 167

one of Satan’s most attractive means of ensnaring souls 1T 506

pagan worship and sacrifice accompanied by AA 181-2

part of worship of God in heaven Ev 507; PP 594

pathos needed in Ev 505; 4T 71

people who find, in Christ’s words TM 285

perfect, in heaven 1T 146

perverted often for evil purposes Ed 167

place for, in religious meetings Ev 150, 501; 6T 62

places of vice made attractive by Te 282

popular sheet, seems congenial to youthful taste 1T 497

power needed in Ev 505; 4T 71

practice of, opportunities of youth in gatherings for 1T 513

put to wrong use, terrible curse of 1T 497

reconciliation of estranged believers causes, in heaven GW 500; 7T 261-2

redeemed may listen to, of nature’s voices in world to come Ed 303

religious feast of Philistines accompanied by PP 567

rich, redeemed will fill heaven with 7BC 982, 988; Ev 503; EW 289; ML 347

Roman Church’s, unsurpassed GC 566

sacred: not congenial to taste of many youth 1T 506

studied in schools of prophets 2BC 1037; Ed 47; FE 97; PP 593-4

Satan has no objection to, giving him access to minds of youth 1T 506

Satan makes snare of, by way it is conducted 2SM 38

Satan uses: in opera PP 459-60

to allure minds from their duty PP 594

to gain access to youthful minds 1T 506

second temple dedicated with 3BC 1134; PK 563

SDA do not make the most of, as branch of worship of God Ev 505; 4T 71

singing accompanied by, at dedication of Solomon’s temple PK 38

when ark of covenant was removed to temple 4aSG 113-4

study of, very young minds not to be taxed by FE 416

sweet oblation of, to God Ev 511-2

sweetest, promises of deliverance that were like PK 427

talent of, David given opportunity to cultivate 2BC 1018

talent of speech that produces, in souls ML 111

tending to degenerate, avoid 2T 322

there is, when heaven comes in touch with earth Ed 161

time given to, that should be devoted to prayer 1T 506

unacceptable to God Ev 512

understanding of, does not provide well-cooked dinner for table 2T 538

used rightly, is great blessing PP 594; SD 179; 1T 497

uplifts thoughts to high and noble themes Ed 167

use of, history of songs of Bible is full of suggestions re Ed 167

in gospel work in state prison LS 233

uses to which, is too often devoted PP 594

vocal See Singing; Song

when the redeemed ascend to heaven 6BC 1093

without inharmonious note, at second advent SD 359

worship of God anciently accompanied by 6T 62

youth have keen ear for 1T 496-7

youth’s duty re 1T 497


angels sang to thrill the shepherds 3SM 334:4; VSS 424:4

angels’, unsatisfying if worldly things loved AG 251:6; FLB 365:3

children with love for, may be reached through it RC 175:6

choir in heaven joined in harmonious 3SM 431:4

Christ’s return accompanied by LDE 276

confusing, demonstrations with, before close of probation Mar 234:2

eccentric, suitable for stage not for worship 3SM 333:1

entertainment in,

danger in association with worldlings in 3SM 332:2

evil may come from FLB 242:5; VSS 422:1

extremes in, making more of it than of prayer VSS 426:1

harsh, angel music not heard because of VSS 425:3

heart makes sacred, when given up to Christ TDG 268:6


filled with, as redeemed praise the Lamb HP 371:4

has; we should approach its harmony VSS 430:3

touching earth produces HP 94:6

will ring with, when we touch our harps Mar 317:6

heavenly, truth creates, flowing from lips in praise TDG 169:4

originated in heaven, 3SM 334:4; VSS 424:4

power in, when angels sang 3SM 334:4; VSS 424:4

sacredness of, destroyed by strangeness, gestures, loudness 3SM 333; VSS 423

saints in the New Earth make Mar 355:5

shepherds thrilled by, from angels 3SM 334:4

soft and silvery, of angels not heard with harsh music 3SM 335:3

sweet strains of, acceptable to God 3SM 333:3; VSS 423:2

sweet, “well done” is, to faithful servants TDG 218:5

teaching of, Ellen White glad to see; singing instruction needed VSS 414:1

vocal, gift of God; unsurpassed when love in the soul 3SM 335:1; VSS 425:1

youth allured by places with, helped by other youth TMK 314:2

See also Song; Voice

Musical accomplishments

Musical accomplishments, church’s strength is not in Ev 512

Musical display

Musical display, out of place in SS work FE 253

Musical education

Musical education, girls need to learn to cook more than to get 2T 538

Musical entertainment, Musical entertainments

Musical entertainment, Musical entertainments, as usually conducted, not acceptable to Christ ML 205; MYP 391

Musical instruments

Musical instruments, do not oppose use of, in gospel work 9T 144

evangelistic singing should be accompanied by 9T 144

girls who can play, but cannot cook FE 41; 3T 156

God wants His people to use, in His service Ev 503-4

God’s law sung with accompaniment of Ev 500

melody of, music of God from heart is more valuable than Ev 506

misuse of, in religious meetings 2SM 36

person who will not dishonor Christ by 1T 510

played when: ark of covenant was brought to Jerusalem PP 705, 707; 4aSG 111; SR 192

temple of Solomon was dedicated 2BC 1030; PK 38; SR 194

poor family burdened with debt by purchase of CS 251

singing accompanied by, in David’s time PP 705

sweet, redeemed will play GC 646

sweet and harmonious music produced by, heard by EGW in vision 1T 181

time given to, which should have been devoted to prayer 1T 497

use, in church services Ev 501

use of, in world to come Ed 307

not objectionable in God’s work Ev 150, 500-1

used during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448-9; PP 412

used in: religious services in ancient times Ev 150, 501

Sabbath services at temple DA 774

temple services 4aSG 114

worship of God in Hezekiah’s time PK 337

youth’s use of 1T 510

See also Band; Choir; Cornet; Cymbal; Harp; Horn; Orchestra; Organ; Piano; Pipe; Singing; Song; Trumpet

Musical program

Musical program, do not place too much dependence on, in evangelism Ev 501

in evangelistic work, should not be like concert in theater Ev 501

rendered in church at Healdsburg, Calif. FE 487

Musical voice

Musical voice, Satan used, when tempting Eve SR 32-3

Musician, Musicians

Musician, Musicians, band of, played at removal of ark to Jerusalem PP 707-8

David as, in King Saul’s palace PP 643-4, 652-3

David organized, into 24 courses 3BC 1128

do not hire worldly, if it can be avoided Ev 127

heavenly, join in songs of thanksgiving of God’s people 9T 143-4

mother’s work compared to that of MH 378

skillful, David was PP 637, 642-4; 4aSG 78

worldly, avoid hiring Ev 509

should not be used in evangelistic meetings Ev 127


admiration, purpose of, instead of singing to God 3SM 335:3; VSS 425:4

conceit of, educated for the stage more than church 3SM 332:3

remuneration desired by, who sang with harshness 3SM 335:3; VSS 425:4

undisciplined behavior of certain, hard to manage 3SM 334:1

Music teacher

Music teacher, kitchen girl is engaged in employment equal to that of 3T 158

man who is, temptations of 2T 297

warned not to be confidant of women having family troubles 2T 297, 301

position of, not as important as that of cook 3T 158

Music teaching

Music teaching, art of: essential MM 270; CD 263

do not discount MM 270; CD 263

skillful preparation of foods stands above CD 263; MM 269-70

man injured by his 2T 297

Musing, Musings

Musing, Musings, gloomy, time wasted in 3T 337

idle, fruit of shunning responsibility 2T 429


Muslin, pantalettes made of, children dressed in 2SM 470


Must, death-producing germs in MH 276


Mustard, fiery condiment FE 151; MH 325

head congestion treated with 2SM 297

Mustard leaf, Mustard leaves

Mustard leaf, Mustard leaves, greens from CD 324

Mustard seed

Mustard seed, Christ’s utterances of truth likened to TM 154

faith like, described DA 430-1

mysterious life principle in DA 431

parable of See Parable

Mute, Mutes

Mute, Mutes, Bro. Kimball was a mute and missionary among 4T 300


Mutiny, Israel’s, when spies reported PP 389

Myconius, Oswald

Myconius, Oswald GC 183

“My Delight,”

“My Delight,” Israel was to be called, of God DA 103


Myra AA 440


Myrrh, Christ’s body embalmed with DA 773

sincere and uncorrupted faith compared to CT 60

Myrtle tree, Myrtle trees

Myrtle tree, Myrtle trees, branches of, waved during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448

groves of, Solomon set up huge idols in 2BC 1039; PK 57

in new earth EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69


Mysterious, God’s dealings seem LS 257

God’s dealings with His people often appear TM 503

God’s ways seem 3BC 1149

many of Christ’s words and acts appear, to finite minds DA 393

Satan seeks to make, what God has made simple and plain 1SM 345

Mysterious inference, Mysterious inferences

Mysterious inference, Mysterious inferences, Christ did not perplex the ignorant with GW 50

Mysterious knocking

Mysterious knocking See Rapping; Spiritualism

Mysterious life

Mysterious life pervades all nature Ed 99

Mysterious links

Mysterious links, binding souls together CT 220

Mysterious providence

Mysterious providence, children’s death not caused by MH 380

permitting the righteous to suffer at hand of the wicked, perplexity caused by GC 47-8

Mysterious rapping

Mysterious rapping See Rapping

Mysterious secrecy

Mysterious secrecy, Lucifer worked with, in beginning his rebellion GC 495; PP 37

Mysterious signs

Mysterious signs and wonders will increase and spread EW 45

Mysterious truth

Mysterious truth, explaining other mysterious and otherwise unexplainable things 1SM 248

Mystery, Mysteries

Mystery, Mysteries, after mystery, Christ could have unlocked Ed 81; MH 448; 8T 309

may be unfolded to your comprehension 4T 414

annoying and disappointing, made plain to redeemed in future life MH 474

Christ comprehended all DA 326

which patriarchs and prophets desired to understand FE 237

Christ’s humiliation and condescension was, to angels CG 346

Christ’s teachings were, to apostles until Pentecost 8T 267

disappear in light shining from God’s throne MH 466

divine, great men insufficient in themselves to understand 6BC 1069

persons trusting boastful decisions of human reason imagine they can explain GC 601

dread, death to Jews as DA 32

eternal, much will be revealed re 6BC 1091

God manifest in flesh is 1SM 249

God must remain clothed in, to keenest intellect and most highly educated mind SC 105; 5T 699

to strongest and most highly cultured minds Ed 169

God shrouds Himself in thick cloud of 3BC 1141

God speaks personally His, to persons coming to Him in faith DA 668

God works out His plans veiled in, to human eyes PP 672

God’s dealings in time of trial may seem to be 2T 269

God’s gift of His Son to die for rebellious man is SL 75

God’s wonderful works are, to man 6BC 1093

gospel’s hidden, person who cannot see beauty and power of 4T 586

hidden: because of limitations of human mind marred by sin CT 209

children will proclaim FE 473; TM 116

from mortal eyes FE 237

hidden for ages, Christ’s incarnation was 6BC 1082; FE 179

revealed to Paul 6BC 1107

history of Flood explains, that geology independent of divine inspiration cannot 3SG 94

human body presents, baffling the most intelligent 3BC 1141; MH 417; 8T 260

impenetrable, explained in hereafter 2SM 260-1

important matters concerning man’s salvation are not left in GC 521

in Christ’s life, believed although they cannot be explained 7BC 915

in daily life, that finite minds cannot comprehend 3BC 1141

in divine revelation, designed to teach that man’s wisdom is limited MH 431; 8T 261

given to command man’s faith MH 431; 8T 261

in God’s dealings, there will be TM 432

in God’s providence(s) 2BC 995

few people comprehend 4T 361

not valid reason for doubting His word Ed 170; SC 106-7; 5T 699

prayer answered by 7T 245

study of lifetime cannot fathom 4T 585

unexplainable 4T 163-4

unraveled by Christ to the redeemed in world to come ML 361; 5T 301

in God’s word: deep 2BC 995; 4T 163, 444

difficulty in understanding, lies in human mind’s weakness and narrowness 5T 700

finite minds can never fully comprehend or explain Ed 169; SC 106; 5T 699

persons ready to stumble over 1SM 16

remain such forever to people who reject light DA 588

transformation of character is one of the deepest Ed 172; ML 26

in God’s works, never before understood will be unraveled in future life 5T 301

unbelief resulting from man’s inability to comprehend 5T 79

in human life, deepest philosophy and most extensive research cannot explain 1SM 217-8

in manifestation of God’s power, man cannot explain 1SM 217-8

in natural world, man cannot fathom SC 106

in nature: Christ sought to understand MH 52

deepest philosophy and most extensive research cannot explain 1SM 217-8

designed to teach that man’s wisdom is limited MH 431; 8T 261

given to command man’s faith MH 431; 8T 261

men of greatest intellect cannot understand 3BC 1141

mind becomes strong in searching out 4T 581

result of deep study of Ed 133

studied by God’s people in early ages Ed 211

unfolded to redeemed by Christ in world to come ML 361

in plan of salvation (redemption) 2BC 995

angels amazed by subjects of 5T 702

God’s wisdom alone can unfold CT 30; FE 181

human mind cannot fathom SD 241; 4T 163-4; 8T 326

more time should be spent in contemplating 5T 544

other worlds interested in PP 69

unsearchable 4T 444

in spiritual world, man cannot fathom Ed 170

incomprehensible, human philosophy seeks to explain GC 522

people who are to Satan as TM 18

inexplicable (unexplainable): Bible seems to worldling to be ML 27

death was to Pharisees as DA 603-4

in God’s providence 4T 163-4

in nature 1SM 217-8

key found to unlock one, may open others 4T 414

knowledge of, that furnishes key to every other Ed 172; ML 26

learned men pronounce portions of Scripture to be GC 599

made clear to minds open to Spirit COL 21

made known to God’s church MM 334

made no longer mysteries by Christ 7T 269

many, yet unrevealed 6BC 1091

matters concerning man’s salvation are not left involved in GC 521

never revealed, human philosophy attempts to search out and explain GC 522-3

never understood, how to find key that unlocks ML 42

no vital points of practical truth will be clouded in 2T 692

not revealed by God, warning against speculation re 4BC 1157

not understood hitherto, explained after second advent 6T 19-20

of all mysteries, Christ’s incarnation is 6BC 1082

of animals entering ark, philosophers of Noah’s day could not explain PP 98

of Bible Ed 169-72

among strongest evidences of its divine inspiration Ed 170

are not arguments against it Ed 170

attitude man should take toward 5T 699-70

hiding of God’s glory in Ed 170; SC 107; 5T 700

inspiring sincere seeker for truth with reverence and faith 5T 700

not such because God seeks to conceal truth Ed 171

overpowering mind in its research Ed 170; SC 107; 5T 700

proof of its inspiration 5T 698-711

skeptics and infidels reject God’s word because of 5T 701-2

too deep for human mind to explain or fully comprehend SC 106

understood by the obedient GC 598-9

why men cannot comprehend Ed 171

of Christ’s atonement must be declared to all men 6BC 1082

of Christ’s atoning sacrifice, would not be vague if men had obeyed God’s word COL 114; CT 440-1

of Christ’s incarnation: as divinity in humanity 7BC 904; FE 180; SD 22

intelligences of other worlds seek to understand PP 69

is mystery of mysteries 6BC 1082

is unfathomable 5BC 1130

man cannot explain 5BC 1113, 1129; 7BC 904; SC 106

must be declared to all men 6BC 1082

will be plainly discerned 6BC 1069

will ever remain a mystery 5BC 1128-9

would not be vague if man had obeyed God’s word COL 114; CT 440-1

of conversion is divine reality exceeding human knowledge DA 173

of cooking, mothers should teach daughters 2T 538

of cross explains all other mysteries GC 652

of day and night, Adam and Eve studied Ed 21; PP 51

of disappointment of 1844, key which unlocked GC 423

of eating Christ’s flesh and drinking His blood, explained 5T 576

of Egyptian religion, Moses was asked to be initiated into PP 245

of Ephesian witchcraft, laid bare MYP 275

of future, outspread before God PP 43

of future ages: Christ opened DA 211

Christ was to make plain DA 32-3

Daniel given many revelations of PK 547; SL 48

Daniel was taught by God to read FE 81; PK 485; 4T 570

of God: danger in seeking to explain all 5T 702

designed to teach that man’s wisdom is limited 8T 261

man is not sufficiently advanced to understand 6BC 1091

men of greatest intellect cannot understand MH 431; 8T 261

questions designed to call attention to deep 8T 261

Sadducees sought to bring, within compass of their finite reasoning DA 605-6

soon will be made plain TM 433

thousands of people become infidels because they cannot comprehend DA 606

of God’s being, do not try to penetrate MH 429; 8T 279-80

finite beings can never fully comprehend Ed 169; SC 106

it is vain to endeavor to penetrate MH 431

of God’s condescension, man cannot fathom 5BC 1133

of God’s dealings with man, treasury from which His people may draw 3BC 1144; COL 126

of God’s grace will unfold before the redeemed 9T 286

of God’s kingdom, Christ came to teach 3BC 1144

may be read in seed’s growth SD 241; 8T 326

of God’s love in giving Christ to be propitiation for men’s sins COL 128-9

is like boundless and shoreless sea COL 128-9

through endless ages the redeemed will study PP 64

of godliness 5BC 1129; SD 22; 2SM 185; 2T 266; 7T 29

Bible religion is simply MYP 190; 4T 585

cannot be understood without conversion 2T 289

Christ shows men how to understand SD 68

Christ’s incarnation is 1SM 246

duty of person who would know FE 125

highest education found in CT 398

human mind cannot fully understand 7BC 915, 919; COL 128-9; 4T 585

incomprehensible to unregenerate heart 4T 585

man who sought to explain 1SM 177

many men are too exalted in their own opinion to receive 6BC 1113

nature can teach man much re 8T 326

not easily explained 4T 626

person living near Christ will understand much of DA 394

profound, Christ’s incarnation is 1SM 246

of grace, Christ’s messengers are stewards of GW 288

unfolded before the redeemed in future life 9T 194

of heathen worship: obscurities and wonders of modern sorcerers replace Ev 608; 5T 193

obscurities and wonders of spiritualistic mediums replace PK 210

séances of modern sorcerers replace Ev 608; 5T 193

of His birth, Christ did not attempt to explain DA 387

of human life, few youth have knowledge of CT 126; FE 159-60; 2T 536; 7T 65

of incarnate love, God seeks to communicate to world MB 44

how God communicates 9T 30

of iniquity EW 213-7

deceptive and blasphemous work of GC 49

development of, in stealth and silence SR 326

figures largely in winding up earth’s history TM 118

ministers warned re denouncing and exposing Ev 576

origin of, in apostasy in Christian church GC 384-5

Paul foretold baleful work of AA 587

rise and work of SR 326-34

Satan is TM 365

soul-destroying theories of Roman Catholicism among 8T 91

Sunday observance among Christians owes its existence to 5T 712

working in Paul’s time AA 266; GC 49, 384-5

of intelligence, animals display MH 315

of kingdom of heaven, persons to whom Christ unfolds COL 36

Spirit instructs the ignorant in GW 286

of lawlessness began to work in Paul’s day GC 54

of life, science cannot explain MH 414; 8T 258

of light and sound, Adam and Eve studied Ed 21; PP 51

of mercy, angels desire to look into GC 415

of mysteries, Christ’s incarnation is 6BC 1082

found in Christ 1SM 403

of necromancy, danger in following MYP 276

of origin of evil GC 492

of past outspread before God PP 43

of present life: as dark and cloudy now as of old WM 22

will be solved by study in future 8T 328

of redeeming love: redeemed will study GC 677; SR 432

studied by angels throughout eternity DA 19-20

theme into which angels desire to look DA 19; SD 22

of redemption: angels study PP 155

how to gain clearer view of GC 489

most profound reasoning cannot fathom DA 495

need not be vague to minds ML 108

redeemed will spend much time in searching out 7BC 990

should be unveiled before people CT 398

why few persons can unveil 6T 424

would not be vague if men had obeyed God’s word COL 114; CT 440-1

of regeneration, too deep for human mind to explain or fully comprehend SC 106

of resurrection of the dead, too deep for human mind to explain or fully comprehend SC 106

of sacrificial offerings, in old dispensation 7BC 932

of seed’s germination and growth, man cannot understand COL 64; Ed 105

of sin’s entrance into world is too deep for human mind to explain or fully comprehend SC 106

of spiritual things, carnal mind cannot comprehend 4T 585

of the unseen, human mind needs to grasp 4T 546

of visible universe invited study by Adam Ed 15; PP 50-1

of why God permits some people to become rich while others remain poor TM 280

profound, in divine dealings TM 432

remnant church teaches, to world MM 334; 6T 19-20

Satan clothes his doings in GC 497; PP 41

Satan’s, warning against MYP 275-6

satanic, converted Ephesians abhorred MYP 275

scientific, Satan presents subjects full of 9T 68

set believers to solving, that giant minds do not comprehend CSW 77-8

special, entrusted to remnant church for world 6T 19-20

Spirit’s nature is, too deep for human understanding AA 52

surrounding John the Baptist’s fate DA 223

surrounding men, only key unlocking DA 606

things that now are, will be understood after conflict has ended MH 420; 8T 267

true Christian’s joy and consolation is, to world SD 354

unfathomable, in God’s providences 2BC 995; Ed 170; SC 106-7; 4T 585

in plan of redemption 4T 444; 8T 326

unfolded before the redeemed in heaven 6BC 1091

which we cannot understand or explain might better be left alone 1SM 180

wonderful, of blending of two natures in Christ 7BC 904

work of redemption is called 7BC 915; COL 128-9

world regards as, man imbued with principles of truth COL 101

why Christ left heaven to suffer and die for men remains 2T 207



could have opened, but simple truth not seen VSS 96:2

will reveal, to redeemed in works and providence LHU 361:4

church is to reveal, of Christ to world and to heaven LHU 291:4


in flesh as, increases when contemplated TMK 371:3

purposes and dealings of, hold, leading to reverence 2MCP 563:1

purposes of, veiled in 2MCP 463:3

veiled in, to reveal Himself 3SM 306:1

revealed when we compose family of heaven TMK 365:4

Satan uses, to infatuate minds UL 338:2

sin is TSB 90:1

world sees the heart in which Jesus lives as TDG 186:4

Mystery of Godliness

Christ’s humiliation was UL 90:3

Mystical body

Mystical body, Christ is head of, controlling all members 5T 731

Christ’s, believers are members of 5T 731

Mystical construction

Mystical construction, on Scriptures, dangerous to put FE 386; GC 598

put on Scriptures by leaders of Israel CT 438-9


Mysticism, books leading to, shun 6T 132

God’s word should take place of 6T 132

cloud of, things in God’s word that should be received as granted are surrounded with 1SM 15

false religion’s, deep impression left on Moses’ mind and character by Ed 63; PP 248

in Living Temple, SDA do not need 1SM 202

of Oriental religions, people led astray by teachings of PK 210

schoolmen’s, disgusted Tausen GC 241

Spirit needs to clear away 1SM 30

theosophy’s, people led astray by teachings of PK 210

Mystic voice, Mystic voices

Mystic voice, Mystic voices, speaking at Ekron, mislead men by lying words Ev 608; 5T 193

speaking at Endor, misleads men by lying words AA 290; Ev 608; 5T 193

speaking at Ephesus, misleads men by lying words AA 290


Mystification, worse than open opposition 1T 317

Myth, Myths

Myth, Myths, no place for, in education of children and youth MH 446; 8T 308-9

See also Fable; Fairy tale; Fiction