EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Ministers - Miracle, Miracles


Ministers, persons who have never preached to a congregation may be God’s 6T 13

Ministers’ meeting

Ministers’ meeting, for counsel and prayer, essential daily during camp meetings 6T 50

Ministers’ school

Ministers’ school, at Battle Creek College 6T 137-8

Minister’s wife

Minister’s wife See Minister; Wife

Ministerial aid

Ministerial aid, churches should not be helplessly dependent on MM 315

Ministerial cloak

Ministerial cloak, baseness of heart concealed under 2T 458

God’s vengeance against men who conceal lustful passions under 2T 454

Ministerial course

Ministerial course, youth who take AH 387

Ministerial credential

Ministerial credential See Credential

Ministerial dignity

Ministerial dignity, man who will not come down from his, to do needful service 3T 287

Ministerial duty, Ministerial duties

Ministerial duty, Ministerial duties, devolving on head physicians of sanitariums MM 190

Ministerial effort, Ministerial efforts

Ministerial effort, Ministerial efforts 2T 499

important theme largely left out of TM 174

Ministerial evangelist

Ministerial evangelist, selling books, performs service as important as preaching on Sabbath CM 45

Ministerial force

Ministerial force, much of, exhausted on churches Ev 382

Ministerial institute, Ministerial institutes

Ministerial institute, Ministerial institutes TM 401

attendance at, gospel workers should not spend weeks in TM 401

do not center, in one place 8T 135

great advantage of, not half appreciated TM 161

held in Battle Creek 2SM 65

held at Battle Creek College 6T 138

lasted several weeks 6T 89

long, necessary in pioneer days of SDA TM 401

should not be held year after year 6T 89

too frequent, result in neglect of field 6T 89-90

too many 6T 89

too much money spent on 6T 90

See also Biblical institute

Ministerial labor

Ministerial labor, cannot and should not be entrusted to boys CT 500; Ev 475; FE 113

churches should not feel jealous and neglected at not receiving 6T 439

lives of converts bear testimony to character of, under which they were converted AA 328

young men need training before entering CT 500

Ministerial license

Ministerial license, issued to some men who ought to be colporteurs 4T 390

obtained to preach 6T 323

young men given, should be proved 4T 606

Ministerial line, Ministerial lines

Ministerial line, Ministerial lines, soon there will be no work in, but med. miss. work CH 533; WM 139

Ministerial student, Ministerial students

Ministerial student, Ministerial students, should diligently study human organism 6T 302

should learn meekness and humility of Christ 5T 390

should learn to care for their bodies: from nature’s own laboratory 6T 302

without use of drugs 6T 302

Spirit promised to 5T 390

usefulness of, health education increases 6T 291

Ministerial talent

Ministerial talent, best, should be brought into SDA schools Ev 475

should be employed as Bible teachers CT 431

do all possible to encourage 2SM 198

Ministerial training

Ministerial training, colporteur work valuable as 6T 322

length of 5T 27, 61, 156; 6T 135-6

ministers of other denominations spend years in 5T 61

primary importance of 6T 135

Scriptural method of, importance of 5T 390

SDA schools and colleges should give 5T 85; 6T 135

teacher in 5T 27-8

Timothy given, by Paul and Silas AA 204

Ministerial work

Ministerial work, best preparation for, colporteur work is CM 34

calls for laborious effort, but brings rich reward AA 110

embarrassed for lack of workers of right class of mind FE 113

object of: is not merely to convince intellect Ev 209

is not to amuse Ev 209

is not to convey information alone Ev 209

promote, at camp meetings 6T 70

selfishness in, is infraction of God’s law 6T 244

should embrace all that Christ’s ministry included 6T 301

should not be entrusted to boys CT 500; Ev 475; FE 113

training of workers for, need of CT 500; Ev 175; FE 113

young men should be encouraged to prepare for Ev 547


Ministering, art of, women should cultivate WM 166


Minister-physician, can do tenfold more good than man who is minister only CH 504


Ministration, of death 6BC 1095-6; 1SM 236-9

of law written and engraved in stone 6BC 1095-6; 1SM 237


1. Gospel

2. Miscellaneous


1. Gospel

active, SDA need 4T 537

admission to, man’s defects of utterance should be remedied before 6T 381

alone, fatal mistake of supposing that work of soul-saving depends on AA 110; DA 822

responsibility of warning world does not rest upon MM 313

arm of, med. miss. work is MM 237

beginners in, who should not draw on treasury 2T 649

belittling of, let there be no CH 558; 6T 411

candidates for: examination of GW 437-8; 4T 406-7

faithful and experienced men should examine CT 539; 4T 406

men who are not qualified as 2T 556

need to be closely examined GW 438; TM 172

qualifications of 4T 405-7

should give full proof of their calling EW 101

what should be required of 2T 555-6

channel of, God seeks to pour His goodness through ChS 133

Christ as example of MH 17-26

Christ devoted, to all classes of people MH 22-6; 6T 79

Christ devoted more time to healing than to preaching in MH 19

Christ healed as well as preached in His public Ed 268

Christ took advantage of opportunities of, along thoroughfares of travel 9T 121

Christ’s methods of, sanitariums need intelligent workers who can instruct in 9T 176

church and, relations between 6T 417-20

churches should supply faithful men for FE 114

colporteurs who are not fit for CM 98; 4T 604

combines med. miss. work and ministry of God’s word 6T 300-1

come close to people in 7T 272

comprehends more than: preaching God’s word DA 822; PK 222-3

sermonizing AA 526; GW 185

study of books and preaching 4BC 1159

consecrated, duties and privileges of AA 359-71

need of AA 359-71

converted, SDA need 4T 315, 402, 528; 5T 227

corrupted by unsanctified ministers 4T 442

course of study for, should not be long 5T 27

critical and faultfinding person should not be tolerated in 5T 224

decided change needed in 4T 442

demands men like Caleb TM 407

divinely appointed, God has church with TM 52

divorced from med. miss. work is one-sided 1SM 112

do not let SDA young men be deterred from entering CH 558; 6T 411

does not consist only in preaching DA 822

done for the needy is done for Christ DA 637

dwarfed and defective, in Iowa 4T 441

educate, educate, educate young men for CM 19

educated and intelligent, times demand 5T 528

education for, colporteur work as GW 96

eloquent sermonizers is not what, needs CH 558; 6T 411

encourage men to give themselves to 5T 374

enfeebled by ministers lacking training GW 94-5

envious and jealous person should not be tolerated in 5T 224

everything un-Scriptural re, God’s people should divest themselves of TM 404

false teachers who deride, as system of priestcraft TM 51

first disciples were appointed to GW 24

fitness for, some people think it requires little study to gain GW 105

fitness of men for, how church in apostolic times determined 1T 208-9

glorious results attended, of apostles AA 593

God intends that, shall be fully sustained CS 71

God uses, for accomplishment of His work 5T 477

God will use many people who have not been dedicated to, by laying on of hands AA 110

God’s cause does not need preachers so much as workers in 3T 557

God’s regard for, example of AA 134

God’s servants should make full proof of their 6T 412

gospel work in both home and foreign missions should be connected with CH 557

great and learned men is not what, needs CH 558; 6T 411

great object of, is salvation of souls 1T 448

great reformation needed in Ev 640

health reform should be faithfully presented to people by 1T 469-70

health-reform work should be in complete unity with MM 259

help and inspiration to persons in, Spirit is imparted to be source of AA 367

help people right where they are 6T 301

helping hand of, med. miss. work is MM 240

higher and more perfect, God calls for 6T 382

highest credential of WM 171

highest of all work is, in its various lines CH 558; 6T 411

humble and self-made men needed in 7T 280

humility is sadly wanting in 4T 378

ideal of, committed by Father to Son AA 359; DA 649

importance of colporteur work is fully equal to that of CM 8, 45, 97; TM 317

increase of, requires increase of means WM 187

is: becoming weak and enfeebled 7T 255

body MM 237

losing its sacred character in many ways GW 95

organization for proclaiming truth to the sick and the well MM 237; 6T 300-1

sacred and exalted office 2T 615

is no place for: drones 5T 582

idlers 6T 412

is not complete without med. miss. work 6T 289

kind of men needed in CH 558

largest part of Christ’s, was devoted to restoring the afflicted and suffering MM 240

made powerless by absence of Spirit COL 328

man who was not prepared to labor successfully in 4T 407

men called to, do not make idols of TM 404

men claiming to be called to, should be proved and tried 1T 473-4

men having no genuine burden for souls should not enter 4T 441

men in, must have stanch moral courage and spiritual muscle 4T 262

should not be looked upon with superstitious reverence TM 404

men of faith and prayer in PK 222

men whom God calls to, will be given tact, skill, and understanding Ev 686

manifestation of Spirit in deciding who should enter 1T 208-9

means: earnest personal labor GW 185

much more than sermonizing GW 185

training young men as Elijah trained Elisha PK 222-3

med. work and CH 557-8

must blend together MM 250

no line should be drawn between MM 250; 6T 291

relationship that should exist between CH 528; MM 237; 6T 301

should be bound together MM 240, 252; WM 121

should be joined in inseparable union MM 250; 6T 291

should be united as closely as arm with body 6T 241

should not be divorced or separated CH 528; MM 159; 1SM 112; 6T 240, 288, 290

there should be no division between MM 237

med. miss. work is needed in, to demonstrate practical working of gospel 6T 289

med. miss. work should not be done apart from CH 557

med. miss. work should not take men from 8T 158

med. miss. work should not take place of Ev 523

ministers should decide who is fit to enter 1T 209

ministers whose influence out of pulpit causes, to be despised 5T 190

more men would enter, were they not told of depleted treasury 9T 249

more successful when cross of Christ is lifted higher and higher AA 209

more trained men needed in 5T 584

must present truth people need in order to be sanctified and made ready for second advent MM 237

need of appreciating, when there will be no need to urge 5T 161

needed to give permanence and stability to med. miss. work 6T 289

needed to win souls to Christ MH 143-4

needs Christian women’s refining and softening influence Ev 472

needs men imbued with Spirit CH 558; 6T 411-2

nets woven by Satan about men to keep them out of 4T 604

no man can ignore, without ignoring God 8T 161

no vocation requires such earnest, faithful, persevering, self-sacrificing spirit as 3T 557

no work more blessed of God than that of CH 558; 6T 411

not enough energy, faith, and zeal in 6T 299

number of workers in, should be greatly increased 6T 414

object of, not to mix the comical with the religious Ev 644

of all denominations, too much of self and too little of Christ in 5T 253

of God’s word: Christ’s work of ministering to the suffering was always combined with MM 62-3

gospel is to be preached and practiced in MH 144

is great educational force for using Bible for salvation of souls 6T 288

med. missionaries should unite, with that of physical healing 9T 171

must not be looked upon as inferior matter CH 558; 6T 411

office of, makes sin in ministers more exceedingly sinful TM 404

ordination of men to, by laying on of hands AA 110; DA 296; MB 4; 4T 406

See also Ordination

organization is needed to protect, from unworthy members TM 26

ought to co-operate with med. miss. workers 6T 292

Paul trained young men for GW 102

people who ignore, ignore Christ CH 558

persons possessing excellent qualities may not be qualified for 4T 322

persons who belittle, belittle Christ 6T 411

personal: importance of AA 527; GW 185-9

love of Christ should be revealed by GW 185

may soften stony heart for seed of truth to take root GW 185

needed in homes of people AA 527

physicians should not leave med. practice to enter CH 503-4

physicians should respect 8T 188

popular: cannot successfully resist spiritualism 1T 344

compared to Pharisees of old GC 607

has made men infidels GC 336

has undermined faith in God’s word GC 336

nothing in, that stirs Satan’s wrath EW 273

that wicked men will not oppose 2T 344

powerless, absence of Spirit makes 8T 21

powerless to convict and convert, lack of Spirit makes 4T 378

preaching in whining tone degrades 2T 617

preaching of, Spirit’s power makes effective 4T 441

preparation for, experience in colporteur work is valuable CM 31-2; 4T 603-4; 6T 322, 334, 415, 471

perfection in speech is needed in 6T 383

preparation needed by persons who will engage in 2T 341

primary object of SDA colleges to train young men for 5T 22

qualification for, one way to obtain 5BC 1147-8

represented by ancient watchmen 4T 402

Satan combined his forces to oppose Christ in His DA 205-6

Satan’s special efforts are directed against TM 404

Satan’s special temptations are directed against GW 124

seals of their, faithful servants of Christ will have souls as 5T 190

selection of men for TM 170-3

self-sufficient persons should not be tolerated in 5T 224

SDA colleges should train young men for 5T 22; 6T 135

should be: intelligent re health reform MM 238

river of life for irrigation of church ChS 133-4

should embrace all that was embraced in Christ’s ministry MM 237

should not supersede med. miss. work or pub. work Ev 547

should work for the sick and the well MM 237

sinners in, there are TM 145

solemn responsibility of, believers need to understand AA 327

some colporteurs should be in 4T 603

some of apostles were unlearned men at beginning of their AA 593-4

some young men taking med. course ought to be in CH 558; 6T 411

some young men who enter, are novices in Scriptures CT 539

speak of, with reverence and propriety of language 5T 498

spirit and attitude that closes doors of, to young men 4T 438

spirit in which one works is more important in, than learning 6T 411

standard of, has been greatly lowered TM 153

strongest proof that God has called a man to AA 328

success in, failure to give undivided interest to God’s work results in lack of AA 365

support of: church members’ duty re AA 340

church organization is needed to provide TM 26

give cheerfully and liberally to AA 341

God’s plan for AA 336

offerings should be used for COL 300; 4T 472

provision God has made for CS 71

self-denial and sacrifice essential to 9T 55

tithe should be devoted solely to CS 81; CSW 130; WM 275

tithe should be used for COL 300; 4T 472; 9T 249-50

tame service of, churches are becoming weak under 7T 255

too much sermonizing by COL 57

training for, preparation of heart is most important in GW 94

young men should receive Ev 24; 3T 160

training of Waldensian young men for GC 70-1

training of young men for PK 222-3; 1T 433-4

school needed for 3T 160

too little attention given to 6T 135-6

well organized plans needed for FE 114

true, includes practical work as well as giving Bible instruction MM 240

means to reach people where they are and help them in every way possible MH 156; MM 238

true refinement in 3T 459-67

truly converted, efficiency and power attending 4T 528

unselfish, perfect exemplification of, Christ has given AA 359; DA 649

unworthy persons in, there may be some 8T 160-1

used by God to spread truth Ev 547

vivified by Spirit, camp meetings need 6T 88

weakness in, no need for GW 98

women should labor in Ev 472

work of 7T 254-5

battles to fight and victories to gain in 4T 261

colporteur work strengthens 6T 315-6

given by Christ to all MYP 211

med. miss. work must not be separated from CH 557

Paul’s devotion to 4T 409

prayer for greater power in AA 67

Satan’s special power brought to bear on men engaged in 1T 586

SDA combine, with that of healing MM 63

when, will be after God’s order MM 239

why thousands of believers are unqualified for FE 215

youth should engage in FE 489

work of co-operating with, is most essential CM 101

young man who decided to give himself to, perilous mistake re FE 216

young men entering, cannot spend number of years in obtaining education 5T 27

teachers should adapt instruction to needs of 5T 27

may make many mistakes Ev 685

young men in 6T 411-6

young men may be saved to, by well organized plans FE 113-4

young men preparing for, attendance at college benefits 4T 406

young men should be prepared to engage in CT 494

young men should engage in CM 28; 8T 229-30

young men should not enter, without sufficient knowledge of Bible CT 539

young men should obtain fitness before entering 4T 440

young men who desire to enter 5T 390-5

young men who feel called to AA 353-4

young women should engage in CM 28

2. Miscellaneous

all are called to 4BC 1159

all who engage in, are God’s helping hand Ed 271

angels stand by all who do, to fellow men COL 388

Christ traveled on foot from place to place in His 9T 87

Christ’s example of, set for us MYP 211

Christ’s true followers will co-operate in DA 440

combines med. miss. work and ministry of word 6T 301

effective, sympathy is spring of Ed 269

efficiency is assured by, to the needy and suffering Ed 268

great object of Christ’s life was, to others SC 78

how to find ways for, to spiritual wants of souls suffering in body COL 233-4

industry in 3T 551-60

loving: breaks down prejudice COL 386

God might have committed all work of, to angels SC 79

truths of third angel’s message must be revealed by deeds of MM 263

wins souls to God COL 386

means service 4BC 1159

most precious, can be done by ministers in colporteur work TM 317

object of all, is to let Christ appear 1SM 155

of healing, God desires us to become acquainted with His 9T 167

opportunities for, in sanitariums and hospitals MM 187-97

person who has given life to God in, promises for MB 24

persons who share in Christ’s glory must share also in His 9T 31

personal: blessings of, for salvation of others PK 234

gratitude springs up and faith is kindled as result of MH 145

service to God includes COL 300

spirit of, is spirit of heaven MH 401

true, colporteur work provides opportunity for 6T 322

definition of MH 156; MM 240

true object of life is COL 326

unselfish: blessings of SC 79

Christ gave perfect exemplification of AA 359

God designs that we share blessings resulting from SC 79

love of Christ manifested in, is more effective in reforming evildoer than is sword or court of justice DA 350-1; MH 106

that has its origin in God DA 649

wider, multitudes will be called to Ed 262

work of, Christ has given to all MYP 211

world is full of people needing our DA 651


amusement (or information) is not the object of VSS 274:1

approved of God, shielding and encouraging youth RC 250:4

bitterness against, by those with independent ideas TDG 192:4

doors open for, all around us HP 225:2

for colored, more than Word of God needed in (1897) SW 81:1

higher standard of, when Holy Spirit controls members RC 219:4

Holy Spirit working in the mind lifts the standard of TDG 311:3

house-to-house, See House-to-house

independent, See also work, independence in

life given to, linked to Him with resources of universe HP 238:6

means service RC 256:2

medical missionary work to blend with CME 44:3

mother’s loving, makes home a Bethel RC 184:6

personal, souls perishing for lack of LHU 244:3

preparation for,

by learning teachings of Christ FW 18:2

disciples not sent to Jewish teachers for TDG 41:2

includes learning all of human machinery 1MCP 197:1

required of more than those who preach UL 362:7

sanctified, prepared for latter rain 3SM 385:3

wife may strengthen RY 118:5

work of, love for all in; they are God’s 2MCP 576:3

zeal for, not for preaching; speak from heart of love VSS 232:2

See also Projects, missionary; Witnessing

Ministry of Healing

Ministry of Healing, as relief book, use of CT 528; 9T 71

bring, to attention of WCTU leaders FE 522-3

circulation of, inaugurate plans for 9T 86

well-planned and persevering efforts to increase 9T 71

dedicated to advancement of sanitarium work CT 525

light in, for world CT 525; 9T 77

means of helping worthy students to meet school expenses 9T 79

nurses should sell FE 522

peculiarly adapted for use in tourist centers 9T 84-5

people at camp meetings should be taught how to sell 9T 82-3

persons seeking restoration of health need 9T 85

persons who sell, need to study it 9T 77

sale of: by nurses at Loma Linda, Calif. 9T 85

liquidation of debts of med. institutions by CT 528; 9T 71

Los Angeles as fruitful field for FE 522-3

may bring patients to sanitarium FE 522

raising means by, for sanitarium work FE 521-4

sanitariums should raise money by 9T 80

some youth could earn money for school by 9T 78

worthy students can earn money by CT 528

sanitarium workers should sell FE 522

sell, to tourists 9T 84

students should carefully study CT 525; 9T 77

students should sell CT 525-8; FE 522

thousands of people benefited by reading FE 522

wisdom of Great Physician is contained in 9T 71


writing of, planned 3SM 117:3

Minneapolis, Minn.

Minneapolis, Minn. CW 30-1; LS 326; 1SM 234-5, 361; 2SM 211; 5T 692-3; TM 76, 79-80, 295, 467

trouble at LDE 48

Minnesota, U.S.A.

Minnesota, U.S.A. 1T 147; 2T 539, 624-5, 629

Minor, Mrs. C. S.

Minor, Mrs. C. S. 2SG 72-3


Minority, people of God represented as greatly in 7BC 972

refusing to accept popular customs and traditions, Satan’s wrath against PK 605

SDA are in 5T 520

SDA do not feel they are in SD 195

small, will refuse to keep Sunday GC 615

Minute, Minutes

Minute, Minutes, five, believers who destroy gospel work in LS 186

would solve most difficulties if pride and selfishness were laid aside EW 119

lose no, by talking when you should be working Ev 653

turn of, signal victories and fearful defeats have been on 3T 497

wasted, mar hours 7T 206

See also Time

Minute by minute

Minute by minute, Christian must live for Christ 5T 609

Minuteman, Minutemen

Minuteman, Minutemen, ever on guard over self, be FE 284

teachers must be CT 269

faithful: be ChS 243; CT 35

every post of duty needs 4T 205

heart of God’s work needs 4T 205

praises of God should be shown by 6T 123

God calls for 2SM 202; TM 497

God wants 3T 505

God would have you be 2BC 1004; SD 279

God’s, minister should regard himself as GW 451

God’s cause must have 2T 624, 636-7

God’s people should be, always ready in Christ TM 421

God’s servants should stand as GW 195

ministers and people are to be Ev 237

ministers should be AH 166; 1T 473

ready to move at any moment 7T 208

opportunities to serve God open before GW 195

qualifications of 3T 25

restaurant managers are to stand as 7T 117

stand as, before God HP 242:4

stand ready for service as: at moment’s notice COL 343; GW 195

self-sacrificing CS 44

to work for youth CT 47; FE 90

where weighty interests are to be maintained FE 52


Minutiae, life’s, Testimonies deal with 2T 608; 5T 667

ministers should not dwell upon, in preaching 2T 670

too much education in, makes gospel workers dry and formal 4T 601

Miracle, Miracles

1. Apostolic (miscellaneous)

2. Apostolic (specific)

3. Christ’s (miscellaneous)

4. Christ’s (specific)

5. Deceptive

6. Of healing

7. Of healing (satanic)

8. Old Testament (miscellaneous)

9. Old Testament (specific)

10. Miscellaneous


1. Apostolic (miscellaneous)

apostles could not always work, at will 6BC 1064

apostles worked AA 78; DA 360, 821; EW 192, 196; GC 525

after Pentecost AA 48; SR 245

by God’s power AA 168

during first miss. tour DA 360

empowered by Christ DA 361, 821; EW 189; GW 243

in Christ’s name AA 66

similar to Christ’s AA 58

Barnabas wrought EW 203

early Christians wrought DA 821

John forbade man to work, in Christ’s name DA 438

not work of sleight of hand AA 168

Paul’s 6BC 1064; EW 202-3, 207

attributed by Jews to Satan AA 249

handkerchiefs or aprons used in healing by AA 286-7

juggler could not imitate AA 287

Lystrians were affected by AA 181-3

sorcerer’s enchantments could not imitate AA 287

unmistakable evidence of divine character of gospel AA 462

persons receiving apostles’ message would work DA 821

Peter and John worked SR 254

Peter’s transformation was, of divine mercy Ed 91

power to work, Simon Magus sought to buy GC 128

Stephen worked EW 197

2. Apostolic (specific)

Aeneas healed of palsy AA 131; SR 281

crippled beggar healed AA 57-9; EW 192; SR 248-9, 252-3

crippled man healed at Lystra AA 181

Dorcas restored to life AA 132; Ed 217; WM 67

Elymas the sorcerer smitten with blindness AA 168

Eutychus restored to life AA 391

gift of tongues at Pentecost AA 39-40; DA 821; SR 243

Herod Agrippa I slain by angel AA 151-2; SR 299-300

John delivered from pot of boiling oil AA 570

Paul and Silas freed from Philippian prison AA 216

Paul bitten by viper without injury AA 445-6

Paul smitten with blindness AA 114-8; EW 200; SR 269-71; 3T 430

Paul’s blindness healed AA 121-2; SR 272; 3T 431

people healed on Melita AA 446

Peter and John freed from prison AA 79-81; EW 194-5; SR 255-6

Peter delivered from prison of Herod Agrippa I AA 145-52; SR 294-6, 299-300

Publius healed of fever and bloody flux AA 446

woman freed from spirit of divination AA 212-3

3. Christ’s (miscellaneous) GC 525; GW 243

after cleansing temple DA 163, 592

child healed by MH 38-9

could not be worked for many people because of unbelief PK 253

designed to lead men to tree of life DA 366

desire not to publicize TM 35

devils will seek to discredit EW 266

disciples better understood, after His ascension DA 507

early, strengthened disciples to meet opposition DA 148

endangered His life sometimes TM 35

enemies demanded, as evidence of His divinity DA 734

evidence of His Messiahship DA 593; 3T 213; 4T 233

evidence that God had sent Him PP 265

fame of, filled land of Israel DA 241

few, worked in Nazareth DA 241

God’s purpose in DA 368

greater, than healing most grievous physical disease DA 462; MH 89

greatest significance of DA 406

healing by, priests did not like to publicize DA 705

Herod Antipas wished to see DA 728-9

highest evidence of His divine character DA 406

how Satan would have men regard 1T 293

Jews could not deny AA 249

Jewish leaders attributed, to Beelzebub DA 730

to Satan AA 249; DA 536

Jewish leaders reproached DA 406

Jewish leaders’ reaction to TM 72-3

John the Baptist not permitted to witness EW 154

John’s testimony re AA 569

leprosy healed by 5BC 1141

lesson from, on med. miss. work Ev 524

lesson of simplicity taught by MH 47

made known God’s love for men PK 696

many of, performed openly TM 35

Mary hoped for a, at marriage in Cana DA 145

men speak of MH 39-40; WM 154

men will attribute, to mesmerism EW 59, 87

mighty, did not cause Jews to believe 8T 202

Jerusalem refused to be convinced by DA 576

John witnessed AA 555

miracle after, wrought on earth SD 151

Nazareth heard of DA 238

Nicodemus referred to DA 168

not wrought: at demand of Pharisees DA 407

before Herod Antipas DA 729; EW 173-4

during His childhood and youth DA 92

during His first 30 years on earth MH 349

except to supply genuine necessity DA 366

for Satan’s diversion 4aSG 150-1

in answer to Satan’s insinuations DA 407

in His own behalf 5BC 1124; CT 276-7; DA 119, 734; EW 174; 4aSG 150-1; 1SM 275-7; Te 285

in Samaria DA 192

to convince disciples on way to Emmaus DA 799

to gratify curiosity 4aSG 150-1

of healing, when He cleansed temple DA 163, 592

paralyzed demoniacs healed by MH 34

people were impressed by DA 457

performed in Judea, attested to His divine Sonship DA 231

performed on Sabbath, were all for relief of the afflicted DA 538

Pharisees could not prevent DA 322

Pharisees ignored DA 192

Pharisees said there was foul play about DA 535

power continually working in man’s behalf was revealed by MH 112

proof of His divinity DA 799

report of, spread wherever Jews were dispersed DA 451

Samaritans asked for no DA 198

Satan demanded, as sign of His divinity DA 120; 1SM 228

Satan would make, appear result of human skill and power 1T 290

Satan’s efforts to: account for, as human MYP 57

counterfeit PP 265

destroy faith in EW 92; PP 265; 1T 291-3

Scriptures do not present, in their exact order 7BC 945; 1SM 20

sign of His divinity DA 406

spiritualists attempt to discount GC 557

suffering people healed by MM 14

testify to truth of His words MH 19

whole villages healed by SC 11

will be wrought for His people 7T 114

wonderful, wrought at Capernaum 1SM 83

wrought for men 1SM 363

wrought by: faith and prayer DA 536

God’s power DA 143

His own authority 5BC 1142

His word DA 390; GW 250

ministration of angels DA 143

wrought for: benefit of suffering humanity 1SM 275

blessing of humanity DA 406

wrought frequently in open street DA 473

4. Christ’s (specific)

blind Bartimaeus healed 5BC 1111; Ev 553; SD 126; 2SG 202; 4T 355

blind man healed on Sabbath DA 470-5, 824; MH 233

after Jews sought to stone Him DA 470

Pharisees could not deny DA 473

centurion’s servant healed DA 315-8; MH 63-6; 4T 233

in Capernaum DA 316

deaf stammerer healed in Decapolis DA 404

after He visited region of Tyre and Sidon DA 404

before He fed the 4,000 DA 405

not by His word only DA 404

demoniac blind and dumb healed DA 321; GC 515

after Pharisees reiterated charge that He cast out devils by Satan’s power DA 321

before He asked, “Who are My brethren?” DA 321, 325

demoniac blind and dumb healed, second DA 321; GC 515

demoniac boy healed DA 426-31; FE 341; GC 515

after His transfiguration DA 426

demoniac man healed on Sabbath DA 255-7; GC 515-6; MH 91-2

before healing of Peter’s mother-in-law DA 259

in synagogue at Capernaum DA 255, 259

draft of fish, first DA 245-9, 810-1; Ev 59-60; MB 6-7; MH 200; 7T 61

after John the Baptist was imprisoned DA 245

manifested His divine power to Peter DA 246

draft of fish, second DA 810-1; 1T 436-7; 7T 213

at Sea of Galilee DA 809

week after His resurrection DA 809

fig tree (barren) withered by curse 2BC 998; 5BC 1096-7; CG 435; DA 581-4; FE 50; GC 316; 4T 403, 614

acted parable DA 582

on morning after His triumphal entry into Jerusalem DA 581

fish with coin in mouth DA 432-4

caught near Capernaum DA 432

5,000 fed AH 381-2; 5BC 1141; CD 271; CG 135, 346; ChS 153-4; CM 151; COL 352; CS 37; CT 276; DA 364-71, 377, 380, 405, 407-8, 411, 718, 809-10; Ed 107-8, 217, 286; Ev 524; MH 45-50, 200; ML 223; MM 204; PK 242-3; 1SM 275; 2T 292, 435, 580; 4T 451, 571-3; 5T 400, 413; 6T 263, 345, 451-2, 465; 7T 61, 114, 206; TM 344-5; WM 154

above 10,000 persons DA 809-10

before He walked on water during storm DA 377

creative power exercised in DA 377

daily food of fisherfolk provided by 6T 345

dependence upon God taught by MH 48

near Bethsaida DA 361, 405, 407-8, 411

near Capernaum DA 809

near Sea of Galilee DA 809

on mountainside DA 810

shortly before Passover, in springtime DA 364-6, 377-8

shortly before sunset MH 45

when He and disciples had gone apart to rest awhile DA 361, 364

4,000 people fed in Decapolis DA 404-5

after visit to region of Tyre and Sidon DA 404-5

before He crossed Sea of Galilee to Magdala DA 405

Gadarene demoniacs healed DA 337-41, 404; GC 514-5; MH 95-9

after first stilling of tempest DA 333-7

before Jairus’s daughter was restored to life DA 342

Jairus’s daughter restored to life COL 358; DA 342-3, 534-5, 786; MH 59; MM 204; 1SM 304

after healing of woman with issue of blood DA 343

Jewish nobleman’s son healed DA 196-200, 253

after His two-day stay in Samaria DA 192, 196

in Capernaum DA 200

lame man healed at pool of Bethesda on Sabbath DA 201-4, 231, 284, 450, 456-7; MH 81-5; SC 50-1

Lazarus resurrected AH 204; 5BC 1141; COL 265; DA 524-36, 725, 786; EW 165-6; SD 25, 92; 1SM 304; WM 156

evidence of His divinity DA 528, 537

evidence that Messiah had come DA 538

His crowning miracle AA 66; COL 265; DA 529, 537

His greatest miracle DA 524

Jewish leaders enraged by DA 537

no deception connected with DA 534-5

not long before Christ’s crucifixion DA 552, 725

pledge of resurrection of all righteous dead DA 530

priests witnessed DA 777

resurrection of all righteous dead represented by DA 530

seal of God set by, on Christ’s claim to divinity DA 529

leper healed near Capernaum DA 262-6; MH 67-70

when He was teaching by Sea of Galilee DA 263

lepers (10) healed DA 348, 488; MH 134, 233; ML 170; 3T 179-80; 5T 315

Malchus’s ear restored DA 696; EW 168

in Gethsemane at time of His betrayal and arrest DA 696

multitude healed DA 259; MH 29-30

after He healed Peter’s mother-in-law DA 259

at Peter’s home after close of Sabbath DA 259

paralytic healed at Capernaum DA 267-71; MH 73-80, 122; ML 154; SC 50; 3T 168; 6T 234; 8T 202

in Peter’s house DA 267

Peter’s mother-in-law healed on Sabbath DA 259; MH 29

after healing demoniac in synagogue at Capernaum DA 259

Samaritan woman’s life secrets revealed DA 192

son of widow of Nain restored to life AH 204; DA 318-20, 512, 786; MH 42; 1SM 304; WM 156

after healing of centurion’s servant DA 316-8

Syrophoenician woman’s daughter healed AA 19; AH 204; COL 175; DA 399-403, 405, 512; GC 515; MH 42

after Passover DA 395

after encounter with Pharisees re tradition DA 395-9

before 4,000 people were fed in Decapolis DA 404-5

tempest stilled, first 2BC 1003; DA 333-7, 755, 819; MH 95; ML 336

tempest stilled, second DA 377-82

after He fed the 5,000 DA 377

before His arrival at Gennesaret on next day DA 383-4, 819

in springtime, shortly before Passover DA 364, 377-8

when Christ and Peter walked on sea DA 381, 755, 809, 819; 2SM 164; 2T 273; 4T 288, 530; TM 93

water turned into wine at Cana AH 341; DA 144-53; MH 333, 356; 7T 114; Te 98

after His first five disciples accepted Him by Jordan DA 144

His first miracle AH 341; DA 147; MH 356

withered hand healed on Sabbath DA 286-8; 1SM 314

woman with issue of blood healed 6BC 1064; COL 358; DA 343-7; MH 59-62, 100, 122; ML 13; MM 204; 1SM 334; 5T 227-8

after feast at Levi-Matthew’s house DA 342-3

while on His way to Jairus’s home DA 343

5. Deceptive 2SM 51-5

attributed to: image of Virgin at Einsiedeln GC 174-5

images at Bern GC 172

by Satan’s agents, men deceived by SR 395

will not be mere imposture GC 553; SR 395

counterfeit 5T 696-8

Satan and his agents can work GC 553; 2SM 55

Satan has wrought PP 264, 334; 2SM 55

Satan will work 9T 16

delusive, will be performed in sight of men TM 490

demons working, fearful sights will appear in heavens by power of GC 624

devils personating the dead will work EW 87, 262

devils will work SR 398

before second advent GC 553

in sight of men 1T 302

just before final deliverance of God’s people EW 59-60

that will not be mere impostures GC 553; SR 395

to sustain their pretensions GC 560

through spiritualism GC 588

devils would have men believe that their, are greater than Christ’s EW 92

false messiahs claimed to work DA 628

fanatics claiming to work 2SM 27

genuine: persons claiming to be Christ will apparently work 2SM 76

Satan will do wonders appearing to be 2SM 52

Satan’s agents have power to work GC 553

Satan’s agents will seemingly work 2SM 54

men influenced by evil spirits will work 7BC 939; 2SM 53

mighty, Satan will appear as Christ working 6BC 1106

papal leaders fabricated, to support Sunday observance GC 579

power to work, some of Satan’s followers will have EW 86-7

protection of God’s people when Satan shall work 2SM 58

Roman Catholics boast of, as sign of true church GC 588

Satan will make fire come down from heaven as MM 88; 2SM 49-51

Satan will present, in answer to doubters Ev 594

Satan will use, to establish souls in deception Ev 594

Satan will work 1BC 1114; MM 14; 2SM 51, 54, 58, 394

as far as his power extends 5T 698

claiming to be God 9T 16

in last days 2SM 53

in sight of false prophets 5BC 1087; 6BC 1106

in sight of men MYP 61

to confirm minds in unbelief MM 14

to deceive 7BC 911; 2SM 55, 380

to deceive God’s people 7BC 975

to deceive the elect if possible Ev 362; MM 15, 305; 9T 16

to make men believe he is God 7BC 975; MM 14

to oppose God’s work 5T 697

Satan worked, through Egyptian magicians 5T 697

through witch of Endor 2BC 1022; 4aSG 84

Satan’s, warning against MYP 61

Satan’s agents have power to work 5BC 1099; EW 59, 87

Satan’s agents will not merely pretend to work GC 553

Satan’s invisible agents will work, in sight of men MYP 61

Satan’s power to work, limited by God 3T 282-3; 5T 698

spiritualists call attention to their GC 557

spiritualists present their, as greater than Christ’s SR 397

spiritualists’, false claims made for EW 266

Sunday observance supported by GC 575-7, 579

wonderful, Satan’s deceptions as 2SM 53

wrought by God’s people, Satan will counterfeit 9T 16

6. Of healing 2SM 345-8

exercise that will work 7T 78

for sick woman, after vile minister’s prayer 7BC 939; 2SM 347

God will not work, for people who disregard health-reform light CD 401

God’s servants will work, during latter rain GC 612

mighty, third angel’s message will be attended by EW 278

Paul’s, at Ephesus AA 286-7

persons for whom God will not work CH 504; MM 226; 2T 67; Te 142

prayer for 2SM 346

spiritualists will demand, of SDA as evidence of God’s favor Ev 604

when God will not work, for His people MH 227; 2SM 347

when God will work, for His people 9T 164

EGW experienced, in 1877 4T 281

in 1882 LS 264

like shock of electricity 4T 281

why God does not work, in all cases MM 13

why SDA are not to work by means of MM 14; 2SM 54

will be wrought among God’s people 9T 126

See also Healing; Miraculous healing; Prayer

7. Of healing (satanic)

apparently real MM 110; 2SM 53

SDA will be tested by 2SM 53

devils will work, in sight of God’s people 1T 302

men will profess to work 2SM 49

men under influence of evil spirits will work 2SM 53

not of God 5BC 1099

Satan will perform 1T 296; MYP 61

as false christ GC 624

through spiritualism GC 588-9

spurious, Satan’s agents will work 2SM 54

wonderful, false christs will perform GC 624

false claims will be urged through 2SM 49

many strange things will appear as 2SM 53

8. Old Testament (miscellaneous)

Adam and Eve loved to see God’s TM 243

direct, Potiphar’s prosperity was not result of PP 214

Elisha empowered to work PK 259-60

Elisha worked PK 235, 244-5

God cared for Israel by 4aSG 17

God worked, for Israel in Egypt 2BC 996; COL 287; PP 264, 316, 471; 3SG 204-5; 4aSG 54; SR 115-8, 160; 1T 128

to show His power over nature 1BC 1099

to strike terror to Egyptian oppressors PP 253

See also Plague

Israel attributed, to Moses 1BC 1115

Israel preserved by, in wilderness PP 541

Moses and Aaron worked, before Pharaoh 3SG 220; 1T 264-5, 292

Moses empowered to work 3SG 192

Moses recounted God’s, for Israel 4aSG 53; SR 170-1

Moses reproved for forgetting God’s 4aSG 17

Moses’: Egyptian magicians could not counterfeit all of PP 264, 266; 1T 292

Egyptian magicians counterfeited some of PP 264-5; 3SG 205-6, 243; SR 116, 395; 1T 292; 5T 696

in plagues of Egypt 3SG 242-3

Pharaoh disregarded PP 264

Pharaoh reasoned away 1T 265

Pharaoh’s heart hardened against 1BC 1099-1100; 3SG 242; 1T 264-5, 292; 5T 274

Satan’s plan to destroy faith in PP 334; 1T 291-3

of divine mercy, Israel’s daily travels were PP 429

Pharaoh demanded, of Moses and Aaron PP 263

priesthood question settled by PP 403

Sabbath law preserved by, during 40 years of Israel’s wanderings 1BC 1102

9. Old Testament (specific)

Aaron’s rod budded PP 403; 4aSG 35-8

Aaron’s rod turned into serpent PP 263; 3SG 205; SR 116; 1T 292; 5T 696

altar rent at Bethel in Jeroboam’s time PK 102-5

ax recovered from river in Elisha’s time Ed 217; PK 260-1

bread and water provided for Israel 4aSG 41

confusion of tongues at Babel PP 119-20; 3SG 97-8; SR 73-4

Dagon’s temple pulled down by Samson PP 567

Daniel preserved in den of lions PK 543-5; SL 44-5

Elijah fed at brook Cherith PK 129

Elijah fed by angel in desert PK 166

Elijah’s sacrifice kindled on Mt. Carmel PK 153, 160; 3T 285

fire descended from heaven at dedication of Solomon’s temple PK 45

fire flashed from heaven to consume Abel’s sacrifice PP 71

Gehazi smitten with leprosy PK 251-2

Gideon’s sacrifice consumed by fire PP 547

God’s will revealed to Gideon by fleece PP 548

Hezekiah healed CH 381; MH 232; PK 341-2; 2SM 287

image of Dagon mutilated PP 586; 4aSG 106-7; SR 188

Isaac was child of PP 151

Israel continually protected against serpents PP 429; SD 222; 4aSG 41

Israelites healed when bitten by serpents 1BC 1116; DA 174-5; PP 430-2

Jacob’s thigh disjointed PP 197; 3SG 129; SR 95

Jericho overthrown PP 488-93; 4aSG 64; SR 181

Jericho’s spring healed in Elisha’s time PK 230-1

Jeroboam I’s hand paralyzed and restored PK 102

Jonah swallowed by great fish PK 268-9

Jonathan’s life saved in battle at Michmash PP 624

Jordan’s waters parted for: Elijah and Elisha to cross PK 226

Elisha PK 228

Jordan’s waters parted for Israel to cross PP 488, 495, 518; 4aSG 59-60; SR 176-7; 4T 158

at flood stage PP 483-4

heathen were affected by PP 484-5

Judah’s needs supplied in Hezekiah’s time PK 360

judgments on Pharaoh’s household in Abraham’s time PP 130

Korah, Dathan, and Abiram swallowed up by earth PP 400-1; 4aSG 37

manna provided for Israel DA 388; 4aSG 17; 3T 340; 4T 469

40 years PP 409

threefold PP 296; 3SG 255; SR 130-1

Miriam smitten by leprosy and healed PP 385

Moses sustained 40 days on Mt. Sinai PP 313, 329

Moses’ hand turned leprous and healed PP 254; 3SG 192

Moses’ rod turned into serpent PP 253; 3SG 192

Naaman’s leprosy healed DA 238-9; PK 246-50, 253; 2T 309-10

Nadab and Abihu destroyed by fire PP 359; 4aSG 11-2

Noah and family preserved in ark 7BC 986; 3SG 71, 296; 4aSG 149; SR 64, 68, 146

100 men fed at Gilgal in Elisha’s time PK 241-3, 257-8; 6T 466

people of Bethshemesh smitten for venturing to open ark of covenant PP 589; 4aSG 110; SR 191

Philistines smitten with distressing and fatal disease when they had ark of covenant PP 586-9; 4aSG 107-9; SR 189

plagues upon Egypt in Moses’ time See Plague

poisoned pottage healed in Elisha’s time PK 240-1

quails provided for Israel PP 295, 382; 4aSG 15-8

rain given in answer to Elijah’s prayer PK 155-8; 3T 286-8

rain in time of wheat harvest in Samuel’s time PP 615

Red Sea parted for Israel to cross PP 287-90, 316, 488, 492; 4aSG 17; SR 122-5; 1T 265-6; 4T 23-6, 158

Samaria delivered from Syrian siege PK 258-9

Samson carried away gates of Gaza PP 565

Samson pulled down temple of Dagon PP 567

Samson slew 1,000 Philistines with jawbone of ass PP 564

Sennacherib’s army destroyed PK 361

Shadrach and companions delivered from fiery furnace PK 508-10; SL 39

Shunammite boy restored to life in Elisha’s time PK 238-9

Solomon’s sacrifices consumed by fire from heaven PK 45, 335

son of widow of Zarephath restored to life PK 131

storm at sea when Jonah fled by ship for Tarshish PK 267

sun and moon stood still in Joshua’s time PP 508-9

sundial turned back 10 degrees in Hezekiah’s time PK 342-4

Syrian soldiers smitten with blindness in Elisha’s time PK 257

three and half years of drought in Israel in answer to Elijah’s prayer PK 121-44; 3T 263, 273-9

top of Tower of Babel destroyed PP 119-20; 3SG 98; SR 74

Uzzah slain for touching ark of covenant PP 705-6; 4aSG 111; SR 192

Uzziah smitten with leprosy for presuming to enter temple PK 304-5

water flowed for Israel from rock PP 298, 411; SR 131-3; 3T 301-2

widow of Zarephath sustained in Elijah’s time PK 129-32; 2T 29; 3T 288

works of creation 3SG 95

10. Miscellaneous

binding Christians together in love, world needs to see 9T 188

centurion did not believe in Christ merely as worker of DA 317

Christ did God’s service at carpenter’s bench as much as when He worked DA 74

Christ works, every day Ed 107-8

Christ’s birth was 5BC 1128

Christ’s incarnation was 4aSG 119, 149

Christ’s life was greatest of all DA 407

Christian character is not perfected by SL 84

conversion is greatest, performed by divine power Ev 289-90; 9T 152

deliverance from sin is DA 407

designed to establish faith in God PP 316

direct, natural life is not sustained by AA 284

do not idly wait for God to work, to enlighten world re truth FE 124

do not look for, as sign of divine guidance 2SM 54

do not wait for God to work, to change your character TM 455

doctrine that God’s people need not look for 5T 211

existence of, men of science deny GC 525

expulsion of selfishness from human heart is 6T 281

fallen man cannot work, on his own behalf 5BC 1080

God can work, for His people only as they act their part with untiring energy PK 263

God daily works, in production of earth’s harvest DA 367

God does not generally work, to advance truth ChS 228; Ev 652

God works no: for persons continually violating laws of health CH 59; 4aSG 144; 2SM 464

for those who do not care for their health CH 59

to bring about temperance reform GW 388

to care for orphans CS 163

to counteract sure result of neglect Ev 653

to encourage blind superstition 6BC 1064

to prevent hardening of heart 5T 119

to prevent man’s reaping from what he sows PP 268

to prevent results of farmer’s neglect 1BC 1112; ChS 228; Ev 652-3; FE 124; 2SM 464; 5T 724

to provide bread for orphans WM 214

to provide means needed for advancing His cause 4T 469

to save men neglecting means of salvation TM 453

to save persons who cherish evil TM 453

to save physicians who abuse their bodies CH 588

to sustain faith of His people 4T 107

to sustain His work on earth 4T 483

to sustain the poor 4T 511

to undo results of your wrong course 2SM 356

where He has provided means for accomplishing His work FE 123-4; 5T 724-5

God works, on hearts to care for orphans CS 163; WM 214

God’s people will not find safety in working 2SM 55; 9T 16

God’s word can work Ev 489

God’s work not sustained by 4T 483

gospel workers who wait for Ev 652-3

great, consistent life in Christ is DA 407

greater than all, firm reliance on God’s word is 1SM 228

greatest of all, Christ’s life as DA 407

John the Baptist a child of CG 23

John the Baptist performed no DA 219

John the Baptist’s mission attested by DA 44

mighty, wrought by God’s people during loud cry EW 278

testifying that creation is under God’s control PP 509

millions fed from earth’s harvest fields constantly by, of Christ Ed 107-8

New Jerusalem preserved by, during earth’s destruction by fire 7BC 986; GC 673; 3SG 88

not now discerned will be wrought AA 140

of conversion DA 407

among world’s great men there will be many AA 140; 6T 82-3

Christ will work 7T 27

man could never work Ev 333

will be wrought AA 140; MH 216; 6T 82-3

of God’s grace, can change most sinful men 7T 229

Elisha cheered by PK 259

men fitted for lives of usefulness by MH 169

of grace, liberality that is AA 344

of mercy, if persons riding on wave of popularity do not become giddy 4T 538

man who stood as 2T 421

men are fed bread of life by 6T 90

no, neglected for man’s salvation DA 57

person saved alone by 4aSG 148-9

JW as LS 195

of miracles, transformation of sinner by God’s grace is AA 476; Ed 172; ML 26

of sending manna, God does not provide for widows and orphans by MH 202; ML 239

of universe, infinite power recognized in Ed 99

often brought about in a way which looks like natural course of events 2SM 346

performed under Spirit’s inspiration AA 212-3

physicians for whom God will not work MM 292

power to work, alone does not make anyone a disciple of Christ 5T 168

reaction of Pharisees and Sadducees to CH 527

Scriptures were preserved through ages by ML 27, 45; PK 627

sign greater than all, reliance on God’s word is DA 120

test, by Scriptures GC 593

that God will not work for sinner, in resurrection of the dead COL 270

transformation of human characters is DA 407

unbelievers will demand that SDA perform a 4aSG 151

Wesley (John) repeatedly escaped death by GC 258

when God works no, to counteract parental ignorance 2SM 469

to deliver children from temptation 5T 320

to preserve life and health 3T 311

to save a person from suffering 2T 45

to save men from consequences of indulgence 9T 164

while men neglect simple remedies God has given 7BC 939

when God would not work, for Jerusalem church AA 417

EGW did not work 2SM 53-4

EGW never claimed to work 2SM 54

JW’s mental faculties preserved by LS 243

why God’s servants are not to work today by means of MM 14

will be wrought among God’s people 9T 126

without love, worthless AA 318

wonderful, will be performed if Christians do their part COL 236; Te 243

working of, no safety for God’s people in 9T 16

not a test of faith 2SM 52

people are not to be converted by ML 219

world will not be converted by TM 424

wrought by God, class who would not be convinced by COL 266

do not always outwardly resemble miracles 7BC 938; 2SM 346

Satan works to destroy faith in 1T 291

wrought by God’s people, under out-pouring of latter rain GC 612

wrought in early days of SDA history CW 145

See also Sign; Wonder



performed, in feeding at school of prophets LHU 62

worked, for others; temptation to work for Himself Con 40

carpenter work of, compared to His HP 214:3

claim of truth based on 3SM 428:1

conversion by preaching Christ not by RC 256:3

deception by looking to,

for guidance 3SM 408:4

guided by impulse NL 56:4

disciples witnessed, without seeing something more OHC 264:2

disobedient ones do, claiming Spirit of God NL 56:2

distrust shown by children of Israel in spite of RC 353:3

evil angels work, in our sight Mar 156:5

false, deceive and lead to joining 3SM 408:0

false science exalted and credited for 3SM 408:1

fed by, Israelites were TDG 77:2

God does not work, to sustain faith of neglectful ones TMK 154:3

greatest, is Christ’s love in life UL 233:2

humans will work, under influence of evil spirits Mar 148:3; TDG 336:3

increase of, in the future NL 56:3

jars not touched by Christ in, of turning water to wine TDG 366:5

Jesus’ coming described after working of, in Rev. 16 3SM 425:1

mission of Jesus demonstrated by RC 101:5

nothing proved by LDE 169

overcoming natural defects is greater, than physical healing LHU 150:4

people of God not safe working; Satan would counterfeit TDG 69:3

Pharaoh shown, as evidence CC 89:3

power of working, soon to be more decidedly revealed Mar 204:2

preparation for the trial of Mar 156:6

results of chosen course (infidelity) not prevented by OHC 160:3

right living allows us to see 3SM 38:1

Satan will bring sickness, then remove it as a Mar 148:4

Satan works, UL 356:5

claiming to be Christ FW 45:1

deceiving in mind science; more to come 2MCP 710:3

in sight of the beast 3SM 393:1

in your sight; foundation in Word of God FW 56:2

loud cry comes when 3SM 406:3

of all kinds in closing scenes TDG 69:3

truth loved for protection against them TDG 126:5

when impersonating Christ HP 350:3; Mar 207:4

Satan’s preparation for 3SM 39:4

SDAs (some) deceived by LDE 171

small things show Christ’s greatness more than HP 63:3

temptation to work Con 88

unsafe as a test of faith; deceptions Mar 156:3

Word of God is test for all Mar 156:2

workers of, identified as false by their disobedience Mar 148:5

See also Christ, miracles of; Wonders