EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Minister, Ministers (Part 4 of 5)

from house to house 1T 473; 3T 233

people in their homes Ev 435

with families Ev 158

visit and pray with: families in homes 3T 234-5

interested souls 4T 536

walk carefully before God TM 150

walk ever humbly before God 3T 187

warn men 5T 16, 300

against intoxicating drinks Te 164-5

warn SDA students to be wide-awake MM 88

watch: carefully lest opportunity be given for diversity and division to creep into church 5T 238

changing countenances of their hearers GW 48-9

development of character AA 394

himself when away from home 1T 435

his own heart closely 1T 434

over church with jealous care TM 53

unto prayer GW 254

watch and: be sober 5T 160

pray earnestly to overcome his besetments 3T 235

water seed they have sown 5T 255

win: children to Christ DA 517

confidence of people Ev 171

souls and not repulse them GW 119

witness: for God by the way and at fireside GW 30

for God in private circles GW 30

to friends and to enemies GW 30

work as med. miss. evangelists Ev 525

work for edification of church 5T 173

wrestle untiringly in prayer till God blesses them 5T 166

write for SDA papers short articles of living experience CW 18

21. Need(s) to be

able men in Scriptures GW 193

acquainted with: evidences of SDA faith thoroughly GW 249

his own habits of life 2T 512

physiology and hygiene 6T 376

Scriptures 1T 648

as well qualified for their work as teachers for theirs 4T 406

ashamed of selfish acts toward their brethren 2T 548

awake 2T 549

Bible students GW 99, 249; 1T 645, 648; 2T 337, 499, 556, 710; 4T 260

close 2T 499

blessing in families they visit 3T 308

capable of discreetly managing interest after arousing it 4T 407

careful in what manner his light shines 4T 400

careful not to place themselves on Satan’s ground GW 77

careful re: their example on Sabbath observance 2T 703-4

their words on Sabbath day 2T 703

careful to understand and explain God’s word rightly 5T 15

cheerful and happy Ev 644

consecrated missionary 5T 381

converted before they can: convert sinners 2T 512

strengthen their brethren 1T 469

converted in order to be successful 1T 468

courteous 5T 263

in all his conduct GW 125; 4T 397

disinterested workers 2T 628

earnest 2T 628

educators 5T 256

endued with power from on high 2T 344

energized by: spirit and power of truths they preach 2T 645

Spirit of truth 2T 544

example of truths he preaches AA 369; GW 60

examples in eating and drinking 3T 490

examples to their flock 1T 466; 2T 506, 646; 3T 421

faithful expositors of God’s word 6T 412

faithful watchmen 2T 549; 4T 515; 5T 251

on walls of Zion AA 360-1; GW 14-5; 1T 469; 2T 706; 3T 240

to sound note of warning to the careless 1T 469

familiar with Bible arguments 2T 556

fearless in making truth clear and plain 2SG 284-5

fitted to act as pastors as well as preachers 5T 528

fortified with Bible arguments 2T 499

free from unnecessary temporal perplexities GW 145

friend of the poor MM 310

godly men small in own estimation 1T 443

greater blessing to church than stars are to world 6T 414

guarded continually to keep self out of sight 3T 235

guarded in conversation 2T 504, 705

guarded lest they narrow down God’s work 3T 34

health reformers 9T 163-4

in daily communion with God 2T 707

intelligent re health reform CH 449; 6T 376; Te 169

kind GW 125; 5T 263

learning continually 2T 499

light of world by exemplary life 2T 549

living examples of Christ’s mind and spirit 3T 31

living representatives of truth they preach 4T 446

men of: experience EW 103

intense spiritual life 6T 412

no mean culture 5T 528

prayer GW 99, 132, 249, 256; 2T 499; 4T 320, 537

missionaries 1T 647

more explicit on subject of physical health CG 107

more than merely eloquent in speaking and praying 2T 609

much in prayer GW 145; TM 503

noble 5T 263

patterns of: good work 1T 446

meekness and humility EW 103

piety 2T 501, 548

persistent in study of God’s word 2T 500

pitiful 4T 397

producers as well as consumers 7T 255

qualified for their position 2T 501

quick to discern persons interested in spiritual life 6T 302

regular in their habits 4T 264

relieved from task of distributing to poor and similar burdens AA 89

reserved among women 1T 437

sanctified and holy 2T 556

sedate Ev 644

seeking lost sheep instead of tending sick lambs DA 825

sincere and genuine health reformers 3T 311

sociable GW 125

strictly on guard against licentiousness and lewdness TM 427

strictly temperate in eating and drinking CH 575; 1T 471

strong men 6T 412

subdued and imbued with Spirit 3T 32

supplied constantly by golden oil TM 188

supported by those for whom he labors 6BC 1088

sure their feet are on platform of truth 8T 296

taught to live temperately 1T 618

temperate in: all things 1T 471

work 1T 471

tender 4T 397

thorough students of God’s word 4T 317

true self-sacrificing workers GW 95

true teachers 6T 88

united in plans of action 1T 213

unselfish 2T 502, 628

valiant men 6T 412

very careful re their words and actions GW 127

very guarded in words they use in debate 3T 215-6

vivified by Spirit 6T 88

willing to: be little men handling great subjects Ev 134

endure hardness as good soldier of cross 2T 150

give his life to God’s work if need be 2T 151

work in unentered fields 7T 254

workers 2T 506

22. Of other denominations

accepted as preachers if they can speak on few simple points of Bible 2T 556

base sins committed by 2T 449

bitterly oppose truth 8T 197

converts from among 1T 444

crying, “Peace and safety” 4T 309

debate with, SDA ministers should not seek to provoke 3T 218

defiled with tobacco Te 69

deluded souls who dare not think differently from GC 596-7

denying obligation of God’s law, opposition of GC 592

deride Adventists 4T 307

do enough cringing 1T 249

do not get into controversy with Ev 562

embracing truth, who are not qualified to teach truth 1T 444

eminent, quoted re age that child must attain to be Christian CG 486

fables or utterances of, not needed to save student from error FE 391

failure of, to tell people the truth about Satan GC 508

God wants, to have part in His work 6T 77-8

God wants to save 6T 77-8

God will call out some, from fallen churches EW 261

gospel work by SDA for Ev 562-4

inspired of Satan, can dress up eloquently hideous monster of spiritualism Ev 604

invited to banquet at St. Helena Sanitarium WM 285

lacking courage to oppose liquor traffic MH 340

lay hold of, by hand of living faith MM 244

liquor-using, solicitation of funds from Te 29

mistakes made by SDA in not seeking to reach 5T 580

much wisdom needed to reach Ev 562

of so-called orthodox churches war against SDA 1SM 69

opposing Sabbath truth, fate that awaits GC 640

opposition of, against Sabbath GC 455

to God’s law 1SM 239

people are not fed by 3T 237

persecuting, will conspire against God’s people 5T 450

persecution of remnant church by PK 606

persecution will be stirred up by, against God’s people GC 607

polluted with defilements of tobacco CH 82

pray for and with 6T 78

preaching falsehoods, warning to 4BC 1157

presenting things to quiet awakened conscience GC 607

professing to be God’s watchmen, lead scoffers of last days 1SM 69

ridicule SDA because of their lack of church buildings 6T 100

Satan influences, against God’s commandments TM 472

seek to take truth to 5T 580-1

senses of many, benumbed by wine tippling Te 164

SDA have work to do for 6T 77-8

SDA ministers should be friendly and sociable toward Ev 143-4

SDA ministers should especially labor for Ev 562; 6T 78

SDA ministers should not defy 3T 218

SDA must preach pointed truths that rebuke sin committed by 2SG 300

should be first to hear gospel call COL 230

smooth things preached by EW 273

some: afraid to be open prohibitionists Te 231

teach that God’s law has been changed or abrogated GC 583

use brandy and other intoxicating liquors Te 164

would gladly accept truth EW 261; GC 464

talented, paid high salary to entertain people GC 386

tell people that prophecies are obscure 3SG 95

tested by light of present truth Ev 563

third angel’s message must be set before Ev 563

third angel’s message will be denounced by, as of Satan GC 607

thousands of, content with superficial knowledge of truth FE 126

tobacco-using Te 68-71

bad example set for youth by MH 329; Te 71

evil example of Te 164

rearing of children by 5T 441

solicitation of funds from Te 29

warning to 4aSG 127

when the wicked will heap bitterest condemnation on GC 655-6

EGW met opposition from Ev 259-60

will not allow truth to be presented from their pulpits 8T 197

will urge obedience to civil authorities as ordained by God GC 592

wrap up pointed truths which rebuke sin 1T 249

years spent by, in obtaining education 5T 61

23. Public prayer(s) by 4T 315

kneeling in public prayer 3BC 1130-1

let fervent, melt hearts GW 35

long, should not be offered GW 175-6; 2T 617, 672

long and inappropriate, caution against 5T 201

long and loud, strength exhausted by offering 1T 645, 647

long and tedious, God does not hear 4T 315

killing effect of offering 2T 616

offered in fervor and faith, need of 4T 315

prosy and sermonizing, uncalled for and out of place 4T 315

should be: brief and come to point GW 179

short 2T 118

softening hearts, need of 4T 315

some, too long and too loud 1T 645; 2T 116

tedious, are positively injurious 4T 261

See also Prayer

24. Reprehensible

adulterous, warning to TM 426-43

advocating God’s law while breaking it TM 427; 2T 512

apostate, accountable to God for misapplied talents 4T 468-9

who abandon God’s work to secure temporal gain 4T 468

apostatizing, do not lose love and interest for truth at once 2T 626

carnally-minded, angels cannot minister to TM 427

ceasing to trust in God, devils press their darkness on 3T 220-1

committing sin make themselves: agents of Satan TM 404

ministers of evil GW 124

corrupt 5T 536-7

at heart 2T 478

corrupt advances by, women should repulse with positiveness 2T 457-8

defiled, are not a few 5T 78

despising truth and trampling on God’s law, Satan uses 1T 621

failing to control baser passions dishonors his profession and faith 2T 457

false EW 123-5

familiarly laying his hand upon women Ev 680; 2SM 29

fanatical, pulpit manners of Ev 640

fond of society of young ladies 3T 238

fornicator, warning to TM 426-43

guilty of adultery, should repent before too late TM 447-8

guilty of licentiousness, ledger of heaven contains names of many 5T 143

impure, hypocrisy and villainy of 2T 458

women warned against familiarity with 2T 456-7

inclined to be much in company of women, warning against 2SM 29

indulging in sin, women should flee from 2T 457-8

inspired by Satan, make spiritualism appear beautiful to many 1T 343

licentious, exploit confidence of women 5T 143

how women are seduced by 5T 143-4

living a lie TM 427

living in open violation of Ten Commandments Te 164

making idol and false god of harlot TM 434-5

more guilty than common sinner 5T 143

of sin, disguised as angels of light TM 236

prayer of vile, for healing of sick woman 2SM 347

professed, who are wandering stars 1T 414

rejecting truth, Satan works through EW 43-4

reprobate, better men take crowns lost by 1T 441

reputed as particular favorite with women Ev 680

sacrificing: reputation and influence to avaricious spirit 2T 623

truth to gain favor of men GC 654-6

seductive, women warned against 2T 457-8

serving as Satan’s most effective agents PP 580

taking advantage of tempted men and women, warning to TM 427

unauthorized, church must be guarded against EW 100-1

unfaithful: during seven last plagues EW 282

retribution awaits 2T 506

will be signal objects of God’s wrath EW 289-90

woes that await GC 655-6

viewed by angels with grief and disgust TM 427

vile and corrupt, prayer offered for sick person by 7BC 939

whom women should fear Ev 680

25. Should not be

actors but teachers of truth GW 172

antagonistic 1SM 181

any man’s shadow in thought or work Ev 685

careless and indifferent GW 35

comical Ev 644

conservative or policy men 5T 263

content to be dwarfs in spiritual things 2T 521

crabbed Ev 644; TM 143

critical GW 144

cross Ev 644; TM 143

dictatorial 1SM 181

discouraged GW 266-7; MM 304; 1T 120

by trials GW 266

easily 2T 628

egotistical GW 144

entangled with things of this life 1T 467

harsh GW 144

influenced by reports from friends and relatives 3T 506-7

like foolish virgins TM 149

mechanical in their manner of working GW 193

novices 5T 528

in God’s word 2T 609

off guard for moment 1T 445

overbearing 4T 486

pets shunning toil, hardship, and conflicts 2T 550

petted and waited upon by hospitable brethren 3T 308

pitiless toward errors of one another 3T 93-4

preachers merely 5T 251

regardless of his attitude 1T 648

respecters of persons 1T 475

severe 1T 237; 3T 323

sluggards 6T 412

sour Ev 644; TM 143

too easily discouraged by difficulties or fiercest opposition 3T 434

transferred at critical period in their work Ev 691

tyrannical 4T 486

unsettled by every passing temptation GW 124

26. Sick or incapacitated

care of 7T 290-7

do not rank, with the poor 7T 291

feeble CH 563

feeble in health, church’s duty to care for 1SM 33

med. care should be provided for 7T 292

27. Wife (wives) of GW 203; 1T 137-40, 449-54; 2T 565-9; 3T 304-29

accompanying husband in his travels 1T 452

accountable to God for use of her talents 1T 452

adoption of orphan children by 6T 285

are watched 1T 139

as miss. worker Ev 467-8

best qualified to judge of his piety 5T 161

can be blessing or hindrance to him AH 355; 1T 139

can comfort or discourage husbands 1T 139

can do: in homes what he cannot Ev 491

much to advance God’s work 1T 452

can help herself by helping her husband 2T 568

can reach persons whom he cannot 1T 452

class of: filling bill of invalid 2T 567

hindering her husband’s work 1T 627

indulging homesick feelings 1T 450

indulging in indolence 1T 627

loving her ease 2T 542

petted till she was of very little use 2T 546

reluctant to take up her life’s burdens 2T 546

supremely selfish 3T 229

wanting to be petted, praised, and waited upon 3T 229

who lay as helpless weight upon families 2T 546

who liked to be waited upon 2T 567

who should remain away from his place of labor AH 356

who was medium of Satan 3T 231

who was no special help to him 1T 627

whom Satan led captive at will 3T 231

whose work is as great as husband’s GW 203

wishing to be ministered unto instead of ministering to others 2T 568

complaining 1T 450

dress of, should be exemplary, neat, and becoming GW 450

should not be extravagant or have unnecessary though inexpensive trimmings TM 180

duties of 1T 449-50

re husbands’ work 6T 285

faithful, does work as great and important as he does 5T 594

having: no time to be homesick 1T 451

strong and set will 3T 229

health of 1T 627-8

husband and: should do faithfully their duties in home GW 204-5

should jointly visit families Ev 437

should work as co-laborers in God’s cause MM 140

should work together Ev 491

should work unitedly in disciplining children AH 356

husband who was unduly influenced by 3T 109

in dealing with the erring 3T 105-6

influence of, husband whose judgment was perverted by 1T 707

upon husbands 1T 138, 449, 451

may be great help to husband GW 203

mistaken fondness of, for her children 2T 620

must not expect to be free from trials and disappointments 1T 453-4

need to: come close to people by personal effort TM 313

have spirit of self-sacrifice and love for souls 1T 452

help husbands in labors 1T 139

hold up husband’s hands by faithful prayers and careful work 1T 137

live devoted, prayerful life 1T 452

make good home for husband 2T 568

remember Him who wore crown of thorns 1T 138

set fitting example in neat and becoming dress GW 450

set good example AH 355

ought not to: adopt children as general rule WM 235

complain if brought through strait places 1T 137

indulge complaining spirit 1T 139

open door of temptation to husband 3T 325-6

pioneer, sufferings endured by 1T 451

questions that should be asked by 1T 138

responsible for causing souls to be lost 1T 138

responsible to God for her course 1T 627

self-sacrificing miss. spirit lacking among 1T 453

should be: able to give Bible studies MM 140

careful in conversation 1T 139

controlled by principle GW 206

exact and careful in influence they exert 1T 139

example in dress 1T 139; TM 180; 4T 630

example in plainness of dress TM 180

exemplary 1T 139; 4T 630

meek, humble, and self-reliant 1T 452

missionary in her home GW 206

willing to suffer for Christ’s sake 1T 138

should dress neatly TM 180

traveling with husband, duty of 2T 565

unconsecrated 1T 138, 627-8

example of, often contradicts husband’s preaching 1T 450

is no help to husband 1T 450

Satan uses, to dishearten husbands 1T 449

used by Satan to destroy husband’s influence and usefulness 1T 137-8

wishes of, husband warned against yielding to 1T 139

unsanctified, greatest curse that minister can have 1T 139

use of wedding ring by TM 180-1

whom husband should never take with him in his travels 1T 453

willfulness of 1T 138

working, remuneration of Ev 491-2; GW 452-3

wrong influence exercised by, over him 1T 627

28. Words(s) of

angel’s pen takes note of TM 143

carefulness needed in 2T 557

when presenting unpopular truth 3T 218

may balance a soul for or against truth 3T 428

one, spoken unguardedly may do more harm than good done by series of meetings 1T 445

should be: as dew on withering plants GW 119

earnest and well-chosen GW 172

like fire to consume dross 5T 254

like hammer to break flinty heart 5T 254

seasoned with grace 2T 338

seasoned with salt 4T 400

select 2T 707

words of life burning into hearts and souls of hearers CSW 78

should never cut 3T 218

should reach hearts of hearers TM 62

spoken, as one of God’s appointed agencies ML 286; MYP 265

that will avail nothing GW 144

29. Work of 5T 249-63

broader than many have recognized MH 148-9

calls for: full consecration GW 341

heroic effort and patient endurance GW 16

change of place of, is conducive to his growth and development 2T 642

children are seldom visited in 5T 320

Christ is grieved when so little is effected by 5T 300

church members who have always sought to tear down AA 196-7

clearly defined 4T 314

confining of, mostly to one locality has withering influence 2T 642

consists of more than sermonizing Ev 338

conversion of souls must be burden of GW 312

diligence needed in 2T 549

does not consist merely in preaching 9T 124

exalted work 2T 705

for erring church members 5T 347-8

for youth amounts to little if parents are neglectful CG 550

fruitfulness required in 2T 502

great object of, is salvation of souls 1T 448

great work 1T 648

hardest part of, comes after they leave pulpit 5T 255

has just begun when he has preached sermon AA 363

has only commenced when they preach from desk 1T 432

highest, is to teach truth to people 2BC 1039

highest trust ever committed to man MH 119

house-to-house work is most important part of TM 312-3

how some church members make hard 5T 616

in pulpit and by personal labor GW 185-6

includes other important work besides preaching 5T 375

involves personal work AA 526

is not to: help individuals to contrive how to save money 5T 262

merely preach truth 5T 237

is to: do all they can to save souls 2T 675

minister CH 533; WM 139

persuade men to be reconciled to God COL 254

proclaim last message of mercy 7T 254

reprove, rebuke, exhort with long-suffering and doctrine 5T 237

rightly present third angel’s message 6T 131

study and imitate the Pattern 5T 160

warn world of approaching judgment Ev 17-8

watch for souls 5T 237

just begun when he ceases speaking in pulpit GW 187; 2T 618, 705; 3T 558; 4T 263

laborious part of, comes after theory of truth has been presented 4T 395

made effective by Spirit 3T 420

manual labor is not inconsistent with AA 351

more complete when he is med. missionary MM 245

more than visiting churches and praying and exhorting occasionally 2T 649

most essential part of Ev 440

most profitable work that can be done by Ev 440

much greater than that of businessman 4T 442

must be concentrated to those for whom they labor 1T 432

must bear inspection of judgment 3T 15

must not be confined to giving Bible instruction MM 240

need of deeper sense of importance of AA 394

no work more blessed than CH 558; 6T 411

not done until he has presented need of change of character 4T 396

not finished when he leaves pulpit 1T 380, 432

not measured by hours GW 452

object of, is not to call attention to himself or his learning or ability GW 172

ought to: be done faithfully regardless of circumstances 2T 516-7

begin with themselves TM 146

blend fully with that of med. miss. evangelists 7T 111

personal, cannot be done by proxy GW 188

for souls 2T 506-7

preaching is least self-sacrificing part of GW 186

program of, eight-hour system finds no place in GW 451

public, should be followed up by private efforts 1T 381

real, visiting from house to house is 3T 558

relationship of prayer and effort in 4T 538

sacred work AA 204; Ev 184; 2SM 158; 4T 524

sacredness of GW 20-3

sad drawback in 2T 621

serious work AA 204

should be fragrant with rich spiritual grace 7T 251

should not be confined to: certain localities 3T 34

pulpit Ev 641

solemn work Ev 184; 2SM 158; 2T 705

that will bear divine credentials TM 144

that will withstand Satan’s assault AA 278

too general and often too scattered 1T 432

too much sermonizing in GW 185

twofold 5T 238

urgency of GW 34

vigilance required in 2T 502

visiting from house to house is important part of 2T 338

when circumstances must shape Ev 326

when greater success will attend GW 196

30. Young AA 353-4, 580; Ev 682-3; GW 104-7, 129; 3T 304-29; 4T 437; 6T 415-6

attendance at Biblical institutes profits 4T 407

bearing burdens benefits 3T 558

best way to test 1T 446

Bible study by GW 98

Christ’s practical teachings should be studied by 3T 220

class of: lacking becoming modesty 1T 444

lacking true knowledge of themselves 1T 444

needing to be very jealous of themselves 3T 320

seeking to be original 2SM 18-9

who preach only for wages 1T 447

whom church should judiciously help AA 353-4

whose ideas are not broad enough LS 204-5

whose zeal is too feeble LS 204

danger in 3T 551

deficiencies in 3T 551

duty of, when young women are very sociable GW 129

educate, to carry forward work with simplicity and thoroughness 5T 567

encourage, to take hold of work with energy 5T 567

engaging in debates are in danger 3T 212

experience in colporteur work helps 6T 321

experienced ministers should be respected by 1T 239

financial support of AA 353-4

first duty of, is to learn from Christ 6T 415

flattery endangers or spoils AA 354; 1T 446

give, opportunities to develop Ev 685

God will give, words to speak 6T 415

helpful lesson for AA 354

ideas of, not broad enough 3T 203-4

in danger of becoming weary of oft-repeated truths AA 580

inclined to introduce new phases of doctrine AA 580

inexperienced: churches do not need labor of LS 205

labor in new places benefits LS 205

should not preach in churches Ev 50

should not speak to audiences not needing their services Ev 686

should work with older and experienced men Ev 684

judgment of brethren of mature experience should be respected by 3T 451

licensed, young men need to be proved as 4T 606

many: are like foolish virgins 5T 20-1

are weak as babes in God’s work 3T 559

do not know what Testimonies contain 5T 61

have learned Christ’s doctrines but have not learned of Him 5T 174

need to feel God’s converting power 5T 174

neglect to study Scriptures TM 148-9, 155

receive too little appreciation and encouragement 5T 567

marked deficiency shown by, in understanding Scriptures 4T 441

married or unmarried, warnings to GW 129

meeting perplexities GW 106-7

mental feebleness among, cause of 4T 269

ministers should educate young men as AA 368

missionary, SDA schools should prepare students as CM 30-1

mistakes of, older ministers’ duty re Ev 685-6

murmuring of, against older workers 3T 320

must not become: mere machines 6T 415

shadows of other men 6T 415

must not feel offended when aged brethren suggest improvements 1T 444-5

need to: bear burdens lying directly in path of duty 3T 551

become acceptable speakers 4T 406

come down from ministerial dignity to do needful service 3T 287

connect with experienced workers in field 6T 415

cultivate modesty and humility 3T 320

dig deeper into mine of truth GW 304

do more than mere preaching MM 301

first give full proof of ministry 1T 443

first give himself to God for purification and sanctification GW 104

guard jealously hours for Bible study, prayer, and self-examination GW 100

have system, firm purpose, and mind to work 1T 443

help people whose hospitality they share GW 106

know Scriptures sufficiently to present SDA faith in intelligent manner 4T 405

labor with older ministers GW 101-3

learn humility from Elijah’s example 3T 287

learn to do thorough work 1T 443

learn to fight in his own armor Ev 684

manifest delicacy in taking positions conflicting with judgment and opinions of more experienced men 3T 320

realize preparation needed to fit them for work 4T 442

reflect more on their solemn responsibility 5T 20-1

seek help through prayer 6T 415

sense sacredness of work for this time 3T 551

study to make themselves useful 4T 410

work under experienced minister systematic in work 1T 443

work with experienced workers 2SM 156, 229

need to be: familiar with every line of prophetic history GW 98

guarded in conversation 1T 445

instructed by men of experience 1T 443

learners before they can become teachers 4T 440

left to earn their reputation 1T 443

sent to labor in new places LS 204-5; 3T 203

taught by Spirit 6T 415

thoroughly converted 3T 551

useful wherever they are GW 106

no sermon should be planned out for 6T 415

now know but little of hardships 4T 380

older gospel workers’ duty to Ev 685

ought not to: copy gestures of older ones Ev 684

imitate the tone of voice of older ministers Ev 684

labor among churches 3T 203; 6T 415

rest satisfied with superficial knowledge of truth GW 93

take positions contrary to mature and experienced ministers 3T 320

Paul educated young men as GW 102

Paul’s efforts to train AA 367-8

petting and applauding endangers 4T 376

praise is especially harmful to Ev 330; 4T 318

qualifications needed by 3T 551

responsibilities which will perfect Christian experience in 3T 558

revival meetings conducted by 2SM 18-9

self-discipline needed by AA 353

self-important 3T 305-6

self-sufficient 4T 439

should be apt to teach before attempting to stand before public 4T 406

social relations of GW 129

some, are mere novices in Scriptures 4T 405

some of SDA youth are to be trained as CT 493; FE 489

strong and efficient, what makes 3T 558-9

strong to endure toils and privations, what makes AA 353

students in SDA schools should be trained as CH 541-2; CT 546

support of 1T 474

things are made too easy for 4T 380

things Paul had to meet and contend with in 4T 380

training of 1T 443-4

intern period of Ev 682-7

unable to read correctly should learn 4T 406

unsuccessful because of lack of education 4T 406

usefulness of: depends on manner in which they enter upon their work AA 353; 1T 443

often destroyed by attachment shown by young women GW 129; 1T 381

warned against: independent judgment 3T 321

passion for debating 3T 220

self-exaltation 3T 320

self-sufficiency 3T 307

sporting with young women 3T 473

talking nonsense 3T 473

what Paul desired to teach AA 353

who are ardent and zealous 2T 134-5

who despise testimonies 5T 61

young men are needed to labor as 2SM 199

young men cannot be trained as, by merely listening to teaching CT 538

young men desiring to be, need mental training and special preparation 5T 390

youth should be trained as Ev 23-4

31. Miscellaneous

ability of, do not praise and extol 4T 316

it is not safe to praise or exalt 3T 185; 4T 316

able speaker is not necessarily qualified as 1T 442

absence of, Bible worker may instruct congregation during Ev 473

acceptance of, with God depends on faithful discharge of duty 2SM 159

accomplish good through God’s power 6T 413

accomplish little because they do not walk with God 1T 434

accountability of 2SM 188; 5T 380

for opportunities to enlighten people in need of truth 9T 86-7

for spreading truth CT 530

for their success 5T 16

for work they do TM 142

greater than that of common workman 3T 243

accountable for evil resulting from his neglect of duty PP 578

accountable to God for rusting of their talents TM 194

addressing, as “Reverend” dishonors God Ev 133; SD 58

alarm that is to be sounded by MM 94

all branches of gospel work belong to 5T 375

all energies of, needed for his high calling AA 365

all-important theme of, salvation of souls should be 2T 705

ambition of, what should be Ev 181

angels appointed to guide TM 484

angels attend, in personal work GW 184

angels’ watchcare over 1T 139

announces theory of gospel in pulpit 7T 16

answers of, to questions Ev 152

appeal for, to labor in large cities Ev 33-4

appeal to 4T 260-70

arbitrary or overbearing action toward, EGW was called to protest against 1SM 33

are not to work Spirit but He must work them 6T 57

as: church officers AA 261

public speaker See Public speaker

teachers should be examples to people 4T 372

bear to world most elevated truth ever committed to mortals 1T 446

being of, traits that should have no part in 2T 547

believer can be miss. worker without being MYP 226

best powers of, belong to God AA 365

best work that, can do is to teach and educate GW 193

Bible religion is scarce among TM 151

Bible study by, importance of 6T 47

bound by covenant with God to present importance of obeying His law 8T 199-200

brethren should demand fruit of 3T 49

burden of selling publications should not rest upon 1T 472, 688

burden that, should have for lost souls GW 31-2

burdening, with financial responsibilities of God’s cause 7T 250

business of, is not to solve every difficult passage of Scripture 1T 377

business transactions are not becoming to 2T 154-5

calls for decisions by Ev 283-5

called to: act the part of physician often MM 253

save sinners 3T 48

speak and act in God’s stead PK 237

study of Bible CSW 28

can accomplish far more by godly example than by merely preaching 1T 446

can do much to: improve his voice and manners 1T 649

mold characters of their associates 4T 262

can never do work church members are to do 4T 69

can obtain varied experience by doing colporteur work TM 317

can perform precious ministry by doing colporteur work TM 317

can plan and pray while working with hands CH 564

can reach people easily through avenues of social circle GW 338

cannot be: always preaching and visiting Ev 660

successful unless converted 4T 303

too careful re his influence 2T 547

too guarded before youth 1T 380

cannot change men’s hearts 3T 420

cannot communicate what they have never received 4BC 1159

cannot do: work God has given church members DA 141

work parents should do AH 189

cannot expect to be complete whole CT 521

cannot farm or run business enterprises and do gospel work acceptably GW 340

cannot possess the consciousness of power which Christ had 5T 254

cannot quicken a soul to discern: sinfulness of sin 3T 420

its need of Saviour 3T 420

cannot save: churches by hovering over them 9T 139

people 2T 121

cannot spend time and strength: enough in med. miss. lines MM 253

in relieving everybody in need of help MM 240

care of new converts by 4T 68

careful consideration by, needed in all their work MM 124

careless use of vocal organs greatly injures 4T 604-5

causing great loss to God’s cause GW 371

caution to 2T 116-8

in visiting families 2T 705

cautioned re: joining in pleasure, mirth, and frivolity 5T 190

their influence out of pulpit 5T 190

censure of erring brethren by 3T 107

change needed in TM 245

character of, brother ministers should jealously guard 3T 94

charts and symbols can be used by, to make truth stand out clearly 9T 142

chief duty of, is to minister to wants of people 4T 416

chosen of God: and sealed with blood of consecration AA 361-2

to be His messengers GW 20

Christ came to give correct example of 4T 373

Christ chose men as, notwithstanding their defects GW 414

Christ communicates words of eternal life to world through 5T 237

Christ fills His, with His Spirit CH 545

Christ is example to, in resisting buffetings by Satan 2T 509

Christ was what, should strive to be 3T 422

Christ works through His GW 13

Christ’s light is to shine forth through 6T 413

Christian families’ obligation to entertain 3T 308

church is not benefited by having two or three, waiting on it 2SM 156

church members and, must labor for souls as never before CH 548

church members must join, in soul-saving work 4T 285-6

church members must not put, in place of God 7T 20

church members should deal liberally with AA 340

church members should labor with, for conversion of sinners Ev 357; 4T 319

church members should lift with ChS 67; 2T 121

church members should not leave to, all work of saving souls 1T 368

church members should sustain, by prayer 9T 134

church rarely takes higher stand than that taken by her 5T 227

church should accept, as they would Christ AA 278

church should co-operate with, in saving souls AA 206

church trials place, in most unenviable position 5T 616

church work must not lead, to neglect Bible study and prayer 6T 47

churches frequently are in advance of their 2T 340

colporteur work as aid to, in evangelism CM 101

colporteurs should work in co-operation with 6T 315

colporteurs who become 4T 390

comforting assurances for 4T 267

commanded to cry aloud and show God’s people their transgressions 5T 299

commission of, comes from Majesty of heaven 2T 341