EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Minister, Ministers (Part 3 of 5)

handling of money belonging to God GW 141

heresies and errors Ev 368-72

inactive church members GW 200

instructing interested people 4T 263

lambs of flock AH 358-9

learned men and statesmen attending church services Ev 350

meeting objections of opponents EW 102

new converts Ev 356; GW 367; 4T 397; 5T 172-3

parents 4T 382

people under conviction GW 33

people whose hospitality he enjoys GW 106

persons who have wandered from truth 8T 17

persons who profess to have new light CW 50-1; GW 303; 1SM 180; 2SM 13

politics FE 475-84; GW 391-6

presenting God’s law 1SM 384

presenting testing doctrines Ev 248

rebaptism Ev 372-5

teaching health reform CD 465

their health habits 3T 486-7

unapproachable people Ev 464

very sociable young women 1T 381

women having family troubles Ev 460-1

work where there are many SDA 2T 711

writing during period of decided religious interest 4T 265

need to be understood 7T 254

parable of good shepherd represents CT 198

to reprove sins of people 3T 358-9

to their flocks 4T 267

weighty (heavy) CH 633; 1T 432; 2T 706

when: accepting hospitality GW 338; 2T 542, 569; 3T 232-3, 308; 4T 266, 382, 410-1

conducting evangelistic efforts 4T 265

visiting families 2T 338

visiting homes of people GW 338

will be revealed in day of final accounts GC 640

13. Experienced (older)

are to be educators GW 101

counsel of, younger gospel workers should seek 1T 444

duty of, to younger ones Ev 685-6

40 or 50 years old 4T 269

gospel workers should be trained by actual labor with 6T 90

greater the age and experience of, more perfect should be their knowledge of people 4T 270

have burden of writing 3T 558

let younger ministers work with 2SM 229

middle-aged, home missions need 5T 392

must give younger ones opportunity to develop Ev 685

need to progress every day 4T 270

not offended at suggestions for their improvement 1T 444

should encourage younger ones to develop their talents Ev 685

some, do not know what Testimonies contain 5T 61

have often taken position on wrong side GW 303

strong and well-directed efforts should be put forth by 4T 269

who are jealous of themselves 1T 444

young gospel workers should be trained by 1T 444

young men trained in med. miss. lines should work with CH 557-8

young ministers should labor with GW 101-3

younger gospel workers should respect 1T 239

14. Faithful (true) AA 328-9; 2T 509-10

as soldier of the cross AA 362

assurances given to 2T 338-9

cannot live for self GW 451

character of, is in accord with Christ’s life 2T 628

Christians can be true where there are no 5T 80

content with simplicity in religious services Ev 502

continual advancement should be made by 2SM 221

death of, may accomplish what their life has failed to do AA 418

devils hate and seek to discourage and dishearten EW 267

do not flatter 1T 475

do not labor merely for wages 1T 468

do not praise 5T 173

does not hunger after popularity 4T 315

does not study his own ease or convenience AA 362

does nothing belittling his sacred office GW 17

does work of Christ AA 329

draws near to God in fervent and effectual prayer AA 329

duties of 4T 416

earnestness of AA 371

efficient and, need sufficient remuneration 4T 390

esteem, as Christ’s ambassadors 5T 173

ever respect 1T 475

forgetful of self AA 362

God imparts Spirit to AA 370

hardship and responsibility are not shunned by AA 501

has deep sense of sacredness of his work AA 362

heavy responsibility felt by, for spiritual advancement of believers AA 207

heroic effort and patient endurance must be put forth by AA 362

holy power given to AA 329

influence of AA 329

intense longing fills, to save souls AA 371

joy that comes to 2T 709

keeps up various branches of God’s work 2T 628

labors of, when church fails to appreciate AA 417-8

live coal represents potency of efforts of GW 23

longing desire of, that all shall be laborers together with God AA 207

no man can be, while under inspiration of sensual appetites Te 69

nothing more precious in God’s sight than His AA 369-70

relationship of, to church and world is similar to that which Christ sustained AA 329

rich reward awaits 5T 308

Satan constantly works to dishearten and destroy AA 418

Satan suggests to brethren doubts re AA 418

saving of the lost is one object of AA 362

some, why God has not prolonged work of AA 417-8

Spirit of Christ rests upon AA 371

toilsome effort is not shunned by AA 371

true and faithful 2T 548-9

true laborers among, do not faint and despond in view of work 2T 509

do not shun arduous labor 2T 509

turns his whole life into sacrifice 2SM 193

will be removed from people who think they know much TM 410

will be rewarded abundantly 2T 510

works untiringly to save sinners AA 329

15. Functions of

appointed to act in Christ’s stead AA 122; 3T 433

channel through which God imparts light 2T 121; 5T 166

Christ’s or God’s ambassadors 1T 431; 4T 314, 393; 5T 301

having great responsibility GW 13

Christ’s representatives 2T 548-9; 3T 422; 4T 314-5, 393, 542; 6T 414

educators GW 93, 126; 5T 256; 6T 302

evangelist See Evangelist

examples to believers TM 152

faithful watchmen on walls of Zion 1T 379

God’s messengers GW 17; PK 142; 4T 524; 5T 298-9

though human and compassed with frailties of humanity 5T 300

God’s servant TM 312

gospel workers in Christ’s stead GW 13-9 See also Gospel worker

guardians of church GW 15

instruments in: Christ’s hands 6T 413

God’s hands GW 14

light bearers 5T 251

light of world 2T 548-9

management of financial matters is not 7T 246

means by which God speaks to man 5T 46

messengers of light and blessing by Christ’s grace AA 278

minutemen Ev 237; GW 451; 1T 473; 2T 624

ready to move at any moment GW 195; 7T 208

mouthpiece for God Ev 211, 665; GW 20, 132; 2T 511; 3T 234; 4T 406

one who ministers Ev 348

ordained by God: as guides of His people 7T 264

for perfecting of saints in knowledge and true holiness 5T 237

to act as His representatives AA 360

overseer over God’s flock 2T 618-9

pastor See Pastor; Shepherd

physician of souls 2T 619

preacher See Preacher

representative of Son of God 4T 268

salt of earth 2T 548-9

sentinels on duty constantly for God GW 451-2

shepherds of flock 3SG 123-5; 2T 618, 698

searching for lost sheep GW 16

true shepherd 2T 650

See also Pastor; Shepherd

spiritual guardians of people entrusted to their care AA 360; GW 14

spiritual physicians 2T 506

stewards of mysteries of God GW 15, 150

teacher of truth 2T 650

undershepherds PP 191-2; 4T 315

of Christ 4T 393

responsible to Christ PP 191

watchmen GW 14-5

16. Home of GW 204-6

attraction of, should not lead him to neglect his work 4T 265

interests at, should not draw him away from his work 2T 621

lack of management in, expensive family as result of 1T 376

little matters at, should not hinder his work 2T 339

miss. field in GW 206

parental neglect in, as of slothful servant 2T 626

should be adorned by courtesy, kindness, long-suffering 3T 460

should be ruled with dignity and gravity 1T 434

should tell in favor of truth GW 450

17. In home AH 353-9; GW 204-6; 2T 498

as father, duties of 2T 626, 698, 700-1

of boys, should make himself their companion and friend GW 206

as head of family, traits that should be seen in 3T 556

as priest in household, duty of 2T 620, 626

dwelling on his family difficulties and poor health 3T 235

failure of: in family government CG 231-2

to control his household 2BC 1009

to discipline his children results in failure to maintain order and discipline in church 2T 626

family of: should live up to light of health reform CD 399; MM 281

should wear clothing that is neat, becoming, and exemplary GW 450

spiritual welfare of, comes first GW 204

unity that should exist in GW 204-5

first duty of, is to his children GW 204

home influences used by Satan to dishearten 1T 449

home life of, influence of 2T 698

influence of, who allows his children to grow up unruly and disobedient GW 204-5

needs to: be attentive at home 5T 160

bring children up aright 2T 620-1

carry Christ into family 5T 161

discipline his children 2T 623-4

exemplify truths he teaches GW 204

govern his family properly 1T 119

learn how to govern and control his children AH 353

live religion in his home 1T 435

restrain his children 2T 698

speak kindly in family circle GW 205

train his children aright 2T 620-1; 7T 250

train his children in habits of temperance in right living CD 399; MM 281

watch himself closely when at home 1T 435

neglect of duty by, to his family is grievous in God’s sight 2T 621

ought not to: animalize their own nature CD 399; MM 281

complain of separations from their families 1T 370

lavish all his affections upon family 1T 436

permit his interests to be swallowed up in his family to exclusion of others 4T 382

show rudeness and unkindness in family circle GW 205

real character of, is revealed by his family religion 5T 161

throwing off restraint at home and acting like boy 1T 435

when, should keep his sympathy for his family Ev 460

See also Family; Family worship; Father; Home; Parent

18. Medical missionary workers and

harmonious action needed between 1SM 199

not united are worst evil to befall churches MM 241

nurses as, in gospel work CT 468; MM 240

ought to: be associated together in gospel work CH 539; CT 468

counsel together Ev 546; 7T 111

labor together in needy fields CT 523

work together in evangelism CT 471; Ev 397

physicians and, co-operation needed between MM 250

more equality needed between wages of 2SM 201

need to work together in evangelizing cities CH 543-8

ought to work in harmony and union 6T 233; 7T 111

results of combined work of physicians as CH 546

should labor together in gospel work CT 468; MM 240, 248, 263; 6T 240-1; 8T 46

physicians well versed in Bible truth as, should labor in cities CH 545-6

19. Need(s)

as thorough knowledge of God’s word as possible 2T 499

cheap books to sell to people who come to meetings CW 168

conscientious scruples against eating flesh foods CD 402

cultivation of social qualities 4T 266

daily communion with God 4T 371

daily conversion to God 2T 516

deep hunger for Christ’s righteousness GW 17

deep sense of sacredness of his work GW 16

deeper sense of his spiritual need CT 284

divine enlightenment daily 5T 529

exercise in open air 3T 489

heart preparation before engaging in work of helping others 5T 166

increased ability to understand Scriptures GW 142

knowledge of God’s word 2T 556

living connection with God GW 151

living experience in things of God GW 438

margin of salary to work upon GW 449

means in order to live 4T 597

more ability, tact, and wisdom in presenting truth 6T 47

more than intellectual knowledge of truth 5T 158-9

orchard or garden Ev 660-1

periods of rest CH 564

physical exercise GW 240; 1T 448; 3T 235; 4T 264

daily CH 564

practical godliness in his daily life 4T 321

prayer life 3T 323

rest after labored effort 1T 472

rules to regulate their diet GW 230; 4T 416

souls as seals of their ministry 5T 190

strictly temperate habits 5T 441

systematic physical labor 3T 310

thorough understanding of Scriptures 5T 574

time for: meditation and prayer SR 261

study of Scriptures SR 261

time to: attend to his own needs Ev 661

examine himself and search his own heart 7T 252

study God’s word 7T 250, 252

truth in their hearts in order to successfully present it to others 2T 552

vital connection with God 5T 251

20. Need(s) to

accommodate themselves to varied conditions of people 2T 673

act nobly and liberally in dealing with pub. houses 4T 598

adapt his labors to condition of people he seeks to benefit AA 386

adopt healthful system of living 4T 264

alarm people before they can shake off their lethargy 2SG 300

allow people to ask questions on Bible subjects Ev 438

anticipate sorrow and difficulties of others Ev 349

appeal to people to prepare for day of God 2T 507

appear cheerful and fresh always GW 450

arise and shine 6T 414

arouse: people from their paralyzed condition MM 280

youth for service of God GW 74

assist and educate younger workers GW 75-6

bear: censer of heaven’s fragrant atmosphere of love Ev 349

close testimony re faithfulness in tithing 5T 275

pointed testimony 2SG 300; 1T 238

become acquainted with: every member of family visited 3T 233

his hearers personally Ev 157

parents and children Ev 158

people in homes Ev 142

bend all energies of mind to make his work successful 4T 320

beware lest self get supremacy GW 381

bind off evangelistic work before leaving it GW 367-9; 2T 339, 622; 4T 265, 317, 399; 5T 375

bind himself to Source of all power 5T 531

bring people to decision 1T 437

call church members to help in house-to-house work WM 110

call on church members to let truth triumph 9T 70

care for SDA youth Ev 346-7

carry: Christ wherever they go 5T 161

Christ with him in his hours of solitude 5T 161

out strictly to letter the injunctions in God’s word CS 107

people with them in their prayers 5T 201

sympathies of people with him Ev 177

understanding of people with him Ev 177

circulate books among people 6T 321

combine: earnest prayer with study 4T 318

physical labor with mental exertion 3T 486; Te 166

come close to people GW 193

individually GW 185

come into: closer companionship with Christ 2T 635

personal contact with people 6T 68

come to Christ as little children 5T 159

come up to pure and elevated standard 2T 710

commit portions of Scripture to memory 4T 412

commune with God AA 362-3

in prayer GW 509

conduct Bible studies 9T 124

with families Ev 435

with new converts Ev 284

confess their errors and sins EW 103; TM 153

conserve strength by judicious and well-directed labor 2T 118

contend for the faith 5T 16

contribute interesting and spiritual articles to Review CW 86-7

control his personal inclinations for seclusion and study GW 337

converse with people on religious subjects 4T 536

copy Christ’s method of teaching as closely as possible 5T 254

counsel together TM 485

re their plans and manner of labor 3T 504

counsel with brethren TM 313, 315

cry aloud and spare not 1T 216

cultivate: spirit of Christian courtesy 5T 31

garden for exercise CH 564

interest in all departments of God’s work GW 382; 3T 34

spirituality in order to succeed in their work 4T 268

cut loose from everything diverting their minds from God and His work 5T 531

dare to be true 4T 449

deal with wrongs and sins in church 3T 266

defend truth against base apostates 5T 528

depend: more on working of Spirit TM 144

on God and his own energies 3T 49-50

develop: deeper piety and spirituality each year 4T 270

talent in new church Ev 337

devote: less time to preaching sermons 4T 317

more time to visiting and praying with people 4T 317

devote time to: quietly visiting families Ev 463

reading, study, meditation, and prayer 4T 412

singing with families Ev 463

dig for truth as for hidden treasure GW 93

discipline themselves Ev 115; 1T 645, 649

for warfare 1T 647

do: house-to-house work AA 363-4; Ev 157, 349, 382, 431-5; 1T 473; 2T 705-6; 3T 233; 4T 262; 6T 321-2

same work that Christ did 6T 414

some manual work during day Ev 661

thorough work Ev 323

thorough work in churches 1T 468

work similar to that of Elijah 5T 254

do aggressive evangelistic work Ev 382

at health resorts in California Ev 406

in new fields Ev 382

do more educating and teaching than preaching Ev 338, 441-2; GW 76; 7T 20

do more than to: convince of sin Ev 283-5

give discourses GW 193

merely preach MM 301

do personal work AA 363-4

for individuals and families Ev 435-6

draw people to Christ and not to himself Ev 330

dwell upon practical godliness Ev 142

earn salary paid him 2T 623

eat: bread of life MH 443; 8T 308

simple food MM 295

economize strength of brain and nerve CD 55

educate: churches re true worship 5T 500

churches to be liberal 6BC 1103; WM 206

families to care for their sick and poor 6T 272

helpers in every church GW 197

his mind 2T 671

more by holding Bible studies GW 193

young men how to labor successfully GW 76

educate church in: all points of truth and duty 5T 302

gospel work DA 825

employ all their time and talents in gospel work 7T 252

encourage: and maintain unwavering faith and hope 7T 35

believers to keep up systematic benevolence 2T 628

church members to go out as colporteurs 6T 470

church members to obtain practical knowledge of all lines of miss. work 6T 302

churches to go forward in their work Ev 86

devotion to God on Sabbath 2T 704

in themselves humble dignity of bearing 1T 648-9

order, discipline, and union of action 1T 649

personal labor for the unsaved 9T 124

enter upon performance of duty without wholly calculating consequences 5T 299

eradicate cheap and common expressions from their speech Ev 211

evangelize unworked cities 9T 123

exalt: Christ as sinner’s refuge 4T 394

standard of Sabbath observance 2T 703

exemplify love in their own lives 5T 160

exercise greatest care re doctrines they teach Ev 632

expect to endure hardship 7T 254

experience constant growth in grace 7T 251

feed: God’s flock Ev 346; 2T 341

his flock 2T 618

feel: burden of sacredness of his work 1T 443

burden to have school debts paid off 6T 207

deepest interest in families they visit 3T 308

force of arguments they present 1T 645

it a privilege to deny self and suffer for Christ’s sake 5T 159

it his duty to preserve his health CH 566

jealous for God’s cause 3T 234

that God has laid upon them burden of work 1T 438

fill their office to best of their ability 7T 250

find out what constitutes true health reform Te 245

follow Christ’s example as worker 2T 635

follow up: interest aroused 2T 540

public labors by private effort 1T 432

follow up his preaching by: holding Bible studies 5T 255

personal work 5T 255

praying with interested ones and families 5T 255

teaching people to search Scriptures 5T 255

visiting with people 5T 255

forget self and hide behind Christ 3T 235

form: habits of strictest temperance 3T 490

happy acquaintance with youth GW 207

foster spirit of reverence in church services 5T 499

gain confidence of people in order to do them good 3T 553

give: all glory and praise to Christ for success 4T 318

attention to balanced cultivation of mental faculties 3T 34-5

evidence he is fit for his calling GW 124

evidence of holy calling 1T 261

God opportunity to teach, lead, and impress him 3T 16

himself to God in complete self-renunciation TM 339

instruction re home government AH 359

mind and body due share of exercise CH 564

new churches instruction re proper Sabbath observance 6T 353

personal help to believers GW 369

plain and pointed testimony 2SG 299

pointed and straight testimony 1T 213-4

themselves particularly to preaching gospel AA 89

trumpet a certain sound FE 483; GW 395

undivided interest to their work LS 195; 2T 502

give themselves to: God’s service wholly LS 195; 1T 376, 648

prayer Ev 91; GW 193

preaching Ev 91

go before God often to plead for His Spirit 5T 158

go forth into new fields 1SM 127

and raise up churches 2T 340

go forward Ev 30

go out into unbelieving world to win souls 3T 406

grapple with great themes Ev 151

grow in knowledge of Christ 5T 528

guard: carefully their moments 2T 498

inexperienced against seductive influences 1SM 169

strictly against self-exaltation 4T 262

strictly their purity, modesty, and virtue TM 427

their thoughts so as not to be ashamed to meet record in day of God 5T 161

themselves always 1T 432

guide God’s people in their soul-saving efforts 5T 256

hang their helpless souls upon Christ’s merits TM 247

hate sin and selfishness TM 160

have: private talks with interested souls 6T 68

seasons of prayer with persons under conviction Ev 155; 6T 413

help: believers who are weak and need help most 3T 187

organize church’s working forces 6T 302

hold himself in readiness for service at any hour GW 451

hunt up and work for backsliders CH 533-4

identify: his interests with those of parents and children 4T 382

themselves with people they wish to help 4T 261

illustrate: and enforce instructions by own example AA 394-5

Christ’s life by example 1T 432

imitate Christ’s manner of labor 3T 237

impress on people the necessity of individual effort 2T 120-1

improve: earnestly their God-given talent 1T 446; 2T 629

golden moments in studying God’s work 3T 559

opportunities of gaining confidence among unbelievers 3T 233

increase in knowledge of Bible truth every year 4T 270

inquire of himself what his natural disposition is 3T 421

inquire re people’s objections to truth 4T 263

instruct churches re tithing 9T 250-1

instruct converts re tithes and offerings Ev 249-52; GW 222-3, 370

instruct people 5T 16, 300

in meekness and wisdom 5T 16

in practical religion 6T 88

more re ministration of angels 4BC 1173

re health reform 1T 559

re need of home religion CG 475

re their stewardship 9T 246

re tithes and offerings 3T 409; 5T 256

re what to do to gain eternal life CG 531

that profession of faith without heartfelt piety is powerless for good 5T 531

thoroughly in God’s word GW 369-70

intercede in prayer for people under his care 4T 268

investigate their motives 2T 512

keep: close to Christ’s side AH 354-5

his armor on every moment 1T 436

needs of God’s cause before churches AA 341

self in background AA 278

self out of sight TM 312

their office free from all things secular or political 7T 252

their proper place with becoming dignity GW 125

their souls alive by working for others 2T 619

themselves from worldly entanglements 5T 531

keep up his life and energy GW 451

know: Christ’s character and works 2T 549

how to meet people in their homes Ev 438

more than how to talk 4T 266

labor (work): carefully and intelligently 5T 531

circumspectly TM 148

earnestly for unconverted youth CG 550

faithfully irrespective of censure 5T 263

for God with all energies 1T 213

for persons who know not truth MM 318

for salvation of worldly moneyed men 9T 115

for salvation of youth CSW 77

for the unconcerned and indifferent 8T 253

in desk and out of it 2SG 286

in different manner 5T 16

in unity with workers in other departments 9T 169-70

on gospel plan of ministering CH 533; WM 139

personally for souls wherever opportunity presents 1T 432

unitedly with brethren of experience TM 502

wisely in home circle 4T 262

with disinterested benevolence 2T 502

with true earnestness and faith 4T 262

lead people: from things creating appetite for flesh food CD 399

higher in health reform 6T 376

learn: as they labor for souls 6T 90

Christ’s method of labor AA 365

daily in school of Christ Ev 206; GW 178

how to preserve their health FE 321

humility of Christ FE 511

unmistakable lessons of forbearance and love 4T 486

learn to: be shepherds 3T 228

give simple treatments Ev 525

let business and financial matters alone 7T 252

perform greatest amount of labor in briefest period allotted them 1T 645

rely on Christ as Source of strength GW 419

work as Christ did Ev 441-2

leave: Christ room to work on soul 1SM 178

churches and extend God’s work in new fields 6T 30

old church and establish new ones 6T 414

work of home church in safe hands before going to camp meeting 6T 46

let truth do cutting and hewing 1T 383; 3T 218

lift up: Christ as sinner’s only hope 6T 88

Christ before their hearers Ev 283-5

Christ more and more 5T 159

his voice like trumpet GW 149

live as man among men Ev 349

live out: light they already have TM 439

their preaching 1T 432

live up to light on health reform 9T 163-4

live what he preaches 2T 705

look back at end of year and see souls saved from his work 8T 17

lose: no opportunity to do good 4T 266

themselves in Christ 5T 133

love their work as part of their existence 2T 345

magnify his office 5T 300

maintain: entire consecration to God CSW 157

strict temperance in dietetic habits CD 55

make: Christ center of truth Ev 181

Christ his hope, trust, and dependence TM 379

Christ their dependence 6T 414

every moment fruitful 2T 500

God’s cause primary 2T 629

his teachings conform to people’s actual needs 4T 261

special effort to turn youth from all exciting stories to sure word of prophecy 5T 519

themselves useful in families entertaining them 3T 308

truth pointed 2SG 284-5

truth theme of study, meditation, and conversation 4T 526

unreserved surrender to God 2T 521

manifest: Christ’s melting love TM 151

spirit of self-sacrifice GW 454

spirit to save rather than to destroy 4T 486

mark well his spiritual standing TM 384

measure Scripture evidence with persons who advocate specious errors 5T 528

meet: objections of opponents with patience, judgment, calmness, and meekness EW 102

people where they are 2T 341

scripture with scripture as Christ did 2T 343

move: forward irrespective of censure and uncontaminated by applause 5T 263

from principle rather than impulse 3T 241

nourish and protect their sheep 3T 187

obey laws of life 6T 376

obtain more knowledge of Christ continually 4T 317

obtain subscribers to SDA periodicals 2T 628

open: doors to young men exposed to temptation GW 212

God’s word with reverence Ev 643

oppose liquor traffic Te 231

overcome on point of appetite Te 166; 3T 486

perform faithfully all social and public duties of life 2T 550

permit Spirit to impress mind while preaching 5T 251

plead: for God’s help to rightly present Christ to world 5T 158

for warmth of Christ’s love TM 153

with sinners 2T 506

possess physical health 4T 264

practice: God’s word in daily life MM 254

lessons Christ has given in His word MM 318

what they preach 3T 490; 5T 160

pray: more in secret 1T 434

much and labor wisely in new fields 4T 266

together TM 485

when discouragement threatens to overwhelm him AA 363

pray for: God’s angels to impress their minds while they preach 6T 57

light from God’s word 3T 235

physicians 6T 248

the sick GW 213-5

pray with: families Ev 348, 435, 463; GW 193

people 4T 536

preach: truth as it is in Christ 1SM 158

truth in its solemnity and importance 1T 383

prepare themselves for work by thorough heart searching 5T 574

present: Christ in relation to God’s law GW 157

eternal treasure wherever they go 5T 262

health question to churches 6T 376

health reform at large gatherings Te 245

message 6T 301

plan of salvation in its simplicity 5T 159

practical subjects 3T 257

truth in its simplicity Ev 133-4

truth in tenderness and yearning for souls 1T 383

preserve their: good name untarnished Ev 680-1

health CH 563-6; Ev 657-8; GW 242

mental and physical strength LS 354; 3T 242

moral and physical vigor 1T 473

promote: circulation of health journals CH 447

circulation of SDA publications 1T 687

med. miss. work WM 139

miss. work in all lands GW 451

prove themselves by labor in new fields 3T 48

purify themselves from moral defilement TM 146

put: aside debating spirit Ev 249

believers to work who stand idle FE 365

whole heart into searching of Scriptures GW 98-9

reach: higher attainments in knowledge of Bible and of sciences 6T 440

holier standard 8T 317

people by prayer and personal effort 4T 319

read books while traveling 4T 412

realize holiness of his work GW 150

rebuke woman who holds his hand a long time or praises his smartness Ev 679-80

receive and practice light on health reform MM 252

receive supplies from heaven first in order to feed others TM 338

refuse resolutely to display human wisdom AA 278

regard himself as God’s minuteman GW 451

rely on Christ for strength GW 16

remember always that they are men liable to err 3T 187

represent: Christ’s love GW 14

God in thought, word, and act GW 20

God rightly in all their acts 2T 615

God’s love to fallen world 6T 120

love of Christ 6T 413

principles of truth rightly in their lives 2T 614

reprove: individual wrongs 1T 383

Sabbathbreaking 2T 704

sin in brother 1T 213-4

sin in spirit of meekness 1T 209

sins and wrongs of God’s people faithfully 3T 196

repulse: forwardness in young women GW 129; 1T 381

women showing them familiarity 1T 437

resemble Christ in their: earnest zeal 5T 251

personal efforts 5T 251

thoughtful tact 5T 251

resist temptation GW 126

resort to prayer, working, and praying without ceasing 2T 635

respect judgment of brethren TM 30, 503

review: closing scenes of Christ’s life frequently 4T 374

his actions of each day GW 275; 2T 512

their habits of life GW 275

rise by putting forth effort 4T 417

safeguard interests of church faithfully GW 15

save youth from ruin FE 117

search God’s word diligently for food for flock 2SM 221

search Scriptures daily 2T 343

earnestly and prayerfully 4T 407

with humble prayer for understanding heart 2T 343

see need of co-operating in med. work 6T 299

seek: Christ with all lowliness and meekness 5T 133

constantly for deeper and more thorough knowledge of plan of salvation as revealed in Bible 5T 158

counsel before advocating new points of doctrine EW 61-2

God for His spirit Ev 91, 663

to be of one mind and one judgment 1SM 181

to restore the sick to health MM 240

to speak same things 1SM 167

to tear away idols from camp of Israel 1T 383

sell Christ’s Object Lessons to relieve schools of debt 6T 477

serve: as counselors to school management 6T 216

God from principle when severely tried 1T 445

set: church members to work 7T 20

example in healthful living MM 264-5

example in sacrificing for truth 2T 336

forth evils of intemperance 6T 110

pace in miss. work 3T 204-5

right example before people CH 559-62; TM 188

worthy example for youth GW 126

show: decided interest in med miss. work CH 533

kindness and courtesy to children 4T 397

people their need of change of heart GW 159

tact and skill when visiting families Ev 437

that they believe that Christ is at door 2T 337

the erring their peril PP 361

shun every appearance of evil 1T 381

sound note of alarm at approach of enemy GW 15

speak to interested souls personally after sermon 6T 68

spend: a few hours each day in outdoor labor CH 564; GW 240

portion of day in cultivating soil FE 325

spread truth abroad instead of laboring among churches 3T 210

stand: faithful at his post AA 169

together when battle goes hard 1T 272

united in reproving wrong 1T 213

united in their efforts 1T 213

step under banners of strict temperance CD 402

strengthen churches to care for their sick and poor 6T 272

strengthen med. miss. work by voice and pen MM 253

study: both OT and NT Scriptures 5BC 1094

carefully when to speak, what to say, and what to leave unsaid GW 117

Christ’s life carefully 3T 214

God’s word faithfully 2T 342, 505

himself 1T 433, 435

his weaknesses and failings 1T 435

history of Christ 2T 151-2

history of God’s cause and people 1SM 157

history of Luther (Martin) 2T 152

laws of health Ev 439

life of Christ 2T 151-2

lives of Protestant Reformers 2T 152

no matter how well qualified he may think himself to be 5T 528

Scriptures diligently GW 192

Scriptures for themselves 2T 710

three angels’ messages thoroughly GW 251

to be skillful when there are no rules to meet the case GW 119

submit church problems to church for settlement 7T 264

suffer for Christ 1T 431

suggest additions to people living on meager diet Ev 439

support plan of systematic benevolence 1T 316

take decided and active part in med. miss. work 6T 301

take hold of med. miss. work CH 533

take little children in arms and bless them AH 274; Ev 349-50

take physical exercise LS 354

take time for: close investigation of Scriptures 2T 500

prayer Ev 98

talk: of Jesus 5T 133

simple truths wherein they can agree 1SM 181

with God before talking with people TM 311

tax his resources to utmost for conversion of one sinner AA 370

teach believers how to: do miss. work DA 825; ChS 131; GW 76; 5T 256, 308; 6T 431

do SS work 5T 256

labor in church ChS 69

labor in community ChS 69

study Bible GW 76

work for salvation of others 4T 397

work together harmoniously Ev 115

teach believers to: bear burdens in God’s work GW 370

engage in gospel work 5T 255

remember that they have God nigh at hand TM 326

sustain God’s cause 5T 255

work intelligently 5T 255

work like well-drilled soldiers 1T 649

teach people: correct habits Ev 439

how to care for their bodies Ev 547

tithing by precept and example 9T 247

teach people to: put away things creating appetite for flesh food MM 280

sustain God’s work with their means 9T 246

teach people to be: faithful in tithes and offerings 5T 375

prompt in paying their dues 2T 628

teach truth in families GW 187-8

tell men how to invest safely in bank of heaven 5T 532

test spiritual pulse of people Ev 142

toil and sacrifice to do his work successfully GW 16

train: church members to do gospel work GW 196

himself to be successful shepherd 3T 420

himself to visit every family he can Ev 440

themselves to do hard physical work GW 106

turn to God in prayer in time of distress 2T 509

understand: Bible 2T 342

doctrinal subjects thoroughly 4T 415

how to feed God’s flock 1T 209

laws bearing on health of mind and soul 6T 376

laws governing physical life 6T 376

prophecies thoroughly 4T 415

unite church members with him in his work 4T 319

unite with med. miss. work MM 241

uphold church organization 1T 271

uproot feeling of doubt re Testimonies 5T 374

urge: circulation of health journals CM 134

home to hearts of hearers need of faithfulness 5T 302

parents to be faithful in duties of home religion 6T 119

religion of Christ upon people’s conscience 4T 395

use tact in city evangelism Ev 71

use their influence to best advantage CW 85

venture something for truth’s sake 2T 339

visit: every family under his care Ev 346-7; GW 187-8, 193

families in their homes Ev 348; GW 187-8, 193; 9T 124