EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Mind, Minds (Part 2 of 4)

unwholesome mental food causes MYP 290

views of, re fasting 1T 556

uncultivated, will be overgrown with weeds and briers of ignorance 4T 443

undisciplined: do not be content with FE 119

finds it difficult to stay on profitable subjects CT 544

God does not want us to have CT 506

grasp meaning of Scripture passages difficult to the educated 5T 704

unguarded against Satan’s invisible agents, danger of MYP 61

unsanctified: fail to receive strength and comfort God has provided for them 3T 84

restless and possessing strong desire for something new 3T 84

Satan seeks to lead, into fanaticism AA 348

unsatisfied unless constantly fed on trashy and unwholesome food MYP 281

unsuspecting, poisoned by vendors of gossip 5T 241

untrained, compared to uncultivated field CT 136

uplifted, communion with God in nature produces DA 291

varied: cannot be treated alike MH 496; ML 189

intelligence of, God’s cause needs 5T 581

of san. patients cannot be treated alike 4T 554

Satan has various snares to meet Ev 361

very determined, woman who had 3T 68

wandering through mazes of skepticism are many 4T 588

warped by mismanagement, difficulty of balancing in right direction FE 53

wayward and pernicious, warning against leadings of 2T 563

weak, attempts to beautify the external is looked upon as proof of 3T 376

weakened by: burdening it with that which it cannot digest and assimilate Ed 230

devotion solely to finite things COL 41

long yielding to enemy 2T 130

wearied to death through unnecessary work in trying to obtain knowledge of good and evil CT 444; FE 446

well-balanced: all faculties should be used in order to have 3T 155

all mental powers must be developed in order to have 3T 152-3

amusement that is not most favorable to CT 309

Bible study that produces CT 357; FE 433-4

copy Christ in order to have 5T 421

God wants us to have 1SM 48

knowledge of God gives TM 210

man was created with PP 595; SC 17

minister should seek to preserve Ev 659

moving of Spirit to keep 2SM 60

not possible if motives are not high, pure, and unselfish SD 171

not usually obtained by devotion of physical powers to amusement FE 229

teachers should have CT 191; FE 266

use and development of all powers of one’s being are essential to CT 295

want of women with FE 117-8

what to do to have 3T 155

why there are few AH 414; CG 206; 5T 319

women should develop CG 67; WM 154

well-disciplined, importance of having 4T 497-8

use of 4T 498

well-proportioned, men who cannot have 3T 35

EGW’s, illuminated when she wrote or related things seen in vision 1SM 37

JW’s overtaxed, needed rest 3T 12

without vigorous exercise, decreases in power and aptitude to think FE 226

women professing godliness generally fail to train their 2T 187-8

women’s, overwork depresses 1T 306

wondering and delighted, unfolding of God’s work in creation and redemption to 5T 702

worldly men’s, frequently become gross 3T 402

wounded, skill is needed to cure 1T 384

4. Dealing with

careless work is dangerous in 5T 405

Christ’s carefulness and tenderness in TM 184

clear discernment is needed in 3T 104

colporteurs need tact and skill in 5T 399

exercise Christ’s love, carefulness, and tenderness in TM 184

finest discrimination is required in GW 333

good powers of discrimination are needed in 3T 104

great danger of misjudging and erring in 3T 104

great wisdom needed in Ev 247; 2T 220

greatest work ever committed to man is Te 270

is: delicate matter MH 163

nice work CG 205; 4T 419

ministers should be patient and wise in GW 381; 4T 262-3

most critical work ever given to mortals is CT 264; 3T 104

nicest job (work) ever committed to man is Ev 348; FE 277; 3T 104

nicest work in which men ever engaged is 3T 269

passionate man should have no part in TM 261

selfish and impatient and un-Christlike temper should not be manifest in FE 263

tact and skill in, lack of CM 34

teacher needs tact and wisdom in CT 193

teacher who overworks unfits himself for FE 147

wisdom and tact in, teacher must have Ed 278

wisdom from Christ is needed in TM 168

5. Faculties of

affections and, strictly discipline and cultivate CG 71

all: are capable of high improvement 3T 56

exercise of, intellect is strengthened by 3T 32

have bearing upon one another 3T 310

keep, in as healthy a condition as possible FE 107

may be safely exercised if physical powers are equally taxed FE 321

need to be equally exercised 3T 310

ought to be developed and rightly trained MH 398

should be cultivated 3T 33

should be well developed 3T 26

as higher powers of man’s being MH 399

become weak when left to lie dormant 3T 32

cultivate 3T 26, 33

development of, balance should be carefully preserved in 3T 33

each: has its distinctive office 3T 77, 310

is gift of good and wise God CT 125

shows God designed it to be used 4T 411

full strength of, tobacco user cannot long possess Ed 202

user of alcohol cannot long possess Ed 202

God designed that, should be used and not remain inactive 4T 411

God has provided subjects for thought which will activate 4T 581

good and noble, should be strengthened with use 5T 128

highest, searching Scriptures calls into intense activity Ed 124

ill effects of exercising some, to neglect of others 3T 32-3

leaven of truth quickens COL 101

one: cannot be effectually used without operation of others 3T 33

consequence of letting, remain dormant 3T 26

result of exercising, to neglect of others 3T 78

perceptions of, are placed under law 8T 264

perverted by men CT 237

preservation of, we depend on God for 3T 33

Satan’s design to belittle and sensualize CT 237

should rule kingdom of the body MH 399

strongest, tendency to exercise 3T 33

tobacco debases 4aSG 126

unbalanced development of, result of 3T 33

understanding of God’s revealed will brings, in contact with tremendous truths FE 129

use all CH 504

vigor lost when one set of, is cultivated to neglect of another FE 256

weak, should be strengthened by exercise 3T 33

tendency to neglect 3T 33

See also Mental faculty

6. Human

adapts itself: gradually to subjects on which it dwells GC 555; ML 23; PP 596; 5T 24

to what it finds impossible to change Ed 290

angels cannot control, against its will MYP 53; 1T 345

any device or precept that brings God’s agents under control of, impairs their faith and separates them from Him 7T 181

belongs to God CS 72

can never fully comprehend its obligation to God 6T 10

cannot comprehend God MH 429; 8T 279

cannot evade: obligation to God 6T 10

obligation to higher power PK 624

capable of comprehending divine things when man was created PP 45

Christ’s grace is only power that can safely be brought to bear upon MM 115

communion of, with mind of God Ed 14

with the Infinite Ed 14

control of, good and evil agencies seek AH 405

darkened by sin 5T 746

designed by God for better things 1T 125

endowed with power to discriminate between right and wrong 1BC 1120; DA 458

finite: God’s character cannot be fully comprehended by Ed 169; SC 105

God’s existence cannot be fully comprehended by PP 116

God’s plans and purposes cannot be fully comprehended by GC 527

God’s power cannot be fully comprehended by PP 116

God’s thoughts and ways re His creatures are above PP 638

God’s wisdom cannot be fully comprehended by PP 116

God’s works cannot be explained by 4T 585

God’s works cannot be fully comprehended by Ed 169; SC 105

is inadequate to grasp the infinite SC 108; 5T 701

mystery of godliness cannot be fathomed by 7BC 915

work of redemption cannot be comprehended by DA 173

formed by God to serve Him perfectly 1T 125

God designs that, should not be purposeless 3T 147

God desires to guide, by Spirit 8T 172

God does not control, without its consent DA 258; MH 93

God formed (made) 6BC 1105; MH 243; MM 112; SD 105

God’s purposes cannot be fully understood by SC 108

God’s wisdom and power cannot be comprehended by 6BC 1079

in its eager questioning finds rest alone in God Ed 134

infinity cannot be measured by 6BC 1079

knowledge of, gospel workers need 4T 67

mingling of good and evil has confused Ed 25

mystery of godliness cannot be understood by 4T 585

needs of, God knows MH 243; MM 112

one truth or promise of Bible cannot be exhausted by Ed 171; ML 26

perverted through sin 8T 312

power of self-deception on, is fearful 4T 88

powers of, God alone can measure 4T 413

See also Mental power

properties of, Satan has been experimenting on MM 111; 2SM 352

religion of Bible cannot be fully understood by MYP 190; 4T 585

Satan cannot control, without its consent DA 125; MYP 60; 1T 301

Satan cannot have great power over, when appetite is controlled FE 143

Satan cannot take possession of, by force 2SM 353

Satan imbues, with his own thoughts MM 111; 2SM 352-3

Satan ever seeks to impress and control 4T 542

Satan has been experimenting with, for thousands of years MM 111; 2SM 352

Satan plays on, whenever possible 3T 505

Satan seeks control of EW 210

Satan’s power over, few people have just sense of 2T 478

is wonderful 5T 150

science of, Satan takes tremendous advantage of 1T 290

sciences treating of, are good in their place 2SM 352; 1T 296

Satan exploits 2SM 352

skepticism is attractive to FE 542; MH 439; 8T 305

so subject to prejudice it can hardly write impartial biography 4T 9-10

Spirit co-operates with CT 367

Spirit creates faith in 7BC 940

susceptible of highest cultivation FE 47

truths that cannot be reasoned out by 1SM 163

while Satan pulls, in one direction Christ draws it in another FE 256

workings of, pastors need to understand 4T 267

7. Law(s) of

God created Ed 41

how one, operates 5T 272

important CG 284

one of 5T 272

ordained by God Ed 276-7

study MH 128

that: by beholding men become changed GC 555; PP 91

gradually adapts itself to subjects on which it is trained to dwell PP 596

narrows or expands to dimensions of things with which it becomes familiar CT 460; FE 127; MYP 262

strength is acquired by effort Ed 123

transgression of, man places himself out of harmony with universe by Ed 100

unvarying, operation of 5T 272

See also Psychology

8. One man’s

building of church should not be handled by CS 262

cannot understand fully one promise of God TM 111

conference should not be controlled or molded by 9T 277

control of, you are not asked to place yourself under MM 116

do not follow, without question TM 302

how, may affect health and happiness of entire family 2T 524

important matters relating to God’s cause should not be decided by 2SM 91

is not to: control another DA 550; Ed 288; MH 242; MM 114-6; 2SM 352; 1T 616; 3T 134; 4T 609; 8T 212; TM 491

control believers in present truth 3T 501

control God’s work 5T 418

mold and fashion God’s work Ev 104

rule and control another’s conscience 1BC 1107

is not to be: criterion for med. miss. work MM 24

criterion for another gospel worker TM 491

judgment for another man 3T 493

ruled over by another 7T 178; TM 361

not capable of: carrying conf. responsibilities 9T 277

planning for all branches of God’s work 9T 277

not sufficient to: be trusted by church 3T 445

direct God’s work 9T 260

Satan uses, to control another 4T 84

stamp of, God’s work must not bear 3T 493

unwarranted control of, over another CT 180

9. Ought (or need) to be

accustomed to contemplate elevating subjects CG 447

adapted to increasing demands of gospel work 5T 722

ascending constantly in silent prayer for help 4T 459

balanced by: enlightenment of Spirit CW 82

high principles of right FE 193

called out TM 242

developed: in accordance with its laws Ed 41

to its utmost capacity CT 188

devoted to spiritual things 2T 434-5

directed upward in pure, holy, and heavenly channel 2T 414

disciplined MH 453; 8T 314

by religious exercises to love devotion and heavenly things 2T 507

by study, observation, and reflection LS 275

in spiritual things 4T 54

so that all its powers will be symmetrically developed MYP 271; 4T 497

disciplined to: be retentive COL 359

comprehend significance of SDA message FE 127

remember 3T 12

self-denial 4T 574

wrestle (grapple) with hard problems COL 334; PP 596

disciplined to dwell on: cheerful subjects CH 628; 2T 247

heavenly themes SD 109

sacred themes 2T 703

disciplined to love: devotion 2T 507

heavenly things 2T 507

purity 2T 265

diverted from self by beauties of nature CD 104; 2T 530

drawn away from self CH 629

enlarged and developed by vigorous exercise FE 257

enlightened CW 125

exercised: constantly in obtaining spiritual knowledge 2T 189

in devising means to make others happier and better CH 629

in study of God’s word 3T 49

unto godliness 2T 189

expanded by taxing study CT 425

fed pure food to: have health and strength CG 188

keep heart pure SD 108

filled with: great and pure thoughts COL 60

pure and holy thoughts CM 72

fixed intently on Scriptures 2SM 155-6

fixed on: cheerful things 1T 704

present duties 2T 429

going out after God constantly 5T 410

habituated to: concentrate on spiritual things 2T 264

meditate on pure and holy things 2T 479

kept clear Ev 529

kept free from: all that leads in wrong direction MYP 273; 5T 544

rubbish of world CH 371

kept from dwelling on: evil AH 404

self 2T 434

made storehouse of knowledge, purity, and truth FE 49

occupied in useful labor CH 629

regulated by Spirit after divine order 4BC 1159

stored with: Christ’s teachings GC 600

divine truth SD 327

ennobling themes of God’s word ML 89

God’s promises MH 486

pure principles MYP 69

rich promises 5T 275

treasures of God’s word FE 181-5

truths of God ML 28; 4T 415

warnings of God’s word 5T 275

strengthened: by high and noble purpose MYP 42

to discern reasons for our faith TM 164

sustained by firm, undeviating, and sanctified principles CG 271

tasked 3T 12

to utmost to comprehend truth FE 108

taught self-control 3T 132

taxed in searching Scriptures 1SM 362

trained (educated) CT 20; FE 94; MH 453; 3T 241; 8T 314

by daily tests 4T 561

by study and reflection SD 70

by study, observation, and reflection LS 275

by taxing study CT 425

for greatest usefulness 3T 367

in spiritual things 4T 54

in truths concerning eternal life CT 13

so as to bring out energies of soul and develop every faculty 3T 32

through daily tests to habits of fidelity 3T 22

to comprehend important truths re eternal life FE 536

to preserve its purity FE 536

10. Ought not to be

allowed to: drift with circumstances FE 108

follow impulse FE 108

run in channel of lovesick sentimentalism 3T 332

run in channel of thought from which you will receive no benefit 3T 333

wander 4T 414

barred against counsel TM 500

confined: constantly to close thought 4T 652

solely to dead study of books FE 322

crowded with mass of matter it cannot digest 7T 205

distracted with variety of subjects at time 4T 414

diverted from present duties by small things 2T 434

dwarfed or crippled by overwork CG 395

encumbered with trashy stories 5T 544

left to drift MYP 42

left to wander: at random on every subject Satan suggests AA 518; PP 460

from present duties MYP 149

here and there 1T 125

placed where God’s word forbids Ev 681

servant to body PP 562; 1T 487

taxed: constantly to neglect of physical powers LS 353

heavily just before or just after eating MH 306

to neglect of physical powers FE 321

uncontrolled to go where it will 2T 187

11. Qualities of

Adam’s, were well proportioned 3T 72

all, have distinctive office 3T 72

we are indebted to God for 3T 32

balance of: labor and study should be united at school to preserve 3T 153

maintain, by combining mental and physical work CT 296

preserve ML 70

breadth of, proper study of God’s word gives rare CT 460; FE 126; SC 90

calmness of, preserve 2T 424

cheerful frame of, encourage 3T 13

children inherit, from parents 2T 475

clear perceptions of, tobacco destroys Te 58

clearness of: diet’s relation to 4T 515

how ministers may preserve 3T 486-7

storing it with divine truth gives SD 327

depend on one another for full and proper use of any one of them 3T 72

earthliness of, some people fail to do their duty because of 4T 577

fidelity of, is retained only by watchfulness in prayer ML 296

health of, is needed for doing God’s work 1T 619

strict compliance with God’s requirements is beneficial to SL 23

highest, gospel work calls into action 6T 340

humbleness of: cherish 2T 431

is becoming to Christian 2T 389

man who lacked 3T 422

Spirit is to work in men of TM 509

humility of, promise to person who walks with God in ML 316

walk in all Ev 341

lower, reason made servant of 4T 140-1

lowliness of: constantly cherish 3T 321

is not degrading and humiliating 3T 536

is power 3T 477

needed to do God’s work with acceptance 4T 608

peace of: all that world bestows cannot impart MH 115

comes from pure and holy motives and actions 2T 327

do not allow affliction to destroy your AA 261

free and vigorous spring given by, to all organs of body 2T 327

God’s word brings CG 484; 1T 310

how diet affects CT 298

is conducive to health AH 342

preserve 2T 424

penetration of, sense of God’s claims upon us can give CG 189

purity of, important part of education is knowing what constitutes CT 103

serenity of: is retained only by watchfulness and prayer ML 296; MYP 80

regularity in eating is essential to 2T 400

that blesses others 2T 327

strength of: does not give man eternal life insurance papers MM 123

has much to do with your usefulness Te 146

obedience to God’s law brings SD 39

obedience to laws of health brings CT 298

proper treatment of stomach promotes CD 101

should not be concentrated on one idea or point of truth 2T 670

storing it with truth gives SD 327

strive for perfection of all COL 330

susceptibility of, to impressions is blunted (impaired) by unhealthful food CD 426; 3T 569

true independence of: characteristics of 3T 104-5

is element entirely different from rashness 3T 104

is not stubbornness FE 88

leads to cautious, prayerful, deliberate opinion 3T 104-5

that should not be easily yielded 3T 104-5

vigor of: depends largely on vigor of body 7T 247

earnest prayer gives MM 294

God requires that we make earnest efforts to preserve 4aSG 149

searching Scriptures gives MM 294

12. Should be educated (trained) to

contemplate elevating subjects 2T 470

delight in: devotion 2T 265

meditation on things of God 2T 265

spiritual exercises 2T 267

dwell on: elevated themes 2T 249, 414

religious themes 2T 189

right themes of thought SD 78

things that bring peace and love 1T 712

good works 2T 238

grapple (wrestle) with difficult problems COL 334; PP 596

have intelligent faith SD 27

love: Bible 2T 268

hour of meditation 2T 268

prayer meeting 2T 268

purity GC 543; 2T 265

to contemplate heavenly things 2T 187

make a business of serving God 3T 385

most diligent and persevering effort 5T 552

noble and unselfish thoughts 2T 187

overcome indolence 3T 498

purity of thought 2T 457

put forth strong efforts at proper time 3BC 1162

rule your being 3T 132

run in channel of spirituality 2T 188

see God in scenes of nature FE 96

think: Christ’s thoughts FE 520; 9T 88

habitually GW 98

rapidly 3BC 1162

thoughtfulness and care-taking MH 512; 4T 459

value heavenly things 2T 242

13. State (condition) of

affects: digestive organs 1BC 1112; CD 375

physical health 1BC 1112; CD 375; CH 28; MH 241; 4T 60

breakdown of See Mental breakdown

character of, determined by what it feeds on 6T 194

cheerful frame of, cultivate 1T 704

encourage 3T 13

confusion of, everywhere increasing Ev 30

contamination of, by breathing doubt and unbelief 2SM 166-7

derangement of, fanatic’s LS 87

despondency of, of JW during protracted illness 1T 613

devotional, preserve 3T 12

diseases of 5T 443

disordered and uncertain, disordered stomach produces MH 310; 7T 257

disposition of, God regards TM 121

distress of, affects blood pressure in brain 1T 577

dreamy and listless, that leads to indolence 2T 249

drift of, changed in conversion 4T 17

evil imaginings of, struggle constantly against 3BC 1145; SD 109

frame of, to magnify little difficulties AH 430

girl whose, unfitted her to marry 2T 324

gloom or horror of, experienced by worldling 3BC 1156; CH 627

happy and grateful frame of, cultivate 1T 704

encourage CG 147

has much to do with health of physical system 4T 60

health of See Mental health

healthy: depends on normal condition of vital forces CD 426; FE 144; 3T 569

narcotics are not conducive to 3T 569

stimulants are not conducive to 3T 569

healthy tone of: communion with God through His word is essential to MYP 273

dwelling on heavenly things promotes 1T 558

fresh air and exercise are powerful agents that help to give 2T 535

love stories destroy MYP 273; 2T 236

students’ employment and amusements should be adapted to preserve 3T 142

wrong habits of reading result in loss of FE 162; MYP 280

youth who cannot possess, because of intemperance in reading 2T 410

hopeful frame of, encourage 3T 13

hopeless, do not leave children in CG 279

imbecile, abuse of body that results in 2T 324

more healthful, physical taxation with mental effort maintains TM 241-2

narrowness of, warning against CW 34-5

organ of See Mental organ

peaceful frame of, encourage 3T 13

person impure in, seal of God will not be put upon TM 446

persons not well balanced in, speak and act indiscreetly 1SM 142

prayerful frame of, keep yourself in 6T 69

produced by new birth DA 330-1

right frame of, health depends on maintaining 3T 13

sanguine turn of, woman of very 2T 50

serene and cheerful, Daniel acquired 4BC 1168

sickness of, prevails everywhere 5T 444

tone of: exercise of will improves 1T 387

gradually lost by superficial study FE 257-8

love of vain amusements relaxes SD 131

trials of, EGW suffered peculiar 1T 346

uncertainty of, Satan takes advantage of FE 329; MM 91

unhappiness of, jealousy causes 1T 708

unhappy train of, physical and mental health injured by 1T 710

weakness and narrowness of, mysteries that cannot be understood because of Ed 170

weakness of, has much to do with your usefulness Te 146

worshipful frame of, God’s face turned away from people assembled for worship because of lack of 5T 499

See also Mental condition; Mental state

14. Young

bent of their inexperienced, many youth left to follow FE 52-3

best methods of dealing with, fathers should learn Te 70

dealing with, is important work 2T 341

fail to reach noblest development because of neglect of God’s word CT 139

how to direct, to that which is pure and ennobling CG 242-3

impressions made on, are hard to efface AH 201; 4T 198

remain with them all through life PP 244

impure, girl who had 2T 559

influence that training by mother has on 4T 497

long speeches tire GW 209

much study and earnest prayer are needed to know how to deal with CG 189; 3T 146

never confine, to routine of abstract lessons CT 187

should not be crowded with: much matter at one time CSW 112

too difficult studies 4T 97

too many studies 4T 97

sowing seeds of skepticism in CT 425; MH 440; 8T 305

stimulation of, by flattery or fear has proved ruinous FE 60

working of, watch with careful solicitude CG 263-4

youth do not try to direct their, to that which inspires pure and holy thought 8T 319

to that which would divert it from what is impure and untrue 8T 319

youth have too often confused and enfeebled their MYP 272

youth must set watch on their MYP 271

youth seek something to enliven and divert their MYP 368

youth should train their FE 213

youth talk of subjects on which their, mostly run 2T 460

youth told they need something to enliven and divert their 1T 503

youth urged to keep their, guarded and pure and clean SD 78

15. Youth’s

access to, Satan uses music to gain 1T 506

are impressionable CT 192

confused and enfeebled: by gratifying taste for story reading 5T 518

by unwise choice of reading MYP 272

conscientiously guard, on point of keeping it employed in searching Scriptures and becoming grounded in our faith 5T 519-20

constant excitement of, by excessive reading MYP 281

continued stories in periodicals and newspapers leave no good impress on MYP 279

controlled by deceptive power 4T 625

craving stimulation as drunkard craves intoxicating drink MYP 281

dealing with, duty of teachers and parents in 3T 131

development of, manual labor is essential to PP 601

tact and understanding needed in CT 180

directed aright, have conversation on exalted themes CT 443

do not leaven, with doubt FE 542

elevated, that find no attraction in corrupt society 4T 206-7

everything leaves its impress on 4T 621

fail to reach noblest development as result of neglecting God’s word CT 139

false ideals used by Satan to becloud 4T 206-7

feasted on sensational stories MYP 279

food of, God’s word should be 8T 320

great care and much patience needed to balance, in right direction 4T 649

how books on war and bloodshed affect MYP 277

how trashy and unwholesome reading affects MYP 281

instability of, parental responsibility for 3T 132-4

lead, from truth to truth Ev 581

literature that enfeebles MYP 271-2

love of world predominates in 1T 499

must be firmly balanced by religious principle CD 243

naturally given to folly 1T 401

novel reading perverts 7T 203

obedience to the laws and regulations of SDA institutions ennobles CT 99-100

physician may instill right principles in 5T 445

possession of, Satan’s efforts to take CG 440

productions of press used by Satan to weaken CW 134

ruined by absorption in story reading MYP 290

Satan controls, in general 2T 460

sensational stories unfit, for practical duties of life MYP 279

strong and active, discipline of well-regulated labor is essential to PP 601

teachers should learn to make truth plain to CT 183

textbooks that sow seeds of doubt in COL 41

thousand ways of unsettling, Satan has MYP 271; 5T 519

tobacco decays Te 62

tobacco stupefies MH 329

warped by: bad management 4T 649

injudicious management 4T 419

why, fail to reach noblest development CG 507

wrong impressions on, ill effects of 5T 545

16. Miscellaneous

abuse of, by pursuing one line of thought FE 321; LS 354

abusing, warning against ML 142

accustomed to sensational stories is not satisfied without this unwholesome food CT 134

acknowledging God’s goodness invigorates 7T 87

acquaintance with God strengthens SD 135

acquaintance with God through His word strengthens CSW 40

acquires power and efficiency by study of God’s word COL 334

action of, God’s work for us demands TM 508

acts and reacts upon mind 2BC 998; CG 234

affects health more than many people realize MH 241

affects health of physical system CH 28

air pure and fresh decidedly benefits 1T 702

alcohol beclouds Ed 202

all: are constituted differently CG 285; CM 139; Ed 288; 3T 33

debasing habits do not produce same effect on 2T 392

do not run in exactly same channel MM 269

do not run in same direction 6BC 1083

do not understand expressions and statements alike 7BC 945; 1SM 20

God does not impress, in same way CT 432

kindness and sympathy needed by MH 496

need more or less cultivation and training 4T 454

not reached by same methods Ev 473

self-abuse does not affect, alike 2T 392

should be stored with knowledge of truth 4T 415

all our actions have their source in FE 426

all varied capabilities of, are given by God PP 595

should be used to reach highest possible degree of excellence PP 595

allies man to heavenly beings FE 426

allies the finite to the infinite FE 59; 3T 136

allow your, to be impressed with God’s word 7T 205

amusements that excite, depression follows CH 627

angels help to enlighten, as they study God’s works SD 110

angels impress 6T 57

in Bible study CT 442

angels move on 3T 64

another man’s: do not obtain your spiritual food merely through DA 390

machine run by, do not consent to be MH 498

you cannot come to God through MM 116

anything that lessens man’s physical power enfeebles his FE 427; MYP 235

arm your, against sin CG 75

assimilates to that which it feeds on CW 134

associate your, with pure and holy thoughts FE 132

attractions ready to divert, Satan has many CH 465; LS 216

balance of, how to preserve 3T 33

labor and study should be united to preserve 3T 153

bathing properly invigorates MH 276; 3T 70

becomes assimilated to that which it is accustomed to love and reverence GC 555

becomes strong by continued exercise to battle with internal foes and to subdue self 2T 507

belief that, must be ever on stretch to invent new amusements and diversions to gain health 1T 565

benefits of Bible study to FE 164

best mental and spiritual exercise for, Bible study is 5T 703

best possession men have is SD 70

Bible gives strength and expansion to, above other literature FE 394

Bible is adapted to strengthen and discipline CT 448

Bible study does more to enlarge, than any other study 7T 228

Bible study elevates FE 129, 377, 445; MH 466; ML 262

as no other study can SC 109; 5T 703

Bible study expands CT 452

Bible study expands and strengthens Ed 124

Bible study expands, elevates, and ennobles 8T 323

Bible study imparts new vigor to 4T 499; 5T 24

Bible study improves, as no other book can 4T 499

Bible study is best mental and spiritual exercise for 5T 703

Bible study lifts, from earthliness and debasement 8T 319

Bible study quickens, as no other study can Ed 126

Bible study strengthens and disciplines CT 448

Bible study strengthens and elevates, as no other study can SC 109; 5T 703

body as well as, must have exercise 4T 652

body or, you individually decide whether your life shall be controlled by Ed 202

body responds when, is affected 4T 60

body should be servant to PP 562; 2SM 432; 1T 487

body’s infirmities affect 1T 304

body’s influence upon 3T 136

emphasize Ed 197

study MH 128

body’s organs are made to be servants of FE 426; 3T 136

books enlightening, buy 2SM 318

brace your, to resist disposition to yield to infirmities 2T 434

brain is organ and instrument of CH 586; MM 291

breadth of, dearth of TM 301

how institutions of learning can send forth men possessing Ed 17-8

bring back your, when it wanders CT 136; MYP 115; SL 93

bring your, within bounds of reason 2SM 43

by beholding becomes changed PP 459

calmness and fortitude of, encourage 2T 188

can be educated to like sin it once loathed 2T 479

cannot assimilate oversupply of mental food CT 296

cannot exhaust one truth or promise of Bible Ed 171

cannot grasp sentiments of elevating and ennobling truth CT 376

capable of highest degree of: cultivation 5T 521

literary excellence 5T 521

carry people’s, along guardedly in gospel work Ev 142; LS 304

casket containing treasure of, many people spend their lives in ignorance re FE 426

castle-building depraves 2T 429

chambers of: light of God needs to shine into 6T 231

most important part of human organism 6T 376

must be swept by God’s grace SD 107

power from beneath is working in TM 189

change of, man’s repentance implies PP 630

charmed easily by: Satan’s lies 6T 162

studies leading to infidelity CT 401

Christ brought men’s, into contact with mind of the Infinite Ed 81

Christ directed, to Creator as source of strength and wisdom 1T 297

Christ elevates and refines our SD 10

Christ inspires, with faith and hope and courage MM 115

Christ knows how to deal with TM 189-90

Christ molds and fashions, of suffering ones MM 115

Christ spoke directly to every Ed 231

Christ’s grace qualifies, to love and glorify God SD 318

Christians are under obligation to God to train their, properly 3T 33

clear perceptions of, tobacco destroys Te 58

coffee excites, temporarily to unwonted action CD 421; CH 441

commonplace literature dwarfs and cheapens 1SM 244

communion with God that broadens and strengthens, as no other study can do PP 222

concentrate, on one verse at a time in Bible study Ed 189

concentration of, on one subject to exclusion of others makes one-idea men GW 383

on one verse of Scripture CT 461

confidential communications that corrupt 2T 301-2

conformity of, to world 2T 185

contact of mind with, imparting vitalizing energy received through DA 250

tends to quicken thought and increase capabilities CT 521

contact with beauties of nature prepares, to appreciate God’s word MH 265-6

contemplation of great facts of duty and destiny expands and strengthens Ed 17-8

continued exercise in gospel work strengthens and purifies 6T 340

control of: devils aid Satan’s agents in gaining 5T 142

presuming to do what God does not do in TM 366

religious leaders presuming to exercise TM 366

strange principles being established re TM 348

control of mind over, warning against MM 111

control your 1T 712; 2T 523

controlling mind: many people gratify greed of gain through MH 243

many people gratify lustful passion through MH 243

so-called science of MH 242

controls whole man FE 426

co-operate with God in directing, to Him MM 116

correct treatment of physical and mental powers strengthens MH 309

counseling together by, safety in 5T 30

cultivate your, for God’s service 3T 32

cultivation of: combine physical labor with TM 244

essential in child training CG 67

great care and watchfulness needed in FE 164; MYP 282

is duty we owe to ourselves GW 77

poverty and unfavorable surroundings need not prevent 4T 414

culture of: seek constantly the highest ML 102; SD 312

why parents with children have more time for 2T 231

wife should have AH 87