EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Manacles - Marriage, Marriages


Manacles, Paul wore, before Herod Agrippa II and Bernice AA 434


Management, college, See College management

defective, greatest work ever committed to man is marred by 5T 550

home See Home management

in temporal matters, results of failure in 1T 438

of financial matters, should not be given to ordained ministers 7T 255

youth should be instructed in 9T 76

of God’s work, what to do in case of apparent improper 9T 249

of gospel work, should not be trusted to inexperienced hands Ev 98

of institutions See Institution

of men, persons who should have no part in TM 261

of things that concern us, when we take into our own hands 2T 72

publishing house See Publishing house management

sanitarium See Sanitarium management

school See School management

self-confident, warning against TM 481

unwise, debtors should not be put in prison even if they cannot pay because of COL 247

that affects church WM 201

wise, poverty caused by lack of WM 201

many people lack WM 201


ability in, improves with use; a few are not to decide all 1MCP 263:2

counsel from workers needed by 3SM 24:4

decisions by unconsecrated ones in PM 54:0

principles of, See also Policy

serious, health of person counseled endangered by 2MCP 402:4

supposed superior abilities of some in UL 116:3

unwillingness to accept TDG 295:3

work of, not good for mental health of one Ellen White wrote to 2MCP 402:3

See also Leadership

Manager, Managers

Manager, Managers, college See College manager

good, things that spoil work of 2T 673

highest place as, gospel workers should not hunger and thirst for CH 303

needed in: every branch of God’s work 5T 276

institutions where industrial work is carried on CS 140

of institutions See Institution

poor, seldom outgrows reputation for failure MM 157

position of, is fraught with great temptation CH 303

publishing house See Publishing house manager

restaurant See Restaurant manager

sanitarium See Sanitarium manager

school See School manager

shrewd, Joseph and Daniel were COL 350

slack, should be separated from God’s work MM 157

who do not know how to manage should be separated from God’s work MM 157

wise, highest aim of 2SM 160

men who prove themselves utterly unworthy of place as TM 291


duty of, to learn self-control TDG 270:4

letter to, about dealing with the erring TDG 270

overworked, counsel to 2MCP 736

surrounding themselves with people that always agree UL 85:5

work to be done by, as well as instructing others PM 136:0

Managerial ability

Managerial ability, men of, needed to handle SDA financial interests 7T 247-8

Managing ability

Managing ability, conf. presidents need TM 322

Man-and-woman worship

Man-and-woman worship, warning against TM 434-5

Manassas, Va.

Manassas, Va., battle of, vision re 1T 266-7


Manasseh, Joseph’s son, Jacob adopted and blessed PP 234

was head of tribe of Israel PP 234


Manasseh, king of Judah 3BC 1132; PK 381-3, 392-3

persecution of the faithful by PK 381-2

taken captive to Babylon PK 383

Manasseh (tribe of)

Manasseh (tribe of), Gideon was of PP 546

territory given to PP 513-4, 517


Manger See Christ


Manhood, acting up to God-given, promotes happiness 4T 520

degradation of, caused by liquor traffic MH 343-4

erroneous concepts of 3T 530-1

God’s standard of true, much painstaking effort needed to reach 5T 500

lost, bitter struggle to regain MH 351-2

must be won back MH 173

natural death in early, Moses records no CD 117

noble, constant resistance to temptation is needed to reach 4T 622

much moral courage needed to reach 4T 622

noble and all-round, does not come by chance CG 42

result of character building in early youth CG 42

perfect, Christ’s life represents 5BC 1124

subjection to Christ’s will means restoration to MH 131



a perfect pattern of FLB 219:4; RC 37:3

passed through, without stain HP 214:5

circumstances that could ruin, Jesus knows about TDG 144:4

danger to, by yielding to Satan-controlled wife TSB 77:3

happiness of others promoted by one true to HP 223:2

noble, result of obedience and character in early youth OHC 309:5


Mania, for marriage, as sign of times 4T 503

youth and 5T 60

for speculating in land CS 231

to accumulate property 1T 350-2; 4T 490

Maniac, Maniacs

Maniac, Maniacs, Gadarene, Christ healed GC 514-5

Nebuchadnezzar as PK 520; 8T 127

of Capernaum, possessed by devil DA 256; GC 515

physician should tell, that his suffering is result of sin MH 114; 7T 74

woman who raved like, after dosing with poison 2SM 447

women who are nearly 2T 463

See also Insane person; Insanity

Maniac boy

Maniac boy, Christ healed DA 429

Maniac husband

Maniac husband, drinking of liquor caused Te 31


spiritual, of Christ with believer not understood TDG 142:4


Mankind, all, God’s love embraces MB 75

another trial granted to, by God’s mercy PP 331

be kind to all MB 75

became more degraded through ages of transgression DA 34

bodily disease not suffered to any great extent by, during first 2,000 years 3T 138

bound to Christ by tie that will never be broken DA 25

brought into touch with divinity by Christ GW 214

Christ became member of, that we might become members of heavenly family DA 638

Christ was given to redeem 9T 283

Christ’s love binds together DA 638

conquered by Satan DA 131

constant liability of, to err CSW 48

decreases in physical strength, mental power, and moral worth DA 117

degenerating fast 3T 153

degeneration of: chiefly attributable to indulgence of perverted appetite 3T 486

fearful, sins that have caused PP 461

from Adam to Christ CH 19

from Adam’s time to the present 3SG 84; 2SM 411; 3T 138-41

had been great when Christ was born CH 19; 3T 139

increases from age to age EW 184

things that cause PP 461

violating God’s laws for governing man’s existence causes 3T 139

violation of God’s constitution and laws has caused 4aSG 124

violation of laws of health has caused 4aSG 124

wrong habits and abuses have caused 3T 139

degradation of, as result of sin SR 49

destruction of, Satan’s plots for PP 52

deteriorating MH 380

disease of every form afflicts 1T 304

disease steadily increases in 4aSG 120

diversity of condition characterizing, is designed to prove and develop character 4T 552

do-nothing system is greatest curse that has befallen 2T 535

effects of transgression of laws of life by, is passed down from generation to generation CH 112

effects of wrong living was not sensibly felt by, during first thousand years 3T 139

elevated by incarnation of Christ 4T 563

emancipation papers of, signed by Christ with His own blood MH 90

encompassed with infirmity DA 816

endowed originally with great vital force 3T 138

enfeebled by indulgence of appetite 3T 139

erroneous claim that, can refine, elevate, and regenerate itself PP 73

eternal ruin to, refusal by Christ to drink cup of suffering would have meant 9T 102

every generation of, is growing weaker 1T 304

exaltation of, attained only through Christ 2T 588

fate of, trembled in balance in Gethsemane DA 690

first rupture of, caused when Cain killed Abel SR 55-6

genealogy of, as given by inspiration PP 45

God has not looked upon, as vile and worthless COL 118

God’s original purpose for SD 7

God’s people are here to benefit CT 336; 2T 587

great web of, God regards His people as part of MH 104

we are all part of MB 105

groans under weight of accumulated woe 4T 31

had been weakened by 4,000 years of sin when Christ was born DA 49

hailed as God by many people TM 365

has no light in itself MB 40

has no power to regenerate itself PP 73

have scarcely begun to live when they begin to die COL 342; CT 21

he must understand, who seeks to transform humanity Ed 78

head of: Adam was to stand under God at CT 33

Christ humbled Himself to stand at ML 335

Christ stands at MH 399

Christ was given to stand at AA 359

high value placed upon, by God 4T 562

humility is a difficult lesson for, to learn 7T 88

infirmity and disease of, accumulates more rapidly and heavily with every generation 3T 139

it is not hardship, toil, or poverty that degrades DA 822

Maker of all, God is PK 369

miseries of, God is not to be charged with WM 16

mismatched pieces of, children who are FE 157

moral renovation needed by 6T 21

more than one third of, in 1905 died in infancy MH 380

most of evils bringing ruin to, might be prevented MH 380

needs of all, Christ had in view Ed 82

not created in: feeble physical condition CH 19

its present feeble condition 3T 139

only hope for, new leaven that was Ed 76

only power that can uplift, is Christ’s DA 509-10; Ev 531

origin of, clearly set forth PP 44

physical decline of 3T 138-41

plot of Satan and his devils against Te 12

ranks next to angelic beings MH 397

redemption of, God is to be glorified in GW 38; 7T 269

representative and head of, Christ as 4T 86

restoration and uplifting of, begins in home MH 349

Satan’s enmity against, because of God’s love for man GC 506

Satan’s power over, increases 1T 304

seemed in Christ’s time to be fast reaching its lowest point Ed 74-7

service of, give yourself to God for MB 81

spiritual life is that which blesses 4T 520

suffering: God expects His people to relieve MH 216

have compassion for 6T 83

knowledge of art of relieving, importance of CH 537

temporal and spiritual needs of, failure to relieve COL 268

suffers disease of every description 1T 488

three great races of, origin and destiny of PP 117-8

uplifting of, let every stroke tell for WM 311

value God has placed on, education that leads to knowledge of CT 451

value of, Christ understood Ed 79

vast needs of, hearts that will be moved to compassion by 9T 47

violation of natural law not sensibly felt by, during its first 2,000 years CH 19; 3T 138

vital forces of, weakened greatly by indulgence of appetite and lustful passion 3T 139

weakness of, Christ bore 4T 294

what would become of, if given up to satanic jurisdiction DA 341

whole race of, has felt curse resting on earth 2SM 418

have become transgressors of God’s law PP 338

why, is not now extinct 3T 138-9

why God did not destroy, when man sinned SD 11; 6T 66

will be restored by Christ to first relation to Creator 6T 237

your duty to, is serious question WM 256-7

See also Man


Manliness, Christian, what is 5T 597

erroneous concept of AH 215; 4T 256

influence of most athletic games does not tend to Ed 210

promise of receiving, God’s people have 1SM 88

true, God has shown what constitutes CG 401


1. Given to Israel

2. Miscellaneous


1. Given to Israel CD 269; CH 111; DA 377; Ed 38; MH 200; MM 267; PP 294-7, 354, 377, 429; 3SG 252-5; 4aSG 15; 2SM 412; SR 129-31; 3T 340; 4T 469; 7T 124

adapted to people’s wants PP 379

angels provided PP 297; 3SG 255; 4aSG 15; SR 130

before they reached Sinai PP 378

called “angels’ food” because angels provided it CD 375; PP 297; 3SG 255; SR 130

called “bread from heaven” CD 374; MH 311; 6T 372

cessation of, at Gilgal PP 613; 4aSG 61; SR 178; 4T 159

Christ provided DA 121

did not fall on Sabbath PP 294-7; 3SG 255

did not prevent death DA 388

diet of, people against CH 111; PP 379; 6T 372

double portion of, miraculously provided on preparation day PK 181; PP 294-6

eating of, immortality not received by DA 388

fell gently while Israel slept Ed 35; PP 302

40 years DA 385; PP 297, 409

God’s purpose in providing 1BC 1112-3

golden pot of, in ark of covenant EW 32; LS 100

instead of flesh food MH 311; MM 277

Israel tested in regard to Sabbath observance by PP 295-6; 6T 355

Jews considered, greater than Christ’s miracles DA 388

lessons from giving of DA 121; MB 101

light on food question is as MM 267

promoted physical, mental, and moral strength Ed 38; 6T 372

provided when other means of sustenance failed DA 121

rained down as bread from heaven DA 65; EW 56; PP 294; 4aSG 122

Sabbath observance taught by PK 181; PP 294, 296-7; 6T 355

threefold miracle in giving of PP 296; 3SG 255; SR 130-1

type of Christ as bread of life DA 386; PP 297, 354

2. Miscellaneous

Christ as, to new converts Ev 284

fresh, church members should daily gather 5T 486

heavenly, church is to be fed with TM 17

class for whom God does not send CS 163

what is stale food to those starving for CW 21

redeemed will eat of EW 19; 2SG 55; 1T 69

skill given as, to prepare health foods CD 268-9; 7T 124

spiritual, God’s word as CT 422

true, life-giving Spirit flowing from God is DA 386

Scriptures contain 7T 203


Israelites fed miraculously with; it was healthful TDG 77:2

souls of ministers destitute of VSS 313:3

See also Heaven, bread from

Manner, Manners

Manner, Manners, abrupt, minister who had 3T 242

affected, warning against ML 123

associates uncultivated in, how children are affected by CG 302

bad, how children learn 2SM 436-7

be careful in 2T 52

be constantly improving in GW 283

be more social in 4T 104

be social and courteous in 4T 218

best of, God wants you to have SD 315

Bible, teach CT 270

boisterous, fanatics who have 2T 555

careless, true Christians manifest growing distaste for MB 24-5

carelessness in, colporteurs cautioned against CM 78

children’s lack of refinement of, reflects upon home training SD 113

children’s rough, correct AH 268

Christ’s, were gentle and unassuming MH 51

Christ’s plain and unassuming, made Him conqueror of hearts 3T 477

Christian constantly improving in GW 283

Christian’s, should be elevated 1T 243

closely examine your GW 105

coarse and rough, hurt truth MYP 353

young preachers who have 1T 445

coarse and uncouth, never seen in Christ 4T 405

coarseness in, danger of 4T 322

cold and harsh, need to be transformed by Christ’s grace 3BC 1164

cold and unapproachable, God is not pleased by 4T 218

comely, need of 1T 216

correct in, Christians must be SL 79

courteous, all may possess Ed 240

results of 3T 422

cultivation of, duty you owe to yourself GW 77

culture of, students should not neglect CT 318; 4T 424

wife should have AH 87

defects of, man’s usefulness and influence is affected by cherishing his CT 238

do not be coarse, uncourteous, and rough in MYP 349

do not be harsh, overbearing, and dictatorial in 5T 420

educated in, Christians should be 4T 548

education in, Scriptures are best book for ML 339

feelings must not be permitted to become excited and control 2T 672

flippancy of, unbecoming to SS teachers CSW 98

form and, placing too high a value on Ed 241

too much time devoted to education in Ed 241

gentle, binds children’s hearts to parents AH 426; ML 200

help to make home happy AH 422

gentlemanly, learned in God’s work SD 84

gentleness of, education that gives Ed 241

not found in home where selfishness reigns 2T 243

good, fanatics who do not regard 2T 555

teachers should instruct youth in 4T 406

gospel worker should not be rough in 2T 220

harsh and rude, Christ’s grace must soften 5T 335

heavenly, Satan sometimes assumes TM 333

how to refine and elevate 5T 332

improve in 4T 549

kindliness of, many persons kind at heart lack Ed 240

love that should be seen in 2T 417

man who quibbles about TM 408

masterly, conf. presidents should not cultivate TM 496

minister’s 2T 609

influence of 2T 511

should be refined and elevated 2T 557

ministers can do much to improve their 1T 649

ministers should be: careful in GW 172-4

refined in 1T 415

ministers should not be coarse and unrefined in GW 93

ministers should set good example in GW 174

no excuse for person who allows known defects to remain in his MM 200

no real perfection of, without Christ 2T 174

parents’, are lesson book to children CG 216

people who love and obey God’s word will improve in FE 129

person defective in, need not remain so FE 214

person of pleasing and attractive, who may do great injury to souls MM 145

persons of pleasant, Satan uses many GC 509

persons of uncouth, not fitted for colporteur work CM 65

persuasion of, true Christian manifests love of truth in DA 142

persuasive and kindly, approach people in Ev 444

pleasing, as related to salvation 2T 267

gospel worker needs more than GW 144

polished, need of 5T 396

poor people need to improve in 1T 274

professed Christians who are uncourteous and rough in 2SM 476

pulpit See Pulpit manners

purity and refinement of, Christ in heart results in MB 25

real refinement of, best obtained in school of Christ GW 283

learned in school of Christ Ed 241

reasoning powers given to men to educate their 4T 405

refinement of: cultivate 2T 84

physicians should cultivate 3T 183

would result in winning 20 souls where one is now won 4T 68

refining of, needed ML 92

persons who will lose all love of WM 254

roughness in, unbecoming to Christian SD 290

rude, reveal character of home training CG 143

rugged and sharp, Christianity smooths GW 122

Sabbathkeepers coarse and rough in, cause unbelievers to regard them as degraded 1T 275-6

sanitarium workers should not be uncouth or disagreeable in MM 173

Satan assumes, of heavenly courts TM 333

soften your 4T 258

systematic training in, need of FE 108

teachers should be refined in CT 65, 497

true Christian’s, throw out sunshine 3BC 1156

true woman’s CG 413-4

truly converted soul’s, not harsh and dictatorial 5T 569

try to overcome all cold, rough, harsh, uncourteous SD 319

unaffected, cultivate 3T 529

uncouth, disqualify a person for colporteur work 4T 603

ministers should discard all 1T 648

uncultivated, some people are hated because of their 1T 420

women gentle in, need of WM 150

work of educating, may be carried forward to perfection 4T 358-9

young woman simple and unpretending in MYP 353

your, may witness against you MYP 202

of addressing people should be pleasing to God Ev 639

youth should be taught, by precept and example 5T 89

See also Etiquette


cultivate unaffected, to be humble and Christlike TDG 182:3

educated in, not merely learning 2MCP 435:4

good, strengthens influence TDG 70:2

learned through the Word UL 87:3

practice, in the home circle here for the family above TDG 288:5


angel companionship requires HP 296:4

religion of Jesus causes HP 181:4

representative of Christ guards; work for sinners TDG 70:5

rugged, plan of salvation smooths OHC 238:3

spirit of Christ for HP 180:3

uncouth, made obedient to divine law 2MCP 523:1

See also Courtesy; Kindness

Mannsville, N.Y.

Mannsville, N.Y. 1T 209


wife of, instructed by God CC 130:2

Manoah and wife

Manoah and wife, Christ instructed 2BC 1006; MH 333

instructed re rearing of Samson 2BC 1005-6; CD 218-9, 225; CG 303; DA 149; MH 372, 379; PP 560-3; 1T 410; Te 90, 233-4, 269, 292

Man of sin

Man of sin, attempted to change God’s signpost PK 179-80

breach made in God’s law by 1T 76; TM 41

cannot annul what God has declared shall stand forever 7BC 911

change of day of rest effected by 1T 76; 7BC 979

continues until second advent GC 579

development of, prophecy foretold GC 50

exalted himself by presenting spurious sabbath to world 7BC 984

exalts himself above God 7BC 910, 979, 984

false sabbath set up by PK 180

oppressor of God’s people 9T 230

papacy is AA 265-6; 7BC 911; GC 446; TM 140

Paul’s prophecy re AA 265-6; GC 446

people who keep Sabbath will be oppressed by TM 118

rulers will rank themselves on the side of 2SM 373

Sabbath displaced by 6T 265

Sabbath torn from its place by 6T 351-2

Sabbath trampled underfoot by GC 453

same as “little horn” of Dan. 7 GC 446

Satan’s representative 7BC 910

Satan’s right-hand man 7BC 910

SDA are called to expose TM 118

Sunday legislation made a distinctive power by TM 118

Sunday observance introduced by 7BC 979; 2SM 380, 385

See also Sunday observance

thought to change times and laws 7BC 979, 984; 1T 76; 9T 230; TM 118

torturing of the faithful by, God has taken note of 7BC 913

1260 years of supremacy of GC 356

will cause Sunday laws to be made 9T 230

See also Papacy; Roman Catholic Church; Roman Catholicism

Man power

Man power, gaining ascendency in church 9T 270

Mansion, Mansions

1. Heavenly

2. Miscellaneous

1. Heavenly

all men may have home in, which Christ is preparing DA 113

Christ is preparing, for His people AA 334; 1T 124; 5T 732

Christ promised to prepare, for His people GC 675

Christian has place on earth to work as surely as he has COL 327

eternal, Christ has gone to prepare for His people 1T 680

nothing that defiles can enter, prepared for God’s people CH 103

what to do to be fitted for 5T 535

worth everything to believers 5T 570

2. Miscellaneous

expensive, untold wealth hoarded in CS 38

value of money hoarded in 6T 453

glittering, where joys of home life are unknown AH 155

great people’s, field of gospel work in DA 152



destroyed without notice when mercy ends TDG 152:3

will soon shaken down HP 354:5


characters like those in heaven formed to inherit TMK 121:4

Christ has gone to prepare Mar 283:7

glimpses of, by those with Christ’s character FLB 279:5

God fits for, by transformation of character TDG 117:3

grace enables redeemed to value TMK 95:2

graces of Christ needed in life for gaining TDG 73:2

how to obtain OHC 75:3

inhabited by those free from sin TMK 238:3

joy of Ellen White at the prospect of RC 351:4

kept before the mind’s eye OHC 340:2

preparation for HP 247:2; OHC 368:3

prepared for the obedient TMK 363:3

received only by true, pure and obedient FLB 279:3

redeemed welcomed to, by Jesus HP 367:2

right to, secured TDG 202:4

work now is to prepare for UL 151:4


Manslaughter, unintentional, merciful provision for person who committed PP 515-7

See also Homicide; Murder


Manslayer, safety for, in cities of refuge PP 515-7


Manstealing, God’s law condemns PP 309-10

Mantel, Mantels

Mantel, Mantels, crowded with ornaments MH 367

shelves of, ornaments and pictures on 2SM 317


Mantle, of consecration PK 219-20; 5T 82

white, redeemed will wear LS 66-7; 1T 61

Manual labor

Manual labor, blood circulation quickened by MM 106

blood is called from brain to other parts of body by Ev 661

Christ’s example in CT 276-7 See also Christ

college should provide 5T 90

erroneous idea that, is unbecoming to gentleman CT 273

foolish sentiments re, should be broken down TM 244-5

in schools See School

knowledge of some branch of, every youth should acquire PP 601

many lines of, youth need to be trained in CT 204

many people regard, as degrading CT 273

many religious teachers in Israel supported themselves by FE 97; PP 593

many teachers in schools of prophets supported themselves by Ed 47

part of gospel plan CT 307

people who do only, often work to excess 3T 156; 6T 192

physical strength given by DA 72

public feeling that, is degrading CT 274

safeguard against: many evil influences in colleges 5T 90

vicissitudes of life CT 307

some branch of, every youth should be trained in CT 307

stated hours should be given to, for health’s sake ML 144

students in schools of prophets sustained themselves by CT 276; Ed 47; MH 186

students should devote part of each day to FE 146

students spend part of each day in, in Australian school CT 310

teacher’s example inspires students with interest in Ed 278

useful, study of books should be combined with COL 334

useful to youth DA 72

valuable experience gained by, in gospel work AA 355

why Paul engaged in, while in ministry AA 356-7

Manual laborers

Manual laborers, time needed by, for mental and moral culture 6T 192

Manual occupation

Manual occupation, essential for youth FE 321; LS 353

Manual training

Manual training, among Israelites CT 275-6, 307; Ed 33-4, 37

benefit of, professional men need Ed 220

best physical exercise is found in CT 354

Hebrew youth were given CT 307

in Eden school Ed 20-22

in school Ed 214-22 See also School

many boys would be kept by, from street corners and groggery Ed 218

part of child’s school duties should be CT 146; FE 417

part of gospel plan CT 307

See also Industrial training; Physical training

Manual work

Manual work See Manual labor


Manufacture, of cider Te 96, 98

of health foods See Health food

of patented articles, not wrong 1T 664

of wine as beverage Te 96, 98

schools should give instruction in Ed 218

Manufacturer, Manufacturers

Manufacturer, Manufacturers, education provides great advantages for FE 204

should be prepared to: do missionary work ChS 25

fill church offices ChS 25

serve as SS teachers ChS 25

serve on church committees ChS 25

Manufacturing establishments

Manufacturing establishments, needed in connection with schools 3T 153-5

Manuscript, Manuscripts

Manuscript, Manuscripts, criticism of, by book committees CW 159-61; TM 260-1


“Many,” in Matt. 24:12, refers to professed followers of Christ 2T 346


Many, God can deliver by few as well as by PP 550

God must punish few in order to save PP 325-6


Many-sided, to be, is to have breadth of character Ev 106


Maon 2BC 1021; PP 661

Map, Maps

Map, Maps, world, vision of two 9T 28-9

teaching Scripture lessons by use of CT 181


Marah, Israel at waters of 1BC 1102; MH 248; MM 119-20; PP 291-2; 3SG 248-9; 2SM 273


bitterness of, turned into sweetness in time if we trust RC 354:6


Marble, lifeless, schools that are as CSW 152

massive blocks of white, in second temple DA 575; GC 25

parents’ work is not to chisel beautiful form from CG 220; CT 130

used in Solomon’s temple PP 750


March, be ready for, at moment’s notice 9T 48

Christian life is battle and MB 141; MH 453; 3T 253; 8T 313

enemy seeks to steal, on God’s people 8T 145

onward, Christian life is 1T 340; 5T 93

Satan has stolen, upon us while men slept 9T 29

world appears to be in, to death Ev 26


March, Passover time in DA 76; PP 537

Marching orders

Marching orders, Duke of Wellington’s statement re GW 115

of physicians and ministers 2SM 199

Margaret, Princess

Margaret, Princess, of France GC 214, 221-2, 224

Marginal references

Marginal references of Scriptures, Miller’s (Wm.) use of GC 320

Mariner, Mariners

Mariner, Mariners, in Paul’s time, were directed largely by sun and stars AA 439

See also Sailor

Marion Party

messages did not help; own judgment respected 3SM 86:0

Marion, Iowa

Marion, Iowa CD 369; 1SM 59


Mark, angel places, on forehead of God’s people 5T 505

change of Sabbath as, of Roman Church’s authority GC 448; SR 383

dread, placed over impenitent sinner’s doorway 4BC 1174

God’s indelible, on foreheads of His people TM 444-6

King’s, how to know whether you have MM 123

made by man dressed in linen in Ezekiel 9, defined 3T 267

of allegiance to pope in place of God GC 446

of beast See Mark of the beast

of deliverance, set on God’s people GC 656

set on people who keep God’s commandments 5T 451

of disgrace, to refuse liberty is 1BC 1106-7

of distinction: between Christ’s followers and Satan’s should never be obliterated 5T 602

between God’s professed people and world has almost disappeared 1T 277

Sabbath observance as 7BC 981

of eternal separation from God TM 235

of God’s government, none shall enter New Jerusalem without MM 123

of God’s kingdom, importance of 6T 352

of God’s sealing approval, persons who will never receive 3T 267

of kingdom of rebellion, significance of 6T 352

of truth, must be wrought in men by Spirit’s power 3T 267

of world upon soul, image of sin, deceit, and dishonesty as 5T 416

Passover lamb’s blood as, on Israelite homes in Egypt DA 51

placed on: forehead of souls separated from sin and sinners 5T 505

the righteous TM 234

Sabbath observance as See Sabbath; Sabbath observance

seal of God as, of redemption 7BC 968

showing that God’s people are His special possession 7BC 969

sign that is, of allegiance to God Ev 212

Spirit is to make, upon SDA children CG 150

visible, seal of God is not 7BC 980

See also Seal; Sign


Sabbath keeping is, to be placed on God’s people HP 150:4


Mark, man whom Satan pushed over the 1T 656

set high your COL 331; MYP 164

youth should set high their MYP 164

See also Aim; Purpose

Mark, Marks

Mark, Marks of Christian, things that are ML 178

Mark, Gospel of

Mark, Gospel of, why men need CT 432; 1SM 21-2

Mark, John

Mark, John, development of, into gospel worker AA 169-70, 455

discouragement of, in Pamphylia AA 169-70

first miss. journey of AA 166-70

kinsman of Barnabas AA 166

mother of, Christian AA 166

Paul and Barnabas disagreed re AA 202

Paul recommended, to Colossian church AA 170

Paul reconciled to AA 170

Paul’s helper at Rome AA 455

Paul’s lack of confidence in AA 170, 202

second journey of AA 202

solicitude of Barnabas for AA 170, 202

Market, Markets

Market, Markets, cheap, man selling his soul at 2T 227

Christian’s responsibility for selling of harmful things in 5T 359

diseased flesh food sold at CD 411; MM 280; 2T 404-5

SDA indebtedness to 4T 476

sow seeds of truth at 4T 285


Christ in the heart will appear in RC 59:3

Christ passes through, and warns about losing soul OHC 286:3

Market place, Market places

Market place, Market places, ancient custom of men seeking employment to wait in COL 396

need cleansing MM 123

Paul preached Christ publicly in WM 62

Mark of beast

Mark of beast 7BC 976-80; EW 64-7; GC 438-50; SR 381-3

church and state will unite to compel men to receive GC 450; 2SM 55

contest between two classes re GC 450; SR 383

decree enforcing acceptance of: is not far off 4T 251

on pain of persecution and death 5T 81, 213

what to do re EW 67

decree will prohibit men to buy or sell except those having 5T 152

distinguishes people acknowledging supremacy of papal authority 8T 117

doing miss. work on Sunday does not cause SDA to receive 9T 232

God’s people will not receive 7BC 976-7; GC 450; 2SM 55

highest earthly authority will enforce 5T 213

how and when Sunday observance becomes 7BC 977, 980; Ev 234-5; GC 449, 604-5

is exactly what it has been proclaimed to be 6T 17; 8T 159

many people who have never had light have not received 7BC 976

mark of: allegiance to pope in place of God GC 446, 448-9

Roman Church’s authority GC 448-9

no one has yet received Ev 234

not fully understood until unrolling of scroll 8T 159

people who receive, seven last plagues will fall on GC 627-8

people without, John’s vision of 5T 752

persons uniting with world are preparing for 5T 216

persons who would not receive, must have decision now to say, Nay EW 67

Satan’s plan to induce God’s people to accept 5T 473

sign of: allegiance to Rome GC 449

submission to earthly powers GC 605

study to learn what is 7BC 979; GC 594

Sunday observance as 7BC 976, 979-80; Ev 234-5; GC 448-9; SR 382-3; 8T 117; TM 133

USA will enforce Sunday observance as GC 578-9; SR 382-3

JW and EGW had no defined position re, at first 1T 79

whole world is not guilty of receiving 7BC 979

will be urged upon SDA 5T 81

See also Beast, Mark of; Mark; Seal; Sign; Sunday

Marriage, Marriages

Marriage, Marriages AH 61-128; FE 103-6; MH 349-95; MYP 456-60; 2T 225-9, 414-9; 7T 45-50

1. Special

2. Undesirable

3. With unbeliever(s)

4. Miscellaneous

1. Special

Christ’s reception of His kingdom is represented by EW 55, 251, 280; GC 426-8

erroneous belief that there will be, in new earth MM 99-100; 1SM 172-3; 2SM 25-6

God’s relationship to His people is represented by PP 306

of king’s son, parable of See Parable

union between Christ and His church is symbolized by AH 95, 117; DA 151; Ed 268; GC 381; MB 64; MH 356; 6T 462; 7T 46

union of humanity with divinity is represented by COL 307

2. Undesirable

abused so as to become dreadful curse MYP 461; 2SM 421

Ahab’s, with idolatrous woman 2BC 1033; PK 115

believer and unbeliever united in, radical difference between PP 174

between Negroes and white people 2SM 343-4

boys and girls enter, wholly led by passions MYP 452

broken up by contention over trivial matters MYP 453

contracted by children on their own responsibility, anciently considered a crime 1T 218

contrary to God’s word MYP 445

criminal, in antediluvian times MYP 456; 2T 252

early: disgraceful separations often result from MYP 452

do not encourage MH 358; 3T 44

unwise 3T 44

wretched unions often result from MYP 452

easier to make mistake in entering, than to correct it afterward AH 48

Eastern, parable of ten virgins is based on GC 393

Esau took two idolatrous women in 3SG 114; PP 179; SR 88

forbidden AH 61-9

definition of “unbeliever” as it relates to 5T 364

feeble excuse for sin of PK 53

Solomon’s vain hope in PK 54-7

hasty: ancient safeguard against PP 189

evil results of MYP 458; 2SM 420-1

great confusion in church as result of AH 80; MYP 458

many lives embittered by 3SG 111

many people enter, without means of support MYP 461; 2SM 420-1

result in separations, divorces, and confusion in church MYP 458

Satan hurries inexperienced youth into 2T 252

youth warned against PP 175

how Satan ensnares souls by means of FE 103-4

idolatrous, nobles of Judah became entangled in PK 657

ill-assorted 4T 515

world full of misery and sin from MYP 453

ill-timed, God’s curse rests on many MYP 446

immature 4T 515

aftermath of 5T 110-1

evil results of 5T 110

marriage vows broken as result of 5T 111

often are result of blind love 5T 110

productive of much evil MYP 453

suicide as result of 5T 111

impulsive, generally turn out to be miserable failures AH 48

inexperienced youth hastened into 2T 252

Ishmael’s, unfortunate results of PP 174 See also Ishmael

Jacob’s unhappy PP 188-90; 3SG 117-8 See also Jacob

Lot’s, unfortunate results of PP 174 See also Lot

man whose, was mistake 2T 380

many, can only be productive of misery 5T 122

many people enter: from impulse 3SG 120

guided by inclination MYP 458-9

motivated by passion MYP 458-9

when true love is not motive MYP 456

with no idea of parental responsibility MYP 461; 2SM 420-1

without means of support MYP 461; 2SM 420-1; 1T 273

without understanding its responsibilities MYP 461; 2SM 420-1

many youth close history of their religious experience and usefulness by MYP 453-4; 4T 504

many youth enter, by impulse MYP 453

mixed, children of 2SM 343-4

modern: glory less in 2T 252

God is left out of question in most MYP 460

majority of, are signs of last days MYP 460

motivated by passion, God cannot approve AH 56

not according to God’s word FE 102

not approved by God AH 55-6; MYP 458

sincere Christian will not plan MH 359; MYP 460

not holy and honorable in God’s sight AH 55; MH 141

not sanctioned by God, why some believers form FE 500

of Abraham and Hagar: error that led to PP 147

Sarah suggested PP 145; 3SG 101; SR 77

unfortunate results of PP 145-6, 174; 3SG 100-5; SR 77-80

of persons deficient in business tact 2SM 420-1

of persons of two races, controversy re 2SM 344

of persons whose ages widely differ 2SM 423-4

of Seth’s descendants with those of Cain PP 81; 3SG 60-1; SR 62

of teen-agers 3SG 112

of women to sickly men 2SM 423

persons who have found bitterness and disappointment in, solace for AH 100

plural See Polygamy

political alliances anciently sealed by FE 498-9

polygamous See Polygamy

poor, evil consequences are numberless in 4T 504

Satan ensnares young men by 5T 114

premature MYP 452

rash and sinful, Solomon entered into 2BC 1033

rejoicing over union of parties in, there should be no 4T 503

resulting from impulse, evils of MM 142; 5T 121-2

resulting in: lifelong bondage TM 85-6

lifelong unhappiness AH 71

premature death of children 2SM 424

revolting histories of 5T 366

Satan influences persons wholly unsuited to each other to unite in 2T 248

secret, is violation of God’s law MYP 445-6

objections to MYP 445-6

selfishly planned, generally turn out to be miserable failures AH 48

Solomon’s: contrary to God’s law FE 498-9; PK 53

with idolatrous Egyptian princess FE 498; PK 52

with women of idolatrous nations 2BC 1033; PK 52-9, 88; 4aSG 100; 4T 508

that is: great disappointment AH 109-10

sinful AH 121; 2SM 423

that was deception of devil 2T 100

too early in life, is detrimental to physical health and mental vigor MYP 453

underhandedness in, evils of FE 103; MYP 447

unhallowed, antediluvian sons of God united with daughters of men in 5T 93

unhappy: cause of some 5T 121-2

children suffer as result of 2SM 421

God would save His people from daily misery resulting from 5T 122

great reason there are so many 3SG 111-2

many, are result of so much haste 3SG 120

many souls ruined by FE 500

misery arising from 2SM 421

Satan exults over 2T 248

youth need to see danger of 4T 622

unsanctified: filling up ranks of Sabbathkeepers 5T 122

leading to indulgence of unbridled passions AH 53

results of 2BC 1031

unscriptural 4T 503-8

breaking up 2SM 341-2

unwise MYP 453-5; 5T 105-113

college rules needed to guard youth from dangers of FE 62

many souls gone to perdition as result of MYP 453

people sell themselves into lifelong bondage by TM 85-6

Satan entraps the unwary by 5T 105

Satan works to drag people to perdition by 5T 124

thousands have gone down to perdition as result of MYP 453

unfaithfulness of husbands and wives as result of AH 53

usefulness of many youth is ruined by AH 43

why many youth enter into 5T 105-6

young man about to enter 5T 106

unwise and unsanctified, evil results of AH 53

what constituted unlawful, in Noah’s day AH 121

wife who does not retain dignity and self-respect possessed previous to 2T 474

with Canaanites, Abraham’s posterity forbidden to enter PP 171; 3SG 108

with enemy of God, shadows never lifted from home established by 5T 363

with heathen: Abraham’s descendants were not to contract PP 138

Hebrew language corrupted by PK 661-2

idolatry spread in Israel by PP 544

in Ezra’s time PK 619-22

Israel led into idolatry by PP 260

Israel was pledged against 3SG 297

Israel’s oath not to enter PK 667

Jacob’s children were tempted to contract PP 332

results of Esau’s PP 179

with heathen princesses, Solomon’s alliances often sealed with PK 52-4

with heathen women, Solomon’s faith corrupted by Ed 49

with idolaters: Abraham did not believe in SR 84

common practice during Solomon’s apostasy PK 59

Eliashib (high priest) influenced by Tobiah as result of PK 669-70

God expressly forbade PP 369; 4aSG 100; 1T 218; 4T 508; 5T 328

Ishmael’s PP 174

leads to apostasy FE 499; PP 171

Nehemiah broke up PK 673-5

Nehemiah’s efforts to put stop to PK 673-5

results of PK 657; SR 115

Solomon’s 2BC 1033; PK 88; 2T 305-7

with intemperate person, warning against Te 172

with people of other nations: disposition of Israelites to enter 3SG 242

Israelites led into idolatry by 3SG 242

Israelites were forbidden to enter PK 619-20; SR 146-7; 4T 508; 5T 328

with person of vile habits 2SM 422

with person who does not fear God, is dangerous PP 174

with person who does not love God, warning against TM 86

with person who does not love God or His truth, is forbidden 5T 13

with person you do not love, do not enter AH 43; MYP 460

would be sin AH 43; MYP 460

with tobacco user 2SM 422; Te 172

with ungodly person: Bible forbids PP 175

displeases God PP 563

God forbids Ev 617; 2SM 121

NT forbids 5T 363-4

with user of alcoholic drinks 2SM 422; Te 172

with young and inexperienced girl, man’s mistake of 3T 44

without parents’ consent 2SM 339

not permitted in ancient times 1T 218

youth who violate fifth precept of Decalogue by 5T 108

3. With unbeliever(s) 4T 503-8; 5T 361-8

Ahab’s example of 2BC 1033; 3T 262

alarming indifference of Christians re 5T 365

among antediluvians PP 81; 3SG 60-1; SR 62

baneful results of 5T 366

belittles holy faith of God’s people 5T 367

better to remain unmarried than to enter 4T 507

beware of 5T 366

brings forfeiture of God’s protection 5T 365

defined 5T 364

disappointments often experienced as result of 4T 505

feeble excuse for PK 53

forbidden in Bible 5T 363-4

God forbids FE 500; PK 53; 4T 508; 5T 328

God’s word forbids TM 271

great mistake of 4T 504

grieves Spirit 5T 365

how enemy draws believer away from truth by 4T 504

hundreds have sacrificed Christ and heaven as result of 4T 507

imperils soul 5T 364

inclination triumphs in nine cases out of ten re 4T 505

inconsistency of Christian entering into 4T 507

many souls finally destroyed as result of 4T 504

many youth lose their souls as result of 4T 504-5

one of greatest dangers besetting God’s people 2BC 1000; SD 165

peril of believers who disregard warnings against 5T 366

perils of 5T 363

persons who profess truth lose God’s favor by 4T 505

persons who profess truth trample on God’s will by 4T 505

places believer on Satan’s ground 5T 364-5

reactions of believers counseled against 5T 366

retract without delay your promise of 5T 365

Samson transgressed God’s command by PP 562-5

sin of AH 351-2

Solomon’s, results of 2BC 1033; Ed 49; PK 52-9, 88; 4aSG 100-1; 4T 508

spiritual declension begins when vow is made in 4T 505

temptations resulting from 4T 505-6

tends to lead believer away from God PP 174

turns heart of believer away from God 4T 508

warnings against 5T 363-4

why God forbade 4T 508

young woman who entered into 2T 99-100

See also Section 2, above

4. Miscellaneous

according to God’s plan, is blessing PP 46

adjustment after MH 360

affection should become deeper after 5T 121

after divorce 2SM 339-42

See also Divorce

ancient customs re PP 171-5, 188-9; 3SG 110-1, 119-20; SR 85-6, 89

articles on, needed in Review and Herald CW 108-9

attitude toward, same today as in Noah’s time 5T 365

before entering: inquiry every woman should make FE 105; 5T 362

learn how to deal with others 7T 47-8

learn to control yourself 7T 47

mental and physical powers should be well-developed MH 358

pray four times a day MYP 460

questions to be considered FE 104-5

seek counsel of Bible MYP 443, 447; PP 175

youth should consult parents FE 62, 104; MH 359; MYP 443-5, 448-9; PP 175; 3SG 111; 1T 218; 5T 108

binds parties to each other by most solemn vow 5T 110

breaking up MB 63-5 See also Adultery; Divorce

character defects that should be remedied before 3T 336

character traits needed for AH 83

choice of companion for MH 359, 357-8; PP 174-5

discrimination needed in 2BC 1031; SD 165

make haste slowly in making AH 44

students who are not qualified to make FE 62

woman who followed impulse in 5T 121

Christ attended, at Cana AH 99-100, 341; 5BC 1132; DA 144-53; MH 333, 356; ML 186; 7T 114; Te 98

Christ honored, as divine institution DA 151; MH 356

Christ ordained that men and women be united in MH 356

Christ sanctioned AH 341; MH 356

Christ’s grace alone can make, what God designed it to be MB 65

church’s authority to counsel members re 5T 107

claims of, need to be rightly understood 2T 252

companionship of, that is foretaste of glories of heaven MH 360

consider, well beforehand AH 346

courtship devotion often ends at AH 56; MYP 457

dates from blessed days of Eden MB 63

degradation of, in France in 1793 GC 270-1

designed by God to be: agent for blessing and uplifting humanity MB 65

blessing to man MYP 461; 2SM 421

divine guidance re, pray for PP 175

do not enter: hastily FE 104; MH 358

without careful and prayerful consideration MYP 456

without sufficient preparation MH 358

do not regard, in light of felicity MM 142

do not undertake, as you would business transaction MYP 456

dowry and See Dowry

engagement See Marriage engagement

erroneous ideas re AH 55; MM 141; 2T 472-3

youth have 5T 122-3

fancy and emotional nature must not lead in AH 43

fewer, the better AH 116; 5T 366

first, performed by Creator MB 63; PP 46

first years of MH 360

error made in MH 360

fitness for, youth in teens is a poor judge of his MYP 452

following blind and unsanctified passion re, danger of 5T 121

girl who was unfit for 2T 564; 3T 47

giving in MYP 459-60

that Satan devises MYP 458

God should be glorified in 2T 380

God’s high and noble and lofty design of, not discerned by many people MM 141

God’s ideal of, society’s condition is sad comment on MB 65

God’s purpose in, for man PP 46

God’s requirements re, modern recklessness in disregard of 5T 365

God-given privilege of entering MYP 456

great caution needed before entering AH 72

guide re, feelings should not be FE 103

happiness in, how to obtain 2T 302

that angels commend AH 102; 2T 252

happy, Christ wants to see AH 99

secret of MH 360-1; PP 176; 2T 252

husband and wife should continue early attentions after MH 360

husband covenants in, to love and cherish wife AH 106

independence manifested by many youth re 3SG 111

individuality of one party to, must not be destroyed or merged into that the other MH 361; 2T 100, 418-9, 476; 4T 127-30; 7T 45

influences and affects afterlife AH 43; MH 359; MYP 460; 2T 226; 5T 361-2

in this world and in next AH 43; MH 359; MYP 460; 5T 365

Isaac’s PP 171-6; 3SG 108-13; SR 84-6

picture of domestic happiness PP 175

See also Isaac

Jewish, was solemn and impressive occasion DA 151; ML 186; Te 193

law of, given by God to Adam for mankind MB 63-4

original, enunciated for all men to close of time MB 63-4

law that is needed re, of young people AH 88

lawful in Noah’s time and lawful now AH 121

lesson re, for youth 5T 121-2

letters re, woman who liked to write 2T 248

lives of man and woman should blend together in beautiful harmony after 5T 121-2

love should become stronger after 5T 121

lovesick sentimentalism takes helm in too many FE 103

man who was contemplating 2T 225-9

could not listen to Christ’s invitation 2T 225-6

sold his soul at cheap market by 2T 227

man who was not fit for 5T 122-3

man with whom woman should not unite in 2T 312

man’s supremacy in, woman’s lot made bitter by abuse of PP 58-9

mania for, great vigilance and tact needed to guard youth from 5T 60

youth bewitched with 5T 60

matter for sober reflection and earnest prayer 3SG 120

matter of: do not be governed by inclination in PP 563

do not be guided by fancy in MYP 460

do not be guided by your emotional nature in MYP 460

make haste slowly in AH 44

religion should dictate and guide in 3T 47

seek divine counsel re AH 70

youth should pray over MYP 449

messenger between betrothed parties prepared way for DA 179

mind occupied by, to exclusion of higher and nobler thoughts 4T 589

more misery than happiness results from MM 142

most critical period that follows MH 360

never enter, in spirit of selfishness AH 70

not one in 100, bears God’s sanction 4T 504

results in happiness 4T 504

number of children resulting from MYP 461; 2SM 424-5; 2T 380

of woman to man who has children AH 270

one of first institutions God established PP 101

one of God’s good gifts entrusted to man MB 64

one of greatest errors of youth re MYP 449

ordinance of: God ordained AH 101

look upon, with greatest solemnity AH 101

not to be associated with hilarity and glee AH 101

parties contracting: need to be converted AH 95

responsibilities of AH 114; 5T 122-3

should be agreed in religious belief and practice AH 100

should have good health MH 358

there should not be great disparity in age of, in most cases MH 358

unite their interests by solemn vow before God 3SG 120

partnership in, happy and successful AH 105-13

person(s) contemplating, duty of AH 43-9; FE 104-5; PP 189; 2T 225-9

how, can find divine guidance 2T 226-7

questions to be considered by AH 46; FE 105; MYP 450; 5T 362

should seek counsel of God PP 563

things to be considered by FE 103-6; MH 357-9; MYP 449-51, 461

what should be observed in each other by MH 359

persons converted after, duty of PP 175

persons disappointed in, gospel offers solace to MB 65

persons physically unfit for, mistake of 2SM 420-1

persons unfit for, hasten into it MYP 461

perverted by sin AH 100; MB 64

physicians whom women should not consult re Ev 607

plans for AH 43-9; MYP 459-60

modesty and simplicity should characterize AH 50; MYP 459

secretiveness in FE 103

should be to please and honor God MH 359

should not cause lack of interest in church services or prayer meeting AH 50-1; MYP 459-60; 3T 44

youth should consult parents re FE 62, 104; MH 359; MYP 443-5, 448-9; PP 175; 3SG 111; 1T 218; 5T 108

preparation for AH 88; MH 357-9

young women’s duty re MH 302

presents new duties to perform 7T 46

promise to enter See Marriage engagement

purity and beauty of, gospel is to restore MB 64-5

purity and happiness of human race is guarded by PP 46

question of, involves more than love between parties to it MYP 461

seems to have bewitching power over some youth FE 103; MYP 447

real union in, is work of years following marriage ceremony MH 360

restrictions given Israel re, perverted into wall of partition PK 708

resulting in happiness to both parties 2T 252

rights and happiness of, ever respect and guard 3SG 104

Sabbath and, twin institutions MB 63; PP 46

sacred institution when kept pure and undefiled AH 341

sacred ordinance AH 70

sacredness of MH 356-9, 361

lesson re, for all ages PP 147

safely entered only in fear of God MYP 456

safely formed only in Christ MH 358

sanitarium workers’ duty re MM 141

Satan often uses, to drag useful men down to perdition 5T 124

Satan’s studied effort to pervert PP 338

school from which there is no graduation in this life 7T 45

Scripture directions should be followed in AH 70

second: men contemplating 2T 226-7

person who has no right to enter 2SM 340-1

that was justified 2SM 339-40

should be beginning and not end of love PP 176

should preserve and increase womanly respect 2T 474

solemn covenant made before God AH 106

solemn ordinance AH 102

step taken for life AH 340

subject of: antediluvians bewitched re 4T 515

calm reason needed in considering MYP 447

careful and prayerful deliberation should be given to 5T 362

Christ’s warning re 4T 515

do not dwell on, in low and disgusting manner CH 413

lovesick sentimentalism too often directs in MYP 447

mania re, sign of nearness of second advent 4T 503

many youth infatuated with FE 100; MYP 443

more should appear in SDA publications on CW 108

occupies many minds to exclusion of higher and nobler thoughts 4T 589

too little reason is exercised re MYP 453

unimpassioned judgment needed re FE 103; MYP 447

youth’s infatuation re MYP 443, 456-7; 3T 44-5

success of, depends on moral character of parties to it AH 109-10

that God regards with pleasure AH 70

that heaven approves 2T 252

that is beginning instead of end of love MH 360; PP 176

thought of, bewitching power of MYP 456

thousands of people are mated but not matched in AH 44

true, does not lessen man’s usefulness AH 102

uncertain business MM 142

union for life AH 95, 340; 5T 110; 7T 46

unites man and woman in lifelong covenant 7T 45

unity of parties to, happiness and prosperity of married life depends on 4T 507

untimely excitement of, hinders mental development 5T 23

what to do to enter, with any safety 3T 336

wife covenants in, to love and obey husband AH 106

with divorced person, attempting to break up 2SM 341-2 See also Divorce

woman contemplating, duty of 5T 362-3

questions to be considered by 5T 362-3

woman disappointed in, duty of 2T 100, 270-1, 414-9

woman who liked to write and talk about 2T 248

women who have false concept of, as result of reading novels 2T 462-3

women who have thought their, was misfortune 2T 462

wrong sentiments re, taught in Israel AH 341

young man contemplating, kind of companion to be chosen by MH 359

young woman contemplating, kind of companion to be chosen by MH 359

youth should make, subject of prayer 3SG 112

youth should not enter, while character is yet undeveloped FE 62

youth should seek counsel re, from older and more experienced persons PP 175

youth should show intelligence re MYP 447

youth who will not listen to counsel re MYP 456-7

youth’s duty re MYP 445-61

youthful mind clothes, with romance 4T 507

See also Family; Home; Husband; Husband and wife; Ring; Wedding; Wife


absorbed in considering TSB 16:1

accountable for appropriation of powers in decision of LYL 84:3

acting as if living in LYL 64:7

actions in, sanctified principle as basis of TSB 15:1

activities of infatuated couple appropriate only in 1MCP 231

advice against, at times, but not forbidden 1MCP 219:6

age difference in,

may be good RY 115

would influence existing children TSB 37

age too young in; girl ruled by husband TSB 19:2

animal passions,

bring evils of; noble powers subjected TSB 115:3

of one considering TSB 23:2

take control in, instead of the mind 1MCP 224:5

balance in, by one with opposite feelings RY 113:1; TSB 34:2

bed not sanctified; marriages based on infatuation TSB 16:2

behavior reserved for, TSB 118:2

by unmarried couple LYL 70:4

displeased God TSB 147:2

bitter, Holy Spirit sweetens AG 115:4

blessing of HP 202:2

bond of, is love, not external affection HP 205:5

bound to unbeliever in, hindered in spiritual growth LYL 84:2

breaking down, to form new connections TSB 159:1

brother-sister relationship in, advised against 1MCP 220:2

characters dissimilar in, what to do about HP 205:2

choosing partner for; observe and consult parents first LYL 36:6; TSB 22:3


approved participants in celebration of TMK 39:2

restored, to original sanctity HP 202:5

sanctioned and blessed HP 202:2

wants happy HP 202:3

congenial if partners love God supremely HP 205:2

consider carefully before entering TSB 15:1

consummation of, expected by a certain girlfriend TSB 117:3

contract of, an investment for life HP 206:5

conversation in, to remain elevated LYL 15:1

counsel from people who know individual considered for RY 111:1; TSB 31:2

counseling by minister breaking barriers of TSB 205:2

courtesy in, LYL 15:3

kept fresh HP 204:4

saves trouble HP 206:2

desire for, by unprepared one LYL 47:4

difficulties in, often imaginary HP 205:3

disappointment in, gospel offers solace for AG 115:4

distrust in, through indulgence TSB 112:1

divorce from previous spouse did not justify; remarriage TSB 208

durable material of, made in loom of heaven AG 115:5

duty to make each other happy in HP 207:3

elevate one another in HP 204:2

engagement for, considered for getting acquainted LYL 21:2

failure of impulsive and selfish LYL 21:5

family of one considered for, may degrade, etc. TSB 22:2

fantasizing necessitated calling for faithfulness to TSB 202:0

father’s unwillingness for LYL 47

faults in, to be acknowledged to each other HP 203:4

feelings control decisions for TSB 16:2

firm as Sabbath; both from Eden TSB 159:2

forbidden choice of partner in LYL 84:1

forbidding, was never done by SDAs TSB 14:2

glorification of God to be considered in contemplating LYL 21:5


as Counselor for RY 111:2; TSB 32:1

not consulted about, as in Noah’s day 1MCP 297:4

to be pleased in, when romance is gone HP 203:3


ideal in, can be reached with Christ’s help AG 115:5

purposes in, HP 202:4

defeated for rebellious one LYL 54:4

wisdom can do what human wisdom cannot do for AG 115:5; HP 205:5

grace makes, agent for blessing humanity AG 115:4

happiness in,

and miseries, delay of Ellen White in writing on 3SM 282:1

by sharing true affection HP 203:2

conversation affects LYL 15:1

made for partner TSB 27:0

made or lost by partners HP 204:3

possibilities to be considered before LYL 21:6

harmony cannot be in, with unbeliever LYL 84:2

hasty, sign of the times TSB 251:5

hearts given to each other and unitedly to God HP 204:2

husband who urged, without consultation; hasty spirit TSB 29:0

identity not destroyed by TSB 25:3

impulse in LYL 29:3

influence from not respecting covenant of TSB 161:0

intellect and deportment considered in candidate for LYL 36:5; TSB 22:1

interest in, disqualified some for God’s work LYL 47:3

interracial, wrong SW 15:2

investment to maintain and make more valuable TDG 335:4

judgment yielded at times in HP 204:4

knowledge to be attained before thinking of LYL 36:2

lottery, in thinking of some HP 203:2


and harmony between those entering HP 202:3

looked for out of, avoided by continued attentions TDG 335:2

resurrected in TSB 55:3

withheld in TSB 56:1


covered by 1MCP 298:0

in relation of TSB 92:2

practiced in, degrades both body and soul 1MCP 225:1

making, desirable HP 203:4

mated but not matched in LYL 22:2


before considering; character and judgment TSB 21:1

needed before choosing husband in LYL 48:4

mistake would be realized after, with shallow woman LYL 36:3; TSB 21:0

money selfishly spent in LYL 22:0

motives for wanting property in, known to God TSB 30:0

novelty of, wears off for ones with shallow character LYL 36:3; TSB 21:0

oath of, on books of heaven TSB 54:3

objections to certain union in, given up RY 118:4

opposition to daughter’s TSB 67

parents’ wishes resisted in desire for LYL 47:2

passion of base quality may be in, as well as out of it TSB 111:2

perfection not to be expected in; patience needed TSB 55:2

personal secrets of, told to minister lead to sin 1MCP 227:2

perverted by sin but restored by the gospel AG 115:4

physical endurance differences made,inadvisable TSB 24:1

plan, only in the Lord LYL 26:3

premature process of (courtship) LYL 36:2

preservation of, ordained in Eden TSB 99:0

promise before, not to restrict religious privilege LYL 84:2

proposal for, from one feeling no responsibility to God LYL 26:2; OHC 257:2

reality of, disappoints those dreaming of perfection LYL 31:2

refined spiritual temperament in TSB 24:3

regret or indifference in; renew early attentions HP 203:4


outside of, TSB 133

blessing not to be asked on TSB 201:2

with girl leads her to expect LYL 64:7

remaining without, is better than poor marriage LYL 37:2; TSB 23:1

responsibilities of motherhood to be considered before 3SM 215:1

romance of imagination stripped from, by time HP 203:3

sacredness of, not felt because of love of amusement 1MCP 157:3

Satan used a certain, as a snare TSB 77:2

second, See Remarriage

secrets of,

revealed HP 205:2

See also Secrets, family

secrets of minister’s, told to one being counseled 1MCP 227:3

self-love prevented good, for one wanting property TSB 29:3

selfishness in,

pouring all affection on each other HP 207:3

wanting to control wife’s money TSB 29:1

self-will embittered, with unbeliever TSB 211:3

sensuality in,

leads to every other sin TSB 91:0

prepares for practices outside 1MCP 223:4; TSB 87:1

separation in,

accepted when spouse is determined TSB 57:2

cause of, may be self TDG 295:3

condoned for wife not treated fairly TSB 74

new life after TSB 75

not required for one who loved husband TSB 72:2

not to be based on unbiblical marriage TSB 218

recommended; devil-controlled spouse TSB 77

reconciliation after years of TSB 211:4

sexual relationships in, See Sexual privilege

sin in,

by using it to minister to selfish desires OHC 79:3

covered; bodies debased by indulgence TSB 110:4

sinful in Noah’s day because it absorbed the thoughts 1MCP 221:5

speak kindly in HP 204:3

sterile condition in, is not bad TSB 68:2

suitability of partners for, opinions of others about RY 116:2

suspicion and jealousy in HP 203:3

sympathy outside of TSB 136:0

temperaments not suitable to combine in TSB 23:2

temptation to seek love outside of, prevented 1MCP 158:1

thoughts Satan uses in, but humility heals TSB 205:3

unbelievers joined in,

disregards the Word and imperils soul OHC 257:4

forbidden; OHC 257; TSB 17:3

God knows best LYL 84:1

God’s blessing not claimed for LYL 83:1

suffering in; divorce not right TSB 158:3

unbiblical, TSB 218

continuance advised for TSB 218

employment of one with, is difficult TSB 221:4

repentance for, without breaking new marriage TSB 223

work in education and opening Bible after TSB 223

uncertainty in,

do not enter with HP 205:2

false counselor blames, for troubles 2MCP 701:0

if carried out by unprepared one LYL 47:4

reason for caution of parents LYL 48:5

saved from corruption and LYL 76:2

unity rarely complete at ceremony of HP 203:2

unsuitability of certain woman for LYL 36:3; TSB 21:0

urged if infatuating relationship not broken LYL 71:0; TSB 117:1, 119:1

vows of,

unbroken but vows to God may require separation TSB 78:2

wrong course while not seeing importance of TSB 160:3

woman to be united with man in HP 202:2

Word of God,

disregarded by, with unbeliever OHC 257:4

studied regarding; it is not forbidden 1MCP 219:6; TSB 14

words and actions in HP 204:2

yield judgment at times in LYL 15:3

See also Divorce; Husband; Remarriage; Wife