EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Light, Lights - Liver difficulty

Light, Lights

1. Of world

2. Miscellaneous

1. Of world

Christ and His followers are 1T 406

Christ as COL 416-7; DA 463, 475; Ed 29; MB 39; 1T 405-6; 9T 171

Christ’s disciples as DA 306

Christ’s followers as 5BC 1085; DA 306-7; MB 38-44; MH 36; MYP 349; 2SM 476; 1T 425; 3T 248; 8T 46; 9T 19

church as 2SM 67; 5T 454-67

church is to be CM 20-1

church members need to understand that they are 6T 432

God’s loyal people are 1T 460

God’s people are MB 38-44; 1T 303; 4T 356; 8T 46

God’s true people are 1T 345

men in positions of trust are to be, in special sense 5T 561

our Christian experience is to be 5T 113

people who are 1T 262; TM 422

those who receive Christ to become HP 339:4

why some professed Christians are not MB 41

2. Miscellaneous

artificial, cannot shine forth as star of holiness 8T 194

used at temple during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448

beam(s) of: believer may be cloud instead of 4T 36

from Christ’s face are reflected on His true followers 4T 357

that resemble fine gold and silver 2T 596

blazed with awful grandeur about God on Mt. Sinai DA 464

blessings of, sick persons need CH 57

well persons need CH 57

bright, religion of Christ is represented as 5T 238

bright and shining, every soul is to be ChS 21

brighter than sun shone from angel guard around Christ’s tomb DA 779-80; EW 182

burning and shining, all of God’s people should be CT 418-9

center of, be in your little circle a MB 77

ceremony of, held in temple court in connection with Feast of Tabernacles DA 463

Christ fills stars with AA 586

Christ is only safe, to follow TM 211

Christ’s countenance illuminated with, bright as noonday sun at second advent EW 286

Christ’s followers should be more than, in midst of men MB 40

Christians should let their, shine ChS 19-20

church is to stand as, in earth 5T 455

circle of, formed by angels around God’s children 2T 272

created by God at beginning of world COL 415; DA 464; ML 138

devils compelled to flee before bright and penetrating, of holy angels DA 779-80; EW 182

do not exclude, from sickroom 4aSG 152

dotted all over country in towns, villages, and cities 2T 631

faces of God’s people shine with, at second advent EW 286

garments of, Adam and Eve originally wore See Adam and Eve

Satan clothes misleading theories in MM 93

glorious, will shine all about heads of redeemed 1T 68

God fills stars with GW 14

God is DA 464

God’s people as: for Him MM 316

in every age PP 369-70

in world’s moral darkness PP 134; 2T 631

God’s people should arise and shine as COL 415-6, 420-1; 6T 423

great, do not be discouraged if yours is not LS 295

hidden under bushel CH 337-8; MB 38-44; 3T 385; 4T 52, 391; 6T 145; 9T 29

how to become, in church 2SM 170

in SDA schools should be out at 9:30 p.m. CT 297

in world: everyone who truly loves God will be CS 346

how God’s people are to be PP 134

true, what to do to be ML 80

what will make you be CT 505

jets of, living stones are like AA 598-9

seen shining from cities and villages 9T 28

Joseph as, for God amid Egyptian heathenism PP 217

kindle, in many places 9T 28

lesser, given to lead people to greater light CM 125; Ev 257

let your, shine to others 6T 405

shine wherever God may call you 5T 527

let your small, shine forth 9T 171

light other LS 295

many people shut out, because it may injure carpets, furniture, etc. 4aSG 142

must be kindled in many places 9T 28

mysteries of, Adam and Eve studied Ed 21; PP 51

needed in houses in order to have good health 4aSG 142

no life without SD 281

nurses must let their, shine amid moral darkness 9T 171

of Christ’s followers is not self-originated 5BC 1085

of Christ’s love places Christian under obligation to shed it to others CS 23

of church should increase and grow brighter and brighter 2T 124

of sun See Sun; Sunlight

on hills of Bethlehem when angels sang of Christ’s birth DA 464

one of heaven’s most precious blessings 4aSG 143

only one, safe to follow TM 211

Paul blinded by, on road to Damascus AA 114-8; EW 200-1; SR 268-71

person of God the Father enshrouded by EW 55, 70, 92, 126, 162

pillar of See Fire

pub. houses should be, set on candlestick 7T 161

put your, on candlestick 6T 37

ray(s) of: testify to God’s forbearance and love 6T 358

that gives warmth 3T 535

watch with earnestness for any God-given 5T 708

reflected, of sun, the moon and stars of our solar system shine by DA 465; Ed 14; GW 50

represents righteousness FE 476; GW 392

rested over mercy seat in sanctuary DA 464

See also Shekinah

sanitarium physicians must not hide their CH 337-8

secret of letting your, shine MB 38-41

shine as, in your home AH 37

shining forth in character, what are MB 44

shining upon Israel from pillar of cloud and fire DA 464 See also Cloud; Fire; Pillar

source of all, God is FE 167; MH 440; SC 77

Spirit compared to 4T 319

symbol of God’s presence DA 464

to world: God expects every Christian to be shining 5T 576

things that will make you AH 429

true follower of Christ is to be 3T 403

trials as, shining forth in character PP 134

universal blessing COL 418; PK 719

unnatural, shone over temple and altar GC 29

your small, someone may light his taper from 9T 171


Light, and trifling, God does not wish us to be AH 432

you will not be, when Christ abides in your heart MM 144

Light bearer, Light bearers

Light bearer, Light bearers, Abraham was called to be, for God GW 112

to heathen GW 26; PK 368

Christ’s disciples became, by receiving of His life MB 39-40

Christians are set as, on way to heaven SC 115

Christians are to be MM 199

faithful, souls who will become AA 140-1

God’s, are to seek and save that which is lost TM 458

God’s faithful, Huss and Jerome as GC 115

how church becomes, in world TM 510

Israelites were to be, to all inhabitants of earth PP 528

no man can by his own effort make himself, for God COL 418

one of God’s, be careful not to discourage DA 438

parents are to be AH 37

persons enlightened by truth are to be, to world 7T 62

SDA are set in world as 9T 19

should depart from all iniquity 5T 135

stand faithfully at post of duty as 5T 14

to world: everyone can be ML 220

many souls in darkness will become conscientious 6BC 1060

you are to be, in your business life 7T 143

you are to become 5BC 1121

true, reflect light on path of others RC 41:4

working in darkness, God desires His people to be CH 445-6

Light bearing

Light bearing, now is time for LS 425

our time calls for TM 515

Light giver, Light givers

Light giver, Light givers, parents are to be AH 37


Lighthouse, on dangerous coast, illustration of 7T 138


light kept in, even when some disregard it RC 167:3


Lightness, all, positively forbidden in God’s word 2T 338

studiously avoid CG 146

cease your 2T 235

God is dishonored by 1T 592

God’s cause is wounded by 1T 133

increasing among God’s people 5T 160

indulge in no MH 491

injurious to spiritual advancement 2T 188

love of, evil influence of 2T 175

ministers’, is offensive to God Ev 644

no time now for 3T 474

not proper in Bible study TM 107

not right to indulge in 7BC 938

pub. house workers should not indulge in 1T 589

results in: barrenness of soul 2T 236

loss of spiritual strength 9T 133

spirit of: is unchristian Ev 641

should not be brought into schoolwork FE 245

Spirit is grieved away when, is encouraged 5T 694

unbecoming to: Christians 3T 241

minister Ev 206-7

See also Foolishness; Frivolity; Trifling

Lightning, Lightnings

Lightning, Lightnings, angry, seemed to be hurled at Christ on cross DA 754

destruction caused by, at time of Flood PP 99; 3SG 70

earth enveloped in sheet of flame by, at second advent GC 638

fierce, during seventh plague GC 638

of God’s wrath against Jerusalem DA 756

flash of: at second advent GC 644

end of world will come as suddenly as GC 338-9

fire descended from heaven on Elijah’s sacrifice like PK 153

Flood began with PP 99; 3SG 69; SR 66

from cloud during crucifixion DA 754

from pillar of fire over Israel PP 287

murmuring Israelites slain at Taberah by PP 379; 4aSG 16

when Christ was baptized 5BC 1078

flashing, man’s fear of 1BC 1091

when Christ rose from dead DA 780

from heaven, will cause mountains to burn 7BC 946; PP 110; 3SG 82

God’s cause needs minds that act like, when necessary 3T 498

obeys God’s voice SR 117

of heaven, sword of Spirit bathed in AA 38

of Sinai, person who could not be moved by EW 51

Satan would gladly have sent, to kindle fire on Baal’s altars PK 150

supposition that, strikes people for working on Sunday GC 575

thunder and, when law was given at Mt. Sinai PP 304; 3SG 267

top of Tower of Babel destroyed by PP 120; 3SG 98; SR 74; 8T 214


Lignaloes, sandal trees PP 449-50

See also Aloes


Like, appreciates like PP 176; 5T 696, 705

attracts like PP 176; 5T 100, 705

begets like 2T 79

draws like in transgression TM 235

only, can appreciate like MB 25, 81

seeks like DA 405


Likeness, Christ’s, by beholding Him men become changed into SC 72-3; SL 8

Likes and dislikes

Likes and dislikes, man who expressed his, in strong terms 2T 188

mistake of many people who have AH 178

woman who had 2T 50

strong, man who had 1T 698; 2T 387

woman who had 2T 50

See Tastes

Lily, Lilies

Lily, Lilies, beautiful, plucked by Christ and put in children’s hands COL 19; CT 179

children may learn to see Christ in Ed 120

Christ has message in every COL 19

Christ used, as illustration CT 261; Ev 238

to illustrate truth DA 254

delicate skill with which God’s hand wrought PP 574

fresh water CG 58

gather, and let thorns alone SC 117

instead of thistles and thorns TM 502

God has taken thought for DA 313

growth of, Christ’s lessons from MB 97

in freshness of morning dew, lessons from TM 191

in new earth ML 354; 2SG 54; 1T 69

in its purity, Christ drew lessons from 2T 580

in their beauty, outshine Solomon’s glory DA 313

interpreted by Christ COL 19; CT 179

lessons from, Christ taught AH 222; Ed 102; TM 191

may be learned MYP 423

lessons taught by MB 96

of field, Christ referred to AH 222

lessons from 5BC 1086

petals of, God’s written message on MB 96

pure white, Christian may be like Te 187

on bosom of lake TM 430

reposing in purity on bosom of lake 2T 580; 3T 375

firm and noble character represented by ML 263

illustration from MYP 423

roots of, go down deep ML 263

rough brown bulb of: life of God hidden in MB 97

possibilities of beauty in MB 97

unfolds its life at God’s call in rain and sunshine MB 97

simplicity and innocence of, lesson from 2T 497

simplicity and marvelous beauty of, Christ referred to Ev 148-9

springing from cold earth or mud of river bed MB 97

unfolding in purity, Christ’s lessons from MH 289

water, lesson from 3T 375

secret of holy life illustrated by Ed 119

what to do to train DA 516


pure in bad surroundings, 2MCP 798:2

representation of Christ TMK 36

robes of the greatest earthly king do not compare with HP 115:2

vileness refused by UL 118:2

Limb, Limbs

Limb, Limbs, air circulating about, chills them 2SM 467

baby’s, need more clothing than do his chest and lungs 2SM 468

need of properly clothing 2SM 467

baby’s clothing should permit free use of 2SM 466

bruised, charcoal in treatment of 2SM 295-6

children’s: left almost naked 2SM 470

need of properly clothing 2SM 470-1

need protection from cold air 2SM 470

should be sufficiently protected MH 382

should not be left bare MH 382

chilled, as result of improper clothing 2SM 467; 2T 532

blood circulation hindered by 2SM 467

blood driven to brain or internal organs by 2SM 296-7

blood driven to lungs and head by 2SM 468

disease induced in lungs and brain by 2SM 467

unwise to sit with CD 302; MM 230; 2SM 296-7

clothe, so as to induce blood to extremities 2T 532

crippled by calomel 2SM 444, 449

disease caused by improperly clothing 2T 531

dress reform provides clothing for 4T 635

exercise of, girls need 2T 371

exposure of: blood circulation affected by 2T 531-2

by fashions which Satan invented 2T 532

chills blood back from original course 2T 532

disease and premature death caused by 2SM 471

girls’, should be as warmly clad as those of boys 2SM 471

guard, especially from cold by abundant clothing MH 293

keep, comfortable with warm clothing 2SM 479

left, of EGW rendered useless by paralysis LS 162

loss of use of, caused by nux vomica 2SM 448-9

need: free circulation of blood CH 587

greater protection than do other parts of body MH 382

to be kept uniformly as warm as body 2T 531-2

not formed to endure exposure, as is face 2T 531

one woman in thousand clothes her, as she should 1T 461

overeating causes, to chill quickly MH 307

prickling sensation in, on recovery from paralysis LS 163

proper attention should be given to MM 291

protect, against air current 2SM 479; 1T 461

provided with large veins and nerves 2T 531-2

remote from vital organs, properly clothe 2SM 470-1

strengthen with use 2T 533

weakened by: lack of exercise SC 81; 2T 533; 4T 75; 5T 393

strychnine 4aSG 138

women’s: generally not clothed properly 2SM 479

should be clad as warmly as are men’s 2SM 477, 479; 1T 459, 461

should be clothed with regard to health and comfort 2SM 477; 1T 459


Lime, purifying of premises with CH 63; 2SM 461-2

water’s effect on PP 108


Limestone, burning in earth, melts iron ore PP 108; 3SG 79-80

Limit, Limits

Limit, Limits, beyond which God’s judgments can no longer be stayed PK 417

beyond which Satan cannot go in working miracles 5T 698

God’s appointments and grants in behalf of His people are without CT 14

no: to blessings that men may receive 7BC 906

to God’s promises AA 563-4; Ev 599

to good that you may do MYP 125

to usefulness of person putting self aside ChS 254; CT 409; DA 250-1; FE 346; MH 159; 8T 19

of God’s forbearance, men are fast approaching 9T 13; TM 21

when men pass GC 36

See also Forbearance; Mercy

setting, for spreading truth UL 18:6

transgression has almost reached its 7BC 911; CG 555; 8T 28

wickedness of men has almost reached its TM 457

Limited ideas

Limited ideas, re gospel work, rebuked 5T 271

re the worthy poor, caution against 2T 284


unite to Christ as does the, to rocks HP 151:5

Lincoln Nebraska

Lincoln Nebraska 8T 134

See also College View, Nebraska

Lindsay Harmon W.

Lindsay Harmon W. CS 264-5

Lindsay J. M.

Lindsay J. M. LS 171; 3T 48


Line, beyond which Christian cannot go MB 93; SD 292

God’s side of, keep on 5T 514

of demarcation See Demarcation


Lineage, Christ recognized no virtue in COL 268

spiritual, supersedes all natural connection COL 268


Linen, finest, do not spend means for TM 179

white: Levite singers arrayed in PK 38

priestly garments made of PP 350-1

symbol of righteousness of saints AA 591


white, righteousness of Christ TMK 95:3

Line of distinction

Line of distinction, between professed Christians and the ungodly, hardly distinguishable now GC 588; 1T 131

between Christians and worldlings, removed 1T 404


Lingering, spirit of, Lot had too much of 2SM 354

Link, Links

Link, Links, be, between sinners and God 5T 246

in chain let down to save world MH 105

in God’s chain of service, unlearned gospel workers as 7T 26

mysterious, binding souls together CT 220; 4T 587

See also Chain


Linked, earth is, with heaven by Christ SC 20

Lion, Lions

Lion, Lions, angels protected Daniel from GC 512; 1T 296

caged, impulsive temper raging like 4T 92

Christ as, of Judah See Christ

cruel and ravenous, Ninevites compared to PK 265

Daniel cast into den of PK 539-48; 1T 295-6; 5T 453

David slew, while a shepherd DA 479; PP 644

ferocious look of, Satan does not always wear 2T 287

ferocity of, Satan can work with 5T 384

full-grown, intemperance compared to CG 402; Te 178

hasty temper as 2T 425

hunting prey, Satan compared to 5T 397-8; TM 333

in new earth EW 18; 2SG 53; 1T 68

will lie down with lamb ML 354

in thickets by Jordan River PP 644

of intemperance, how parents may avoid having to handle Te 179

passion rouses like, in hearts 4T 95

roaring, Satan compared to 2T 287, 409; TM 333

Satan does not always come as 4T 207

Samson slew PP 564

Satan can exchange roar of, for softest whisper 2T 287

Satan raged like chained, when Christ was on earth GC 514

sported with lamb in Eden PP 50; 3SG 35; SR 22

symbol of tribe of Judah PP 236


den of, Christ was with Daniel in OHC 357:3

peaceful in the New Earth Mar 355:4

roaring, Satan may come as OHC 132:5

Lip, Lips

Lip, Lips, dark and swollen, calomel causes 2SM 447

door of, let your religion stand guard at 4T 521

guard your, so guile cannot corrupt them ML 180

how law of kindness may proceed from your 5T 653

keep in your, as with bit and bridle ML 14

let law of kindness be upon your AH 345; 3BC 1164; MB 98; ML 178; 7T 50; 9T 41; WM 76

nothing but kindness should escape your MM 213

parent’s, law of kindness must be on CG 66

sanctified, God calls for CW 23

speak words that reform 1SM 159

tobacco spittle defiles SL 30-1

tobacco-stained 4aSG 127

true Christian’s, guile not found in MM 143


consider pollution of, as Isaiah did HP 177:2

dishonor to God by, in fretfulness and complaint VSS 143:1

fruit of,

carefulness in, because God delights in kindness TMK 126:2

from those with love of God in their hearts VSS 149:2

God formed, to praise and glorify Him HP 177:2

grace poured into Christ’s 3SM 240:1

guarded by those who fear God VSS 146:1

impurity of, revealed by God’s law RC 63:2

keep door of, while wicked are before us TDG 250:2

law of kindness to govern TDG 111:4

religion to guard HP 223:4

sanctified, need for TMK 228:4

sin-stained, law denounced by FW 95:2

Lip service

Lip service, as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal Ev 507

many people content with 4T 534


religion of, character not transformed by TDG 299:3


Liquid, taken with meals, digestion retarded by CD 420; CH 120; MH 305

too much, taken into stomach is not healthful CD 105

Liquid diet

Liquid diet See Diet

Liquid food

Liquid food See Food

Liquid poison

Liquid poison See Poison

intoxicating See Intoxicating drink


Liquor, intoxicating See Alcohol; Intoxicating drink

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal, earthquake of, in 1755 GC 304-5


Listening See Hearing


to those who would lead away from God OHC 334:3


Listlessness, ardor and earnest prayer must take place of 1BC 1096

is not piety CM 77

See Lethargy

Litch, Josiah

Litch, Josiah, prediction of, re Turkey GC 334-5

Literary assistants

See White, Ellen, literary; White, Ellen, writings of

Literary acquirement, Literary acquirements

Literary acquirement, Literary acquirements, high, teacher should have CT 199

student may have God’s smile upon him while seeking FE 192

value of, true education does not ignore the Ed 225-9

Literary attainment, Literary attainments

Literary attainment, Literary attainments, cheapening of, religion will not lead to CT 504; FE 118

Daniel and companions stood unrivaled in PK 485

high standard of, world is being educated to 5T 528

need not detract from advancement in intellectual and spiritual life FE 192-3

Literary essay, Literary essays

Literary essay, Literary essays, brilliant, heart cannot be satisfied by COL 40

Literary excellence

Literary excellence, mind capable of highest degree of 5T 521

Literary habits

Literary habits, persons of, physical exercise needed by 3T 157

Literary institution. Literary institutions

Literary institution. Literary institutions, gospel workers qualified by Spirit more than by GC 606

Literary knowledge

Literary knowledge, higher branches of, understand simple rules of grammar before attempting CT 219

youth need physiological education as well as Te 183

Literary line, Literary lines

Literary line, Literary lines, education in, that is farce FE 397

that SDA schools should give FE 388

students who make greater advance in Ed 209

Literary production, Literary productions

Literary production, Literary productions, that SDA schools should not use FE 174-5

Literary qualification, Literary qualifications

Literary qualification, Literary qualifications, greater demand for persons with, in future FE 192

high, teacher should have Ed 278

teacher’s principles and habits are more important than his FE 58

young men of, urgent need in many fields for MYP 22

Literary society, Literary societies

Literary society, Literary societies CT 541-4

associations in, do not make saints of sinners CT 542

demoralizing theatrical performances and cheap nonsense in CT 542

evil unless rightly controlled CT 541-2

harmful as generally conducted CT 541-4

because alliance is formed with world 5T 127

because irreligious element has controlling influence 5T 127

in nine cases out of ten 5T 127

that might be interesting and useful CT 543-4; 5T 127

Literary talent

Literary talent, appreciation of, is not sin FE 120-1

do not idolize FE 120-1

Literary training

Literary training, men cannot acceptably fill positions of trust without FE 255-6

necessary, SDA youth should be given FE 490

practical training and, should be combined in childhood and youth CT 149; FE 368

Literary trash

Literary trash, mind fed on, unable to see beauty of God’s word FE 452

of satanic origin, pub. houses should not print 8T 90

Literary value

Literary value, objectionable books supposed to have Ed 188

Literary work, Literary works

Literary work, Literary works, that should be shunned 5T 516, 519; 7T 203-4

Literary world

Literary world, person who may stand in, and in the end lose all SD 194


1. Seventh-day Adventist

2. Miscellaneous


1. Seventh-day Adventist 7T 150-60

alone, not sufficient for task of evangelism CH 545

angels attend SDA, in its ministry Ev 412

buildings for publication of: must be erected in many lands 8T 87

need to be erected in various places in Europe 8T 87

should be erected in various places in America 8T 87

character of, power and efficiency of SDA work depends largely on 7T 150

choice and preparation of, great care needed in 7T 150

church members should distribute, from house to house 9T 127

circulate, in city evangelism Ev 96

circulation of LS 216-8

broader view needed re 9T 76-80

church members should give more time to CH 464; CM 7

diligent work should be done in CT 398

good work is done by Te 252

important means of communicating light CM 16

money spent on needless things should be used for CS 295

must extend to all parts of world 7T 160

take up work of CM 16

company of workers to sell, organize Ev 432

containing present truth, must be published in various places in America 8T 87

should be published in various places in Europe 8T 87

containing truth, treasure every fragment of ChS 154

distribute, everywhere ChS 153; CM 4-5

distribution of: be diligent in ChS 169; CS 190

by church members from house to house Ev 114-5

church members should awake to importance of ChS 147

in miss. work WM 112

is miss. work for all to engage in CH 466

means of proclaiming third angel’s message ChS 145

wide field of usefulness for SDA youth 9T 78

wide field of usefulness in CT 526

wise, many unwarned may be reached by MM 313

witness for God by 9T 21

women should be encouraged in WM 165

women should not become weary in WM 162

do not discredit CW 151; 1SM 165

give, to people unable to purchase it 1T 690

gospel, as silent messenger Ev 411-2

should be used in evangelism in Europe Ev 411-2

hand out CH 465-6

Harvest Ingathering, use of CS 189-90

health See Health literature

illustrations in CW 167-76

income from, use of 9T 62

instruct SDA how to present, to unbelievers 9T 87

judiciously distribute: on trains 9T 123

on ships that ply sea 9T 123

on street 9T 123

through mails 9T 123

kinds of, that SDA pub. houses should not print 7T 164-8

make wise use of: at camp meeting 9T 87

in SDA sanitariums 9T 87

in SDA schools 9T 87

men needed to prepare, in other languages LS 206

many souls won by, in northern part of Europe Ev 422

means of giving truth to others CM 4-5

message should be given by, as witness to all world CM 145-6; 9T 61

needed for work in Southern States of USA LS 381-2

nothing should appear in, that does not represent truth and righteousness CW 173-4

on Bible doctrines, evangelists should use Ev 159-60

on dietetic reform, need of distributing 7T 116

one of principal agencies ordained by God for SDA to use 9T 87

plan to provide, for poor people 4T 598

promise for persons who visit neighbors to sell or give away CM 90-1

provide, for gospel work among Negroes 9T 207

for sanitarium patients Ev 538

put, into every hand that will receive it ChS 169; CS 190

sale of, colporteur campaigns should be organized for CM 84-5

sell, to people willing and able to purchase it 1T 690

sell or give, to neighbors CM 91; Ev 115

should be of purest quality and most elevating character 7T 150

some people reached by, who would not be reached in any other way 8T 87

supply, to restaurant patrons 7T 116

teach SDA how to use, in spreading truth CT 530

temperance See Temperance literature

torn page of, may influence some seeker after truth ChS 154; CM 151

use, in follow-up work after camp meeting Ev 432

in house-to-house work WM 100-1

use of: in evangelism Ev 159-62, 232

in miss. work ChS 145-54

in restaurant work 7T 116

ordained by God for spreading truth CT 530

well-prepared: awake to possibilities of circulating ChS 146

great work is to be accomplished by circulation of 9T 61-2

importance of circulating CM 145

EGW made of effective use of, in miss. work Ev 448-9

2. Miscellaneous

Athenian, Paul was familiar with AA 237

Bible above other, gives strength and expansion to mind FE 394

Bible as, value of CT 428-9

wide range of style and subjects in Ed 125

cannot bring into darkened mind what gospel can FE 199-200

cheap and superficial, Satan stirs up men to furnish world with FE 451-2

that Satan uses FE 451-2

choice of, youth should exercise greater care in MYP 85

class of: that keeps men from being truly Christlike MYP 280

that keeps people from being practical Christians FE 163

that produces disastrous physical effects MYP 280-1

that world would be better without CW 161

that should be forever excluded from SDA pub. houses 8T 93

classical, superior excellence of SDA system of education is not in FE 98

clothing Satan in angel robes CM 143

containing infidel sentiments, SDA must not print or sell 7T 166

containing poison like that of asps FE 93

containing Satan’s science, should be excluded from all SDA institutions 7T 168

corrupt and corrupting, shun study of MH 444

corrupted intellects produce, that poisons minds of thousands 3T 472

current, corrupting influence of MYP 85

debasing morals, Satan is busy scattering ChS 146

defiling, that SDA pub. houses must not handle as commercial work 7T 166

destroying desire to search Scriptures MYP 271

do not make, first in SDA schools FE 484

education in, higher education embraces more than CT 45

elevating, should be kept before members of family ML 89

enfeebling mind MYP 271-2

erroneous and polluted, separate from SDA educational institutions FE 388

separate from SDA educational work CT 389

for SDA children CT 132-9

giving true knowledge, youth should read 7T 64

intoxicating brain FE 451-2

knowledge in, do not discourage CT 19

leading people to live an unreal life CM 143; MYP 271

minds educated by, to familiarity with low and vile 3T 471-2

more deadly than plagues of Egypt 7T 166

more defiling than leprosy 7T 166

no other, can compare with Scriptures in value MH 459-60; 8T 319

objectionable, SDA pub. houses should not handle 8T 87-8

pagan, mind and character are molded by evil sentiments of MH 443

persons with creditable attainments in, may be ignorant in child care Ed 275

poisoning young minds, Satan is busy scattering ChS 146

poisonous, worldly men use press to publish CH 465-6; LS 216-7

powerful battery by which Satan tears down simple religious faith FE 93

presenting fruit of forbidden tree of knowledge 7T 166

read, giving you true knowledge and help ML 199; 7T 64

reading of, that Satan employs MYP 271

Satan’s, hellish fascination in FE 93

sensational, colporteurs should not sell 5T 402

sensational or demoralizing, minds of thousands enfeebled, debased, and even crazed by reading CW 134

reading of, becomes a habit CW 134

sensational or worthless, erroneous idea re winning youth from MH 446

setting forth soul-destroying theories of hypnotism or spiritualism, SDA must not print or sell 7T 166

study of: authors having no regard for principles of morality should not be used in Ed 226-7

fountains from which youth drink in Ed 226-7

objections to use of fiction writers in Ed 226-7

works that should not be used in Ed 226-7

swift facilities for transporting, to every part of world 9T 122

that colporteurs should not handle CM 142-4

trashy: demoralizes youth MYP 255-6

mind that turns with disgust from MYP 255-6

people cannot be truly Christlike who feed on FE 163

unfitting youth for their duties MYP 271

used in SDA schools, that does not contain education students should have FE 407

which SDA are not authorized by God to print or sell CM 143-4

wide distribution of, pride manifest in Ed 189

worthless, flooding world CW 147

greedily devoured while Bible is neglected MYP 257

written by infidels, does not contain education for SDA students FE 407

See also Book; Fairy tale; Fiction; Novel; Pamphlet; Paper; Periodical; Publication; Storybook; Tale; Textbook; Tract


biblical, Bible is more than OHC 203:2

debasing, results of addiction to; how to overcome it OHC 202

gospel, See also Papers, missionary

irreligious trash, leaves no room for solid reading TDG 131:2

isolated ones reached by RC 253:4

message given in, with Bible reasons; not as romance TDG 282:2

mind crowded with cheap TMK 201:3

See also Authors; Books; Fiction; Novels; Papers; Publications; Reading; Stories; Tracts

Literature evangelism

Literature evangelism See Canvassing; Colporteur work

Literature evangelist

Literature evangelist See Canvasser; Colporteur

Literature fund

Literature fund, for poor people 1T 718 (Appendix note)

Literature ministry

Literature ministry, needed to supplement work of living missionary CH 545 See also Colporteur work

Little, Littles

Little, Littles, accomplished because little attempted COL 331; MH 498

claiming, instead of much AA 563; Ev 599

do your, faithfully MYP 23; 2T 310, 700

five or more, results of stealing CH 409

laying aside, for God’s work 3T 412-3

many, make much in end AH 388; Ch 409; 9T 55

multiply as years go by AH 384

neglect of, poisons life’s happiness 2T 700

persons generous with their SD 275

spent in self-gratification, reckon up AH 379

value of, in God’s work COL 360

what costs little is appreciated CT 70; 6T 214

why God can do so, for His professed people TM 431

wise use of, brings wonderful increase CS 48; DA 371

Little act

Little act See Small act

Little concern

Little concern See Small concern

Little deed

Little deed See Small deed

Little difficulty

Little difficulty See Difficulty

Little digression

Little digression See Digression

Little duty

Little duty See Duty

Little gift

Little gift See Offering

Little incident

Little incident See Incident

Little indulgence

Little indulgence See Indulgence

Little loss

Little loss See Loss

Little man

Little man See Small man

Little matter

Little matter See Small matter


Littleness See Smallness

“Little ones,”

“Little ones,” in Matt. 10:42, persons who are as children in faith and knowledge of Christ are PK 132

in Matt. 18:6, does not mean babies Ev 341

Little opportunity

Little opportunity See Opportunity

Little outgo

Little outgo See Small outgo

Little sin

Little sin See Sin

Little test

Little test See Test

Little thing, Little things

See Small thing; Things, small


Live, to give is to DA 623

we have scarcely begun to, when we begin to die COL 342


Livelihood, man who can earn, has no right to depend on others MH 195; 6T 278

many people try to obtain, by scheming instead of honest toil MH 189


See Animation


Liver, baby’s, poisonous tobacco effluvia in air affects 2SM 467; Te 58-9

bathing benefits MH 276; 3T 70

bathing gives new life and energy to MH 276; 3T 70

blood is cleansed of impurities by MH 240; 3T 490

breathing improperly ill affects MH 273

burdened when unable to throw off impurities in blood 3T 490

compressed by tight lacing and girdles Te 291-2

compressing waist has depressing influence on 2SM 473

deranged, confining indoor work causes 1T 520

diseased: diet for persons who have 2T 67

health reform greatly benefits 2T 67

lack of pure and vitalizing air causes 1T 701

persons who have 2T 67

self-abuse causes CG 444

drugs frequently ill affect 4aSG 135

eating and drinking improperly ill affect 2T 67-8

eating too much burdens MH 240; 2T 412-3

inactive: air overheated and foul causes 1T 702

children may have 2SM 435

persons who have 2T 68

regulated diet prescribed for persons who have 2T 68

use of fine flour aggravates condition of persons with 2T 68

inflammation of, safeguard against ML 136

lack of deep and full inspirations of air ill affects 2T 67-8

morbid action of, stimulants cause CD 422; Te 78

outdoor exercise strengthens 2T 533

overworked, eating too much causes MH 240

pores of skin not functioning properly cause 2T 524

parents need to become acquainted with 3T 136

poisonous drugs ill affect 2SM 452

poisonous med. preparations ill affect 2SM 281; 4aSG 140

poisonous vegetable and mineral med. preparations ill affect 2SM 281; 4aSG 140

suffers from lack of air 2T 67-8

taxed heavily when: blood is not good 2T 67

digestive organs are deranged 2T 67

torpid: indulgence of appetite causes CH 68; SL 29

physical exercise benefits MM 107

woman predisposed to 2T 427


action of, retarded by sadness 2MCP 458:2; UL 102:3

torpid, makes religious life uncertain 2MCP 407:2

Liver complaint, Liver complaints

Liver complaint, Liver complaints, poor ventilation causes 4aSG 143; 2SM 462

sour cider causes 5T 357; Te 95

Liver difficulty

Liver difficulty, salads that cause CD 345