EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Legal enactment, Legal enactments - Library, Libraries

Legal enactment, Legal enactments

Legal enactment, Legal enactments, enforced by human authority, many people expect Christ to rule through DA 509


Legality, spirit of, service in heaven is not rendered in MB 109

Legal question, Legal questions

Legal question, Legal questions, Christ was asked repeatedly to decide 9T 218

Legal religion

Legal religion, can never lead souls to Christ DA 280; 1SM 388

Jewish priests and rulers satisfied with AA 15

no safety for person who has merely DA 172

people who do not have TM 94

spirit of bondage engendered by 6BC 1077

will not answer for this age Ev 170; 6T 417

Legal requirement, Legal requirements

Legal requirement, Legal requirements, med. students need preparatory course of study that will meet FE 490

SDA colleges should prepare med. students to meet CT 480

Legal right, Legal rights

Legal right, Legal rights, Paul and Silas contended for their AA 217-8

Legal test, Legal tests

Legal test, Legal tests, med. students should be prepared to pass CT 479

SDA schools should prepare students to pass FE 489


Legion, in Roman army, 3,000 to 5,000 men in GC 514


Legislation, all human, God’s word must be recognized as above AA 69; 6T 402

man’s relation to God is above GC 295

legalizing liquor traffic, Satan inspires PK 186

needed to prohibit liquor traffic 3BC 1162

religious movement in favor of religious, is concession to papacy 5T 711

Sunday See Sunday law; Sunday legislation

Legislative assembly, Legislative assemblies

Legislative assembly, Legislative assemblies, decisions of, Christ’s kingdom is not established by DA 509

many a lad of today will stand in, as did Daniel Ed 262

spiritualism has found favor in GC 556; SR 395

Legislative authority, Legislative authorities

Legislative authority, Legislative authorities, nation speaks by action of its GC 442

Legislative body

Legislative body See Legislative assembly

Legislative enactment, Legislative enactments

Legislative enactment, Legislative enactments, to legalize liquor traffic, results of Te 38-9

Legislative council, Legislative councils

Legislative council, Legislative councils, members of: clear brains needed by Te 289

sharp and clean-cut reason needed by Te 289

should not drink wine or strong drink Te 289

SDA may have to plead before, for right to worship God according to dictates of conscience 2SM 375

youth may properly aspire to sit in FE 82

Legislative court, Legislative courts

Legislative court, Legislative courts, many SDA will have to stand in, to answer for their faith FE 217

Legislative hall, Legislative halls

Legislative hall, Legislative halls, commandment keepers will be misrepresented and condemned in GC 592

intemperate men should not be sent to Te 254

men of principle needed in Te 268

many people desire to make Christ ruler in DA 509

Roman Catholic doctrines exert influence in GC 581

should be free from curse of intemperance MH 345

Legislator, Legislators

Legislator, Legislators, class of, who live in open violation of Ten Commandments Te 164

countenance and right hand of fellowship will be given to Romanism by 5T 525

legalizing liquor traffic, responsible for results of it Te 38-9

modern, model of judicial integrity for PP 381

Moses stands without peer as PP 246

only men of strict temperance and integrity should serve as Te 47

principles of Protestantism will be abjured by 5T 525

should be men of strict temperance MH 345

urged to amend US Constitution to restrict liberty of conscience 5T 711

will yield to demand for Sunday law in USA GC 592

in order to secure popularity and patronage PK 606; 5T 451

wisest, Moses as Ed 51

See also Lawmaker


Legislature, US See United States Legislature

councils of, pleading for freedom before 3SM 415:2


Leisure, persons of, Satan lies in ambush to destroy CT 278

riches and, desired among men PP 156

too much, despondent feelings frequently result from CH 629

wealth and, love of pleasure fostered by PP 156


despondency frequently caused by 2MCP 603:4; RC 161:5

Satan attacks during TDG 133:4

See also Idleness

Leisure hour, Leisure hours

Leisure hour, Leisure hours, children’s, parents’ duty re 3T 148

mind should be stored with Bible truths during 4T 588

parents’, children need portion of CT 124

Leisure time

Leisure time, books read in, determine to great degree your religious experience 7T 204

do not spend, in idleness 5T 42

ministers’ use of Ev 660-1

person who will find enough to do in EW 112

search Bible during EW 58

store mind with Bible truths during 4T 588

Leland, Michigan

Leland, Michigan 1T 671

Lelland, Nellie

Lelland, Nellie WM 326

Lemon, Lemons

Lemon, Lemons, healthful food CD 311

recommended for sanitarium patients CD 445


Lemonade, ice-cold, taken with meals retards digestion CD 420; CH 119

Lemon juice

Lemon juice, thistle greens seasoned with CD 324

Lemon pie

Lemon pie CD 288, 334, 491


Lender, Bible lessons for FE 542

Lenfant, Jacques

Lenfant, Jacques, quoted GC 107, 163, 571


Lenient, be as, with others as you desire they should be to you 4T 61

Lentil, Lentils

Lentil, Lentils, sent everywhere MH 299


Leopard, in new earth EW 18; 2SG 53; 1T 68

Leopardlike beast

Leopardlike beast See Beast, leopardlike

Leper, Lepers

Leper, Lepers, anything touched by, anciently considered unclean DA 262

avoid lovesick pen pictures in newspapers as if AH 415

banishment of: from congregation of Israel DA 262

from family DA 262

from society DA 262; MH 67; 3T 179

to associate only with persons similarly afflicted DA 262

to limits prescribed by authorities 3T 179

to perpetual isolation MH 68

breath of, air polluted by MH 67

change that came over, when healed by Christ MH 69

Christ used tact in work for DA 264

Christ’s death mourned by DA 776

cleansing of, significance of hyssop in PP 277

curse pronounced upon, by Pharisees and physicians DA 263; MH 68

fearful plight of DA 262

flesh of, made healthy by Christ DA 263

four, in Elisha’s time PK 258

Gehazi remained, till death PK 252; 4T 336

healed: commanded to present himself with offering at temple DA 264-5; MH 69

priests must examine MH 69

reinstated in congregation of Israel DA 265

healed by Christ MH 67-70

near Capernaum DA 262-6

permitted to reunite with family and friends DA 264

spread garments before Him in His triumphal entry DA 572

healing of, publicly pronounced and registered by priests DA 264-5

in Galilee, many DA 262

loathsome, Christ never refused to heal DA 776

many, in Christ’s time could not be healed because of unbelief PK 253

many of Israel’s, passed by in Elisha’s time DA 239

muscles of, made firm by Christ DA 263

Naaman as See Naaman

nerves of, made sensitive by Christ DA 263

person who touched, became unclean DA 266; MH 70

pronounced unclean by ritual law DA 262; MH 67

rite of cleansing, lessons from 1BC 1111

signal required of, on approaching people DA 262; MH 67

ten, healed by Christ DA 348, 488; MH 134, 233; ML 170; 3T 179-80; 5T 315

lesson from story of 5T 315

Uzziah remained, till death PK 304

who forgot restrictions laid upon him DA 263

See also Leprosy


1. Disease of

2. Figurative


1. Disease of

bigotry and unbelief are worse than DA 271

called “the finger of God” by Jews DA 262; MH 67

called “the stroke” by Jews DA 262; MH 67

Christ healed 5BC 1141; DA 262-7, 348, 488, 572; MH 67-70, 134, 233; ML 170; 3T 179-80; 5T 315

contagious DA 262; MH 67

contracted by eating swine’s flesh 4aSG 146; 2SM 417

in warm climate CD 392-3; 4aSG 124; 2SM 417

deep-rooted, ineradicable, and deadly disease DA 262

disease most dreaded in East DA 262; MH 67

Gehazi smitten with PK 251-2; 4T 336

guard against imagination and lovesick sentimentalism as 5T 123

healing of, illustrates cleansing of soul DA 266

unknown from Elisha’s time to Christ’s DA 262

Jews regarded, as God’s judgment sent on account of sin DA 262

law re, in Israel MH 278

inflexible in its requirement DA 262

literature more defiling than 7T 166

living death DA 566

Miriam smitten with PP 385; 4aSG 21, 27

Miriam’s, healed by prayer PP 385

Moses smitten with PP 254; 3SG 192

Naaman healed of DA 239; PK 244-53; 2T 309-10

obnoxious disease ML 170

parts of body destroyed by, Christ recreated ML 170

persons suspected of having, priest must examine DA 262; MH 67

sought Christ while He lay in tomb DA 776

practices in speech that should be shunned as Ed 236

regarded as incurable disease DA 262; MH 67-8

rough and scaly surface peculiar to DA 263

shun debt as you would CS 272; 6T 217

shun deception as you would 4T 438

shun infidel writings as you would CT 136

Simon of Bethany healed of DA 557, 566

sins cling to human beings like 1SM 107

symbol of sin DA 262; MH 67

taint of, parental impress that is like CG 116

terrible case of DA 262-7

unnaturally white and scaly surface peculiar to MH 69

Uzziah smitten with, on forehead PK 304

2. Figurative

moral, contagious 5T 327

things that fill world with AH 329; FE 320

of covetousness 4BC 1149

of dissension, cure for 2SM 160

of selfishness 4BC 1149; 1SM 115; 3T 521; 4T 562

has taken hold of church CS 85

soul needs to be cleansed from 1SM 115

of sin 1BC 1088; 2BC 996; PP 82; 4T 568

cannot be cleansed by human power DA 266; MH 70

Christ alone can heal 6T 279

Christ can heal DA 351; MH 106; WM 297-8

seek complete recovery from ML 176

of strife, cure for 2SM 160

of unbelief, man’s service made weak and inefficient by 8T 46

See also Leper


compared with selfishness OHC 191:4

Lesson, Lessons

Lesson, Lessons, abstract, work in garden or field is agreeable change from wearisome routine of 6T 179

Christ’s, bound up with things of nature COL 24; MH 52-4; SC 85-6

first, is to become teachable 1SM 42

first great, in education is to know and understand God’s will CT 447

for: children at camp meeting 6T 106-7

our time GW 51-7

students that is more valuable than lessons in ordinary lines 8T 62

us from experience of gospel workers of past generations MYP 33-4

from Daniel’s experience in lions’ den for persons having seasons of trial and gloom PK 545

given in Christ’s parables, slowness in learning 6T 248-9

greatest, copartnership with Christ in work of salvation is CT 434

given to mortals was learned by Abraham DA 469

hard, for men to learn is that God means what He says SD 165

hardest but most useful, learned by contemplation of marvels of divine power MYP 253

John 8:47 teaches, true for all time DA 468

life’s great, are lessons of duty and happiness FE 544

many, taught by sower and seed COL 87-8

most difficult and humiliating, is man’s inefficiency in depending on human wisdom 1SM 292; 8T 257

most essential, for teachers and students CT 24

most precious, re how to treat human mind TM 242-3

most valuable, right use of self is SD 171

nature’s, for little children 3T 137

of Achan’s history, enormity of sin and its terrible results are PP 496

of duty and happiness are hard to learn FE 544

of greatest importance for every soul that lives TM 370

of life, study of Ed 102-12

parable of good Samaritan teaches, needed in world today DA 504

placed on record in God’s word are for our warning and instruction PP 55

practical, learned from industrial work in school 6T 177

See also Practical lesson

precious, learned by the faithful MB 11

Sabbath school See Sabbath school lesson

school, parents should see that children have studied their CSW 56

spiritual, from all vocations of life MYP 211

learned from industrial work in school 6T 177

strive to make students understand their FE 390

that only he who has learned can teach Ed 259

valuable, church’s experience in former ages has GC 343-4

we have many, to learn and to unlearn CW 37

why parents’, have so little effect on youth Ed 259

written by Christ’s hand in earth, sea, and sky DA 70


book of Revelation has, which angels seek to communicate TMK 340:2

Christ accompanies admonition with TMK 261:4

Christ drew, from natural things UL 98:3

daily experience has, for each HP 242:4

faithful ones learn OHC 316:2

from Scotch fir tree UL 259:5

God has, for each that another cannot learn for him/her 2MCP 430:2; OHC 323:2

hard, walking by faith is 2MCP 533:4

intended by God, lost through impatience UL 299:5

learned by those kept through faith by God’s power TMK 276:4

many, to learn and unlearn CET 203:2

mothers to teach, for usefulness; especially obedience RC 184:3

nature teaches precious OHC 250:2

plainest, sinner pointed to sacrifice of Christ by TDG 188:6

seeking rest through prayer is the most important of TDG 104:2


Christ illustrated, with objects of nature TMK 144:3

learned by discipline given in gentleness and love FW 86:3

soil cultivation teaches TDG 12:6

Lesson book, Lesson books

Lesson book, Lesson books, Bible is God’s great COL 107

experiences of life as Ed 77

four, studied by Christ in His education Ed 77; MH 400

God’s, looked upon as old-fashioned, stale, and uninteresting COL 107-8

God’s word as, teachers in SDA schools should recognize FE 433

God’s word is, for students in SDA schools FE 390-1

God’s word is to be our MM 59; SD 81; 9T 166

nature as Ed 77

no better, than nature CG 55

Scriptures as Ed 77

tilling soil is our LS 361

used in church schools should bring God’s law to attention of students 6T 203

useful work as Ed 77

world is Ed 100

of universe PP 154

See also Textbook


Christ used the things He created as TMK 144:2

nature and God’s Word are our UL 98:3


“Let,” in Exodus 5:4, means “hinder” PP 257


Lethargy, arouse from 3T 328

carnal, arouse from 5T 720

enchaining their senses, God’s people need to be startled from 7T 155

enfeebling their efforts, God’s people should shake off SL 41

God calls church to awake from TM 458

God’s people do not have Spirit’s power because of their 6BC 1055

of worldly dreaming, arouse people from Ed 183

opium produces 4aSG 138

overburdened stomach puts mind in state of 5T 163

people must be alarmed before they can shake off 2SG 300; 1T 249

remain no longer in 6T 404

sin’s fatal, must be broken 4T 254

sleepy, church members who lapse into ChS 91

spiritual: arouse from GC 311

lack of power as result of 3BC 1152

is sin 4T 399

other people greatly injured by your 5T 163

shake off your 5T 187

wake people from 8T 304

will prove your destruction unless you resist it 3T 328

world’s deadly, paralyzes senses 5T 233

See also Apathy; Lukewarmness; Torpor


deathlike, from neglect of giving light to others TDG 211:4

fatal to Christian growth and life OHC 164:3

salvation not gained in HP 263:4


creeping over us OHC 164:3

to be removed to discern God’s glory TMK 274:3

See also Laziness; Sleep

Letter, Letters

Letter, Letters, Christ sends, in each of His followers SC 115

in you to family, village, and street where you live SC 115

do miss. work by sending, to far-off friends ChS 29; 6T 433

evangelist’s duty re writing of Ev 656

Harlan Page used, to win souls TM 172

missionary ChS 131

pray before writing ChS 29

of commendation, taken by members from one church to another in apostolic times AA 327

of inquiry, time devoted by ministers to answering 2T 643

Paul sent from Rome, of warning and instruction to churches AA 453-4

royal, given by Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) to Nehemiah PK 633-5

sent to man in spiritual peril 5T 621

small tracts distributed by 1T 552

speculating whether certain persons were about to marry, reproved 2T 248

EGW received, from man under great temptation and trial 5T 572

EGW’s midnight See Midnight letters

Letter writing

Letter writing, for matchmaking, reproved 2T 252


Level, sacred and common things should not be placed on 3T 27


Levi, characteristics of, reflected in his descendants Ed 148

consecrated to God 3T 301

cruelty of, to Shechemites PP 204-5, 235; 3SG 171

curse on descendants of, transformed into blessing Ed 148

one of most cruel and vindictive of Jacob’s sons Ed 148

priesthood apportioned to PP 235

Simeon and, most guilty in selling Joseph PP 235; 3SG 171

three sons of PP 375

younger than Reuben PP 235

Levi, tribe of

Levi, tribe of, aided priests in sanctuary services 1BC 1112; MH 353; PP 350

appointed to bear tabernacle and its furnishings PP 375; 4aSG 28; 1T 652

assigned to sanctuary service AA 336; 3BC 1128; COL 382; DA 51, 433; Ed 43, 148; MH 184; PP 236, 277, 350, 374-5, 511, 526; 4aSG 28; 3T 345

chosen in place of Israel’s first-born DA 51; PP 277, 350

honored for fidelity at Mt. Sinai Ed 148; PP 324, 350; 3T 345

separated into three divisions PP 375

set up and took down sanctuary PP 375

stationed around sanctuary in wilderness encampment PP 374-5

three divisions of, were called Gershonites, Kohathites, and Merarites PP 375

See also Levite


Leviathan, of waters, studied by Adam and Eve Ed 21; PP 51


Levi-Matthew DA 272-6

before his call had heard Christ teach and longed to have His help DA 272

call of, to be Christ’s disciple excited great indignation DA 273

called by Christ to be His disciple 5BC 1120; COL 47; DA 272-3, 296, 342; MH 479-80

after calling the four by sea DA 272

while John the Baptist was still in prison DA 276

called from: life of business activity and subservience to Rome Ed 85

receipt of customs FE 359; GW 113

toll booth DA 273; Ed 232

called Levi-Matthew DA 296, 342

despised publican, became one of most devoted evangelists DA 275

did not demand salary equal to that received in former occupation GW 113; MH 479-80

feast prepared by, for Jesus; Jesus honored him CC 284:3

feast prepared for Christ by 5BC 1120; DA 273-4, 278, 342-3, 361

formerly a publican DA 272, 296; Ed 85

house of, woman with issue of blood followed Christ to DA 343

Judas Iscariot thought, could not be trusted to do sharp far-seeing business DA 717

one of disciples most closely connected with Christ DA 292

regarded by Judas Iscariot as very particular re honesty DA 717

sought to bring his friends and relatives to Christ DA 273-4

was man of wealth DA 273

Levite, Levites

Levite, Levites, co-operated with Hezekiah in restoring temple services PK 331-3

covenant of “life and peace” made by God with PK 706

curse on, transformed into blessing Ed 148

custodians of: ark of covenant PP 589; SR 190-1; 1T 650-1

sanctuary and its furnishings PP 375

decree of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) re PK 611

did not enter upon their work until 25 years old PP 573

Elkanah was PP 569

encamped around sanctuary PP 374-5; 4aSG 28; 3T 345

Ezra’s appeal to, to return to Jerusalem PK 612-5

faithfulness of, during apostasy at Mt. Sinai Ed 148; PP 236, 324, 350; 4aSG 28; 3T 345; TM 102-3

48 cities assigned to Ed 148; PP 236, 511, 515, 609

granted many privileges during Babylonian captivity PK 612

guests of people during festivities Ed 148; PP 530, 540

honored as God’s servants and representatives Ed 148

honored because of their fidelity at Mt. Sinai Ed 148; PP 236, 324, 350; 3T 345

keepers of treasures 3BC 1128

Korah was PP 395

ministry of music and song by 3BC 1128; DA 448, 463; PP 115, 406

not permitted to: burn incense in sanctuary PP 350

look on ark of covenant PP 589

offer sacrifices PP 350

see holy things of sanctuary PP 350

not required to pay temple tribute DA 433-4

refused to be priests of golden calves of Jeroboam I PK 101

reorganized by David 3BC 1128

role of, in parable of good Samaritan COL 379-82; DA 499; 3T 512; WM 47

Samuel as exception to rule re PP 573

sanctuary was set up and taken down by, in Israel’s journeys PP 347, 375; 4aSG 11, 28; SR 156; 1T 652; 3T 345

set apart for sanctuary service PP 350

supported by tithes and offerings Ed 148; PP 526, 530

three divisions of PP 375

trumpets of, heralded sacred services PP 539

were religious teachers and missionaries Ed 148; MH 353; PK 337; PP 609

See also Levi, tribe of

Levitical code

Levitical code, law of, re sale of land PK 205

Levitical dispensation

Levitical dispensation, sanctification of property distinguished 4T 467

Levitical law

Levitical law, become familiar with 1BC 1110

Levitical priesthood

Levitical priesthood, centered in Christ 6BC 1083

Jeremiah belonged to PK 407

Leviticus, book of

Leviticus, book of, all believers should read 6T 273

gospel given in precept in 6T 392

Moses wrote PP 364-5


Levity, Christian should not indulge in 3T 370

Christian should repress his SC 120

conversation should be free from 5T 175

do not allow, to come into your experience MM 214

improper in church business meetings GW 448

indulgence in, youth warned against 3T 374

life of, cease your 4T 245

manifested toward those who differ with us, is improper TM 108

ministers should not bring, into their work Ev 207

mischief done by, you may never know MYP 201

no folly so subtle as MYP 267

outpouring of Spirit hindered by 1SM 140

persons whose favorite occupation was 2T 554

sobriety should take place of 4T 582

spirit of, students warned against CT 100; FE 464

unbecoming to Christians 2T 177

time should not be spent in 2T 186

tongue should be bridled against 4T 235


Lewdness, conscience defiled by PP 454

ministers should strictly guard against TM 427

Lewis, John

Lewis, John, quoted GC 85

Leyden, Holland

Leyden, Holland GC 441

Liar, Liars

Liar, Liars, Christ called Satan a DA 467

Gehazi as, swift retribution overtook PK 251

no, in world to come SC 126

ripening for second death 2T 630

Satan attempted to make God a SR 34

Satan has been revealed as PP 70

Satan was, from beginning 1SM 278

truth will never be agreeable to GC 542

See also Prevaricator


doubting God makes Him appear as TDG 158:5

finally trusts no one HP 179:4

Libbey, John

Libbey, John, fanatic 2SG 131

Liberal giver

Liberal giver, God refills hand of, to His cause CS 50


Liberalism, careless, great danger in MH 129

Liberality (in giving of means)

Liberality (in giving of means), acts of, God marks and remembers all 4T 76

apostolic church’s WM 271

after Pentecost AA 70-1

as well as labor is needed to advance gospel work MM 263; WM 29

bear living testimony to power of truth by, for advancement of God’s work 9T 53

believers who feel that, is great tax to sustain church 4T 18

blessings that attend, in sustaining God’s cause 3T 381-3

blessings that the wealthy may expect from 2T 668-9

Christian: is gospel’s helping hand WM 177

poverty is challenge to WM 177

spiritual prosperity is closely bound up with AA 344; CS 49

church members should manifest, toward support of the ministry GW 454

churches exhorted to exercise of AA 342

continual, generous impulses are strengthened by SD 275

corresponds to faith and consecration to Christ 5T 285

cultivation of, under Israelite system 4T 467-8

David’s, for building of temple 4T 78

disinterested, SDA institutions’ success will be proportionate to their exercise of 8T 137

display of great, alone does not make man a Christian 5T 168

does not tend to poverty PP 533

duty of, must not be left to chance 5T 272

economy is essential to 4T 573

exemplified by some believers 4T 477-8

extension of gospel work into regions beyond calls for GW 464-70

feeling should not control 5T 272

for religious and charitable purposes does not bring giver to want PP 527

garb of great, Satan’s plan to hinder God’s work under CS 233-4

giving back to God of His own with WM 271

God requires, of His people to extend His work over all earth AA 337-8

God’s call for, fearful deception of persons who close their ears and hearts to 3T 393

God’s claims to our, for support of His work 4T 474-5

God’s gift of Christ to men should arouse their CS 19

God’s plan to keep, flowing continually like stream 3T 393-4

God’s providence moves faster than His people’s 7T 296; WM 268

God’s work today calls for greater, than it did under Hebrew economy AA 337-8; PP 529

gospel workers entrusted with God’s goods should show, in dealing with His workers 7T 208

great display of, without love is worthless AA 318

husband’s duty to manifest, in providing for his family 2T 85-6, 254

impulse should not control 5T 272

investment made by, that lays up double treasure Ed 141

Israel’s: in building sanctuary CS 203; PP 344; 4T 78

in contributing to building of temple 4T 78

in sustaining God’s work and in caring for the poor PP 525-36; 4T 467-8

worthy of imitation PP 344

written for our learning SR 152

lack of, in building churches 5T 268-9

lessons re, from seed sowing 9T 132

light of gospel encourages 3T 405

light shining from cross of Christ encourages 9T 254

love of Christ burning in heart produces CS 40-1

Macedonian believers’, as example to other churches AA 343-5

in their deep poverty 6BC 1102-3

majority of professed Christians’, does not amount to one twentieth of their income 4T 474

ministers must educate churches in WM 206

ministers should teach new believers to manifest, in giving to God’s work GW 222-3, 370

more, should prevail among SDA 8T 138

must be cultivated 5T 271

need of, in distribution of funds for God’s work in all places GW 454-7

needed for God’s work in Southern States of USA 7T 56-7; 9T 100-1

no need to fear that, would bring you to want MH 187; PP 533

not so natural that men gain this virtue by accident 5T 271

now is opportunity to manifest, for missions 5T 732-7

of conscientious few in Israel amounted to about one third of their income 4T 467-8

of early Christians as result of outpouring of Spirit AA 70-1

of God’s people should benefit whole world AA 337-8

of Macedonian churches in sustaining God’s work 5T 734

of Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea for support of gospel work AA 104-5

of persons not of SDA faith, accept WM 278-9

of so-called liberal men who are close in business deal and ready to overreach 1T 479-80

Paul’s instruction re, for support of gospel AA 335-45

poor people cultivate, by laying aside their littles for God’s work 3T 412-3

powerful plea for, for gospel work among Negroes 9T 225-6

required of Israelites: for religious and charitable purposes amounted to fully one fourth of their income PP 527

was largely to benefit their own nation AA 337

salvation cannot be bought by, in supporting God’s work 2T 86

sanctification of Spirit produces AA 344

seed sowing teaches Ed 109-10

in spiritual and temporal things COL 85-6

self-denial and self-sacrifice essential to 9T 49-60

SDA institutions should manifest more, to help people needing help 8T 138

some believers fail to manifest, but hoard or lavish their means upon themselves 4T 478

spirit of: finds highest manifestation in Christ’s sacrifice on cross AA 339

is spirit of heaven AA 339; CS 19; 4T 79; 9T 254

ministers should encourage churches in AA 341

people were taught under Jewish system to cherish AA 337

required of Christians 1T 170

strengthens as it is exercised CS 30; CSW 141

systematic, needed in sustaining God’s cause 3T 548

systematic and liberal giving in, keeps channel of heart open 3T 412-3

temporal prosperity that followed Bro. Root’s, at Wright, Mich. 1T 574-5

thousands will be cheerfully laid on altar in, before God’s work closes CS 40

true, without economy there can be no MH 206

unselfish, early church thrown into transport of joy by AA 344

that is miracle of grace AA 344

unwillingness of some believers to exercise, for advancing God’s cause EW 50

wealthy man’s, that is spasmodic 1T 475

whole-souled, reward of 6T 390

willing, magnitude of God’s work calls for 9T 51

would fill Lord’s treasury PP 529

without love, does not commend giver to God’s favor AA 318-9

See also Generosity; Giving; Offering


all possessing Christ’s Spirit will have OHC 197:3

call for RY 98:2

character defects not atoned for by, although it is a duty RC 268:5

direction of the Holy Spirit TDG 97:2

gifts granted us to be given with, as to our Redeemer OHC 190:4

grace influences toward TDG 347:2

object calling for, never to be passed 1MCP 242:2

praise for, but all comes from God FW 22:3

relieve needs of others with OHC 198:5

toward God’s requirements despite Adam’s example TMK 313:2

See also Plan, liberal; Stewardship

Liberality (of opinion)

Liberality (of opinion), Christ’s example of, rebukes exclusiveness GW 334-5

cloak of, God’s anger against persons who attempt to cover their guilt with MH 340

cry of, that blinds men to Satan’s devices GC 522

that regards correct religious faith as unimportant GC 520

Liberty (freedom)

1. Of conscience

2. Religious

3. Miscellaneous

1. Of conscience

advocates of, will be placed in unfavorable positions CH 506; WM 137

danger threatening, try to avert GC 616

desire for, inspired Pilgrims to come to America GC 292

doctrine of, Williams (Roger) was first to establish civil government on GC 293-4

efforts to restrict, God’s means of awakening minds MB 33

England suppressed, in measures against Puritans GC 291

enjoyed by few during Dark Ages GC 62

German princes’ refusal to surrender GC 201

human councils have crushed 5T 712

in USA, will no longer be respected GC 592

legislators being urged to restrict 5T 711

measures to restrict, protest against 5T 452

opportunities for med. miss. work during crisis of CH 506; WM 137

papacy steadily warred against, for many ages FE 308; 5T 711-2

papal hierarchy’s attitude re EW 214; GC 200, 564

persons who would stand for, duty of WM 137

Pilgrims came to America for GC 292

Pius IX anathematized people who asserted GC 564-5

Pius IX denounced, as absurd and pestilential error GC 564-5

preservation of, prayer needed for 5T 714

work for 5T 714

Protestant churches have shown desire to restrict GC 443

Protestants once placed high value on GC 563

Rhode Island’s provisions for GC 293-5

Roman Catholicism let no church long enjoy GC 62

SDA duty to preserve 5T 714

state’s duty to protect GC 201

Sweden helped to restore GC 244

victory for, gained at Diet of Spires in 1529 GC 197

when defenders of, will be placed in unfavorable positions CH 506; WM 137

Williams (Roger) championed GC 293-7

See also Freedom

2. Religious 9T 227-44

aggressive movements now made to restrict 6T 18

America as land of GC 295-6; 6T 18

American Sentinel and its mission re 5T 718-20

American Sentinel spoke in defense of CW 97

banner of, committed to hands of God’s people today AA 68-9; 6T 402

held aloft by founders of Christian church AA 68-9

Reformers held aloft 6T 402-3

SDA must hold aloft 6T 402-3

Bengel (Johann A.) was champion of GC 363

Bishop O’Connor quoted re GC 565

contest for, will be decided over Sabbath question Ev 236

cornerstone of USA GC 295

crisis re, duty of God’s people in AA 68-9

do not vote for men who would repress FE 475; GW 391

efforts to restrict, God will work for His people during TM 206

erroneous ideas re TM 200-3

foundations of, laid in America GC 252

fundamental principle of Rhode Island GC 295

impending conflict re 5T 711-8

in countries accepting Protestant Reformation GC 244

imperial decree in 1529 to restrict AA 68; GC 197-210

in Germany GC 197-205

Sweden championed GC 244

in USA, efforts to make decrees to suppress 2SM 370

will come to end Ev 236

issues of, warning against hesitancy and uncertainty re 5T 715

Jews’, endangered by remaining in Babylon PK 614

laws to restrict, public authorities will make DA 630

men who talk grandly re, iniquity abounds among 4T 13-4

measures to restrict, leaders of God’s people should counteract 5T 715

National Reformers urge 5T 715

movement to enforce Sunday observance strikes directly at 5T 711

National Reform movement to restrict 5T 711-2, 715

not understood in England under Protestant domination GC 251

oppressive power against, manifestation of 7BC 983

periodical articles on subject of CW 97-8

Pilgrim Fathers sought, in America GC 289-98

Pilgrims did not understand great principle of GC 292-3

privileges of, awake world to sense of value of long-enjoyed 5T 716

Puritans fled to Holland to enjoy GC 290-1

question of, duty of persons handling TM 219-20

question of, handle with great wisdom and discretion TM 219

restriction of: protest of German princes in 1529 against AA 68; GC 197-210; 6T 402-3

Rhode Island’s provisions for GC 293-5

Roman Church is most dangerous foe to GC 566

Romanism merely endures, in USA until opposite can be effected GC 565

Satan works to: destroy GC 204-5; 7T 180

restrict TM 366

SDA leaders’ duty re TM 200-3

SDA may have to appear before legislative councils to defend 2SM 375

taxation of church property as related to TM 200-3

US Constitution guarantees GC 295, 441; 2SM 370

US Legislature will support Romanism in limiting TM 206

USA was founded on GC 441

when cause of, was sickening TM 200

Williams (Roger) was: banished because of his demand for GC 294

champion of GC 293-7

Wycliffe’s (John) preparation for struggle for GC 80

See also Freedom

3. Miscellaneous

agreeable to carnal heart GC 552-3

assert your God-given, from sin MYP 29-30

blessings of, enjoyed only in obedience to God’s law Ed 291

boasted, USA as land of 2SM 370

civil: cornerstone of USA GC 295

fundamental principle of Rhode Island GC 295

people need to be aroused to resist advances against ChS 163

Roman Church is most dangerous foe to GC 566

US Constitution guarantees GC 441

USA was founded on GC 441

Wycliffe’s (John) struggle for GC 80

erroneous reasoning re, results of GC 284-5

Esau desired, to do as he pleased PP 178

for slaves, how gospel brings AA 459-60

give, to frank investigation of truth CSW 27

greater, people who disparage commandment keepers while claiming to enjoy PP 55

heathenish conceptions of, youth should not be taught FE 98

how to teach child to use his Ed 288

is very essence of faith GC 189

license mistaken for, by Solomon PK 58

in France GC 282, 284-5

love for: among slaves in USA 1T 257

Israelites were to encourage 1BC 1106

youth have inborn Ed 291

men who boast of, while servants of corruption Te 274

mild license that some people term MM 142

nation’s, religious aggression subverts CH 506; WM 137

no man is given, to speak contemptuously of another MB 56

obedience to God is, from thralldom of sin MH 131; TM 247

obedience to God’s law brings GC 466

of judgment and opinion, other people are entitled to 4T 126-7

of soul, sin can triumph only by destroying DA 466

of speech, position does not give man unrestricted TM 288

of thought, victory gained at Diet of Spires in 1529 for GC 197

other people’s, God desires Christians to respect 1BC 1107

perfect, secret of CG 79

personal, efforts to establish order erroneously regarded as restriction of 9T 257; TM 488

promised to sinners by Satan GC 535

religious teachers who preach, without obedience to God’s law GC 466

restricting, Satan led man to imagine that God was GC 532

restriction of: Satan denounced God’s law as 4BC 1162; GC 499

Satan regarded law as SR 18

some youth regard discipline as unreasonable CG 335

time has not fully come for 5T 717

results of, unbridled license erroneously regarded as GC 284-5

rightful, erroneous idea that church organization restricts TM 29

some people considered order in gospel work as restriction of Ev 318

risk of, conflict must be met even at 2SM 370

royal law proclaims, to every captive MH 131

Satan promises men, in disobedience GC 535; PK 178

Satan sought greater, by rebellion SR 25

Satan urged his angel followers to assert their PP 41

satanic ideas re PK 178

spirit of, goes with Bible GC 277

spiritualism teaches that, is license GC 555

study well nature of, that you desire FE 88

true, found in God’s service FE 88

God’s law is preserver of Ed 291

unabridged, warning re 2T 698

unlawful, Christianity holds lines of control over every species of MM 142

unrestricted, position does not give man TM 288

US Declaration of Independence set forth man’s unalienable right to GC 295, 441

Williams (Roger) stood for, to worship according to dictates of conscience GC 295

worship of, during French Revolution GC 276

See also Freedom


bondage by seeking; need to follow counsel LYL 42:2; TSB 61:1

Christ’s invitation to, through conflict and suffering TMK 287:2

cross of Calvary brings HP 275:5

law of God is law of, for those who believe and obey HP 146:5

license mistaken for, by Solomon RY 180:1


important but considered insignificant (1888) 3SM 167:2

lost by Protestantism accepting popery 3SM 386:1

powers of darkness and oppression against 3SM 392:4; UL 44:3

respected but little by professed Christians CL 14:2

understanding of, in more than one way UL 227:2

restriction of, God’s requirements made to appear as HP 326:2

sin triumphs only when, extinguished; law of liberty TDG 124:2

United States a battlefield for; people are asleep 3SM 387:2

world regards Christ’s religion as surrender of OHC 149:3

Library, Libraries

Library, Libraries, filled with ponderous volumes of historical and theological lore, not essential MH 441

great, of animate and inanimate nature FE 442

of God’s created works, Christ sought wisdom in great DA 70

of nature See Nature

of religious books, sanitarium should have Ev 538

of EGW books, church should have lending 4T 390

public, young Dane who chanced upon Bible Echo in FE 212

SDA, books useful, instructive, and elevating should be placed in CW 134

publications that should be in AH 416

SDA home, Spirit of Prophecy volumes (now “Conflict of the Ages Series”) should be in 5T 681

Testimonies should be in 4T 390; 5T 681

works of skeptics should not appear in, where children can reach them FE 173