EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Judgments(legal) - Juvenile delinquency


Judgments(legal), amplified principles of Decalogue PP 364

delivered privately to Moses for Israel PK 293; PP 310; 3SG 299-302; SR 148-50

given for good of the obedient 3SG 301

given to: draw men to obedience to moral law SR 148

guard sacredness of Decalogue PP 364; 3SG 299; SR 148-9

illustrate and apply principles of Decalogue PP 310

Israel’s magistrates were to give judgment according to PP 310

part of, written by Moses in mount 3SG 299; SR 148

read every seventh year in assembly of all Israel PP 503

rehearsed at Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim PP 500-4

simplified principles of Decalogue 3SG 300; SR 149

written by Moses in book PP 364, 466; SR 149

See also Law; Ordinance

Judgment seat

Judgment seat, church tinkers should come down from CG 429

come down from 9T 186

never sit upon 8T 234; 9T 186

person who climbs upon, given to evil surmising and jealousy 7BC 936

warning to 6BC 1105; 5T 279; 8T 298

person who will not climb upon, to pronounce sentence on others 5T 614

Judicial authority

Judicial authority, nation speaks by action of its GC 442

Judicial function, Judicial functions

Judicial function, Judicial functions, men entrusted with, should be of sober habits Te 281

should be unbiased by bribe or prejudice Te 281

Judicial integrity

Judicial integrity, model of PP 381

Judicial oath

Judicial oath See Oath

Judicial spirit

Judicial spirit, hard, many believers manifest 8T 298

Judson, Adoniram

Judson, Adoniram, wives of, suffered for the truth 1T 451

Juggernaut car

Juggernaut car 1T 477


Juggler AA 287


Julius, Roman centurion AA 440, 445, 448

Jumping and ball playing

Jumping and ball playing, useful housework preferable to, for girls CG 352


June, no rain in East during PP 615

Juniper tree

Juniper tree, Elijah under PK 162; 3T 291


Jupiter, Lystrians worshiped AA 180-2

Jurist, Jurists

Jurist, Jurists, class of perverted, bribed, and deluded GC 586

Juror, Jurors

Juror, Jurors, cannot dream themselves into character Te 47

liquor-drinking, cannot render intelligent judgment Te 281

injustice committed by MH 346; Te 46, 48

should be men of strict temperance MH 345-6; Te 46-8

“Just as I Am,”

“Just as I Am,” hymn by Charlotte Elliott, quoted 1SM 333


Justice, allegiance of God’s creatures must rest upon conviction of PP 42

bar of Infinite, world will be arraigned before PK 187

bowed in reverence at cross of Christ SD 243

certainty of God’s, in dealing with sin 3BC 1166

course considered as, but is not God’s mercy and love AH 394

courts of, corrupt GC 586

See also Court; Hall of justice

demands death penalty for sin 6BC 1099; 1SM 340

disregard for, in SDA institutions CH 298

divine, death of Christ satisfied DA 834; 1SM 349

exact and impartial, Negro race should be shown 9T 224

will be seen in true Christian’s dealings SD 271

exercise sense of, even in smallest matters 3T 25

firm principle of, helps to make person of influence 4T 367

foundation of God’s throne is 7BC 951; DA 762

fruit of God’s love DA 762

God desires men to have intelligent appreciation of His GC 541

God executes, upon the wicked for good of universe GC 541-2

God is a God of DA 22

God would make men happy in accordance with, of His character GC 542

God’s: Cain questioned PP 71

danger of underestimating GC 465-6

impenitent sinners will acknowledge, when it is too late to save them PP 79

in punishing sin PP 325-6

is His disposition to execute His law GC 466

is His holiness in relation to sin 7BC 951

not eclipsed by His mercy LS 29

not set aside by His mercy DA 762

questioned by Satan DA 761; GC 498; PP 37-40

Satan charged that, was inconsistent with His mercy DA 761-2

shown in dealing with Satan PP 42, 69, 339

vindicated fully in executive judgment GC 670; SR 427

vindicated in His dealings with Israel PP 393

whole world will finally acknowledge PP 79

God’s love expressed in His DA 762

God’s mercy does not set aside His DA 762

God’s principles of, Christ’s death revealed GC 502-3

God’s retributive, consistent with His merciful character GC 541

habitation of God’s throne is 3BC 1149; 7BC 951

holiness and purity demanded by God’s 6BC 1072

lack of, prevailing today 9T 91

legal, Roman principles of AA 217-8, 428-30, 492

love and, twin sisters 3BC 1149; CG 262; 5T 559

man cannot depart from God’s counsel and still act with PP 658

man’s sufferings demanded by 7BC 913

mercy and: are twin sisters 3BC 1149; CG 262; 4T 209, 363, 420

Christ’s object was to reconcile prerogatives of 7BC 935-6

do not separate CG 262

drawn together by cross of Christ SD 243

exclusion of sinners from heaven is, on God’s part GC 543

importance of, Christ enforced 9T 218

judgment will silence accusations against God’s GC 670

salvation of sinner in his sins would not be consistent with God’s GC 544

Satan’s destruction as related to God’s GC 498-9, 502-3

separated by wide gulf SD 243

union of, in plan of redemption GC 415

people who lack sense of, in smallest matters 3T 25

perversion of: as sign of times 9T 11

during Manasseh’s wicked reign PK 381

in Isaiah’s time PK 306

principles of, given to guide Israel were to be followed in Christian church AA 95

Satan will acknowledge, of His sentence GC 670

Satan will confess, of God’s government PP 339

sinners will acknowledge, of their condemnation by God PP 393

strict and impartial, evident in God’s dealings with His people PP 469

through Christ, can forgive without sacrificing holiness 7BC 936

views of, woman who was severe in 2T 368

Justice (divine)

Justice (divine)

angels looked for revealing of, but mercy prevailed TMK 19:3

attribute of God’s

government; jewel to cherish OHC 80:4

throne; established in New Earth TDG 350:5


bared His soul to sword of TMK 368:4

preserved, and pardoned humans TMK 287:3

Christ’s sacrifice,

met requirement of OHC 47:3

seen to sustain AG 58:3

clouds of, gather; material for destruction accumulates TDG 84:2

converts discern, in Christ TMK 216:2

evidence of God; love is, too RC 58:7

forgetting God’s, and exalting His benevolence 3SM 308:2

foundation of God’s throne UL 378:6

God is guardian of; law not annulled to save sinners 2MCP 565:2

God of, spared not His own Son HP 15:2

guilty will not cleared because of HP 18:2


dwelled on while ignoring LHU 61:3

to sinner does not violate AG 138:4

not to be forgotten; God expects fairness PM 133:2

recognized in all things of life HP 113:3

repayment in, for work done to Christ; God hates sin LHU 158:5

representing, attempted without tenderness PM 127:3


by Christ’s suffering TMK 35:2

fully by Christ’s death HP 15:3

seen by universe TDG 14

sword of vengeance taken by, at the flood TDG 235:4

thoroughness of, seen in Gethsemane and Calvary LHU 158:3

universe will witness to, in punishment of Satan TDG 14:5

vindicated soon UL 49:5

while justifying sinners; beyond our understanding TMK 35:3

without mercy, glory of bow around throne would be eclipsed Mar 326:3

world in time of Noah arrayed against RC 322:2

Justice (human)

Justice (human)

Abraham ruled his household by love and CC 49:2

associations that turn aside HP 310:4

blends with integrity and kindness RC 306:6

God is guardian of OHC 225:4

law of God is standard of OHC 139:4

learning of Christ to combine sympathy with TMK 218:4

love and, fallen ones accepting Christ lifted by LHU 158:6

others to be given, not for covetousness or criticism TMK 176:2

promise to those who do TDG 325:4

revealed by those who behold Jesus HP 236:5

tyranny replaced Solomon’s, when heathen worship adopted RY 180:0

woe on lawyers for afflicting those who came for TDG 222:3

Justice and mercy

Justice and mercy

blended in Christ and the law TDG 246:2

God is guardian of UL 87:6

justice gives privileges to obedient; mercy invites them into city Mar 326:4

leaders’ use of, in dealing with sins TSB 241:1

salvation complete by mingling Mar 326:3


Justification 1SM 389-98

blessing of, how to retain 1SM 397

no man can make himself worthy of 1SM 390

by faith, as related to God’s law 1SM 360-1

calling and, not one and same thing 1SM 390

cannot take place until heart is fully surrendered to God 1SM 366

ceremonies and systems devised by men for obtaining DA 477

cheerfulness and peace as result of 6BC 1071

Christ asks, for His people during investigative judgment GC 484

Christ died for man’s AA 476

Christ is man’s PP 431

Christ’s obedience is placed to sinner’s account by 6BC 1073

comes: because Christ died for sinner 6BC 1073

by faith in Christ CT 242

by receiving Christ’s righteousness MM 115

from Christ 1SM 391

through Christ 1SM 367

through Christ’s merits 6BC 1071

through faith in Christ 1SM 330; TM 92

conditions to receiving 1SM 377, 389

definition of, error to be avoided in 6BC 1072

doctrine of: as water to thirsty traveler 1SM 360

erroneous, that misleads souls 1SM 360-1

Huss (John) held GC 140

lost sight of by many people 1SM 360-1

lost sight of in England GC 253

Luther (Martin) taught GC 253

Paul’s clear and powerful presentation of, in Epistle to Romans AA 373-4

Wesley’s (John) life devoted to preaching GC 256

wrong use of 2SM 20

explained 6BC 1070; 7BC 908; SC 62-3; 1SM 365-8

faith is step in SL 81; 1SM 389

gift of God 1SM 391

God can be just in, of repentant sinner GC 415

God does for man in, what he cannot do for himself TM 456

God’s law and, relation between 1SM 360-1

God’s message of 1SM 359; TM 91-8

God’s work of laying man’s glory in dust TM 456

good works are not means of 6BC 1071

is in Christ 1SM 351

is opposite of condemnation 6BC 1070-1

Israel dimly understood, in Moses’ time 1SM 238

lack of, evidence of 1SM 397

light on 1SM 361

man cannot have, by his own works 1SM 389

man cannot obtain, without Christ’s grace 1SM 372

man is placed by, where he can receive blessings of sanctification 7BC 908

manifest in transformation of character 6BC 1071

meaning of, little girl who did not know CT 254

means pardon ML 250

full and complete 6BC 1071

means saving of soul from perdition 7BC 908

message of, is third angel’s message in verity Ev 190; 1SM 372

Waggoner (E.J.) and Jones (A.T.) presented TM 91-8

Methodist doctrine of LS 28; 1T 23

Micah taught MB 54

no, in transgression of God’s law 1SM 213

obtained only on condition of faith 1SM 389

offered to man through Christ’s blood TM 97

one of sweetest melodies sent from God through human lips 6T 426

pardon and, are one and the same thing 6BC 1070

person who cannot obtain 1SM 396

persons who accept, will not be extremists 2SM 22

Pharisee doctrine of, by good works AA 119

presented to us by God’s messengers COL 317

privilege of 1SM 356

promised to person who believes 7BC 916

prophets taught MB 53-4

repentance is step in SL 81

retention of, requires continual obedience 1SM 366

righteousness imputed in MYP 35

Roman Church opposed, through blood of Christ GC 178

sanctification and, error of trying to define distinctly fine points of distinction between 6BC 1072

relationship between 1SM 366-7

sanctification is preceded by 7BC 908

subject of: dangers to be avoided in presenting 7BC 936

error of ignoring works in presenting 2SM 20

how to present 1SM 377-9

Lefevre (Jacques) wrote on GC 212

no danger in presenting, as set forth in Scriptures 1SM 372

theme for study in SS CSW 12-3

theme needed by perishing world 7BC 964

title to heaven MYP 35

true meaning of, youth need to understand FE 548

truth of: Luther (Martin) enlightened by AA 373

Luther (Martin) was shown, at Rome GC 125

mighty beacon to repentant sinners AA 373

what to do to retain 1SM 366

work of, wrought by Christ for sinner 1SM 392

See also Justified; Righteousness


and sanctification; righteousness imputed and imparted for FW 111

by faith,

defined; doing for humans what they cannot FLB 111:2

impossible without working FLB 115:7

placed beyond controversy FW 20:0

caution in defining RC 77:7

Christ was raised for LHU 110:4

complete dependence on merits of Christ for 3SM 184:0

conditions of RC 78:5

constrains one to make entire surrender to Christ OHC 203:4

described 3SM 193:4

doctrine of, perverted by some; others go to opposite extreme FW 15:2

doers of the word receive; talk doesn’t substitute VSS 52:2


in Christ’s sacrifice brings instant 3SM 195:2

in the blood of Jesus makes, possible RC 78:4

that does not work does not produce FLB 115:7

false ideas of, danger presented to Ellen White FW 18:1

God’s acknowledgment of perfection of ransom RC 76:3

imputed righteousness is only means of 3SM 194:2; TMK 82:3

light on, from God clarified subject for Ellen White FW 20:1

merit of, is not in the faith FW 25:2

mind confused by Satan on point of FW 18:1

mystery to many OHC 52:2

natural deficiencies not retained in TDG 344:4

obedience through faith in Christ brings HP 146:4

pardon is necessary for 3SM 194:2

pardon of sin RC 78:3

possible by righteousness of Christ RC 75:5

process of 3SM 191:2

promise of, claimed HP 156:7

sinner depending on blood of Christ obtains RC 82:4

souls every Sabbath want to know about TDG 18:6

submission (not transgression) with LHU 237:2

through Christ’s death and resurrection HP 13:3

treated as just; divine favor granted 3SM 194:2

understanding, by a just God is impossible TMK 35:3

Waggoner, E. J., presented, in relationship to the law 3SM 168:1

what God does in OHC 52:3

when true faith claims Christ as personal Saviour OHC 52:5

work of, for Jesus, not for you to do HP 16:2

works are not a means of RC 78:5

See also Righteousness, imputed


Justified, all men will be, by faith and judged by works 4T 386

man is, by faith 6BC 1109

Juvenile delinquency

Juvenile delinquency, nine tenths of, intemperance in eating and drinking causes Te 150

sign of last days 4T 206

See also Youth