EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

John, Duke - Joseph of Arimathea

John, Duke

John, Duke, elector of Saxony GC 199, 207, 209

John, First Epistle of

John, First Epistle of: burden of AA 553-4; GC 472; SL 68, 81; 8T 241-2

writing of, circumstances of AA 548-56; SL 75

written in his old age 7BC 947; 2SM 223

John, Gospel of

John, Gospel of: can bear most searching and critical investigation FE 407

John referred to in, as disciple whom Jesus loved SL 79

no terms used in, that cannot be easily comprehended FE 407

Waldenses memorized GC 68

why men need CT 432; 1SM 21

John, Second Epistle of

John, Second Epistle of: burden of AA 548, 553-4; GC 472; SL 68, 81; 8T 241-2

written to woman helper in gospel work AA 554; SL 64

John, Third Epistle of

John, Third Epistle of, burden of AA 548, 553-4; GC 472; SL 68, 81; 8T 241-2

Johnson, Vt.

Johnson, Vt. LS 133-4; 2SG 131, 146

John the Baptist

John the Baptist DA 97-113, 132-39, 214-25; GW 54-7; 8T 331-4

1. Biog.—before public ministry

2. Biog.—days of ministry

3. Characteristics of

4. Disciple(s) of

5. His message

6. Imprisonment and death of

7. Miscellaneous


1. Biog.—before public ministry

birth of, like that of Isaac DA 97-9

books studied by 5BC 1115

born of aged parents 5BC 1114; CG 23; DA 97

characters of men studied by CT 446; 8T 221-2

child of miracle CG 23

childhood and youth of DA 101-2

diet of DA 102; Te 91

purely vegetable 3T 62; Te 91

early life of, spent in wilderness DA 101-2; Te 91

early training of, received from parents 8T 221

education of 5BC 1115; CT 445-6; DA 100-3; FE 310; MH 379; 8T 221, 331

no human scholarship in 2SM 148

not obtained in any earthly school 5BC 1115

not obtained in schools at Jerusalem FE 423

not received in schools of rabbis CT 446; DA 101, 453; FE 310; 2SM 152

Gabriel’s message to Zacharias re CD 225; CG 22-3; CT 446; DA 101, 219, 231; MH 379; 3T 62; Te 292

God directed, to dwell in wilderness DA 150

God was teacher of 2SM 148

interested in what happened in world CT 446; 8T 221-2

Isaiah’s portrayal of Messiah’s glory studied by DA 103

learned in wilderness message that he was to bear FE 109

life of: first 30 years of 5BC 1115

greater portion of, spent in wilderness 8T 221

humility and self-denial marked 5BC 1119

lessons from Ed 157; 8T 331-3

not spent in ascetic gloom, idleness, or selfish isolation CT 446; DA 102; GW 57; 8T 221

one of sorrow DA 220

lived amid rocks and mountains of wilderness 5BC 1115

mother of, kinswoman of Mary of Nazareth MH 372

nature studied by 5BC 1115; GW 54; 2SM 148; 4T 109; 8T 331

nature was teacher of 2SM 148

Nazarite from birth DA 102

need of, to control his appetites and passions DA 100

not exempt from temptation while in wilderness DA 102

not to connect himself with rabbis FE 310

OT Scriptures studied by 5BC 1115

parents of, aged when he was born 5BC 1114; CG 22-3; DA 97

private life of, spent in wilderness of Judea DA 109

reared in country 5BC 1115; CG 23

revelations of God in nature studied by GW 54; 8T 331

scrolls of prophets studied by DA 103; GW 54; 8T 331

taught of God in his desert life GW 54; 8T 331

trained in wilderness for God’s service FE 423

unfolding of events watched by, from his quiet retreat CT 446; 8T 221-2

vision of, Spirit illuminated CT 446; DA 102; 8T 222

why, separated himself from friends and relatives 4T 108

wilderness life of, favorable to habits of simplicity and self-denial CT 445-6

wine and strong drink not to be used by CD 225; DA 100, 149; MH 333; 3T 62; Te 270

Zacharias and Elisabeth faithful in rearing CG 23

Zacharias’s prophecy re DA 100

2. Biog.—days of ministry

angels ministered to DA 104

asked if he was Christ 5T 224

astonished men by his knowledge of Scriptures CT 446-7

austere piety of, contrasted with Christ’s feasting with publicans and sinners DA 276

baptism of: dilemma of priests re DA 593-4

symbolized cleansing from sin DA 104

why Pharisees sought DA 105

bore witness to Christ COL 274

bribe refused by DA 178

called things by right names 1T 321

called to: greatest work ever committed to men DA 100

witness to Christ as Light of world SD 281

camel-hair garment worn by DA 102; 3T 62

Christ and, priests and rulers tried to create division between DA 181

Christ baptized by 5BC 1077-8; DA 109-13; EW 153-4; GC 347; Te 274, 284

Christ exalted by, as Saviour 8T 333-4

Christ recognized as Redeemer by DA 112

Christ’s first advent heralded by DA 104, 508; EW 154, 230

clothing of: contrasted with that of priests and rulers DA 219; 3T 62

harmonized with character of his mission DA 218-9

rebuked extravagance and display DA 100-1; 3T 62; Te 91

was plain DA 100

was that of ancient prophets DA 102, 104

commission of 2SM 148

counsel given to Herod by, angered Herodias PK 141

declared himself unworthy to unloose Christ’s sandals DA 136; GW 143

example of self-denial and self-sacrifice TM 421

expected Christ to: set up His kingdom Ed 157

take David’s throne DA 215

favor of men not courted by 5BC 1119

feared not to speak of sin of Herod Antipas GW 149

fearlessness of, in preaching truth GW 149

first in heralding Christ’s kingdom DA 214

forerunner of Christ COL 78; DA 44, 97, 178, 218, 231; EW 233, 259; FE 310; GC 369; GW 143; PK 141, 715-6; 1SM 410; SR 358; 4T 109; 5T 224; 8T 221; TM 64

gladly welcomed One whose way he had prepared DA 179

heard of Christ’s first visit to Passover at Jerusalem DA 109

herald of Christ’s first advent DA 220

Herod Antipas reproved by, for marriage with Herodias DA 214; 2SM 149-51

Herod Antipas trembled at GW 55

Herodias’s anger toward, did not cause him to fear GW 149

home of, in wilderness DA 101-2; GW 77; 4T 109

influence of, once greater than that of rulers, priests, or princes DA 178

priests and rabbis jealous of DA 181

Jews called in vain by, to repentance MB 2

kings rebuked by, for their iniquity GW 55; 8T 332

labored in spirit and power of Elijah 5BC 1115; DA 104, 135, 217; EW 155, 259; 3T 61-2; Te 91

leather girdle worn by DA 102

men called to repentance by DA 104-5; MB 2

messenger announcing Christ’s first advent CG 22-3; EW 259

messenger of Jehovah DA 100

messenger preparing way of Lord 2SM 147

Messiah’s herald DA 133; Ed 157

ministry of: as herald of Christ 8T 331-2

much of, in territory of Herod Antipas east of Jordan DA 214

Jews on verge of revolution at beginning of DA 104

striking fulfillment of prophecy in 5BC 1115

not permitted to witness Christ’s miracles EW 154

no miracles performed by DA 219

Pharisees declared that devil possessed DA 276

Pharisees denounced, as fanatic DA 275

Pharisees sought to set disciples of, against Christ DA 275-6

Pharisees’ hypocrisy denounced by DA 275

preached and baptized at Bethabara DA 132-6

preached beside Jordan MB 2

at point only a few miles from Jericho DA 553

preaching of 5BC 1089-90; DA 100-8; 8T 332

charming power and boldness in 5T 226

classes of people who heard DA 105; GW 55; 2SM 148, 152; 8T 332

how Sadducees and Pharisees were affected by DA 105-6; 5T 225-6

Jewish rulers’ fears excited by DA 132

Nicodemus heard DA 171

no elaborate arguments or fine-spun theories used in GW 54; 8T 332

Sanhedrin investigated DA 132-7

startling and stern GW 54

was mostly in wilderness EW 154

whole Jewish nation stirred by DA 104; Ed 157; GW 54

prophecies studied anew by, after baptizing Christ DA 136

reply of, to his disciples’ complaint that people were turning to Christ DA 181; 5T 224

report of Christ’s success received by, with joy DA 181

resembled Elijah in manner and dress DA 104

Sanhedrin sent deputation of priests and Levites to DA 133-6

Sanhedrin’s authority not recognized by DA 132

Satan ready to urge upon, ambition of world’s conquerors DA 178

separated himself from friends and luxuries of life CT 445-6; 3T 62

sermon delivery by, described 2SM 149

sermons of, were plain, pointed, and convincing 5BC 1089

sign by which, recognized Christ DA 110; EW 153-4; SD 133

sign given to, by which to recognize Messiah 5BC 1078

silence and obscurity joyfully accepted by DA 179; GW 56

singular appearance of DA 104

sinners pointed to Christ by, with touching simplicity Ev 188

social conditions in time of DA 100, 104

spoke with heart-searching power of ancient prophets MB 2

sympathy for, Christ expressed DA 218

temperance principles practiced by MH 379; Te 91, 269

temptation brought by Satan to DA 179

30 years old when preaching at Bethabara DA 133

tide of popularity turned away from, to Christ DA 178; Ed 157

truth declared to kings and nobles by 2SM 149

two disciples of, directed by him to Christ DA 141

two phases of Christ’s work not clearly distinguished by DA 136

vision seen by, after he baptized Christ DA 112

voice in wilderness DA 97-108, 179; 8T 333

voice of, startling and stern and yet full of hope DA 104; 8T 332

work of: active thought and vigorous action required in Te 270

fruits of DA 108

greatest ever committed to men DA 100

highest qualities of mind and soul required by MH 379

Malachi foretold 3T 62; Te 91

not sufficient to lay foundation of church DA 181-2

physical energy and endurance demanded by MH 379

proof that, was not in vain AA 269

relation of, to that of Christ DA 178-82

response of the Jews to COL 277-8

Sanhedrin forced either to sanction or to reject DA 133

Satan’s great concern re DA 224

SDA are to do work similar to GW 55

3. Characteristics of

devotion of, to Christ is example for gospel workers DA 179

did not seek honor for himself DA 219

emptied of self DA 180; GW 56; 8T 334

faithful in things which are least AH 297

fearless before earthly monarchs DA 103; GW 54; 8T 332

fearless preacher of righteousness 5T 225

fearless reprover of iniquity DA 215

firmness and moral power characterized DA 224

had by nature faults and weaknesses common to man DA 179; GW 55; 8T 333

height of self-abnegation attained by GW 56

humility of DA 178-82, 436; Ed 157-8; GW 143; 5T 224; 8T 333

man of prayer GW 57

nobility revealed in, was of highest type DA 219

not an ordinary person 5BC 1114

not as reed swayed by wind DA 218

plain-spoken man DA 218; 1T 321

self-abnegation of DA 179-80, 218; Ed 156-7; GW 56; 8T 333

strength and decision of character developed by DA 102

transformed by divine love DA 179; GW 55-6; 8T 333

unawed by man because he had looked upon the Divine DA 103; GW 54; 8T 332

uncontaminated by selfishness and ambition DA 179

would not gratify his appetite 4T 108

would not indulge in ease 4T 108

would not place himself unnecessarily in way of temptation 4T 108

4. Disciple(s) of

allowed access to him in prison DA 214

Andrew formerly was DA 138-9, 141

Apollos formerly was AA 269

baptized by Paul at Ephesus AA 281-3

cherished unbelief re Christ DA 216

Christ mingled with, after His temptation DA 137

complained because men were following Christ GW 56; 8T 333

did not clearly understand Christ’s work DA 276

doubt assailed DA 214-5

fasting among DA 276

jealous of Christ’s growing popularity DA 178

John the apostle formerly was DA 138-9, 141

Nathanael formerly was DA 139

observed many rules prescribed by rabbis DA 276

Pharisees tried to set, against Christ DA 275-6

pointed by him to Christ EW 154

united with Christ after John’s death DA 361

5. His message

adultery of Herod Antipas rebuked by 2SM 151

cutting truths preached by, need of PK 140-1

doctrine of first advent preached by EW 259

Elijah message preached by 4BC 1184

Jews directed by, to Isaiah’s prophecy MB 2

Jews from many lands heard AA 281-2

message of: Christ’s teaching did not benefit rejecters of EW 259

faithful Jews gladly received AA 377

Herod Antipas heard 8T 332

part of work of gospel DA 135

to Pharisees and Sadducees 5T 225-6

message of repentance preached by 2SM 19

Messiah’s coming proclaimed by DA 104

no finespun theories presented by GW 54; 8T 332

pointed men to Christ as Lamb of God DA 136-8, 179-80; MB 2; 8T 333

pointed to Christ as Promised One DA 219

preacher of truth COL 277-8

sin rebuked fearlessly by DA 218; 1T 321

sinful indulgences rebuked by CD 225; 1T 321

testified boldly of Christ as Light of men PK 689

why Israel was called generation of vipers by DA 106

6. Imprisonment and death of

angels attended, to grave Ed 157

Christ did not interpose to deliver DA 224

Christ’s message of comfort to, during his imprisonment DA 216-20; MH 34-5

death of, Satan caused DA 224

despondency and doubt assailed, in prison DA 214

drank of cup of suffering which Christ was to drink DA 218

faith in Christ not surrendered by DA 216

fate of, mystery surrounding DA 223

gentle reproof given by Christ to DA 218

gloom and inaction of prison life weighed heavily on DA 214

Herod Antipas beheaded AA 143; 5BC 1094; 6BC 1067; DA 221-5, 411, 526, 718, 730; EW 154, 173; MH 478; SR 292; Te 49-52

because of his plain speaking PK 141

before Christ called His disciples apart to rest awhile DA 360; MH 56

before miraculous draft of fish DA 245

in early spring MH 56

while apostles were on first miss. tour DA 360

Herod Antipas imprisoned DA 214-21, 718; Ed 157; EW 154; MH 34-5

Herodias guilty of death of SR 424

imprisonment of, Levi-Matthew called by Christ during DA 276

messengers sent to Christ by, during his imprisonment DA 216-20; MH 34-5

mutilated body of, buried by his disciples DA 361

perplexed and troubled re Christ DA 215-6

questions of, how Christ answered DA 216-20

Satan’s efforts to overthrow DA 224

shared in sufferings of Christ DA 223; Ed 157-8

7. Miscellaneous

abstemious habits of, rebuked excesses of his time CD 225; DA 100-1

acquainted with events that marked Christ’s birth DA 109

applause of men not sought by 5BC 1119

arguments used by, not elaborate GW 54; 8T 332

as friend of bridegroom DA 179

austerity and isolation of, not example for people DA 150

beliefs of, re Christ DA 103, 136-7, 215-7, 220

believed to be Moses risen from the dead DA 135

Christ declared that there was none greater than DA 219; MH 379

Christ’s cousin DA 109

connecting link between two dispensations DA 220

disappointed bitterly in results of his mission DA 216

dwelt far above miasma of jealousy DA 179

educators represented, as ignorant CT 446; FE 448

Elijah not greater than DA 225; MH 478

Enoch not greater than DA 225; MH 478

faithful preachers must bear more pointed testimony than did 1T 321

filled with Spirit from birth DA 512; 3T 62; 4T 108

imprisonment and death of, caused many people to doubt his mission DA 411

Christ’s disciples disappointed by DA 249, 526; MH 56

looked upon King in His beauty 8T 331

men like, God calls for GW 150; PK 142

martyrdom of, example to persons suffering death afterwards for Christ DA 224; Ed 157-8

Messianic expectations of DA 103

mind of, closed to mass of Jewish traditions CT 445; FE 447

Spirit illuminated DA 220

mission of DA 100, 150; 2SM 147-8

all Israel stirred by DA 144

attested by miracle and prophecy DA 44

how Christ set His seal upon DA 178

kept before him from his childhood CT 446

Pharisees opposed DA 276

to arouse Jewish nation to prepare for Christ’s first advent 7T 139

to prepare people for Christ’s coming DA 100; 3T 62

nature of Messiah’s kingdom not fully understood by DA 103, 215

not acquainted with Christ until he baptized Him DA 109

priests and rulers silenced re COL 274

prophecy re, as Messiah’s herald DA 133

prophet AA 269; DA 101, 105, 134, 137, 180, 220; FE 310; GW 56; 8T 334

desert prophet DA 216

faithful prophet 5BC 1089

greatest of prophets GW 143; 5T 224

more than a prophet DA 220

one of greatest prophets COL 278; DA 181; Te 51

wilderness prophet DA 109, 134

wonderful prophet EW 154

rabbis and, contrast between DA 218

reformer DA 100, 181; 3T 62; Te 90-1

rejoiced to behold Christ DA 277

relationship of, to Messiah was clearly understood by him 8T 333

representative of: God’s people in last days DA 101; 3T 62; Te 91

people who preach doctrine of second advent EW 155; 8T 332

sense in which Christ’s humblest disciple was greater than EW 155

SDA publications have mission similar to that of 7T 139

SDA work similar to that of 8T 9, 332

special mission assigned by God to 5BC 1115; CG 23; GC 93

spirit and power of, God’s message for today proclaimed in PK 716

spiritual experience of, should be ours GW 51; 8T 329, 333

training of, contains lessons on education of youth FE 310

what made, great CT 445; FE 447

Wycliffe (John) compared to GC 93


attracted people to Christ not self UL 308:5

baptismal request of Christ revealed to LHU 33:4

Christ clearly referred to by UL 308:3

faith of, renewed by disciples observing Christ RC 352:5

faulty and weak by nature UL 308:5

God’s word declared by, even in danger UL 308:4

hardships of, made him unmovable by circumstances CC 270:5

lived for 30 years in the wilderness CC 270:5

message of, we need experience like his to give UL 308:4

mission of Christ announced by; taking away sin FW 90:3

nature studied by CC 270:5

people startled and made to tremble by VSS 358:2

Pharisees and Sadducees came to TDG 197:2

power of, charmed Jewish leaders; but not convinced TDG 197:3

preacher of righteousness, fearless TDG 197:2

preaching of, concerned Satan Con 28:3

“Repent” was message of TDG 370:3

self-denial easier for, in the wilderness CC 270:4

spirit of, stirred when he saw Jesus LHU 33:6

thought to be the Messiah UL 308:3

work of,

compared to that of last days Mar 22:3; RC 201:4; UL 308:4

encouraged by Holy Spirit CC 270:5


John XXIII, pope GC 104, 106-7


flood of LDE 25


Joint, world is out of 7T 271

Joint, Joints

Joint, Joints, calomel inflames 2SM 449

painful disease of, poisonous drugs cause 4aSG 135; 2SM 452

stiffness of, lack of exercise causes 1T 557

Joke, Jokes

Joke, Jokes, husbands and wives cautioned re AH 177


Joking 4BC 1141

angels driven from pub. house by 3T 192

angels grieved by EW 111; 6T 173

barrenness of soul a result of 2T 236

belongs to world 3T 241

Christ grieved by FE 457-8

Christ may be denied by 1T 304; 3T 332

Christian recreation is not occasion for 2T 589

class elated by indulging in CH 628

class who find pleasure in 6T 173

foolish, Christianity is above ML 211; MYP 364

not right 7BC 938

God forbids FE 458

God’s cause wounded by 1T 133

lay aside ML 196

let not your tongue run at random in SD 180

man reproved for 2T 224

minister inclined to 3T 228

ministers warned against 3T 233; TM 142

ministers’, offensive to God Ev 644

stumbling block to sinners Ev 641

publishing house workers should not indulge in 1T 589

seemingly harmless, estrangement of husband and wife by AH 177

soul feeding on, Christ is sickened by FE 457

spirit of, rebuke 1T 413

spiritual growth hindered by 6T 173

time frittered away in 3T 222

unbecoming to Christians 2T 586; 3T 246; 7T 204

unbecoming to minister Ev 206; GW 205; 1T 380; 3T 238

with unbelievers, cease 4T 245

women warned re 2T 455

youth warned re 1T 505; 2T 180; 3T 222

See also Jesting; Levity


contrary to Christ’s words in Matt. 12:36 HP 177:3

dangerous and wounding in marriage HP 204:2

enemy’s ground in TDG 10:2

evil of, between men and women TSB 246:2

expected of worldling but not of Christian TMK 307:5

language not to have low, or lightness; (witticism) VSS 163:2

low, in the home, may become second nature 1MCP 156:3

minds engrossed with OHC 79:2

minister ready for, not blessed by the Lord’s presence VSS 270:4

put away; it enfeebles the church FW 79:1

Satan can gain access to those who engage in OHC 292:2

shunned, making most of opportunity to witness TMK 158:4

soul purity trifled with by OHC 292:2

Word of God as the subject of SW 51:1

See also Conversation; Foolishness; Penitence; Talk, foolish; Words, idle


Jonah PK 266-74

Amittai’s son PK 266

Assyrian rulers warned by PK 363

cast into sea PK 267-8

commissioned to warn Nineveh PK 266, 269

disappointed because Nineveh was not destroyed GC 403; LS 61-2, 78; PK 271-2; 1T 56-7

experience of, recorded faithfully 4T 12

feared he would be regarded as false prophet PK 271

fled from present duty PK 267; 2T 423

gourd vine an object lesson to PK 272

in despair, God did not desert PK 266

lived long before Hezekiah reigned PK 339

message of, Ninevites later set aside PK 339

prayers of, brought no help while he neglected duty PK 267

preaching of, Christ referred to DA 406; PK 273-4

lessons from PK 274

Nineveh spared as result of DA 406; LS 62; PK 270-4, 363; PP 97; 2SM 149

Nineveh tested by GC 406; LS 62; 1T 56-7

Ninevites repented under GC 406; PK 270, 363

sign to Ninevites DA 406; PK 274

swallowed by: great fish PK 268-9

whale DA 406


lesson in story of, for Southern field79

rejection of Christ related to message of LHU 37:6


Jonathan, angels aided, in defeating Philistines PP 623; 4aSG 70

armor-bearer of, man of faith and prayer PP 623

chosen by God to deliver Israel PP 623

condemned to death for eating honey 2BC 1015-6; PP 624-5; 4aSG 71-2

David and: at spot near Gibeah PP 654-5

covenant between PP 649, 713

friendship between Ed 157; LS 123; PP 649, 652, 696; 4aSG 79

in wilderness of Ziph PP 660

David’s life shielded by Ed 157

death of, in battle with Philistines Ed 157; PP 681-2, 695-6

feared God PP 623

fellowship of Christ’s sufferings shared by Ed 156-7

heir to throne Ed 157

Israelites loved PP 699

King Saul’s attempt to slay PP 655

man of pure integrity SD 208

name of, treasured in heaven Ed 157

Philistines at Geba overcome by PP 616; SD 208

Philistines at Michmash routed by 2BC 1015; PP 623-4; 4aSG 70-1

power of unselfish love demonstrated by Ed 157

son of, Mephibosheth was PP 713


Jonathan, David’s uncle 3BC 1128

Jones, A. T.

Jones, A. T. 1SM 234-5, 361, 377-9; TM 91-8


spoke in meetings with Ellen White in South Lancaster 3SM 182:0

Jones, C. H.

Jones, C. H. WM 327

Jones, Mrs. Leander

Jones, Mrs. Leander WM 323


Joppa, AA 131; MH 473; PK 71, 266; SR 281-2; 5T 304; WM 67


Joram, king of Israel See Jehoram

Jordan, Bro. and Sr.

Jordan, Bro. and Sr., in Oregon in 1878 LS 232-3; 4T 292-3

Jordan River

Jordan River, ax miraculously recovered from PK 260-1

Christ was baptized in DA 109-12; GC 347; SD 133

described Ed 164; PP 742; 2T 310

flooded in spring season PP 483-5; 4T 158

Israel’s miraculous crossing of DA 132; PK 151; PP 481-6, 590-1, 613; 4aSG 59-60; SR 176-7, 184; 4T 157-8, 160

John the Baptist preached near DA 132; MB 2

lions in thickets by PP 644

Naaman told to wash in PK 249

parted for Elijah and Elisha PK 226, 228

reeds grew tall beside DA 218

region east of COL 186-7; DA 214, 333-4; PK 287; PP 196, 433-6, 438, 453, 471, 699, 742-3

waters of, advance when your feet seem to be touching AA 357

Jordan Valley

Jordan Valley, described PK 229; PP 156

region most fertile in all Palestine PK 229; PP 133, 156

Jordan, Wm.

Jordan, Wm. LS 73; 1T 65


Joseph Ed 51-4; PP 209-240; 3SG 138-80; SR 100-5

1. Biog.-youth of, in Canaan

2. Biog.-in Egypt, as slave and prisoner

3. Biog.- in Egypt, as prime minister

4. Characteristics of

5. Miscellaneous


1. Biog.—youth of, in Canaan

angel instructed, in dreams 3SG 138-9; SR 100

child training given to, by Jacob CG 197

coat of many colors worn by, as token of Jacob’s love PP 209, 211; 3SG 141

countenance of, lighted up with Spirit of Inspiration PP 210

cruelties perpetrated against, by his brothers PP 210-2, 238; 3SG 140-3

dreams of, re his brothers PP 209-10, 224, 228, 230; 3SG 138-40, 154, 161; SR 100-1

Jacob taught, love and fear of God Ed 52

Jacob’s partiality to, made him self-sufficient and exacting PP 213

Jacob’s unwise preference for PP 209; 3SG 138

Judah saved, from death in pit 3SG 141

Levi one instigator of cruelty against PP 235; 3SG 171

loved his brothers 3SG 139-40

more obedient to father than were his brothers 3SG 138; SR 100

petted in his youth PP 214

Rachel’s elder son PP 209

Reuben had no hand in selling PP 211-2; 3SG 170-1

Reuben recommended that, be put in pit PP 211; 3SG 142

sale of, Satan’s purpose in PP 332

sent to Shechem to find his brothers PP 210; 3SG 139

shepherd boy Ed 52

Simeon instigated cruelty against PP 226, 235; 3SG 157, 171

sold as slave 1BC 1096; Ed 52-3; PP 211-2, 214, 332; SD 320; 3SG 141-3; SR 101

to Ishmaelites from beyond Jordan PP 211-2

story of Jacob’s experience at Bethel impressed PP 213-4

stories learned by, in his youth Ed 52

went to Dothan to find his brothers PP 210; 3SG 139-40

when taken from childhood home, little dreamed of his high destiny Ed 57

2. Biog.—in Egypt, as slave and prisoner

blessing brought to Egypt by, as youth 1BC 1096; SD 320

Christian gentleman in prison 1BC 1097

could not be tempted to turn aside from course of integrity MYP 27-8

did not hide his religion while a slave PP 214

dreams of fellow prisoners interpreted by PP 219; 3SG 146-8

education of, in Egypt PP 217

Egypt’s reception of, angels prepared way for 3SG 143

faith and integrity of, tested by fiery trials PP 217

faith and loyalty preserved by, amidst trials and conflict PP 214-8; 8T 123

faithfulness of, to God in Egypt SR 101-2

garrisoned his heart against sin AH 331

heart of, fear of God shielded 3SG 145

imprisoned in Egypt 1BC 1097; Ed 51; PP 218-21; 3SG 144-50; SR 102

and bound with fetters in gloomy prison SR 102

for crime he did not commit PP 218; 3SG 144; SR 102

inducements or threats could not lead, to violate God’s law 3SG 176

integrity of, led to his loss of reputation and liberty 1BC 1097

maligned and persecuted 4T 525

because of his virtue and integrity AA 575

morals of, fierce assault upon SR 102

Pharaoh’s dreams interpreted by PP 220-1; 3SG 150-1

placed in charge of fellow prisoners PP 218; 3SG 144; SR 102

Potiphar made, son rather than servant 1BC 1096

Potiphar promoted, to be his steward PP 214

Potiphar’s slave PP 214-8; 3SG 143-5; SR 101-2

10 years PP 214

Potiphar’s wife tried to entice, to sin 1BC 1096-7; PP 217, 457; 3SG 143-5; SR 101-3

prepared in prison to fill exalted position 3SG 146

prey of ingratitude and malice 6T 219

purity and simple trust of boy bore fruit in deeds of man in 5T 321

recommended to Pharaoh by grateful cupbearer PP 221

refused to trample on God’s law 3SG 143-4

religion of, kept his temper sweet 1BC 1097

resolve of, to be true to God while a slave PP 214

self-control and patience of, in adversity SR 103

shield of, amid corruptions of Egypt Ed 255

shining example for Christian youth 1SM 319

suffered for his integrity and virtue 3SG 144-5; SR 102

sympathy and kindness of, to fellow prisoners PP 218-9

taken captive to Egypt by divine providence 6T 219

two years in prison after interpreting dreams of fellow prisoners PP 219; 3SG 148

virtue severely tested but triumphant in 5T 43

3. Biog.—in Egypt, as prime minister

administration of Egypt by PP 221-33, 241-2; 3SG 152-3

administrative ability possessed by, in pre-eminent degree PP 221

as faithful to God when next to throne as when in prisoner’s cell 4T 544; 5T 124

brothers of: cast into prison three days PP 225; 3SG 155

comforted by him after Jacob’s death PP 239-40; 3SG 173

forgiven by him PP 231, 239-40; 3SG 167, 173; SR 103

purchases of grain by PP 224-31; 3SG 153-65

tested by him PP 225-6, 228-9; 3SG 155-7, 161-5

true repentance of PP 225, 231-2, 239-40; 3SG 165, 167-8, 173; SR 103

brothers presented to Pharaoh by PP 233; 3SG 169

cared for his father in his old age PP 233-7; 3SG 168-73; 5T 124-5

Christ’s representative in Egypt PP 369; 6T 220

did not conceal his loyalty to God 5T 526

Egypt indebted to, for her prosperity 3SG 177

Egypt turned to, with gratitude and praise PP 369; SR 103-4; 6T 220

Egypt was preserved through AA 13; COL 286; 6T 227

Egyptian affairs administered by, through period of utmost difficulty Ed 53

exaltation of, as ruler in Egypt PP 221-2; 3SG 152; SR 103

exalted to: great wealth MM 36; 4T 544

high honor of being next to king MM 36; 4T 544

faithful steward of God SD 279

faithfulness of, as ruler in Egypt SR 103

famine in Egypt in time of PP 224-31; 3SG 150-66

fountain of life to Egypt AA 13; 6T 227

God was revealed to Egypt through PP 368-9

elevation of, as sudden as it was great 4T 544

from slave to statesman in Egypt Ed 51-3

honored by Egyptians 5T 526

industry of, Pharaoh appreciated 5T 180

influence of, widely felt in Egypt PP 333

interpreter used by, in communicating with brothers PP 226; 3SG 157

Jacob presented to Pharaoh by PP 233; 3SG 169-70

kept pure and untarnished in king’s court MM 36

last act of, was to cast his lot with Israel PP 240

love and fear of God kept, pure and untarnished in king’s court 4T 544

management of, Egypt greatly enriched by PP 241

meeting of, with Jacob in Egypt PP 233; 3SG 168; 5T 124-5

next to throne of world’s greatest empire 6T 219

one of world’s greatest statesmen Ed 51

prime minister of Egypt PP 217, 221-2, 233, 332

when Egypt was greatest of nations Ed 53

represented Christ in midst of idolaters MB 41; 6T 219-20

revealed himself to his brothers PP 230-1; 3SG 165

rode in chariot of state PP 233

Simeon imprisoned by PP 226; 3SG 157

Simeon released from prison by PP 228; 3SG 161

special position given to, in world FE 295

statesman Ed 53

devoted to people’s interests Ed 56

faithful representative of God Ed 56-7

temptations of worldly honor and high station met by 5T 86

wisdom and management of, Pharaoh appreciated 3SG 177

wisdom of, all Egypt marveled at 6T 219

4. Characteristics of

character of: as youth PP 209; 3SG 138

bore test of prosperity and adversity Ed 52; MM 37; PP 222; 4T 544

gold of, undimmed by prosperity MM 37; 4T 544

mark 5T 43

model for youth to follow CT 537; 5T 129

chaste man 5T 396

cheerful demeanor of, amid sorrow 1BC 1096

cheerful in prison 1BC 1097

consulted duty rather than inclination 5T 321

had eye single to God’s glory 5T 124

man of prayer ML 20

noted for: benevolence of his daily life PP 369; 6T 219-20

deep filial reverence 5T 124-5

devotion to interests of Egyptian people PP 369; 6T 219-20

wisdom and justice PP 369; 6T 219

patience of, in adversity 3SG 176

purity and beneficence of Ed 73

amid nation of idolaters MB 41

qualities that distinguished, in Egypt PP 209

thoughtful, courageous, and self-possessed man PP 214

true to God amid vice and heathen allurements Ed 52-3

unswerving purpose which preserved MH 136

unwavering fidelity of, example for men today 3SG 176

secret of 1BC 1097; 4T 544

youth of: firm principle 5T 321

rare personal beauty PP 209

5. Miscellaneous

bones of, taken from Egypt PP 282

burial place of, in field of vale of Shechem PP 499

carried his religion wherever he went 1BC 1097; MM 37; 4T 544; 5T 124

character like that of, student may develop CT 496

checkered life of, not an accident 5T 321

Christians today may come forth unsullied and unpolluted as did MM 39

coffin of, reminder of his dying words PP 240

death and burial of PP 240

descendants of, richest portion of Canaan given to PP 513

double portion given to, in Israel PP 234

early training of, example for parents today CG 197

garrisoned his heart against temptation 1BC 1096-7

events in life of, God overruled 3SG 143, 175-6

example of: benevolence MB 41

control of appetites and passions CH 588

filial love MB 41

good child training CG 116

how youth may have faith and virtue ML 96

integrity and virtue CG 197

people who fear God TM 437

purity MB 41; 5T 596

results of true plan of living MH 285; 9T 165

self-control 3SG 176; SR 106

true Christian 5T 124

what youth should be FE 245; 5T 124-5

fidelity of, was constant testimony to true faith PP 332

God did not forget, in Egypt GC 626

God made, shrewd manager COL 350

God used, to carry out His purposes 5T 321

God’s people are to be to world what, was to Egypt 6T 227; 8T 153

God’s purpose for, in Egypt COL 286; DA 27; PP 368-9; 6T 219, 227; 8T 153

God’s representative in Egypt 6T 219

great truths handed down by Jacob to, as sacred trust Ed 52

history of: illustrates what God will do for youth today Ed 57

lessons from CG 490; MH 487; ML 120; MYP 27-8; 5T 321; 8T 123

shows how golden chain of truth binds youth to God’s throne MYP 27

Jacob requested burial by, in cave of Machpelah PP 234

Jacob’s best-loved son COL 214

Jacob’s eloquent prophecy re PP 236-7; 3SG 172

law of, God’s word was 5T 43

life of: Christ’s life illustrated by PP 239-40

crisis of, was when he was sold as slave Ed 52

one day’s experience was turning point in PP 214

ordered of Providence 5T 321

study Ed 151-2; MH 366

life of Christ represented by COL 286; 3SG 174-6

light bearer in Egypt MB 41; PP 332, 368-9

light bearer to world PP 370; 6T 219

light given by, sin of Egyptians in rejecting 1BC 1098

lofty regard for God’s will evidenced by 5T 124

obeyed God’s word resolutely and firmly TM 452

one of few who could withstand temptation 5T 124

outlived Jacob 54 years PP 240

person whose moral worth is as precious as that of 1BC 1097-8

plottings of wicked men against, why God did not prevent 8T 123

posterity of, Jacob invoked God’s blessing upon PP 236-7

prophecy of, elders of Israel in Egypt repeated PP 259

foretelling Israel’s deliverance from Egypt 3SG 240

prophetic words of, just before he died SR 113

revealed God to many nations 6T 219

Samson’s course contrasted with that of 2BC 1007; SD 187

set your aim high as did MYP 124

sons of, blessed and adopted by Jacob PP 234

success of, as result of careful training in early years 5T 321

successful life of, secret of Ed 53-4

walked with God 3SG 176; SR 103

was a Christian 1BC 1097

why God honored ML 120

wife of, connected with highest order of Egyptian priesthood PP 234

witnessed for God among idolators PP 222

worthy of imitation by all youth 5T 124-5


adversity in midst of prosperity of LYL 69:1

Christ represented by, in idolatrous nation HP 316:2

defense against sin as in case of TSB 243:4

God had victories for, even while suffering for right HP 271:3

God was with, in his new home CC 75:2

integrity of, preserved in Egypt OHC 278:4; RC 307:5

loyal amid corruption by dependence on God OHC 278:5

temptation of LYL 68f

wrong suffered by, although not done by him CC 75:2

Joseph (husband of Mary)

1. Biography

2. Miscellaneous

1. Biography

went with Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem DA 44, 48; 5T 269

went with family from Bethlehem to Jerusalem and back DA 50-5

warned in dream to flee with his family to Egypt DA 64

fled with family from Bethlehem to Egypt DA 64-6

angel bade, to return with his family to land of Israel DA 66

went with family from Egypt to Nazareth DA 66

went with family from Nazareth to Jerusalem and back when Christ was 12 years old DA 75-82, 89; SD 134

died before Christ’s ministry began 5BC 1132; DA 145

2. Miscellaneous

attended Passover yearly DA 75

Christ worked with, at his trade as carpenter COL 345; DA 72, 82, 237; Ev 378; MH 399; 8T 222

Christ’s course of action as youth was mystery to DA 89

daughters of DA 90, 237

difficult for, to realize that Christ was Son of God DA 81

dressed as Galilean in humblest garments DA 52

fatherhood of Christ kept before TMK 27:3

few luxuries on table of FE 151

humble day laborer 3T 372

kept in remembrance Christ’s divine Fatherhood 5BC 1116; SD 134

kinship to, Christ disclaimed DA 82

looked on Christ as his child DA 81

neglect of prayer by, result of DA 83

poor and lowly 7BC 903; CS 160; DA 50-5; FE 142, 151, 401; MYP 79; 3T 566

poor man dependent on daily toil DA 72

presented offering made by poorer classes DA 52

rabbis complained to, because Christ did not comply with their demands DA 85-6

relatives of, married at Cana 5BC 1132; DA 144; ML 186

royal line of, Bethlehem was city of DA 44

sons of AA 405; 5BC 1117, 1135-6; DA 86-90, 237, 321, 325, 450-1

older than Christ DA 87

uneducated peasant DA 63

wanted Christ as youth to become acquainted with learned rabbis DA 78

was of lineage of David DA 44

Joseph of Arimathea

Joseph of Arimathea, Christ defended before Sanhedrin by DA 539, 699

Christ’s trial and death witnessed by 5BC 1107

confessed Christ openly after His crucifixion DA 773

convinced of Christ’s divinity DA 776

expense of Christ’s burial shared by AA 104; DA 560, 773-4

killing of Lazarus would have been opposed by TDG 149:6

member of Sanhedrin DA 539, 699, 773; SR 227

new tomb of, Christ was buried in DA 774; EW 180

offered no gifts of love to living Christ DA 560

Pilate authorized, to bury Christ DA 773; EW 180; SR 227

rich and honored man AA 104

Scriptures studied diligently by 5BC 1107-8

true disciple of Christ EW 180

wealth and influence of, Christ’s disciples protected by AA 104

wealthy and influential Jewish councilor DA 773; EW 180