The Story of Redemption


An Example of Filial Obedience

Isaac had been trained in the fear of God to a life of obedience. And when he was forty years old he submitted to have the God-fearing, experienced servant of his father choose for him. He believed that God would direct in regard to his obtaining a wife. SR 86.1

Isaac's case is left on record as an example for children to imitate in after generations, especially those who profess to fear God. SR 86.2

The course which Abraham pursued in the education of Isaac, that caused him to love a life of noble obedience, is recorded for the benefit of parents, and should lead them to command their households after them. They should instruct their children to yield to, and respect, their authority. And they should feel that a responsibility rests upon them to guide the affections of their children, that they may be placed upon persons who their judgment would teach them would be suitable companions for their sons and their daughters. SR 86.3