EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Husband and wife - Hysterics

Husband and wife

Husband and wife MH 356-62, 369, 373-8, 388-94; 2T 296-307; 7T 45-50

adjustment of, after wedding ceremony MH 360

agreement between, Christ abiding in hearts makes ML 84

allow no sharpness in your voices 7T 47

belief in Christ should make, one AH 114

both, should be yielding 1T 307

should help to make home pleasant CG 24

childless AH 168-9; 2T 231, 646-7

in danger of becoming selfish 2T 647

who lavish affections on pets AH 168-9

Christian relationship should exist between MB 64

commend and praise each other whenever you can 4T 243

counseling between, need of 3T 244

needed re business matters CH 100; 2T 677

determine never to grieve or injure each other 7T 47

difficulties between, it is hard to adjust AH 119

duty of: re jokes AH 177

re money AH 378

when provoked by hasty reply AH 442

duties of 2T 296-9

to each other 2SM 430

estranged, duty of AH 16, 345

estrangement of, seemingly harmless jokes lead to AH 177

God’s purpose for AH 99

greatest unhappiness to, condition that brings only AH 118

happiness of, depends on mutual forbearance and love AH 112

self-control is essential to 4T 243

hereditary traits of character in, how Satan exploits AH 106

life of, what to do when crises come into 7T 48

like undisciplined and perverse children AH 118

little courtesies between, importance of 2SM 430

love between, cannot long exist without expression MH 360

marriage responsibilities of AH 102

must seek to avoid unpleasant differences and contentions 5T 123

mutual expression of kindness and sympathy needed between MH 360

mutual love and forbearance needed between MH 360

mutual obligations of AH 114-20

need of love, tender pity, and affection between 2T 436-7

need to: avoid everything that creates contention 5T 122

consider together their responsibilities MH 393

co-operate in making home happy AH 255

contribute to each other’s happiness 7T 45

determine to be all it is possible to be to each other MH 360

encourage each other in fighting life’s battles MH 360

encourage each other’s affection 2T 414-5

give love rather than exact it MH 361

have care for each other AH 345

have united interest in all that concerns homemaking AH 119

help each other with problems of married life AH 119-20

make fair and just settlement re their respective duties AH 119

manifest Christ’s spirit toward each other MH 361

quickly recognize each other’s good qualities MH 361

respect each other AH 15, 120

study each other’s happiness MH 393

study to advance each other’s happiness MH 360

study to keep marriage vows unbroken 5T 122

treat each other courteously AH 95

unite to establish order and discipline in home 2T 699

newly wed AH 95-6

no other person should share confidences belonging solely to MH 361

ought not to: criticize each other’s plans in children’s presence MH 393-4

fail in small courtesies that cheer and brighten MH 393

question each other’s judgment in children’s presence MH 393-4

try to compel each other to yield 7T 47

perfect confidence should exist between MH 393

problems of 2T 436

promise made by 2T 461

relationship of, privacy and privileges of 2T 90

problems of AH 345; 1T 306-7; 4T 64-5, 255

rule for, never to speak word of censure to each other 4T 243

sacred circle that should be sacredly guarded by AH 177-80

sacred privacy and privileges of, must be preserved 2T 90

Satan’s device for estranging 2T 462

separated AH 342-3

sexual relations between AH 116, 124-5; 2SM 427-8; 2T 380-1, 472-80

should be: kind and courteous to each other CG 24

kind in speech 7T 47

linked together in serving God AH 102

united closely in child training CG 24

very guarded in speech CG 24

willing to adapt themselves to each other’s disposition 5T 123

willing to give as well as take AH 118

should cultivate: love and confidence AH 15, 120

patience, kindness, and forbearance AH 342

respect and affection for each other AH 345

spirit of kindness 7T 47

tender affection for each other AH 198

should studiously avoid marring each other’s feelings 2SM 430

should study each other’s happiness 2SM 430

sympathizing with each other in wrong way 2T 427

tender affection should be cherished between ML 84

true love and affection between, what constitutes 2T 414-5

unfaithfulness of, as result of unwise marriage AH 53

unhappiness between, cause of 2T 676-7

very sensitive and naturally jealous 2T 565

watchword of 2T 477-8

what should be considered by, before bringing children into world 2T 380

who erroneously think they commit no sin 2T 473

woman who regarded affection between, as weakness 2T 414

See also Family; Father; Home; Husband; Marriage; See Marriage partners; Married life; Mother; Parent; Wife


Husbandmen, wicked, parable of See Parable

See Farmers


Hushai, Archite, David’s friend 3BC 1128; PP 735, 738-41

Husk, Husks

Husk, Husks, of other people’s failings and deficiencies, living upon 4T 194

of other people’s faults or failings, Christians cannot afford to live on MH 492

persons feeding on, remain spiritual dwarfs 1T 500

prodigal son fain would eat COL 200

without kernel, how men choose DA 392

Huss, John

Huss, John GC 96-111; SR 337-8

contributed to building of Christian church AA 598

doctrine of justification by faith held by GC 140

doctrines of, spread everywhere GC 106

martyrdom of GC 109-10, 115

safe-conduct of, Emperor Sigismund’s disregard for GC 111, 153-4

Scriptures regarded by, as infallible rule of faith and practice GC 249, 609

witnessed to power of God’s word Ed 254

Wycliffe (John) influenced GC 96, 99-100


Hussites of Bohemia, called Taborites GC 116-7, 119


Hut, peasant’s, angels present in CS 162-3

Hutchins, Alfred S.

Hutchins, Alfred S. 1T 612, 670

story of encounter of, with lawyer TDG 217:4

Hutchins, Mrs. A. S.

Hutchins, Mrs. A. S. 2SG 272

Hyde, Wm. H.

Hyde, Wm. H. LS 75-6; 2SG 44-5, 55-6; 1T 70-1

Hydropathic physician, Hydropathic physicians

Hydropathic physician, Hydropathic physicians, at Dansville, N.Y. LS 169-70

Hydropathic remedy, Hydropathic remedies

Hydropathic remedy, Hydropathic remedies, used at Dansville, N.Y. LS 169-70

See also Hydrotherapy; Remedy; Water cure; Water treatment


Hydrotherapy, treatment of severe fever by 2T 384

See also Bath; Compress; Fomentation; Hydropathic remedy; Remedy; Water cure; Water treatment


Hygiene, advantages of, should be presented in best light CH 153; WM 129

among Israelites MH 277-86

Bible principles of, Health Institute was to carry out 3T 165

present to people CH 450

cause of, extremists do great harm to WM 129

narrow ideas injure CH 155; MH 323

general MH 271-6

knowledge of, should be basis of all educational effort Ed 195

ministers need to be acquainted with 6T 302, 376

mother should teach, to children Ed 196

of sleeping room and kitchen, importance of teaching Ed 200

physiology and, parents should become acquainted with Ed 276

practical, parents should teach children CT 125

principles of: as applied to child care need more attention Ed 197

as applied to diet need more attention Ed 197

needs to be practiced in schoolroom CT 298-9

people ignorantly disregard CH 21

young women should understand FE 75

rudiments of, children should be taught early Ed 196

in simple and easy lessons Ed 196

schools should give instruction in Ed 196

sunlight and ventilation need attention in teaching Ed 200

study of, should show need of perfect cleanliness Ed 200

what students should learn re foods in Ed 204

woman physician conducted studies in MM 265

See also Cleanliness; Sanitation

Hygienic agency, Hygienic agencies

Hygienic agency, Hygienic agencies, depend more upon, in treating the sick CH 261; 2SM 281

Hygienic Institution, Hygienic Institutions

Hygienic Institution, Hygienic Institutions, few of the many, started in US existed after 25 years of operation 1T 559

Hygienic measure, Hygienic measures

Hygienic measure, Hygienic measures, use of, for the sick is not denial of faith CH 376

Hygienic method, Hygienic methods

Hygienic method, Hygienic methods, sanitariums should be conducted on MM 227

SDA institutions are established to treat the sick by Te 88

used when SDA established their first sanitarium 2SM 293

Hygienic principle, Hygienic principles

Hygienic principle, Hygienic principles, need of intelligent knowledge of treatment of disease on CH 503

treat the sick on 2SM 280

Hygienic reform

Hygienic reform, advocates of, who go to extremes MH 324

based on broad and far-reaching principles MH 324

do not belittle, by narrow views and practices MH 324

object of, is to secure highest development of mind, soul, and body CH 386

Hygienic reformer, Hygienic reformers

Hygienic reformer, Hygienic reformers, should live strictly up to their convictions CH 447

Hygienic restaurant

Hygienic restaurant See Restaurant

Hygienic treatment

Hygienic treatment, sanitariums are established in various localities to practice MM 228

treat the sick with 2SM 293

Hygienist, Hygienists

Hygienist, Hygienists, should not try to see how different they can be from others MH 324

what should be remembered by, re dietetic reform MH 323

Hymn, Hymns

Hymn, Hymns, Christ and disciples sang, at last Passover supper DA 672-3

Christ’s companions joined with Him in singing 7BC 936

funeral, do not sing Ev 122, 180

Levites sang, recorded by Nehemiah Ed 130; PP 115, 406

of praise, changed by Israel in David’s time PK 133

public singing of COL 335

quoted DA 336; GC 206; 4T 586; Te 189, 265; TM 183

See also Anthem; Choir; Psalms; Singing; Song


familiarity with, to be ascertained; (also see Ev 506) VSS 434:2

thanksgiving in difficulties believing promises lifting up HP 123:2


Hypnosis, treatment of disease by, physicians warned re 2SM 349-53

See also Clairvoyant; Electric physician; Hypnotism; Magnetic healer; Magnetic healing; Magnetism; Mesmerism; Mind cure; “Sympathetic remedies”

Hypnotic effect

Hypnotic effect, of seducing influences upon minds 8T 293

Hypnotic influence

Hypnotic influence, Satan’s, over persons turning from God’s word to fables 8T 294


Hypnotism, books advocating, SDA publishing houses should not handle 2SM 350

cut away from everything savoring of 2SM 350

do not tamper with MM 110

fruit of forbidden tree of knowledge 2SM 350

leprosy of, SDA publishing houses should not be contaminated by 2SM 350

persons whom Satan deceives by MM 101-2

Satan exercised power of, over Adam and Eve 5BC 1081

science by which satanic agencies work 2SM 350

soul-destroying theories of, do not print or sell literature advocating 7T 166

See also Clairvoyant; Electric physician; Hypnosis; Magnetic healer; Magnetism, animal; Mesmerism; Mind cure; “Sympathetic remedies”


doctors and ministers influenced by 2MCP 719:1

Satan’s, to be exposed UL 251:4

testify against use of, by those departed from faith 3SM 412:0

See also Mind, control of; Mind cure; Phrenology


Hypnotized, minds will be 8T 293


Hypocrisy, allowed to exist in heart, permeates character and life DA 408

Ananias and Sapphira guilty of AA 74

base, deeds highly applauded by men often spring from GW 275; 2T 512

Christ denounced SC 12

fearlessly DA 353; GW 117

severely 4T 294

Christ’s denunciations fell heavily upon all 4T 615

Christ’s severest rebuke given to 4T 326

Christ’s withering rebukes and denunciations against 4T 487

God abhors 7BC 940

God hates AA 72, 74

God’s deep hatred and contempt for all AA 75

God’s work must be carried forward without TM 341

hollow, characterizing lives of some professed Christians 2T 663

in churches, Satan’s work seen in Ev 26

in courtship, warning against FE 105

Israel’s worship of ark of covenant led to PP 584

let there be no, in dealing with church members Ev 369

life of, torturing recollection of GC 644

like leaven or yeast 5BC 1121

mind filled with pride and vanity by 5BC 1121

Nathan Fuller’s, as warning to others 2T 449

of Pharisees DA 408; MB 83-4; 2T 87

of Sadducees DA 408

only God’s power can banish DA 409

open apostasy is not more offensive to God than PP 523

persons given to, warning to AA 76

prayers of, prayers that are MYP 247

prevalent in: church 1SM 125

Eli’s time PP 584

nominal churches 2T 449

product of self-seeking DA 409

Satan clothed, with garment of apparent truth and righteousness 1T 467

true repentance acknowledges sin without SC 40

villainy and, impure minister’s 2T 458

warning against AA 70-6

works secretly 5BC 1121

See also Pretense


abomination to God AG 271:3


does not tolerate, HP 318:3

but receives sincere ones HP 49:5

fearlessly exposed HP 175:3; VSS 95:2

danger of, minister without TDG 55:3

following Christ as in Matt. 16:24 is not RC 230:6


has no place for; Heaven sees all we do TDG 199:5

hates; self-exultation in much work for Him TDG 326:2

is not pleased with UL 30:3

sees all TMK 290:4

laid aside in the better country HP 288:3

offense to God; many prefer smooth messages TDG 55:2

overcoming one not to have TDG 102:3

rebuked by consistent course of the faithful OHC 359:3

religion is not UL 214:4

snare causing others not to place God’s kingdom first TDG 171:3

without good works misrepresents Christ OHC 123:2

See also Dishonesty; Double minded; Falsehood

Hypocrite, Hypocrites

Hypocrite, Hypocrites, ambitious, martyr may be 5T 168

zealous person who may be regarded as AA 318-9

Christ hurled burning denunciations against 5T 144

educated, boy in danger of becoming 2T 315

fact that one is not, does not make him any less a sinner 5BC 1097; COL 281

flourishing like green bay tree 7BC 939

in church, terror that should lay hold on 2T 446

in churches professing to keep God’s commandments 2T 390

living testimony would purge, from church EW 228

more hope for open sinner than 5T 144

mother who educates children to be CG 151

Paul met, unholy in heart and corrupt in life AA 386

persecution of the faithful by PP 608

persons represented by foolish virgins are not COL 411

pious, many children are 2T 460

prayer of, for healing of sick woman 2SM 347

proud, triumph of 1T 569

SS should be conducted in way that will not make CSW 73

Satan’s agents PP 608

tremble when they obtain view of themselves 2T 446

woman who acted the LS 129-30


Christ watched by, to create prejudice TDG 143:4

would rush in way to heaven if self-denial not needed OHC 288:6

Hypocritical insincerity

Hypocritical insincerity, among God’s people 5T 72

rebuked 1SM 357

Hypocritical person, Hypocritical persons

Hypocritical person, Hypocritical persons, persecution drives, from church GC 602

Hypocritical professor, Hypocritical professors

Hypocritical professor, Hypocritical professors, true Christian surrounded by 3BC 1151


Hyssop, dipped in vinegar, offered to Christ on cross DA 755

not expected to attain proportions of cedar tree Ed 267; Ev 98-9

on wall, declares God’s handiwork 5BC 1143

used in: cleansing from defilement by contact with the dead PP 277

cleansing of lepers PP 277

sprinkling blood as symbol of purification PP 277


Hysteria, fits of, mind unbalanced by another’s 5T 310


danger from demon of, in wife TSB 77:1